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    Champions' Ball promo area


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    Champions' Ball promo area Empty Champions' Ball promo area

    Post  Admin on Wed May 02, 2012 9:59 am

    Promos are due by Sunday at midnight!

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    Post  Admin on Fri May 04, 2012 12:39 am

    We open up on Dia sitting next to Louis in a hotel room. Louis is dressed for bed and Dia dressed in sweats and a tank top. She presses a kiss to his forehead and covers him up before turning to the camera.

    Dia: Sorry about that. My son comes first. But I guess I'll be seeing more of you today won't I? Whats your name by the way?

    Pete: Peter Branaugh. Nice to meet you Miss Banks.

    Dia: Nice to meet you too Pete but please call me Dia.

    Pete: Dia it is. So, you excited for the pay-per-view?

    Dia: Very. It's an honor to be in two title matches in only my second show. Which are you here to talk about?

    Pete: The Five Nations.

    Dia: That's the one Christian has. He's one of the guys who got me interested in professional wrestling. Him and Edge that is. They ruled the tag team division when I was still training. He's powerful and quick. Plus, out of the five competitors in the match hes got the most experience. I'm not going to lie, I plan to stay out of his way.

    She gets a Mt. Dew out of the mini fridge and opens it before taking a drink. She sits on the couch and drapes an arm across the back.

    Dia: Justin Gabriel and I don't have much difference in our ring abilities. We're both fast and agile. Problem is, here lately he's resorted to being Wade's lacky. He can use everything to his advantage. That's what makes him dangerous in a match where everything goes. I'll try to stay away from him. However, he should know Colt and James taught me to fight dirty so I know how to.

    Dia takes another drink and runs a hand through her hair. She looks at Pete and gives him a confident smile.

    Dia: Who else is there?

    Pete: Amy Hennigan and Drew McIntyre.

    Dia: Right. I know nothing about Amy so I'll move on to Drew. He's probably the strongest of us in the ring. I can't even begin to know how I'll take him on. He's powerful and mean. I've heard stories about how brutish he can be in the ring. Sure I've faced some strong guys but not like that. Never like that.

    Pete: You sound pretty unsure of yourself.

    Dia: This is only my second show plus I have two matches in the same night. But winning the Five Nations championship means more money. I'm the diamond in the rough, the strong willed newbie. I hope to show them up. To prove my worth. But hey, that's what we all hope. Now I'm gonna do some training before Louis wakes up from his nap.

    Pete: It was nice talking to you Dia. I'll see you later?

    Dia: Of course man.

    The camera starts fading out on Dia while she gets 5 lbs dumbbells out of her weight bag.


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    Post  Admin on Fri May 04, 2012 1:23 am

    The sun seems to be beating down as the camera opens up on the Irwin Zoo. We see Louis dressed like a little explorer: a short sleeved khaki button up shirt, khaki shorts, and brown boots. He grins as he looks over, the camera panning to show Dia. She's wearing a black tank top with a pink skull and cross bones on it, blue jean shorts, and pink converse. They stand in front of a pin where lions roam.

    Dia: Like the lions?

    Louis: Whewe awe all da babies?

    Dia: There are none. It's not time for babies yet.

    Louis: Da ladies have no haiw awound thewe heads?

    Dia: Nope, the ladies don't have those. There called manes. The ladies do all the hunting for their pride, the men and their babies.

    Louis: *looks up at her* Awe we a pwide?

    Dia: *nods with a smile* We're a pride. A mama lioness and her mischevious little cub. *tickles him*

    Louis giggles and squeals happily as they walk on to a pin full of baby goats. A kiosk nearby is selling bottles that you can use to feed them.

    Dia: Wanna feed the baby goats?

    Louis: *nods* Uh-huh!

    Dia pays at the kiosk and lets him walk into the pin by himself, though she stands nearby at the fence.

    Dia: Lionesses are very territorial. When a new one comes into the pride, the alpha lioness feels threatened. Do you feel threatened Vitani? I'm the new lioness, the one no one suspects. That's why I'll be the one who takes your spot as leader of the Vixxens. Your a good wrestler, fine champion. But you do it for you. I do this to give my son everything I couldn't have as a child.

    She takes her camera and snaps a few pictures of Louis feeding a cute gray baby goat with white splotches. She giggles before putting her camera away, pushing a strand of hair behind her ear.

    Dia: But Vi isn't the only one in this match. Angel James, she's the old alpha. She may not be in power any more but she's dangerous. She shouldn't be toyed with. I'll be sure to keep an eye on her and Vi. Nolee, she's not as dangerous. She's barely out of cubhood. She concerns herself with love, not with her career. That's not what she should be worried about. Her family, I could see that being more important. I'm not a fan of hers so I think I can beat her.

    Louis exits the pin and heads over to her, Dia picking him up.

    Dia: So if I survive the Five Nations match, you can be damn sure I'll win the Vixxens match.

    The camera fades off on Dia carrying Louis to the next exhibit.


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    Post  Christian on Sat May 05, 2012 12:12 am

    The camera fades in on a hotel room, where Five Nation's and Tag Team Champion Christian is sitting on one of the beds. He is reading a book and both titles are on the other bed; he looks up at the sudden knock on the door. He gets up and answers it, shocked when he sees Carter standing there. Carter gives a shy smile.

    Carter: Hey...can...can we talk?

    Christian: *nods shyly* Yeah... *moves so Carter can come in* I-It’s been a while....

    Carter: *enters the room* I've tried to call but with Lucas...*sighs and runs a hand through his hair*

    Christian: *nods* He is in a different room this week...... Said he needs to focus on winning his match.... I... *looks down shyly* I am glad you came over today.

    Carter: Are you still mad at me for wanting to take over?

    Christian: *steps closer* I was never mad about that.... I know and understand why you want to do it..... I was upset because you never told me about the match we had yourself.... I would of been fine with at least a text....

    Carter: I tried to get a hold of you...I did...

    Christian: *sighs* Lucas.... *sits* I am so sorry Carter....

    Carter: Not your fault. Nervous for the title matches?

    Christian: *nods* Yeah.... A little, four opponent’s..... It’s going to be a hard match.... Especially since I have the tag match too.... Not sure if I can do this...

    Carter: You’re the only dual champion in the company at the moment. You'll do fine.

    Christian: *gives a small smile* Glad you think so...... I just hope I can defend my titles against all these people.

    Carter: Who ya got in the match champ?

    Christian: The new Vixxen Dia, Amy, Justin and Drew... It’s going to be an interesting match.

    Carter: Dia?

    Christian: *smiles* Dia Banks, she is the one that brought her son... She is pretty nice and I can tell she loves wrestling, she is going to be a wild card in this match....

    Carter: Not much is known about her...

    Christian: *nods* Of course it is going to be hard to figure out who is going to be the toughest....

    Carter: Probably Drew. He's strong.

    Christian: But strength is not the only factor in this match..... There are three other highfliers in this match.... Meaning we could probably make it hard for Drew to keep on his feet and using his strength.

    Carter: Plus I think that Dia girl is a submissionist. She knows how to make you tap.

    Christian: *nods* Really cannot discount anyone in this match...... Way too many factors, I only hope that I am able to do my best.... Two matches in one night is going to hard.

    Carter: I can understand that. I only have one. No one put me in another title match. Dad’s way of keeping me out of power.

    Christian: Do you really think that is why he only put you in one?

    Carter: I don't know what to think about him anymore Jay. I just don't.

    Christian: Are you going to go though with your plans to take over?

    Carter: I don't want sis to get hurt. I...*frowns* I would hate myself if she got hurt. *shakes his head* But right now is about you.

    Christian: *nods* I cannot tell you how much I have really missed you..... *suddenly hugs him tightly*

    Carter: *hugs him back* Ditch Lucas. You can't let him keep controlling you.

    Christian: I am trying..... But he barely lets me do anything.... *looks away* This is the first time in a week that he has not called asking where I am at and when I will be back....

    Carter: Maybe...maybe he is losing interest?

    Christian: *sighs* Only until the big title match......

    Carter: You two are both in the match?

    Christian: *shakes his head* No he is going for Belle's title.....

    Carter: Ah. Sounds like it's just what he wants.

    Christian: *nods and mutters* He keeps talking about the celebration when he wins.....

    Carter: He won't touch you. I promise you that much.

    Christian: I know.... *leans against Carter*

    Carter: Whattya say we get outta here and grab some dinner?

    Christian: *smiles* I would love too. *slowly gets up*

    Carter smiles and takes his hand, the camera following them to the door before starting to fade out as they leave.


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    Post  Admin on Sat May 05, 2012 11:27 pm

    The camera opens up on a line in front of a movie theater. Some patrons in the crowd are dressed as various members of The Avengers. The camera rests on a blonde woman dressed in a black jumpsuit with blonde hair curled around her shoulders. It's then that the camera zooms to a front view to show that it's CWA superstar Nolee Lacroix.

    Nolee: *blushes* Pete do we have to do this now?

    Pete: Aw c'mon! You should be proud, you make a hot Black Widow.

    Nolee: At least show them your costume?

    Pete turns the camera around to show he's dressed as Hawkeye before turning the camera back around to face Nolee.

    Pete: Shea will be joining us won't he?

    Nolee: Yeah he's just parking the car. He's not dressed up though. I tried to get him to be Thor.

    Pete: *laughs* That I would have paid to see. So what do you think of your title match?

    Nolee: Personally I think Sheamus deserves to be in the match for the CWA or Five Nation. But I'm excited to be in the match. Vi and Angel and I have a storied history. Almost as bad as Belle and I. Vi, she's like the CWA's Storm. She can be mature but she can also be fun loving and kick ass. In X-Men, Last Stand, Storm takes charge as leader. Vi leads the Vixxens division.

    The line moves a little though Pete and Nolee are still no where near the front of the line. She adjusts her collar and leans against the wall.

    Nolee: Angel, the woman who cost me the Vixxen's championship. She's Mystique. She changes to whatever suits her the best. She adapts. That's dangerous for the rest of us. Though, if she focuses on the title I should be able to sneak a win out from under her. And Dia, the new girl? She's Rogue. A wild card. From what I've seen from her tapes, she can use her enemies aresnal. It's dangerous. I see her worth, even if she doesn't see mine. I guess in the match, I'm Shadowcat. I hope to stay hidden, to make sure no one can get a hold on me until I want them to. I miss the honor and prestige I had. I don't care who I have to go through to do it, I want my title back.

    Pete: That's deep Nols. Geeky, but deep.

    Nolee: *shoves him playfully* Pete your such a loser!

    Pete: Be nice! Jeez for a future champ your so mean!

    Nolee: I never claimed to be a nice person. You and the fans of the CWA have just assumed. *smiles* Looks like Shea's heading out way. Shut the camera off.

    Pete: *chuckles* Sure thing champ.

    The camera fades out as Nolee smiles at the approaching Sheamus who is still out of sight in the camera.


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    Post  Christian on Sun May 06, 2012 10:49 am

    The fades in on the locker room of CWA Tag Team Champion's Alex Shelley and Christian, Alex is sitting by himself as he waits for his tag partner to arrive. He looks up and smiles as Christian and his best friend Edge walk in.

    Alex: Hey, about time you two got here. *grins at Christian* I heard you and Carter finally got to have that talk you needed.

    Christian: *smiles* Yeah.... Thankfully we did.

    Alex: So what else happened that night?

    Christian: We talked during dinner, made sure that we were both on the same page.... *smiles softly* Then he walked me back to the hotel room.... And then we kissed, it was the first time in at least a month.

    Alex: *smiles* Glad you two had some time to talk, without Lucas bugging you...

    Christian: Me too......

    Alex: Well let's get down to business..... *looks at Christian* You ready for our match?

    Christian: Yes, I am ready... Hopefully we will do better then our last match.

    Alex: Well we know we are a great tag team together. *grins*

    Christian: True, but we still have some things to work on... *chuckles* Besides this match is going to be harder then a normal match.

    Alex: *sticks out his tongue* I know.... But we are going to beat the odds, I just know we will.

    Christian: *smiles* I think we will too, we just got to be careful.... Kane and Wade are going to be a handful in the ring together, but some how I think Carter and Justin are the two we will have to watch out for.....

    Alex: I agree, but I just have this awesome feeling that we will win..... Or at least have a great match.

    Christian: *smiles softly* Whatever the outcome I think we are going to have a great match....

    Alex: *grins and stands up* Come on lets grab the moody manager and go train for a bit.

    Christian laughs and nods as Edge rolls his eyes at Alex before getting up himself. The three grab their gym bags before leaving the room as the camera fades out.


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    Post  Vitani on Sun May 06, 2012 1:42 pm

    The camera fades in on Vitani, who is sitting outdoors, the Sydney Opera house in the background behind her. She’s wearing a blue one-shoulder shirt with blue heels and purple and pink galaxy printed leggings, blue feathered earrings and a silver necklace of a masquerade mask; listening to music on an iPod, singing along to the music.

    Vitani: They can say whatever
    I'ma do whatever
    No pain is forever
    Yup, you know this

    Tougher than a lion
    Ain't no need in tryin'
    I live where the sky ends
    Yup, you know this.

    She smiles as she listens to the music before looking up and noticing the camera.

    Vitani: Oh hey, didn’t realize you were there. *she looks out at the water and the Opera house* It’s beautiful here isn’t it? I’d never been to Australia at all until coming here with the CWA. It’s fitting that I’m here for the first time for this pay-per-view as it’s my first title defense as the Vixxens’ champion. I’m up against Nolee, the former champ and one of my best friends Angel and the new Vixxen, Dia Banks. I saw her debut match last week against Angel, she did pretty good. I’m looking forward to facing Dia; she has a different style to the other Vixxens, so it will be a nice change.

    She brushes a loose bit of her red hair, which is tied back in a braid, off her face.

    Vitani: This match will be the most important match I’ve had since joining the CWA, if not the most important one of my career; defending my newly won Vixxens’ title against not one, but three opponents. I’m quite familiar by now with both Nolee and Angel’s styles by now, but with Dia in the match as well, whose style I’m unfamiliar with, it will be a very tough match. To answer your question Dia, yes I do feel threatened, how could I not? The CWA’s full of some of the most talented men and women I’ve seen in the professional wrestling business. I’ve lost to both of the other Vixxens before and Angel is the longest reining champion we have.

    Vitani gets to her feet, walking over to the railing that stops people falling into the water and watches a ferry pass through the water. She keeps her eyes on a mother who sits on a seat on the ferry’s deck, watching her children look excitedly out at the water and the area around them.

    Vitani: There’s something you were wrong about though Dia… Nolee may concern herself more with love than other things, but she is still just as dangerous as you or Angel because she’s stronger than a lot of people give her credit for, simply because she always seems preoccupied with her men. That problem itself though is part of why she’s a danger to others. If she brings one man to the ring with her, the other could get jealous and attack; it wouldn’t be the first time it would have happened with one of her men either.

    She shakes her head before turning back to the camera.

    Vitani: You’re also wrong about the part where I do what I do for myself. Yes, I do it for myself; but not just for myself. I do what I do in the ring for the fans, for all the girls out there who want a role model who stands up for herself and acts in front of the cameras exactly how she would away from them. I do what I do because I hate seeing that the ‘role models’ places like the WWE promote often are too skinny, bleach their hair blond and act dumber than they are and have implants. I want to show people that it’s better to be yourself and stand up for your own beliefs, to dress how they want without caring who judges them for not having the ‘right’ brand names on their things or for simply being a little different, like you Dia or others who dye their hair various colors for the fun of it; like Jeff Hardy.

    She touches a hand to her dyed red hair with a smile to add to her point.

    Vitani: I saw Nolee’s promo…seeing her dressed like that and talking about Marvel characters reminded me of how Cody can spend hours doing those kinds of things. I actually agree with the way she compared the Vixxens to Marvel characters, Storm was always one of my favorites, though I’m nowhere near as geeky as Cody. Nolee is right, like Storm I have taken charge and I can also be fun loving and kick some ass, like I plan on doing at the pay-per-view. I don’t plan on losing this title any time soon; I plan on holding it for as long as I possibly can, hopefully long enough to rival and maybe even beat Angel’s record. Having this title gives me more of a chance to become known to those fans I mentioned before and to prove that I can overcome my personal obstacles without them affecting my matches like others often do. Speaking of which, if I do manage to lose my title so soon, I hope it isn’t due to an interruption like the one that caused me to lose last week. I refuse to be humiliated by a spoiled brat who can’t handle being dumped. I’m not going to let his decision to crawl back to his daddy instead of doing the right thing, get me down either. It was upsetting yes, but I’m not going to let that stop me enjoying what I still have. We’re in Sydney and it’s my first time here, so I’m going to go out and see the sights and have fun.

    She grins and waves at the camera, walking off as the scene fades.
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    Post  CM Punk on Mon May 07, 2012 12:47 pm

    The camera opens on CM Punk, who is getting ready for his match. He’s just finishing putting on his boots when he notices the camera.

    Punk: I wonder if Wade’s regretting the way he chose to win our match last week now, seeing as I’m in a match for the CWA title he so badly wants and his fiancé currently holds… You’d hope so, because if she actually shows up for this match, she’s going to be my way of evening out the score between us after Wade had his little minions cheat for him. I don’t give a fuck about the fact she’s a Vixxen, she is after all the CWA champion. I’m going to get payback for the pathetic victory Wade got over me because he cheated. He took the coward’s way out because he knew he’d lose to me otherwise. He’s just lucky he’s not going to be in this title match…except for the part where he misses out on a title shot. *he smirks*

    Punk reaches into his bag that’s sitting on the bench beside him and pulls out wrist tape, putting it on as he continues speaking.

    Punk: Besides Belle, I’m up against Alex Shelley, Lucas Turner and Drew McIntyre. Shelley is fast and relies on his high-flying skills and endurance, Lucas relies on his strength; especially his infamous right hook and Drew uses a mixture of strength and technique, he’s smart. It’s hard to say who’s the most dangerous to go up against in a scramble. Alex could just hang back and not get in the main fight and simply wait until the end when we’re all tired and sneak in a pin to win, Lucas could knock one or more of us out with those huge fists of his and then just fight off the others until the end and Drew…I’m sure he’ll be watching carefully to capitalize on any mistakes the rest of us make or any weakness we show. I’ll have to keep my guard up the whole time to avoid that happening.

    He finishes putting on his wrist tape and pulls out a black marker, writing on the tape, a habit he has before matches.

    Punk: It’s matches like this one that make me glad I’ve learned multiple martial arts over the years, they help me a lot in the ring; with speed and endurance and a lot of other ways… *trails off as he draws the Straight Edge ‘X’ on the wrist tape covering the back of his hand* …Anyway, my point was that I’m capable of surviving a match like this, I’ve been in plenty worse matches than a scramble, like the extreme rules matches, back when they were actually extreme. I can hold my own in a match, I don’t need help to win like some do and I plan on winning this match, along with getting back at the beast if his Belle doesn’t show; his minions too, seeing as they were involved in the cheating.

    He gets to his feet, cleaning up his things before going to put them in his locker. He walks out of the locker room, pausing halfway down the hall to face the camera.

    Punk: *angry* Slater, I don’t give a fuck if you don’t actually work here or not; I’m coming after you and Justin after you both helped humiliate me. You better watch your backs, because I will hunt you down, like the Nexus used to hunt down anyone who opposed or insulted them. This time running off to Wade isn’t going to help you.

    Punk has a dark looking grin on his face before he turns his back to the camera, heading off to his match.

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    Post  Kane on Mon May 07, 2012 11:09 pm

    Carter is staring into the mirror in his locker room, face looking fierce. He pulls his black cowboy hat over his eyes and buttons up the top button on his shirt.

    Kane is lounging on the couch looking at the match card and snorting when he looks up. "As if this will keep us from going after what we want, from going after Jerry. He's looking to get our asses handed to us, but the jokes on him, it's not going to derail us it's only going to make us stronger.."

    Carter: We'll be able to become champions. Jay, he'll understand. *narrows his eyes* I want gold. Maybe it'll show dad how strong I am.

    Kane: *snorts* Maybe and maybe I'm a fairy princess. He's testing us alright, but he's not going to like the results. *he gets up and starts to pace*

    Carter: We're up against the champs and Wade and Justin. Wade'll be a problem. Justin should be easy to take down with your size and strength.

    Kane: *he laughs* Wade is no problem, the man has a glass jaw if you know where to hit him. He'll go down like a ton of bricks. I'm not worried about him and Justin, it's the champs No one is more dangerous than a champ looking to stay champ.

    Carter: Jay can be dangerous when defending a championship. But the one I think we all need to look out for is Alex.

    Kane: *waves his hand* I'm not worried about him, he's a pretty little blond, he'll be fine to be taken down.

    Carter: He's mean in the ring though. He can be vicious.

    Kane: *he bares his teeth* And I'm a monster LaCroix, no one is meaner and more vicious than I am.

    Carter: You said Barrett's got a glass jaw if you hit him right. Care to share what you know?

    Kane: *he smirks and taps the space just below his right ear* Right there. You hit him right there and he's goes down, it throws off his balance and his train of though. You just have to slam that fist of yours into that spot. The more you do it the more confused he'll be.

    Carter: How do you know that? I mean, you didn't fight each other a lot in the WWE.

    Kane: *he shrugs* You watch people and you learn. He's protective of that jaw. Watch him sometime and you'll see.

    Carter: Jay...he's weak if you hit him in the gut hard enough..

    Kane: I'm not gunning for your lover LaCroix. I told you that once. I won't fight him, I'll put you in there with him if I have too.

    Carter: *nods and looks back in the mirror* You keep your eyes on Wade and Justin. I'll pay attention to Alex and Jay.

    Kane: *nods as he sits back down* Deal.

    Carter: *takes a deep breath* Right...

    Kane: *he yawns and rolls his shoulders* Enough wondering about it, we have a plan so now just relax, get some food or something. Just do it away from here so I can take a nap.

    Carter: Alright Kane. See you later.

    Kane: *he nods and closes his eyes, relaxing into the couch*

    camera fades out on a sleeping Kane and the door shutting quietly behind Carter.
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    Post  Drew McIntyre on Mon May 07, 2012 11:15 pm

    The camera opens on Drew working out like crazy, sweat pouring down his face as he talks to himself in the mirror.

    Drew: Two matches. I'm in two matches tonight, and not even throw away matches. They've got to be insane, but at the same time it shows that they're trusting me to pull it off. If I fail to show at even one match I'll be laughed out of his place. *his face hardens as he starts another exercise* The good thing is that they're both multi participation matches, I can let the others do the work and then sneak in and get the victory. But I don't want to be a cowards champion, I want to win it fair and square.

    Drew moves over and stares into a mirror, watching his face impassively before doing a few poses to how his muscles.

    Drew: Tonight is the night I show them all what Drew McIntyre can do. Tonight is the night I become a champion or go down trying and leave a wake of destruction in the ring.

    Camera fades out on Drew going back and starting another work out, his eyes closed and his face determined.

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    Post  Admin on Mon May 07, 2012 11:58 pm

    The camera comes up on footage rolling from what seems to be the early 2000's. In the clip we see what appears to be a young Lucas Turner. Instead of bald like he is now he has a crew cut. His face doesn't bear the wrinkles that it has now and his eyes don't seem to look troubled. He's dressed in a suit and standing at a podium for a news conference.

    Young Lucas: I am proud to be in this next bout against Duke Carroll. He's the current champion and for an up and comer like me, it's an honor he considers me a viable threat. From what I hear, he hand picked me as an opponent. Something about me being the fastest rising star in the company today.

    Reporter #1: So the rumor about you and Duke Carroll hating each other is simply that, a rumor?

    Young Lucas: Yes sir. I have respect for legends of the octagon like him. I plan to play fair but if I over power Duke then so be it.

    Reporter #2: On a side note, your wife just gave birth to your second daughter. What did you name her?

    Young Lucas: Alyssa. But if that's all I'd really like to see my family tonight.

    The screen pauses on Lucas before fading to a modern shot of Lucas. He's dressed in his ring gear, looking at himself through the reflection in the now shut off television.

    Lucas: That was me before prison. Happy, almost naive. I had a family, friends. And when I went to fight for the title, it all disappeared with one punch. One punch and I turned into what you see before you. That's why this match has me so worried...

    He runs a hand over his face, looking tired and a tad bit worried.

    Lucas: I doubt Belle will show up but that still leaves me with three other competitors. Alex Shelley I don't mind facing. He's worthless. Punk? He worries me. I've seen him back when he was a WWE superstar. He's got a bad attitude, a nice form. It's not the GTS that I'm going to watch out for, it's the Anaconda Vice. I could very well tap out to that move if he locks me in it. I respect Punk's in ring talent. That's why I hope we can work together in this match. Drew McIntyre? He's also a seasoned competitor, mostly in Scotland. He's beaten Sheamus, something I've never managed to do. I can respect that. Drew, Punk, and I will put on a solid match. Alex, Belle? They're just road blocks. I want this title. I'll take this title.

    He stands and leaves the room as the camera fades out.

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    The camera fades in on Heath and Justin, who are standing outside the Sydney aquarium, waiting for Wade. Justin looks around impatiently, pulling his jacket tighter around himself.

    Justin: *mutters* Stupid weather could at least be warm. It’s not like it’s raining or anything. Why’d we have to get here early?

    Heath: *chuckles* Relax Justin, it isn’t that bad. Besides, he should be here soon.

    Wade comes into view, dressed in a red tank top and black basketball shorts. He jogs over to Heath and Justin, shooting a smile.

    Wade: Hullo boys. Ready for some aquatic knowledge?

    Justin: Trust you to get us to meet here. *rolls his eyes, but smiles*

    Wade: *grins* It's a good aquarium. Lots of variety.

    Justin: *shrugs* You can’t swim with the sharks here like you can at some of the others…

    Wade: Why swim with tamed sharks? The wild ones are much more interesting.

    Justin: Oh I know they are, I used to do it back at home when I wasn’t surfing, or bungee jumping. *smiles and shakes his head when Heath pulls a face*

    Wade: You know...our next match is a proverbial shark tank...

    Justin: *nods* I know it is. We’re up against…two teams isn’t it?

    Wade: Yeah. The champs and Kane and Carter. *spitefully* The champs are who we are going to pin.

    Justin: Right, *nods again* But there’s Kane…

    Wade: He's strong but he's not that fast. If we can take him out of the equation, we may win.

    Justin: I’m fine against him…until he catches me of course. Carter probably won’t be much of a problem either.

    Wade: No, one solid kick to the knee and he's done for.

    Justin: *grins* Either one of us could do that as soon as the match starts.

    Heath: Then you’d just have to make sure he stays out of the way…

    Justin: *shrugs* Just toss him out of the ring.

    Wade: So we know how to take care of Kane and Carter. Alex and Jay are the hard ones. But don't worry. I have something planned.

    Justin: Really? What?

    Wade: Don't you worry bout it. *smiles* Any other thoughts on our opponents?

    Justin: *shakes his head* More on other people…like the Rhodes’… *looks angry*

    Wade: Rhodes doesn't matter. He's insignificant. Punk on the other hand...

    Justin: *nods, the look on his face showing that was his main concern* I know… I saw his promo…

    Wade: He hurts my fiancé, I'll kill him.

    Justin: If he tries, she’s able to defend herself at least…and he’d be busy with others during his match…

    Wade: That’s true. Now why don't we just enjoy ourselves?

    Justin: *nods with a small smile* Sure.

    Wade: *pats Heath and Justin on their backs* Let’s go boys.

    Heath: *teasingly* Getting impatient waiting to see all the brightly colored fish are ya?

    Wade: I enjoy marine life. Reminds me of a different time.

    Heath: Fair enough.

    Justin: You’d prefer something different to what you have now?

    Wade: I enjoy wrestling but when I was a marine biologist, times were simpler.

    Justin: *nods* Right, didn’t have to be watching who you pissed off each week.

    Wade: *mutters* Didn't have a fiancé that I haven't talked to in a very long time...

    Justin: *frowns* Wade…

    Heath: Is everything okay…?

    Wade: She...she hasn't spoken a word to me or come home...rumors are she may be seeing Matt Morgan. I...I dunno if they're true. I hope not.

    Heath: Oh Wade… I’m sorry.

    Justin: *looks annoyed* She better not be.

    Wade: I deserve it...I guess this is my karma...

    Justin: *shakes his head* No Wade, I’m sure you had enough of that when everyone stopped talking to you…

    Wade: I changed and I lost her...*grows quiet* Let’s just go inside.

    Justin: *frowns and nods* Sorry… *says as if he thinks it’s his fault*

    Wade: Not your fault Justin... *pats his shoulder* Lets go inside.

    Justin: Okay. *smiles*

    Wade sighs, gesturing for the camera to be shut off.

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