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    Hell To Pay II Promo Area


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    Hell To Pay II Promo Area Empty Hell To Pay II Promo Area

    Post  Admin on Fri Oct 12, 2012 8:57 am

    All promos are due here on the 21st by 1. That's two weeks as usual. And ha! I gave you guys an hour extra than normal because I'm awesome.

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    Post  Admin on Fri Oct 12, 2012 9:47 am

    We hear the buzz of a tattoo machine going off as the camera comes up on the inside of a tattoo parlor. In the chair getting the tattoo sits Lucas Turner, dressed as Miz described his fashion. He's got a pair of jeans with holes in the knees and black combat boots. His tight leather vest doesn't cover his arms and that's where the tattoo artist works on Lucas as if he's a human canvas. The tattoo artist is a young woman who has bright red hair and has her lip and eyebrow pierced as well as two complete sleeves of tattoos. She's working on a very intricate portrait of Emily and Alyssa Turner on Lucas' shoulder.

    Woman: Almost done with your youngest. We can take a break if you want.

    Lucas: *nods* We've been at this for a few hours. We can take a break.

    The woman nods and bustles off as Lucas sits up and reaches for a nearby bottle of whiskey. He removes the cap ant takes a drink right out of the bottle.

    Lucas: You know what the fear of alcoholism is Trinity?

    Trinity: Alcophobia? *laughs*

    Lucas: No, no. It's methyphobia.

    Trinity: Methyphobia. I'll have to remember that one. *removes her gloves and sits nearby* Know what aichmophobia is?


    Trinity: Fear of needles. *grins and starts fixing another tattooing needle*

    Lucas: Huh. *grins* I face Punk for the title coming up. This time, there will be no count outs. He's stuck in that ring with me.

    Trinity: And fear of alcohol and fear of needles fits into this how?

    Lucas: Punk is most definitley methyphobic.

    Trinity: I thought he was Straight Edged, not afraid of alcohol.

    Lucas: I believe his fear is what caused the Straight Edged persona. See, little Philly's daddy drank a lot. Drank so much that he abused little Philly and his brother Mike. That caused the rift between little Philly and his papa. *smirks* Bit of cowardice on Phil's part, to fear something so easily conquered. Alcohol is something that you can have a drink and not over do it if you have a strong will.

    Trinity: That's true. My momma is an alcoholic and though I may have an occasional drink, I've found a medium for my urges.

    Lucas: What medium is that?

    Trinity holds out her arms to show all of her tattoos.

    Trinity: These. Anytime I get an overwhelming urge to drink, I think of a new tat I want and either draw it out or just tat it on myself.

    Lucas: So tattoos curb your urge to drink? *chuckles and the tone in his laugh is sinister* I bet that's what Punk does. I bet each tattoo is curbing his urge to drink and be just like daddy. That fear, however large or small, forced him to find a new addiction. Punk preaches the Straight Edged lifestyle and yet deep down he is not free of all addiction.

    Trinity: I'm guessing this time your ready for a hell of a fight.

    Lucas: I could have won last time. I could have been the CWA Champion. But I failed. It ended in a double count out. He only kept the title on a technicality. Well I talked to his buddy Carter. He agrees its a good idea. I'm sure in his naive cowboy grain he thinks this is a good thing for Phil. He's an idiot.

    Trinity: This won't effect your match for him, just you?

    Lucas: Punk, for all his preaching that he was born bad, won't use the outside of the ring like I will. The barricade can be used to hinder him, so can those steps. He'll have to get me hurt enough to fling me over and into them. This battle is almost strength versus ability. Punk has never been the strongest one in any wrestling company but he's usually got a hell of a technical background and speed. But this is all about me getting my title. I want my title.

    Trinity drinks some out of the bottle of whiskey before putting on a new pair of gloves and sitting back down next to the tattoo machine.

    Trinity: Well I wish you luck.

    Lucas: To quote my opponent, lucks for losers.

    The camera fades out as Trinity sets back to work on the tattoo.

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    Post  Admin on Wed Oct 17, 2012 11:47 am

    The moon is seen in a cloudless sky, hanging like an orb amongst the stars in the sky. The camera pans down to a fog covered field, surrounded by a forest on all sides. We hear the crunching of the fresh fall leaves on the ground but it is light and for all we know it could be a nearby animal. From the forest, seeming almost to materialize from the darkness, is Dia Banks. Her feet are covered by the fog to where she almost seems to be floating. Behind her from the woods emerges Colt, looking just as calm and serious as Dia. Neither one of them are dressed in their usual styles. Dia has a black head wrapping keeping her hair hidden that matches the black dress she is wearing. The only color she wears are in her tattoos and the floral shawl wrapped around her shoulders. Colt is dressed in brown breeches that reach his ankles with a black linen shirt and riding boots. They both look the traditional picture of men and women from the late 1700's.

    Colt: *breaking the seriousness of the moment* What are we doing here and why am I dressed like George Washington?

    Dia: *rolls her eyes* For the third time now, I wanted to cut a promo about my opponent for Hell To Pay in a way that fits with Halloween. That's why I'm dressed as a voodoo queen and your dressed, as you so fondly put it, as George Washington.

    Colt: *eyes wide* Voodoo? Dia, that's against my religion!

    Dia: Colt, voodoo goes hand in hand with all religions. Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau was a devout Catholic. Do you think that the two of us can, I dunno, actually focus on my promo?

    Colt mumbles something under his breath but he goes back to looking serious. Dia kisses his cheek and leans back against him.

    Dia: Back in Salem, Massachusetts during the witch trials, women like me and Arella Rayne would have been hung or drowned. Back then women were supposed to be obedient little housewives and mothers. They were the property of men. All of us CWA girls, save maybe Nolee who relies on her husband more, are independent women who would rather jump off a cliff that become the 'perfect housewife'. We love our jobs, they wouldn't have had jobs. None of us are married to the man we love, save for Nolee of course. Hell, Mari and I both have children out of wedlock which would have been considered an ultimate sin. Magic or not, we all would have been put to death at that young age in American history.

    She wraps an arm behind her and around Colt's neck, the two giving off a highly beautiful image of two people highly in love. They look at natural together in outfits fresh from the 1700's as they do in their everyday clothes, like they have been soul mates in many different decades. Colt presses a kiss to the top of her head before Dia continues.

    Dia: Years later, New Orleans would take a much different stance on witchcraft while the world took a different stance on women. Women became active in politics, they started to change the fact that they were seen as nothing more than property. The outlook on magic changed, voodoo queens like Marie Laveau changed the opinion on charms and spells. Everyone from politicians looking to remain in office to judges looking for the right verdict to common men in love wanted a charm or some sort.

    Colt: Say a rich man fell in love with a woman who rejected him. He would go to a voodoo queen, she would light some red wax candles, recite her spell, and give him a talisman.

    Dia: But just like in the CWA, only one of the voodoo queens could rule it all. Usually it was the woman who could scheme and blackmail her way to the top. Often when the old queen died, the oldest female child would take over. Family was a big deal to them. Just like it is to me.

    The wind rustles through the trees, creating more of a dark ambiance as Dia reaches up to unwrap the head wrapping. As she pulls it off, we see her hair is done in fine braids and she runs her hands through them.

    Dia: I am the Marie Laveau of the CWA. I am the one the other women wish to be, the head of our division. I've seen women who couldn't handle the pressure of being a champion and women who when they lose the championship they lose their career. That being said...I'm preparing for a loss and hoping for a win.

    Colt: *looks at her surprised* Preparing for a loss? Why?

    Dia: I've seen losses tear apart one two many people. Look at Wade Barrett, he's gone from a proud man to a shell of his former self. He's a raging alcoholic now. I don't want to end up like that. Even if I can't beat Arella, I want to leave that arena knowing that I did everything I possibly could to beat her. I want to leave with my head held high.

    Colt: Oh Di, you know you can win. I know you can win.

    Dia: It's going to come down to whose better at their craft in that ring. Our magic is our move set. I've got the magic of submission, of making anyone I want submit to my moves because if they don't submit to them, I will break bones. She's got the magic of fortitude. She's one of those women who brawls with the best of them. She has the dexterity to perhaps counter each and every one of my moves. I have to be ready for that. However, I know that I have one thing going for me that she doesn't.

    Colt: And that is?

    Dia: I want to make Louis proud of his mother. I often wondered if my parents were the kind of people I would be proud of. I like to think they were. My dad was a doctor, my mother taught English. Or so I've been told. Even though this career doesn't always allow for me to spend maximum time with my son, I want him to be able to look at me and say he's proud.

    Colt: Di, Louis' five. He's going to be proud that your a wrestler no matter what. Five year olds are like that.

    Dia: *blushes* I know, it's stupid of me.

    Colt: Stupid but cute all at the same time.

    Dia: I want to be able to beat Arella. I know she's good, she put up a decent fight against Mariana. I have seen her wrestle, saw the tape she sent in to Carter so that he would hire her. She's every bit as good as she says she is. But she's not fought someone who wants, no needs this title. I need this title like I need air and when Arella fights me, she's going to fight someone every bit as strong as she is. One wrestling queen to another.

    The sound of an owl echoes over the scene as the screen goes black on Dia and Colt, still looking very much like a couple in love.

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    Post  Christian on Fri Oct 19, 2012 9:23 am

    The camera fades in on a pathway, the view of where exactly it leads to obscured by the willow trees that stand on either side of it. A figure is seen sitting on the grass below one of the trees, their back resting against the tree trunk. As the camera zooms in, the person is shown to be Justin Gabriel, wearing a t-shirt, shorts and sunglasses, headphones in his ears, his dark hair spiked up in its usual ‘messy’ style. Too busy listening to his music; Justin doesn’t seem to notice the person he’s waiting for has shown up. Christian walks up to where Justin is sitting, wearing dark blue jeans and a plaid flannel shirt that looks like it belongs to his boyfriend Carter. He pauses to watch Justin for a minute before going over and tapping his shoulder.

    Justin: *jumps slightly before looking up at Christian, taking out one of his headphones* Oh, hey.

    Christian: Hey... Nice place you picked.

    Justin: Thanks. *gives a small smile* I figured it was better to talk somewhere quieter than where I plan on going afterwards.

    Christian: *smiles back* Where you going after this?

    Justin: Well there’s supposed to be both beaches and arcades around here; I want to see them.

    Christian: *nods* Sounds fun.

    Justin: It should be. *nods, an awkward silence when he pauses* …I guess we need to talk about this match, huh?

    Christian: *nods slowly* Yeah I guess we should... *sits on the grass*

    Justin: *sighs quietly, taking off his sunglasses* You don’t have any problems with who we’re against, do you?

    Christian: *pauses before answering* No not really... I've fought Carter before; I know how to keep business from personal.

    Justin: Okay, just thought I’d check. *he frowns, looking down* I don’t think I’ve ever beaten either of them…

    Christian: So what? Sometimes the best wrestlers don't win the match, doesn't take away from the skill of a wrestler... *smiles* At least that's what Adam always tells me.

    Justin: *rolls his eyes, his tone almost bitter* Yeah for people like you that’s fine…

    Christian: What do you mean people like me?

    Justin: You and Adam have both been at the top before, so it’s not really as much of a big deal to either of you. I came here to get away from being overlooked and to hopefully actually get somewhere in my career, but nothing’s really changed besides who I’m teaming with.

    Christian: Yeah I have been to the top... *takes a deep breath* But I had to work so damn hard to get there and when I finally got there at the other place I got screwed over... I got really lucky I wasn't screwed over here... Hell I almost was screwed over here by Jerry...

    Justin: I know a lot of people have been screwed over when they’ve got there; my point is though that people actually gave you a chance to get there.

    Christian: It took me forever to get there Justin... I understand how you feel.

    Justin: *frowns and nods* …sorry. *he looks like something else is bothering him but doesn’t say anything*

    Christian: *sighs* What else is bugging you?

    Justin: *shakes his head* Nothing…nothing to do with the match anyway.

    Christian: *nods and sighs as he rubs at his ribs slightly* So...

    Justin: *looks over at him* So what…? *raises an eyebrow* …are you going to be alright with that?

    Christian: Of course... I've wrestled with hu- ...bothered ribs before... *looks at the sky*

    Justin: *quietly* It wasn’t my fault was it?

    Christian: What do you mean? *confused*

    Justin: That. *points at where Christian was rubbing his ribs*

    Christian: Oh! No... Pretty sure that was all Wade... *sighs* That match...

    Justin: Right… *frowns* Sorry about it anyway. *he sighs and runs a hand through his hair*

    Christian: Not your fault... Wade is crazy... *shakes his head* I... I was thinking...

    Justin: *looks slightly worried* …what?

    Christian: I want us to keep both Heath and Adam as our managers... if Heath is willing to work with us…

    Justin: *looks away again* Um… I don’t know. Maybe…?

    Christian: Unless... You still don't want to do this team, do you?

    Justin: *thinks about it before answering* I guess I could get used to it.

    Christian: *nods slowly* Well, let’s try to work well together.

    Justin: *nods* Right. *looks at him with a small smile*

    Christian: *smiles* So what is our plan going to be for this match?

    Justin: Uh, good question. I really don’t know…

    Christian: Well... I'm a little bigger; I can try to take on Kane...

    Justin: *nods, not really wanting to face Kane* Okay. I guess if I’m careful I can deal with Carter.

    Christian: We just got to stay away from their power moves and submissions...

    Justin: Especially the chokeslam. I’d rather not be on the receiving end of one of those.

    Christian: Me either... Watch out for the Cowboy Clutch too…

    Justin: Submission moves are harder to catch people in than the chokeslam. Though as I showed when I fought you, I know it helps to use them when you have a chance to.

    Christian: *nods* Yeah and if we combine that with our highflying it might help even the odds, if only just a little bit.

    Justin: Well, hopefully anyway.

    Christian: Yeah... *gives a half smile* Well let's hope that hoping works.

    Justin: *chuckles* That would be nice.

    Christian: *chuckles softly* Yeah.

    Justin: *hesitates before speaking* Um… did you want to come with me later and maybe hang out for a bit…?

    Christian: *smiles before nodding* Sure, it will be fun to hang out and get to know each other better.

    Justin: *smiles* It would probably help.

    Christian: *nods* Yeah probably, you know despite my ribs and fighting my boyfriend I'm looking forward to this match I think.

    Justin: You are? Why's that?

    Christian: It's something new and hopefully it will lead to something awesome.

    Justin: Yeah, maybe. Assuming it doesn't end up like a lot of the other teams here have.

    Christian: We don't know how it will turn out. *laughs* unless you can see the future and didn't tell me, even then it's up to us to make it work right?

    Justin: I don't think I can... *nods* It is though.

    Christian: *smiles* Lets make it work then partner.

    Justin: Right. *smiles back at him*

    Christian: *holds out his hand* Let’s shake on our tag team.

    Justin: *nods, hesitating before reaching out to shake it*

    Christian: *smiles as he shakes back* Well, what do we do now?

    Justin: *grins* Well we could always check out those arcades.

    Christian: *grins* Sounds like a plan.

    Justin: I could probably use some food too. *he moves to get up*

    Christian: *nods* What are you in the mood for food wise?

    Justin: *shrugs* Anything really, depends what’s around.

    Christian: Well let’s go have a look around.

    Justin: Sounds like a good idea to me.

    Christian smiles at his tag team partner and gets up as well, the two heading off down the pathway between the willows as the camera fades out.

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    Post  CM Punk on Fri Oct 19, 2012 9:30 am

    The camera fades in on a dark room, the only thing really visible being CM Punk and the chair he’s sitting in. He’s sitting leaning forwards with his elbows resting on his knees, his chin resting on his hands, the look on his face showing he has a lot on his mind, the slight slump in his shoulders hinting that he isn’t exactly in the best of moods. Though he doesn’t look up, he seems aware of the camera, sighing quietly before he starts speaking.

    Punk: I never expected to get where I am now in my wrestling career, let alone as far as I did before the CWA existed. I never thought I’d last as long as I did in the other company, they never saw me as ‘champion material’ in the beginning because I looked and acted different to typical champs like John Cena and when they did give me a title, they’d just take it away again suddenly and give it to another guy. Even when I was the World Heavyweight Champ I was still the underdog in most of my matches and when I’d won the ECW title from John Morrison, my first thought was ‘this probably won’t last long’ and I thought it was the best I was ever going to get, all because they didn’t think I looked the part and didn’t think I was capable of being in that top spot. Look where I am now though, once again a top champion, proving those people wrong. *he shrugs and shakes his head* It hasn’t been an easy road here either, it’s been hard from the moment I first decided I wanted to be a professional wrestler; hell it’s been hard since before that, everyone knows now that I didn’t exactly have the best of childhoods. My parents spent all their money on my older brother, he went to college and dropped out after they paid for it and I had to earn things myself. I even worked three jobs at one point while I was paying for wrestling lessons. My ‘brother’ stole thousands of dollars from the place we trained at and as I hinted at last time, my father was a drunken ass.

    He pauses, shifting slightly, but stays where he is.

    Punk: Eventually I got sick of them and left home to live with my best friend at the time and her family, who treated me like on of their own. My ‘family’ wasn’t helping provide me with what I needed, so I went somewhere where I would be; I’ve never bothered with things that weren’t helpful to me in any way. Anyway, my point in saying all this is not to gain sympathy, I don’t give a shit if people care or not, I don’t have time for people who don’t care. My point is to show that I’ve had plenty of roadblocks on the way to becoming a champion and to being known like I am today. But not only did I get passed those roadblocks, I did it while flipping off the people who put up those roadblocks. *he grins* Yeah I probably sound like a moody prick by saying things like that, but I really don’t care, because it’s true and I’m not afraid to admit it.

    He sits up properly, stretching before leaning back in his chair.

    Punk: Lucas Turner is just another of these roadblocks, he’s trying to prevent me from continuing my reign as the CWA champ, which I just can’t have, especially if Dia keeps her Vixxens’ title at the pay-per-view. As I’ve mentioned probably with every other title defence I’ve had since I got a hold of the CWA title, I still don’t plan on letting it go, but hell; Lucas Turner is gonna be tough to beat. I often replay that last title match, where Alex and Drew were eliminated and the two of us were left. Ignoring my ego of myself being ‘the best in the world’, I can’t help but wonder if I actually could have won that match if I hadn’t stupidly wasted time looking for an even bigger waste of time. *he rolls his eyes* Lucas is one tough bastard and honestly…I really will be the underdog in this match, probably more so than I have been in past matches. That doesn’t mean I won’t be any less myself than usual though, Lucas will just be another of those ‘roadblocks’ I flip off as I overcome them. Even if I do lose my title to him this time, I will go after him until I can beat him, to prove he won’t stop me achieving what I aim to. What that is though exactly, I’m not going to say, besides hopefully beating Dia in the length of our title reigns. For now, you can all just sit and guess while I go out and kick some ass…and bug Colt and Dia some more.

    He smirks, getting up and moving out of the light, seemingly disappearing before the camera cuts out.
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    Post  Alex Shelley on Sat Oct 20, 2012 4:46 pm

    The camera suddenly comes on to a shot of a gravel path before the camera is turned over showing the owner to be Alex Shelley. He is wearing a hoodie with the hood pulled up as he walks; he gives a small wave to the camera before starting to talk.

    Alex: Hey everybody, so I decided to shoot mine and Angel's promo by myself instead of getting a cameraman to do for us. Angel is currently in the car talking on her cell, not sure who... *sighs softly* But I decided to go ahead and get started on this promo, especially since I don't know if Angel will be up for much talking. I'll do my best and till she is done I'll talk a bit about our tag team match.

    Alex pauses and sits on the grass before starting again.

    Alex: So we are up against Wade and Nolee this week, the crazy man and the princess. *chuckles* A strange combo if you ask me, but they may prove to work well in the ring together. Wade and Nolee are kind of similar in styles and they both have beef on their shoulders. Wade has that whole thing with Belle leaving him and Nolee found out about a kisses shared between her husband and one of the Vixxens. But then again they both have proven in the past that they don't play well with others, unlike me and Angel who are close and have worked together before. *pauses* W-Well that's if Angel can find it in her to wrestle, she stopped a match for the first time ever the other day. Angel would never normally do that, even when she lost her mom she managed to keep going. Who knows what will happen, I just hope we get our old Angel back soon. I miss my sister and seeing her being happy...

    Alex sighs and looks down for a few moments before looking up and turning the camera around to show Angel walking up. She has on a jacket and jeans, her face looks wore. Like she hasn't had any sleep at all lately. She gracefully lowers herself on the grass and looks at Alex.

    Alex: Hey Angel, you feel like trying to talk about our match for a bit? I figured we could go ahead and get it out of the way.

    Angel: *pauses before nodding slowly and whispering* Alright...

    Alex: So do you think we can beat Wade and Nolee?

    Angel: *quietly* Maybe...

    Alex: Are you looking forward to the chance for us to have a tag team match together?

    Angel just nods, for a few seconds the sad look leaves her eyes before returning.

    Alex: I asked Dante to come out to ringside with us, I hope that's ok?

    Angel: *softly* Of course. *her phone goes off* I need to take this call...

    Angel gets up and walks back over to the car before answering her phone, Alex sighs as he watches before turning the camera back on himself.

    Alex: Well looks like Angel is going to be a while on her call, guess I should wrap this promo up soon. *sighs* I also have a beef on my shoulder just like Wade and Nolee. See my beef is that no matter what I do I am still treated like a rookie, no one respects me and I am getting tired of it. Maybe it's wrong to be ticked about it but I am, but I have something to drive me forward to win this match. Which is something that neither Wade nor Nolee has, I just hope I can pull it through.

    Alex pauses and looks up at the sky with a thoughtful smile.

    Alex: You know I once heard someone say that highflying in the ring is the closest thing to really flying in real life. I think their right, maybe that’s why I will never stop highflying even if I never win another match again.

    Alex turned the camera around and points it at the sky before it suddenly shuts off.

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    Post  Drew McIntyre on Sun Oct 21, 2012 11:45 pm

    Camera opens on Drew once more alone in the gym; his hair pulled back in a sever pony tail as he stretches.

    Drew; *he sent Johnny back home so he could concentrate on his training. He had another title match coming up and even though he'd fallen short time and time again it was his time. With a snarl he threw himself at the punching bag; starting with kicks and knee strikes before heading into straight jabs. Soon, very soon. It's my time, it' sonly Sheamus and Mari against me. I know I can take out Sheamus, I've done it before and will do it again. That only leave Mari...she can't hold the title forever and this time is my time. He goes back to the knee strikes, sweat pouring down his body as he growls and pushes himself further than he'd ever done before. Win, at all cost, gotta win. Gotta get that gold around my waist. Sheamus and even Mari are nothing more than stumbling blocks in my way to grabbing my title.

    He backed away from the punching bag and took up a spot on the treadmill, starting a slow pace before working his way up to a full out run

    Drew:*his feet pound the belt in a steady rhythm as his eyes stay focused on the wall in front of him. Sweat crawled down hsi face and he blinked it away as he continued to run; chasing down his dream with a determined scowl on his face. Nothing was going to take this away from him; not when he could practically taste it.

    The camera fades out on Drew still running on the treadmill; his body drenched in sweat as he goes about making his dream a reality

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    Post  Kane on Mon Oct 22, 2012 12:25 am

    The camera opens up on the office of Carter Lacroix. He's sitting at the desk, dressed in a black suit and matching black hat as he types away on a laptop. He hears the door open and looks up to see who it is.

    Kane: *he pokes his head in and give a short grin before walking into the room fully* Carter.

    Carter smiles a tad more relaxed now.

    Carter: Glenn! Good to see you! Guessing you stopped by to talk our title match?

    Kane: *he took a seat and gave Carter a rare smile* Of course, we're going against Christian and Justin. Two men not ashamed of putting their bodies on the line to get rhe results. I know we can win but we just have to keep our feet on the ground and our heads in the game.

    Carter: *nods* Truth be told, this match will do me some good. I've had my head focused on my deskwork. When I get in that ring with you as the tag team champs facing Justin and *his voice waivers* Christian, I'll have competiton to focus on. I don't want to lose these titles to a team who have never worked together before and don't want to work together.

    Kane; *he reaches out and touches Carter's hand* Hey, hey, let it go. Get your head out of the clouds and back in the match. There will be plenty of time for you to moon over Christain afterwards when we celebrate retaining our titles. Like you said they've never worked together before and so they won't know each other like we know eachother inside that ring.

    Carter: *soft smile and nods* Right, right. I know we can beat them. We're stronger than most everyone in this company. Justin and Christian are high fliers. They waste energy. Our movements are conserved, stronger. We can defeat them by conserving our energy and only making needed moves.

    Kane: Exactly and if we happen to take their legs away from them then that can only help too. I know we can do this, after all we are two time tag team champions for a reason.

    Carter: True but the fact that we are two time champs means we've been beaten once. Christian may not be as crafty as Justin, but they have two different managers. They have that advantage on us and I know if Christian becomes to threatened, Edge will interfere.

    Kane: *he snorts* Leave Edge to me. I know how he works, you just focus on Justin and I'll take care of the others. We might have been once, but we've beaten others over and over again. We can do this. But I am worried about you...

    Carter: *raises an eyebrow* Ya can't exactly hurt Edge. His spine and what not. *looks confused* Worried about me? I swear, nothing is wrong with me. I'm in healthy, tip top, competitive shape. My knee even feels a lot better.

    Kane: It's not your body I'm worried about Carter, you need to take a step back from some of paper work; you're heading down the path of your father. I know the business needs to be ran, but hire some help Carter. The more you throw into this the more you're going to risk becoming a Jerry Lawler Jr.

    Carter: *shakes his head* I'm not becoming my father. I mean, I have Cody helping me and he has a secretary. There are just some things he can't do. Some things are to intricate for him.

    Kane: *he nods* I believe you but just make sure that you avoid the pitfalls of your father Carter. *a shadow passes over his face* I'd hate to have to come after you for the same stupid mistakes.

    Carter grows silent at the threat and nods.

    Carter: I will never be like him. He's a kind father but he's not a good manager.

    Kane: *nodded as he stood up* I will give you the benefit of the doubt Carter. You're a good man, I know you have what it takes to do this right, but even the most sane of people can let their heads be turned by power. *he starts towards the door* See you match time Carter.

    Carter hesitates before he smiles and nods, standing up.

    Carter: Saturday Christian and I are having a house warming party for my new place. Wanna join us?

    Kane: *he shrugs* We'll see, you now me well enough by now that I don't do big gatherings with people Carter. But if I can't make it I'll send something around for you. Sound good?

    Carter: I just don't want to see you off by yourself. Everyone can use a friend.

    Kane: *he cracks another real smile before opening the door* I'll keep that in mind Carter; see you around before the ppv Carter.

    Carter smiles and watches as Kane heads out of the room. The camera fading on his face as he turns his head back to the paperwork on the desk

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    We see three young girls in long white dresses and black penny loafers playing hopscotch out by an older looking house. The girls are all identical: long blonde hair tied in pigtails and bright blue eyes. The house they are by is a dark geen color with several windows and a black door. There are no outward signs of life in the house but yet these little girls play nearby, reciting a rather dark nursery rhyme.

    Girl 1: Lizzie Borden had an axe.

    Girl 2: She gave her mother 40 whacks.

    Girl 3: When she saw what she had done.

    All 3: She gave her father 41.

    The three girls giggle in an almost eerie manner as a black Toyota Camry pulls up to the house. As the car door opens the girls scatter but the camera pans to show Nolee Lacroix getting out of it. She's dressed in a white sweater over blue jeans and black boots. Her normally curled hair is straight and gives her bangs while the rest is pulled into a ponytail. She gets to the door of the home and enters, revealing the creepy place to actually be a resteraunt/hotel. Nolee stops at the front desk to show the bellhop a picture.

    Nolee: What room is he in?

    Bellhop: Room 211. Second floor, first room on your right.

    Nolee nods and heads up the stairs, admiring the artwork and decorum of the place. As cheery as it is with the bright yellow walls and flowers everywhere, there is still an underlying feeling of morbidity to the place. Nolee knocks on the door and a male's voice answers.

    Voice: Enter.

    Nolee pushes the door open to reveal Wade Barrett sitting on the bed. Wade looks like he has not slept in a while. He has bags under his eyes which along with his beard and the fact that his hair is starting to get longer show he is unnerved by his apperance. He's wearing a white shirt with the word Barrett Barrage on it in thick black lettering and blue jeans. He looks up at Nolee, the smile on his face and the look in his eyes frightening.

    Wade: Do you know where we are?

    Nolee: Yes, the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast.

    Wade: Not the house, you imbicile. The room, this room.

    Nolee: No.

    Wade: *smirks* This is the very room Lizzie murdered her step mother in. They say Lizzie struck her step mother nineteen times in the skull. On average, it only takes one strike to the temple to kill a man or woman, just ask Lucas Turner.

    When he stands, Nolee takes a step back. Wade notices that and crosses to the chairs and table that sit near the corner.

    Wade: *as he pulls out a chair* I saw you pull up and had tea brought up. Sit, have some.

    Nolee sits, staying as far away from Wade as she can. There is an awkward silence between the two before Nolee speaks up.

    Nolee: Sorry about Belle.

    Wade: *though he seems tense, he waves his hand dismissivly* There is no such thing as love. People you love only betray you in the end. Belle, Sheamus, they are all alike.

    Nolee: Sheamus didn't-

    Wade: He didn't? So he didn't kiss Arella?

    Nolee: He was drunk.

    Wade: Nolee, you know Sheamus can handle his liquor. He wasn't drunk. I believe, deep down you know that.

    Nolee: *doesn't look up from her cup of tea and mumbles* I'm not here to talk about Sheamus. I'm here so we can talk about our match.

    Wade: Ah yes, against high flyer Alex Shelley and Angel James. I pity Angel. Much like her and her fiance Petey, I have lost a child due to miscarriage. I know that pain. I know how much it hurts, the tears shed. I won't attack Angel, I won't harm Angel. Contrary to popular belief, I have a heart. It's just a hard heart.

    Nolee: I don't know if Angie will be okay to compete. This tag team match could very well turn into a handicapped match. We need to prepare for anything.

    Wade: *raises an eyebrow* Alex Shelley is not capable of beating me. As long as a weakling like you doesn't get inv-

    Nolee: *narrows her eyes* Excuse me? I am NOT a weakling.

    Wade: You are ruled by emotion, by your heart. You let it get in the way when you fight. If you were like me, poweful, you'd fight until the last part of you couldn't. You'd never be able to go round with a man of my calibur.

    Nolee: *her hand is palled into a fist and her jaw is clenched* I don't have to do that. I have to take on Alex Shelley. Shelley highly underestimates me, says the two of us have no drive. I have drive. My falling down the ranks to little more than a jobber drives me. I deserve more, deserve to be poweful and respected. So I'm going to show everyone why I was the first Vixxens Champion to be remembered. I'll show them I'm more than just a pretty face. I'm damn near as strong as you are.

    Wade: *laughs* Oh dear girl, you're nowhere near as strong as I am.

    Nolee: *standing and putting hr hands on her hips* Prove it.

    In one fluid motion, Wade stands and has a hand around Nolee's throat. He presses her back to the wall and glares down at her, an almost murderous gleam in his eyes.

    Wade: Do you know how many pounds of pressure it takes to crush a larynx?

    Nolee: *clawing at Wade's hand*

    Wade: 8. Do you know how much force the normal human hand can exert?

    Nolee: I'm sorry...please let me go...

    Wade: 750 pounds of pressure in a punch.

    There is a silence and the cold look passes from Wades face as he sees Nolee crying. He lets her go and turns his back to her.

    Wade: Get out.

    Nolee: But the match...our plan...

    Wade: I SAID GET OUT!

    Nolee doesn't have to be told twice and she nearly trips as she bolts from the room. Outaide the window we can see the girls playing hopscotch again, reciting their wicked rhyme as the camera starts to fade.

    Girl 1: Lizzie Borden had an axe.

    Girl 2: She gave her mother 40 whacks.

    Girl 3: When she saw what she had done.

    All 3: She gave her father 41.

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    Post  Arella Rayne on Mon Oct 22, 2012 8:26 am

    The first thing that can be seen as the camera fades in on the chosen filming location is a ship known as ‘Friendship’ sitting in the water in the background of the shot. Closer to the camera stands Arella Rayne, who is facing the camera, her back to the tall, masted ship. Her hair is tied back into a ponytail, her purple streaked fringe still hanging loose. She’s wearing a dark tank top with an almost blood red colored design on it. The design is an upside down ‘A’ within a circle, the red material it’s made from shining a little in the midday sun. She’s also wearing a black and red studded belt attached to torn jeans and a pair of combat boots, a studded bracelet matching her belt on one wrist.

    Arella: So here I am in Salem, Massachusetts for the upcoming pay-per-view, Hell to Pay, where I’m set to face the Vixxens’ champion Dia Banks for her title. *she glances over her shoulder at the ship* While the boat has nothing really to do with anything in my promo, I thought it looked nice; so here we are. What is relevant to my promo though, or at least to me, is this. *she gestures at the symbol on her shirt* It’s known as the symbol of the ‘Brujah’ clan in the World of Darkness franchise. The modern version of the clan describes Brujah as typically being anarchists; usually wearing things like biker jackets, torn jeans and combat boots…much like most of my own style, the parts of it that aren’t entirely made by me anyway. *she looks down at her torn jeans and combat boots she has on* The Brujah are often seen in places like rock concerts and raves, their views on things generally different from most other peoples’…much like my own. The more intelligent of the Brujah often have fiery personalities and are more outspoken than their angry, often violent counterparts. Besides the fact that the Brujah are Vampires, I have a lot in common with the more intelligent members of the Brujah clan.

    She reaches a hand up to brush aside a purple strand of hair, a small smile on her face.

    Arella: Though Dia is not one of them, there are some people in the CWA who better fit the angry, violent types of Brujah, those who are content with the destruction of their opponents, even if they don’t always claim a victory while doing so. Honestly, I’m glad I haven’t actually fought one of them yet. People like that generally go against what I refer to as my ‘rules’ of wrestling. I’ve mentioned these all before, but I’ve never really focused on them, always too eager to get to the part where I talk about my match, but I think now’s the time to actually elaborate on them.

    She changes the position she’s standing in, putting more weight on one side than the other, her arms folded.

    Arella: First of all, there’s a very obvious one that can be used in any situation and not just at work; Follow your heart. You really shouldn’t go into a match if your heart isn’t truly in it; you’ll just end up disappointing not only the fans, but yourself as well. Recently, the person I’ve seen doing this is Angel. Yes I know she’s going through a hard time, but that’s exactly the reason why she shouldn’t be in the ring. We all saw her match against Dia; she couldn’t even compete in it. If she knew she was going to be in that state, which was obvious even in her promo for that match, then she should have taken the time she needed off. As much as she obviously loves wrestling, like we all do, everyone could use some time off at some point and I think Angel should keep that in mind. I mean, if I were her, I’d have asked Carter for time off to recover straight away instead of trying to force myself to work, it can’t be good for a person to add work stresses on top of something like what she’s going through.

    Sighing, Arella shakes her head before continuing.

    Arella: Another one of the ‘rules’ is Fun, not fame. People should aim to have fun in a match and stop worrying so much about whether or not they have the top spot on a show. Chances are, if you’re having fun in the match, the fans are having fun watching…unless of course you’re one of those people who destroys others for the fun of it. If you happen to end up at the top as one of the champs though while you’re having fun though, great. A few people in this company though have been forgetting this though and sit around complaining and moping because they haven’t gotten their hands on one of the major titles at all. *she rolls her eyes* As great as it would be to be able to hold a title, like the Vixxens’ title or the CWA Championship, some people need to remember what I’ve said before; if you’re having fun and putting your heart into what you’re doing, it shouldn’t be such a big deal that you haven’t held a world title, some of the best never do.

    The camera zooms out a little as Arella sits down on the grass, her legs crossed underneath her.

    Arella: As people are still yet to learn, Real life does not always equal ratings. People should know there are limits when it comes to using elements from your real life to fuel storylines. Drawing from certain events is okay, to a point, but this is wrestling; not a soap opera, people don’t need to bring every one of their dramas to work with them. Some people also really need to calm down and stop making even small things seem like life ruining events, like a certain blond Vixxen. Yes I was talking to her at the time fiancé; yes we’d both been drinking. I was a little drunk and I kissed him, he told me to get lost…just not so politely. If I were sober, I’d never even try such a thing with the ginger, people need to stop trying to make what happened worse than it actually was.

    She frowns, reaching a hand up to brush aside her hair again.

    Arella: Anyway, when it comes to this title match against Dia, she’s a very determined woman, strong too. Though I’m a little more confident about this match than the one I had against Mariana, it’s not by much. I seem to be the only one who didn’t expect me to end Mariana’s winning streak, everyone else seemed convinced I could, even she seemed to have thought it. Dia will be just as difficult, her usual desire to win is further fuelled by her wanting to impress her son and her goal of beating her friend in a competition to hold their title longer than the other, so there’s no way this match will be at all easy. I have a chance to win yes, but Dia has just as much of one, if not more. She’s one of those people who puts their heart into every match, for herself and her son, the fans too. She also has fun doing what she does and doesn’t bring every little issue of her personal life with her. I understand she has a son who needs looking after, but she still gets her job done even while keeping him in mind. She doesn’t completely turn her focus to her boyfriend either when he’s around, they still act like friends, like he’s a manager for the most part, only occasionally actually showing they’re also lovers, instead of being all over each other like some would be. Dia’s also a kind women and honestly, I feel honored that she’d pick someone like me to defend her title against and I’m looking forward to the match.

    She smiles, looking away from the camera as her phone rings, reaching in her pocket to get it.

    Arella: Excuse me; I have to take this…

    Arella gets to her feet and starts walking off screen to answer the call, the camera fading out as she does so.

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    Sheamus is seen standing at a mirror, using gel to spike his hair before a match, already wearing his ring gear and his CWA shirt. He sees the camera and sighs, but continues what he’s doing.

    Sheamus: I thought yeh would have come found me sooner considering the match… what matters though is that you’re here now I suppose. I did say that my feud with Drew still wouldn’t be over and now look, the next match after losing to Drew I’m up against him again but with the added threat of the undefeated Five Nations champion. It’s hard to say who exactly will win this… odds are that Drew and I will end up fighting, only for Mariana to strike at the perfect moment to retain her title and her streak. But being a match with three people, anything could happen really.

    He finishes fixing his hair and turns to face the camera, leaning against the wall beside the mirror.

    Sheamus: If yeh had have found me earlier, I could have told yeh a story about one of the many Halloween traditions, like last year; there are plenty to tell, especially in a place like Salem. I went on one of their haunted tours and learned a few things, but obviously I’m getting ready for this match and I don’t really have time to tell any. I will say though, that ghosts are often known to haunt particular people, often those who were in a way responsible for their demise, otherwise they simply refuse to move on from where they passed. ‘Ghosts’ from a person’s past however, aren’t actually ghosts and can bother a person at any time, usually when yeh really don’t want them to. Tonight for me is no different from that. I’ve lost to Mariana before so I know not to underestimate her and with someone like Drew added, my chances of coming out victorious are very slim, that fella will probably do everything he can to make sure I don’t leave with the belt.

    He stands up properly, a determined look in his eyes, his fiery hair symbolic of his fighting spirit.

    Sheamus: His problem is that the Celtic Warrior’s going to be aiming to stop him from leaving with the belt just as much as he’ll be out to stop me.

    Grinning, Sheamus pushes passed the camera person to head to his match, the scene cutting out.

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    The camera opens up on a Halloween costume store where Mariana is walking down an aisle with Lillie-Jane. The two are hand-in-hand as they search for a costume.

    Lillie-Jane: "This one, mommy." She points to a "Belle" costume from Disney's "Beauty and the Beast"

    Mariana: "You want that one? Okay, baby." She smiles down at her daughter as she picks up the costume and throws it over her arm.

    Lillie-Jane: "This one too?" She looks hopefully up at her mother.

    Mariana: "Whatever you want, honey." She picks up the second costume and puts it over her arm as well before taking notice of the camera. "She wants to be a princess. She wanted me to look like a princess at the wedding next month so I took her with me and I tried on Disney's Bridal line. After each dress she said 'No.' to which I replied 'You don't get much more princess than this, baby.' Of course her reply would be both stubborn and sweet: 'No good for my mommy.'" She sighs and rolls her eyes. "We were eventually able to agree on a dress, I just hope finding her perfect princess costume isn't as hard and time consuming."

    The camera zooms out as she turns and chases down Lillie-Jane, who has started to wander off down the aisle. She pulls her back by the hand gently and this time doesn't let go.

    Mariana: "But that's not why you're here. You're here because of the Pay-Per-View. I know you must be wondering what I'm thinking, risking my title and my winning streak like this, but the answer is simple. It's something I've never had the chance to do before. I love doing things I've never done. I love coming up with new ways to expand and grow as a person through experience. This is one of those ways. It's a challenge and I love challenges."

    The camera zooms in on a waist up shot as she stoops down and picks Lillie-Jane up, sitting the little girl on her hip.

    Mariana: "As for why I chose Drew and Sheamus as my opponents, well that's easy too. I thought long and hard about who I would pick as my number one contender. It wasn't an easy decision to make with a roster full of qualified and deserving wrestlers. However, Sheamus came to mind because he was the first person I fought here at the CWA, besides Gail Kim, and who better to fight to defend my title against for the first time? Then it occurred to me that by picking him and him alone, Nolee might think I'm trying to start up trouble again. So I moved on to my second choice, Drew. I've only fought Drew once, but I remembered how much I enjoyed the challenge and how good the match had been. I thought my choice had been made when that incredibly stupid and risky side of my suggested I fight them both. Of course now that I'd thought of it I couldn't just ignore it."

    She stops and starts looking around the aisle and standing on her tiptoes to see over the top of the shelf as if she was looking for someone. Almost on cue, a young teenage girl appeared at the end of the aisle and when she spotted Mariana she headed for her. She had long light brown hair, brown eyes, and a sweet smile.

    Mariana: "There you are, Laylah! I was beginning to think you'd gotten tired of us and disappeared." Mariana is smiling at the girl and it is apparent she's the Laylah Mariana has spoken of before. Her little sister.

    Laylah: "I could never get tired for you, you're too cute." the girl said, sharing in Mariana's slight English accent.

    Mariana: "Well, thank you, but I'm sure after a period of time, hanging out with this 'old' woman is tiring."

    Laylah: "I was talking about my niece." She smiles as Lillie-Jane holds her arms out for her. She takes Lillie-Jane from Mariana and takes the costumes too. "I'll take her to try these on so you can finish here. It won't take us long, so don't dawdle you old hag." She winks at Mariana before leaving.

    Mariana: "I love you too, sis!" Mariana called after her. "Teenagers. There a pain in the ass. Even if you're the sister that raises and spoils them, they will still find some way to get you. Back to business. Where was I...? Oh, my opponents. Drew is a very talented wrestler, very skilled in his job, but when your father is The Undertaker I suppose that is to be expected. Sheamus is just as talented, brutal and intense, but that works for him. It's quite effective. I'll be hard put to it to keep my title. My undefeated streak has been dramatic and unprecedented and if it is going to end, then I want it to end in a fittingly dramatic way."

    The camera zooms out as Lillie-Jane runs down the aisle and wraps her arms around her mother's leg. Mariana looks down and runs her fingers through her daughter's hair.

    Mariana: "What better way is there for it to end?" She is still looking down at her daughter as she says this.

    She picks Lillie-Jane up and the little girl rests her head on her mother's shoulder, her arms wrapping around her mother's neck. Mariana gives the camera one last look before she turns and walks down the aisle, at the end Laylah turns and joins them as the camera fades out.

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