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    Promos due December 16th at midnight. Also, be sure to check the general discussion area for the voting for the yearly awards.

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    The camera opens up on a table filled with different plates of food, however, almost all of it is Spanish. There's Spanish mixed green salad, tortilla chips with several different sorts of dip, and for the main course is pork loin stuffed with figs. What isn't Spanish is French: citrus marinated olives, croissants, gougers, and butternut squash soup. It appears to be a late Thanksgiving meal and there are plenty of people there to give thanks. An older woman in a floral print dress sits at the head of the table with three young girls under the age of 15 sitting on one side of the table, an older man sitting at the left dressed in a suit, and several people standing around the kitchen. The room is full of life and as the camera settles, a familiar young man enters the room with a familiar young woman.

    Older woman: *looks in shock and gets up from her chair, tossing her arms around the familiar younger man* Antonio!

    The young man hugs her tightly and kisses her head.

    Antonio: I knew you'd be surprised Mama!

    Mama: *smiles8 Come, sit you two! We made plenty!

    Antonio takes the girls hand and leads her to the table, pulling out a chair for her to sit. The three girls smile and look at the woman.

    Girl #1: She's pretty.

    Girl #2: Are you his girlfriend?

    Girl #3: I wike youw haiw wady.

    Antonio: Mya, Katherine, Linsey this is Jessie Turner. She's my girlfriend.

    Mama: She is skin and bones!

    The older woman starts fixing two plates of food for Jessie and Antonio, who sits down next to Jessie. The couple sits down and one of the older men, the one sitting next to Mama, smiles at Antonio.

    Older Man: So little Antonio back home in Corsica?

    Antonio: Yes mon pere, for a time at least.

    Jess: Tony has his first professional fight in a wrestling company coming up.

    Mya: Wrestling? As in John Cena? He's a dreamboat.

    Katherine: I like Zack Ryder. He's so adorable.

    Lindsey: Sin Cawa my favowite.

    Father: *smiles* I'm proud of you Antonio. You've gone to see to your dreams being fulfilled. Who do you fight in your first match?

    Antonio: Dante Westmore. He's as new to the world of wrestling as I am, straight out of wrestling school. We were both taken in by CWA stars. My mentor, Lucas Turner, is a tad different than his mentor, Alex Shelley.

    Father: Should be a good match then, two newer wrestlers facing each other. Lots of youth and vitality in that match. Think you'll be able to be the more youthful of the two?

    Antonio: It's hard to say mon pere. He's powerful, I've done my research on him. He's a good high flyer plus he knows the technical side. I am a showman, I rely on pumping up the crowd. Just like the three that the girls named. Unlike them, I'm more than just a pretty face. I'm determined and in my heart I know have to win this. I have to prove I'm not just a pretty face.

    Jess: Big bro has been teaching you to be more, Tony. You'll get it done and over with because of that.

    Mama: You'll be just fine. My little boy has always been a good fighter. Ever since he was in school and he felt like he had to defend himself.

    Father: I taught him to be able to land a punch and be sensitive.

    Antonio: I have to lose my sensitivities for this match. I have to make sure that Dante knows I'm not messing around. He's already started to underestimate me. He just has to be warned that I'm not going to back down. I hope he's ready for me. *he looks over his food and then grins* Now whose ready to eat? I'm starved!

    He digs into the plate his mother made as the camera starts to fade to black.

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    The camera opens up on a honky tonk, the kind we are use to seeing Carter and Pete play. In fact the duo of Carter Lacroix and Peter Branaugh are on stage, playing their respective instruments. Carter is in a black cowboy hat, leather jeans, and a black tight shirt. Pete's wearing almost the exact same thing, minus the cowboy hat. However, instead of Carter singing, Nolee Lacroix is joining them onstage. Her hat matches Carter's but her shirt is pright pink with a leather vest over it to match her skirt.

    Nolee: *singing*
    So come on, come on
    Baby I'm buying
    I got enough to last us all night and
    You got the kiss that tastes like honey
    And I got a little bit of beer money

    She looks enthralled in her performance, many men sitting in the front row to get a better glimpse of her. When she hits the note that money lands on, they cat call. She leans down to shake a few hands before continuing.

    Nolee: *singing*
    Tonight, tonight
    Baby we're drinkin'
    Lets wake the town that never stops sleeping
    You got the kiss that tastes like honey
    And I got a little bit of beer money

    They get done playing and Nolee, Pete, and Carter leave the stage. They go to a table in the back where Laurie as well as two males wait for them. These males are no other than the tag team known as Beer Money Inc: James Storm and Bobby Roode.

    James: Yeh and yer brother always sound so good Nols! Yeh brought a tear t' my eye when the two of yeh sang Free by Zac Brown Band.

    Carter: What can I say? Sis and I compliment each other when we sing.

    Nolee: *hugs James and Bobby* Glad to see you boys could make it. I mean, you all have work.

    Bobby: So do ya'll. *smirks* So where's the husband? I thought he'd be out with us.

    Nolee: *soft smile* I'm gonna meet with him later. He didn't want to be here because of his family again. He's at home skyping his brother to make sure alls good.

    Laurie: Speaking of going home, I hate to listen to good music and run but me and Pete gotta go.

    Pete: But I don't wanna go.

    Laurie leans over and whispers something in Pete's ear that causes him to light up like a Christmas tree and he nods vigorusly, standing up and grabbing her hand.

    Pete: We have to go. Love you guys!

    Pete and Laurie head out as Nolee orders a round of beers for the table. She leans back in her chair and looks at Carter.

    Nolee: You know, big brother, you neglected to tell me last week that I was going to be having a match with Alex Shelley. I had to hear it straight from the lame horses mouth.

    Bobby: Aw, Lexie ain't that bad.

    If looks could kill, the look that Nolee is shooting Bobby would take his skin off very slowly.

    Nolee: Not that bad? He's the bane of my existance. He's the reason that I'm usually in a foul mood anymore. He thinks that making me angry is a good idea, is fun.

    James: *chuckles* That sounds like our Lexie.

    Nolee: Well it's not cute. All it's doing is pissing me off more and more. It's like he intentionally wants to make me hurt him. Alex must have a death wish.

    Bobby: He's always been one to try and make his opponent doubt themselves. Tell me, have you started doubting things about yourself since you and Lexie have been playing these games?

    James: Yeah, when we were havin' our bouts with Motor City Machine Guns, yeh bet my sweet ass I was havin' doubts about my talents as a competitor.

    Nolee: Well, now that you mention it...

    She pauses as is going to say something, the others leaning in close to hear her in case she starts whispering. She leans in just as close and replies...

    Nolee: Of course I'm not having doubts! I think this little game he's playing is stupid and not at all like a real competitor. You know, I use to think that the fans would give me all that I needed. When I was younger I thought that all I needed was the fans. After a short while I learned you can never please everyone. I'm doing this all for me. I don't care if they boo me or if they cheer me, this is my career. Not theirs.

    Carter: Aw sis you don't mean that. Look at how much the fans matter to some people!

    Nolee: Like my opponent. He has a terrible record but because the fans love him he doesn't feel like he can just give up. That's his loss not mine. He's going to get the new Nolee.

    James: The new Nolee? What in the Sam hell do yeh mean about that?

    Nolee: I'm done being Misses Nice Girl. I know he'll have something to say about it, but I'm done. I don't want to make anyone happy but me, my friends, my family, and Sheamus. The fans are no longer playing a factor in this match up. Now that I don't care about them, I can really let it rip.

    James goes to laugh but Bobby holds up a hand, seeing the determined look in Nolee's eyes.

    Bobby: Now hold on Nolee Marie. You and I both know that this is getting a little bit personal. You don't have to go down this road. You can show them that you're better than that.

    Carter: Yeah sis-

    Nolee: I am better than that and that's why I plan on doing this. To show them I can sink to the levels of my opponent. Threatening to kick my husband as hard as he could down there so we couldn't have any 'fun' was low, even for Shelley. How would he feel if I did the same to his boyfriend? He'd be pissed. Yet I'm supposed to take it. Oh no. I'm done.

    James: Yeh know...I kinda agree with Nols.

    Bobby: James!

    James: Well I do! She's been sittin by and takin it on the chin! A person can only take it on the chin for so long before they get so angry that they wanna kick someone's ass.

    Nolee: *smirks* You know that finisher of mine I didn't have a name for? The one that's like Miz's Mic Check? I finally have a name for it. I'm naming it Sweet Revenge. Because that's what that move is going to get me against so many opponents. My sweet revenge.

    Carter: careful with this. You don't want to end up like so many people who have turned their backs on their fans.

    Nolee: End up like who? Jericho? He's a fan favorite. Everyone loves him. Ziggler? People still love him even though he expresses that he hates them. I'm ready to be hated. It'll finally give me a reason to take out my revenge on everyone.

    The camera starts to fade out on the confident look that is playing across her face.
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    The camera fades on a beautiful tropical greenhouse, a blue butterfly moves in front of a couple standing close together. A closer look shows it to be Alex Shelley and his boyfriend Casey, Alex has his arm around Casey as they slowly walk.

    Alex: This place is beautiful babe.

    Casey smiles at him, blushing slightly.

    Casey: Well you just said you wanted to go somewhere with a cafe. Most people would probably just laugh if I suggested somewhere like this...

    Alex: *smiles and kisses his cheek* I think this place is nice and relaxing, perfect place to take my handsome boyfriend on a date. Besides I think this place is pretty cool, especially when that butterfly landed on you.

    Casey: You’re just jealous because you can’t stand still long enough. *he laughs* At least it’s nice and warm in here, though the cold doesn’t really bother me so much.

    Alex: *laughs* You know I am too hyper to do things like standing still, I think the butterflies just like you better anyway. *smiles* I'm glad we came up to Sweden a few days early; it's been great having you and me time.

    Casey: *smiles and nods* Yeah it has been, we don’t always get to do things like this, we normally only really have time for dinner after the shows...

    Alex: *nods* Yeah and a few days at home... *pulls Casey a little closer* We'll have to start making time for more stuff like this.

    Casey: That would be nice. *he leans against Alex, looking up at him* But you also have your band and everything...

    Alex: *sighs a little* I know... Well at least with us working together we get to spend a lot of time together, even if it's just in the car. *smiles and leans down to kiss him*

    Casey: *blushes as he kisses back before pulling away* True, it would be harder for those with someone from another show.

    Alex: We're lucky. *laughs as a butterfly lands on Casey* I think you have a winged stalker baby.

    Casey: *laughs, looking at it* I hope not, it wouldn't like leaving here, it'll freeze.

    Alex: Luckily for him they make sure these little guys can't get out. *smiles before looking at his phone as it goes off*

    Casey: *nods, frowning slightly as Alex's phone goes off, waiting silently so he can answer it*

    Alex: *looks at the text message before laughing*

    Casey: *curious* What is it...?

    Alex: Chris was asking if I had seen Nolee's promo.

    Casey: Oh... *he frowns, having seen it himself already* have you?

    Alex: *chuckles* Yeah I saw it. *starts walking with Casey to the door so they can go to the cafe*

    Casey: What's so funny about it?

    Alex: Well the whole thing really, the princess really thinks I should be scared of her and her 'new' outlook on life.

    Casey: *nods* Something like that...

    Alex: *pulls out a chair for Casey* Well frankly I'm not... *laughs* I'm more scared of Jay's dog Blue then I am of her.

    Casey: *smiles* Thank you. *he sits down, trying not to laugh* Really? You aren't worried at all that she'd hurt you...? People do tend to underestimate each other a lot around here...

    Alex: *sits next to him* I'm not underestimating her; well at least not as far as ring skill goes. I've been wrestling long enough not to make that mistake, I know she could hurt me and I know she is mean enough to do it. I just don't think I should be scared of her huffing and puffing, judging by the last time we fought I think she underestimates herself. I mean she had a two on one advantage on me and she still couldn't win without cheating? *rolls his eyes* They try and pull that bull about she was scared of Wade and that's why she did it, no it's because she wanted to win and she thought that was the only way.

    Casey: *nods* I know you aren't, but a lot of people do. What do you expect though? The show does need 'bad guys' after all.

    Alex: *smiles* I know I know, You know she says I'm the bane of her existence? *chuckles* I think that's the first time someone has said that about me, in a weird way I'm a little proud of that. I guess that's the side of me that enjoys being an ass talking, but hey its part of who I am and it's not like I'm an ass all the time like some people.

    Casey: *smiles* Thankfully you aren't. It doesn't bother you at all though that someone said that about you?

    Alex: *shrugs* I have to say not really, I mean if it had been you or one of my friend’s maybe... Honestly I don't care what she thinks about me, maybe it’s because she was enough of a bitch to throw my past in my face. Maybe it's because she has always been a bitch to Angel, or maybe it's because she's always come off as spoiled brat to me. Hell I don't know she is so full of herself sometime... She said she was done being Ms. Nice Girl, but I have to ask who was it that she was nice too? Besides people like Jack, Carter and her husband I really can't think of many. Hell she threatened your job that one time! And she says my promo of threatening to kick Sheamus as hard as he could down there so they couldn't have any 'fun' was low... Of course she forgets the fact of this was the week after she nut shot me, frankly I think I was within in my rights to say that. But she can do stuff like threaten your job and she thinks she's the victim? *shakes his head* Sorry I don't see it that way and I'm not feeling any loss from her not liking me.

    Casey: *slowly nods, frowning* Right...she couldn't have fired me anyway though; she doesn't have the power her brother does. *he pauses before continuing* ...she's occasionally nice to Vitani too, but I think that's about it.

    Alex: It's Vitani; you can't be mean to her... It's like asking for bad karma to even glare at our sweet Vi!

    Casey: You do have a point there, but part of that's probably because Vitani refuses to be mean to others.

    Alex: *nods and smiles* Vitani is a true good person... *rubs the back of his head* I figure I'm just going to part my all into this match... But this match isn't the only thing I am going to have to focus on this week.

    Casey: *nods* People would start thinking something was wrong if you didn't put everything into the match, you always do. *he raises an eyebrow* What's the other thing?

    Alex: I got to make sure Dante is ready for his first match, the kid is probably going to be nervous and as his mentor if I can I want to help him be ready.

    Casey: Oh right. How is he doing anyway? you think he's ready for this?

    Alex: Well skill wise I think he's ready to take on anybody; it's his confidence in himself that I think he needs to work on. I'm hoping he can push his nerves aside so he can have a good match and I'll try to help him do what it takes to do that. *smiles* I'll be right back. *he leaves the table*

    Casey: Well I know what the nerves are like... *he frowns when Alex gets up* Okay...

    Alex: *returns with a small tray holding two bottles of juice and two plates of carrot cake* I thought we should have a treat... Plus my stomach said feed me. *laughs softly*

    Casey: *laughs* Well food usually does help that.

    Alex: *laugh and sits, handing Casey his food* It does. *kiss Casey's cheek* I love you.

    Casey: Thanks. *he smiles shyly* I love you too.

    Alex smiles happily and that camera starts to slowly fade out on them.

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    The camera fades in on the bedroom of an apartment, an open suitcase sits on the bed with clothes besides it. Someone enters the frame and it is seen to be one of the newest CWA wrestlers Dante Westmore. He is heard talking into his cell phone as he walks around grabbing stuff for his suitcase.

    Dante: Yeah I'm leaving tomorrow at ten o’clock; my brothers are driving me to the airport. *he pauses* Yeah I should be getting in at two o'clock at the airport in Stockholm. *he pauses once again* Are you sure? I could just take a taxi, I don't want to inconvenience you and Casey... *stops before nodding slightly* Okay thanks, I'll see you and Casey at the airport when I get through customs. *smiles* Thanks Alex, this all really means a lot to me. Well I'll go and finish packing and I'll see you and Casey tomorrow, bye!

    Dante hangs up his phone and sits on the bed after putting the stuff into his bag. He looks over the stuff before getting up and going over to his desk and plugging in his phone to its changer. He goes back over to the bed before looking over at the camera.

    Dante: Well before I finish packing I should probably get this promo done, so I can send it in. Not sure where to start so I'll tell you a little more about myself, I was raised by my momma after my dad passed soon after I was born. My older brothers are twins and they took care of me a lot so momma could work. *smiles softly* My brothers knew how much I loved wrestling, so they saved up and got the money for my wrestling school...

    Dante smiles as he looks at a picture on the nightstand before looking back at the camera again.

    Dante: And now it's all paying off, I'm having my first official match in the CWA. I'm getting to live my dream of being a wrestler and hopefully I can make my family and my mentor Alex proud this Sunday.

    Dante pauses as he toys with the necklace he is wearing.

    Dante: I'm fighting another newcomer as well, Antonio Jacinto. Like me this is Antonio's first match ever and like me he has a mentor. That's about all we have in common though, we have very different styles and personalities. Antonio is a showman in the ring and obviously someone that takes pride in who he is... *pushes his hair out of his face* I respect that we are different and I think it’s great he takes pride in his roots... That bring said there are something’s that I don't agree with. Like his assuming that I underestimate him when we've only met once and yet he has done that exactly what he says I've have been doing to him. He was is the one that underestimates me and said I probably have no wrestling talent, yet he's willing to tell anyone that will listen that people are underestimating him because of looks...

    Dante pauses as he bites at his lip.

    Dante: I was asked to pick out an entrance theme and I picked Simple Plan's 'Me against the World'. It's a song that I really identify with, see when I was in junior high and high school I was one of those kids that was put down by the popular kids for not fitting in. Despite my brothers doing their best to protect me I was still picked on and for the stupidest things, my hair was too long, my clothes weren't cool enough, I was weird for liking wrestling and for other things like that... But I refused to let them change me and I stuck to who I wanted to be and now look at me I'm getting ready for my first show...

    Dante takes a breath as he pushes his hair back again.

    Dante: And just like I don't let them get to me and change me, I'm not going to let Antonio get to me either. I am who I am and as long as I can look myself in the mirror each morning then that is all that matters to me. *smiles* I remember watching an episode of WWE when I was a teenager and one of the wrestler's said something that really stuck with me. He said "There's no shame in going out there and getting your ass kicked. There's no honor in not fighting at all." See that's the code I want to live by, in of the ring or out of it. See I would love nothing more than to win my first ever match here in the CWA, but if I lose then I'll pick myself up and try again. I don't know if I'm going to be able to win this match on Sunday, but I do know that I am going to put my all into this match and if I do go down it's not going to be without a fight. Antonio I'm ready for whatever you throw at me and I'll be looking forward to facing you in the ring.

    Dante gets up and walks towards the camera, he touches it and it goes black.


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    Post  Vitani on Tue Dec 11, 2012 7:42 am

    People are heard cheering and clapping as a bell rings, the camera fading in on a wrestling ring in a typical development or independent wrestling promotion setup. As the person with the camera moves through the people surrounding the ring to get a better view, a tag team is seen standing in the ring with a referee, who’s raising their hand in victory as the other team gets out of the ring. As the winning team turn to face the camera, they are easily recognisable as Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr, the two grinning as their manager, Vitani Summers, joins them in the ring to congratulate them. She smiles and kisses Ted’s cheek before turning to Cody, the two hugging before she stands on her toes to kiss him. The two say a few words to each other before speaking to Ted, the three of them getting out of the ring, heading through the small crowd to a room that’s set up as a locker room. Ted sits down on a chair with a bottle of water, the other two staying standing, Cody’s arms around Vitani, who’s leaning with her back against him.

    Ted: Thanks for coming out here guys, I really appreciate it.

    Cody: *smiles* It’s no problem; you know we enjoy hanging out with you, especially when it involves wrestling too.

    Ted: Well you have to travel again tomorrow don’t you? I thought you would have preferred to be resting.

    Cody: *shrugs* We can rest on the plane and when we get there, I planned to head there a day early for that reason. Besides, I’ve always enjoyed teaming with you, you know that.

    Ted: *laughs and nods* Right, where was it you were headed again?

    Vitani: Stockholm, Sweden. It’ll be the second Devastation pay-per-view.

    Ted: Oh yeah, that’s right. A year went by quick huh?

    Vitani: Well… *she exchanges a look with Cody*…most of it did.

    Cody: *smiles softly* Point is that it has passed, I only officially started working in the CWA this time last year after leaving the other show.

    Ted: *jokingly* Yeah you just decided to ditch me, apparently I’m not cool anymore.

    Cody: *chuckles, rolling his eyes* Ted you were never cool.

    Vitani laughs, shaking her head at the two of them.

    Ted: *looking at Vitani* So who are you fighting this time Vi?

    Vitani: Drew McIntyre…

    Cody: *smiles* Another of my old tag partners.

    Ted: *pretending to be upset* Yeah, one you replaced me with.

    Cody: *laughs* Oh shut up Teddy.

    Vitani: So anyway, yes I’m fighting Drew…I think for his title, though I’m not entirely sure how that happened.

    Ted: You must have done something to get his attention…

    Vitani: *frowns and shakes her head* I don’t think so, honestly I don’t think there’s anything I’ve done recently that’s worthy of earning me a title shot at anything.

    Ted: There had to have been something.

    Vitani: I’ve barely done anything since that Arella girl showed up, she’s been taking a lot of attention from the other Vixxens with her attitude. Mariana gets a lot of attention too, but because she proved she deserves it. Arella just runs her mouth about the rest of us and points out all the things that are ‘wrong’ with everything… It bugs me.

    Cody: *frowns, letting go of Vitani so he can look at her properly* How does it bug you?

    Vitani: Well she just showed up out of nowhere and thinks she can point out every ‘flaw’ she sees with the show and everyone in it. I like the fact that she cares about the business, but I don’t think someone with no wrestling background has the right to criticize any of us for how we do our job, especially not those who love and respect the business.

    Cody: True…but you have to admit she does have talent and a pretty good fighting spirit.

    Vitani: Well yes, but she uses that spirit to criticize others…if she used that spirit for good I might actually respect her.

    Ted: *frowns, nodding* So Drew…have you fought him before?

    Vitani: Not recently. Which doesn’t help me at all, I’m not overly familiar with his style, it’ll be a problem. He’s fought plenty of high flyers I’m sure, so he’ll probably know how to tackle someone like me. I haven’t been doing the best lately either… despite what Wade said at the last show, I didn’t just skip our match because I spoke to Mariana, as Cody knows, I was home sick; I just felt it wasn’t anybody’s business to know at the time besides those who needed to know.

    Cody: *hugs her close, kissing her head* At least you’re better now though.

    Vitani: *smiles* True, I wasn’t happy that it had stopped me from having my match, making me miss the chance to entertain the fans… I guess I’ll have to make up for it this week and fight even harder than I usually would. If it is for the title and I do win, then I’ll be winning it for my fans, not for me; when I go out there at Devastation, I’m going to show them how much I appreciate their support.

    Ted: *smiles, shaking his head* We really do need more girls like you in the business, ones the young fans really can look up to.

    Vitani: *smiles, looking embarrassed* Oh I’m not that great, I’m still working towards being the role model I wished to be when I started. I’m not perfect…

    Cody: None of us are Vi, that doesn’t mean you can’t work to get as close as possible to being perfect though.

    Vitani: *laughs, playfully hitting him* Says the one who got all paranoid after breaking his nose…

    Cody: Rey did that! And you know it was an act.

    Ted: *shakes his head at them* You two wanna come get something to eat before you both ditch me for Sweden?

    Cody: We aren’t ditching you, we have a show to go to you baby, quit complaining! *he laughs* But sure, we’ll come, I’m starving anyway.

    Vitani: *smiles, nodding* We’d love to Ted.

    Ted grins, the three friends continuing laughing and talking as the scene fades out.

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    Post  Admin on Tue Dec 11, 2012 12:36 pm

    Tic tock tic tock...

    We hear the sound of a clock ticking as the camera pulls up to an image of the living room of the Banks family residence. The television is playing the movie Hook and in front of the television lays Colt Cabana and Louis Banks. Both of them are wearing footie pajamas with trucks on them. Their feet are in the air behind them, hands propping up their heads. The camera pans out to show Dia packing cups and plates into cardboard boxes, occasionally glancing over to the television. She's wearing a baby blue tank top and flannel pajama pants that have Superman symbols on them. The movie comes to an end and Louis shoots to his feet.

    Louis: That was bad ass!

    Dia turns her had to look at him in a surprised manner as Colt tries his best to suppress a snicker.

    Dia: Louis Tyler Banks! Where did you hear that?

    Louis: Papa Cowt and Uncwe Phiw say it aww da time!

    Dia raises an eyebrow as she looks at Colt who has his hands pressed over his mouth. Dia rolls her eyes and hugs him close.

    Dia: Have you packed your things? We have to be packed for the movers in the morning.

    Louis: I did! I even packed away my toys! *yawns* Can I sweep on da couch momma?

    Dia smiles and ruffles his hair, nodding her head.

    Dia: I'll tell ya what, why don't me and you and daddy make a fort in the living room and watch movies all night?

    Colt: *eyes light up almost as big as Louis* Can we?

    Louis: That sounds awesome!

    Colt and Louis start fixing the living room for the fort as Dia smiles and makes food for them to snack on. She brings in three peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwiches with the crusts cut off and three glass of chocolate milk. She gets in the fort and hands Louis and Colt their food.

    Colt: Thanks Di!

    Louis: Thanks momma!

    Dia: You're most welcome boys!

    Colt: So, Louis, excited to be moving into a new home?

    Louis: Uh-huh! Mommy said I'll have a backyard and I'll be able to get a puppy!

    Colt: A puppy huh? What kind do you wanna get?

    Louis: I want a husky! Dey pwetty and tough, just like momma!

    Dia: Aw thank you Lou!

    Colt: Speaking of pretty and tough, did you hear your momma has to defend her title at the pay-per-view?

    Louis: She does? 'gainst who?

    Colt: Miss Mari and Miss Arella.

    Louis: *eyes grow wide* But mama! Dey is da best of da best! Why would you wanna fight them?

    Dia: *pulls Louis into her lap* Well, why wouldn't I? Miss Mari and I are very good friend and Miss Arella always proves herself to be championship material. I thought that it would be a good test of if I deserve to be a champion or not, fighting the best of the best.

    Louis: But momma you couwd wose!

    Dia: I know I could lose Louis but I also know that I could win. See, just like I tell you when we play video games together. Anyone can win on any given day. You just gotta make sure you know what your opponent is gonna do.

    Louis: Dat's how I beat you at Mowtaw Kombat. You aways use Miweena. Miweena not as good as Jax.

    Dia: Then how can I beat you sometimes when you use Jax?

    Louis: Well...I...I not feew good?

    Dia: Well sometimes the other opponents don't feel good and don't show up. You know that.

    Louis: Wike Miss Mawi not show up? Uncwe Phiw wasn't happy about dat at aww.

    Dia: Well it wasn't that she didn't feel good Louis, she was getting married and she went on her honey moon.

    Louis: You and Daddy nevew gonna get mawwied..

    There is an uncomfortable silence in which Dia and Colt look at each other, something passing between their eyes.

    Dia: Where did you hear something like that Louis?

    Louis: Uncwe Phiw towd me dat...

    Colt: Louis...why don't we go on off and brush your teeth and get you ready for bed huh?

    Louis: *pouts* I in twoubwe? I pwomise I didn't mean to do dat!

    Colt: No Louis, you aren't in trouble. Momma and me gotta pack our things for tomorrow too. You can still sit in the fort if you want but your mother and me are going to go into the kitchen and talk, okay?

    Louis nods, rubbing at his eyes which was evident that he thought he was in trouble and was going to start crying if he was. He gets out of the fort and heads off into the bathroom while Colt looks at Dia.

    Colt: You talked to him about that?

    Dia: I didn't know who else to talk to Colt. I mean, if I told Mari she was gonna make sure that I knew what I was doing was wrong. Phil at least could stand by and talk to me through a rational sort of view point.

    Colt: Well, next time I'd really like to know when you go broadcasting our relationship to our best friends.

    Dia: I'm sorry Colt, I really am....

    Colt: *gives her a sympathetic look* Whats been up with you the last few days? Suddenly deciding the apartment wasn't good enough for you and Louis, deciding that you were gonna fight both Mari and Arella in this match. None of this is like you Dia.

    Dia: What do you mean it isn't like me? Mari and Arella are two of the strongest Vixxens in the company. Ever since I started training with you, I've been all about wanting to prove myself to the fans. Mari and Arella are the ultimate test of that in the CWA. Mari is more experienced than either one of us but that doesn't make her wary in the ring. She's still very bright and entergetic, wanting to get in there with the best of us so that she can kick some ass. Arella isn't as experienced as Mari or I in the ring but she still shows that she can get in there with us and kick some mondo ass. We're like a conglomerate of the three brightest rising Vixxens. Sure, you can't forget about girls like Vitani and Angel and Nolee but I'm pretty sure that the three of us in this match could take the three of them if it ever came down to it.

    Colt: You know that's totally not what I asked...

    Dia: Well it's what I'm talking about right now. See, I can't let anything else worry me. I have to focus on this match because if I don't I'll lose my title and I'll be damned if that happens.

    Colt: So you're focusing your energy on taking them out. Are you worried about one of them more than you are the other?

    Dia: That would be stupid of me Colt. You can never discredit one opponent when you get in a contest like this. If you discredit that opponent, they'll be the one to beat you. Mariana is a high flyer but she also has brawler tendencies thanks to who trained her in the ring. Arella is a brawler. I could always do the cowardly thing and let the two of them duke it out first and then jump in to collect the reward. I could also cheat to let them win but I won't let that happen either. I'm no coward and I'm no cheat.

    Colt: You called it a contest.

    Dia: Yeah, so? It is a contest, it's a contest of strengths and seeing who can win against the other.

    Colt: You called it a match before. *a light goes off in his head* This match isn't what has you worried. It's the contest with Phil that has you worried!

    Dia: *scoffs* Uh, no! I'm not worried about a fun loving contest! I'm worried about a match where I'll lose my title!

    Colt: If you were worried about losing your title, you wouldn't have put yourself in a match with Mari and Arella. You figure the more challanging the match you put yourself in, the more you can prove to Phil that you aren't a Cinderella story!

    Dia: So what if I am worried about this? It's natural to be worried about losing any sort of contest! Besides, he's wrong about me! I'm not a princess!

    Colt hugs Dia, sensing that she's near tears. He knew how hard she has worked for everything in her life and he rubs her back.

    Colt: Shh, calm down Di. You know Phil was just trying to get you to give up. This is why I tried telling the both of you that this was a terrible idea. You two are both way to competitive to be doing this.

    Dia: He knows damn good and well how hard I've worked to be at this spot in my life. He knew me back when I had come to you as a strong street rat who wanted nothing more than to hurt people. You guys had to convince me that cheating wasn't the only way I could win my matches. Now he wants to tell me I'm going to fail because I won't bend the rules?

    Colt: I'll talk to him alright. But if you left this competition get to you, then you'll be hurtin' when it comes time to fight your match because something will distract you.

    Dia: *wipes her eyes* You're right, you're right. I have to focus on Mari and Arella. I know they'll capitalize on any sight of weakness.

    Colt: Why don't we get some sleep? You'll need to be well rested.

    Dia: Sure...sure..

    Louis comes back in the fort after brushing his teeth, worn out and cuddling next to his mother.

    Louis: I sweepy...

    Dia: *smiles* I know Louis, I know. Lets get some shut eye.

    The camera fades out on Dia turning off the light.

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    The camera fades in on a small stage area in what looks like a café, a single stage light shining on a familiar purple haired Vixxen. She’s wearing a purple and black Gothic Lolita style outfit, a black rose headband in her hair. Pre recorded piano music plays as Arella sings a slower song than she’d usually be heard singing, holding onto the microphone and its stand; the song a cover instead of one of her band’s songs.

    Arella: Mother would tell me I was a pretty girl,
    Then she would cry all night.
    Nobody thinks that really they’re being cruel,
    When they suggest that I should try to look like them
    As if God loved the pretty ones best.

    Damn ‘em all – I create my own perfection.
    Damn ‘em all in the face of their rejection.
    Damn ‘em all – this dog’ll have its day,
    My garden’s full of pretty men who couldn’t stay away.

    Notice the ones who all like to criticize,
    Are the ones trying to hide.
    Why would I sell my soul to be one of them?
    Better to love the me within, behind the skin
    I choose to be a Goddess inside.

    She continues with the song, repeating the chorus, humming during the instrumental parts, the crowd sitting at the tables cheering and clapping when the song ends. Grinning at the response, Arella brushes a bit of hair back behind her ear before taking the microphone off its stand.

    Arella: Before we wrap up here for the night, I’d like to take time to thank you all for being here, for listening to and watching my performance and showing your support, it really means a lot to me. As I’ve said to others in the past who support me, I really appreciate it when people do so, even if it’s just by cheering and applauding my performances. Others who support my actual job, my wrestling career, occasionally buy shirts and things, but that doesn’t mean I love them any more than the fans of my music, though some do both, which is great; but I love all my fans equally.

    She pauses as a few people listening applaud the words, Arella laughing almost nervously before speaking again.

    Arella: That song I just sang by the way is by a brilliant singer named Heather Dale. The song’s called ‘Medusa’ and I chose to sing it as I find the lyrics to be quite inspirational, telling you that you should be happy and love who you are instead of trying to be someone you aren’t. See I’ve always been different from most people I’ve met, always stood out from the ‘popular’ crowds, who always thought it necessary throughout my school years to isolate or bully me because I was dressed and even acted differently from them. I always told them the same thing when they offered to let me join them; that I’d rather be myself then be like them just to be ‘popular’. They always looked at me like I was crazy for not wanting to be one of them, like it was some sort of crime, but even when they picked on me for my choice, I still stuck with the decision to be me –seriously, why would I want to abandon my beliefs and self respect just to have friends who would have just laughed at me behind my back anyway?

    She pauses again, some people nodding in agreement with her words.

    Arella: My mother taught me to always believe in myself and what I believed in and I’ve always stuck by it, especially when it comes to working in the wrestling business… I hope you don’t mind me talking about it briefly if it’s not your thing… Like one of my wrestling idols, also fairly new to the business -a woman named Vitani Summers- I avoided going to the biggest wrestling company because of how they use their women as barely more than eye candy in their short one or two minute matches and endless love storylines instead of proper stories and feuds like the men get. Vitani was brave enough to actually turn down a job offer from them; I just applied straight for the company we both work at now to avoid the awkward situation of turning down a job with –I assume- better pay then what we’re getting, but less respect. I admire the fact that she turned down the extra money to do what I do, to be herself, as all those working for the Championship Wrestling Alliance do.

    She pauses, moving to sit on the edge of the small stage beside the microphone stand.

    Arella: Although having the money is nice, that’s never why I’ve done things, besides when I had a job to help pay for wrestling lessons, but that was to reach my actual goal of becoming a wrestler. I wrestle because I love it and the fans, just like I do shows like this because I love singing and performing for people like you; the money’s just a bonus. I’d be happy earning barely more than I need to pay bills and buy basic things because I’d still be doing what I love doing. Not only do I get to do that at the next wrestling show, a pay-per-view named Devastation, but I also get a chance to work with the CWA’s two strong, independent mothers; both kind, caring women who are capable of standing on their own. They both have a man in their life, but they don’t rely on them to fight their battles. I’m sure if a man pissed either of them off, they wouldn’t hesitate to kick the man’s ass.

    The people listening laugh along with Arella before she continues.

    Arella: Anyway, like all the other women in the CWA, they can stand up for themselves and each of them have their own unique style and all be themselves; even the one blonde we have isn’t a typical ‘blonde’. She’s a fun-loving country girl who loves her family and has followed her dream despite people always getting in her way and telling her she can’t, or shouldn’t, do something. She always stands up for what she believes in and she’s smarter and stronger than she looks…and than people give her credit for... I haven’t exactly been fair to her in the past though, criticizing her for showing affection for her husband on TV. I really do admire each of the other women on the show despite what I’ve said about them showing affection for others… I suppose in a way I was a little jealous that they actually have someone to do that with. Each of the Vixxens as we’re called have their own talents and are all strong and beautiful in their own ways and I wish that I could face those I haven’t yet. Even those who are around but aren’t in the match with myself and the other two deserve a shot at the Vixxens’ championship… I guess having all of us in the match would be a little chaotic though.

    She smiles and gets back to her feet, placing the microphone back on its stand.

    Arella: So my point is that if you know it’s right, stick by your beliefs and don’t stop doing what makes you happy just because some fool doesn’t like it. Oh and thanks again for being here to support me and my band. Before we finish up for the night, we’ll play one last song as a thank you.

    The crowd cheers and applauds the speech as lights come on behind Arella, the boys from her band standing ready to play. Arella grins and turns to give them a thumbs up before they being performing their song ‘Up in Flames’, the song Arella uses as her entrance theme.

    Arella: I don't wanna say what I got on my mind,
    'Cause nothing tonight wants to come out on time.
    The truth is I'd rather sit out and unwind,
    Let somebody else tell their story this time.

    I wonder what happened to give me the right,
    To step on a platform and pick up a mic
    And tell you the way to be living your life
    'Cause all my credentials were lies.

    You've had your say, now take your seat,
    I know my place, you don't know me.

    I'll probably end up in flames before the end of the night,
    Watch me burn in the fire, watch me bid you goodbye.
    Your words fall right off the page like they fall on deaf ears,
    You know that it's over, nothing left for you here.

    I waited too long, letting people like you tell me what they want,
    And what I shouldn't do.
    So mark me with words, but you can't tie my hands,
    There's nothing I'll say to make you understand.

    I know who I am, I know where I'll end up:
    In flames & that's fine 'cause I'm finally fed up.
    Stick with what I started, don't care how it hurts,
    The loudest get shot, at the worst.

    You've had your say, now take your seat,
    I know my place, you don't know me!

    The band continues playing, the crowd cheering as Arella sings and dances along with the song, the camera fading out as Arella pauses to brush a bit of hair out of her eyes, the grin on her face showing she’s having fun, enjoying what she’s doing.

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    The camera fades on a small private dining room of a Japanese restaurant, the walls are cover with beautiful scrolls and soft relaxing music is playing. At one of the tables in the room has two men sitting at it, a closer look proves it to be one half of the tag team champions Christian and his best friend and manager Edge. They appear to be waiting for two more people as the table is set for four. After a minute or so, Christian's tag partner Justin Gabriel is seen approaching the table, Heath Slater following behind him.

    Justin: Hey, sorry we're late...

    Christian: *smiles* I think you’re on time, Adam and I arrived early. Carter said he wished he could come, but he had a lot of paperwork to do.

    Justin: *nods as he and Heath sit down* Oh, okay then. How are you two doing?

    Christian: I've been okay, got to go out on a date with Carter this week.

    Edge: I've been good; I had to get a checkup this week.

    Justin: *smiles at Christian before looking at Edge* You haven't gotten hurt again have you?

    Edge: No I'm fine, it's just something my doctor is making me do every couple of months. They just want to make sure that I've been doing okay. *smiles* I think I shouldn't have to go, but my worry wart of a best friend made me.

    Justin: *chuckles* Right, at least you know he cares though.

    Edge: *smiles* Yeah and I know I'm lucky to have him as my best friend.

    Justin: *smiles and nods, glancing at Heath before looking around* what made you choose this place?

    Christian: Well besides the great sushi and food, this place is quiet and peaceful. I thought it would be a nice place to have a friendly team meeting and plus Adam and I try to come here every few months. I hope I didn't pick the wrong type of place...

    Justin: Oh no, it’s fine, I just haven't been here before. Quiet is always good.

    Christian smiles and nods, a few seconds later a young waitress comes and takes their drink order. She leaves when they are finished and the four are alone again.

    Christian: So how have you and Heath been doing?

    Justin: Um-

    Heath: *cuts in before Justin can say anything else* We're fine.

    Christian: *nods slowly, feeling the slight rise of tension in the air* That's... Good...

    Justin: *nods* Yeah... So um the tag match? *doesn't look very enthusiastic about it*

    Christian: Do... Do we have any ideas for a plan?

    Justin: *runs a hand through his hair* Uh...not really. *he frowns*

    Christian: *nods with a slight frown* Well I guess I can focus on Wade if you want... I mean I know you don't want to fight him...

    Justin: *shakes his head* I can fight him. I've worked with him for years, so I know his moves...

    Christian: We all have known each other for a while...

    Justin: I know. *he nods* But I worked with him even before we were on NXT. Drew...I haven't worked with much at all.

    Christian: *nods* I had a couple of matches with him; I took a small part in the feud he had with Matt Hardy back before he left the WWE... I didn't get to know him well, but I know his move set somewhat.

    Justin: ...So we have no real idea of how to properly fight Drew? *he looks worried*

    Heath: And as you were reminded the other week, those two used to be tag partners before the WWE...

    Christian: Yeah... *hangs his head slightly* They know each other well and both have proven in the past that they don't mind cheating to win... *sighs* And we all know what Wade thinks of me...

    Justin: *quietly* Wade doesn't think very highly of most people...

    Christian: He thinks I'm washed up Justin... *sighs* I know he thinks I'm old and Adam said that he heard him saying I shouldn't be wrestling any more... *runs his hand through his hair* Sometimes I wonder if he's right... But...

    Heath: *rolls his eyes* You know what he's like at times, so why would you listen...?

    Edge: *half glares* Because Jay has always heard things like that from people... Someone is always talking down or talking shit about him.

    Christian: *sighs* You can't always cut all of the voices out... All you can do is try and prove them wrong...

    Heath: *shrugs his shoulders* If you've always heard those things why don't you just ignore 'em...? You always told me to ignore the haters, Slaters gonna Slate, naw mean?

    Christian: *smiles softly* Yes I know, I guess I'm still working just finding the rest of my footing now that I'm back with Carter. *looks more relaxed* It is going to be a hard match though... They're more comfortable as a tag team then Justin and I are and you know how Wade is. I'm thinking they’re going to play dirty and if need be we might have to play dirty ourselves...

    Justin: He knows I can do that if I want to...only after what happened last time when Wade and I fought you, I guess I'm a little hesitant to break the rules... *he frowns and looks down at the table* It's not like we don't know how to work with each other at all though, your style isn't that different from Heath's; you both mostly use technical moves but can do highflying ones too.

    Christian: I know and I think we work pretty well together, but Wade and Drew don't think that though. We've not been a tag team that long, but we managed to win the tag team titles when no one thought we would in our first match together. But we are going against a team that as well as being comfortable working together are cocky as well, we all know Wade has a small ego problem...

    Edge: *sorts* Small ego problem?

    Christian: *ignores Edge's comment* He's probably telling himself already that he's got it easy in this match, he doesn't think we make a good tag team and if Drew is like Wade then likely he is telling himself the same thing... Which means we are going to have to fight twice as hard to prove them wrong, their probably going to try to overpower us. We have to find a way to use that against them.

    Justin: Simply fighting harder won't help us win; we need to be smart about it. *he hesitates before continuing* Wade's ego's been the cause of a lot of his losses...

    Christian: I know... His ego was the reason I won the CWA title from him. *pauses* His ego is also what normally messes up his teams... Like with the Corre and Foreign Legion...

    Justin: *frowns* It's also why we ended up getting stripped of our tag titles, because he thought it was a good idea to attack you and Alex...and I was stupid enough to agree to do it...

    Christian: *frowns softly* Sorry...

    Justin: Not your fault, I shouldn't have listened...and I should be the one apologizing anyway.

    Christian: Apologize for what? As far as I see, you don't have anything to apologize for.

    Justin: I helped attack you at the time, isn't that something to apologize for?

    Christian: *smiles* It would be if I was mad or held a grudge, but I got over that a lot time ago. The past is in the past and we are in the now... And hopefully we're friends?

    Justin: Well... I guess we are, though I don't think we actually know each other very well outside of work.

    Christian: *nods* We all seem to go to our own little worlds on the days we don't work.

    Justin: *smiles and nods* Yeah, I guess we do...

    Christian: Maybe we should try and hang out sometime after a show.

    Justin: *nods* Maybe, it might help us work better together too.

    Christian: *smiles* And that is always a good thing, maybe I'll be able to drag Carter away from the paperwork next time and he could come as well.

    Justin: *chuckles* Maybe, that might be hard get us all together anyway.

    Christian: *nods with a chuckles* Yeah maybe, but it would be worth trying anyway.

    Edge: *stomach rumbles, he chuckles and picks up his menu* Well I say enough with business, let's figure out what we want to eat and order.

    Justin: *grins and nods* Food sounds good to me.

    Heath: *rolls his eyes at Justin, but smiles*

    Christian: *smiles and opens his menu* You guys like eggrolls? They have awesome eggrolls here...

    The camera chooses then to start fading out as the four at the table chat cheerfully.

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    The camera opens up on the darkness of the locker room, the sound of boots hitting the linoleum floor very evident. The lights flicker on and off, the outline of Brit Wade Barrett being seen. We can see he's dressed ready for a fight but he stops at a door in the hall way, knocking and crossing his arms over his chest.

    Wade: Open the damn door!

    Drew; *he rolled his eyes and yanked the door open a towel around his waist from his shower* Hello Barrett, what can I do for you?

    Wade: *sneers* Well first you could bother to get dressed before you open the door. It's very disgusting to find that your man has made you so compliant that you believe this is a good idea. could allow me to come in so that we can speak.

    Drew: *he arches his eyebrow* I just got out of the shower. My Man has done nothing of the sort. *he does move to the side however to let Wade enter* Say your piece Barruh and then remove yourself.

    Wade: You have a rather nice room, McIntyre. Bigger and better than we got when we were The Empire. *he turns and looks at Drew* That is why I'm here. Perhaps you heard but you and I, my old friend, are the new number one contenders for the CWA Tag Team Championships.

    Drew: *he arched his eyebrow at Wade* I had heard that we had a match but I wasn't aware we were the number one contenders. *he takes a seat on the bed and looks up at Wade* You want to put the Empire back together is that?

    Wade: It's not that I wanted to put the Empire together but that is what it has come down to. If they want us to tag team together, we need to show them that we aren't just two men they threw together into a team. I dare say that we work rather well together, we always have. They need to know that.

    Drew; *he rans his hands through his wet hair as he nodded* I know we did, we ruled the tag team divison back then and I dare say that we'd rule the tag team division again.

    Wade: Especially with Christian and Justin Gabriel as our opponents. Justin may be tough but Christian is a relative weakling. We'll spare Justin, of course, and focus on the weaker of the two.

    Drew: Of course. Always conscious of your ex Nexus team mates are you? *he nodded as he stood* Christian, I think you give him less credit than he's due, he's a solid wrestler and has been around longer than you and I put together. He knows a few things that we've likely never heard of.

    Wade: Simply because he's a relic. A relic belongs in a museum, not in the ring with the rest of us. *laughs* We're stronger and faster than he is in his old age. But yes, I do take precautions for my old Nexus teammates. I take precautions for all of my old teammates.

    Drew: *he arched his eyebrow as he grabbed some sweats and moved into the bathroom to get dressed* Well I guess you have a point. Fine we'll focus on Christian and do very little to Justin. *he comes back out and grins* We win these titles and I'll have two titles around my waist.

    Wade: Don't get cocky. The moment you get cocky is the moment that we need to start worrying about our skills. *smiles and leans back against the wall* Do you think that the two of us will stand much of a chance? I mean, we both have very certain skills.

    Drew: *he nodded* We have certain skills, but our skills complement each other, we know each other’s moves to the point where we can read each other and know what is coming next before we even attempt it. We're going to be fine, it'll be like old times Wade.

    Wade: *laughs* Old times, yet. Those were simpler times. Christian doesn't know how to correctly team with Justin. Their skills don't compliment each other, they don't have a sense of timing.

    Drew: No, it takes time to get that timing. You can't just team two people up and expect them to click right away. Besides we fought each other for the longest time before we learned to work together.

    Wade: There were people who thought the two of us would kill each other before we ever managed to cooperate. It was almost as bad as you and Sheamus. Almost.

    Drew: *he snorted* Sheamus and I had something else going on that makes us act that way. *he smiled* We did have some heated arguments didn't we?

    Wade: I wonder if you two will ever tell Nolee what happened between the two of you. It makes me chuckle. *holds up a hand* But that is not the issue at hand, nor are the monumental arguments we had over the past. We have to look past whatever we have going on, that includes your match in defense of the Five Nations, so that we can challenge for the championships. We have to be better than we were before.

    Drew: *he makes a face* Can we forget that? Please. I don't even want to think about him like that. *he grins* We are better than we were before we've trained and grown on our own.

    Wade: *laughs* I'm sure I'll get flack for mentioning it with him as well. *nods* Yes, we have grown. We've held numerous championships between the two of us and we're stronger for it. Together we're unstoppable.

    Drew: This is true, we are and we will be. We'll walk away with those titles because we're more in tune and our double team maneuvers are stronger and more devastating.

    Wade: Plus we're not naturally inclined to follow the rules like they are. *smirks*

    Drew: *smirks* Aye, that is true. Why abide when you can bend and win?

    Wade: Such ingenious words from an ingenious man. Shall we go to the gym later, train a bit?

    Drew: I think that would be the best, maybe sparr some to make sure we're not too far out of sync.

    Wade: And then maybe after we can grab some supper. I haven't talked to your fiance much, can't say I've ever even met him.

    Drew: *he nods* That sounds like a plan. You did. John Morrison, teamed with Miz? I don't recall if you ever worked with him, but I’m sure you had a passing comment or two in the halls.

    Wade: I saw him around but I can't recall if I ever spoke to him. *checks his watch* I must be going...I have a date with my therapist. Remember our meeting later.

    Drew; *he nods* Of course. And don't worry, we'll put on a five star match that on one in this company has ever seen.

    Wade turns on his heels, exiting the room as the camera fades to black.

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    A video starts playing on the screen. It's Mariana, Jensen, Laylah, and Lillie-Jane waving at the camera. Mariana is wearing a strapless, silk ball gown with a sweetheart neckline and a diamond and pearl necklace around her neck with a diamond and pearl bracelet and diamond and pearl earrings in her ears. Her hair is up in a Grecian style with a diamond and pearl accented headpiece. Jensen is standing beside her in a black tuxedo with a black bowtie, his normally slightly messy hair has been fixed nicely for the occasion. Laylah is wearing a floor-length chiffon dress with her hair down in loose curls and no jewelry, by her choice. Lillie-Jane is wearing a white dress with a tulle skirt and a ribbon belt with a flower at the back. Her hair is pulled back from her face by two small braids that are held at the back of her head by a diamond and pearl clip in the shape of the letters L and J.

    Mariana: "Hey guys! We wish you could be here to celebrate with us, but we understand you have to work." She is smiling as she says this and tips the champagne glass in her hand at the camera as a salute.

    Lillie-Jane: "Hi, Louie!" She waves at the camera enthusiastically.

    Jensen: "Come here, Little One." He scoops her up and places her on his right hip so she is between her mother and father. "We wish you luck on your matches Monday and hope you all stay safe." He smiles over at Lillie-Jane when she nods emphatically.

    Laylah: "We know it will be a while before you see this-"

    Jensen: "If you see it at all." He interrupts, as if the thought has just occurred to him.

    Laylah: She slaps him on the chest with the back of her hand, for interrupting, in a very Mariana like manner. "But it's the thought that counts, right?" She finishes, rolling her eyes.

    Mariana: "So until we see you again..."

    Jensen: "We miss you and wish you were here!"

    Laylah: "Good luck!"

    Lillie-Jane: "Bye-Bye!"

    The video fades out and the camera opens up on Jensen standing at the foot of the spiral staircase in his home. He is smiling at the camera and leaning on the bannister casually. He's wearing a nice black sweater and jeans, his hair is back to its messy self.

    Jensen: "That was November 28th, our wedding night. We made that for you guys. We look happy, right? Well you should see us now!"

    He turns his back on the camera and begins to ascend the stairs. He's moving slowly so it's evident that he has something to say.

    Jensen: "I know this is Mariana's promo, but she's a bit busy right now so she asked me to tell you the story."

    He says this over his shoulder as the camera follows him up the stairs, he appears to be smiling but it's hard to tell.

    Jensen: "It starts about three months ago. Mariana received a fan letter from a little girl. But this wasn't an ordinary fan letter though. This little girl had just been through a serious loss. Her parents had just been killed in a car accident. Her mother had been pregnant with her little brother at the time and because he was so small, she wasn't sure he was going to live either. It was a terrible thing to read."

    He stopped at the top of the stairs, looked down the hall, and then turned back to the camera before speaking again.

    Jensen: "But it wasn't all bad, or at least that's what we thought. The letter said she was being adopted. We thought this was good. She didn't. She was afraid her new parents would try to make her forget her old parents, but more than that, the couple adopting her couldn't adopt her little brother too. The little girl was going to be torn away from her only remaining family. Well, this little girl's story touched us so much that we decided to go to Boston and pay her a personal visit. It made that girl's day, which is what Mari lives for; pleasing her fans, I mean. We just didn't count on that little girl making our day too."

    He pauses again, this time out of emotion. He smiled a small smile at his hands before continuing.

    Jensen: "She wanted to see her brother, so we obliged. What we didn't know was that the instant we'd lay eyes on him, lying in the incubator with tubes and wires all over, that we'd fall madly in love with him. Well, we knew exactly what we had to do."

    He pauses again and walks down the hall, stopping in front of a closed door across from Lillie-Jane's room, his hand on the doorknob.

    Jensen: "The last three months have been full of hard work and papers to sign, but yesterday they went through and he's officially ours."

    Jensen opens the door to reveal a baby's room with light green walls and dark wood furniture. Leaning into the crib with its frog bedding, is Mariana. She appears to be kissing the baby. She turns when she hears the door open and smiles, her maroon sweater sliding off one shoulder as she brushes her hair out of her face and bites her lip with excitement.

    Jensen crosses the room quickly and hugs her. She crosses one skinny jeaned leg over the other to keep her balance in her knee-high black boots and hugs him back.

    Mariana: "It's remarkable how much he looks like you, Doll. Michael James Winchester... I like it." She gives a small laugh and strokes the baby's head. "Dia, I love you girl and Arella you're a great fighter, but do you remember when I said 'A happy Vixxen equals a good ass kickin''? Well I doled out a good ass kickin' then and I wasn't nearly as happy then as I am now. So I may love you and respect you, but I'm still going to kick both your butts!"
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    CM Punk is seen working out in a gym, wearing a t-shirt and shorts, iPod headphones in his ears as he runs on a treadmill. He glances sideways, rolling his eyes when he sees the camera and continues what he’s doing until he’s had enough. He sighs and steps off the treadmill, going to grab a bottle of water before sitting down on a chair, drinking before he speaks.

    Punk: Of all the times you could have came and bugged me it has to be when I’m actually busy, doesn’t it? There have been plenty of times where I was free to do this since getting to Sweden yet you chose now…the only thing that would have been worse was if I’d just gotten off the plane, or if I was sleeping.

    He glares at the camera, obviously not happy.

    Punk: Sure I appreciate that you camera people actually do come to find us instead of making us come to a certain place, but you guys…and girls really need to have a bit more respect for our privacy at times, you’re lucky nobody’s actually just decided to send you away instead of talking. I’d do that, but odds are you’d just show up again at a time when I’d rather be alone.

    He drinks some more of his water before taking out his headphones.

    Punk: Seeing as you’ve already distracted me from what I was doing though I guess I can talk. *he runs a hand through his dark hair* Why I picked Kane to fight for the CWA title is obvious really, he deserves a shot at it. It’s crazy that he hasn’t ever been giving a chance to fight for the CWA championship before; he’s still as strong and deadly as he’s ever been but people don’t take him as seriously anymore because he’s been around a while and he actually was nice to someone…that someone being Carter of course. Everyone knows there aren’t many other wrestlers I actually like and that I like even fewer of them personality wise, instead of just liking their wrestling and that there’s very few of them that I genuinely respect…but Kane is one of the few who falls into all three categories. He’s a good wrestler; he may not have the widest range of moves, but he uses each of them well and can pull them off quicker than people expect him to. He keeps mostly to himself and doesn’t bug me, so that’s a plus and having been around for so many years despite rarely being given the attention he deserves wins my respect. Either way though that doesn’t stop me from defending my title, just makes me fight harder, just like matches against other friends have in the past.

    Punk gets to his feet, finishing his water before continuing.

    Punk: I find it amusing actually that people are surprised by my current behaviour, as if it’s something new. Has everybody forgotten the Straight Edge Society and how I treated people like Jeff Hardy during that time? This is nothing new, I haven’t changed at all. Yeah I said something rude about a friend, but I’ve done that in the past too, a number of times. People need to stop complaining and just be happy I’m not suddenly abandoning this company or anything stupid like that. You should all appreciate the fact that I’m here and that I stick around to amuse all you fans, even the pathetic, drug-taking, alcohol drinking losers among you. People like that are lucky I even stop to look at them when they shove things in my face for me to sign at inappropriate times, just like the camera crew’s lucky I’m even doing this right now. Now if you don’t mind, I’d like to finish what I was doing. Even if you do mind though I’m done here; so get that thing out of my face and let me actually have some time to myself for once. Now get out of my face.

    He reaches a hand out, covering the camera with it as he shoves it away from him, the scene cutting out.

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