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    Post  Admin on Sat Nov 02, 2013 3:22 am

    I'm saying two weeks from now. Not sure what the exact date on that is.
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    Post  Carter Lacroix on Thu Nov 07, 2013 1:27 pm

    The camera opens up on the inside of Carter and Jay's home. The living room is decorated like a party is to be held later. A large buffet style table has all sorts of food on it: a large cake that looks like a haunted house in the center of the table as a centerpiece. There are fake cobwebs decorating the ceiling, fake spiders in them. A soundtrack is playing horror theme songs, currently playing the Addams family theme. We hear voices as the Lacroix/Evans boys enter the room. Carter is dressed as Marshall Lee from Adventure Time with Finn and Jake: A red and black plaid shirt, blue jeans, red converse, a guitar shaped like an axe on a strap on his back. His skin is painted gray and he has a set of vampire fangs in his mouth that look real. Kip is dressed as a modern-esque greaser: a white t-shirt with a black leather jacket over it, blue jeans cuffed at the bottom, and black biker boots. Instead of his normal hair, he's wearing an orange and black mohawk wig. Vance is dressed as Zora Link from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask: a green tunic cinched at the waist with a brown belt, white leggings under that, and cinched at the waist with a brown belt, white leggings under that, and matching brown leather boots and gloves. His skin is painted to look like a Zora, including ear prosthetics and prosthetics to make it look like he has fins on his arms. Kip and Vance are carrying a drumset into the room, helping Carter set up where he, Pete, and Nolee are going to be playing later.

    Kip: This is gonna be a nice party!

    Carter: So glad we got this place, it has enough room for all of our friends.

    Vance: *mocking shock* You've got friends?

    Carter flips him off and moves to plug in his guitar to the amp in the corner. He strums a few cords before starting to sing.

    Carter: *singing*
    Good little boy always pickin' a fight with me
    You know that I'm bad but you're spending the night with me
    Why, do you want, from my world
    You're a good little boy

    Carter grins up at his brothers laughing at the expressions on their faces. He puts the guitar down, standing up to look at them face to face.

    Carter: No clue what that's from?

    Vance: You mean you didn't write that?

    Carter: Nah, it's from Adventure Time. Marshall Lee sings it to Fionna. I just changed it to boy from girl.

    Kip: I don't watch that god awful show. That ain't what cartoons are supposed to be about.

    Carter: Aw, you're missin' out boys. The entire cast of characters from Adventure Tim have very believable personality traits. Marshall Lee and Marcaline, though they're vampires, are still both kind people. They're the rebellious musical kids who your parents warn you about without good reason. I guess I associate with them because of that. Parents when I was younger, told their kids not to come around me. I wasn't bad, I just seemed that way.

    Kip: I get that, been that way my entire life.

    Vance: *feels sheepish* I...I dunno that feeling.

    Carter: It's not a good feeling. It sucks. But ya know what? It made me who I am today. it made me a better person.

    There is a pause in which Carter crosses to the snack table. He grabs an apple and sits down on the couch, looking over the party area before he speaks again.

    Carter: You know what? All of my opponents in this match actually compare quite well to characters in Adventure Time.

    Vance: *filling up a Red Solo Cup with ice before pouring himself some Mt. Dew* They do? I didn't think any cartoon character could be compared to Kane.

    Kip: *snickers* Except maybe that mountain guy from Fantasia.

    Carter: Hey now! Kane's a good guy! He helped me get to where I am now. I'll admit I was scared of him but he isn't really that bad.

    Vance: So who in this cartoon could be compared to the Big Red Machine?

    Carter: There’s a realm in the world of Adventure Time called the Nightosphere. Basically, the Nightosphere is the realm of the damned. Marcaline’s father Hunson Abadeer rules the realm. He’s quite literally the lord of Hell. I guess that’s a part of the reason why I think the real reason he reminds me of Kane is that he has two different personalities. On one hand he’s this evil and ultimate being. On the flip side, he can be really caring and kind to the people who he knows well. I have seen both sides of him. I have seen him as a monstrocity hellbent on destruction like when he was going after Jerry. On the flip side, he is now one of the closest friends I have.

    Kip: So he’s that monster. What about Vitani?

    Carter: *thinks about it* I definitely have to say Flame Princess for Vitani. Flame Princess is the beautiful creature who…*notices the way his brothers are looking at him* What?

    Vance: You have the hots for her!

    Carter: No, no, no! Sheesh, I’m allowed to appreciate beauty and not have the hots for someone.

    Kip: Ya sure?

    Carter: I am 1,000,000% positive. Vi’s pretty but she’s not my type. *rolls his eyes* Anyways I think Vitani is the perfect Flame Princess. She’s beautiful and genuinely wants what’s best for the world but at the same time, if she sets her mind to something then no one can stop her. Look at how long she’s been Vixxens Champion. Hell, look at how long she’s been Five Nations Champion. Stopping her once she gets started is like trying to put out a fire that’s blazing out of control. I think with the combined efforts of me, Kane, and Alex we can do some damage.

    Kip: That’s right, Shelley’s in this match too.

    Vance: Who fits that bubbling ball of sunshine?

    Carter: I have to say Alex reminds me of BMO, Finn and Jake’s electronic buddy. BMO is bubbly, peppy, a great friend, and just a bit naïve. Alex is one of the most outgoing, most easily excitable guys I know. At the same time, he still maintains a simple sense of naivity. He tries to act tough, sure, but he’s not always a tough guy. The key factor to him, like BMO, is his adaptability. He’s able to face any situation and go in, head held high, and fight back. *pauses* Wanna know a secret?

    Vance: Yes!

    Kip: Secrets are always fun. *chuckles*

    Carter: If I don’t win, I hope Alex does.

    Vance: Really?

    Kip: Why?

    Carter: He deserves a stroke of luck!

    The door opens and Carter gets up, knowing that Jay and Adam are home.
    Jay walks in dressed as Finn from adventure time so he matches his boyfriend, Adam follows a few seconds later dressed as Finn's best friend Jake the dog.

    Jay: *smiles* Hey Carter.

    Carter: *grins* You look awesome Jay! Didja guys make those costumes?

    Jay: Yeah, it wasn't too hard. *smiles*

    Carter: *smiles and hugs him* My brothers are here.

    Jay: *smiles and hugs Carter back* Hey Kip, Hey Vance

    Kip: Hey man. Just missed Carter talkin' bout his opponents. *chuckles*

    Jay: Aww. Sorry I missed it Cart

    Carter: It's alright darlin'. Who all didja invite to the party?

    Vance: Besides us.

    Jay: Well I think I invited all our friends.Carter: This is gonna be a helluva party!

    The camera fades out on Carter's excited smile.
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    We hear the sound of laughter before the camera ever pans in on our scene. When the camera does open, we see we are in a dining room attached to a kitchen. The table in the dining room is lined with newspapers while on top of the newspaper sits pumpkins: four of them. The pumpkins have been hollowed out, the guts laying in a pile in the center of the table and the seeds placed on pans to get cooked. There are four people in the room around the table: Jesse Turner, Emily and Alyssa Turner, and Antonio Jacinto. Jesse is dressed in an NYU hoodie and sugar skull pajama pants, she's the one removing the seeds from the pumpkin guts. Emily is dressed in a white shirt with Mabel from Gravity Falls on it and gray pajama pants, she's drawing on her pumpkin in black magic marker. Alyssa is dressed in a yellow shirt that looks like Spongebob's face and brown pajama pants, she's watching as Antonio carvers her pumpkin for her. Antonio is wearing a black Camp Crystal Lake shirt and black karate pants, he's carving a picture of Elmo and Abby Kadabra from Sesame Street on Alyssa's pumpkin for her.

    Antonio: You girls having fun?

    Lyssa: Uncle Tonio and Aunt Jesse are the bestest!

    Emily: I glad we got to see you losers!

    Jesse: *sticks her tongue out at Emily* I'm glad we got to see you two too!

    There's a quietness between the group before Antonio finishes carving before taking a step back to look at his handiwork.

    Antonio: Viola! One Elmo and Abby pumpkin!

    Lyssa: *smiles* It looks just like them Uncle Tonio!

    Jesse: *appraising it* That is pretty good.

    Antonio: *beams* Thanks guys. You want me to carve yours next Emily?

    Emily: If ya want. I like coloring on it in marker.

    Antonio: *always one for creative growth smiles* Then I won't carve it for you until you say. *grins wide* Whattya girls say to a scary movie?

    Emily: I like scary movies!

    Lyssa: *looks nervous* Scary movies are bad...

    Antonio: I promise this one isn't scary scary, it's silly scary. *smiles* I promise you'll like it and if you don't, I'll turn it off. Okay?

    Lyssa: Okay...

    Antonio: Why don't you girls go clean up your room, get your blankets and stuffed animals, then meet us in the living room?

    The girls leave the room and head down the hallway as Antonio starts helping Jess clean up the mess. Jess looks at him dotingly before clearing her throat.

    Jesse: You''re good with kids...

    Antonio: I have three younger sisters, I know how to deal with them. *smiles* Family means a lot to me, always has.

    Jesse: I can tell.

    She throws the pumpkin guts in a bag before throwing that bag into the trash.

    Antonio: *musing* I guess that's something I have in common with Dante Westmore...

    Jesse: What is?

    Antonio: The fact that we're both family oriented. Dante has two brothers that mean the world to him: Jacen and Artemis. You and your family are like a surrogate family to me but I am still close to my family back home in France. *smiles*

    Jesse: *confused* Why are you thinking about him?

    Antonio: We have a match between friends at Hell To Pay.

    Jesse: Fun!

    Antonio: I enjoy going toe to toe with Dante. Even though my pro no longer wrestles, I'm still a rookie just like he is. We're on the same skill level.

    Jesse: You're a former Chikara champion, Tonio! You've been doing it longer than he has. That should mean you're more talented.

    Antonio: Not necessarily. *shrugs* Just because I've been doing it longer doesn't mean I'm better. Look at Hulk Hogan compared to Daniel Bryan. Hogan's been wrestling longer but D-Bry is the more talented of the two by far. *chuckles* Luckily for me I'm more talented than Hogan.

    Jesse: Then you and Dante are overly matched?

    Antonio: I like to think so. Dante is...well...he's probably the second best high flyer in the company, right behind his pro. He moves quick and hits hard, all the time. Dante's also brilliant at finding his opponent's weaknesses in the ring. I want Dante at his best. I want the Dante who knows exactly what he's doing. This Dante whose been nervous because he's not sure what Big Ears Barrett wants from him is a push over and I don't want that Dante to show up.

    Jesse: Do you have your plans?

    Antonio: I'm gonna try to use a better method of fighting than just going in there balls blazing and ready to fight. I have to approach this with grace and finesse. I think I'm going to attempt more of my submission style, slow and methodical. If I can stop him, get him to stay down, I can either make him tap out or I can pin him.

    The girls come back into the room with two blankets (Emily's being lime green and Alyssa's being hot pink) and four stuffed animals (Emily has a stuffed bear in a doctor's outfit and a German Shepard while Alyssa has a stuffed bear in glasses and a bow tie and a snow leopard).

    Lyssa: Uncle Tonio! I got you a stuffed animal too! You can cuddle with Snow if you get scared!

    Alyssa hands the snow leopard to Antonio and Emily hands the German Shepard to Jesse. Antonio pops the movie, Hocus Pocus, into the DVD player before sitting on the couch. Emily sits next to Jesse, Jesse sits next to Antonio, and Antonio sits next to Alyssa. The camera fades out on the four of them cuddling as the camera fades to black.
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    The camera slowly fades in on an empty fire pit in a small clearing of a forest, a good sized pile of wood next to it. A man and woman enter the shot, the man carrying an arm full of wood and the woman carrying two buckets. The woman is CWA Vixxen Angel James; she is dressed up as Rogue from the X-Men. The man is her fiancé Petey Williams; he is dressed up as the Riddler from Batman. As Petey puts the wood down another male joins them, carrying a large cooler, bags of chips, marshmallows, candy bars and graham crackers. As he puts his load down by the chairs, you can see it is their friend Chris Sabin and he is dressed up as Han Solo.

    Angel: *smiles* Well all we need is need is the pizza that Lexie and the other two are bringing and I think we will have everything. Where is Lexie anyway?

    Chris: *smiles* He had to go pick up Casey and his rookie before going for the pizza; he said it shouldn't take him too long to get over here. *chuckles* But knowing Lex he probably got lost on the way here.

    Angel: Ah so true... *starts to chuckle before holding her stomach with a pained look*

    Petey: *hurries to her side* You alright Angel?

    Angel: I am fine love... Just sore thanks to that pig Swagger... Those shots from his little tantrum hurt, but they are nowhere enough to keep me down.

    Chris: *frowns* Why did that Jerk have to start his little crusade against you Angel?

    Angel: Because he knows he stands no chance against any of the male foreigners and he thought with his caveman brain that he'd easily steamroll over me, everyone knows Jack has no respect for any of the woman in the CWA. There is one thing he didn't count on though and that’s the fact that I am not one to let any man steamroll over me. You know I don't even care that he attacked me, it just shows that he's scared of me and thinks that he can take me out with a cheap shot... *snorts quietly, looking quite angry* No what makes me angry is him saying they should of given my job away to "diva" like Kelly Kelly or Mickie James! Those two couldn't do half the things I do, hell Kelly Kelly couldn't do a move without botching it half the time and while Mickie can wrestle she is nowhere near as good as the Vixxen's of the CWA! And then he had the nerve to call me a coward! And just because I am returning to a job I still had! *curses in Italian* If that lowlife thanks he is going to drive me out of the business I love then he is in for a very rude awakening! I know going to show him that I'm not going to let him push me around and then I will show him just how I earned my spot in the wrestling business... I am going remind him that Wrestling doesn't just belong to Americans. I will show him why it was very stupid of him to pick a Vixxen. *smirks with a determined look in her eyes* I will make those cheap shots he gave me look like a pillow fight...

    Petey: *grins* I have no doubt you will baby. *wraps an arm around her*

    Angel returns to a smile as the sound of a car pulls closer before stopping, a few minutes later three men step into view. The first one is Alex Shelley, he is dressed as Johnny Cage from the Mortal Kombat games and he is carrying three boxes of pizza. Next to him is his fiancé Casey, he has another two boxes of pizza and he is dressed simply in a reporter costume. Following behind them is Alex's rookie Dante, he is carrying a box with more drinks in it and his costume is Tai from the show Digimon.

    Angel: Well it took you long enough to get here, did you get lost again.

    Alex: *chuckles and sticks out his tongue* No we didn't get lost; we stopped to get some extra drinks.

    Chris: *grins* You missed Angel going off on an epic rant about Swagger.

    Alex: *puts his stuff down* Aw! I love Angel's epic rants though... Did she rip into him big time?

    Petey: *grins* Oh yeah, she ripped into very big time.

    Alex: *grins* Good, he deserves it.

    Petey kisses Angel's cheek before going over to try and start up the fire. Angel, Alex and Chris move to lay everything out on a small nearby table as Dante and Casey go over to the chairs.

    Alex: So you think you'll be ready for your big match this Sunday?

    Angel: *smiles* Of course, I am always ready for my matches. I am really looking forward to having a good match.

    Chris: You think it will be a good match? Swagger is still on the prowl and I wouldn't put it past him to do something to cost you this match.

    Angel: *small grin* He will have to get through Petey first if he wants to ruin my match.

    Alex: What about your opponent Arella? What do you think about fighting her for the first time?

    Angel: Well I have to admit our styles not very similar, she is more of a brawler/grappler and I have a very mixed style. But I think that will make our match that much better because then it will be a true battle of our styles and I think that will give the fans one of the best matches of the night. I have seen one or two of her matches and I was impressed with that I saw of her skills, it is just a shame I haven't seen more. From what I've seen we a few similarities, but some very big differences between us.

    Chris: Like what?

    Angel: *smiles* Well we both are very open about how we choose to embrace the things that make us stand out, we do not fit in the molds that many women try to fit into. But I have to say the biggest difference between us is the fact that she seems to think that having friends and a personal life mix with the CWA is something that she does not think is worth it in the long run.

    Alex: I think your right... I've not seen her make one friend in the company the whole time she is been here... Every time I've seen her she's been by herself... *chuckles lightly* Heck the only time I remember her having a lot to do with someone was that time the princess thought that she was making a move on her ape-man...

    Angel: *small smile* You are still angry at those two Lexie?

    Alex: Yeah... I guess... I don't really think about it anymore, I've got a wonderful fiancé and a rookie to focus and worry about...

    Alex stops as Petey walks over with Casey and Dante, the fire pit has a wonderful blaze going as everyone comes over and fixes a plate. After everybody has fixed a plate, they head over to the chairs around the fire and settle in the chairs.

    Angel: *smiles* Well I guess that we are ready to start our evening of scary stories! Who will start?

    Petey: *smiles* How about you do?

    Chris: Yeah I vote Angel.

    Angel: Alright, I have a very creepy story to share tonight. *in a quiet, but a slightly creepy voice* It is a story I heard while I was in Japan, it is the story of Kuchisake-Onna. Kuchisake-Onna is the legend of a Japanese woman, mutilated by her jealous samurai husband who murdered her for infidelity, scarring her horribly and leaving her repulsive. Her jealous Ghost still haunts places in Japan, usually on foggy nights. She wears a surgical mask, and she will approach people and ask shyly: “Anata wa watashi ga utsukushii toomoimasu ka?” "Do you think I'm beautiful?" The person usually responds, "Yes". She then pulls down her mask to reveal an ear to ear grin, cut by her jealous husband to mark her for her life. “How about now?” she will persist. If you answer no, she will reveal a pair of scissors and kill you. If you answer yes, she will cut the same smile onto your face. There are several ways to prevent this terrible fate. One, to confuse Kuchisake-Onna by saying: You are average. Two, present her with hard amber candy, which she'll take much delight in and let you go. Three, say ‘Pomade’ six times, she will then flee. Four, ask her if you are beautiful, which will confuse her hopefully long enough to escape. Be wary, she is said to be incredibly fast and will be unlikely to stop. She has been seen from the 1970s until the early 2000s, often seen lurking near children whose innocent answer of yes when asked if she is ugly, will lead to their deaths. *stops with a small grin* Anata wa watashi ga utsukushii toomoimasu ka?

    As soon as Angel says this the camera goes black and ends the video.
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    The camera fades back in after the end of Angel's promo; the faces of the others are all have scared looks. After about a minute Alex, Chris and Petey break out in laughter, while Casey and Dante still look a little scared.

    Alex: Angel that was awesome!

    Petey: Damn that really gave me chills down my spine!

    Angel: *chuckles softly* Thank you, I thought it would be a nice touch to add that... Sorry Casey, I did not mean to scare you.

    Casey: *clinging to Alex* I-It's fine...

    Alex: *wraps his arms around Casey tightly* You okay babe? *kisses the top of his head*

    Casey: *nods* Yeah. *leans against him before slowly relaxing*

    Alex: *smiles before looking over at Dante* You okay kid?

    Dante: *nods slowly* Yeah... That was really good Ms. Angel, your story was very creepy.

    Alex: How about we take a small break from scary stories?

    Chris: *nods* That sounds like a good idea Lex. *takes a bit of the food on his plate*

    Angel: *smiles* How about we talk about Lexie's match at the Play-Per-View, he's got a big match coming up.

    Petey: Who are you fighting in this match?

    Alex: Vitani, Carter and Kane.

    Casey: So you have the five nations champion, your boss and the creep buddy of the boss?

    Alex: *chuckles softly* Yeah you know that's pretty much right on there Casey, I've got a huge match just from the fact that there will be four of us in that ring. But there is also the added stipulation of it being a costume match and that means I had to think carefully of picking a costume so I make sure I can wrestling in it. That's why I went with Johnny Cage from the Mortal Kombat games, he is a fighter in those games and that means his costume would be hopefully easy to fight in. Plus he was always one of my favorites for the games and he was just plain awesome in the first movie. *smiles* It's going to be interesting to see just how this match plays out with the four of us.

    Dante: *curiously* How do you mean?

    Alex: Well there will be four of us the ring with very different personalities and wrestling styles. First you have the champion herself Vitani, she's been proving that she is not someone you want to mess with in the CWA. She is strong and fierce wrestler, she has a great personality and with Cody she has all the tools that make her one of the best wrestler's in the company. Then there is our boss Carter, a standup guy and over all a great boss to work for. He's also a very underrated wrestler, a lot of people overlook the fact that he is a really good wrestler and not just as a tag team wrestler. And then to finish we have Kane... Sometimes I wonder what can really be said about Kane that hasn't been said before, everyone if so quick to talk about Kane as the Big Red Monster and what he can do in the ring. But I've noticed hardly anyone talks about Kane the person, the only person I have ever really heard do that is Carter. I wish I could say I know more about him, but honestly I hardly know anything about him myself and all I can really say is he is probably the best big guy that the CWA has.

    Petey: So do you think any of this will help you figure out how you'll win Lex? *picks up his drink*

    Alex: *chuckles* I think that should be if I can win Petey... I may be cocky, but I'm not that cocky. I've got to go through three other wrestlers and as far as I see it we all have a pretty good chance of coming out of these with the title. All four of us are going to want to leave that match with the title and I have a feeling it will come down to either how wants that title more or who will be able to take advantage of the situation first. *pauses* I can't really speak for the others, but I know that I'm going to try my hardest to be the one that takes that title home with me. But like Angel says we can only see what happens and anything can and probably will happen out there. *chuckles* But I have to admit part of me is really hoping that I can pull it off and come out of it the new five nations champion.

    Chris: *smiles* Well you know that we are going to be rooting for you to win Lex.

    Angel: Yes we will all be cheering you on Lexie! *smiles* I think we should now continue with our scary stories! *smiles* Lexie you should go next, you are bound to have a really creepy one for us.

    Alex: *chuckles* Alright, alright Angel. I've got a very creepy story for tonight, it is called Tourist Trap. It starts in rural Wisconsin; there is an old abandoned park. Built in the 1920s, it served as the town’s gathering place for everyone. That is, until a newly developed Train and Tunnel for Tots ride was installed in 1932. It was an innocent looking childish train, with one main mechanized head car, with three small trolleys pulled behind it. It went around some loops before going into a small tunnel. But this is where the story gets weird. There were numerous cases of child deaths that year; all of them happening after the child rode on that train system. Some kids went missing in that short tunnel that was about ten feet, and others went comatose after leaving. One, upon exiting, was found to be dead. Her dress was covered in what looked like small bloody handprints. Some killed themselves by scratching at their throats until they bled out, and one of them even killed another child before hanging herself with razor wire at the family’s farm. The park was closed, and the town’s popularity as a tourist town plummeted. Recently, a team of scientists were sent out to the park. They taped a video camera to the train, and put a new intern in with it, before sending it on its way onto the tracks. *gives a small grin* When the train left the tunnel, it was empty, except for the camera. The last ten seconds were nothing but static, save for the sound of children laughing.

    Alex finishes with a creep laugh before breaking out with a genuine laugh as the others do the same, the camera fading out to black.
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    The camera fades in a little while after the end of the Alex's promo; the night sky is filled with endless stars now. The camera moves a little closer as the group sits around fire as they eat and drink, Petey is finishing sharing a scary story before the group laughs.

    Alex: *chuckles as he smiles at Casey* Petey I thought you said your story was going to be scary?

    Petey: Hey! I thought it was pretty scary...

    Chris: *teases* Yeah if your five Petey.

    Angel: *laughs as Petey makes a face at Chris* Okay let's get to the next story, Dante how about you go next?

    Dante: You want me to go next Ms. Angel?

    Alex: Yeah, I think you and Casey are the only ones that haven’t shared a scary story yet. *smiles* Come on I'm sure you have one or two very creepy stories to tell us.

    Dante: *smiles softly* Alright, I do have a story I picked out for tonight. It’s a story my brother Jacen once told me, it’s called The Handsome Young Man. *clears his throat before continuing in a low creepy voice* Don't ever go to the cemetery by yourself. If you do, you'll have to answer to him. He's a gorgeous young man who'll try to sweet-talk you. If you remain silent and walk away, he'll pester you for a while, but he'll eventually leave. If you respond, consider yourself doomed. You'll try hard to resist his charm, but if you make eye contact, you're his. Then, he'll start asking you various questions. They may seem innocent at first, as if he's genuinely trying to get to know you better. But after a while, the questions start getting stranger and stranger. He'll start inquiring about death, asking you very morbid things. The handsome young man will walk you to a grave. Whatever you do, just don't ask how that person died. *pauses before giving a low, but eerie chuckle* Or else you'll be next.

    Alex: *shivers* Wow... That was really good Dante... *wraps his arm around Casey*

    Casey: *jokingly, though his voice is quiet* Careful, telling stories like that might get you dragged off to some movie studio instead of here.

    Dante: *curiously tilts his head* What do you mean?

    Casey: Well with the dramatic voice and all... *has a small smirk on his face*

    Dante: *still confused* But I want to be a wrestler, I love wrestling too much to give it up...

    Alex: *chuckles softly at Dante's confused face* I think Casey's just teasing you Dante...

    Casey grins before trying his best to look innocent. Dante pouts a little before sticking his tongue out teasingly.

    Alex: *chuckles again at them* Hey how about we get started on making the s'mores, while the fire is still going strong?

    Angel: I think that is a great idea Lex!

    Dante smiles softly as he gets up to help Alex get the things they need to make s'mores, he smiles as he passes out plates of marshmallows, candy bars and graham crackers before going back over to his chair as Alex hands out the sticks. Dante smiles as he places a marshmallow on his stick and holds it over the fire, Alex smiles as he watches.

    Petey: *speaks up after a few moments* So Dante... How is it going with the whole Wade thing?

    Dante: It's... I don't know... He still just confuses me... I would really like to find out what exactly he wants... He tries to just back it seem like he's just helping, that he's just giving advice... But there is something else too... *sighs* I just don't know though... But I've got to push it out of my mind for a while... I've got my match Sunday and I want to do my best... *pauses with another sigh*

    Alex: *after a few moments* So do you think you're ready for your match at the Pay-Per-View?

    Chris: Who is Dante fighting this Sunday?

    Dante: I'm fighting Antonio at Hell to Pay.

    Petey: You mean that kid that was a jerk to you the first time you met him?

    Dante: *gives a small smile* Yeah, he's a really nice guy once you get to know him. Turns out we have a lot in common and we're really good friends now.

    Angel: *smiles softly* So you are excited about your match Dante?

    Dante: *nods with a smile* Yeah I have to say I am, Tonio is a really good wrestler and I'm excited to be have a chance to have another match with him. I'm going to have to be at my best though, I have a pretty good feeling that Tonio is going to try and focus on trying to stop me from flying in the ring. Probably try and see if he could work me down so I'll tap out, or knock me down long enough to get a pin. *pauses with a thoughtful look* Which mean I'm going to most likely be very careful, keep one step ahead of him the whole match and work hard to knock him down long enough so I have get a pin. Luckily I can use my speed to really give me a little bit of edge, of course I've got to make sure that I don't waste it and that will be one of the harder parts to figure out. *takes his marshmallow off the stick and makes himself a yummy looking s'mores*

    Alex: Well that is what I'm here to help you figure out; I was thinking we can work on figuring out a few game plans for you tomorrow on the plane.

    Dante: That sounds good Alex; it will be a good way to pass the plane ride... I want to say that you are a really great mentor to me and I really just want to say thank you.

    Alex: *smiles warmly* I'm just glad I can help you out, you are a good wrestler and I think one day you'll be one of the greats.

    Dante blushes shyly and looks down at his s'mores. Angel takes a bite of her s'mores as she watches, a few moments later she smiles.

    Angel: How about we tell a few more scary stories? I've got a few more I could share?

    Alex: *chuckles softly* I guess that's a good idea, let's tell a few more stories and then we can clean up. *chuckles* Let's see if Angel can scare us again.

    The camera slowly zooms in on the flames; the sound of Angel's voice is heard as the camera finally goes black.
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    The camera opens on what appears to be the inside of an ancient temple. The altar is gold with a red velvet curtain on either side. Three statues stand behind the altar: one is Egyptian, one is Indian, and one is Greecian. Kneeling in front of the altar, with her back to the statues, is Dia Banks. She looks gorgeous, as if she could have fit in during ancient times. Her hair is completely black, not holding the color that it usually does. She wears a long and beautiful black toga, draped from her left shoulder to cover her entire body down to her ankles, the dress hugging her snuggly. Her face makeup is elegant: the eyeliner on her left eye playing into an eye of Horus design. Her lipstick is bright red and makes her face pop. Around her neck is a gold chain with an Ankh on it, around her arm a gold cuff snakes its way up to her elbow. Her feet are bare, not caring for the cold stone against the soles of her feet.

    Dia: The rule of three applies to most aspects of life. Death, as morbid as it sounds, is usually said to come in three for instance. The Catholic religion uses the holy trinity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I have my own trinity that relates to religion. *she looks up at the statues of the three goddesses* Ma’at, Shiva, and Eleos.

    Dia stands, her movements slow and delicate. She crosses to the first statue and it is then that we get a good look of it. The statue, Egyptian in origin, is a woman dressed in a linen dress similar to the one that Dia is wearing. The statue has wings, large and angelic in nature. What appears to be several necklaces and armbands are on her while there is a feather protruding from a headband that she is wearing.

    Dia: *explaining* Ma’at, the Egyptian goddess of law and justice. In her doctrine were rules to live by. They included things like doing no harm in her temple, not causing misery to the innocent, and not killing others.

    Dia’s hand rests on the foot of Ma’at.

    Dia: Justice is important to me. Everyone deserves fair treatment, everyone. When I first started here in the CWA, justice was scarce. Jerry ran the company with a tyrant’s fist. Anyone who opposed him was struck down. When Carter took over, this place grew fair. Except for Punk. I watched as everyone just sort of handed him everything. I finally decided to stand up to it. I decided that I’d had enough of our champion proclaiming that he was the best in the world. Where was the justice to prove to him that he wasn’t? That’s when I realized it was up to me. I was the one who had to show Phil the justice that he deserved. That’s when I turned my back on him. I know, I know, I was deceptive. I, as a friend, turned my back on a friend, which is dishonor to Ma’at. But I never once lied to him. I do care about him. Phil is the brother I never had. He’s the surrogate uncle to my son, the best friend of my boyfriend. *sighs* But I can’t worry about that. I have to worry about winning.

    She moves, the bottom of her dress swishing against the floor. Her hand touches the foot of the Indian goddess, a much more imposing figure than the last statue. The eyes on this statue are glittering rubies that gleam in a malicious light, her hair long and down her shoulders. She is four armed, each arm holding a sword. Instead of a beautiful toga, the warrior goddess wears no top but a skirt made of carved human skulls.

    Dia: Lady Kali, a mother goddess but more known as the goddess of destruction. While many view her as an evil goddess, there were a few that saw her as necessary. *laughs* When I took up the path of justice, I knew that it should lead eventually to the route of destruction. I took out his knee, had him injured. Then Paul Heyman joined me on screen and I had the delusion that what I was doing was for the good of everyone and not just my good. I kept on as the fierce fighter that I am. When I realized that it was all in my head, it was too late. *scowls* As much as I want to say I can turn from the path of Kali, I can’t. This upcoming match is a steel cage match and, as much as I’d like to say that we’re going to have a good and fair match, it’s a lie. For every time he throws me into that steel cage, I have to be willing to do the same. For every time that I go for his knee, he has to be willing to go for my shoulder. It’s an even matched battle, yes, but it’s one where both of us will destroy the other if we get the chance.

    There is a look of hesitation in her eyes as she moves on to the next goddess. This one looks much kinder than the last two goddesses. She is a woman with short hair much like Dia, only instead this one wears a toga that only reaches slightly above her knees.

    Dia: Eleos, the Greek Goddess of Compassion.

    There is obvious sadness in her eyes as she looks up at the statue. She runs a hand through her short hair before turning to the camera.

    Dia: I never expected for the road of destruction to lead me to one where I needed compassion and love. That’s where I find myself now. *sighs* Heyman is the master of manipulation and I flocked to him because I thought that he was right. He was like the father figure that I never had. He whispered in my ear from day one. I…I trusted that he was in this for my betterment. *chuckles* I was so wrong. Paul wanted to destroy Phil and everything he stands for.

    She sinks down onto the step and puts her head in her hands.

    Dia: Paul never once cared about me. Phil hates me now because I listened to Paul. *trying to contain tears* I need compassion. I’ve never begged for a god damn thing in my life. But…Philly…I’m begging now. Once this match is over, no matter who wins, I want to be friends again…

    She takes a shaky breath, pushing herself up into a standing position.

    Dia: Justice, Destruction, Compassion: my triumvate. Know what else is my personal favorite triumvate? Me, Phil, and Colt. I have always been the one who wants justice, Phil was the one who in the ring created chaos and destruction although he seldom hurt people that bad, and Colt has always been the one who was the compassionate and forgiving one. For this upcoming bout…we’re going to have to all switch roles. Colt can stay at compassion, that’s fine. But I hope Phil takes it to heart what I said and decides after he’s done with destruction to take compassion into his heart for me.

    The look on Dia’s face is one to remember, a mix of sadness and pain that we haven’t seen the young woman produce before. She stands, looking up at the statue of Eleos before looking over at the statue of Kali again. She stands in front of Kali, looking tough and like she is ready for this upcoming match.

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    Vitani is seen sitting at a table with a mirror, getting ready for her match with the help of her friend Kara, who is dressed as Loki when he was disguised as a female in the Marvel comics. Vitani herself is dressed in a sleeveless red shirt that leaves her back bare, besides where the shirt connects just above her waist and around her neck. She has black leather pants, which like the shirt, is decorated with belts. She has what look like silver vambrace on her arms, but they are made out of the material wrestlers would normally have arm gear made from instead of metal or leather. Her friend Kara is using a black body paint to draw a fake tattoo on Vitani’s back. The tattoo is a circle, with four points coming off it, joined by a number of crescents that overlap each other.

    Kara: So why is it you’re dressing up like this? Is it new wrestling gear? Because I can’t be here every week to paint this for you…

    Vitani: *In the mirror’s reflection, she’s seen smiling * Oh no, this is a one-time thing; don’t worry.  It’s a Halloween costume.

    Kara: Ah. *she nods* Um, I know I’m going to sound silly asking, but who are you dressed as?

    Vitani: *She starts putting her hair in two ponytails hanging down low, shorter hair loose at the front and parted to the sides. Her hair is dark, almost black.* Jen. *after a pause* Jennifer Tate that is. She’s from an old Playstation 2 game called Primal. I thought she fit. *she shrugs*

    Kara: Oh? Why’s that?

    Vitani: A few reasons actually. First, she’s perfectly capable of handling herself in a fight. She has a bit of an attitude, but also a kind heart. She has a dark side, but learns to embrace it, rather than fight it and uses it for good. Her boyfriend falls into a darkness of his own and she refuses to give in and keeps fighting until she can save him. She has this friend who appears to be one thing but is secretly something very different…

    Kara: Is that what you call a few? That’s a bit more than ‘a few’. *she smiles* That does sound like you though.

    Vitani: *chuckles* Told you so.

    Kara: *smiles* Tattoo’s done. *she watches as Vitani turns and glances over her shoulder to look at it in the mirror* So, is it there for a particular reason?

    Vitani: You mean besides the fact the character has it? *when Kara nods* It is actually. Her and her boyfriend both have the same symbol, only his isn’t on his back. He apparently told Jen he’d picked it out of a book, but it turns out to be the symbol of the alternate world they get pulled into.

    Kara: *raises an eyebrow* Alternate world?

    Vitani: *nods* See, in the game, Jen is attacked by a ‘man’ and ends up in hospital. That’s where she meets the friend I mentioned. He takes her spiritual form to another world, where she finds out she can turn into a number of different demons. Her friend tells her that her and her boyfriend had both been there when they were younger, which is really how her boyfriend first found the symbol for their tattoos. The fact that she embraces her dark side, her demons…well, demon forms… I guess shows that you can give in to your personal demons, but use them for good reasons instead of letting them destroy you; which I’ve seen people do. I try not to let mine get the best of me.

    Kara: You have demons? *looks like she doesn’t believe it* You? Really?

    Vitani: *laughs* I do. Everyone does, most just won’t admit it. I don’t have to explain how I relate to the handling herself in a fight do I?

    Kara: *shakes her head* Oh, no. I get that part.

    Vitani gets up and goes over to where her bag is, sitting down again to put on a pair of black combat boots.

    Kara: I don’t really see the ‘attitude’ part so much, unless Vera’s bugging everyone; but the kind heart, everyone knows you have.

    Vitani: *rolls her eyes* Some think too much of one.

    Kara: You mean the people here? *she frowns slightly when Vitani sighs and nods*

    Vitani: Yeah they try use it to their advantage, even though I’ve proven it doesn’t work. Maybe not so much the people in this match, but some still have.

    Kara: Who are you against anyway?

    Vitani: Oh, I forgot I never told you. Kane, Alex Shelley and Carter Lacroix. *she shrugs*

    Kara: All guys? *she pulls a face* Geez Vi, how are you not a nervous wreck?

    Vitani: Because I’ve fought them all before and they aren’t as bad as some people make them seem. Carter and Alex are probably some of the nicest guys I know, besides Christian. I’ve heard Alex’s rookie’s like that too, but I haven’t spoken to him yet.

    Kara: And Kane?

    Vitani: He’s big yes and a little scary, but he showed while working with Carter that he’s actually not that bad either. My main concern is that they’ll manage to overpower me much easier than just one alone would. Even if I win, I’m sure I’ll be exhausted and probably hurting tomorrow.

    Kara: *frowns and nods* Sounds like it… *they’re both silent for a bit, Kara eventually smiling* So how is this boyfriend of yours huh? Will he be at the match?

    Vitani: *pauses and looks up from the boot laces she was tying and grins* Cody’s great. And of course he’ll be there, he helps run the place. He’s already made it clear that he won’t be silly and interrupt this time; not with Carter in the match too.

    Kara: *nods* He’s definitely over the ‘darkness’ he fell into, right?
    Vitani: *softly* He is. He’s slowly fixing things with his father too.

    Kara: *sensing she doesn’t really want to talk about it* That’s good. …and your friend who’s not like he seems? Who’s that?

    Vitani: His name’s Devyn. *Kara looks confused* The one Cody’s sort of training.

    Kara: Oh, him! *she nods to show she understands now* So how’s he not like he seems?

    Vitani: *glances up at the camera before looking back at her friend* I can’t really say. It’s not my place to. He did show a bit of his different side the other week though. But it’s his choice if he wants people to know more.

    Kara nods and the two go quiet again as Vitani finishes trying her boots before standing.

    Vitani: There. All ready. …Costume-wise at least.

    Kara: *comes closer and puts a hand on her arm* Just relax. It’ll be like any other match…

    Vitani: *frowns* …It’s against three men. For one of my titles.

    Kara pulls a face, looking worried before hugging Vitani.

    Kara: Well, be careful then?

    Vitani: Why don’t you come out with us Lady Loki? *she gives a small smile* That really is a great costume by the way.

    Kara: *laughs* Of course it is. When is Loki not great? He- or she in some cases, is a little shit; but still gets loved anyway.

    Vitani: *jokingly* Oh, like you?

    Kara pretends to look offended and playfully hits Vitani.

    Kara: Shut up you! *she laughs* Time to go meet up with Cody then?

    Vitani: Yes, it is. *she grins, moving to pick up one of her titles, deciding to only bring the one related to the match out*

    Kara: He’s dressed up too right?

    Vitani: Of course. *she nods* He’s not from the same thing though, he insisted on dressing as another character he thought had similarities with himself.

    Kara: *raises an eyebrow* Who?

    Vitani: Not Iron Man, but Tony Stark. His reasoning was they’re both ‘spoiled rich kids’ who are both smart and follow in their father’s footsteps, before realising it’s a bad idea and becoming something better.

    Kara: So…he’s still in a suit then?

    Vitani: *laughs and nods* He’s still in a suit.

    The two both continue laughing about it as they head out of the locker room and go to look for Cody; the scene fading out as they do so.

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    Hell To Pay promo area 000kar10(Kara, because I forget if I've ever shown her)
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    The viewers are shown a dark room, a small lamp on an end table barely giving the camera enough light to see by. While shapes and objects are visible, minor details are almost impossible to make out clearly; magazines on a coffee table barely recognisable besides their shape, looking closer to dark rectangles than anything readable. The camera focuses on an empty couch, just as a man comes over, carrying a small object in his hands; the dark shapes of tattoos on his exposed arms making it obvious that it is CM Punk. He’s dressed in a t-shirt and jeans and his hair is once again messy as if he’s just woken up and his facial hair isn’t as neat as usual. He sits, apparently staring down at the magazines on the table for a moment before lifting his head to glare at the camera; shadows under his eyes visible even in the poor lighting. A tense silence follows, only broken by the sound of the person behind the camera shifting their feet nervously. Eventually, Punk leans over the side of the couch to reach the lamp and make it brighter and then puts the object he’d been holding down on the table. It’s a party hat.

    Punk: *there’s anger in his voice when he finally speaks* So. We’re a few days off Halloween. Know what that means? *there’s a few seconds where there’s no response from the camera person* The 26th was my birthday. Know what I did yesterday? Nothing. There was supposed to be a party, but my friends from the WWE side of things were all busy and besides Colt, I still don’t speak to the others here. Colt didn’t come because he was busy with who knows what…

    He trails off and stares down at the hat, the camera zooming in just enough to show that along with the shadows, Punk has red around his eyes.  He doesn’t look up when he speaks again.

    Punk: I know she apologised…but there’s no way I’d just get over everything Dia and Heyman have done. No one could just drop this like it was nothing. There’s no way we can be friends again until we get any leftover anger about all this out. So- So Dia better not be expecting this Hell in a Cell match to be something simple and friendly. Think of this like when I fought Wade. How we didn’t hold back anything and went all out. If Heyman shows up, great. He better fucking watch out, because he’ll be my target if I see him at all. It means I won’t accidentally hurt other people if he’s there for me to get back at. If I see Heyman at this show, he’ll be wishing he’d never started this, that he’d gone with something like when Paul Bearer faked his death on screen multiple times. If he’s not there, then hopefully Dia understands that as always, I’m not going to go easy on someone who I’ve been friends with. Hopefully she understands that in a Hell in a Cell match, getting hurt is a very real possibility. It’s not called what it is because there’s unicorns barfing rainbows or anything.

    He reaches out and slowly picks the party hat back up, sitting it on his lap as he pulls a black marker out of his pocket.

    Punk: *lets out a sigh, writing something on the hat as he talks* This time of year’s normally my favourite, because I love Halloween; but this year’s been more like birthday’s with my ‘family’… So I did some thinking. I don’t want this happening again, because I’m tired of shit birthdays and holidays, but I’m horrible at these things…those nice, sappy speeches that is. So, I’ve found another way to do what I wanted to, without embarrassing myself like Wade when he was running from me...

    He closes the marker and tosses it onto the coffee table, done writing.

    Punk: First; I hope everyone’s having a better week than I am and will have a better Halloween then I probably will. Second; I have just two words- but not DX’s ‘suck it’, or ‘look up’. Just this.

    He gets up and puts the party hat down on the coffee table, blank side facing the camera. Punk then walks off screen and a door’s heard closing after he goes into another room. The room is still for a moment before the camera person finally moves, slowly approaching the table to get a better view of the party hat. In black marker, there are just two words on the hat. ‘I’m sorry.’
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    Arella is seen onstage in a bar, with her band and her friend Sabrina; both of whom are dressed up as characters from the Sailor Moon series. Arella has dyed her hair a green-blue colour and let it grow just passed her shoulders, it’s also somewhat wavy. Sabrina’s hair is shorter; barely longer than a ‘pixie cut’ and it is only one colour for once, a dirty blonde shade. Arella’s outfit is decorated with ocean-like colours, while Sabrina’s is blue with yellow bows, hinting that they are dressed as Sailor Neptune and Uranus. The two of them are holding microphones and singing.

    Both girls: We're not cynics, we just don't believe a word you say
    We're not critics, we just hate it all anyway

    If you're happy and you know it clap your hands like this
    Cause the rest of us are wondering what on earth we missed
    If you're happy and you know it stomp your feet real loud
    The rest of us could use some cheering up right now

    Oh please, shoot us up with something shiny and quick
    We like our thrills dirt cheap and our irony thick
    Oh whatever, never mind, we're just crying for help
    I guess we'll heal the old fashioned way and do it ourselves

    Oh this is all we know
    Oh tragic and miserable
    We're not cynics, we just don't believe a word you say
    We're not critics, we just hate it all anyway
    Oh this is all we've got
    Oh we do what we've been taught
    We're not cynics, we just don't believe a word you say
    We're not critics, we just hate it all anyway

    Sometimes I think we push your buttons just for fun
    Sometimes I think our kind of crazy has already been done
    We're a copy of a copy, everything we swore we'd not be
    Yeah, the truth hurts, but it hasn't stung enough to stop me

    Oh please, can't you give us something better than this
    We've built up a tolerance to all your veteran tricks
    You're busy smiling on cue, when you don't have a clue
    We're a mess and we know it, we want you to know too

    Oh this is all we know
    Oh tragic and miserable
    We're not cynics, we just don't believe a word you say
    We're not critics, we just hate it all anyway
    Oh this is all we've got
    Oh we do what we've been taught
    We're not cynics, we just don't believe a word you say
    We're not critics, we just hate it all anyway

    If you're happy and you know it then there might be something wrong with you
    What's the point in holding on when all of us don't want you to
    It'd make us feel better, knowing you'd be stuck forever
    Sick minds stick together, we can stay sick forever

    Oh this is all we know
    Oh tragic and miserable
    We're not cynics, we just don't believe a word you say
    We're not critics, we just hate it all

    Oh this is all we know
    Oh tragic and miserable
    We're not cynics, we just don't believe a word you say
    We're not critics, we just hate it all anyway
    Oh this is all we've got
    Oh we do what we've been taught
    We're not cynics, we just don't believe a word you say
    We're not critics, we just hate it all anyway

    We're not cynics, we just don't believe a word you say
    We're not critics, we just hate it all anyway

    They finish the song and the small crowd of people listening clap and cheer for them, though a lot of them go straight back to their drinks and conversations afterwards. The girls glance at each other, not looking too happy about the response and they sit down on the edge of the small stage to talk while the others take a break.

    Arella: I can’t believe most of them ignored us, I bet it was the outfits. I bet they think we’re immature; I saw them roll their eyes when we first came up here. Any other time we’d get a better response…

    Sabrina: I know right? *she shakes her head* There’s nothing wrong with anime, even if it’s not exactly a recent one.

    Arella: Plus there’s the manga series, which is recently rereleased and full of mature topics, so it’s not like it’s actually a ‘kid’ show as some think it is. There’s a female couple in it for god’s sake.

    Sabrina: *sighs* Maybe that’s part of the problem, because it’s such a ‘shame’ if some people are different. Who the hell cares if the couple’s happy together?

    Arella: I know, I know… *she runs a hand through her hair*

    Sabrina: *attempting to change the topic* So do you get to wear that at work? *she smirks*

    Arella: What? *realises what she asked and quickly shakes her head* Oh, no. No, mine’s a normal match; no costumes. Although winning’ll get me a title shot. *she grins*

    Sabrina: It will? *she makes a happy sound, almost squealing and puts her hands together* Well hopefully you win!

    Arella: *shrugs*I dunno if I can it’s Angel. Shit, I dunno how to fight her; she’s got a pretty big reputation.  

    Sabrina: Don’t they all have one though?

    Arella: *thinks about it for a moment* …I guess they do. But she was the first to hold a title as long as she did. In other companies you never really she the women breaking records anymore; except for the ‘biggest implants’ record. *she says it half-jokingly and rolls her eyes*

    Sabrina: *pulls a face* Gross.

    Arella: Duh. Anyway, no, I’m not expecting to win this; maybe my fifth or sixth, or maybe my fiftieth match against Angel, but not this one. It’s okay though, because then I can start training in hopes of one day finally beating her and then maybe winning a title …who knows.

    Sabrina: Aww don’t be like that-

    Arella: *cuts her off* Come on, we both know I’m not that great at wrestling, I’m still a rookie after all. I don’t mind having to wait.

    Sabrina: If you say so…

    Arella: I do. Now c’mon and let’s play something else to try cheer up the miserable drunks.

    Sabrina nods and the two get to their feet, returning to their spots onstage to sing another song with Arella’s band as the scene ends.

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