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    Post  Admin on Tue Jan 15, 2013 4:26 pm

    Promos Are Due Here By February 3rd at midnight.

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    Post  Admin on Fri Jan 25, 2013 11:07 am

    There is a flash of lightening and then a crack of thunder as the camera opens up on a beautifully dark stormy sky over an ocean scene. The waves of the ocean crash into the dock, some of the water spilling like blood from an injured man. We hear heavy footsteps but because it is so dark we don't see anyone until the next lightning flash. The heavy footsteps belong to Wade Barrett who does not look his usual cool and collected self. His eyes are full of malice but a deeper sense of anger twinged with fear is there as well. His black hair is disheveled, giving him the look of a mad man. His black sweater appears that the shoulder is ripped and his jeans have holes in the knees. He stands on the edge of the dock, eyes dark as he watches the storm.

    Wade: *seemingly quoting something* Deep into that darkness, peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal man dared to dream before...

    The thunder rolls and the lightning strikes, the lightning reflecting in his eyes. He looks at the sky as his words start to roll off the tongue prophetically.

    Wade: In the darkness of my soul I have found the inner me, the true me, the me I have always meant to be. I am not the puppet of the corporation who wants to control what I say. The men who wish to censor me are those that do not know what I have lived through nor what I have worked through. I am one of several like me, men and women who will not live by false rules.

    There is a dark chuckle as he sits on the edge of the dock, letting the cool, fat droplets of rain cascade down his face before deciding to talk again.

    Wade: My opponent is a woman familiar with the rules, Miss Mariana Thomas. Mariana, coincidentally enough, was trained by two men who know nothing of being fair. A straight laced superstar being groomed by men who knew the dirty deeds of the business can only mean one thing. They trained her to expect everything. They trained her to know the dirty moves but she refuses to do them out of the goodness of her heart. That's foolishness.

    He skims his toes along the water, his clothes and hair soaked by the cascading rain drops. He produces a picture from his pocket which shows The Nexus circled around a downed John Cena.

    Wade: This is what happened the last time a superstar who thought they were better than me decided to take me on. You remember this, don't you Mariana? You were General Manager when the Nexus decided to unleash hell. I remember you giving your buddies orders to take us out. They couldn't, could they? No matter how hard your precious friends tried to joust us from our reign, they couldn't. *smirks* Not until John decided to play dirty.

    He rips the picture as lightening whips through the sky, tossing the ripped shreads next to him. He produces another picture from his pocket, one of a young Shawn Micheals and a young Triple H standing together as Degeneration X.

    Wade: As much as I despise these two men alone, I like them as a team. They were brave enough to go after what they wanted and did so in a way that showed how truly little they cared. I enjoyed it. Enjoyed seeing men break rules so openly. Yet as they got older, they changed who they were. Had they stayed that way, you wouldn't have gotten your training Mariana. You'd still be the little girl playing violin and acting to be more talented than you are. Does that bother you Mari? Knowing that the actions you made have tossed you into this battle with me? You don't have to go through with this. If you simply admit that I'm better than you, I'm going to conceed and let you have this one.

    Wade rips the second picture and tosses it on top of the first, producing a third and final picture from his pocket. It's of Mariana laying in the ring after Wade decimated her right before her first loss.

    Wade: Do you see this Mariana? Do you remember it? Because I do. I remember how you couldn't fight back. I remember how you failed to maintain your undefeated streak. Don't feel bad. Don't cry. Because I gave you a choice. I told you, you can choose to give up or you can choose to fight. If you choose to fight, this is what's going to happen to you only much, much worse. I'm going to break every bone in your body and your going to have to give up your career. So think long and hard about it, think. And remember, as much as my choices have infected me and reflected who I am, yours can save your life.

    The cameras fade on the sound of rolling thunder and the lightning that reflects for a final time in the face of Wade Barrett.
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    Post  Dante Westmore on Mon Jan 28, 2013 3:35 am

    The music of Love Spit Love's" How Soon Is Now?" can be heard as the camera slowly starts to fade in; the camera soon fades in fully on a small room with an easel set up. The camera then moves around to the front of the easel where CWA rookie Dante Westmore is painting. He moves the brush with ease as he looks to be engrossed into his painting, he only looking up at the sound of someone clearing their throat.

    Dante: Oh sorry! *puts his brush down before going to turn down the music* I get lost when I paint; I almost forgot you were coming today. Were you waiting long?

    Cameraman: Its okay man, I wasn't waiting that long, few minutes at most.

    Dante: *smiles and nods* I'm Dante; I think we've met when I was at that shoot for the CWA magazine.

    Cameraman: *smiles* Yeah I'm Leo, I help with the magazine and the promo's sometimes.

    Dante: It’s nice to see you again then.

    Leo: Same here. *smiles* So do you paint often?

    Dante: *nods* Yeah, my brother Arty taught me how. I really enjoy it, it helps me focus sometimes.

    Leo: I take it your trying to get focused for your first triple threat match?

    Dante: *nods, looking a little nervous* Yeah... I guess I'm a little nervous about it, well honestly probably more than a little nervous. So many firsts in my career are happening so fast, it's still so hard to believe that this is all happening sometimes. I've been so lucky to get to do something I have loved for a long time; it's so great to be able to do this. *smiles*

    Leo: *can't help but smile back* I'm sure you have a long and an amazing career ahead of you man. So what do you think of your two opponents you'll be facing at the pay-per-view?

    Dante: I think they're both really good in the ring and I have respect for both of them. I've not got to really get to know either of them, but I've watched both of them work in the ring. *pushes his hair from his face* Drew is brawler and a very effective one at that; true he may not have the size of someone like Wade or Sheamus. But he manages to be just as good as them, maybe even better than them. Justin is a highflyer mix, kind of like me. He knows how to fly around the ring, but that’s not all he does and that makes him one that I should really stay on my toes around. I'm not sure how, but I know I have to figure out how to juggle both opponents and their different styles if I want a good chance of winning.

    Leo: I'm sure you'll find a way to do that, you've got a good teacher and you're very smart. I think you're going to make an impact out in that ring, even if you don't win.

    Dante: *smiles shyly* Thanks, it's nice to hear something really encouraging to hear something like that... I hope I can live up to that, I don't ever want to let the fans or anyone else down.

    Leo: I don't think you'll let anyone down man. *smiles* So can we see what you were painting?

    Dante: Let me add a few finishing touches and then I'll show the camera.

    Dante picks up his paint brush again and starting working on his painting again, after three or four minutes he puts his brush down again.

    Dante: Okay you can look.

    Dante moves out the way as the camera steps in front of the easel, on the canvas there is a beautiful picture of a sleeping fox in a forest.

    Leo: Beautiful man, really beautiful. *turns the camera back to Dante* You're pretty good man.

    Dante: *smiles* Arty is even better than me, well I think we covered all the bases today. I guess we can wrap up this promo and call it a day, it was great to see you again and thanks for helping me with the promo.

    Leo: You're welcome and good luck with your match.

    Dante waves at the camera before leaving the room, the camera turns back to the painting and slowly fades out on the sleeping fox.

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    Post  Justin Gabriel on Mon Jan 28, 2013 9:18 am

    The sounds of a crowd cheering and booing can be heard as the scene fades in to show a wrestling ring, where Heath Slater has just won a match, the referee raising his hand in victory. He grins, showing off a little before rolling out of the ring, a camera following him as he heads backstage. He goes behind the curtain, heading down a hallway towards the locker rooms when someone suddenly crashes into him, throwing their arms around his neck.

    Heath: Hey, wha- *he stops when he realises who it is* Justin?! What…what are you doing here?

    When he doesn’t get an answer straight away, Heath just smiles; wrapping his arms around Justin before burying his face in the South African’s dark hair.

    Justin: *mumbles* Ek't jou gemis

    Heath: *confused* What?

    Justin: I missed you.

    Heath: Oh *he kisses Justin’s head, grinning afterwards as he looks down at him* I missed ya too. How are ya doin’ angel?

    Justin: *smiles softly* I’m fine, happy to see you obviously. *he stands on his toes to kiss Heath’s cheek* You did great tonight by the way.

    Heath: *looking smug* Of course I did, when don’t I?

    Justin laughs, pulling away before playfully hitting Heath, shaking his head at him.

    Justin: No need to get all snobby about it. *he pauses, letting out a small sigh* I do miss getting to see you wrestle though…and wrestling on a team with you.

    Heath frowns slightly, reaching a hand out to gently stroke Justin’s cheek, getting a small smile from the South African in response.

    Heath: I know, I’m just glad we still have time to see each other while working in different places. *he smiles when Justin nods* You guys have a pay-per-view comin’ up right? You in a match for this one?

    Justin: *smiles, nodding again* Yeah I am actually, not for a title, but it’s against two other people.

    Heath: Oh really? Who?

    Justin: Drew McIntyre and Dante …Westmore. *pulls a face, unsure if he got the name right*

    Heath: *raises an eyebrow, looking confused* Wait…Drew and who?

    Justin: *shakes his head* I don’t know… N paar dom nuwe persoon.

    Heath: What…?

    Justin: Honestly, I have no idea. He’s some rookie highflyer or whatever that Alex Shelley’s been training.

    Heath: Riiight. *he slowly nods, before teasing Justin* Well hopefully ya don’t get your ass kicked by Drew.

    Justin: Hey! *he pouts, poking at Heath’s side* I can beat Drew…I think. And I probably shouldn’t underestimate the new kid either; Alex is pretty fast so it wouldn’t surprise me if someone younger that he’s trained is even faster. But I agree though, Drew’s always one to keep an eye on; though in a way Dante could be the more dangerous of the two, simply because I haven’t worked with him before. It’ll be interesting to see what he can do. Honestly though, I feel sorry for him, being thrown into a match like this all of a sudden after so few matches; I guess in a way it’s good experience though, it should be a fun match.

    Heath: *jokingly* If he can keep up with the two of you anyway… *he laughs*

    Justin: *chuckles, but shakes his head at Heath* Oh come on, we both know what it’s like to not have people take us seriously, don’t be too hard on him…

    Heath: *nods, sighing* I know, I know; I was only kiddin’ Justy, don’t worry. *he kisses Justin’s head* You wanna go get some dinner?

    Justin: *grins* You mean late dinner, but sure. You really think I’d come out here to see you only to say no to something like that?

    Heath: I guess not. *he smiles* Lemme go get changed, then we can go alright?

    Justin smiles and nods; hugging Heath tightly. He quickly kisses the ginger’s cheek, the two speaking quietly to each other before Heath turns and heads off to the locker rooms, the scene fading out as Justin watches him leave.

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    Post  Admin on Tue Jan 29, 2013 4:39 pm

    We see pictures of CWA superstars, their New Year Resolutions flashing under their picture. For instance, under Nolee Lacriox's picture we see "learn to cook" and under Wade Barrett's picture we see "Win CWA Championship". Finally we get to Christian but instead of a New Years Resolution, we simply see the words "Who Cares?". The light music that was playing stops, instead we hear what sounds like a record player skipping. The music switches from light and airy to a pounding rock temp as the camera switches from the video to a gym where Antonio Jacinto is working out. He's dressed in onthing but a pair of gray workout shorts and black Nike Shocks. His dragon tattoo is glistening on his back because of the sheen of sweat that he has gained from working out. Nearby his mentor, Lucas Turner, sits watching him jump rope. Lucas looks different than we have seen him before. Instead of looking like a bad ass, he's wearing a business suit.

    Lucas: Two more reps and you'll be done Tonio!

    Antonio grunts in response, picking up the pace before finishing with the exercise. He drops the rope and goes to the water cooler, getting himself a Dixie cup of water before downing it,turning to face his mentor.

    Antonio: Do you think I'm ready?

    Lucas: To fight him?

    Antonio: No, no, no. I'm more than ready to fight him. I mean to be a champion, to make an impact.

    Lucas rolls his eyes, lets out a sigh, and shakes his head. He takes Antonio by the arm and stands him in front of the mirror in the gym.

    Lucas: Tell me, Tonio, what do you see?

    Antonio: The CWA's next big thing?

    Lucas: Know what I see?

    Antonio: I'm guess not what I just said...

    Lucas: I see a cock sure young man who thinks he knows everything about the business but is sorely mistaken. I see a young man who isn't in the business to entertain the fans and prove it to himself that he can do it, but just to be famous. You know what Christian is gonna see?

    Antonio: *though his mentor cut him down, he seems unfazed" His worst nightmare?

    Lucas: *laughs* You're to cocky for your own good! Christian has fought some of the best in the business. Hell kid, he beat me! You're a rookie who talked a big game to Christian in front of your buddies but in a real fight, you don't stand a chance.

    Antonio: Hey! I may look like a kid but I'm not! I've trained my entire life for this, long before I ever met you! I may not look it but all my life, I've wanted to be a fighter! Sure, I talk a big game but I also back it up which is something you couldn't even do!

    There is a momentary flash of anger in the eyes of Lucas Turner, an awkward pause befalling the two men. Antonio walks over to the water cooler again and grabs another cup of water, slowly sipping it before speaking.

    Antonio: Do you have any advice?

    Lucas: You're the wrestler, an undefeated one might I add. What's your game plan?

    Antonio: I can't high fly against him. He's the cream of the crop when it comes to that. I can't play dirty because Edge and Rhyno will be there to keep him safe. The only options I have are to go the strong man route or to be the submissionist.

    Lucas: You're not a strong man though.

    Antonio: I know and that's what I'm....*mumbles under his breath*

    Lucas: *raises an eyebrow* You're what?

    Antonio: *a bit louder but still pretty quiet* Worried about...

    Lucas: Good, you should be worried! Christian is a legend! You're a rookie!

    Antonio: So what advice do you have for me?

    Lucas: Well he's gonna come at you with everything he can. He's fast-

    Antonio: I'll have to be faster.

    Lucas: He's strong-

    Antonio: I'll be stronger-

    Lucas: And he'll be smart.

    Antonio: I'll be smarter. C'mon Lucas, I'm becoming a validated submissionist who knows what he's doing. I've done my research on Christian. He's got shoulder problems, if I can work on his arm I'll be just fine.

    Lucas: If you want to play the submissionist, I highly recommend it.

    Antonio: So there's my game plan! I'll work on building up my submission arsenal for the match. I've already got Cupid's Bow, it won't be to hard to add a few more. *grins* I may even have to call up a few friends to help teach me a few more moves.

    Lucas: I have full confidence in you. Now c'mon get me 50 push-ups, 50 sit-ups-and 50 crunches.

    Antonio: I thought we were gonna set some in ring training done!

    Lucas: You thought wrong Tonio, now hop to it!

    Antonio grumbles and sets to work on the push-ups, the camera fading out on the scene.

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    Post  Christian on Wed Jan 30, 2013 4:02 am

    The camera fades in on the backyard of Carter and Christian's house, sitting at a small picnic table is Christian. He is wearing a hockey jersey as he throws two balls across the yard, both his dog's Rusty and Blue chasing them. He smiles as they bring them back to him before throwing them again, he leans back against the table when he spots someone enter the backyard.

    Christian: It's about time you showed up man!

    A laugh is heard and Edge enters the frame wearing a hockey jersey like Christian is.

    Edge: Oh come on, we still have a couple of hours before the game starts.

    Christian: I know, but I have been looking forward to this game for a while now. It's the first hockey game we get to go to since the strike!

    Edge: *chuckles* I know and trust me I'm just as excited too, but we have more than enough time to get there. Carter is still coming with us right?

    Christian: Yeah I think so and I think Pete is coming too.

    Edge: I asked Terry, but he already had plans with Tommy and the others.

    Christian: *nods with a smile* I suppose he's still coming to the pay-per-view?

    Edge: *laughs* You know nothing is going to keep him away, he said that Toni kid or Lucas better not try anything funny or he is going to Gore the both of them.

    Christian: *laughs softly* Never get on Terry's bad side that's for sure.

    Edge: Yeah, he'll kick your and have fun doing it. *grins* But he's great friend, one of the best we have.

    Christian: *smiles* He is and we've been lucky to have made a lot of great friends, but my best friend will always be you.

    Edge: *smiles softly* Same here Jay-Jay... *pokes him and laughs* Now enough with all the sappy stuff, so do you think you're ready for your upcoming match?

    Christian: *chuckles at the poke before nodding* Yeah, I think I'm ready. We still got to hit the training ring this week, but I think I'm ready for this match.

    Edge: *smiles* I bet you're going to win, that kid is too cocky and full of himself. He'll go out there underestimating you, meaning you can go out there show him why you are a seven time world champion.

    Christian: *smiles softly* He is very cocky; he's just starting out and in a big name company as well. He is lucky he didn't have to start out having to go from town to town getting paid just enough to cover gas. Honestly I'm glad the rookies here don't have to go through that, but he with find out sooner or later that it’s not smart to try and make enemy's all the time.

    Edge: *nods thoughtfully* You're right... What is going to be your game plan for the match?

    Christian: Well I don't really have too much of a plan, but I guess I have somewhat of a plan.

    Edge: And what is that?

    Christian: Well first of all I'm going to have to play keep away with my arm and shoulder, I heard he said in his promo that my arm would be his main target and I guess second I'm going to try and wear him down so he can't hurt my arm. He's probably going to focus on submissions, so I might go with a confusion tactic. Keep him guessing what I'm going to do next, bait him into making a mistake and get the pin.

    Edge: *grins* Sounds like a solid plan.

    Christian: *smiles and nods before grinning playfully* I was going through my fan mail last night; you know the fans that he says I don't have? *laughs* So anyway this girl sent me a letter and picture, the letter just said "PEEP FOR LIFE". But the picture spoke more than any letter could.

    Edge: What was it a picture of?

    Christian: *gets up* I'll go get it and show it to you.

    Christian heads into the house before returning a few minutes later with a photo in his hand. He hands it to Edge and the camera zooms in on the picture. It's a side-by-side photo edit of Antonio and former CWA talent John Morrison, Edge starts chuckling and flips the picture over. On the backside of picture it says, "Who does your opponent remind you of? Your peeps will be cheering you on!" Edge starts laughing harder as the camera zooms back out.

    Edge: That is so funny!

    Christian: *grins and nods* I know! And the funny thing is they're mostly right, I mean think about it Antonio is almost just like him. He's full of himself, he thinks the world is there just to fawn over him and he hates the idea that someone could be as good, maybe even better than him. Hell the only real difference is he's not obsessed sex or into men.

    Edge: When you think of it, it's a little creepy how alike they are...

    Christian: When you really think about it yeah, but despite how much they are alike I think Antonio is going to prove to be better in the ring. And I hope we have a great match that night.

    Edge: You know you will, you usually manage to have amazing matches. *smiles*

    Christian smiles back and the two friends are quiet for a few moments.

    Christian: We should probably head in, it won't be long until Pete gets here and Carter should be home soon too.

    Edge: *nods with a grin* And we shall have hockey again!

    Christian nods with a grin, he calls for Blue and Rusty to come in as he and Edge head inside as well. The camera zooms back before slowly fading to black.

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    Post  Sheamus on Fri Feb 01, 2013 7:08 am

    The sounds of giggling are heard as the camera opens up on the living room of the Lacroix-Farrelly house. Nolee is dressed in a cute green sundress with black sandals on, setting up an ice cream dinner in the living room.

    Nolee: *to herself* Shea is gonna be so surprised when he comes home...

    As if on cue, the front door is heard opening and closing, Sheamus calling out as he locks the door behind him.

    Sheamus: Nolee?

    Nolee smiles as she places hot fudge on the living room table in a bowl before going to the door.

    Nolee: Shea! Close your eyes; I have a surprise for you.

    Sheamus: Wait… *looking confused* …what?

    Nolee takes his hands and leads him into the living room.

    Nolee: Well, with your birthday coming up I thought we could do one of your favorite things...

    She smiles when they get to the living room and points out the ice cream set up on the table.

    Nolee: Indoor ice cream bar and a Gaelic lesson?

    Sheamus grins when he sees the table, pulling Nolee into a hug.

    Sheamus: ...yeh really want a lesson?

    Nolee giggles and hugs him back, sitting on the couch.

    Nolee: Uh-huh! You'll be my Gaelic coach and then we can have a conversation between the two of us whenever we want and no one has to know.

    Sheamus: *smiles and sits beside her* Yes, we would be able to do that, if yeh learned enough.

    Nolee: I can try to get that good. *kisses his cheek* Now go on, make ya food.

    Sheamus: It might take yeh a while though. *he grins and moves to make his food* long did it take yeh to set this up?

    Nolee: Considering it's just an ice cream bar with several different toppings, not very long.

    Sheamus: Oh, *he chuckles* right. It probably woulda started melting if you'd taken too long.

    Nolee giggles and nods as she starts fixing herself a bowl of rocky road ice cream, complete with sprinkles, whipped cream, a cherry, and chocolate chips.

    Nolee: I know right. *giggles* Do you like the dress? I wore it on our first date.

    Sheamus: *grins and nods* Yes, of course I do. I was wonderin' why it looked familiar.

    Nolee: *nods and sits back* So first word?

    Sheamus: Well that depends on what kind of words yeh want to learn first.

    Nolee: What about win?

    Sheamus: Win? Uh… *he pauses to think about it, eating some of his ice cream* Win is bhuachan.

    Nolee: *sounding out the word* Bu-cannon. Is that right?

    Sheamus: *chuckles* Not quite, but it’s close.

    Nolee playfully shoves him and scoots in close.

    Nolee: Either way, that’s a word we have to familiarize ourselves with.

    Sheamus: *smirks* Yes it is, especially for the show coming up.

    Nolee: *nods* Who do we fight again?

    Sheamus: Uh… *he hesitates before answering* Kane…and Carter.

    Nolee hesitates and puts her bowl down, head in her hands.

    Nolee: Bubba AND Kane?

    Sheamus frowns, putting his own bowl down to wrap an arm around her.

    Sheamus: He didn’t tell yeh about this match…?

    Nolee shakes her head sadly and looks at Sheamus.

    Nolee: All he told me was it would be a good match...

    Sheamus: I’m sorry, *he frowns and shakes his head* I thought he woulda told yeh something like that.

    Nolee: He's been so cut off lately, from everyone. I'm starting to think the power has gone to his head...

    Sheamus: Oh…what made you think that, besides him being busy?

    Nolee looks at him, unable to tell if that statement was in a sarcastic tone or not.

    Nolee: Well, he's been so cut off from everyone lately. I mean, we got a visit from Teddy and Mr. DiBiase the other day when we were with daddy and he seemed more interested in trying to get Ted to sign a contract so he can do some angle with Punk or something.

    She sighs and eats a spoonful of her ice cream.

    Nolee: So what strategy do you want?

    Sheamus: That sounds more like a Dusty thing to do… What happened to just enjoying a visit from someone? *he pauses to eat before answering her question* Well that depends who you’re more comfortable fightin’…

    Nolee: *frowns* He's not listening to Cody and Dusty...if that's what you think.

    She takes another bite of her ice cream but looks at him, sitting back.

    Nolee: I can fight either. I'm not gonna back out.

    Sheamus: No, just meant that Dusty was pretty obsessed with his work… I know yeh won’t back out I just wasn’t sure if you’d really want to face Carter, though he’s less likely to hurt anyone than Kane is. *he frowns*

    Nolee: *pouts* I'm...I'm still kinda afraid of Kane. I mean, I know he's not gonna hurt me now but old fears ya know?

    She grabs the chocolate icing and pours it on the ice cream again, dipping her finger in it and licking it off.

    Nolee: I could eat straight chocolate icing straight if I got the chance. *giggles*

    Sheamus nods slowly, showing he understands as he watches her.

    Sheamus: Probably not a good idea to just eat that though; it wouldn’t be very healthy for yeh.

    Nolee nods, is trying to make sure that she can distract Sheamus from asking even more questions.

    Nolee: *smiles* We could have fun with it.

    Sheamus: *looks confused, not getting it* Wait…what?

    Nolee giggles and shakes her head.

    Nolee: I'll show you later. *yawns and sits on his lap*

    Sheamus: Oh….uh okay. *still looks confused, but he smiles and hugs her*

    Nolee: We should probably talk about our game plan...

    Sheamus: *nods* That’s probably a good idea.

    Nolee sighs and stands, pacing the room.

    Nolee: If I know Carter like I think I know Carter, he'll opt for sheer strength other than finesse.

    Sheamus: What if he chooses to do it different?

    Nolee: He won't. Carter doesn't have many options when it comes to in ring activity. Yes, he's good at what he does but he isn't that good. I love my brother to death but he is a brawler through and through.

    Sheamus: *nods* Right. I'm mostly a brawler too yeh know...

    Nolee: I know, I wasn't saying anything about brawlers. I focus on brawling.

    Sheamus: True, yeh do. Especially after I helped teach yeh. *he smirks, looking smug*

    Nolee: *giggles* Of course. You and Carter are who I have to thank for that.

    Sheamus: *grins* Of course. *jokingly* Just don't accidentally hit Carter too hard will yeh?

    Nolee: *looks appalled* Of course not. I'd never hit bubba to hard. *grins* Kane's a different story though.

    Sheamus: *nods* Well yeh can't really afford to go easy on him; he won't really do the same for anyone.

    Nolee: He and Carter have gotten really close since they started teaming. They think similarly now.

    Sheamus: They have gotten close, it's strange seein' Kane act friendly towards people.

    Nolee: You know, when I first saw you making friends with people in the WWE I thought the same of you. No matter of friendly with bubba, Kane's fierce. He's the one we have to look for.

    Sheamus: You thought it was weird seein' me be friendly? Why? *he nods, agreeing* Kane's always one to watch out for.

    Nolee hesitates not sure if she should tell Sheamus or not.

    Nolee: I dunno if you remember...but we met before you threatened Carter that day. Back when me and daddy were still in the 'E, I was an interviewer. When you made your debute against Jamie Noble...I tried to get a word with you after. You were a bit cold.

    She blushes and pushes a strand of her hair behind her ear.

    Nolee: Kane's got that chokeslam. That's a tough move.

    Sheamus: *looks surprised before frowning slightly* Well it was part of my character at the time... But yes we need to watch out for the chokeslam.

    Nolee: I was just kind afraid of you. I was very shy back then. *shakes her head* You can avoid the move. I couldn't.

    Sheamus: *chuckles* You, shy? *he frowns slightly* True, even people my size have trouble avoiding it sometimes though.

    Nolee nods, looking at him.

    Nolee: You didn't know the kind of person I was back then, I was so different.

    She grabs her bowl again, filling it with more ice cream.

    Nolee: You can power out of it though. I can't.

    Sheamus: Still find the idea of you being shy strange though... And I have a better chance yeah, but it's still not guaranteed that I'll be able to power out of it, we'd be better off just tryin' to avoid getting caught.

    Nolee: Because I"m not shy now, not really. I've changed a lot. *hesitates* We...we're not gonna cheat are we?

    Sheamus: *nods* Everyone changes at some point. *shakes his head* I'd rather not, I just meant it's better Kane doesn't catch us for his finisher.

    Nolee: Then he won't catch us. Well...he will…but it'll just be a Brogue Kick.

    Sheamus: *smirks* Sounds like a good idea to me.

    Nolee: I can hit Carter with my finisher. *smiles*

    Sheamus: *smiles* If yeh don't mind doing that. *he moves to get more ice cream*

    Nolee: It's just a a match. Besides if we win this we move on to Wade and Drew for the titles.

    Sheamus: *smiles, nodding* We would. It would be nice to actually win something like that; usually we only get the one match like this.

    Nolee: Can you imagine us the tag team champions?

    Sheamus: *grins* People wouldn't be able to just overlook us then.

    Nolee: *glumly* They shouldn't overlook us now.

    Sheamus: *sighs* I know, but they do.

    Nolee: Well they won't from now on. *grins*

    Sheamus: Well you'd hope not.

    Nolee: C'mon, let’s go celebrate your birthday.

    Sheamus: Sounds like a good idea to me. *he grins*

    Nolee takes his hand and leads him from the room as the scene fades out.
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    The camera starts to fade in slowly on a small rest stop, at one of the picnic tables sits three men. A closer look shows them to be CWA wrestler Alex Shelley and his friends Chris Sabin and Petey Williams, Petey is telling a story. Chris is listening eagerly, but Alex looks to be lost in thought and not listening to the conversion at all. Chris shares a look with Petey before poke Alex's side, causing Alex to jump.

    Chris: Earth to Alex, are you there man? You zoned out again! What's going on with you Lex?

    Alex: *sighs* I just have a lot on my mind... Between Dante's triple threat match, my match and other things...

    Petey: Who is your rookie fighting?

    Alex: They put Dante in with Justin and Drew, I'm a little relived that he isn't going against someone like Wade again. But I'm still worried for him; I guess that isn't helping my concentration for my own match.

    Petey: Who are you fighting this time? Is it that girl Nolee again Lex?

    Alex: *shakes his head* No, it's not the princess this time... Luckily I got spared having to deal her again and before you ask it's not Sheamus, he can't even be in the same room thanks to the restraining order.

    Chris: Then who is it Lex?

    Alex: *quietly* It's Vitani and it's a title match for the Five Nation's title.

    Chris: *grins* Lex! That's great!

    Petey: *smiles widely* Yeah! Your first shot at the Five Nation's title!

    Alex: Honestly it's my first shot at any single's title in the CWA and it's against someone that I've never beaten before.

    Chris: Are you sure? You haven’t beaten her before?

    Alex: Nope, I'm pretty sure she has beaten me every time we have fought. Which I don't really mind, Vitani is great in the ring and one of the nicest people I have the pleasure to know. But a win like this... A win like this would really awesome; I mean my first single's title in the company. I would be lying if I didn't say I'm quite happy to get this chance to go for this title, but I guess I'm still nervous.

    Petey: *pats Alex's shoulder* Oh come on Lex you know you're going to do well...

    Chris: Of course he is! *smiles reassuringly* So what is your game plan for this match?

    Alex: *gives a small smile* Well I don't really have a complete plan in my head, but when do I ever have a real plan? *chuckles* Well we're both high flier's so the fans should be in for a great match on that front and I'm pretty sure that neither of us are going to cheat. As far as I can tell it's going to come down between who is the better and faster wrestler and it can go either way. Honestly Vitani is one of the best female wrestlers in the CWA, hell she is even better than some of the guys.

    Petey: Still you’re going to have to keep an eye on her manager Cody...

    Alex: I know, but I have my own manager coming out as well remember? My rookie Dante, he is technically a manager for me as well as my rookie. He knows to watch out for dirty tricks, so I think I won't have to worry about Cody getting involved.

    Chris: *chuckles* So from the sound of it, I think you have a pretty good game plan for not really having a plan.

    Alex: *chuckles softly* Yeah, I guess your right...

    Petey: So what is the other thing on your mind Lex?

    Woman: What's on Lexie's mind?

    Angel enters the shot from the left, looking much better than the last time we saw her. Petey grins and wraps his arms around her.

    Petey: We were about to find out love. *grins* Come on tell us Lex!

    Alex: *nods a little nervously* Well...

    Alex pulls a small box out of his pocket before opening it. The others can't help, but stare at the small gold and silver ring that rests carefully inside the box. The meaning of the box and ring is clear as Alex starts to speak again.

    Alex: I bought this a few weeks ago, it just screamed perfect for him... *smiles softly as he looks at the ring* I've decided that win or lose I'm going to ask him after my match with Vitani.

    Angel: *smiles as she walks over and hugs him* Congratulations my Lexie!

    Chris and Petey both join into the hug for their best friend.

    Chris: Lex I'm going to have both my fingers crossed for you, we all are going to have our fingers crossed.

    Alex: *smiles and closes the box* I don't care if I win or lose as long as he says yes.

    Alex looks down at the ring box as the camera decides to fade out on that scene.

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    The scenery seems unnaturally dark as the scene unfolds, the sound of high heels clicking against the floor echoing in the darkness. The sound is almost foreboding and as the owner of the boots comes into view, it's understandable why. We see Dia Banks, her hair so short it almost has the appearance of being shaved. Instead of a fun color, her hair is streaked with blood red coloring. She wears sunglasses over her eyes, concealing just how she's feeling inside. Externally, she looks the part of a rock and roll princess. Her earrings are large hoops and whereas before she wouldn't have worn to much makeup, she's got heavy fire truck red lipstick on. Her shirt is a black tank top with the words "Punk Is Dead" on the front in blood red lettering. The shirt itself cuts off above her belly button, her black mini-skirt not starting until below her belly button and cutting off a few inches above her knees. Black fishnet tights match her black fishnet gloves that stop just above her wrists. Last but not least we see her knee high black heeled combat boots, the boots that were making the noise.

    Dia: Best in the world. Those four little words can mean so much and yet nothing at all at the same time. We hear legends like Bret "The Hitman" Hart call themselves the best and that means something. That's proven by the things he has done, the championships he has won in his lifetime and the history defining moments he has been through. Take the Montreal Screwjob, for instance. The Montreal Screwjob was an era defining moment for the WWE.

    She smiles as she continues to walk, the camera following her.

    Dia: But best in the world can take on another connotation, it can mean nothing. Take for example your CWA Champion CM Punk. He tosses those words around like they mean something. At one point in time, I would have so readily believed him. I would have kept on believing that my best friend was one of the best in the world. Then I did the one thing that his fans and the rest of the roster seemingly didn't feel like they needed to do. I simply asked why. Why was Phil considered to be the best in the world? Sure, his pipe bomb incident a few years ago was pretty influential on the wrestling community but he'd only been ECW champion and had two short lived, uneventful title runs with the World Heavyweight Championship. That's when it hit me. He wasn't the best in the world. He wasn't even close.

    She walks into the darkness even more, seemingly looking for something or someone. Never the less, she keeps talking.

    Dia: So I challenged him, I thought that would prove it. My Vixxen's title reign going longer than his CWA Championship reign was a good proving point to me. It was a simple challenge between two very hardworking, very deserving champions. For a while it was great, it was a solid competition between two good friends. He was even, might I add, starting to prove why he was the Best In The World. Then he got in the feud with Lucas Turner.

    Sitting on a stack of boxes, she crosses her arms over her chest, leaning back against the wall behind her.

    Dia: Lucas brought out the worst in Punk. Punk had to cheat to win. I felt a bit betrayed, like the challenge meant nothing to him. sure, I've heard that a champion will do anything to stay a champion but I believe that's complete and utter shit. A champion, a real champion, will realize when they are beat and accept defeat but do anything they can to get the championship back. After that, the harsh truth hit me hard. Punk was not the best in the world, he had never been the best in the world, nor would he ever be the best in the world. I was more the best in the world than he was.

    She removes the sunglasses she's wearing, her eyeshadow as black as she seems to be feeling.

    Dia: He kept saying it. He kept claiming that he was the best in the world when he knew, he had to know, that he was not. So I had to prove it to him, had to show him that I was better than him. So when we had our tag team match and he told me he was best in the world, I waited until we got onto the ramp, got to the area where if we were back in the WWE that would have been the area where the infamous "pipe bomb" took place. I wanted him to remember it because it was the age of a new era. The era of Dia Banks.

    We get the feeling of eyes watching Dia Banks. She seems unfazed as she continues her speech.

    Dia: This is my time to prove that I'm the best in the world. I have a son who depends on me and Colt to make his life better. Punk is older than me and by his own fault he has no one. The perks that come with being champion will help me take care of my son. Punk uses the few perks he capitalizes on for his girlfriend who doesn't even love him. She's using him and screwing around with Ted DiBiase jr behind his back. Know why? I have a hunch it's not just because Teddy showers her with lavish things but because with Teddy, she doesn't have to make sacrifices for him like she does with Punk. She had to give up drinking for Punk, all of his friends do. If Colt and I hadn't drank once while Punk was away with another company, we wouldn't have ended up with Louis.

    The look on her face softens, showing that she's regarding something very serious. There is hesitation in her voice before she goes to speak again.

    Dia: Colt and Louis were the only hesitation I had before I attacked Punk. Louis idolizes him and while I may hate Punk, I can understand why Louis looks up to him the way he does. He's a good role model in some aspects. He doesn't smoke, do drugs, or drink because of his straight edge lifestyle. It's an honest life style. But Punk isn't an honest man. He's a cheater. That's not the role model my son needs. As for Colt *she seems conflicted* he's Punk's best friend and the love of my life. I can't force him out of Punk's life but I can force him out of mine. I'd never leave him, the only time I've ever been truly happy is with him by my side. He's never truly happy unless he knows Punk is okay. I was in a bind, I didn't want to conflict him, I even gave him the ultimatum of me or Phil. I was on the brink until I got a phone call from someone I never expected.

    The person who was watching Dia steps into the light, revealing himself to be the sleaziest man in all of sports entertainment. He's dressed as he usually is; a neatly pressed gray suit and black shoes with his hair pulled into a pony tail. He places a hand on her shoulder and she nods.

    Dia: You know Paul Hayman, don't you Punk? He hand picked you to be in the rebirth of ECW, he took interest in you when no one else would. Paul here blames you for his termination from the WWE. You see, after you quit because you didn't want to listen to Vince anymore, Paul had no clients. No Lesnar, no Punk. He tried a few rookies but no one took as much interest so Vince kicked him out. He saw what I did to you, he says I have untapped potential.

    Paul: Yes she does. I told my client I could harness the talent she has deep down. Especially for the match she has coming up against you.

    Dia: The match that will define my career, the I Quit match against CM Punk. The winner of the match can firmly say that they are the best in the world because they will be the longer reigning champion. Naturally, I plan on winning. You see, while I may not agree with cheating in a match, this is completely different. There are no rules in an I Quit Match.

    Paul: She's right, she's right. With this match in place, anything she wants to do is just. If she wants to use a barb wired baseball bat and bash in your skull, she can. If she wants to break your knee with the steel steps, my client can do that.

    Dia: You forget, Punk, I wasn't use to having rules when Colt took me under his wing. The first few months I was wrestling, I never won a match because I was to brutal. You may have grown up in a none-to-loving home in Chicago but I grew up in an orphanage in Detroit. You had a little sister who cared about you, my brothers were adopted when I was four and I never saw them again until here recently. After you moved out, your life got better. When I was kicked out of the orphanage, my life got worse. I had to learn to fight, to really fight. So you can wrestle, big whoop. I can fight for real. That's the main thing in a match like this.

    Paul: How goes your fortitude?

    Dia: Paul, I don't give up. As much as I hate to compare myself to some one so lame, I'm like John Cena. Never give up, never surrender. Getting me to quit is going to be damn near impossible, hell, you'd have better luck killing me then getting me to quit. I now he's just as stubborn as I am but he has something I don't.

    Paul: And what would that be?

    Dia: His knee is bum. He's had a serious injury in the past. I can exploit that, I will exploit that. In fact, even if he wins, Punk isn't walking away. When I get done with him, he may never walk again.

    Paul: *points to her shirt* Read it and weep, Punk, my client is not here to play games. My client is here to destroy you.

    Dia: Punk is dead, it's tiem for a new era.

    She puts her sunglasses back on, a smirk crossing her face.

    Dia: It's time for my era.

    The camera starts to fade out on the smirking face of Vixxens Champion Dia Banks.
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    The sounds of a man yelling can be heard as the scene fades in, showing CM Punk pacing angrily in his apartment’s kitchen as he talks on his cell phone, the scene only showing from his waist up.

    Punk: No! I’ve told you already I don’t want to speak to you; I want nothing to do with you. *he pauses as he listens to the person on the other end* No. I don’t care, you’re a lying thief and just like the rest of the family, you’ve always been an asshole. Now like I told you last time- Leave. Me. Alone.

    He hangs up the phone, putting it in his pocket before sitting down on one of the chairs at his dining table, putting his head in his hands. After a minute or so of silence, footsteps can be heard from another room, Vera appearing in the doorway, looking hesitant about approaching him.

    Vera: …Phil?

    Punk: *not looking up at her * What?

    Vera: Are…you okay?

    Punk: *angrily* Do I fucking look okay? The only time any of those assholes have even tried to call me is when they want something. I’m tired of all the bullshit that goes on around me. Usually it’s only nice people that have people thinking they can get away with treating them like shit and just using them…

    Vera: *frowns, slowly moving to go over to him* Phil… *she freezes when he cuts her off, glaring at her when he lifts his head*

    Punk: You know I’m an asshole to most people to avoid ending up with more people like my ‘brother’; problem is that even out of the few people I’m actually nice to, most of them still just use me and treat me like shit. *he gives her a cold look*

    Vera: *looks worried* Phil what are you talking about…?

    Punk: *growls* You know what I’m talking about Vera; you’re one of those people. *he snaps at her when she goes to say something* No! Don’t stand there and try to make up some bullshit excuse, I spoke to Vitani and your ‘friend’!

    Vera quickly goes quiet, lowering her head, frowning as Punk gets up, stepping towards her.

    Punk: How long exactly were you going to just sit around hoping I didn’t notice? Do you really think I was stupid enough to not be suspicious when you told me before we started ‘dating’ that you’d already been seeing him? I’d always worried that you had never really stopped seeing your actual boyfriend, but I should have known better after we all saw you flirting with Ted. I saw the signs, I just stupidly thought you were still seeing your ‘boyfriend’ but never said anything because I refused to believe what other people kept telling me; because I wanted them to be wrong! I’d hoped that maybe you actually did care instead of being just like everybody else…

    He trails off, a hurt look in his eyes as he slowly turns away from her. Vera, sighing softly, reaches a hand out to touch his shoulder.

    Punk: *not looking at her* Just go. I don’t have time to deal with another person in my life who’s really only pretending to care.

    Vera: *sighs* Phil…

    Punk: Now Vera.

    He points in the direction of the front door, staying silent until Vera slowly turns to leave and the door is heard opening and closing. Once she’s gone, he groans and heads to the living room, the camera zooming out to finally show his whole body. As he sits on the couch, the shorts he’s wearing shift to show the knee Dia attacked is bandaged, Punk pulling a face and massaging it.

    Punk: *mutters* Tired of this shit… *he glances up at the camera, finally acknowledging the fact that it’s there* Well I hope you’re happy Dia, you got to find out what Vera told Vitani and what I found out from it. You also get to see that no, my knee isn’t really okay…which you’re partly responsible for. *he rolls his eyes, looking bitterly down at his bandaged knee* Thanks a lot. *he says the words sarcastically* Yeah I know the injury’s partly my fault for not getting it looked at when I first hurt it, but there was no need to target it after realising I was legitimately injured. Doing that shows you’re really no better than I am Dia, it’s like when I went and attacked Heath and Justin; knowing Justin was already injured beforehand. You, like me, got annoyed over some work related and turned it personal. You, like I did at the time, knew someone was in actual, physical pain and attacked anyway, ignoring the fact that you could potentially make the injury worse and not only stop someone from doing their job, but from doing something they love. How would you feel if someone purposely hurt you and you were told you couldn’t work and do what you love?

    He raises an eyebrow, pausing for a bit before continuing.

    Punk: There is a difference between us though, one that actually makes you worse than me. I realised what I did was stupid and inappropriate and I apologised…at least to Carter anyway…and I didn’t do it to someone who thought I was their friend, someone who thought they could trust me. You did. I thought you were one of the few people I could actually consider a friend and that you were one of the few I could actually trust, but apparently –just like with Vera- I was wrong.

    He lowers his head so that he’s looking at the floor, hoping to hide the sad look in his eyes.

    Punk: *speaking quietly, trying not to sound upset* …Dia do you remember that time backstage where you and Louis were talking to me, trying to convince me I should talk to Vera and ask her out? You pointed out that you kept bugging me about because you cared and wanted to see me happy or something like that; only to tease me later when you re-watched the scene and realised I had tears in my eyes when you both hugged me… You know why they were there? Because for once I actually believed someone truly cared about me and I actually felt like I had some sort of family for once, despite not actually being related. Colt knows he’s always been the closest thing I’ve had to what a real brother should be like; the way you used to always act, looking after us and making sure we ‘behave’ always reminded me of a big sister. When you finally got together with Colt, it seemed more like having an older sister, who happened to be dating my best friend. *he sighs* I guess it was stupid of me though to think I’d ever really have something that even resembles a normal family…

    He trails off, staying silent for a couple of minutes, running a hand through his hair before speaking again.

    Punk: Anyway, none of that really matters right now. What matters is that I’m injured and about to go into an I Quit match against you, where I could very possibly end up having to vacate my title because of your assault. You know as well as I do though that I’m one of the most stubborn people someone could come across in their life; meaning this match could quickly become brutal, probably even bloody. The only way you’re going to get me to say ‘I quit’, is if I’m literally left with no other choice because the referee or medics tell me I absolutely have to; meaning I’d have to be pretty seriously hurt in some way. Or…if I decide I simply don’t want to fight you anymore because you’re too stupid to say the words, I wouldn’t want to go around with the knowledge that someone I care about is seriously hurt because of me on my conscience, I don’t see how anyone would. *he slowly shakes his head* And do you really want to have to explain to Louis if you win that it’s your fault he can’t watch his favourite wrestler on TV because you practically beat them within an inch of their life…? I really don’t want this to have to end like that. I’m sorry my in-ring personality bugs you so much, but if you all saw the ‘real’ Phil Brooks, you’d probably just want the asshole Punk back, because he hides what you’re all better off not seeing.

    Frowning, Punk carefully moves to get up off the couch, pulling a face as he stands.

    Punk: I honestly don’t know why you bothered trying to get me to speak to that blonde whore Vitani calls a friend in the first place if you knew she wasn’t good for me if you wanted me to be ‘happy’… *he shrugs his shoulders* Whatever, I’ll see you in the ring and hopefully this ends the mature way, before anyone ends up in hospital because of stubbornness or stupidity. Right now, I need to go get my knee checked on because apparently I have to be medically cleared to compete now, where before your attack; I just had to be careful. After that, I’m going to go see a friend, one who I know cares and appreciates me for who I am.

    He aims a cold look at the camera, which zooms in just enough to show the hurt he’s trying to hide behind it before walking off screen, the scene fading out.

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    The camera opens up to show Carter Lacroix pacing his office. He's wearing a baby blue suit with a black cowboy hat.

    Carter: I don't care if he's hurt. I have an I Quit match to deliver the people.

    Kane; *he enters the office and takes a seat; arching an eyebrow at Carter as he listens in,this was a different side of him that the larger man was seeing and he didn't like it.*

    Carter: Well you make sure he's there or your fired. Got it? *Carter hangs up the phone and turns to see Kane.* Carter: Hey man, what can I do ya for?

    Kane: Who are we firing and why? *the change was more noticable than before and he couldn't help the slight scowl that crossed his features*

    Carter: Some idiot doctor who said Phil might be better off not fighting. He's medically cleared but they say he's fine. He's gotta fight. Thats our main event.

    Kane; Well if he's medically cleared then you're right he should fight. But if he's not..well then we can't make him; we'll have to just find another main event..

    Carter: He's medically cleared, I know what I'm doing.

    Kane: *his eyes narrow a bit* I trust you Carter however you are starting to sound like him.

    Carter: Which him would you be talking about, Glenn?

    Kane: Your father LaCroix. You know damn well who I'm talking about.

    Carter: I do not sound like him. I care about my employee's.

    [color=darkred]Kane: Funny, you're demanding putting a man in that doctors dn't think should wrestle. That's something that he'd do.

    Carter: This isn't about him or my father. We need to talk about our tag team match.

    Kane: *he drops it for now shaking his head a bit* Who are we facing?

    Carter: *plainly* Sis and Sheamus.

    Kane: Well that shouldn't be too hard. Sheamus might be a little tough but we can take him, take out his legs and he'll go down easy enough.

    Carter: Nolee's not as tough as she seems to be though.

    Kane: I'm not out to hurt Nolee; I'm here to take down Sheamus.

    Carter: *glumly* And leave me to take down my sister...right...Sheamus is the easy one. A few well placed shots to the knees and sides and he'll drop.

    Kane: That may be, but I'm not going after your sister. We can always try to keep her out of the ring and just focus on Sheamus.

    Carter: That sounds like the right thing to do by me. I don't wanna hurt her. Sheamus' fair game.

    Kane: So it's agreed we focus on the irish man until he can't walk and then pin him clean. 1. 2. 3.

    Carter: *shrugs* Or not so clean.

    Kane: *smirks* You're right...or not so clean.

    Carter: Sometimes playing dirty is the only way to get things done. *hesitates* What do we do on the off chance Nolee tags in?

    Kane: If she happens to get in then whoever is in we'll just have to take her out in the least painful way possible.

    Carter: Glenn...I dunno if I can...

    Kane: If she gets in tag me in and I'll take care of it.

    Carter: You can't hurt her. She may be our enemy but she's still my little sister. I don't care if this match is for a future title shot or not.

    Kane: I will not hurt her, or hurt her as little as possible as I take her out of the ring.

    Carter: Thanks. *smiles* Think we can win?

    Kane: *he nods witha smirk* I know we can.

    Carter: We'll be one step closer to them titles

    Kane: They will be ours again before we know it. *smirks as he stands* You alright now boss?

    Carter: I was alright before. *grins*

    Kane: *arches his eyebrow but says nothing* Alright, I'll leave you to your work...just don't over stress.

    Carter: I won't over stress. *smiles and grabs his water* It's times like this I wish I hadn't given up on booze though...

    Kane: You don't need it, trust me on that one.

    Carter: Thanks Glenn. Get some rest before our match man.

    Kane: I will. I'll see you in the ring, remember, leave Nolee to me if it comes down to it.

    Carter: Trust me, it won't be a problem.

    Kane: *he nodded before heading to the door and exiting into the hallway, he didn't like the change he'd seen in Carter but he was determined to keep an eye on him and make sure he didn't change anymore.*

    The camera fades out as Carter watches his tag team partner leave the room.


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    The first thing that is visible as the scene fades in is a blue coloured poster featuring the main characters from the Kingdom Hearts video game. As the camera zooms out, Vitani Summers can be seen sitting nearby in a chair, staring at the poster with a thoughtful look on her face. Slowly, she manages to turn her gaze towards the camera, though she still looks focused on whatever had been on her mind beforehand.

    Vitani: Ever since I first played it, Kingdom Hearts has been one of my favourite games. Although I’m not too fond of all the filler games between the two main titles, one thing that’s always drawn me to the series is the main storyline and the themes it focuses on. The main character is suddenly separated from his two friends and is asked to go around helping a bunch of strangers save their worlds. Despite being busy worrying about all these other problems, he never gives up his goal of finding his friends, even when one turns evil.

    She pauses, playing with her necklace, which is a keyblade; the weapon used by the main character in the game.

    Vitani: As the main character goes on this journey to save worlds and find his friends so they can return home, the boy learns about the light and the darkness that people have inside them.

    She gets up from her seat, going over to where the poster is hanging on the wall, pointing at the long haired male character on the right, who is holding a weapon over one shoulder.

    Vitani: This character, Riku, is one of the main character’s friends he sets out to find; the one who turns ‘evil’. He’s always been my favourite character from the series because of the development he goes through. Just as determined to find their female friend as the main character is, he’s willing to do anything to get her back. He does what he believes is right, even though others around him may not agree that it was…

    She trails off, brushing a bit of hair back behind one ear.

    Vitani: My point is that not everyone has the same views of what is right and what is wrong and in the ladder match, I did what I thought was right. I saw an opportunity to win, by using what resources I had around me and I took it. Being a ladder match, it was no disqualification, anything goes, so I did what any smart person would have done and asked Cody to lend a hand…though he didn’t want to hurt his friend, which is okay because he still helped me win anyway.

    Vitani shrugs, an almost amused look on her face.

    Vitani: Actually I’m surprised my opponent for this pay-per-view didn’t rant about how I hurt Arella by pushing her off the ladder and how Cody helped me considering how many weeks he spent ranting about Nolee’s little trick to beat him. …I guess he doesn’t care about such things if it’s Nolee disadvantaged or just because it wasn’t him it affected. To be honest, I picked him as my opponent simply to see if he would say anything about it, I’m actually kind of disappointed that he didn’t; maybe I’m just still too ‘innocent’ for what I did to be that bad, or maybe it wasn’t bad enough to really draw much attention. I guess I could always try something else to get people to take me more seriously… I am more than just another highflyer and I will make people notice that. *she looks annoyed* I will not be just another ‘fun’ match against another highflyer like Alex. You may never have a plan when you step into the ring Alex, but I do and I’ll be sure it’s one to win. I don’t care if you bring your rookie ‘manager’ because in case you’ve forgotten, my ‘manager’ is also one of the people in charge of this show, so you might want to warn your ignorant little rookie about pissing him off…

    She smirks before giggling, almost as if this is all a game to her.

    Vitani: You Alex, are like Sora, the main character from the Kingdom Hearts game I mentioned. Hopeless without his friends by his side, not having a clue what to do next until someone pretty much points out every last detail of what he has to do and how to do it and always overshadowed in popularity by the smarter, more talented best friend of his, who; like me, is not afraid to do what it takes to win or to get what he wants. For me, the thing I want is to successfully defend my title against you and I plan on doing exactly that; even if I have to bend a few rules…

    She laughs, the camera turning back to the Kingdom Hearts poster, focusing on the Riku character Vitani compared herself to as the scene fades out.

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