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    Post  Admin on Mon Mar 19, 2012 4:59 pm

    All promos are due here no later than Sunday midnight.

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    Post  Admin on Fri Mar 23, 2012 4:43 am

    We open up on the attack of Carter by the hands of Kane. The motion plays in slow motion, the sickening crack of the chair he hit him with echoing loudly. The screen then goes black, the sound of guitar strings being heard. When it comes back up, it's still mostly black save for Carter sitting on a stool with a his black cowboy hat pulled over his eyes and his black guitar with red strap around his neck. His red and black flannel button up top fits closely to him and his jeans are made of leather.

    Carter: *singing* Ain't no grave can hold my body down
    Ain't no grave can hold my body down
    When I hear that trumpet sound
    I'm gonna rise right outta the ground
    Ain't no grave can hold my body down

    Carter looks up, lifting the brim of his cowboy hat off of his eyes cold and harsh. His face is unlike we've seen it before: cold and without the faint traces of the smile or smirk that usually cross his lips. He lowers his cowboy hat and leans back, making it obvious that there is a wall behind him to support him.

    Carter: Since the moment that he attacked me, only one thing has played over and over and over in my mind. It wasn't how bad he hurt me. It wasn't the fact that I was scared of what I had done to upset him. It was that I needed to protect my family. That I needed to make sure Kane didn't lay hands on dad or Nolee. I failed at that. I failed at saving my sister from Kane. I failed at protecting dad from Kane. But there's one thing that I won't fail at. I won't fail at this opportunity to decimate him.

    Carter leans forward, a dark look in his eyes.

    Carter: You say that the problem I have is caring to much? Kane, you don't know the powers that love and a good family can provide. Your own brother tried to kill you. Maybe he sensed the evil and darkness that you have in your heart and wanted to spare the world of that. Maybe he knew that you would cause everyone you ever met nothing but pain and heartache. I've heard of how great and terrible a man Mark Calloway, the man you call The Undertaker and a brother is. Problem is, I've heard more of how great he is than of how terrible. I've heard how he's turned the lives of men around by a single act. Darkness is a terrible thing Kane. But there's something in each of us that is dark. There's something in me that can destroy careers, can tear apart lives. But there's something else in me.

    The lights come on, showing the whiteness of the room. Carter stands, a smile on his face. He looks around, Nolee and Jerry standing behind him now. They each put a hand on his shoulder and nod as he continues talking.

    Carter: I have good in me. When I see a man like you, I wonder if you'll ever be happy. Who could ever care for such a beast. But I know my family loves and cares about me. I'm not doing this for me, Kane, I'm doing this for my family. I will destroy you and the rumors you have started about my father. I will crush you like the flames you hold most dear are crushed by water. I am going to win because if I don't I know you will just come after them. I hope you're ready for me, Glenn, because I'm most certainly ready for you.

    The camera fades out on the smiling faces of the Lacroix-Lawler family.

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    Post  Admin on Sat Mar 24, 2012 12:03 am

    We see black and white footage of Wade Barrett holding the CWA championship over his head. Then we see footage of him losing it to Christian. The camera fades out and for a moment all we hear is the silence of a room before we hear the words, "Marry Me" followed by a squeak of "yes". When the camera comes up we see Wade standing in a suit, looking at himself in the mirror with a smile. Taped to the corner of the mirror is a picture of Belle and himself at the beach.

    Wade: *turns to look at the camera* Before I met Belle, I thought I was destined to be alone forever. I saw how happy everyone was. Nolee had Sheamus, Carter and Jay were flirting with each other. I even remembered how Justin and Heath were together. I filled in my void with meaningless title shots. My job became my life. The titles meant that I was loved, needed. After all, my family didn't want me. My father, few people know, tried to kill me when I was a child. When I grew up I learned that I was only to rely on me.

    Wade turns from the mirror and smiles softly, running a hand through his hair.

    Wade: And then I met her. She was everything that I needed. She was the light to my darkness, the beauty to my strength. Not that she isn't strong as I am of course, she's every bit as strong as I am. She gave me my faith in humankind again, she taught me that I didn't have to just rely on myself. I thank her everyday for that. We helped each other to grow. I was CWA champion at that time and when I lost it, I'll admit I was devestated. I still don't fully believe I lost it to Christian fair and square but I accept it. And then when I saw Belle win it from Sheamus who had beat Christian for it? I was ecstatic. We celebrated so much that night.

    Wade laughs and sits down on the bench, unlacing his tennis shoes to start putting on his boots.

    Wade: *not looking at the camera* And then she named me as the number one contender. I...I love her. I really do. But she put me in a position where I'm supposed to attack her for my chance at a title. I refuse to hurt her but I will give a fight that the fans will remember. I will make sure that they remember this match, that this is the match of the upcoming year. Fiance versus fiance. Lover versus lover.

    Wade looks up and he runs a hand through his hair.

    Wade: Now if you would excuse me, I need to change.

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    Post  Christian on Sat Mar 24, 2012 2:46 am

    The camera slowly fades in on a small sidewalk cafe, where CWA stars Christian and Alex are sitting and talking. Christian seems more relaxed then he has been in a few weeks and Alex is grinning at see his friend doing better. Alex's grin grows bigger when he sees his boyfriend Casey walks up to them, he stands and gives him a quick kiss.

    Alex: Hey baby! So you are going to help with our promo today?

    Casey: *smiles and nods* Of course I'm going to help.

    Christian: *smiles* Hey Casey.

    Casey: Hey Jay. *smiles back at him*

    Alex: *smiles and sits down, pulling Casey to sit next to him* This is so awesome, me and Christian are going for the tag titles!

    Casey: *leans against Alex, grinning* I know, you two will be a great team.

    Christian: *nods* Yeah hopefully.

    Alex: *grins* We will be, plus we will have an awesome manager.

    Casey: Doesn't Jay normally?

    Alex: Yes, but now he is our team manager. *grins*

    Christian: True.... *chuckles softly before freezing when he hears Lucas*

    Lucas: *smirks* Hey babe.

    Christian: *grows quieter* Hey...

    Lucas: *smiles* Talking with the boys?

    Christian: *nods* Yeah...

    Alex: *glares at Lucas* We are talking about our match.

    Lucas: Oh the match that should have been me.

    Alex: *rolls his eyes* I think it is better this way.... Two "real" tag team wrestlers...

    Lucas: I was the first ever CWA Tag team champion, Alex.

    Alex: Everyone knows Carter did all the work.....

    Lucas: Are you kidding me? I did all the work.

    Alex: Right.... *rolls his eyes*

    Lucas: Anyways, I just came to see Jay.

    Alex: Okay you saw him, now please leave... We have to work on our promo.

    Lucas: *rolls his eyes* Fine, fine.

    Casey rolls his eyes at Lucas, Lucas leaves the room.

    Alex: *smirks as he watches Lucas leave before turning to Jay* You okay Jay?

    Christian: *nods slowly* Yeah.....

    Alex: Jay..... *sighs* Jay you cannot let him do this to you, stand up for yourself! This is not like you man, even when you where having trouble with Kurt in TNA you never let him walk all over you.... Do you know how much everyone hate seeing you like this? AJ, Kaz, Daniels..... Everyone backstage at TNA is worried about you. Hell even Kurt is... No I will do you one better. Samoa Joe is worried about you and you know how rarely Joe gives a shit about anyone... AJ keeps saying he is going to come down and kick his ass if Lucas does not stop hurting you and I know he would bring Tomko with him too.... We all want the our Jay back, the one that was fun to be with and would not hesitate to stand up for himself. It kills all of us to see Lucas call you weak, especially Adam.....

    Christian: *looks down* I.... I hate what he does.... But he keeps threatening Addy...

    Edge: I can look after myself Jay-Jay...

    Christian quickly turns before getting up and hugging his best friend tightly.

    Edge: *smiles before sitting down, pulling Jay will him* Okay enough talk about that prick, talking about him will not win you two those tag team titles.

    Casey: *smiles and looks at Christian* One of the people you're going against is Wade, should be easy for you right?

    Christian: *smiles softly* In theory yes, I mean probably every time I have faced him here I have won. But Wade is a tough opponent and it will take our all to beat this team of Justin and Wade.

    Casey: *nods* True, but you and Alex are tough too.

    Alex: *smiles and squeezes Casey's hand softly* We have to be in this business, the smaller you are the more people think they can roll over you. But we are not the types that you can just roll over; we have shown we can hang with some of the best.

    Casey: I know you have. *kisses his cheek*

    Alex: *smiles and hugs Casey tighter* You know this is going to be a great tag team for the CWA, I mean we have Christian and Alex Shelley. Two of members of two amazing tag teams, E&C and the Motorcity Machine Guns.

    Casey: *nods* You're both great wrestlers on your own too, don't forget that part.

    Edge: *nods and grins* Especially since one of you is a former CWA Champion and won the title off of Wade...

    Alex: *chuckles* Jay has taken Wade's ego down every time they have fought.

    Casey: *laughs* That's always a good thing. It'll probably be the same this time too.

    Christian: *smiles* Hopefully, it would be nice to hold tag team gold again. And to work with a great partner like Alex is going to be awesome, plus I believe Wade said he wasn't going to be interested in the tag match as much as his match with Belle..... Which means he is not going to be all there for this match, he does not value holding the tag titles highly... *pauses* Which means his heart is not going to be in this match, see he thinks the tag titles are not important. To me and Alex tag team titles are a special thing, tag teams mean you get to show the fans something amazing in the ring. Especially when your high flyers, you get to take the crowds breath away and that is the best thing in this world...

    Edge gives a slightly sad smile, his eyes showing he remembers the feeling.

    Alex: *nods before continuing for Christian* The fans are one of the reasons we try so hard in the ring, sometimes it does not matter if we win or lose as long as we can make the fans happy.

    Edge: You know speaking as someone who started out in tag teams, Wade does not understand what makes tag teams so special. I mean look at my career, I have done probably almost everything in this business. I have held a lot of titles and have wrestled a lot of different types of matches, but even with everything I have done.... *pauses for a second to keep his emotions in check* Tag teaming with Jay has always one of the most dear thing in my heart, working with a best friend or even just a friend is a special thing. I know Jay and Alex know what I am talking about, Wade does not understand the feeling though.... And I don't think he ever will. *eyes start to tear up a little bit*

    Christian: *hugs Edge before looking back at Casey* And that is why I think we have a really good chance of winning at the pay-per-view.

    Casey: *nods, smiling softly* Now if you compare it to how Wade's been in all his teams... *grins* Well I think you and Lexie have this one covered.

    Alex: *grins* Of course we have this covered, *kisses the top of Casey's head* Come on guys let's go pay and explore the city for a while.

    Christian, Edge and Casey all agree and start getting up, Alex smiles and shares a look with Christian. They do not know if they will win or not at they pay-per-view, but they are ready to try. The camera slowly starts to fade out on the group.


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    Post  Guest on Sat Mar 24, 2012 9:05 pm

    *The sound of humming is heard as the camera enters the house. The camera makes it's way up the stairs. It makes its way down the corridor as the humming gets louder and enters a room with Belle sitting at a desk. She is flipping through an album. Smiling she looks up*

    Belle:I remember when I first met Wade. He doesn't seem to but I do,see I was in the crowd at a WWE match when I first saw him. *Chuckles* That night I knew that he was way more than he seemed. Even just standing there he gave off the whole 'too tough for love' vibe but I knew better. Now fast forward a few years and here we are. *Turns the page of the album to one of Wade and herself laughing at something* And he still doesn't remember that night. He remembers the night I went to him locker room and practically seduced him,wasn't that hard. Not when someone like him is just begging for love in such silence.

    *She sighs as she looks to the title belts sitting side by side on a desk next to her.The sun is hitting them and giving off the gold glint*

    Belle:He thinks he got me because he was the champion,that's not why he did. He got me because underneath all of that hard exterior was a guy who needed love. And in me he found that. I'm happy to give it to him,always. Some people think I gave him the title shot because of the fact that we are engaged. They are wrong. I gave it to him because he deserves it. But this,I never expected this. I never expected that he would become title hungry so much that it didn't seem to matter he was facing his very own fiance. The fans will get what they want,a great match against two of the strongest in CWA. I will not let him just take it from me no matter how much I love him. No,he is in for a fight and Im sure he expects not less.

    *Belle stands with a slight smirk and winks*

    Belle:He knew what he was getting into when he asked me to be his forever.

    *Fades out as the camera goes from Belle to focus of the belts with the sun hitting them.*
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    Post  Angel James on Sun Mar 25, 2012 7:47 am

    The camera fades in on the door to the arena as Vixxen's champion Angel James walks in, She smiles as she looks around, missing the feel of the arena after being forced to stay home for two weeks. She puts her bag down as she spots the camera.

    Angel: Well hello there my friend, it has been a while has it not?

    Pete: *smiles* Hey Angel, it is good to see you back and it has been a while. Are you finally feeling better?

    Angel: *nods with a smile* Yes I am and am very glad to be back, it was hard not being able to do what I love for two weeks..... *frowns and mutters in Italian* Thanks to Kane....

    Pete: You are lucky it was not for more then to weeks though....

    Angel: *sighs* True my friend, but it does not change the fact that I am pissed at him.....

    Pete: I think anybody would be, I mean he took you out for two weeks right before your match!

    Angel: *snorts* Because he was scared of the chance he would lose to a Vixxen.... *chuckles* And than how scary would he have been as a monster if he lost to a woman.

    Pete: *chuckles softly* Angel you have got to be the bravest woman I know, Kane scares most people and yet you sound completely unafraid....

    Angel: Not completely my friend, but I am sick of his actions towards the Vixxen's.

    Pete: *nods* I think everybody is, so did you watch the show while you were out?

    Angel: Yes I did, I have to say I found everything happening very interesting. Of course I was not surprised to see Lucas acting like a jerk, poor Jay.

    Pete: *nods* Yeah... *gives a small smile* Are you looking forward to your match with Vitani?

    Angel: *smiles brightly* Of course, it is always fun to wrestle a friend in the ring and this is Vitani's first shot at the Vixxen's title. I am honored that I get to face my friend; we are going to have an amazing match together and show the world why the CWA Vixxen's are the best. *pauses* But please make no mistake, I will defend this title. I will not hold back my friend, I am Vixxen's champion for a reason and that reason is because I refuse to give up. I promise that I am going to give my all my friend and I know you will too, I guess we can only wait and see the outcome of this match. But I promise I will do everything to make sure I am the one still with the belt at the end of the night, good luck my friend.

    Pete: I wish you luck Angel, I think you will need it. *pauses* So what will you do if you lose your title tonight?

    Angel: *smiles* Congratulate my dear friend, go back to my locker room and figure out what my next match is and move on.

    Pete: *smiles softly* So how is Petey doing in Japan?

    Angel: He is doing fine, getting ready to finally come back to being my manager again and I could not be happier. I have missed him a lot; it will be good to have him here again. But I am glad he had a good time over there.

    Pete: *nods* Are.... Are you finally going to tell us who that man that came to see you about a month ago was?

    Angel: *sighs and nods* Yes..... *murmurs quietly in Italian* He was my father.....

    Pete: *eyes grow wide* You... You mean...?

    Angel: *nods again* Yes, that is the man that abandoned me and my mother.....

    Pete: What did he want?

    Angel: He wanted to get to know me..... And to introduce me to my half-brothers..... *sighs* I was confused about it for a while.... Still am, but I wanted to at least meet my brothers..... And I am glad I did, but I am still not sure what to feel about.... Him, my father. *shakes head* He raped my mother before he abandoned her.... My poor mother was all alone and yet she still kept me, I now realise just how amazing my dear momma was... And how lucky I was, maybe someday I can be half the woman she was. *smiles sadly*

    Pete: I think you already are.

    Angel: Thank you my friend, your words are very kind.... *smiles* Well I must go get ready; I have a big match coming up.

    Pete smiles and nods, Angel picks her bag up and started to head down the hallway. The camera watches her walk before slowly fading out as she walks into her locker room with an air of confidence.


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    Post  Vitani on Sun Mar 25, 2012 10:26 am

    Vitani is seen sitting at a dresser with her back to the camera, looking in the mirror as she brushes her hair, which has been dyed red. She’s dressed in a cute looking green and purple outfit, jewellery and make-up laid out in front of her on the dresser. She smiles when she sees the reflection of Maria standing nearby and puts down her brush, waving at Maria.

    Vitani: Hello Maria.

    Maria: Hey, nice hair.

    Vitani: *chuckles* Thanks, dyed it special for the pay-per-view.

    Maria: Oh right, you’re up against your friend Angel again?

    Vitani: I am. *nods* And just like every other time, I’m sure it’ll be hard to do this promo. She is my team mate after all…and my best friend.

    Maria: But it's for the title. You could be the one to break the record that Angel loses the title to. Doesn't that excite you at all?

    Vitani: *turns on her seat to face Maria, smiling* Of course it does, it would be great if I won it after Angel’s held it so long. I started here after they’d already crowned the first Vixxens’ champ, so it’s also my first shot at winning the title. To be honest, I’m almost to nervous to be excited about it.

    Maria: Are you willing to do anything to get it? I mean, we've heard a lot about the champions being very fierce to each other for this pay per view.

    Vitani: Well I’m hardly going to go out there just to hurt her. I’m going to fight my hardest, but I’m going to do so in a fair fight, like I’ve done with everyone else. I don’t see why anyone should fight anything but a fair fight; even in matches like the one Carter’s got is fair, in the way that they’re both free to use what they want to their advantage.

    Maria: So if you got the chance to cheat thanks to Cody you wouldn't do it?

    Vitani: What? No, of course not… I was annoyed enough as it is when he attacked people like the guys I’ve fought since he showed up; most of which did nothing wrong. If I was against Lucas with his unnecessary violence, maybe I’d consider letting Cody do something if it got out of hand, but never against Angel. If I win the title, I don’t want to feel guilty about it because Cody helped by interfering.

    Maria: I know the fans are looking forward to it. Think this will affect the Nocta Hemata?

    Vitani: I’d be worried if the fans weren’t looking forward to this match, both of us put everything we have into all of our matches, especially ones like this. I don’t think it’ll affect the team, we aren’t Foreign Legion and we aren’t the Legacy, we aren’t going to tear each other apart as soon as a title’s mentioned or simply use each other then walk away, or Cody would have done so when Angel and I had the tag titles. Besides, Angel doesn’t really seem like one to hold a grudge unless the person truly does deserve it and I’m hardly going to start backstabbing people all of a sudden, least of all Angel.

    Maria: So do you think Angel will get mad if you win the title from her?

    Vitani: I’m not sure, but I really hope not. I’m more worried she’ll still be hurt and won’t be at her best after that attack from Kane. Poor Angel didn’t deserve what happened; no one Kane’s hurt, or wants to hurt does. But then there have been those moments where she’s lashed out in a heel-ish way recently, against Sheamus even.

    Maria: She's done that against her oldest friend from the CWA, do you think she'll do that against you?

    Vitani: Maybe… *frowns* But I hope not. Especially seeing as, like I said, I don’t plan on doing such a thing. If I’m fighting fair, I’d hope for the same in return, but in the wrestling business, it’s always better to expect the worst, to avoid being caught off guard I’ve learned.

    She turns back to the mirror, putting in a pair of earrings.

    Maria: *smiles* I think you'll make a good champ if you win. *she twirls a bit of hair around a finger as she thinks* If you do win, who would be your number one contender?

    Vitani: *smiles* Thanks. Um… I honestly have no idea who I’d pick, I haven’t thought about it really. I’ll have to win the title first before being able to answer that.

    Maria: Any thing else you want to say?

    Vitani: Well…it would be nice if people stopped assuming Cody is always going to show up in my matches to ‘help’. I can win on my own, which I have proved before. If it weren’t a title match, he probably wouldn’t even come out to the ring with me this week. He doesn’t even really talk about my work here much at all lately.

    Maria: Oh… *nods* It was nice talking to you Vi. We should go out and have drinks sometime.

    Vitani: *nods* We should. That’s actually where I’m headed now, going to meet up with Cody before flying out for the pay-per-view. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if you came along; if you’re free.

    Maria: Oh he might not mind but I think that Tino would. I'm going to dinner with him soon.

    Vitani: *laughs* Ah okay. Some other time then huh?

    Maria: *nods* Yeah, why don't you, Cody, Tino and I go out to dinner sometime?

    Vitani: *nods* Sure, it’ll be fun.

    Maria smiles and gives her a friendly hug as she leaves. Vitani then goes to start putting on a thin layer of lipstick, a small smile on her face and a hopeful look in her eyes as the camera fades out.
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    Post  Drew McIntyre on Sun Mar 25, 2012 11:15 pm

    We see the camera focus in on Drew. He's sitting in a chair with a photo ablum open in front of him as he idly flips through the pages, running his fingers over dogeared and glossy photo's alike.

    Drew: It's no secret that I dislike Sheamus, no secret at all. But there was a the beginning when things could have been different, perhaps we could have been friends. But I guess it wasn't meant to be, in the IwW our competitiveness overwhelmed us and instead of us leaving it in the ring we let it color our every day lives.

    *FLASHBACK* We see a younger looking Drew, his hair tied back as he tries to lock up with Sheamus in the middle of the ring, they do a fair bit of chain wrestling before Sheamus over powers him and it's only Drew's quickness that keeps him afloat in the match. It comes to a draw when Drew's cohorts join in and they gang up on Sheamus, the trio leave the ring under loud shouts of SOS as things come pelting their way.

    In the back Drew strips out of his gear and stows it away, laughing and trading some good natured barbs with some of the fellow wrestlers. Sheamus comes pushing past him and about knocks him to the ground. "Hey! Watch it you over grown lout!" Sheamus turns around and smirks as he gets himself undressed. "Many pardons Scottish whelp, just in a hurry for me big date taenight. Perhaps ye ken her, Briana?"

    Drew's face pales and his fists ball at his side, in the end he backs off, if Briana was going to go behind his back to lay with the large red headed bungler he didn't want her. The issue was dropped but from then on he made it a point to go after each and every person that Sheamus did until they came to blows and snarled insults the moment they entered the room.

    Drew: Then I left IwW and made my way across the pond here to the States where I joined the ranks of WWE hopefuls and worked harder than the rest; my perseverance catching the eye of someone that could change my life. And it did, Shawn Michaels backed me and put me before Vince and stated that I was going to be the next big thing, that I was the golden boy. So imagine my surprise when I seen the big Irish bastard walking into the gym and smirking as he set his bag down.

    *FLASHBACK* He couldn't believe his eyes, there standing looking as if he had won ever title known to man was Sheamus, the red brush like hair longer than he remembered but the smirk still the same. Drew had never been afraid of Sheamus, had never backed down, but this was his new start, his place to shine and do the things that he'd prefected the years before in the IwW.

    "Well, look wot we have here. A darlin' little Scottish princess. Did ole, Mac need a water boy for training?" Sheamus's laughter stung and it took all that Drew had not to reach out and belt him.

    "Of course not. I'm joining the Smackdown Roster in August. Shawn Michaels has appointed me the chosen one."

    "August ay? Well don't ye ken that I'll be on the RAW Roster starting in June. McMahon's own son-in-law picked me. Guess he really has an eye for talent that mon."

    Glares were traded and then Sheamus was whisked away by Hunter's professional team of trainers and it was the last time he seen the Irish brute until they were both on their respective brands.

    Drew: I went on to feud with Matt Hardy and then got traded to RAW, things were looking up. And then I seen her. Nolee Lacroix. I didn't dare approach her at first, and it was really only after a few drinks that I could talk to her, but I loved her. I knew it before we even spoke one or two words. How ever I did know that Jerry wouldn't approve of me because of my standing in the company. I worked hard to come up in the standings but then Jerry split away and I became more focused on my career. I never thought that I'd see Nolee here in CWA, but when we reconnected...*he blushes as he looks down anyways to find out that Sheamus has usurped me and moved in. It's just like our one upmanship has started over again.

    The camera pulls back and Drew slams the photo album shut and pushes it away standing and running his fingers through his hair before turning and facing the camera.

    Drew: Sheamus, you're not going to win this time. I'm going to take you out if it's the last thing I do. They say 'Let the best man win' well I'm the better man and I'm going to leave you laying in the ring.

    Camera fades out on Drew turning his back to it and pulling the photo album to him again and thumbing the pictures before throwing the heavy book across the room

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    Post  Kane on Sun Mar 25, 2012 11:56 pm

    It's dark out, just the dancing of a fire in the middle of a field is all that is present; the flickering sending eery shadows over everything present. We can hear Kane but we can't see him in the gloom.

    Kane: Ready for me? You're ready for me. *he comes into view of the flames, the fire dancing on his exposed features* You think that by using my given name that you're going to rattle me? Bigger men than you have tried and bigger than you have failed. You think that by defeating me will keep your family out of my sights? No, you leave me injured that gives me time to concoct, to plant and come back twice as angry as before. Give me time to learn the schedules and mange to get them alone. Being on the injured list lets me spend more time following them and less time worrying about the sorry matches that Jerry keeps booking me in.

    Kane comes more towards the fire, his brothers' leather coat in one hand and his hat in the other. With careless flick of his wrist he tosses them both in the fire; the coat slightly smoldering before bursting into flames. He walks around the fire, running his hands through the jumping orange flames before moving back into the darkness.

    Kane: My brother is a horrible man, and perhaps what you say is true, perhaps he wanted to spare the world from my darkness. However my brother is also a failure, he failed at killing me and he's failed at showing himself to me like a man and taking the beating he so richly deserves. *he laughs as he moves back into the light and an old prop crown that Jerry would walk to the ring with is in his hands* I guess your father and my brother aren't that different under it all. Men who hide behind their age, and their built up ivory towers. Neither one will meet me one on one, neither one will own up to the atrocities that they've committed against me, against others, and against themselves. They say they've seen the error of their ways...wrong, other seen the errors and they had to back peddle to avoid looking like the parasites they are.

    [i]The area suddenly goes dark except for one small burning ember in the bottom of the pit. Kane's voice is heard clearly as he fans the small ember back to life.

    Kane: You want to know the funny thing about flames Carter Lacroix? You can snuff a fire, but as long as one ember is still hto and glowing it can come back...and ten times worse than before. You can take me out for a bit, but remember, once my ember comes back to life, there is there no where that you and your family can hide from me.

    The yellow and orange flames lick upwards into the dark sky as Kane continues to laugh. As the camera pans in on the flames we see pictures being added, some of Kane in Smokey Mountain Wresting with Jerry and some of him and Undertaker as children, each picture is nearly the same, the other party is laughing while Kane scowls at the camera. All too soon the fire eats through the shiny pictures and all that is left is the curled edges. All goes black on Kane's laughter as the camera pans out*


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    Wade walks through the house he’s currently staying at: the home of Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater. Passing by one room he hears sound coming from the other side and enters the room to see Justin sitting in front of the television, watching the breakup of the Nexus. He clears his throat so that Justin can hear him and sits next to him.

    Wade: Something bothering you?

    Justin looks at him and shrugs his shoulders before looking back at the television.

    Justin: Does it look like something is?

    Wade: *looks at the television before looking at Justin* Why are you watching this? We’ve got a tag team match coming up, this sort of thing shouldn’t be the tag team things you watch…

    Justin sighs and pauses it before looking back at Wade.

    Justin: Because... With the way you've been acting lately, *he hesitates for a few seconds* I'm worried this will happen again.

    Wade: Of course it won’t. I’ve learned more since then. I know what matters in life. I’ve changed from the man I was back then to who I am now and I’m not changing back. I like the new me. The new me who actually has friends.

    Justin: I know that, but you've also showed signs of that old self and you don't really seem to care much about the match...

    Wade: I just…I didn’t mean to say that. I just want the CWA title. I want to be someone again, not having to rely on others. For so long, I didn’t have to care what others thought, what others said. Now I have you and Belle and Heath relying on me again. *sighs* Did you see our opponents promo?

    Justin watches Wade as he speaks with a frown.

    Justin: I don't rely on you, I can do stuff for myself. *pauses for a few seconds* But yes, I did see. They have a little blond cheerleader and a retired, moody manager.

    Wade: *chuckles* You do rely on me for tag matches. We’re a team. A team needs both halves to work. *shakes his head* Anyways, yes, they have both a little blonde cheerleader and a retired, moody manager. For some reason, however, I still fear Adam more than I do Jay. I understand that I’ve never met him but I want him to understand that only once was it for the title and I was not 100%.

    Justin: Not entirely, otherwise I'd not step in the ring at all during tag matches. But I'm aware it needs both halves. You're the one that made it seem as if you didn't care for the team at all, not me. *he smiles a little, running a hand through his hair* It's easy to fear Adam more, Jay's gone soft compared to how he used to be; more so now that he has Lucas hanging around.

    Wade: I feel sorry for him but I’m not going to take it easy on him. *smiles* Do you know that if I win the CWA championship and we keep the tag titles, I’ll belong to a club that only Angel and Belle belong to. If I manage to win, I’ll be the only male superstar to hold two titles at the same time. *smiles* I think we can hold on to them.

    Justin: *nods* I know you will be and I'd be happy for you, unless of course the power all goes to your head again. You don't know that it won't happen again, I've seen the look you get when thinking about it Wade.

    Wade: Do you know why I love the power I get from that championship Justin? *he doesn’t wait for Justin to respond before answering his own question* Because I was powerless for so long. I was at the mercy of others. I swore to myself that it would never happen again. And it hasn’t. I won’t let it. *smiles* But what we need to worry about it our tag match. Justin, Alex is good. Very good.

    Justin: *frowns, sounding bitter as he speaks* Yeah, I know he is. I've been against him before. He's strong and he's fast...

    Wade: Which means that one of us has to focus on him. You can take Christian. They’re right, I’ve never pinned him. But Alex? I’ve beaten Alex before. *smirks* You take care of blondie and I’ll take care of Alex. Plus, we have Heath if Adam decides to step out of line.

    Justin: Okay... *nods* But I've never pinned Christian either. So I can't garuntee that that plan will work. Heath will gladly help though if Adam tries something.

    Wade: *nods* I know . He use to do that sort of thing for us all the time. Any other tactics that you want to work on?

    Justin: We all used to do that when the other needed it. *smiles* We need to work on slowing Alex down...I know by my own high flying moves that it'll help a lot if we do that.

    Wade: You know…*smirks* we could always do that before the match…

    Justin: We could, *nods* but that's exactly what I meant about the idea of power getting to you. That's what we used to do in the Nexus. *he gestures to the paused video on the screen*

    Wade: *frowns* That wasn't the problem in the Nexus. We all did that to anyone we didn't like. It was good team ethic.

    Justin: Yeah, I know that. I know it worked well and made the team strong; but we can't just rely on cheating to win.

    Wade: *sighs* Fine, fine. You wanna go on in and train for a little bit? We’ve got to be in spot on shape for this.

    Justin nods and turns off the television before getting up.

    Justin: *quietly* ...I never said no, I just said we can't rely on it. *he pauses and speaks normally again* We do have to be at our best though, this match is hardly going to be easy.

    Wade: I take my career very seriously Justin and I never give anything but 200% in any match that I am in.

    He chuckles as they leave for the gym as the camera fades out.

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    The camera fades in on Sheamus, who is sitting with his arms folded, shaking his head. As the camera slowly zooms out, it shows there's a wrestling ring in the background behind him, posters of major wrestling companies' stars and pay-per-views hung on the walls, hinting that it's a developmental wrestling company's ring, like the ones Sheamus first wrestled in.

    Sheamus: My rivalry with Drew McIntyre started in a place like this. A wrestling business so small, most people haven't heard of it unless they've been there themselves. I saw Drew's promo, he made me look as if I'm the one who's caused all the problems. Yeah I bugged him, but I never actually did steal his girlfriend, I just at the time liked messin' with people. Actually, I still do, just not as much as I used to. *he smiles* Drew thought there would have been a possibility of us being friends if we didn't let our professional stuff get in the way of our personal lives, but I highly doubt that. All over the world, not just in the wrestling business, there are people who just weren't ever meant to get along. I think we're another example of that.

    He runs a hand through his firey orange hair, sighing.

    Sheamus: I'll admit I picked on Drew a lot, but backstage a lot of people pick on others, even the non wrestling staff members; for example most of the members of the CWA roster have been picked on by that Casey fella when he used to write his blogs. Hell I picked on both Carter and Nolee on the first day here...until she kicked me. *he rolls his eyes* I'll also admit that Drew is in fact a talented wrestler, but he just has a personality that I can't stand, along with his Scottish accent...which annoys the hell outta me. Everyone has rivals, Drew is mine. Why does it have to be so difficult for people to understand? No I won't team with him like people have suggested, I'd just end up either ignoring him, or attacking him instead if he showed me up. I'm not going to hang out with people if he's there, because we'd probably end up arguing and ruin everyone's day and I'm not going to apologize for the things I've said to him in the past; not if every other person in the world who's bugged someone simply because they can or don't like them doesn't.

    He glances at the ring in the background, where two people are training.

    Sheamus: Drew, yeh reckon you'll win this time because you're the 'better man'? Who's the one that came here and started dating someone he knew already had someone? It's not my fault yeh didn't act when yeh had the chance in the WWE to ask her out and I can't help it if I just happened to fall for the same girl as you. You're just jealous because I actually did something about it. You're jealous I beat you to it. You want to try take me out? Fine. I've stopped people from beating me when they've wanted what I have before. I've even beat the 'criminally insane' Lucas. You're lucky I haven't come after yeh yet like I did to him, though the only reason I haven't is because I don't want to upset Nolee. Feel free to try and take me down, but I'm not going to make it easy for yeh, which you should have learnt by now. *He pauses for a few seconds before continuing* As much as I don't like yeh, I wish you good luck, you'll need it if yeh plan on trying to beat me at all, which I don't plan on lettin' yeh do. But like you said, may the best man win.

    Sheamus smirks and gets up, the camera fading out.

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