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    Alex Shelley
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    Post  Alex Shelley on Wed Jan 25, 2012 1:40 am

    The camera fades in on a small empty bar, the camera starts to zoom in on the small stage in the bar where people are setting up for that night. As the camera zooms even closer it shows on of the guys setting up to be Alex Shelley. He grins and stops when he sees the camera before jumping off the stage when he sees Casey.

    Alex: Hey baby.

    Casey: *grins* Hey Lexie! *moves to hug him*

    Alex: *hugs Casey* I thought you weren't coming over until later baby?

    Casey: *shrugs* I had nothing better to do... You need any help?

    Alex: *sits down* No the others are almost done setting up. *gently pulls Casey next to him*

    Casey: Oh, okay. *smiles and leans against him* who are you up against this week?

    Alex: *pauses and thinks for a second* Nolee, Ryder and Christian.

    Casey: Wow...all three of them? What for? *looks confused* ...I haven't seen the matches they've got planned yet.

    Alex: Yep all three of them, it’s a four-way match for the number one contender spot for the Five Nations title.

    Casey: Oh...have you even been up against each of them before?

    Alex: Nope.... Well I worked with Christian in TNA, but I never really wrestled him.... But I never have wrestled the others before, so this should be interesting. *grins*

    Casey: Duh, you're in it. *smiles and laughs* think you can win?

    Alex: *laughs and gives a cocky grin* Hello I am Alex Shelley, hell yes I think I can win. *gives Casey a light kiss*

    Casey: *blushes slightly and laughs at him* Right, like I could forget that. You think you have any advantages over them?

    Alex: No not really, if you look at it I am underdog of this match.

    Casey: How so? *frowns slightly*

    Alex: I do not have the best record so far here in the CWA....

    Casey: That doesn't mean you aren't good, some of the others have similar problems....

    Alex: *smiles softly* I know I am good; it is a question of can I catch a break and win this match.

    Casey: Well it's not like you haven't won any beat Justin Gabriel right?

    Alex: Yeah I did.... *pauses* But then I lost three weeks in a row.

    Casey: Have you seen Nolee's win loss record from when she started? She didn't do so well back then....

    Alex: True.... *starts thinking*

    Casey: *after watching quietly for a bit* okay?

    Alex: *breaks out of thought* Of course I am ok baby, *smiles* I was just thinking about my match.

    Casey: *smiles and kisses his cheek* What about it?

    Alex: I am wondering if they are ready to face me, *grins* Because I sure as hell will be ready to face them. *kisses Casey's cheek*

    Casey: *grins* That's more like it. Anyone in particular you'll focus on in the match?

    Alex: No not really, the key is to make sure nobody gets that pin before you so I will have to be vigilant.

    Casey: *nods* Good thing you're often hyper then, huh? *laughs*

    Alex: *laughs* Yes in this case it is a great thing baby.

    Casey: *giggles*As long as you aren't too hyper, you need to be able to concentrate too.

    Alex: *chuckles and fakes a pout* I never get too hyper.....

    Casey: *pokes his side* Stop that. You don't I guess...compared to others.

    Alex: *grins* I think I know who you are talking about.... *pauses* Oh Chris and his girlfriend are here, come on I promised I would introduce you. *stands up*

    Casey: *grins* Oh...really? *looks slightly nervous*

    Alex: *smiles gently and wraps his arm around Casey* It is going to be okay, they will love you and plus Angel will be here.

    Casey: And what if they don't...?

    Alex: They will and if they don't then I don't care what they say. *kisses Casey* Love you....

    Casey: *smiles and blushes* I love you too.

    Alex smiles before kissing the top of Casey's head and starts to lead Casey over to his friends. The camera slowly fades out right as the two reach the others.

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    A shadow of Belle Moore is seen behind a dressing shade. Stepping out we get a look at her Pay-Per-View outfit. It's a corset with strings hanging on the bottom with a skirt and fishnets. The whole outfit is black and green and topped off with black wrestling shoes. A knock is heard as Belle sits at a vanity.

    Belle:*yells as she puts on her eyeliner* Come in!

    Shannon:*Enters the room looking angry as he marches up to Belle* What the hell were you thinking last week?

    Belle:Well hello to you too Shanny. And you mean other than winning a title and being the first ever to hold it?

    Shannon:Cut the innocent act Belle Marie you know that's not what I meant. I mean with mom *sighs as he sits on the couch behind her*. You had no right putting your hands on her.

    Belle:*Glares at him and it reflects in the mirror* I had no right? No, she had no right coming there and asking me what she did. Fake getting hurt just so I don't hold a title before you? Well guess what Shannon, I did it. Im the Five Nations Champion and about to be the CWA Champion.

    Shannon:Belle she is our mother! She just wants what is best for us and she thinks that was best for me. Just because she didn't do it the right way doesn't mean she was entirely wrong.

    Belle:Wrong!*Spins around and stands* She wants what's best for you! She has never wanted what's best for me, it was always for you. You, her darling boy who she is proud of. Me? Oh she wishes I would have done something girly but we both know that never fit me Shannon. *Grabs he best from the vanity* Do you see this? Actually see it? I earned this. I fought and clawed my way to the top for this. Not Nolee. Not Angel. Me! And tonight when I face Sheamus, as much as Nolee hates it, I will try damn hard to win.

    Shannon: Have you ever thought of what a big target you put on your back!?! Huh? Have you? No, you haven't! *Gets up and points to the belt* Not only do guys want that but we both know Nolee does! You heard her, she will hurt Wade for that. Mom was just protecting you and what did you do? Kicked your own mother from the house! For what? For a damn title that you will lose one day!

    Belle:Fuck you Shannon! Nolee is nothing but a girl mad because her lover picked me above her. You think I haven't heard her? The whole company has heard her complaining about not getting a shot. Just because she says she is going to hurt Wade doesn't mean she can! Between her and mother dearest, Im getting sick of people doubting me.

    Shannon:No one doubts you Belle. We all know you're going to go out there and kick some major ass but can't you do that without setting our mother off? God you have always been like this. So one minded that you don't even realize that she is proud of you! Maybe not happy with you but proud. *Sighs* Listen,I just came to say that and wish you luck tonight. Sheamus is a beast but remember, use your speed. Your small and quicker than he is so keep moving. Tire him out and then go for it.

    Camera fades on Shannon kissing Belle's forehead before walking out. She still looks pissed off but looks down to her belt with a smile. Belle says something and all that is caught are the words 'I will be the first to hold both'. It goes black with that last image and words.

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    Post  Admin on Wed Jan 25, 2012 6:16 pm

    We open up on the outside of the Little T Bakery in Portland, Oregon. The camera switches to an inside shot where Nolee Lacroix stands at the counter with CWA Camerawoman Laura Pierpont. Both have faces like children as they look over the different cookies and cakes available for purchase.

    Laura: Man...everything looks so good...

    Nolee: *licks her lips* You're telling me. Hmmm...what are you gonna get?

    Laura: I'm thinking about the cherry croissant bread pudding. It looks really, really good. You?

    Nolee: As much as I should probably get something healthy and nutritous so I don't have to work out twice as hard for an already hard match, I'm gonna have the stumptown mocha chew. It's...that thing is gonna be the death of me.

    Laura: *giggles* That's what you said about the fried pies in St. Louis. The ones you make are still better by the way...

    The two girls order their food and drinks, an iced tea for Nolee and a chocolate shake for Laura, before going over to a booth and sitting down.

    Nolee: *as she takes a bite* Oh my god...sooooo good.

    Laura: *takes a bite of the bread pudding and lowers her spoon* Nolee...I think I found heaven...

    Both girls giggle and offer a bite of the food they got to the other one, nodding in agreement that they are both very appetizing.

    Laura: So you have a hell of a match at the pay per view. I think it's the first four way match. You vs Zack Ryder vs Christian vs Alex Shelley.

    Nolee: *nods, sipping her iced tea* Yeah...not gonna be a walk in the park.

    Laura: Well, I mean, you've beat Zack before and that was easy for you.

    Nolee: Yeah but you have to consider the fact that Alex and Christian are in that match to. I've yet to beat Christian and I've never even been in a match against Alex Shelley.

    Laura: Have you seen Alex Shelley's promo yet?

    Nolee: *rolls her eyes* Yes I've seen Shelley's promo and yes I've seen Belle's promo. Out of the two though, Belle's was more condescending on me than Alex's was. Alex was right, when I first started here in the CWA I didn't have the best record. It's just proof that you can go from nothing to something. I mean, sure, he had a great TNA record but his record here so far it less than great. I look forward to him being in the match though. He's a great athelete.

    Laura: And Be-

    Nolee: She's not in this match so I'm not going to focus on her.

    Laura: Fair enough. What about Christian? You know you can beat Ryder. Think you can beat Christian for this?

    Nolee: Well first off I guess it would be me beating Christian no matter who I picked up the pin against. That's just the way a match like that works. But do I think I can pin him in this match? No. So I'm not going to focus on him.

    Laura: Out of the three who do you think you have the better chances of pinning?

    Nolee: *laughs* You really just asked that. Ryder duh.

    Laura: Hey, he's kinda cute! Speaking of kinda cute...what was the deal last week between you and Swagger?

    Nolee: *hesitates* I didn't think he'd hurt Shea like that...I thought that he'd play fair and...

    Laura: Hey, hey it's okay Nols. None of us expected that. I was talking mostly about him pushing you and yelling at you. The camera guys didn't wanna get close enough to hear what you two were saying to each other.

    Nolee: *frowns* I have a feeling that you'll all find that out soon enough.

    Laura: *pats her best friend's hand and leans back in her chair* Whattya say to a chocolate milkshake? My treat.

    Nolee: Oh Laura, you are gonna be the reason I get fat...

    The camera fades out on the two girls sitting and laughing as they eat their desserts.

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    We open up on a pitch black room as the sound of someone shifting around is heard, the camera turns to show Carter Lacroix, his bare back to the camera, looking out of the window of his hotel room in nothing but his black pajama pants.

    Carter: I had the dream again. The same dream I've had ever since she returned to the Championship Wrestling Alliance. I'm laying on a stretcher being wheeled to an ambulance backstage. I can see Christian's face, see his lips move. But I can't hear anything. I can see he's holding my hand but I can't feel it. They lift me up and close the door to the ambulance...and then I wake up.

    Carter turns to face the camera, his eyes looking like he's been crying. Gently he eases over to the table, his knee allowing him to only move so fast. He grabs the bottle of beer that sits on the dresser before sitting down, propping his knee up.

    Carter: *looking at the beer with great contempt* And this is all the cause. I should have stopped drinking so much when Nolee had to bail me out of prison when I went drinking with Kurt Angle and Matt Hardy. I didn't. No, stupid me had to take a shot before my match with Santana to calm my nerves about fighting a woman. That shirt turned into two and before I knew it, I was in no condition to fight. I tried to tell dad.

    He stops as if he's not sure if he should continue with his tirade. He chooses that he should and puts the beer to the table.

    Carter: Dad...he could tell. I could see it in his eyes that he knew why but he decided against stopping me from going to the ring. He sent me out to the ring. I was in no condition to fight...and I ended up hurting Santana. I can't blame her for hating me. I hurt her badly that night. I had never been in that place. I had never felt like hurting anyone before but I hurt her...

    He raises a hand to his eyes, wiping the tears that are starting to flow again.

    Carter: Now here we are. I've got a match against her at Painful Resolutions. What a fitting name for this pay-per-view if you ask me. Not just because it's the January pay-per-view but because of the lead up to this match. And what comes after it. *he looks at the beer and takes a drink* After today, you're going to know a new Carter. One who doesn't have to drink to have a good time. A man who is more aware of who he is, both in the ring and out of it. My resolution this year is to win the CWA championship. I don't care who has it. My resolution this year is to love unconditionally, no matter if someone loves me back or not. My resolution this year is to become a better person.

    He suddenly looks angry lowering the beer and looking straight at the camera.

    Carter: But like I said, that's going to be after this match. I'm not going to let her get the upper hand against me. I may not be as brutal as last time but I swear I'm not going to let her win. And then after that? Who knows. I may just have to give Lucas an ass kicking for messing with Christian. All I know is that, Santana, you better be ready for a fight. Because I'm going to give you nothing but my best in the ring out there. Lets just see if you can handle it.

    The camera starts to fade out on his face, the cold look fading more and more as if fades out.
    Cody Rhodes
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    Post  Cody Rhodes on Thu Jan 26, 2012 3:34 am

    Cody is seen getting out of a wrestling ring, having been training. He’s dressed in his black colored ring gear, wearing his Triforce adorned boots. He smirks when he sees the camera, going over to a chair with a bag on it, pulling a bottle of water and drinking from it before turning to the camera.

    Cody: About time you got here, I was beginning to think you weren’t coming. I’ve been training with a friend, especially for this match. *pauses* You see, my father and I despite our differences and disagreements, are still as close as ever and he asked me to get in some training, seeing as I haven’t actually wrestled all that much lately…my last match being a pitiful loss… Also with this match being important not only to us Rhodes’, Piper and Swagger, but the whole of the CWA, training is essential.

    He looks off screen and smiles, a man in a hooded jacket walking up to him. The man slowly lowers his hood, smirking as he reveals himself to be Randy Orton.

    Cody: You all kept saying I was like Randy here, you all kept saying the Nocta Hemata was like the Legacy…well fine. You were all wrong then but now, seeing as it’s what you apparently all want, what you all expect, then that’s what you’ll get. I hope you’re all happy and proud of yourselves, because now I’m taking lessons from Randy himself. Seeing as you all expect it, you’re going to get a much more vicious, colder Cody Rhodes from now on, my attack on Swagger the other week was only the beginning. You will all regret ever having thought I was in anyway like Randy, because I am going to start drawing from his times when he was the most vicious, the most violent…like when he took out the whole McMahon family…

    Randy smirks and chuckles, a cold, dangerous look in his eyes.

    Cody: Jack Swagger…you’re like the Captain America of the CWA. Hell you even wear the right colors to be him. You name yourself after the country, twice mind you, like Kelly Kelly. *he pulls a disgusted face* The ‘All American American’ …and yes I know it’s after some shitty contest you’ve won. Like Captain America though, you’re here yes, but no one really actually gives a shit because there are better people already here.

    Randy: Only thing he’s done right in the CWA is take out Casper. What the ginger needs though is a good punt in the head… *he chuckles*

    Cody: Ironic actually, now that you’re training me. Jack, as I’ve said before, is like Kurt Angle, who you’ve fought before and at everyone’s apparent request, I’m learning from you. In a way, this match will be like the Kurt Angle vs. the Randy Orton of the new generation… Anyway, to demonstrate part of my training, we’ve got a ‘friend’ here to help out…

    Cody smiles in a way that’s almost identical to the twisted one Randy’s known for and slides back into the ring, where CWA jobber Kid Kash is standing and waiting, a nervous look on his face. Randy stands up on the ring apron, smirking as he watches Cody, who hits Kash with a sudden, painful looking Cross Rhodes. Before Kash even has a chance of getting up, Cody moves away before charging towards him, hitting Kash with a vicious punt to the jobber’s head, Kash lying still afterwards.

    Randy: *laughs and shakes his head* Too bad for him…that looked like it really hurt.

    He gets in the ring, gently shoving Kash with his foot so the jobber’s laying face up, showing Kash is knocked out.

    Cody: *rolls his eyes* Great…Now I have to wait before I can practice the move again…

    Randy: *smirks* The upside…you’re getting better at it, much better.

    The camera slowly zooms in on Cody as he leans back against the ropes, laughing a cold sounding laugh that’s not usually heard from him, the camera focusing on the Cody’s twisted smile and cold eyes as the scene fades.

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    Post  Christian on Thu Jan 26, 2012 8:23 pm

    The camera fades in on a small diner, before zooming in on a small booth in the back where CWA star Christian and his manager Edge are sitting. Christian is staring at his cup of coffee before looking up as Casey walks up to the two.

    Casey: *looking at Christian* Everything okay?

    Christian: *looks up and gives a strained smile to Casey* Hey Casey, everything is okay...

    Casey: *raises an eyebrow* Really? Looking forward to the pay-per-view?

    Christian: *takes a slip of his coffee before answering* It really is okay Case.... And yes I am looking forward to the pay-per-view.

    Edge mutters something quietly.

    Casey: Well that's always good. *smiles, then looks at Edge* What was that...?

    Edge: *sighs* Nothing....

    Christian: *looks at Edge before sighing softly and looking back at Casey* I saw you in Alex's promo, how did your night go?

    Casey: Oh um... It was okay I guess. *blushes slightly*

    Christian: *smiles again, this time a little more relaxed* That’s good... *takes another sip of coffee* The pay-per-view should turn out to be an interesting one.

    Casey: *nods* Well you are in a match against three others. *frowns slightly* One of which is Alex....

    Christian: I know.... *sighs* But you realize that it is just a match right? I would never hurt him, but i am going to try and win.

    Casey: I know, don't worry. As much as I'd love for him to win, it would be great if you did too. I have to admit though; you do have the upper hand in this match, having the most in ring experience.

    Christian: *sticks tongue and smiles softly* If I did not know you Casey I would say you are calling me old.... But yes I guess you are right... But still you know that this match can go many different ways, especially with all the people that are in it.

    Casey: *smirks* Oh no, I'd never call you old, that's Hulk Hogan... *he laughs* But you're right, with four people in the ring, anyone could win, simply because someone else is distracted.

    Christian: Especially with the people that will be in the ring.... I mean we have Alex, Ryder and Nolee.

    Casey: One of which seems to have a grudge against at least half the roster....

    Christian: Nolee.... Nolee is like so many others that I have seen in the business. Climbs up to the top without first learning about the respect you have to give to the rest of the locker room, having a title does not mean that you are better then anyone.... It is an honor to show that you are one of the best in your company and that you are a hard worker. I would of thought that Nolee would know that, especially with Jerry as her father.

    Casey: Apparently not though, instead she just gets jealous of others who earned the spots she wants. I'd be careful about her during the match; I wouldn't put it passed her to try something.

    Christian: I do not think she would do anything.... At least bad, but I will be careful. *frowns* Hopefully she or the others will not do anything as disrespectful as what a certain former superstar did last week.

    Casey: *rolls his eyes* I saw that...he was back for what...four, five matches...if even that many and then goes and does that. Why bother?

    Christian: Because coming back made everything seem to revolve around him, he came back because he wanted to stroke his ego... I mean it really is not a secret that he and I never got along, he was always up in peoples faces.... Whining when he did not get his way and treating everyone that he saw as beneath him like dirt... *shakes his head*

    Casey: Right... *pulls a face* So any guesses to how the match may go?

    Christian: At this point? No I have to say that it is still anybody's game.... I would like to say that I see myself winning, but truthfully you really cannot guess at it. It truly anyone’s game in that match.

    Casey: *nods* Well at least you and Alex don't go around assuming you'll win.

    Christian: We have been in the business long enough to know that with too many factors it is dumb to assume.

    Casey: True, but I think some people just don't learn anyway, even after being told they're wrong....

    Christian: I guess to some it is only a matter of opinion and it does not matter if it is right.... Who knows, maybe I am wrong as well.

    Casey: How so? It is true...anyone could win. *glances at Edge* I take it he'll be there cheering you on? *smiles*

    Christian: *smiles at his best friend* Of course... He is always out with me... Minus that one time.

    Edge: *smiles* Yes I will be out there.

    Casey: *smiles* I'd go out there, but I'd rather stay away from the ring after issues with some of the people on the roster.

    Christian: *frowns* Your still being bothered?

    Casey: No…actually I sort of talked to Wade the other day, he was nice...which was actually still just as creepy as he always is. *he laughs*

    Christian: *laughs softly* When is Wade not creepy?

    Casey: Good point. *smiles* Probably a good thing he's in the tag team match and not this one, he'd make it a lot harder.

    Christian: I think his tag team with Justin will be good for him, maybe help him make the ego a little smaller.

    Casey: Same here, seeing as it was Justin who helped him change in the first place. Would you ever want to go up against them if you had a tag partner?

    Christian: Yeah I think I would, both of them are great in the ring and it would be an amazing match.

    Casey: *nods, agreeing* So...*looks nervous* ...How's the whole Lucas thing going...?

    Christian: *looks back down at his coffee* The notes and pictures have stopped coming... But now he is calling and texting...

    Casey: *frowns* Oh... Annoying. You can't just ask Jerry to make him stop? It is stalking after all....

    Christian: I... *sighs* I really have not wanted to bug Jerry with this.... He has enough going on in the first place.

    Casey: Right...the Rhodes' ...they're getting creepy too. But Lucas is just getting worse, you should try and get something done.

    Before Christian can reply his cell phone goes off, he closes his eyes and rubs his head when he sees it is a text from Lucas.

    Edge: *also sees that it is from Lucas* Damn it... Why the hell is he texting you again? It is the third time today?!

    Casey: *frowns* Asshole... You'd think by now he'd get that you don't want him.

    Edge: *growls* You think he would, but no that asshole is just not getting it. I am so sick of it, you know Jay has had trouble sleeping thanks to this jerk? It wasn't bad enough that he scared Jay with the notes and the pictures, but now he is doing this.... I swear if I ever get my hands on him I will...

    Christian: Adam please... Calm down, we cannot do anything about this yet.... And maybe if we are lucky he will get tired and leave me alone.

    Casey: You'd hope he gives up...though he didn't leave Sheamus alone until he lost to him.

    Christian: *sighs tiredly* I know...

    Edge: Come on lets get you back to the hotel Jay. *wraps arm around Jay*

    Edge quickly pays the bill before he and Jay stand to leave. Casey watches with a worried look on his face as the camera slowly fades out.


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    Post  Guest on Fri Jan 27, 2012 9:40 pm

    It opens on Amy swinging at a playground. It's sunny but windy so Amy sits in jeans with a jacket. She swings slowly and is looking at the ground. The camera focus' more just as her friend Alex joins her on the swing next to her.

    Amy:*Quietly after a few moments* You said you wanted to talk?

    Alex:I did. I saw your promo last week. And how upset you were.

    Amy:I could have told you that. But we both know you didn't pull me away from work to tell me you saw it. *Raises her eyes to look at him* You wouldn't do that even as much as you hate what I do so what is it Alex?

    Alex:*Sighs* I wanted to say I'm sorry. I know you have been stressed at work with this title match and I shouldn't have started in on you. I guess I just wanted you to understand what go through watching you get hurt week after week.

    Amy:I told you I know that feeling. Sometimes I think you wish I would get hurt just so that then you could say that you told me so. I don't understand Alex, you have known since high school I wanted to do this for the rest of my life.

    Alex:I don't want you to be hurt! I want to see you succeed in getting that title from Angel. I want to see you have that gold around your pretty waist, I want to see your face light up with pride. And you know what? I will be just as proud of you because I know you can do it. But Amy, you have to focus on her. Not us.

    Amy:I know I do. *smiles a bit* Angel has held that title for so long but is only the second on to hold it. I will be the third! Come hell or high water I am going to win that match. Then Belle and I will hold titles together.

    Alex:*Chuckles and nudges her* Can I just say that as happy as I am for Belle, her and you as champions together scares me. Not that I don't want you to win but you two together? The world will explode. I never thought that when we were kids I would be sitting here, telling you to go get hurt. I suppose that's what Im doing isn't it?

    Amy:I suppose you are. Just remember that Angel and I know what we are doing so hopefully we won't hurt one another. Have you seen her matches? I have been looking forward to facing her forever.

    Alex:I know you have. I also know how much you respect her, as you do everyone in the business. Just promise me that you won't let the belt get to your head. I mean after some people get gold they change and you're far too good to change.

    Amy:I promise that I will still be the same Amy. *Looks sad for a moment* I just wish Johnny was here. I was so upset when he said he was leaving even though I understand it.

    Alex:*Picks her off her swing,sits down, pulls her into his lap* I know you do baby but he isn't. He had to do this, he never fit in there. Believe it or not I know how you feel even if I'm not in the same business as you. I feel it everytime you come home and leave again. I'm sure he would tell you not to concentrate on him, focus on her.

    Amy:I know. *Smiles and puts her head under his chin* I will when I get there. Im going to show up there all stretched and ready to take that belt. It will be mine Alex. I swear that belt will be around my waist come this pay per view. I want this so bad I can taste it. I have to have it and won't stop till I do. Now don't get me wrong, if I lose I will know it was to the better woman but still.

    Alex:Oh trust me, you won't lose. All cause you're the better woman.

    Fades on Amy smiling as she nods. She says something that it doesn't pick up on but a short moment later they are kissing sweetly. The situation leaves the question of whether Amy will be focused on the match but she knows she will be.

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    We open up on a wooded area where very little sunlight streams in through the tops of the trees. A man walks along the path and as the camera gets closer to him we recognize it as Jack Swagger. He looks like he's lost in thought and when he sees the camera he rolls his eyes.

    Jack: I hope you all are came to a Catholic place of worship to film me.

    Pete: Sorry this was the only time that I could get in to interview you. Whats going on?

    Jack: I only wanted you to interview me because of...*he hesitates* we'll get to that actually. First off I'd like to indulge you in a little bit of WWE history. My WWE history. Back when I was in the WWE, I was a world heavyweight champion. I had it all. I had the title, my friends...and the love of a beautiful woman...

    Pete: Who?

    Jack: Nolee Lacroix. *he grins* That's right, Nolee and I dated before she came here. To quote the song she compared our relationship to "I was her honeysuckle, she was my honey bee". *A cold look covers his face* Then she left for here and left me. I was devestated. Then I found out she was dating him. Sheamus. We had both made fun of his skin and hair in the WWE and here she was, dating him? I knew I had to do something about it. So I wormed my way into the CWA and into this match.

    Pete: This was never about protecting Jerry or Piper was it?

    Jack: Hell no! I only took this position so that I could get closer to Nolee and Sheamus. I tried everything I could to break them up. But she loves him. She loves him more than she has ever loved anyone.

    Pete: *appalled* That's why you attacked him. You couldn't stand knowing that he had her love. That's why you pushed Nolee when she came out there to defend the man she loved...

    Jack: *grins* You're correct Pete. And I plan on doing it every week until either he leaves her or she leaves him. And you better believe when I say that I have much more than physical pain to cause the two of them.

    Pete: *shakes his head* Oh you ass..

    Jack: I'd watch your mouth Pete. Carter is far to busy to deal with you.

    Pete: *calms himself down* what do you think about your coming up match against Cody Rhodes?

    Jack: *grins* I knew you were going to ask the tough questions Pete. That's why I called you. *smirks* You know, I heard Cody compared me to Captain America. I take pride in that. I like Captain America. He was a normal, everyday guy who decided to do what his country needed of him. He didn't fear standing up for what he believed in. Sure, there may have been people with better powers who were already there but wasn't it Cap'n they always turned to?

    Jack goes back to walking, Pete following him with the camera, walking backwards.

    Jack: Also, if I'm Captain America, he's The Red Skull. Have you ever seen the Red Skull Pete? He's an ugly, petty, jealous man. If you ask me, that explains Cody in a nutshell. He's hideous, I look much better. He's petty, willing to start a fight over anything. And jealous? I'm only here because the Rhodes family doesn't know what the word humble means. And another thing, he's a Nazi. Not Cody, The Red Skull. Though Cody could be, I mean, he mocked me for being the All American American.

    Pete: I doubt he's a Nazi Jack...

    Jack: You never know. You know, I like the fact that he's being trained by Randy to be a 'meaner' person. It's only gonna break Nolee's heart to see her best friend like that. Also, I've beat Orton in the past. I know I can beat Cody now. *he checks his watch* It's almost time for Mass. I have to get to the church. But yeah, looking forward to our match Cody. Because anyway this goes, I've still got bigger fish to fry.

    He walks over, the camera fading out on Jack.

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    The camera fades in on the locker room of Angel James, one half of the CWA tag team champions and the Vixxen's champion. She is sitting on the couch of her locker room wearing headphones and her two titles sitting next to her. She looks up and pulls the headphones off when she sees the camera.

    Angel: Hello my friend... You are the cameraman that is supposed to help me today with my promo right?

    Donnie: Yes Ms. James, I'm Donnie Patterson. I'm taking over for Darcy this week; she has family business to take care of.

    Angel: *shakes his hand* Nice to meet you, I hope everything is ok with Darcy. Oh and please call me Angel, *smiles*

    Donnie: *smiles* Nice to meet you too ma'am, so shall we get this started?

    Angel: *nods* Ask away my friend.

    Donnie: So are you looking forward to the pay-per-view?

    Angel: Yes I am... *looks at the two title next to her* You probably think I would not considering I have two matches that night, but I am excited to test myself and see how well I do.

    Donnie: That’s good to hear, but can I ask why you did not promo or show up at the show last week?

    Angel: *sighs and mutters softly in Italian* I was told by Jerry that Shawn had called in for Santana saying that she was not going to wrestle again this week and that it would not be worth my time to promo.... So Jerry told me I had the week off, *shakes her head* I was so angry. I begged Jerry to let me promo, I wanted to tell that rookie off... But Jerry asked me as a favor and I agreed... So because of a stupid rookie who had to have her manager call in for her I missed out on my match. I hope Carter wins their match because I want to see her bought down a few pegs of the ego ladder.... I am so tired of her, it is like she has a worse ego then the diva... *curses in Italian* I swear the disrespect she shows makes me angry and if the rumors are true I will be glad when she leaves.... *sighs* I am sorry, I did not mean to lose my temper.

    Donnie: It is fine; you had a lot you wanted to get it off your chest. *smiles* So how about we move on to a new question, are you looking forward to your match with Amy at the pay-per-view?

    Angel: *relaxes and nods* Yes I am, this match is going to show why I am one of the best CWA Vixxen's and why I am the CWA Vixxen's and one half of the tag team champions. But it is also a chance to go against a respectful opponent, which sadly is a rare thing. But I have to make this clear I will do whatever I have to do to keep my title, I am the third Vixxen's champion and I will not give up my title without a fight. But if Amy does beat me I want to hand her the title myself and raise her hand because she will deserve it.... *smiles* But Amy better be ready for the match of her career because I know I am, after all the CWA Vixxen's are the best in women's wrestling and this match will show the world why.

    Donnie: *smiles and nods* I am sure you will ma'am... Do you think you have an edge over Amy since you beat her two weeks ago?

    Angel: *pauses before answering* Some people would say yes, the momentum carrying me into the match should theoretically carry me to victory in the match... But then some people would say that her loss against me will give her extra momentum to beat me in this match. So basically it mostly comes down to heart, will and skill. It is always a test of will and skill in the ring and normally whoever has the most will win... But you can be the best wrestler ever and still lose... Especially since sometimes one wrong move can change everything in a match, there is no way to truly tell how a match will turn out. But that is part of what makes me love what I do so much, being in the ring and taking a chance. Showing the world that you are willing to take a risk and the feeling that I get from that is the reason I stay in this business.

    Donnie: You have a lot of passion for this business. *smiles softly* Your work in the ring shows that. So since I was told you were only going to answer questions about your tag match in your promo with Vi, may I ask if you and Petey have picked a date for your wedding yet?

    Angel: *smiles brightly* No not yet my friend, we have a few dates in mind. But hopefully soon we will finally get a date picked out.

    Donnie: So what do you think about Alex and Casey getting together?

    Angel: I am so happy for the two of them, Alex really likes Casey and I think Casey feels the same......

    Angel trails off as a man enters her locker room, the man has an old envelope with Italian writing on it in his hands.

    Man: Hello... You are Angel James?

    Angel: *nods curiously* Yes I am... How may I help you?

    Man: *pauses nervously* Angel.... I am your father.

    Angel stares in shock at the man before standing up and starts off in Italian angrily, her eyes filled with a mix of sad and angry tears. She delivers a hard slap to the man's face before storming out of the room, the man following while speaking to her in Italian. The camera slowly fades out on the image of Angel walking down the hallway.

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    The camera fades in on the hallway of the hotel that the CWA superstars are staying in, Angel James is in a blue and black dress with her hair up. She is pacing and it is obvious that she is waiting for someone, she smiles whe she sees her tag team partner Vitani finally walk over.

    Vitani: Hey Angel, sorry I'm late....

    Angel: It is okay my friend, are you ready to go?

    Vitani: *nods* Yeah I'm ready. *she smiles, playing with the sleeve of her green tunic*

    Angel smiles and takes Vitani's hand, getting ready to leave the hotel when Peri Blake walks up to the two.

    Peri: Sorry I know that this is probably a bad time, but can I get a quick interview?

    Vitani: Oh um... *looks at Angel before looking back at Peri* I guess so.

    Angel: *nods and gives a smile* Sure, what would you like to know my friend?

    Peri: What do you think about your opponents for this coming pay-per-view?

    Vitani: Well they're both obviously good competitors for sure, but with us being the tag team champions we clearly are as well.

    Angel: *nods* And they seem to work well together, but I think Vitani and my self work together just as well or better then they do.

    Peri: *nods* Have.... *pauses* Have either of you talked to Cody lately?

    Vitani: Um...not really... *frowns, running a hand through her hair*

    Angel: *frowns* No.... I have not talked to him in more than a few days....

    Peri: What do you two think of him training under Randy Orton?

    Vitani: It's...worrying. *after a pause* I'm just hoping he's not actually like that off camera as well now....

    Angel: I... I never thought it would happen; he used to rant and rave about how much he was not like Orton...

    Vitani: Going by how he was behaving in my promo the other week, I think Dusty's said something to him again that made him change his mind....

    Angel: *nods* The only thing is what did he say to make Cody change like that...?

    Vitani: *shakes her head* I wish I knew... *sighs sadly*

    Peri: Do you think he will win the match against Swagger?

    Vitani: I'm really not sure. In a way, I hope so, for obvious reasons, but then I don't because of what happens if he does and the fact that he's changed to do it.

    Angel: *nods* I agree with Vitani, Cody has changed and I do not think it will be good if he does win... But after seeing Swagger's promo, I do not want that pig winning either...

    Vitani: Me either, I really can't stand him....

    Peri: *nods* Are.... Are you and Vitani going to stay in the Nocta Hemata?

    Vitani: Assuming we're still working to gain respect for the Vixxens, I still am.

    Angel: *nods* Same here, getting more respect for the Vixxen's is why we wanted to be part of this group... Not to watch Cody be used like a pawn or to be used as pawns ourselves... I have to make that very clear... I do not care if Cody decides to side with his father, but he will not drag me and Vitani into it.

    Vitani goes to respond, stopping and moving closer to Angel as Cody walks on screen.

    Angel: *frowns when she sees Cody* Hello Cody...

    Cody: Hello Angel. What was that I just heard? Planning on walking out and ruining another potentially great team?

    Angel: One I never said that and two you know why I left Legion....

    Cody: Do I? I don't recall ever being told, I wasn't even here at the time....

    Angel: I left because I was getting no respect and buried under Wade and Sheamus...

    Cody: And that's why we have our team, so you Vixxens do get respect.

    Angel: *raises a brow* So the thing with your father is a side quest?

    Cody: *smiles slightly* The thing with my father is... *he trails off, frowning*

    Angel: Cody please talk to us.... Tell us what is going on and let us help.

    Cody: *looks over his shoulder before looking back at them* I...can't....

    Vitani: *sighs* Cody....

    Angel: Can you meet us later; at least tell us about it. Help us understand please my friend.

    Cody: I can't...I'm supposed to meet them later.

    Angel: *sighs* Then tomorrow? Say you have a team meeting?

    Cody: I guess... *looks at Vitani, who's frowning*

    Vitani: Cody we just want to help....

    Angel: Cody please...

    Cody: I... *goes to say something, then stops and frowns* I have to go... *he turns and walks off again, ignoring Vitani's attempt at grabbing his hand to stop him*

    Angel: *sighs and shakes her head, cursing softly in Italian* Cody...

    Vitani: *shakes her head, looking upset* I don't know what to do about him....

    Angel: *hugs Vitani* It will be okay hun, it will be okay.

    Vitani: *sighs and hugs her back* I hope so; I just wish Dusty would leave him alone. *lets go and looks at Peri* Sorry about that.

    Peri: It is okay, are you going to be okay Ms. Summers?

    Vitani: I guess so, I'll worry about him later, I need to focus on our match.

    Peri: *nods* What do you think your chances of winning your match?

    Vitani: Pretty good I'd say, we've worked more recently as a team than they have, besides their match last week.

    Angel: *nods* Again I agree with Vitani, we understand how to work well together. And we do not have the trust issues.

    Vitani: No offence to him, but I wouldn't really trust Wade after they way he used to treat his friends....

    Angel: Speaking as one of the people Wade used in the past, I would not trust Wade yet....

    Vitani: Nope, he hasn't really actually done anything to earn it, except for with Belle.

    Peri: *nods* Have you seen some of the others promos?

    Vitani: I've seen Swagger's... *she rolls her eyes* and a few of the others.

    Angel: I saw Swagger's as well and poor Christian's, as well as some of the others.

    Vitani: Oh right, poor Christian's the one stuck with Lucas now isn't he?

    Angel: *nods* Yes the poor thing, I hear that Lucas is being relentless.

    Vitani: When isn't he though...until he loses of course. *laughs*

    Angel: *laughs as well* True my friend, very true.

    Peri: Any last thoughts about your match?

    Vitani: Well besides Wade, everyone in the match has high-flying skills, so it'll definitely be fun.

    Angel: Yes it will and I cannot wait for both my matches.

    Peri: *smiles* Thank you for taking the time to do this.

    Vitani: *smiles* No problem.

    Angel: *smiles* Your welcome. *looks at Vitani* Lets go.

    Angel and Vitani link up arms as they start towards the door, the camera slowly fades out.


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    Santana can be seen sitting alone in the women's locker room. Shawn pats her shoulder and asks her something that sounds like a whispered, "Are you sure?" and she nods. He squeezes her shoulder one last time before heading past the cameras out of the locker room. She doesn't even bother looking up as the camera zooms in on her. She appears to be banged up. She has a black eye, tape around her ribs and she's taping her wrists. She takes her time meticulously wrapping each wrist before he finally looks up staring straight into the camera.

    Tana: I know you've heard the rumors by now. That- that the whole Lacriox family is the reason I'm ditching this dump. Well you know what? I'm here to tell ya that ain't entirely true. You see, there's a whole lot of favoritism that goes on around this joint and Tana Baby doesn't like it. You see, I don't mind having to claw my way to the top. Tana's had to claw her way to the top all her life. *shrugs* No big deal, but you see I got a huge problem with Princess Cow Poke. How many wrestling federations do you know that allow women to compete for the Heavyweight title? Take a few moments because it might take ya a while.

    Santana gets up and goes to the mirror and starts running a comb through her hair. You can hear the door of the locker room open then close once more. Apparently whoever it was decided to give her privacy. She pulls her hair up into a high pony then leans over grabbing her compact out of her gym bag.

    Tana: Women aren't built to be world heavyweight champions and the day Princess Slut Hoe is practically given that belt is the day this dump for a company loses all credibility. *applies lip gloss, smacking her lips a bit* But you don't give a damn about Nolee. It's Carter right? You want to know what I think of that sorry excuse for a wrestler, lover and all around man right? Well to be honest, I don't think much of him anymore.

    Santana smirks in the mirror then dumps her makeup back in the bag zipping it up. She takes her seat again, grabs her boots and slips them on.

    Tana: To tell you the truth, he's nothing more than a little boy playing in a real man's world. He's so fucking pathetic that his sister has more balls- granted she's dumb as hell too- but at least she's no whiny excuse for a mediocre wrestler.

    She finishes lacing up her boots then stands, stretching a little.

    Tana: I know what you're thinking though. That I'm making up excuses because of all the subtle threats Princess Bitch made a few weeks ago. You know the ones where she threatened to have her whole family ring side, blah, blah because nothing's going to happen to her precious bitch-ass hoe of a brother, blah, blah. *scowls into the camera* Fuck her and her family. I'm not afraid of them and you know what? If it takes that many people to take me down then who's the one, despite if I lose, going to look like the punk bitch hum? I'm thinking Carter.

    She starts doing a few jumping jacks then stops, taking a moment to flip into a handstand spreading her legs spread eagle side.

    Tana: Let him bring his whole family, his naive little boyfriend, Nolee- I don't give one flying fuck. Once I beat him - or get beat, I'll go where the real champions play and it certainly ain't here in the land of whiny bitches, cheater, cliques, and manwhores. I'm beat up which puts me at a disadvantage anyway, but its all good. Tana doesn't need to be at 100 percent to beat that sorry excuse for jobber. Now get the hell out of my way. I have a retirement match to get to.

    She resumes a standing position and just for kicks, the tosses a towel over the camera lens before she exits the locker room.


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    The camera fades in on the outside of a place called Kells Restaurant, an Irish pub and restaurant in Portland, Sheamus walking on screen and going inside, the camera following him. He looks around before going over to a table where Keiran and his cousin Kaelin are waiting, the other redhead standing up to hug him when he reaches the table.

    Keiran: Well if it isn't the birthday boy *snickers*

    Sheamus: Oh shut it. No need to laugh, at least I ain’t as old as you.

    Kaelin: *smiles* Happy birthday Stephen.

    Sheamus smiles and they sit down at the table.

    Keiran: *scowls* So how are you spending the day?

    Sheamus: Well obviously I’m here with you two for lunch.

    Keiran: What about Nolee?

    Sheamus: Um…I kind of never told her it was my birthday.

    Kaelin: *frowns* Why not Stephen?

    Sheamus: You both know I’ve never been a fan of celebrate birthdays…

    Keiran: Well, not your own, anyway, stubborn idiot. *while Kaelin’s gone off to order them food and drinks* So you’re defending that title of yours this week?

    Sheamus: *nods* Yeah, against Belle Moore. Her family’s been pretty tough on her about it and the Five Nations title though, which isn’t very fair. I know what it’s like being stuck doing something your family expects and you don’t want to do, so I understand why she’s annoyed with them.

    Keiran: Yeah I know, but then yeh decided to go off and be a wrestler and they gave up on trying to make yeh do what they wanted. You think you’ll win?

    Sheamus: Yeah… Well I’ve fought Belle before, but it wasn’t the fairest of matches considering I was angry and took it out on her. This time it’ll be a fair fight; either one of us could win I’d say, I know she’s tough. Very determined too, she proved that by winning the Five Nations belt.

    Keiran: Nolee still pissed about this match?

    Sheamus: Uh…I don’t think so. If she is she hasn’t said. It’s not like I did it just to annoy her…picking Belle… I just thought Belle deserved a shot, like I said she’s tough and determined; but as she said, she often gets over looked. I’d decided on Belle before I knew she was in the match to win the other belt she has now.

    Keiran: You kept saying yeh hadn’t picked…

    Sheamus: So people would stop asking. I had my reasons, one being not wanting to upset people, but that happened anyway. But that’s sorted now and I have the match to focus on.

    Keiran: What about the other issue…? The Swagger one…?

    Sheamus: *growls and mutters in Irish* Okay, I’ll admit I wasn’t expecting him to attack me, but then I never knew they’d dated in the past. It did hurt when he attacked me, but I’ve had worse, like at the hands of Kane…and Wade in that no DQ match for that matter. Funnily enough though, after that match we stopped being shitty with each other, so I guess it helped. For this match though, I know Belle’s faster than I am, but that doesn’t mean I can’t keep up. I’m very obviously stubborn and also take a while to wear out, so Belle better hope if that’s what she plans on doing that she can last long enough without getting tired herself.

    The two look up as Kaelin returns with drinks for the three of them and the three sit drinking and laughing as the camera fades out.


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    The camera opens on a quiet scene in Portland’s Japanese garden, where two men can be seen standing on a bridge over a small steam, surrounded by many lively looking plants and trees. As the camera slowly zooms in, the men are seen talking softly to each other. The dark haired man, Justin Gabriel, is leaning against the bridge railing, smiling as he talks to Heath Slater, the Southerner’s orange hair standing out in the faintly foggy scene.

    Heath: *as he looks around* So what made you choose to come here of all places?

    Justin: I thought that would be obvious by now… Matt Hardy trained me on NXT and he’s always been big on Japanese themed things. I guess it kind of rubbed off on me.

    Heath: *nods* Right, you still keeping in touch with him after he came out to tell you off? *he smirks*

    Justin: *sticks his tongue out* Yes, I am actually, but I’ve been too busy with work to actually go see him. Like last week, Wade and I were busy beating Lucas and Nolee. *he grins*

    Heath: Speaking of Wade, where is he?

    Justin: *shrugs* No idea, but it means we have more time together…

    He smiles and moves close to Heath, the two embracing and kissing. The fog starts to thin as Wade, dressed in a long coat, walks onto the bride.

    Wade: If I had a pound for everytime I walked into a situation to see you two like this I would be an even richer man than I already am...

    Justin jumps slightly and the two separate, both blushing.

    Justin: *jokingly* Do you always have to appear so suddenly? Maybe if you didn’t insist on sneaking up on people you wouldn’t have to keep doing that…

    Heath: Yeah and besides, we had nothing better to do while waiting for you.

    Wade: It's not my fault this place is so damn foggy. I swear, it beats out England...*he shakes his head* But I digress. It is a beautiful place.

    Justin: *nods* It is, but it’s kind of cold… *he zips up the jacket he’s wearing, pulling a face*

    Heath: It is not, stop complaining.

    Justin: Is so cold. *he folds his arms*

    Wade: You forget Heath, he's not from here. Where he's from its much warmer.

    Heath: *rolls his eyes* Right, it was boiling hot there when he dragged me down there.

    Justin: *playfully shoves Heath’s shoulder* Was not. It was fine there. Anyway… *he looks up at Wade* Are you ready for our match at the pay-per-view?

    Wade: I look at it this way. We fight Angel James, who I've beat in the past, and Vitani Summers. I don't think I have ever gone against Vitani. You have...though you lost...I can handle myself in that ring. Question is can you>?

    Justin: *frowns, looking slightly annoyed* You’re doubting my abilities? After how many times you’ve worked with me? Yes I’ve lost a few times more than I’d have liked in the CWA, but you’ve lost matches too don’t forget. I’m perfectly capable of handling myself, even if I’ve had a few off weeks.

    Wade: *smirks* Calm down Justin. I know you can handle yourself. But that fire? That rage when I implied that you couldn't? Embrace that and you can never, ever go wrong.

    Justin: That’s not true…rage often just complicates things more than necessary, causes a lack of good judgment, like what almost happened when Sheamus attacked his brother... *takes a breath to calm down as Heath puts an arm around his shoulders* I’d rather have a clear mind during a match…

    Wade: It is true. I can never go wrong when I embrace the rage that I have inside of me. But moderation. Everything in moderation.

    Justin: Of course. *nods* …If there weren’t so few tag teams, I’d be surprised that we’re already getting a match for the tag titles.

    Wade: There are literally two tag teams here in the CWA Justin. Three if you count Christian and Jeff Hardy. That's still two more than the WWE though...*rolls his eyes*

    Justin: I know that, that’s why I said if there weren’t so few. I mean, we did only debut as Solstice just last week…

    Heath: Hardy? He’s still out huh; did Ghostie really hurt him that bad? *after a pause* Kinda sad that one tag team’s missing a member and you still have more than WWE… *he frowns*

    Wade: I think part of it is Jeff is relaxing. I think he has a daughter, not sure though. You hear a lot of rumors in this company...thinking of rumors I have something to tell you guys later...

    Heath: Oh, right. *nods*

    Justin: What? That’s not fair. *pouts* You can’t just say that then say we have to wait…

    Heath: *laughs* You are so impatient, naw mean?

    Justin rolls his eyes, muttering something in Afrikaans.

    Wade: It's something that isn't a rumor and I would rather tell you later...not in front of a camera...*he shakes his head* been training?

    Justin: Oh okay, *nods* yes I have been. Heath helps. *he smiles at Heath*

    Wade: When are you coming to the company Heath?

    Heath: I’m still not sure yet, though there’s really nothing for me at the other place… *rolls his eyes*

    Justin: *grabs one of Heath’s hands, pouting at him* You should come, you’d get to see me more.

    Heath: *frowns at the looks Justin’s giving him* Oh come on, that’s not fair…

    Wade: If he likes the other company Justin, we have to respect that.

    Justin: He always complains about it though… *sighs*

    Heath: *hugs Justin, kissing his head* I’ll think about it… *looks up at Wade* So what are you guys gonna do if you win? There’s only one team really to defend the titles against…

    Wade: The proper thing to do would be to give them another shot since they are the only other team left. What I want to do is challange Christian and Jeff to a title match. *grins*

    Justin: When they’re ready to of course…But yeah, the girls would get another shot assuming no one else forms a team.

    Wade: Unless another team pops out of the wood work...maybe Belle and Amy or something like that?

    Justin: Maybe, they’re probably most likely to team up.

    Heath: Yeah, can’t really imagine half the others teaming up with anyone again anytime soon unless they’re made to.

    Wade: I don't know. Carter and Nolee might team up. They are brother and sister after all...

    Heath: Oh, true…did you guys actually see the other team’s promo by the way?

    Wade: I did. It was pretty odd that they didn't think we had the same amount of time together as a team as they did. WE've probably had more time together as a team.

    Justin: I think they meant recently…like while working in the CWA… but we still do have more experience as a team than they do. It’s not like we’ve suddenly forgotten how to work together.

    Wade: I knew they meant CWA but I also know we can work together probably better than anyone on the roster.

    Justin: I think they meant recently…like while working in the CWA… but we still do have more experience as a team than they do. It’s not like we’ve suddenly forgotten how to work together.

    Wade: I knew they meant CWA but I also know we can work together probably better than anyone on the roster.

    Justin: Of course we can. *grins* We’ve known each other for a while, since back in the independent circuits.

    Wade: ugh, please don't remind me of those things...

    Justin: Why not…?

    Heath: *sighs and shakes his head* You should know why…Anyway, before Justin freezes, we should head off.

    Wade: *nods* Are you two hoping for alone time or can I come with?

    Justin: You can come. *nods*

    Heath: *quietly* Yeah, we were alone earlier this morning…and last night…

    Justin: *looks embarrassed* Heath! *shoves him playfully again* But seriously though…it is really cold.

    Wade: *laughs* Then lets get going boys. If I'm not back by a reasonable hour Belle will make me sleep on the floor.

    Justin: *laughs and grins* Well we won’t have that problem, so maybe we should just ‘accidentally’ forget what time to have you back?

    Wade: *laughs* No don't you dare.

    The camera fades out as they walk away.

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