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    Promos are due midnight on August 26th.

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    The camera opens up on a nice living room, a party obviously going on. At a table over in the corner sits Monday Night Raw General Manager AJ Lee, TNA Knockout Jess Kresa who is better known as ODB, CWA Camerawoman Laurie Pierpont, and WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler. They each have on an outfit that represents their personality. AJ has on a "Girls Do It Better" shirt that has Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Batgirl on it with blue jean shorts and black converse. Jess is wearing what looks to be a mechanics shirt with her name on the lapel and blue jeans. Laurie is wearing a simple blue dress and black flats while Dolph is wearing a button up pink shirt and black slacks.

    Dolph: So where is our girl?

    AJ: I have no idea. She said she needed to go to the kitchen and she hasn't come back out yet.

    Jess: I think I heard the blender so I think she's fixing smoothies.

    Laurie: If you heard the blender, she's not fixing smoothies. *grins*

    Nolee comes back in the room with a tray of blended drinks. Her blonde hair is braided over her shoulder and she's wearing a black Brogue Street Hooligans shirt that Sheamus would have worn in the other company and blue jeans.

    Nolee: *sing song voice* I maaade marqueritas! *grins*

    Dolph: *laughs* Nols, dollface, I think your drunk.

    Nolee: And your sexy!

    Dolph: *throws up his hands* Woah, woah, you're getting married tomorrow and my boytoy wouldn't like it very much if I did things with you.

    Laurie: I still can't believe your gay!

    Jess and AJ: Really? I mean, it's not blatantly obvious?

    Nolee: *giggles* Anyways, boys and girls, can I open your presents that you got me or not?

    Dolph: *grins* Probably shouldn't on camera.

    Laurie: Ditto.

    AJ: Mine's totally okay to open on camera.

    Jess: Mine is too. It should be at least.

    Nolee smiles and picks up the packages that are addressed from AJ and Jess. She tears into the paper of AJ's present first to show a cute denim bound journal.

    AJ: It's so you can write your hopes and dreams for your house and your life. My momma got me one when I was gonna marry Daniel. *almost crazy giggle*

    Nolee: Aw thanks AJ! It'll come in handy!

    She moves on to Jess' present smiling when a box of tumblers and shot glass with the words Nolee Loves Sheamus etched onto some and Sheamus Loves Nolee etched onto others.

    Jess: I knew you were marrying an Irishmen so I thought that this would be a good idea to get you. *smiles*

    Nolee smiles and puts them down, leaning back in her chair.

    Nolee: So we all know the drill? Tomorrow before the show is the wedding and you all don't have to be there during the show. I mean, I know you and Dolph are risking a lot by showing up on this second rate show. *kind smile to AJ*

    AJ: Please, if Hunter can show up on this show, I'm pretty sure Dolph and I should be allowed to show up on this show. We're all just excited for your wedding.

    Dolph: *huffs* Still can't believe you chose Drew to be your man of honor?

    Laurie: *pouts* I still can't believe she chose a man to do it.

    Nolee: Aw, if it's any consolation, you're going to be there with me when I have my baby. Your the godmother and godfather.

    Dolph: I can handle that!

    Laurie: Waaait...are you...

    Nolee: *laughs* No, god no. I had that scare once. I would rather not have it again. *soft smile*

    The group chuckles and sip on their respective drinks.

    Jess: So you actually have a match at the pay-per-view?

    Nolee: Uh-huh, I fight Belle Moore. Belle Moore, a woman who hasn't even shown up in a while. If it wasn't for Wade, we'd all have thought she just died. Not that it matters either way. If she shows up, she'll lose to me just like every other time she's fought me.

    AJ: You aren't worried she'll ruin the fans ceremony?

    Nolee: Even if she does, as long as the dress doesn't get ripped, it's not a big deal. I'll have already had my real ceremony. This is just so that the fans feel semi-important. *chuckles*

    Laurie: So you're not worried at all?

    Nolee: Nope. The only way I'd be worried is if Barrett somehow got involved but since he fights Sheamus I don't think he'd get involved in my match up. Belle better bring his A game. I'm looking to get in a title hunt. Who knows, Shea and I may go after the tag team championships. All that can be said is I'm looking for this to be an easy match. *smirks*

    The doorbell rings and Nolee looks at her group of friends.

    Nolee: Whos that?

    Dolph: *smirks* Probably the entertainment.

    Nolee: *raises an eyebrow a la the Rock* The entertainment?

    Nolee gets up and goes to open the living room door, shocked to see Damien Sandow standing there in a nice suit.

    Nolee: Your Sandow from the WWE right?

    Damien: You are correct. *looks past and sees Dolph and AJ, wide eyed*

    AJ: Oh this is just to good.

    Jess: *whispers to Dolph* This is the stripper?

    Laurie: You hired a stripper?

    Dolph: Well duh we hired a stripper!

    The camera fades off on the weirded out look on Nolee's face as she leads him into the room and the laughing faces of the others.

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    The camera opens up on a shot of the shoreline in Argentina. In the distance we can see couples and families enjoying a day at the beach but the area that the camera is located is a darker, less family friendly place. Sharp rocks line the coastline and the waves are a bit harsher. There is a man standing on the beach in a pair of black board trunks, looking out over the ocean. As we get closer we can hear the man reciting a poem.

    Wade: Unhappy about some far off things
    That are not my affair, wandering
    Along the coast and up the lean ridges,
    I saw in the evening
    The stars go over the lonely ocean.

    Wade looks up at the starry sky and walks closer, his eyes intent on the dark waves that are in front of him. As he steps into the water, there seems to be an eerie calm to his person. He raises his eyes as he keeps looking up at the stars.

    Wade: Tonight is a beautiful night and yet I feel no rest. I feel as if the weight of the world has nestled on my shoulders and it's my duty to make sure that things get put right. *he looks out into the horizon* Sheamus, my oldest friend and the first person I ever found myself attracted to, has been put against me in a match. Normally under these circumstances I would be thrilled. I would look forward to a match where to strong brutes of men could pummel each other half to death and neither one worry about actually dying.

    He sits down in the water, the waves hitting up to his clavical. He looks at the ocean and runs his hands through the sand at the bottom, pulling them away and letting the grains slip through his fingertips.

    Wade: *frowns* It's the day of his wedding. The day that should be the happiest on Earth for any man. The day that I long for the most with my Belle. Yet because of a horrible circumstance, we're still planning what should have happened long ago. I don't blame Sheamus for this, god, if anything this is all my fault. The only thing I blame Sheamus for is trying to marry a woman we all know is no good for him. Nolee, bless her southern heart, is a woman who doesn't grasp the duty that's gonna fall in her lap when she gets married. She's just a girl for God sakes.

    He shakes his head and looks off into the distance again.

    Wade: But I digress. This is all about beating Sheamus. This is all about two men who want a win under their belts. For one it's the happiest day of his life. For the other, he's at a cross roads in his career. Not wanting to be wasted like some of the other talent of the company he works for but at the same time fighting being the only thing he truly knows. At the end of the day this isn't a match. It's about proving myself. It's about proving I still deserve to be in the place I am.

    He smirks, a dark and sinister tone crossing his face.

    Wade: And I do deserve to be here.

    The camera fades out on that smirk as Wade leans back into the water.

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    The camera opens up on the small living room of the Banks apartment. The floor is not littered with toys as it usually is but that doesn’t mean there are no signs of Louis being awake at such a late hour. The television is playing the 80’s Thunder Cats cartoon and on the couch sit Colt Cabana, Louis, and Dia. Colt is dressed in a bright red shirt that says Diamond In The Rough in black lettering with black basketball shorts, Louis is dressed in blue footie pajamas with the Superman logo on the chest, and Dia is dressed in a purple shirt that has I’m With The Numbskulls on the front with an arrow pointing to a picture of Colt and Phil with a purple pair of short shorts that have gold stars on them. Colt’s arm is draped over the back of the couch, Louis is cuddle in between Colt and Dia, and Dia is curled up so that the nape of her neck rests on Colt’s arm.

    Louis: I wike Thunder Cats.

    Colt: *grins* I use to watch this when I was your age.

    Dia: *grins* You may not look it but mentally, sometimes, I think you’re still his age.

    The program fades to a commercial of the Annual Affliction pay-per-view. It shows clips for various matches that are on the card, one such clip being for Vitani vs Dia. Colt’s grin is only matched by the look on Louis’ face. They both glance over at Dia but she doesn’t seem to be as thrilled.

    Colt: Number one contender!

    Louis: Mama gonna be champ!

    Dia: Maybe, I don’t feel like I deserve it. Did you hear why Vi picked me? Because I was the last diva who didn’t have a match. I feel…I dunno…I know that I’ve worked my ass off since I got into the business but I don’t feel as if Vitani thinks I deserve it.

    Colt: That’s stupid Di. You know as well as I do that Vitani likes fighting you. She said that she thought all fights with you were fun.

    Louis: Miss Vi like you! I heaw things backstage!

    Dia can’t help but chuckle as Louis sounds like he knows what’s what backstage. She runs a hand through her short black hair that’s streaked with green.

    Dia: I know she likes me but I guess I’m just a little upset that she didn’t have a reason other than the fact that I didn’t have a match at the pay-per-view. Other people have had multiple matches in the past, heck, Drew’s got two at the pay-per-view.

    Colt: Exactly! If she didn’t think you were a worthy opponent, she wouldn’t have allowed you to stay here. She would have decided on a different opponent. You should be proud of her naming you the number one contender.

    Louis: *innocently* I pwoud of my momma. *grins*

    Dia: *smiles and ruffles his hair* Thanks squirt, you dunno how much that means to me.

    Colt: So what do you have planned for the pay-per-view?

    Dia: Well I want to win obviously. I want to go out there and manage a win on my own. I want to manage the first solo championship I have ever held. I know how strong Vitani is. I know she’s worked her ass off. *looks at Louis* Don’t repeat that word, you got it? That’s a bad word.

    Louis gives a tiny salute to show he understands before yawning.

    Louis: Momma, can I go to sweep?

    Dia: *smiles* Of course you can sweetheart. *kisses his head* Do you want me to tuck you in?

    Louis: Can Uncwe Canbanana do it? He been tewwing me a good stowy!

    Dia smiles and looks at Colt, sort of curious to hear what this story is.

    Dia: How about me and Uncle Colt tuck you in?

    Louis: Yay!

    The three make their way to Louis’ bedroom where toys line the floor and posters of various wrestlers and other atheletes are. Louis jumps into bed and tosses the covers off of the bed, giggling.

    Colt: Oooh so you want to play this game huh?

    Colt takes the covers off the floor and cover him up from head to toe rather sloppily before smiling at Dia.

    Colt: Is that okay?

    Louis: *giggles* Nooo! Tuck me in wight and I want my stowy!

    Colt smiles and tucks Louis in before kneeling at his bedside.

    Colt: Now where were we…

    Louis: The Diamond Princess had just made her way to the city of Champions!

    Colt: That’s right. *smiles* Well the Diamond Princess, her faithful servants Philipe and Scott came to stand outside the City of Champions. Philipe, having been a champion in his own right for the way he defeated the ogre Stuart, was allowed entrance. Scott and The Diamond Princess, however, were given a test. For Diamond’s test, she was to fight the warrior goddess Tivani. Tivani was a strong woman who had bested all that had come before he but would not kill. She sent them away with kindness to the place that she had trained to tell them that they should practice more before they were allowed to try again.

    Dia can’t help but smile at the obvious point outs to her own life that Colt it using as the basis of this story: The Diamond Princess being one of the gimmicks she wrestled under before, Philipe who was obviously Phil defeating an ogre Stuart who was obviously Wade, Scott who was obviously Colt, and Tivani who was obviously Vitani. She doesn’t ruin it however and sits down next to Colt.

    Colt: It was a very strong fought battle, both adversaries battling to their max. Eventually though, Tivani made a wrong move and Diamond Princess was able to take her down with a well placed jab to the side.

    Louis: *wide eyed* She didn’t die did she?

    Colt: Oh no. You see, years before she had started her journey, Diamond had lost her own parents to barbarians and knew that killing was never the answer. She spared Tivani’s life and told her that if some day she ever wanted to face off again, she was most welcome. *smiles* So Diamond became a champion, allowed to pass into the city.

    Louis: What about Scott! He loves Diamond, he can’t just let hew go thwough without him!

    Colt: *chuckles* That is a tale for another night pumpkin. *kisses his forehead* Goodnight kid.

    Louis: Night Uncwe Cabanana. *he leans up and kisses Dia’s cheek* Night momma.

    Dia: I love you Louis.

    Colt and Dia make their way back into the living room, Dia confused about a part of the story.

    Dia: So you think I can win too huh?

    Colt: Of course I do. You’re my best friend, I can’t let you down by believing you can’t do it.

    Dia: *smiles and nods* It won’t be a well placed jab to the side that takes out Vi though. It’ll be a fierce battle and I’ll take her down with the Diamond cutter.

    Colt: I have faith in that. Then you’ll be a bonafide champion. *grins*

    Dia: *hesitates* Colt…part of that story didn’t make sense to me.

    Colt: What part would that be?

    Dia: The part where Louis said that Scott loved Diamond Princess. *puts her hands on her hips* DOES Scott love Diamond Princess?

    There is a slight moment of awkwardness before Colt softly answers by standing up.

    Colt: Scott will always love Diamond Princess. Scott will always stand by Diamond Princesses side because that’s what best friends do for one another. *he checks his watch* I have to go. Suppose to be meeting up with Marty so I can write this weeks episode of Creative.

    Dia: Goodnight Scott!

    Knowing that Colt will be leaving soon Dia heads back to her own bedroom, the camera fading out as we hear these words.

    Colt:*softly* Goodnight Diamond Princess. You’ll be a champion sooner than you know.
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    The camera slowly in on two men sitting on a bench in front of what appears to be a soccer stadium, as the camera moves in it shows the two men are none other then Alex Shelley and his best friend Chris Sabin. Alex is seen pulling off his backpack and pulling out a bottle of water from it as their conversation is picked up by the camera.

    Alex: Dude I think the crowd was more focused on fighting with each other then watching the game....

    Chris: *shakes his head* I know Lex, it was crazy in there....

    Alex: *takes a drink* I had trouble picking which to watch, the game or the fights.

    Chris: Well at least we go out of there okay... *takes a drink from Alex's bottle* So are you ready for your big match this week Lex?

    Alex: *takes his water back* I... I think so....

    Chris: Who are all the people in the match going to be?

    Alex: Well there is CM Punk the champion, Drew that guy that was with Nolee for a while and Lucas the biggest pig in the CWA.

    Chris: And your the smallest guy in there..... Lex are you sure you'll be okay?

    Alex: *smiles* Of course I will Chris, you know better then anyone else that I can handle myself. Besides none of these guys scare me.

    Chris: *smiles* I know, but I had to make sure Lex.

    Alex: You know I only really know one of the three guys I am facing this week.... *frowns slightly*

    Chris: You mean Punk right?

    Alex: *nods* Yep, for a while me and Punk were in Ring of Honor together, we fought a few times and our groups even feuded for a short time...... Of course that was also the time that.... *swallows as he pauses*

    Chris: *frowns* YOu mean.....

    Alex: Yeah... *sigh* That was around the time that I was still with Austin...... And Punk did what everyone else did.... Watch as Austin treated me like shit.... Hell he was there the first time Austin hit me and he didn't do shit to help me.... Hardly a damn person in that room would do anything to help, only Jimmy Rave, Jack Evans and Matt Sydal risked their skins to help me...... *grits his teeth* Everyone else acted like they didn't see a thing, that my boyfriend hadn't tried to start beating me up..... I remember seeing Punk just standing there with Colt, he like everyone else in that damn room wouldn't even look me in the eye.... They knew that they were all cowards for not lifting a single finger to help....

    Chris sighs softly and rubs his best friend's shoulder as Alex starts again.

    Alex: *shakes his head* But for all that Punk did or in this case didn't do he is at least a better human then Lucas Turner.... A man that is no better.... Hell a man that is worse then Austin, the things that man did to Jay were so wrong on so many levels.... Hell the things he has done to everybody makes him the most hated man in the CWA.....

    Alex pauses with a sigh.

    Alex: And last we have Drew, one of the tag team champions. Don't get me wrong Drew is a good guy, but he is probably the one I know that least. Besides that whole thing with Nolee and then winning the tag titles, I don't really know anything about him. Oh we say hi backstage and stuff, but we are not buddy-buddy....

    Chris: But you will win this match Lex, I know you will. No one else has the talent you have, they can't pull off half the things that you can. Hell you can pull an amazing move right out of mid-air, the others have nothing on you!

    Alex: *gives a small smile* Thanks for that Chris.... But with four people this match is anyone's game and I'm not so sure I can pull it off.... I know I am good in the ring and I know I am the fastest in this match, but..... A champion that wants to keep his title is dangerous Chris and I am going to have to be careful. Very careful, but I am going to put everything I can into this match. This is my time to show that I am one of the best in the CWA, to show that just because I am small that doesn't mean that I am weak.... And to show that I am not a fake.....

    Chris: *hugs Alex* You will win Lex, I know you will. *pulls back* And everyone that has ever put you down will see how wrong they were. *smiles* After all you are one part of the world's best tag team, The Motor City Machine Guns!

    Alex: *smiles before standing up and putting his backpack back on* Come on world's best tag team partner, let's go find some place to go and get some food to eat.

    Chris smiles and nods before standing up. The two friends start walking down the street to where their car is as the camera slowly fades out.
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    The camera fades in on a long shot of CM Punk, who’s seen sitting on the steps outside a hotel in the early morning sun, the path at his feet leading to the swimming pool the camera seems to be set up near, closer to the far end of the pool from the CWA Champion. He has his head in his hands, wearing only black shorts that reach his knees and a pair of white socks with black running shoes. His tattooed chest and arms are left bare; the sunlight showing all the bright colors clearly, though he has his usual wrist tape on, suggesting he’d been training in the hotel’s gym beforehand. He glances up as the camera moves closer, the look in his eyes showing something’s troubling him; a mixture of anger and guilt in his expression. When he speaks, his voice is quiet, as if he’s trying to hide the emotion he knows would spill through otherwise.

    Punk: Before you start guessing or assuming: No, this has nothing to do with my title defense that’s coming up. It has to do with…more personal issues; ones that I’d rather not mention on camera considering I barely even mention them to my best friends…

    He looks down at his feet, running a hand through his hair, which looks as if he barely even combed it after getting up, if at all.

    Punk: I don’t need the fans knowing about my more self destructive behaviors…which aren’t me secretly not being straight edge like some people often theorize or assume by the way. All you need to know is I’m not proud of what I do in that respect…though Wade’s already mentioned it anyway; back when I first came here.

    He frowns and rolls his eyes, folding his arms; leaning forwards to rest them on his knees.

    Punk: The reason I don’t ever mention this particular problem is simple: It’s none of the fans’ or other wrestlers’ business and because as I said before, I even avoid talking to my best friends about it… But that’s not why you’re here is it? *he lifts his head to finally look at the camera properly* Though I’m sure some of you would like to pry into my private life a little more; it’s my match at Annual Affliction you’re all really watching this for.

    The champ slowly shifts position so that he’s sitting up properly, sitting up straight in his attempt to keep hiding his true emotions, a feigned look of eagerness in his eyes as if he’s trying to fool even himself that he’s okay.

    Punk: *takes a breath before speaking, forcing himself to forget about what’s bothering him for now* Obviously I’m looking forward to the match, I picked my opponents for it for starters and I wouldn’t have chosen three of them in place of one if I wasn’t the least bit confident that I’d still be able to hold onto the CWA Championship. I’ve shown in the past that I’ll put up a hell of a fight, regardless of outside issues, or even my own health, so I hope none of my opponents are looking to capitalise on me being distracted; because I won’t be. I know how to switch off from everything else but what’s going on in a match once I step out onto the stage; hell even as soon as I arrive at work sometimes. I become completely consumed by my focus on fighting and winning; which is probably one of the reasons why a lot of people often see me as a threat. That and the fact that I actually back up what I say…

    He grins for a second before it fades again, his expression neutral afterwards.

    Punk: I did say I’d get back at Wade and his minions after all, which I did...though it was a little over the top. I said I’d do everything I could to keep him from getting his hands on my title, I did just that; even if it wasn’t done in the most honorable of ways. Meanwhile there are others going around talking the talk, but failing to actually walk the walk when it comes time to do so. *he glances out at the pool, which is no longer onscreen, before continuing* I’ll be fighting Alex Shelley, Drew McIntyre and Lucas Turner; so I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t even a little worried I might not win this match. Shelley is mainly a high flyer, but is also capable of more technical moves, McIntyre’s a brawler; he can hit hard when he needs too and he’s cunning and Turner… well he knows one of the most original styles of wrestling possible and works with technical moves. The thing about him that worries me –and probably everyone else too- most, is that deadly punch of his. I’m not going to start insulting him about what he’s done with that punch before though; despite his mistake I respect the man. Not because of what he did obviously, but because he didn’t give up even after he lost everything that mattered to him afterwards. I admire his determination to move on, despite everyone who tries to use that incident against him; just like everyone one tries to use my family’s problems against me; using them as an excuse to accuse me of being an addict or a thief or an alcoholic like they are…

    He shakes his head, staring down at his feet again as he remembers what was bothering him and sighs in frustration and looks back up at the camera.

    Punk: You know what? Fuck it. If Wade doesn’t bring it up again, some other nosey asshole will when they find out…

    The camera zooms out as Punk gets to his feet, pacing anxiously, not wanting to be judged; but also needing to get what’s bothering him off his chest.

    Punk: After I broke up with Beth Phoenix, who cheated on me, I stopped trusting a lot of people; even Colt briefly until he continuously told and proved otherwise… I never completely started trusting people again after that; I always had trust issues thanks to my family, especially my pathetic, drunk…abusive…father. She just made them worse and it’s why I’m always so cold towards people. If I don’t let anyone else close to me, I don’t have to worry about not trusting them and worrying they’ll betray me too. What she did led to me developing a self destructive behaviour that shows itself more when I’m stressed about things, like this title match…and though I didn’t ever mention it; before each match with Wade…

    He trails off almost nervously, running his hand through his hair again as he sits back down, taking another deep breath, his voice still quiet.

    Punk: When I’m stressed…or angry over something, I’d… I’ll go off with someone I work, or worked with. *he keeps his eyes focused on the ground as he speaks, the complete opposite to the usually arrogant, over-confident Punk that’s seen onscreen, lowering his voice even more so that he’s muttering* On the worse nights I haven’t always gone off with someone I actually know, let alone someone I’ve even worked with…

    After trailing off again, Punk stays quiet for a few minutes, looking like he’s having an even harder time now with concealing his emotions, despite getting what he had to off his chest. His shoulders shake for a few seconds as the emotions threaten to take over, but he quickly forces them back down again.

    Punk: I…I’m only saying all this now because it saves someone else finding it out and telling everyone for me and trying to demonise me with their twisted version of seeing things… If I’ve already criticized my self about it for everyone it takes away the power of anyone else who tries to do so. *he lifts his head again, angry* Obviously as I said I’m in no way proud of what I do; nor do I recommend anyone who likes having self respect doing so… I hate myself after I do it and I’m left feeling like shit and doing what I’m doing now; avoiding everyone because the ego I apparently have refuses to let me be around people when I’m like this. I wasn’t expecting the unlucky person stuck with filming my promo this time to actually bother finding me out here; though I do appreciate you staying quiet and not commenting on all of this like some of you would.

    He closes his eyes as he calms down again so he can finish talking about his match.

    Punk: Anyway, enough of my stupid issues. Regardless of them I’m still going to kick ass in the ring; in this match of all matches I definitely can’t afford to lose focus because of other issues. I need to be faster than Shelley, or at least wait for someone to slow him down if I don’t do it my self, keep my guard up the whole time to avoid any sudden moves by McIntyre or that right hook from Turner and be even more cunning than the Scot… actually, I don’t necessarily have to be faster than Shelley, just McIntyre; it’ll be the slowest moving and reacting one of us, if any of us, get hit by the right hook. I’d discuss my actual plan for the match, but that’s stupid considering there’s a possibility that one of my opponents might watch this. The last thing I need is just one of them knowing the strategy I’m planning and for them to turn it against me. …and yes, strategy does mean strategy, not use Dia and Colt to win. If anything, the person I’d have with me would still be the ‘American Dragon’ Bryan Danielson…or Daniel Bryan as WWE fans know him as. Like I said last time, I want to make sure Jerry’s team doesn’t try fuck with me during my matches. Lucas I can easily keep an eye on as he’ll be in the ring with me; but I wouldn’t put it passed Jerry to try something else. *he pauses and goes quiet again before frowning* …If you don’t mind, I’d like to go back to having my time alone out here now, I like the quiet out here it’s, partly, why I decided to come out here so early. That and the…other reasons I mentioned.

    Punk closes his eyes, leaning his elbows on his knees, his chin resting on his hands. The camera zooms in a little on his face to show his eyes shining as if he was about to cry, though before anyone can see if any tears are shed; he puts his head in his hands and the camera fades out.

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    The camera opens on a long leg exiting a blue mustang. The sounds of planes taking off and landing can be heard in the background. The camera slowly pans out to take in the whole car as two car doors slam. Finally the camera takes in a tall woman with her black and pink hair thrown over one shoulder. She is in tight jeans and a tank top that says 'Hardcore Princess'. Belle Moore smirks as her eyes are hidden by big black sunglasses. The woman from the other side is now seen as Amy Hennigan. They are both carrying bags and smirking

    Amy:*smiles as they walk into the hotel lobby* Ready to be back Belles? Cause Im sure happy to be back with you.

    Belle:Always ready to be back Amy. The day when one isnt ready to come back it is time to move on. *she takes the key that the receptionist handed them wordlessly*

    Amy:Did you hear all the talk Nolee has been doing? About how since you haven't been here for a while you will probably lose.

    Belle:She shouldn't worry about whether or not Im ready. She should be worried about that pretty little wedding of her's and whether she will still look good for the pictures.

    Amy:*giggles slightly* She does seem to run her mouth alot now doesnt she? Maybe this fight will actually shut her up.

    Belle:I doubt anything will ever shut her mouth. It is like she is incapable of such an amazing thing.

    They enter the elevator and press the button for thier floor. Belle lifts her sunglasses up and rest them on the top of her head. Hey eyes are a bright green emphasized by her dark hair. The spark that was once there was now more intensified. The elevator stopped and both step out

    Amy:Excited at least to see Wade?

    Belle:Im always excited to see him I mean we have a lot to talk about with the wedding and everything. *She sighs looking at the doors* I want to marry him,I do but right when Im restarting my carreer is not a good time. I need to focus on Nolee and getting back in the title hunt. Im a whole new me with a hunger I didn't have before.

    Amy:*stops and looks at Belle with a smirk* Im guessing the time back home was good for you then.

    Belle: It always is. Shannon,Matt and Jeff really helped me get things into perspective. Im ready to go out there with a whole new intensity. I won't take back seat to anyone. That includes Nolee and her wedding. I'll prove that when I beat her at the Pay Per View.

    Amy:Matt Morgan came to visit I hear. *looks at her slyly* I heard Wade muttering about it when I came to visit a few people.

    Belle:*sighs and opens the hotel room door* Matt came to see if I was doing alright. Seems Shannon mentioned it last time he went to talk to Dixie and see Jeff at TNA. It got back to Wade and everyone was saying I was cheating. *Rolls eyes* Matt is just a friend.

    Amy:I know he is just a friend. Wade knows that too. Both Wade and you will just win your matches then sit down and plan this wedding. All you need to do is focus on Nolee and getting back in the way of things.

    Belle:I dont have ring rust if thats what you mean Amy. *She starts to unpack things in the room she will share with Wade* The old ring is still down south so I was in there. In fact,I got some new high flying moves. Tne guys showed me some.

    Amy:Oh this is gonna be a night to remember then.

    Both girls smirk at each other and continue talking as the camera fades out.

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    The sounds of heavy hits sounding against a punching bag can be heard as we open up on the inside of the private gym of Lucas Turner. Lucas, however, is no where to be seen. Training on the punching bag is a young man in black wrestling tights with red hearts going up and down the sides, all connected by a gold tribal bands. He's shirtless which allows us to see a dragon tattoo across his back, the red and gold of the design standing out against his tan skin. He looks focused at the task at hand while he works, only shooting occasional glances at the young girl holding onto the bag. The CWA audience has seen her before, she's Lucas' younger sister Jessie. She's wearing her workout gear: a cherry red sports bra and black gym shorts.

    Jess: That's it Antonio! Keep your hand up!

    Antonio lets out a grunt in response as he continues to work. He doesn't stop, even as he hears the door open.

    Voice: Your punches are sloppy.

    Antonio stops and turns to see Lucas, dressed in a black button up dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a pair of black slacks, watching from the doorway. A cocky smirk spreads across Antonio's lip as he crosses his arms.

    Antonio: You would know all about sloppy old man.

    Lucas: Jess, I thought you said he was good at this.

    Jess: *clinging to Antonio's arm* He is, he's a former Chikara Champion.

    Lucas: In the women's division? Because he hits like a girl.

    Antonio: No, over all I was the champion. Plus I hold the record in Chikara for longest time as champion. And that was all last year.

    Lucas: Impressive.

    Jess: He really is! *smiles* So hun, what match do you have at the pay-per-view?

    Lucas: *grins broadly* A fatal four way match for the CWA Championship.

    Antonio: Against who?

    Lucas: CM Punk, whose CWA Champion, Alex Shelley, and Drew McIntyre.

    Jess: Sounds like a full line up. *grins*

    Antonio: Sounds like an easy match.

    Lucas: *raises an eyebrow* Do you know how hard it is to fight in a match like that?

    Antonio: Sort of hard but not really. Depends on the opponents.

    Lucas: Exactly. A match is always determined by how hard the opponents are to beat. One of these opponents is the self proclaimed best in the world. I'll give Punk one thing: he commands the ring like an old pro. He's fierce, difficult to keep down. Now, I feel bad he's in a dark place. Everyone has theirs, some just take greater care to hide it. Don't. Our dark sides make us human. Phil, he's human just like everyone else. And like a human being, he'll go down with a well placed knockout punch.

    Antonio: Think you can catch him? He's pretty quick.

    Lucas: So am I. See, everyone thinks about me being strong and powerful but never the fact that I can be just as quick as most of my opponents.

    Jess: Most?

    Antonio: *smirks* I think I know who he's talking about.

    Lucas: Who then, wise guy?

    Antonio: Alex Shelley.

    Lucas: You hit the nail on the head with that one. I'm not quite as quick as Shelley. If he wanted, he could wear the rest of us out and then capitalize on it. Alex, however, also oses the easiest opportunity to take him down. If I or one of hte other guys can keep him grounded, we take away his chance of winning. The more wounded he is, the slower he is, the easier to eliminate he is.

    Antonio: So you think you can take both Punk and Alex?

    Lucas: No. Luckily, in a match like this, I don't have to worry about just me battling the others. There are four of us. While I'm focusion on Drew or Alex, Punk will be focusing on the other. *chuckles* Speaking of Drew, I can't believe he foud his way into the matchup. He's only CWA Tag Champ because of Angel. The only thing he's done good lately was ending it with that she-devil Nolee.

    Antonio: So he doesn't impress you in ring?

    Lucas: Of course not! He's almost as useless as Carter Lacroix. Drew, Punk, Alex all side with Carter. I'm the only representative from team Jerry. If I manage to win this, which I don't doubt I will, it'll be a great win for Team Jerry. If I lose, it could very well mean that Carter gets control of the company. If that happens, I'll more than likely not resign when my contract expires.

    Antonio: Why would you not resign?

    Lucas: I'd rather not work for a company that's on the path to running itself into the ground. If I do stay, it'll be because I have some unfinished business with one of the other starts.

    Antonio: So this match?

    Lucas: This bout between Punk, Alex, McIntyre, and myself will either be I win or I potentially quit. If I can keep Punk and Alex focused on each other, I can steal a win from Drew and get the title I've always deserved. If I can't win this match though, I would rather see it end in a Punk win. At least he's better than Alex or Drew. I'd rather let myself lose to a man whore than to a man who let himself get beat or a man who has a woman do his fighting for him.

    Antonio: Big words from a big man. Wanna get some training in?

    Lucas: Sure man.

    The camera starts to fade as Lucas removes his button up shirt and steps into the ring, Antonio following behind him to follow him into the ring.

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    The camera opens up on the interior of Mariana's home. She's in the kitchen, reaching up into the cabinet for a glass. The only thing she's wearing is a light blue mens dress shirt that she kept buttoned up to the top three buttons. She's rolled the sleeves up so she could use her hands. As she reaches up, the shirt raises up a little to reveal the bottom of her black boyshort-cut underwear.

    Jensen: "Hey! I've been looking for that shirt everywhere! I was going to wear it again today to my interview." He says, coming up behind her and kissing her on the cheek.

    Mariana: "What? This shirt?" Her voice is playful as she sets the glass down, turns toward him, and reaches for the top buttons.

    Jensen: "Oh no! If you start that, I'll never get out of here and if I miss this interview I might not get another one."

    He grabbed her hands in one of his to keep her from unbuttoning the shirt, and rested his other hand on her lower back. She started smiling broader at him as the hand on her back pulled her in close and he looked lovingly down at her.

    Jensen: "You are too sexy for your own good, you know that?" She nods. "And you're too good at using it to your advantage for my own good, did you know that?" She nods again and bites her lower lip. He shakes his head and sighs, releasing her. "I have to go find a shirt." He says this with a sigh and a smile.

    He leaves the room and Mariana picks her glass back up, turning to the refridgerator and opening it up to pour herself a glass of orange juice. She stands on one leg and taps her toes on the hardwood floor behind her. The camera travels up the length of her long bare legs and watches her take a drink from her glass.

    Jensen: "So, are you ready for your match tonight?" He reappeared in the kitchen door, fastening the buttons at the wrists of his dress shirt.

    Mariana: "I think so." She nodded her head and put her glass down. "I'm grateful for the chance at the title, but I hate that it's against Christian. I have so much respect for him. It's something I have to do though. I have to set aside my feelings and focus on the match. I can use my submissions to work on his arm and make him tap. I could just out fly him too. I have a lot of options. I just hope that no matter what the outcome, we can walk away with no hard feelings. I know I'd be taking his championship if I won, but..." She trailed off, knowing Jensen would be able to tell her exactly what she was trying to say in words she couldn't quite find.

    Jensen: He nodded and came up behind her, wrapping his arms around her. "You don't want to make him your enemy because of this. You've never been the kind of person to cheat, so if you play by the rules and everything turns out fair then hopefully everything will be fine." He kissed her again on the cheek. "You'll be fine and you'll do great in your match. In fact, I believe you'll win."

    Mariana smiles and turns to face him. She straightens his tie and runs her fingers through his hair to perfect it.

    Mariana: "And I think the New York Police Department would be stupid to turn you down. You'll do fantastic in your interview today, so don't be nervous. I know you're not now, but you will be when you get there and you shouldn't be."

    Jensen: "Really?" He's smiling a small smile.

    Mariana: "Really, really." She replies, smiling back. "Now get out of here and wow them." She adds, slapping his butt playfully.

    The camera fades out as Jensen pulls her in tight for a kiss and she giggles like a girl.

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    The camera fades in on a small picnic area, where someone who appears to be the CWA Five Nations Champion Christian is sitting with a woman and a young girl. Pete one of the CWA cameramen walks up to the table, a confused look on his face.

    Pete: Christian? Who are these people with you?

    Man: *looks up confused* Huh? Oh are you one of the people that work with my twin Jay?

    Pete: Twin...

    Man: Jay must of forget to tell you. *smiles* I am Danny Reso, this is my wife Nicole and our daughter Emmy.

    Christian: *walks up to the table with a smile* Hey Pete! I see you've met my brother and his family. *picks up Emmy as she runs over to him and hugs her tightly*

    Pete: *smiles and nods* Yeah I did, how come you never mention you had a twin brother before?

    Christian: *sticks his tongue out* You never asked now did you... *pauses* Plus I didn't need Lucas bothering my brother and his family, especial if he mistook Danny for me.

    Danny: *pats Christian's shoulder* Jay-Jay you know I can take care of myself and my family. *smiles* Besides I am a cop, Lucas would of been in jail so fast he wouldn't of known what had hit him.

    Christian: I know Danny. *hugs Emmy tighter* But I didn't want him to scare Emmy bear.

    Emmy: *shakes her head* I wouldn't of been scared uncle Jay-Jay, I could of helped protect you and uncle Addy!

    Nicole: *laughs softly* She would of probably given him a piece of her mind too, knowing my Emmy.

    Danny: *chuckles* She would too... *smiles proudly*

    Emmy: They say I'm the bravest kid in class! *beams happily*

    Christian: *smiles widely* I bet you are, I bet the boys are no where near as brave as you.

    Emmy: All the boys in my class are scaredy-cats... *pouts* But their mean and call me a liar when I tell then that your my uncle, they say there is no way a girl like me is related to you...

    Christian: Those boys are mean, I should show up with your momma to pick you up someday. *grins* Then they can't call you a liar anymore.

    Emmy: *eyes go wide as she smiles happily* Really uncle Jay-Jay! You would do that?

    Christian: *kisses the top of her head* Of course! I would do anything for my favorite niece!

    Emmy: *giggles* I'm your only niece uncle Jay-Jay!

    Christian: *laughs* And that's why your my favorite niece! Uncle Addy will be here soon and guess who he is bring with him.

    Emmy: Who uncle Jay-Jay!

    Christian: Rusty and Blue.

    Emmy: *squeals happily* Yay! I love Rusty and Blue!

    Christian: *smiles* I know you do, they love getting to see you too.

    Christian pauses as a car pulls up to the picnic area and Edge climbs out of it. Edge smiles as he spots the group and opens the back seat door, Rusty and Blue bark as they run towards Christian and Emmy. Emmy laughs before making Christian put her down so she can play with the dogs, Nicole smiles as she follows Emmy as her and the dogs move off a little ways. Edge makes his way over to his best friend and hugs him before shaking Danny's hand.

    Christian: It's about time you showed up. *smiles*

    Edge: *grins* I had to stop by and pick up some of Emmy's favorite cookies before getting Blue and Rusty.

    Danny: *smiles* Don't let Emmy hear that or she will want to eat the cookies first.

    Edge: *chuckles* Yeah, so have I missed anything?

    Christian: No not really, just Pete meeting Danny and the family.

    Pete: I would never of guessed that Jay here had a brother, let alone an identical twin!

    Danny: *chuckles* Jay's boyfriend Carter said the same thing when Jay brought him to dinner the other day.

    Pete: *laughs* I bet he did... How did the dinner go?

    Christian: It went great, Emmy loved Carter and everyone got along really well. *smiles* It was nice for Carter to be able to get away from everything that is going on in the CWA for a little while... Especially with him not on great terms with Nolee...

    Pete: *nods* That must be hard on him, especially since Nolee's wedding coming up at the pay-per-view. Do you know if he is going to go?

    Christian: I don't know, last time we talked he was thinking of going to the private wedding... But he was probably just going to the wedding not the reception.

    Pete: Would you be going with him?

    Christian: *nods* Yes I will be going with him if he decides to go.

    Pete: *grins* I will have to make sure I get someone to get me a picture of you and Carter in suits so we can put it in the CWA magazine!

    Edge: *grins* Oh I will try and help you get one man.

    Christian: *frowns slightly* Great... Danny their conspiring against me!

    Danny: *laughs and grins* Maybe I'm in on it too Jay-Jay...

    Christian: Not my own twin!

    Pete and Edge look at each other before breaking down and joining Danny in his laughter, Christian gives a half hearted glare as they continue laughing. Slowly the laughter dies down and Edge wraps his arm around his best friend.

    Edge: Oh come on Jay, we were just joking! *pauses* Well me and Danny were... I'm not sure about Pete...

    Christian: *waits a minute before poking Edge's side, laughing when his best friend squeaks* I know you guys are.

    Danny: I'm going to get started on the grilling, you three have fun with your promo... *smiles and walks away*

    Pete: *smiles* So are you looking forward to the pay-per-view Jay?

    Christian: *smiles and nods* Yeah, I think it's going to turn out pretty good.

    Pete: And what do you think about your match against Mari this Sunday?

    Christian: I think it's going to be an interesting match to say the least, after all Mari is still undefeated here in the CWA and she has shown she has a talent. She was trained by by two of the best in the business, Triple H and Shawn Michaels. She has beaten Nolee and Justin, hell she even beat Sheamus! *pauses* She has a lot going for her you know, a very lucky woman. But there are things though that she doesn't have...

    Edge: *grins as he wraps his arm around Christian again* Yeah! Like a amazing best friend that is going to be out at ringside!

    Christian: *chuckles* True, but that wasn't going to be my first point there Addy...

    Edge: *playfully pouts* Aw, but it is the best point of all!

    Pete: I have to agree a little bit with Adam there Jay.

    Christian: *laughs softly and shakes his head* Okay, Okay maybe that is my best point. But there were others I was going to bring up... Like her ring experience... Yes she has a lot of talent, but she doesn't have a lot of matches under her belt. Yes she has experience in WWE Diva matches, but she has only had a few CWA matches and before she joined she was working backstage...

    Edge: *cuts in* Jay on the other hand as been wrestling almost none stop since he started, minus when he's been hurt of course.

    Pete: Do you think this will help you win the match Jay?

    Christian: Maybe, but maybe not. There is no sure way to know if you will win a match or not, there are always a lot of different factors going into matches. Like the will to win or what different talents do your opponents bring to the ring. But I have a feeling that Mari and I will steal the show with our match, I also have another feeling though... *smiles* I have a feeling by the end of that match I will still be the Five Nation's Champion.

    Pete: I hope so man, you know I will be rooting for you.

    Christian: *smiles* Thanks Pete, it means a lot to hear that.

    Danny: *walks up with a platter of hamburgers* Will you be joining us for lunch Pete?

    Pete: *smiles and nods* Yes thank you, the food looks great.

    Danny: Nicole made most of it...

    Danny stopped at the sound of a car window breaking, followed by the scared screams of Nicole and Emmy. Danny quickly runs towards his wife and child, Christian, Edge and Pete following closely. There is a man wearing a hood standing only a few feet away from Edge's car with a baseball bat, the backseat window is completely shattered. The man takes off running as Danny reaches Nicole and Emmy, the other three stopping as they watch the man disappear into the woods. Edge goes to check on his car as Christian kneels next to his sister-in-law and niece.

    Danny: Who the hell was that?!

    Christian: I have no idea...

    Edge: *walks back over* Well at least their gone... For now at least...

    Christian nods slowly before the camera shifts back over to the car window and slowly fades out.

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    The camera fades in on Sheamus, who’s staring out at a small lake in what appears to be a large garden area. He’s dressed in his usual style, a light blue business shirt under a grey vest, wearing one of his usual hats over his ginger hair. He has a small smile on his face, enjoying the faint sunlight that’s shining through the clouds that cover most of the sky.

    Sheamus: Despite the cloudy weather, I always love being at home here in Ireland. The clouds don’t really bother me though, saves me getting burnt… *he rolls his eyes* This is the National Botanical Gardens in Dublin by the way, the town I grew up in…and still live in when I’m here. I chose this particular place as it’s close to my brother’s house.

    The camera zooms out a little as Sheamus sits down on the grass, his eyes still on the lake.

    Sheamus: I guess while I wait for him I should talk about my pay-per-view match huh? Assuming that’s what you’re here for and not just to pry into my private life… *he glances up at the camera before looking back at the lake* Although I know it’ll be a good match, I’m not really looking forward to at this pay-per-view of all things. Yeah I know how he wrestles and most of his usual strategies for winning, but it’s not a time I’d really like to be reminded of how close we once were. I guess it’s a fitting match for the situation though, if yeh look at it the right way. Since the beginning of this show, both Wade and I have been in a relationship with a Vixxen; though unfortunately the two of them don’t get along because of how the first Vixxens’ title match ended. Wade and I however, fixed the problems we had between us and have gone back to being friends, even if we don’t always talk much; we both have a lot going on outside …and inside of work. We’ve both been planning weddings, though it’s a shame Wade and Belle are dealing with other things that seem to have put theirs off for now. Despite my own family’s issues though I decided to go through with mine and Nolee’s anyway though, seeing as it’s more my parent’s problem to sort and not mine; as everyone else keeps sayin’ I should, I decided not to let their issues get in the way of what I wanted.

    He smiles a little before continuing.

    Sheamus: Anyway, though we both have outside issues, we’ll deal with them in our own time; besides the on screen wedding with Nolee, we’re both perfectly capable of putting aside those kinds of things before goin’ into a match. We’ll go out there, have fun and put on a great match for the fans as always and in the end; one of us will walk away as the winner. Honestly, I don’t mind who wins; he deserves the win as much as I do. I just want to go out there and entertain the fans, I don’t want anything to do with that ‘war’ everyone’s either chosen to or accidentally become part of. I’ve seen how upset Nolee’s gotten over it and I don’t want to make it worse by joining in with Carter and Jerry’s…and Kane’s dispute. I just want to have my match with Wade and the wedding Nolee and I planned for the fans… and have the proper one off camera obviously.

    He grins before looking up and waving as Keiran approaches him; Sheamus getting up to hug his brother.

    Keiran: *after spotting the camera* I’m not interrupting am I?

    Sheamus: No, of course not. I was waiting for you before they found me.

    Keiran: Yeh weren’t waiting too long?

    Sheamus: *shakes his head* No longer than usual. *he chuckles as Keiran rolls his eyes*

    Keiran: Ready to get going then?

    Sheamus: Yeah. *he nods*

    Keiran: Are yeh absolutely sure about this?

    Sheamus: *is quiet for a minute before nodding, a happy but nervous smile on his face* Of course I am. It’s the part at work I’m not looking as forward too.

    Keiran: Why not?

    Sheamus: Everyone else seems to think they need to voice their opinion on our relationship, even Wade despite how many times on the show I’ve mentioned I don’t want them doing so. It just gets…frustrating.

    Keiran: Since when does that bother yeh so much? Usually don’t you just tell ‘em to shut it?

    Sheamus: Or threaten to kick them… *he smiles a little*

    Keiran: Or actually kicked them in Lucas’ case.

    The two laugh, Sheamus putting an arm around his older, but shorter brother’s shoulders.

    Sheamus: Come on, I take it you’ll want a drink before we go?

    Keiran: *grins* Why would I say no?

    Sheamus laughs again and shakes his head before the two walk off, the camera fading out.
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    The camera fades to white and the pulls back to reveal a fancy covered table, candles and roses for the center piece. Sitting at the table Johnny is perched in Drew's lap and is playing in his loose hair. Drew is dressed in his Man-of-Honor suit and Johnny is dressed in a button down shirt and slacks to match; his hair pulled back into a simple pony tail. Around them people are dancing and laughing, giving the two lovers time to just relax with one another.

    Johnny: I still can't believe you agreed to be her Man-of-Honor Drew. Do you know how bad that looks? I mean you two were practically engaged and then...

    Drew: And then I left her and started dating you. I know the story Johnny, I lived it. I agreed to be her Man-of-Honor because I'm happy that she's happy. *he motions to where Sheamus and Nolee are dancing* Look at that? She never looked at me like that Johnny. So just let it rest. You won ok? *his voice is much sharper than he would have liked and he picks up his glass of champagne and finishes it off*

    Johnny: *he narrows his eyes as he crosses his arms over his chest* What crawled up your kilt and died Scotty? I was just going to say that it looks like you are happy to be rid of her and wanted to make sure that she married the Celt after all.

    Drew: *he wipes a hand down his face with a sigh* I'm sorry Johnny, I'm just a little stressed. I've got two matches coming this Pay-Per-View and I'm just a little...worried...that's all

    Johnny: Worried? For what? One is just a defense of Angel and your's tag belts. And it's easier to retain than to win. All you have to do is either get counted out or DQ'd. A belt can't transfer hands that way.

    Drew: *he blinks* Johnny I will not cheat to keep my belts, sure a count out could happen, but this is Carter and Kane. They are an extremely cohesive as a team and both have their own styles that surprisingly work together quite well.

    Johnny: *he rolls his eyes* I'm not saying cheat love, I'm just saying that...a champion will do nearly anything to keep that gold around their waists. Just think about it..maybe run it by Angel later..I'm sure you two can come up with something that doesn't involve cheating.

    Drew: *he sighs* Maybe, I'll talk to Angel...but that's not the match I'm worried about really. I know Angel and I can beat Kane and Carter again, we did beat them for the titles so I know we can beat them again to keep the belts. It's the match for the 5 Nations Championship. I've been in the running for a while for that title and yet it's always just out of my grasp. I want that belt so bad that I can practically taste it.

    Johnny: *he combs his fingers through Drew's hair, massaging the scalp gently* I know you can do it Drew, you have a devastating final move, you just keep in mind that because of the amount of participants in the match you don't have to be pinned, you have to take them out one by one until you have the weakest one to pin.

    Drew: *he lets out a breath* I know Johnny, but it's always so close and at the last minute it's taken away from me.

    Johnny: *he takes Drew's face between his hands and looks him straight in the eyes* Listen to me Drew McIntyre. You're going to win that title, you're a champion, you have the gold already to prove it. You just have to take what you want Drew. Use that Scottish blood of yours and be the toughest warrior in that ring. I know you can do it.

    Drew: *he grins as he leans in and kisses Johnny gently* Thank you love, you know what to say to put my mind at ease. *he still feels a bit wound up about the match but not as bad and he relaxes, rubbing Johnny's back* Shall we least try to look sociable?

    Johnny: *he smirks as he pecks Drew's lips and stands,looking around at the twirling couples before Drew leads him out to the dance floor* Our wedding will be twice as big and twice as nice.

    Drew: *he rolls his eyes as he holds Johnny close as a waltz starts to play* Yes Dear.

    The camera fades out as they mingle on the move around the dance floor, letting the night and the champagne carry them away.

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    The camera opens up on the sound of a small diner, Carter walking inside. He's dressed in a suit and frowns as he tries to look around for someone.

    Carter: He said he'd be here...

    Kane: *he appears from the shadows, wearing only jeans and a faded tshirt* You doubt me?

    Carter: Oh hey man. I just didn't know if you'd be here or not. Do you have a table?

    Kane: A table? Do I look like one of the Dudley’s from ECW past. Why would I have a table?

    Carter: Yeah. Did you pick a table to sit at yet or not? You came outta the shadows.

    Kane: Oh, I'm not here for this. I wouldn't be caught dead in a wedding. You said you wanted to see me about the match, that's what I'm here for.

    Carter: *smiles* Sure. Wanna go someplace where Nols won't possibly hear us and want to tell Jerry?

    Kane: *he nods* Yes. *he glares at the hall, snarling at the knowledge that Jerry was in there and that he couldn't do anything about it.*

    Carter: *walks outside with Kane* I'm happy for her. She deserved it, no matter what team she chose. *chuckles* So we got a title opportunity.

    Kane: As we should, it's our return clause. If we didn't get it I would be more pissed than I am already.

    Carter: I think we're the first team in CWA history to actually get a rematch. Not sure though.

    Kane: It's because they know if they don't we'll rip the other teams apart until we get the titles back.

    Carter: *smirks* Now c'mon I gotta draw a line with the girls. Vi and Angel and Dia and Mari would be safe. But the boys? We'd tear them apart.

    Kane: I don't know, the women of CWA are plenty strong enough to take us on.

    Carter: I dunno...I still have problems with fighting girls. Anyways, that's not the point. The point is we have a rematch.

    Kane: *nods* Yes, against Angel and Drew. If they were good enough to take it from us one time, we have to be even tougher to take it back from them.

    Carter: *upset* It was my fault last time. I got pinned. By Angel.

    Kane: Ok and? Anyone can lose on any given day. We just have to be twice as tough and good to take it back. Those belts belong to us, first the tag belts and then the rest of the belt in CWA.

    Carter: If I end up being a tag champ AND winning control of the CWA, I won't be in contention for the others. You will be though.

    Kane: I don't want nothing handed to me Carter. I want to earn those titles.

    Carter: You have earned them Glenn. *runs a hand through his hair* So what’s the plan?

    Kane: *he shrugs* We go out and beat the snot out of them. Not cheat, I don't want to make you do that, but we have to be tougher than they are so we can take those titles back.

    Carter: We thought that we were stronger in the first place. We have to take care to destroy the both of them.

    Kane: I will destroy Drew if you want me too. *cracks his knuckles threateningly*

    Carter: I'd rather work on McIntyre, he's not a girl. Fighting Angie will be harder for me.

    Kane: *he nods* Fine, I won't completely destroy her, just make her a little sore in the morning, how's that?

    Carter: That works. I'll make sure to stay away from Drew's finisher. Its a hell of a move.

    Kane: *he nods* It is, he's worked hard on it. But we'll get it done. I know it.
    9:56:15 PM

    Carter: *smirks* Yeah? Well I've worked harder on the Cowboy Clutch. *smirks*

    Kane: *he snorts* And yet neither one of those are as devastating as my Chokeslam from hell.

    Carter: *playfully shoves him* Yeah right. It's /more/ devastating.

    Kane: It is. *snarls* Because I'll put you through the mat with it.

    Carter: Sheesh lighten up. *smiles* Thank you, for all the help you've given me with taking over.

    Kane: It is my pleasure. But go now and enjoy the rest of your sister’s wedding, I'm going to go and plan some more. *disappears into the shadows*

    The camera fades as Carter watches Kane disappear before shaking his head and heading back into the wedding to rejoin the festivities.

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    Vitani Summers is seen sitting at a table in the outdoors section of a café, wearing a blue-green dress and a material headband tied in her hair; looking as if she’s waiting for someone; a cup of tea in front of her. After a minute or so she smiles at someone off camera before Ted DiBiase Jr. moves onscreen, sitting on the opposite side of the table to Vitani.

    Vitani: Hey Ted.

    Ted: Hey. *he smiles back* …I thought you were bringing your friend Vera?

    Vitani: I was going to… but I decided not to. *she looks irritated*

    Ted: Something wrong?

    Vitani: Sort of. We had a um, disagreement I guess.

    Ted: Disagreement? About what…?

    Vitani: What she does at night. *she rolls her eyes* She always talks about her amazing ‘boyfriend’, but she was telling me this morning how great it was to well… ‘hang out’ with CM Punk.

    Ted: What, seriously? *he frowns when Vitani nods* But she seemed like she was even trying to flirt with me when you first introduced us...

    Vitani: *bitterly* I know. That’s why I didn’t feel like inviting her out here, I don’t need her distractions.

    Ted: *nods* Right, you have your title match?

    Vitani: I do, I’m defending it against Dia Banks again. *she smiles*

    Ted: Wasn’t it because she was the only Vixxen not in a match, besides Amy, wherever she’s been?

    Vitani: Well, yes; but I don’t mind. I probably would have ended up picking her anyway because I love the matches we have together, I enjoy the challenge against her submissionist style.

    Ted: Fair enough. So you’re going to win?

    Vitani: *chuckles* Well as much as I hope so, I can’t say for sure who’s winning this one. The only person who can is the referee who makes the call to end the match. Obviously being the Vixxens’ champ though, I aim to win, but not everything goes the way people plan them… *she trails off before lowering her voice* …as the situation with Cody shows.

    Ted: *gives a small smile* I know you didn’t plan for that to happen, but he has to learn sooner or later that focusing only on helping his dad is going to affect a lot of other things in his life. I tried to teach him that years ago, apparently he didn’t learn then.

    Vitani: *raises an eyebrow* ‘Years ago’? How many years exactly…?

    Ted: Um…not important. *he’s suddenly nervous* The point is he didn’t listen. *he gives her a look as if to say ‘I’ll explain later’*

    Vitani: Right… *she nods slowly, hesitating before speaking again, absent-mindedly mixing her tea* Did you end up speaking to him?

    Ted: *turns to order a coffee from the waitress before answering her* Yeah, I did.

    Vitani: And…?

    Ted: He wanted to speak to you.

    Vitani: He’s called me before, why doesn’t h-

    Ted: *cutting her off* He wanted to talk to you in person…

    Vitani: *suddenly goes quiet, staring down at her drink for a minute before replying* Oh…

    Ted: You don’t want to see him?

    Vitani: No… I mean, I guess I-I don’t know. *she frowns*

    Ted: You’re worried about what will happen, aren’t you?

    Vitani: *quietly* Something like that, yeah. I guess I’m just worried that if I do see him, he’ll still be the same Cody I left...

    Ted: *he sighs softly* I don’t think so, he misses you Vi; you know he does.

    Vitani: I know, I know. He told me himself last time he called. *she drinks some of her tea before continuing* Um… If I do see him, would you mind coming; just in case he is still the same? I-I don’t think I could deal with that very well. *a sad look fills her eyes*

    Ted: *softly* Of course; you’re both good friends of mine.

    Vitani: Thank you Ted. *she gives a small smile*

    Ted: No problem. …so do you have an idea of how to beat Dia?

    Vitani: Not really, I suppose I’ll just do the usual, try not to let her catch me in one of her submission holds and try to wear her down. It might help though if I come up with a proper plan though huh?

    Ted: *smiles* Yeah it probably would. I have plenty of time before I have to head off, I can help if you’d like.

    Vitani: I’d appreciate that, thanks.

    Ted looks up and thanks the waitress for his drink as she hands it to him before he and Vitani start discussing match tactics; the camera fading out on the two.

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