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    Devastation II Results


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    Devastation II Results Empty Devastation II Results

    Post  Casey on Mon Dec 24, 2012 8:31 am

    The camera opens up as Rev Theory’s “Justice” blares throughout the arenas loud speakers. The fans scream out and cheer, holding up signs as the camera pans across them. We finally rest on our lovable blockhead announcers: James Chapel and Val Venis.

    Val: *smiles and grins* Welcome one and all to the Devastation pay per view!

    James: And what a pay-per-view it is Val! We have two kids who are sure to be future champions facing off against one another!

    Val: That’s right James! We also have a hell of a triple threat divas match between three of the strongest Vixxens in the company.

    James: Oh I bet you really wanna see that one Val. But let’s start with those bright future stars!

    Dante’s theme song, Simple Plan’s “Me Against The World”, starts playing as Dante heads out. The fans are cheering for him and they seem excited for his debut. He looks over his shoulder and smiles at Alex who heads out behind him. He runs a hand through his hair, gets in the ring and waits for his opponent. The lights flash as if a rave is about to start as “Break Your Heart” by Taio Cruz starts playing. Antonio Jacinto walks out to the ring, looking cocky with his sunglasses over his eyes, looking at Lucas who’s walking with him. He kisses a fan on the cheek and hands her his sunglasses with a grin. Hanna Beckford signals for the bell to ring and the two men start out.

    Dante Westmore w/Alex Shelley vs. Antonio Jacinto w/Lucas Turner

    The camera starts out on the two managers and established wrestlers giving their rookies a quick word. Antonio nods and he goes in for his finisher. He hits his finisher, the Heartbreaker, very early but of course there is no time to pin Dante before he gets to his feet in a kip up. The two men circle the ring, eyes locked on each other before they get each other in a grapple. Dante grips his arm and tosses him into the turnbuckle. The young Frenchman hits and bounces back, getting a sidewalk slam from Dante. Antonio does not look enthused as he gets to his feet. He curses at Dante, advancing but before he can get to close, Dante lands a dropkick to his knee. Antonio gets down yet again, allowing Dante to hit his super kick. After words he goes for the pin. Antonio kicks out of the pin and grins, cracking his shoulders. He looks like the super kick has just angered him and not really taken much out of him. As he gets up, he lands a knee to the center of Dante’s back. When the ref doesn’t yell at him for it, he decides that he’s going to hit another. After his third, the ref tells him to stop. Antonio, however, knows that his moves have done enough. He gets down and puts Dante in the Cupid’s Bow, a Boston Crab that’s reminiscent of Chris Jericho’s Walls of Jericho. Dante’s back is in so much pain that he has no other choice but to tap out.

    Winner: Antonio Jacinto via submission

    As Antonio celebrates, we see Lucas sitting by ringside with almost a bittersweet grin on his face. He gestures for the remote and sits on a steel chair next to ringside. He sits with the chair turned around, arms crossed over his back.

    Lucas: It’s been a hell of a ride hasn’t it?

    The crowd boos and Antonio gives them all a harsh look, signalling for them to be quiet.

    Lucas: If you would have told me a year ago that I was back in the world of professional fighting, that I’d be doing what I loved, I would have called you crazy and asked the prison guards to escort you out. I never thought I’d be able to fight again. Then Miss Lacroix called me, asked me to start working with her. I felt proud that someone, no matter how bad I’d done, wanted me to help them. Sure, I mistook her for loving me; I mistook Christian for loving me too. I’m over that. In fact, I’m over a lot of things. The championship, well, it’s never really what I wanted. I just wanted to be appreciated and recognized for my talents and not for the wrong I’ve done in this world. Accidental wrong mind you.

    He sheepishly runs a hand over the back of his neck and gives a cock eyed grin.

    Lucas: So I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and I’ve decided that this is it. My ex wife and I are at peace, I’m moving back home to take care of my girls. Life is good for me. I don’t need this anymore. So, it’s with a heavy heart, that I pass my career onto my protégé Antonio Jacinto.

    The fans aren’t sure if they should boo or cheer so they are quiet. Then, a voice can be heard from the entrance ramp. Lucas looks up to see Nolee Lacroix standing there. Debate her problems with Lucas, she cheers.

    Nolee: Thank you Lucas! *she claps in time with the crowd*

    One by one, people in the audience start cheering for the once violent man. There is a tear in his eyes as he takes a bow and leaves the area as the camera fades out to the first commercial break.


    When the cameras come back from commercial, Nolee Lacroix stands in the ring as Hell On Heels by The Pistol Annies plays. She paces to and fro, looking at the entrance ramp where she knows her opponent will head out from in just a little bit. Sure enough, “Whatever’s Real” by The High Crusade, starts to play and Alex Shelley heads out to the ring with Dante Westmore at his side. He mouths “Where’s your backup” to her before the crowd starts to boo. He turns just in time to be met by The Brogue Kick from Sheamus, who had followed him out without his or Dante’s knowledge. Nolee chuckles as Dante tries to grab Sheamus, but her Irishmen manages to avoid it and tosses Alex into the ring.

    Alex Shelley vs. Nolee Lacroix

    Nolee smirks and looks down tauntingly on Alex. She slaps him in the face a few times before grabbing a handful of hair, pulling him up by it. Referee Josh Hamlin yells at her for it and she rolls her eyes, letting him down. As soon as she drops him, she attempts to land an elbow to his chest. He rolls out of the way and reverses it for a gutbuster. The fans erupt into screams while Sheamus paces outside the ring. He keeps an eye on Dante who is urging on his friend. Nolee gets back to her feet and a grapple is locked in. Nolee gets behind him, attempting a very pathetic bear hug. Alex laughs and turns to wrench one of her arms behind her back and taking her down to the mat. He locks in an arm bar but Nolee reaches the ropes so Alex is forced to break the hold. Nolee gets to her feet and as Alex rushes towards her for a clothesline, Nolee moves and he goes over the top rope. Dante makes sure to get to Alex before Sheamus can, the rookie having a stare down with the Irishmen before helping Alex to the apron. The apron, however, is as far as Alex gets before Nolee turns him so that one arm is spread out on the ropes on either side of him and she can hit the fists to the chest like Sheamus always hits. Alex drops down to the skirt of the apron and rolls into the ring after the tenth. Nolee backs up, getting behind him as he gets up and lands her finishing move, going then for the pin.

    Winner: Nolee Lacroix via pinfall

    The camera switches to Alex talking to Dante, the rookie looking upset. He keeps trying to apologize; Alex gently places his hand on his shoulder and stops him.

    Alex: Its not your fault kid, I should of known that bitch would cheat and I shouldn't of gotten so cocky when I didn't see that ape out there... *smirks* Luckily I got a suitable revenge in the works. *looks up* Someone is here to see you kid.

    Dante looks confused and turns around.

    Artemis, one of Dante’s brothers, smiles and wraps his arms around the young wrestler, pulling him into a hug.

    Dante: *smiles widely as he hugs him back* You came!

    Artemis: Of course I did, why would I miss your first match?

    Dante: *smiles before sighing softly* Sorry you came out here just to see me lose.

    Artemis: Hey, you said yourself that you think it’s better to lose than to not fight… It’s just practice for next time isn’t it?

    Dante: *nods before smiling* Yeah... *pokes him playfully* So why didn’t you tell me you were coming? And who else came?

    Artemis: *shrugs* Not as fun if you know I’m coming. Jacen was gonna come, but he’s busy with his own ‘job’…

    Dante: Did mama come or did she have to stay?

    Artemis: She’s waiting ‘til after the show.

    Dante: *smiles happily and nods* I'm very happy you guys got to come!

    Artemis: Well hopefully Jacen will be able to next time.

    Dante: *nods* hopefully *tugs on his brother's hand* I want you to meet my mentor Alex!

    Artemis: *chuckles* Alright, alright.

    Dante: *smiles and leads him over to Alex* Arty this is Alex, Alex this is my big brother Artemis!

    Artemis: Hey. *smiles*

    Alex: *smiles* Hey, I'm glad you guys made it for his first show.

    Artemis: *nods* So are we.

    Alex: *smiles* He likes to talk about his big brothers.

    Artemis: Oh really?

    Alex: *nods* You guys mean a lot to him from the way he talks.

    Artemis: *smiles softly* Well we always have been pretty close.

    Alex: *smiles and nods* Well I'll let you two go talk; it was nice to meet you.

    Artemis: Yeah, *nods* you too.

    Alex smiles and walks away and Dante hugs his brother again as the scene cuts back to the ring.

    A rock song that sounds like God Save The Queen is heard and we see Wade Barrett and Five Nations Champion Drew McIntyre making their way to the ring in outfits that are different and yet manage to compliment each other. Wade’s trunks are black and have the British flag on the front of them and his large black coat draped over his shoulders with a blue and white rose pinned to the lapel. He looks over at his partner, Drew, who has his hair pulled back by a black hair tie. His trunks are the colors of the Scottish flag, complete with the white x in the front. He smirks at Wade and the two men head down to the ring. Wade holds the ropes open for Drew who bows before getting into the ring. The two men grin at each other as Justin’s theme song plays. He heads out to the beginning of the entrance ramp, his eyes on both Drew and Wade. Wade doesn’t look as meanly at him as Drew does. Then Christian’s theme song hits and he looks determined, heading down to the ring. It should be noted that Heath nor Edge are with them. Justin and Christian aren’t matching like Wade and Drew are, both men in their usual ring gear. They get into the ring at the same time, cracking their shoulders as the bell rings.

    CWA Tag Team Champions Justin Gabriel and Christian vs. Wade Barrett and Five Nations Champion Drew McIntyre for the CWA Tag Team Championship

    Both the teams of Wade and Drew and their opponents Christian and Justin Gabriel talk out in each corner who’s going to start off the match. Wade decides that he’s going to start out for his team so Christian decides to start out for his. The two large men look at one another, circling the ring and trying to decide who should get in the first move. Wade pulls Christian in for a headlock which the Brit counters. He makes his way to his corner and tags in Drew who runs right at Christian, hitting him with a hard forearm. He tosses Christian into the corner and Wade hits him with a boot to the back. The ref yells at Wade which distracts the ref from Drew landing blow after clubbing blow to the back of Christian. The ref turns right back around in time as Christian crawls slowly to the ropes. He laughs and goes to stop him but he can't before Justin has been tagged in. The high flying South African lands a flying kick to the knee which knocks Drew down and allows Justin to get in the 450 Splash.
    As Justin goes for a pin, the lights go to a spotlight and all the men look confused. They turn to see a woman standing on the entrance ramp playing the violin. She slowly starts to walk down and it's then that we see its Mariana Thomas. She looks playful as she stands on the side that Justin Gabriel and Christian are on, even flirting a bit with Edge, who’d come out after the match started, before making her way over to Wade and Drew. She looks fiercer and we see her eyes lock with Wade before she curtsies and makes her way out, Justin being smart enough to get the pin attempt in that time. Wade runs in to break up the pin and hits Justin with a hard forearm to the face. Justin drops and, as the ref has his back turned to yell at Christian who he thought was going to get in the ring, Wade pulls Drew over the top of Justin and then gets the refs attention.

    Winners and new tag team champions: Drew McIntyre and Wade Barrett via pinfall

    When he realises what happened, Justin looks annoyed and glances at Christian before shrugging his shoulders and rolling out of the ring. He goes to walk off, then stops and turns around, deciding to watch as Drew and Wade are awarded the titles, Christian near the commentators’ desk with Edge, the two not looking happy as they talk, watching the new champs celebrate in the ring.

    Backstage, Nolee is finishing braiding her wet hair, indicating that she took a shower recently.

    Nolee: Thanks for kicking Alex by the way.

    She turns over her shoulder to look at her husband, Sheamus.

    Sheamus: *gives a small smile* You’re welcome; he deserved it anyway.

    Nolee: You seem tense though. You’re not worried about him are you?

    Sheamus: *chuckles* No; why would I be worried about /him/?

    Nolee: Well you’re obviously worried about something. *chuckles*

    Sheamus: Well I guess so, yeah...but not that.

    Nolee sits on his lap, arms around his neck.

    Nolee: Please tell me? *pouts*

    Sheamus: *hesitates slightly before speaking, wrapping his arms around her* Uh... You know how yeh always ask why Drew and I don't get along...?

    Nolee: It’s usually cuz I'm feeling annoying. I really don't expect a different answer.

    Sheamus: don't want to know?

    Nolee: you've been lying to me about this?

    Sheamus: I- No, I just haven’t told you everything about it.

    Nolee: Well you can tell me now babe.

    Sheamus: *nods* Well we /used/ to be close friends...

    Nolee: Then you guys fought over girls or something?

    Sheamus: Uh...not quite, that's what we usually tell people though.

    Nolee: Wh-what do you mean then?

    Sheamus: *stays quiet for a minute as he thinks of how to word it* It’s uh… It’s closer to how I was with Wade. *looks away slightly*

    Nolee: were lovers? *gets up*

    Sheamus: *frowns* Briefly…

    Nolee looks hurt and shakes her head.

    Nolee: Why wouldn't you tell me about that?

    Sheamus: Neither of us really like talking about it.

    Nolee: *sighs and shakes her head* I feel like you guys don't trust me now...

    Sheamus: Why would yeh think that? Of course I trust you.

    Nolee: Because you chose not to tell me for so long.

    Sheamus: Not for that reason.

    Nolee hesitates but smiles, kissing his cheek.

    Nolee: You’re lucky it’s the season of forgiving and I won my match tonight. Now c'mon and lets get outta here.

    Sheamus looks a little confused by the response but smiles back, slowly nodding, the camera cutting back to the ring where Vitani is making her way down the ramp as ‘This is what rock and roll looks like’ plays; high fiving some of the fans on the way.
    She nervously brushes a strand of hair off her face as she stands in the ring, ‘Broken Dreams’ playing as the Five Nations champion Drew McIntyre walks out.

    Five Nations Champion Drew McIntyre vs. Vitani Summers for the Five Nations Championship

    When the match starts, Drew quickly gains the upper hand, backing Vitani against the ropes as he attacks her. Instead of letting him get any more hits in though, Vitani uses the ropes to flip backwards out of the ring to stand on the apron, hitting him in the face before he can react properly. Vitani then hits him with a kick to the gut, springing over the ropes to knock him down with a diving crossbody, only he manages to catch her and turns it into a backbreaker instead. Drew goes to lift Vitani to her feet, hoping to use his finisher, only Vitani suddenly rolls Drew up for a pin, the champ struggling in vain to break free in time.

    Winner and new 5 Nations champion: Vitani Summers

    Vitani gets to her feet, a look of disbelief on her face as she is awarded the title. She briefly holds it up in celebration before turning to Drew, holding a hand out to him for a handshake as the show goes to a brief commercial.


    ‘Dancing With Myself’ starts playing when the show returns, signalling the arrival of the Vixxens Champion Dia Banks. She runs out to the entrance ramp, playing air guitar. She skips down to the ring, slapping hands with fans and even signing a few autographs. She stops near a man who is recognized as her brother Xavier, dressed in his army uniform. Dia gets into the ring as the song that Mariana Thomas played earlier on her violin sounds throughout the arena. The lights go to a red as Mariana walks out, looking around proudly at the audience. She waves at her fans, even stopping to thank Xavier for his service to the United States. She gets in the ring and hugs Dia, the two girls chatting back and forth about different things. Up In Flames by Icon For Hire begins to play and Arella heads out, her eyes darting between the two women in the ring. She gets in and Dia backs off from Mariana, snapping into champion mode as the bell rings.

    Vixxens Champion Dia Banks vs. Mariana Thomas vs. Arella Rayne for the Vixxens Championship

    Dia seizes up both women who are approaching her, the air having an electric vitality to it. Arella gets tired of the circling and grabs Mariana for a headlock, hoping that the injury Wade gave her a few weeks ago to the head is still fresh. Dia rushes in to pull Arella off of her friend, tossing the pink haired Vixxen into the turnbuckle. There is a moment where she glances between Arella and Mariana before deciding to go to Arella. Dia runs over, landing a knee to the gut before she backs up again. Arella tries to stand but Dia knocks her back down with another knee to the gut. Dia glances over to where Mariana was laying but when she doesn’t see her friend, she’s worried for herself. She turns to look in the other direction only to get hit by a rather nasty kick to the chest. Dia falls to the mat, Mariana climbing the turnbuckle to try to land a Shawn Micheals-esque elbow drop. Arella catches her mid-fall, landing a nasty DDT. Everyone is laying on the ground as Cult of Personality begins to play. Punk makes his way out, glancing at the three women in the ring. There is no way that the ref can disqualify any of them because it is a triple threat match which has no disqualifications. Punk gets in the ring and gives Arella a GTS before pulling Dia to cover her.

    Winner: Vixxens Champion Dia Banks

    Dia barely manages to get up, looking fierce. She tries to help Mariana up but by the look on her face, Mariana thinks that Dia meant for Punk to come out to cheat for her. Dia shakes her head and grabs her title, heading to the back to find Punk.

    Dia is looking livid after Punk's interference in her match, looking around backstage. She finds Colt and shouts.

    Dia: Where is he!?

    Colt: Dia, babe, calm down!

    Dia: No I'm not gonna calm down! Where is he Colt!?

    CM Punk, who has a smirk on his face, walks on screen, pausing when he sees them.

    Punk: Something wrong?

    Dia makes sure that Louis and Colt are back in the room before she grabs a fistful of Punk's shirt and pulls him down so that they are staring at each other face to face.

    Dia: You know what’s wrong you jackass!

    Punk's eyes are wide as she grabs his shirt, looking surprised by her actions, though he's calm when he speaks.

    Punk: No I don't, you still won, there's nothing to complain about.

    Dia: Of course a cheater like you would see nothing wrong with it. But my best friend and another friend of mine was out there! You screwed them over!

    Punk: Well you thought I did wrong by making that speech the other week, I figured I'd fix it by making sure that wasn't why you lost. *he shrugs*

    Dia: I /wasn't/ going to lose. I'm a better champion then you could ever hope of being. Bet you’re glad that Kane didn't show up so you can't lose. This is the second show I've headlined. I'm obviously the better champion.

    Punk: /Only/ the second. I've headlined many more than that. I could have beat Kane anyway, it doesn't make much difference. You're right though, you are a better champion, if you're only going by the face champs everyone quickly gets bored of.

    Dia tries not to look hurt as she shakes her head.

    Dia: *shakes his head* I'm sorry you feel that way. I work hard for what I get; you get by because you cheat. You’re a coward Phil. If you were as strong as you think you were, you'd have no problem facing me.

    Punk: *raises an eyebrow* What makes you think I have a problem facing you?

    Dia: Because you know you'll lose. You lost to me the last time; you'll lose to me this time.

    Punk: Last time was because I was stupid; I don't make the same mistakes twice.

    Dia: And I won't win the same way twice.

    Punk: Who says you're even going to win twice?

    Dia: *smirks* I do. I know you can't resist a challenge Philly. Me and you at the first pay per view of the New Year.

    Punk: *smirks back at her* It's true, I can't. Just don't be too disappointed when you lose, okay?

    Dia: *smirks* How about we make it fun?

    Punk: Fun? *looks curious* Well winning would already be fun, but what did you have in mind?

    Dia: We end this bet, now. Put our titles on the line.

    Punk: *laughs* In case you hadn't noticed, or forgot... I can't take your title from you regardless of how many times I beat you.

    Dia: No, no, no. The other person doesn't get it; it goes up for competition from everyone else who can compete for that title.

    Punk: So the loser would be vacating their title? *looks interested* Well I suppose it probably is better for us...

    Dia: *smiles* Yes, loser would vacate the title.

    Punk: Alright then. *after a pause* this your idea, or Colt's?

    Dia: Mine. I haven't told Colt yet...

    Punk: *nods* Right.

    Dia smirks and crosses her arms.

    Dia: Fine then, Phil, we'll get our angers out on each other then.

    Punk: Who said I was angry?

    Dia: Oh so your naturally an ass?

    Punk: Yes! You of all people should know that by now.

    Dia: *rolls her eyes* Well we'll get to see whose better at Painful Resolutions. Now get out of here before I kick your ass.

    Punk shakes his head at Dia, smirking as he walks off, muttering something about being ‘best in the world’ as the show ends.

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