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    Post  Casey on Tue Nov 29, 2011 9:08 am

    The show opens to the drum and guitar riff opening of Shinedown’s ‘Devour’ song. Pyrotechnics go off just before the lyrics kick in, the crowd cheering loudly as the camera pans across the arena.

    Terry: Good evening and welcome to our pay-per-view here tonight in Atlanta, Georgia!

    Val: Devastation is looking to be a big night! We have our two champs both defending their titles and we have our first ever match for the Tag Team titles!

    The crowd is a mixture of cheers and boos as an unfamiliar theme song plays, most cheering in anticipation of a new addition to the roster. The fans start getting impatient, no one walking out onto the stage until the song reaches the beginning of its lyrics. A man in jeans and a dark hooded jacket walks out, the hood hiding his face. The lights are low, the arena mostly dark besides a spotlight that shines on the man, who walks to the ring, a microphone in his hand. He walks up the steel steps and gets into the ring pacing a little, the spotlight following him before he lifts the microphone to his mouth.

    Hooded man: Alright! Shut it already!

    The crowd suddenly goes quiet, save for a few who decide to boo the man instead.

    Hooded man: Now, I’m only here because so many people insisted upon it…

    He pauses and some of the people in the crowd cheer, recognizing the voice.

    Hooded man: I said shut it! *he continues after the crowd’s quiet again* Like I said, I’m only here because people suggested I should be. My father… my girlfriend… Hell, even some of the other people backstage and Jerry himself have been bugging me about it!

    The man pauses to pull his hood down, revealing himself to be Cody; the crowd cheering and booing again.

    Cody: *hisses* Shut up! I’m trying to talk here! *he paces a little before leaning against the ropes* Like I said. I’m only here by popular demand. I had plenty of fans in the WWE, I still do. I had the intercontinental title and had a feud with main eventer Randy Orton…

    Cody stops, looking angry as the crowd cheers at the mention of Orton.

    Cody: *hisses* Stop it! Shut up! He’s not even here and probably won’t be! I am here though despite my better judgment. See I had a title, I had fans, I had decent feuds and storylines; yet I dropped it all just for you lot and yet you can’t even keep quiet while I talk. You see, I unlike some other superstars in the business actually care about the people who watch. People like your ‘beloved’ Cena…

    He suddenly stands up properly again looking angry when the crowd goes crazy at the Cena mention.

    Cody: *yells* SHUT IT! Cena’s gone! How can you even still cheer him? He abandoned this show for god sakes! He laid down for opponents; even though he always spouted that crap about never giving up, he didn’t turn up to matches and then left without another word! How can you idolize a man like that? I would never lay down for an opponent, whether they’re female or not. I’m here to prove I care about the business and to show I respect it and the people in it. If the girls want to fight the guys, let them. I won’t however, stand being interrupted while I’m talking, people cheering for brightly colored mascots who take off on the business; or men who disrespect the women by insulting and threatening them and flirting with them when it’s unwanted.

    He sighs and shakes his head as people boo him for insulting Cena.

    Cody: It is unacceptable for men to treat a woman that way. People like Lucas, who has both threatened and flirted with women who don’t want or deserve it recently, have made me realize something should be done. Jerry, along with my father and at the time, Eric Bischoff; started the CWA so that the men and women in the wrestling business both got equal opportunities, yet that still isn’t happening. I’m only here to help fix that.

    He pauses and runs a hand through his hair before continuing.

    Cody: There’s also another thing that’s been bugging me the past few weeks…Lucas Turner. For someone who always tells everyone to leave Nolee out of things when they speak to you, you sure do mention her a lot. You really don’t know how to let go of things, do you? I’m pretty sure you’ve been told, more than once, that you aren’t wanted by Nolee in the same way that Sheamus is. *he paces again* Also…why do you have to keep labeling me as you do? It…It’s really creepy. First you called me ‘Dashing’, which is what the ladies used to do…but you quickly changed what you said afterwards, you said on last weeks show… ‘I can't say who it is...but he's absolutely dashing. Or as least he use to be…’ and this week you called me pretty?

    He pauses to laugh and shake his head.

    Cody: *in a mock voice, imitating Lucas* ‘I happened to hear that pretty...well...formerly pretty boy Cody Rhodes…’ *he smirks, switching back to his normal voice* Well Lucas, I’m going to have to steal a line from Jerry and say ‘I didn't know you swung that way.’

    He laughs again, suddenly stopping and turning serious.

    Cody: Lucas, you say that I couldn’t fix my own psyche after the Mexican midget broke my nose… You really need to stop living in your stupid little UFC world. You see, here in the wrestling world, we have a little thing called ‘kayfabe’. It’s when not everything on screen is real, where small things become exaggerated, or big things, like a humiliating title loss can suddenly become, in the eyes of the loser, an unfair match or a dodgy referee decision…like when Cena was actually cool and rapped, he got beat by Brock Lesnar and blamed the referee for it.

    The camera zooms in on Cody, who looks angry.

    Cody: Are you trying to be funny or something Lucas? Calling me a pussy… *he rolls his eyes* Just because I respect woman and I’m not afraid to fight to make things better for them, doesn’t mean I’m any such thing. It’s not my problem that you don’t respect any of the women here. Hell, even Wade Barrett treats the women of the CWA better than you do! Do you even let your daughters watch the show? Because I seriously doubt it…if you did I don’t think they’d be so proud of you. You must just go home and tell them your twisted prince stories every time, making yourself look perfect and everyone who bothers you look like assholes, even when they aren’t.

    Cody stops and sighs, running a hand through his hair again before continuing.

    Cody: Now…Being a part of the Legacy …don’t even bother cheering… taught me something. It taught me that to get what you want; you can’t play by the rules because they just stop you and slow any progress down. So, in keeping with that ‘legacy’ I’m here to help my father’s and Jerry’s cause…

    The camera zooms in for a close up as Cody smirks.

    Cody: By any means necessary…

    He grins an almost evil grin and throws down the microphone before leaving the ring.

    Terry: Well…that was different…

    Val: Yeah, it was. Does this mean we actually have a new wrestler…or is he still Vitani’s manager?

    Terry: How the heck should I know…?

    Val: Oh well, I’m sure we’ll soon see…

    The camera cuts to the stage as Justin Gabriel’s theme plays, the crowd cheering as he comes out. He runs down the ramp and slides into the ring, jumping up on a turnbuckle to backflip off it, much like Paul London and Brian Kendrick once did. He turns to face Jay Lethal, who’s already standing in the ring.

    Justin Gabriel vs. Jay Lethal

    As soon as the bell rings, Justin hits Lethal with a hard kick to the side of his head, smirking as Lethal falls. While he’s still lying on the mat, Justin goes over to the nearest ropes, springing off them to land a moonsault on Lethal. Justin gets to his feet, stomping on the man a few times before springing up onto a turnbuckle to perform the 450 splash. Justin puts a hand around his ribs afterwards, moving to pin Lethal with his other arm.

    Winner via pin Justin Gabriel

    The camera cuts to a scene backstage where Sheamus is seen arriving at the arena, getting out of a car and hanging his bag over one shoulder as he walks through the car park to head inside. The camera follows Sheamus as he walks, Sheamus frowning and stopping suddenly, Nolee standing in front of the doorway leading into the building, her arms folded as she frowns.

    Sheamus: Uh…hi?

    Nolee: *slowly shaking her head* How could you…?

    Sheamus: *looks slightly confused* How could I what…?

    Nolee: You hurt your own brother.

    Sheamus: Yeah…and?

    Nolee: He’s your brother Sheamus!

    Sheamus: So what? He annoyed me. He deserved it…

    Nolee: He did not! He may not have gone about it the right way, but he was only trying to help you!

    Sheamus: He was not. He was just being an ass!

    Nolee: Maybe, but you still shouldn’t have done it. You can’t just go around hurting everyone, especially not your family…

    Sheamus: You didn’t seem to care when I kicked Belle as hard as I did…

    Nolee smirks, though she suddenly takes a step back when Sheamus reaches a hand out to her.

    Sheamus: *sighs, a hurt look on his face* Nolee…I…

    Nolee shakes her head, a frightened look on her face as she takes another step away, towards the door to the inside of the building.

    Nolee: I…I have to go…

    She quickly turns and goes inside, Sheamus staring after her, frowning.
    The camera cuts back to the ring, as ‘This is what Rock and Roll looks like’ plays and Vitani comes out, this time unaccompanied by Cody. She dances as she usually would before heading to the ring, where Layla stands waiting.

    Vitani Summers vs. Layla

    The bell rings and Vitani is seen exchanging a few friendly words with Layla before the two start their match. Layla manages to land a few good hits before Vitani’s speed advantage cause her to have trouble catching the Vixxen. Vitani manages to hit Layla with a running bulldog before pulling Layla to her feet near a corner, Vitani quickly performing her Shiranui finisher on the jobber, allowing her to get the pin.

    Winner via pin Vitani Summers

    Vitani helps Layla to her feet, shaking hands with her before Vitani celebrates her victory, the show going to a short commercial.

    The show comes back to the sound of Nickleback’s ‘Next contestant’ as Amy Hennigan walks out, waving to the fans. Once she’s in the ring, she paces a little, looking slightly nervous as ‘Loyal to no one’ starts playing. Sheamus walks out with an annoyed look on his face, obviously not happy after his earlier conversation.

    Amy Hennigan vs. Sheamus

    The match starts once Sheamus is in the ring, the Irishman looking a little distracted at first. After a few minutes, where Amy almost manages to pin him, Sheamus starts to focus and also starts getting more aggressive, his anger from earlier starting to show. Some of the fans cheer and boo as the camera goes to the stage, where Cody is standing, watching the match with a frown, not seeming to appreciate Sheamus’ unnecessary aggression. The camera zooms in on Cody for a second to show he has a steel pipe in his hand before going back to the ring, where Sheamus is seen violently throwing Amy into a corner. Sheamus starts attacking Amy, the referee warning him to back away, Sheamus pacing angrily after moving away, waiting for Amy to move from the corner. Cody starts slowly walking towards the ring, holding the pipe close to his leg in hopes that the referee doesn’t notice. Sheamus hits a move on Amy and moves away to get ready for a Brogue kick, the same angry look on his face that he had when he hit Belle with the move the week before. Seeing what Sheamus is about to do, Cody quickly slides into the ring, attacking Sheamus with the steel pipe, the referee calling for the bell.

    Winner via DQ (interference) Sheamus

    Once Sheamus is lying on the mat, Cody stops attacking him and goes over to help Amy up before quickly sliding out of the ring and leaving. Once Sheamus gets to his feet, he starts angrily pacing, looking as if he wants to hurt someone again. Instead though, he ends up just angrily kicking at the ropes, yelling something in Irish before sitting in one of the corners of the ring, his head in his hands.

    The camera cuts to a scene backstage where Casey is seen talking to Edge & Christian, the three laugh at something one of them said before Casey looks at his watch, the three speaking briefly before the interviewer walks off.
    The camera goes back to the ring as Angel’s theme plays, the Vixxen walking out with her friend Petey beside her, the crowd cheering. Once Angel’s in the ring, Nolee’s theme plays, the Vixxen’s Champion walking out, title around her waist.

    Angel James w/ Petey vs. Vixxens’ Champion Nolee Lacroix for the Vixxens’ Championship

    Before the bell rings, Nolee slaps Angel, who is busy talking to Petey from where he’s standing outside the ring. Nolee smirks once she has Angel’s attention and says something to her, Angel frowning and shaking her head before she responds. Once the match begins, the two start fighting. Nolee tries to get an early pin, only to barely get a one count after a simple DDT. Nolee then tries to go for her finisher, but Angel reverses it and hits Nolee with a move instead; she goes for a pin, but Nolee kicks out just in time. The match continues with both girls getting near falls over each other before Angel manages to hit Nolee with her Twista finisher, quickly going for the pin.

    Winner via pin and new Vixxens’ Champion Angel James

    When the bell rings, both girls looked shocked; Nolee looking annoyed after a few seconds. She gets out of the ring, heading towards where the title was placed during the match, only Petey gets to it first and shakes his head at Nolee and takes the belt into the ring to give to Angel. After the referee has held Angel’s hand up and she hangs the title over her shoulder, Petey surprises everyone by getting down on one knee in front of Angel and says something before pulling a small box out of his pocket, Nolee freezing at the bottom of the ramp when she sees what’s happening on the titantron. As Angel smiles and throws her arms around Petey, Nolee’s expression changes from looking shocked to being furious. She angrily turns back to the ring, only for the referee to be standing in the way, telling her to leave. Nolee yells at the ref before finally turning and storming backstage as the show goes to a commercial.

    The show comes back from the commercial to show Angel standing in a room, surrounded by a few of her friends, some of them coming up and congratulating her as she talks to Petey. Angel smiles widely when she sees her two closest friends.

    Angel: Lexie, Chris you guys made it!

    Alex: We wouldn't miss this for the world, our Angel is a champion

    Chris: And engaged too.

    Angel hugs the both of them tightly as Cody walks on screen, a smirk on his face.

    Cody: Aww, how cute… *he chuckles*

    Angel: *lets go of Alex and Chris* Mr. Rhodes can I help you?

    Cody: Well that depends…I heard you have some problems with this place, with one man in particular…

    Angel: *nods slowly* Yes with... *makes a face* Lucas.

    Cody: I take it you saw my promo at the start of the show? *he raises an eyebrow*

    Angel: Yes I did...

    Cody: Oh, so you know all about my problem…about what I want to achieve. *after a pause* See, I think you may be able to help me…

    Angel: You do Mr. Rhodes? And how is that?

    Cody: *grins* Well it’s simple. We both want the same thing, for people like Lucas to stop treating people the way the way they do.

    Angel: *smiles* and you have a way to do that?

    Cody: Of course I do…*he pauses for a few seconds* …Like I showed Sheamus earlier, we will show them that you and Vitani and the other Vixxens aren’t just here to be flirted with or to be used as punching bags for people with bad tempers…

    Angel: And how will you do that? They don't listen to any one person around here.

    Cody: Oh I know that. That’s why I said you can help me. I figured, seeing as they won’t listen to one person alone, that we could…form a team. *he smirks*

    Angel: *raises a brow and gives a half smile* You, me and Vi?

    Cody: *rolls his eyes* Who else would I mean?

    Angel: Mr. Rhodes please excuse me, but I have been through other men that wanted to.... "Team up" before.

    Cody: *looks slightly offended* Do I really look like the kind of person who’d do that? I’d be a bit of a hypocrite if that’s what I meant…besides, incase you haven’t noticed, I already have someone.

    Angel: *look frustrated* And I did not mean it in that way Mr. Rhodes unless my English is wrong and it has not been in a while...

    Cody: *after an awkward silence* If you’re referring to Barrett’s god awful idea of running a team, that’s definitely not my plan. I don’t use people to serve my own ego. I’m not Wade…or Randy for that matter. My idea of a team is to actually do what needs to be done, not to plot against the other team members…

    Angel: *pauses* I am in if you really do want to change things here.

    Cody: Of course I do. I wouldn’t have wasted my time coming here and giving that promo otherwise.

    Angel: *nods* Then I am in.

    Cody smiles and holds his hand out to Angel, who smiles and shakes his hand.

    The camera goes back to the ring as ‘Nightmare’ plays, Lucas walking out with a confident smirk. He makes his way to the ring and looks impatient as Carter’s theme hits and his tag partner walks out, not looking very pleased. Once they’re both in the ring, Wade’s ‘Warrior’ theme song comes on and he walks out with Belle.

    Lucas Turner & Carter Lacroix vs. Wade Barrett & Belle Moore for the tag team titles

    The match starts off with Belle and Lucas, who’d demanded he be first once he saw Belle stay in the ring. Lucas smirks as he approaches Belle and he tries to hit her with his infamous punch, looking surprised when Belle counters the move, having been expecting it. She manages to get Lucas down before smirking back at him and going over to tag in Wade, who starts pummeling Lucas. When he finally manages to get a hit in Lucas starts fighting back, shoving Wade away to go tag in Carter. When Lucas tags him, Carter hesitates before reluctantly getting into the ring after Lucas says something to him. Wade and Carter wrestle each other for a bit before Wade steps back to tag Belle, an almost bored look on his face, leaving Carter looking offended. Carter and Belle say a few words to each other before fighting, Carter quickly tagging in Lucas after he wears Belle down with his Cowboy Clutch. Lucas quickly comes in, knocking Wade from his spot at ringside before hitting Belle with his Devil’s Due backbreaker and goes to pin her.

    Winners and new tag team Champions Lucas Turner and Carter Lacroix

    Once the new champs have celebrated and received their belts, Jerry Lawler’s theme plays and the head of the CWA walks out onto the stage, microphone in hand.

    Jerry: Sorry to ruin your fun Carter, but I have an important announcement to make regarding the CWA title match… *he pauses* Due to…unforeseen circumstances, the title match between Kane and the current champion, Christian has been cancelled…

    The crowd boos, Carter and Lucas looking as if they don’t care, the news not concerning them. Belle is at ringside with Wade, who has an arm around her shoulders as they watch Jerry.

    Jerry: I can tell by the looks on your faces, you’re wondering what this has to do with all of you? Well I’ve decided that instead of just rescheduling the match that was supposed to be next, we’ll be holding a tourney to determine the next number one contender for the CWA Championship…

    Jerry smiles smugly, the camera showing the both stunned and excited looking faces of the two teams as the show ends.

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