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    Hell to Pay results Empty Hell to Pay results

    Post  Casey on Tue Nov 01, 2011 5:55 pm

    Hell to Pay results Hellto10

    This week, instead of the usual, the show opens to Rob Zombie’s ‘Devil’s Rejects’ and a fog that covers the stage and the rest of the ring area, along with pyrotechnics; the camera slowly zooming in on the stage area after showing a shot of the whole arena. After the pyrotechnics are done, the camera focuses on the commentators.

    Terry: Good evening and welcome to Hell to Pay, here in New Orleans, Louisiana!

    Val: It’s the 31st of October, the perfect day for our first pay-per-view here in the CWA!

    Terry: That’s right it’s Halloween. But before we get this show started; we have someone who’d like to say a few words…

    The camera goes to the stage as Jerry Lawler’s theme plays and the crowd cheers loudly for the head of the CWA. Jerry makes his way to the ring, waving at the fans as he walks. He goes over near the commentator’s desk and is handed a microphone before he gets in the ring. He waves at the cheering fans again, a smile on his face as he waits for the cheering to die down, the camera zooming in on him.

    Jerry: Hello and welcome to the CWA’s first pay-per-view. I’d like to thank each and every one of you here tonight, and everyone who watches for making this possible. We’ve only been here for a couple of months, but we’ve already had our fair share of ups and downs. We lost a GM, our Vixxens’ champ and her manager all in one week; only to lose a more stars a few weeks later. But on the bright side, we got an even better GM to replace the old one and even picked up new additions to the roster. I’ve even recently gotten word that a certain someone’s considering their return…

    He grins as the crowd cheers, some guessing who he meant, others cheering anyway.

    Jerry: Anyway; I hope you’re all looking forward to tonight. We have our Vixxens’ title match with Nolee vs. Belle…

    He pauses as the crowd cheers.

    Jerry: The CWA title match with Wade Barrett *he pauses as the crowd boos* defending his title against Christian. *he smiles as the crowd cheers* and of course we have the match Lucas has been after for a while now; against Sheamus…

    The crowd cheers more, quickly going quiet as he goes to speak again.

    Jerry: Oh, and we have that other match that I got the idea for… *he smiles at the way the crowd stays quiet as they wait* The other match, which will be up first, will be a tag team elimination match… *the crowd cheers* …with the Vixxens Vitani Summers and Angel James vs. Carter and the ‘Big Red Monster’ Kane!

    The crowd cheers louder as he climbs out of the ring and hands off the microphone before heading backstage. Once he’s gone, Vitani’s Porcelain Black theme plays and she comes out, wearing a dark red singlet and black denim shorts in place of her usual bright colored clothes to go with the Halloween spirit. Vitani goes over to a spot at ringside, where her brother and a man and women, assumed to be her parents, are sitting. She says something to them and high fives her brother before she gets into the ring, smiling as she waits for her tag partner. ‘Heaven’s a lie’ comes on and Angel appears and makes her way to the ring, shaking the hand Vitani offers to her. The two exchange a few words before Carter’s ‘That’s how country boys roll’ theme plays and Carter comes out, trying his best to smile. He gets to the ring and is about to get in when instead of Kane’s music, Dusty Rhodes’ theme plays instead, Carter and the two girls all turning to look.

    Dusty: I’m sorry, Jerry asked me to come out here. You see…Kane…hasn’t actually shown up yet, that we know of. Nobody’s seen him tonight at all. I apologise Carter, but this is Kane’s replacement…

    He leaves and the crowd, along with Carter and the two girls are silent; confused. About a minute later, music plays and the jobber Jay Lethal comes out. The camera focuses on Carter’s face, which has a look that is somewhere between annoyance and relief. He shakes his head and gets into the ring with a sigh.

    Vitani Summers & Angel James vs. Carter Lacroix & Jay Lethal

    The bell rings once Vitani and Carter both step out of the ring to stand on the outside; leaving Angel and Lethal to start the match. Wasting no time, Angel hits Lethal with a dropkick and starts attacking him with heavy punches as soon as he gets back up; not even letting him get a hit in. Angel hits him with her finisher before she tags in Vitani, who climbs up onto the turnbuckle and performs a frog splash, covering Lethal for a pin afterwards; eliminating him. Carter frowns as he gets into the ring to face Vitani, the match going back and forth between them; Vitani and Angel occasionally swapping places, wearing Carter down. After a few near falls on both sides, Vitani manages to hit Carter with the Shiranui move, her finisher. Instead of pinning him, Vitani goes over and tags in Angel, who then covers Carter for the three count.

    Winners via pinfall: Angel James & Vitani Summers

    Vitani gets back into the ring, the ref holding up her and Angel’s hands in victory. Vitani then goes and helps up Carter, who shakes hands with both the Vixxens before leaving the ring as the show cuts to a commercial.

    When the show comes back from the commercial, the camera focuses on the commentators.

    Terry: Welcome back to Hell to Pay! We just had the elimination tag match, which turned out to be very one sided…

    Val: It sure did. I wonder where Kane is? You’d think he’d show up, tonight of all nights.

    Terry: Well anyway, next up we have the match for the still vacant Vixxens’ title; which was held by Santana Lopez, until she resigned…

    The camera goes to the stage as Jason Aldean’s ‘She’s country’ plays and Nolee comes out, a confident smile on her face and Sheamus by her side. The two walk to the ring holding hands, Nolee walking up the steps to the ring as Sheamus gets up ahead of her, holding the ropes open for her. The two smile at each other and talk as they wait for Nolee’s opponent. Theory of a Deadman’s ‘Bad Girlfriend’ plays and Belle comes out, her brother Shannon Moore with her. Once Belle is in the ring, Sheamus hugs Nolee and is shown mouthing the words ‘good luck’ to her. He smirks at Belle and kisses Nolee before both him and Shannon are told by the ref to leave.

    Nolee Lacroix vs. Belle Moore for the Vixxens’ title

    Instead of shaking hands before the match, the two Vixxens just give each other dirty looks, Belle attacking Nolee as soon as the bell rings. The referee has to tell Belle to back off before the two start wrestling properly. Belle has the upper hand after her sudden attack at the beginning, hitting Nolee with a painful looking DDT; she goes for the pin, but barely gets a two count. The match continues and Nolee counters a few of Belle’s moves before getting any of her own in. Belle gets annoyed and attacks Nolee again, hitting her with the Twist of Faith before the arena’s lights suddenly go out. When the lights come back on, Kane is standing outside the ring, glaring at Belle who ruined his match the other week. The lights turn off and on again and Kane is gone. Seeing Belle distracted, Nolee comes up behind her and quickly rolls Belle up for a pin.

    Winner and new Vixxens’ champ: Nolee Lacroix

    When Nolee’s handed the title, Belle gets up, looking furious. Before she can do anything though, the referee stands in the way and tells her to leave the ring.

    Val: Wow…That’s not quite how I imagined that match going…

    Terry: Yeah… I bet you imagined it friendlier…

    Val: Well I certainly hadn’t expected Kane to show up there; even if Belle interfered in his match with Nolee last week…

    Avenged Sevenfold’s ‘Nightmare’ plays and Lucas comes out, practically running to the ring, eager for his match. Sheamus’ theme plays and he comes out, walking slowly on purpose, knowing Lucas is waiting, watching the man pacing impatiently in the ring. Sheamus finally gets in and the two men glare at each other, the ref hesitating before standing in between them to stop any cheap shots from being attempted.

    Lucas Turner vs. Sheamus

    The bell rings and the two stand there, still glaring at each other. Sheamus says something which just makes Lucas look angrier and he responds before throwing a heavy punch, which Sheamus narrowly avoids. Sheamus tries to do the same, but Lucas catches him by the wrist, violently pulling Sheamus’ arm up behind his back in a hold similar to the ones police use. Sheamus pulls a face at the pain, looking annoyed when elbowing Lucas doesn’t help. Looking bored, Lucas angrily pushes Sheamus away, smirking when the Irishman falls over. He walks over, thinking Sheamus isn’t paying attention and ends up getting a kick to the gut; Sheamus getting to his feet afterwards. Angry, Lucas suddenly charges at Sheamus and the two end up in more of a fist fight than a wrestling match. The ref tries and fails to separate them and has to call for back up referees to help. Once they’re separated, the original ref tells them off. As soon as Lucas is let go, he goes straight back to what he was doing, swinging another heavy punch at Sheamus like he’d tried at the beginning, hitting his target this time. Sheamus stumbles and drops to his knees, looking dazed. Lucas smiles and laughs, assuming this means he’s won and gets ready to punch Sheamus again. Hearing the laugh, Sheamus looks up and forces himself to stand. He ducks Lucas’ punch and manages to hit his ‘Celtic Cross’ finisher, collapsing onto his knees again afterwards. He frowns and crawls over to where Lucas is lying and covers him for the three count.

    Winner via pinfall: Sheamus

    Sheamus tries to stand to celebrate his victory, but ends up on his knees again, still feeling the affects of Lucas’ punch; instead he sits in a corner of the ring, leaning his head against the ring post. He slowly looks up as the referee comes over to see if he’s ok and the two exchange a few words before the referee helps Sheamus up and out of the ring; Sheamus with an arm hung across the ref’s shoulders as they head backstage.

    The camera cuts to a scene backstage where arguing can be heard. The person with the camera walks down the hall and turns a corner and Sheamus is seen leaning against the wall; the ref who’d helped him sighing in frustration before walking off. A voice is heard calling out for Sheamus, accompanied by the sound of someone running and Nolee appears; quickly hurrying over to him.

    Sheamus: *looks up at her and smiles* Hey Nolee, congratulations…

    Nolee: Sheamus I saw your match…are you ok?

    Sheamus: I’m fine. Just…a little dizzy…

    Nolee: I was watching your match; I saw how hard he hit you. Why aren’t you getting looked at?

    Sheamus: *frowns* I don’t need a doctor…*pauses* …actually…I don’t feel so good.

    Nolee: *shakes her head* Shea, that’s it. You’re going to see one…

    Sheamus: *suddenly looks worried* No, I’m fine…*notices the cameraman standing close by* Get that thing away from me!

    Sheamus makes a move to grab the camera and the person holding it quickly backs away, the camera cutting off and the show cuts to a commercial.

    After the commercial, a view of the locker room is shown; where Christian is sitting tying up his boots. A knock is heard before Casey walks in, a smile on his face.

    Casey: Hey Christian.

    Christian: *smiles* Hey Casey.

    Casey: Are you ready for your match?

    Christian: Yeah…

    Casey: *raises an eyebrow* Are you sure? You didn’t sound it…

    Christian: I... I'm a little worried I guess, Wade isn't above cheating and he's threatened my friends before…

    Casey: *frowns* Yeah…I know how that is. I’m sure you’ll do fine though. At least you have proper friends…

    Christian: I'm lucky to have my friends.

    Casey: *smiles* Well you, unlike others, actually deserve them. *looks around the locker room* No Edge this week?

    Christian: He left a little while ago; he said he'd be back soon.

    Casey: Oh… *nods* Are you letting him come out there with you after last week…?

    Christian: I don't want him to, Wade would hurt him for fun, but Adam doesn't want to be back here where he can't help.

    Casey: *laughs* Typical stubborn Canadian huh?

    Christian: *laughs softly and nods* Yep.

    Casey: *looks at his watch* I’ll guess I should let you finish getting ready… *smiles* Good luck.

    Christian: Thanks Casey.

    Casey: I’ll see you later, ok?

    Christian: *nods* Okay see you later.

    Casey nods before turning and leaving the locker room as the camera fades.

    The commentators are shown at their table, Val texting on his phone, until Terry elbows him.

    Val: Ow what did you… *looks where Terry points and notices the cameras* Oh! Well, we’re approaching our final match for tonight’s pay-per-view, the main event where our CWA champion Wade Barrett will be defending his title against Christian!

    Terry: Yeah… *rolls his eyes* How do you manage to sound so excited when you weren’t even paying attention just before? Actually; don’t answer that…I’d rather see this match and I’m sure the fans would too…

    The camera goes to the stage as Christian’s theme plays, the Canadian accompanied by his manager, despite what he’d said earlier. The duo makes their way to the ring as they usually would, high fiving a few fans on the way. As soon as Christian’s in the ring, Wade’s music plays and the champ comes out, his title hung over his shoulder. Once Wade is in the ring, he looks reluctant to hand his title over, frowning as he does so. When he notices Edge there, he looks angry and starts yelling at the referee for allowing him to be there. The ref responds and Wade just looks angrier, Edge smirking as he gets out of the ring.

    Christian vs. Wade Barrett for the CWA Championship

    The bell rings and the two start the match off normally, trading blows before Christian suddenly comes closer, kicking Wade to make him double over, Christian jumping on the taller man’s back; locking him in a sleeper hold. Wade quickly manages to push him off, throwing Christian into a corner, where Wade starts attacking him. He ignores the warning to back off, only moving once the referee starts counting, threatening to disqualify Wade. Christian gets up on the turnbuckle, jumping off it to hit Wade with a dropkick. He goes over to where Wade’s lying and locks him in another submission hold, trying to weaken him. Wade hisses in pain and struggles to get over to the ropes to break the hold. He grabs the middle rope and sighs in relief when the ref makes Christian let go. Using the ropes to get up; Wade only just turns around in time to see Christian running at him and flings Christian over his shoulder, sending him flying over the top rope and out of the ring. Wade smirks and climbs out of the ring to go after him, stopping when he sees Edge heading over to check on Christian. Knowing Edge can’t fight, Wade charges at him, sensing an easy target. He chases Edge right around the ring and Christian, who’d gotten up while Wade was distracted, waits until Wade comes passed and grabs him. He uses Wade’s own momentum to swing him around, sending Wade sprawling over the steel steps.
    Hearing the referee reach a seven count, Christian hurries over and pulls Wade up off the ground and rolls him into the ring, getting in as well as the ref reaches nine. Christian looks relieved when he realises he was almost counted out and gets to his feet. He goes over to where Wade was slowly standing and hits the champ with his ‘Killswitch’ finisher, eagerly getting down to pin Wade.

    Winner and new CWA Champion: Christian

    Once Wade realises what just happened, he quickly gets to his feet. He sees Christian being handed the title and snaps, running over and tackling Christian; Edge pacing angrily at ringside when he realises he can’t help at all. Wade traps Christian in a corner again, punching him repeatedly. He violently pushes away the ref when he tries to stop Wade and then goes back to punching Christian.

    A theme song unfamiliar to the CWA plays and Wade’s old team member Justin Gabriel runs out, quickly sliding into the ring. Justin hurries over to where Christian has been trapped, hitting Wade with a hard kick to the side of his head to get his attention. Wade flinches at the unexpected pain and pauses mid-punch, angrily turning to see who hit him. Wade looks shocked when he sees who’s responsible and yells at the South African. The two start arguing and Wade goes to hit Justin, who dodges the tired punch, hitting Wade with a dropkick in response. Wade, already tired, falls to the ground and Justin springs up onto the nearest turnbuckle and performs his infamous 450 splash, the crowd cheering. Justin gets to his feet and goes over to Christian, who Edge is already helping up. The three exchange a few brief words before Justin retrieves the title, which he hands to Christian and the three celebrate as the show ends.

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