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    The opening pyrotechnics blast, sounding over the tune of Skindred’s Nobody. We pan over the crowd who look very excited for all of the matches tonight. Finally we end up at the announcers table. Terry and Val sit there, without the Rock, and instead of Terry being the one who looks morose and sullen, Val has decided that it’s his job.

    Terry: Welcome to Massacre, a night that is sure to go down in CWA history as one of the bloodies pay-per-views in recent memory. Tonight we have the match that has been setting itself up for months: the big Red Monster Kane takes on everybody’s favorite Cowboy Carter Lacroix.

    Val: *sighs* Not to mention Belle Moore fights her fiancé for the CWA title.

    Terry: *gives Val an odd look*Why are you so upset?

    Val: Fans gave a sour vote to Rock being here this week. I was having so much fun with him here.

    Terry: *smiles* I thought that was something to be happy about. Anyways, our first match of the night is coming up!

    ”Broken Dreams” by Shaman’s Harvest begins to play and Drew comes out to a jeering fanbase, though you can hear some cheers for him in the crowd. He gets in the ring and looks around before leaning against a turnbuckle. “Loyal To No One” starts playing and Sheamus walks out to the fans screaming and cheering for him as they hold up signs. He smirks at Drew who stands in the ring, rolling his shoulders before climbing in the ring. As the two look at each other, the fans are booing again. Both men turn to see Nolee Lacroix on the entrance ramp. She walks to the ring and sits down next to Val, who instantly looks cheered up.

    Drew McIntyre vs Sheamus

    The bell rings and the two lock up with each other. Drew throws Sheamus into the corner and Sheamus hits the turnbuckle hard. It’s very apparent that Drew isn’t going to let Sheamus up anytime soon as he kicks the Irishman in the gut over and over and over again. He looks over at Nolee and nods at him before looking back at Sheamus and picking him up, body slamming him. Drew growls and stomps on his face a few times, the ref finally having to tear Drew off of him. Sheamus manages to roll to one side and pushes himself to his hands and knees, trying to stand. Instead he is met by a kick to the gut. Sheamus falls back to the mat, seemingly out of it. Drew screams at him tauntingly as he waits for Sheamus to get up. When the Irishman does, Drew grabs him and gives him the Future Shock before going for the pin.

    Winner: Drew McIntyre via pinfall

    Nolee abandons her place at ringside and runs into the ring. Drew smiles, holding out his arms to her thinking that she’s there to celebrate. Instead Nolee runs over to Sheamus, pulling him into her arms to make sure that he’s okay. She looks at Drew but then looks back down at Sheamus, feeling a bit ashamed. It takes a moment for it register in Drew's mind that Nolee went to Sheamus's side. The smile falls off his face and he takes a few faltering steps forward before moving back. Despite his win he feels hollow and he backs out of the ring, heading towards to the back. Nolee lets the medics help Sheamus before running off backstage to find Drew.

    Nolee: Drew! Drew wait!

    Drew: *he turns around looking at Nolee and he stops to wait for her to catch up* What?

    Nolee: I only went to help him because he was hurt. I…I wasn’t picking him over you…I just…you were so vicious with him!

    Drew: Was I supposed to lay down and let him overrun me? Sheamus would have been just as vicious with me if I had let him. Would you have come and seen if I was ok if it were me in that condition?

    Nolee: Yes Drew I would have! And no but you…you didn’t even give him time to stand up. You attacked him again and again and again…*she sighs* look I know he would have done the same thing…but you could have been the bigger person…

    Drew: And ended up on the mat a beaten and bloody mess. *he sighs and runs his fingers through his hair* Look Nolee, this isn't going to work! You have to choose, Sheamus or me. Me and the large red head are never going to get along, ever. We're always going to fight and it's always going to be over you, soon you'll be nothing more than prize to be won and in the end the loser will be you because the winner will only be happy because you chose him. So do it now before that happens. *he touches Nolee's face* And whatever your decision Nolee, I'm behind you.

    Nolee: *bites her lip* I'll...I'll think about it okay. I promise I'll think about it...

    Drew: *he leans in and bushes a kiss across Nolee's lips* Good, no go check on him, you know you want too. I'm going to take a shower and get changed.

    Nolee nods and kisses him before walking off to see Sheamus as the camera fades out on Drew looking solomn. The camera fades back to a view of the ring as “Whatever’s Real” by The High Crusade starts playing. Alex heads out with Christian by his side and when they get halfway down the ramp, the booing starts. Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater have ran down the ramp after them and begin a vicious attack on Alex and Christian. Justin tosses Alex into the steel steps and he crushes into them and goes over the top. Heath slams Christian into the barricade before reigning down vicious punches to the head. Wade smirks as he heads to the ring, watching the work of his two best friends. Soon the two smaller men toss Alex and Christian into the ring and the ref rings the bell.

    CWA Tag Team Champions Justin Gabriel and Wade Barrett vs Alex Shelley and Christian for the CWA Tag Team Titles

    Wade laughs as he stalks toward Alex, going down to one knee to grab the smaller man by the back of the head and smashing his fist into Alex’s face. The ref tries to drag Wade off but that doesn’t work. He then starts a count. When Wade doesn’t get off of Alex by the five count, the ref calls for the bell to be run.

    Winners: Alex Shelley and Christian via disqualification

    [i]The crowd boos as Wade, Justin and Heath laugh, thinking Solstice will get to keep the titles anyway thanks to the disqualification and the three of them, along with Alex and Christian, look up at the stage as 'The Collapse' by Adelita's Way plays. Cody Rhodes walks out onto the stage, dressed in a suit and holding a microphone, a smirk on his face.

    Cody: Before any of you start questioning what I'm doing out here, my father has finally come to his senses and decided to treat his son the way he deserves. I've been given a chance to work by my father's side and help with his job instead of wrestling all you people who just aren't worth my time. So here I am...and I have an announcement from the managers.

    He grins and tries not to laugh, the camera going to the confused Warriors in the ring before focusing on him again.

    Cody: Due to the attack on Christian and Alex Shelley before the match, along with Wade's disqualification, the tag team champions known as Solstice are to be stripped of their titles, which shall be awarded to Christian and Shelley, who were the winners anyway thanks to the DQ.

    In the ring, the now former tag champs look furious and refuse to let go of their titles as the referee tries to take them.

    Cody: Oh...and if they refuse to hand over the titles, then Solstice will be banned from any future title shots while Alex and Christian hold them.

    He smirks as Wade and Justin let go of the belts, watching angrily as the referee awards them to the new champs, Heath hugging Justin.

    Cody: That's better. Now clear the ring so the new champions can celebrate.

    He laughs and watches as Wade, Heath and Justin climb out of the ring before turning and heading backstage, leaving Alex and Christian to celebrate, the crowd cheering for them as the camera goes to a commercial.


    When the camera comes back to the show, Kane is already standing in the ring, looking vicious as ever. “That’s How Country Boys Roll” starts to play as Carter comes out. Instead of his usual truck entrance, he storms to the ring with his guitar in hands. He lays the guitar on the ring apron and tosses his hat to the audience before glaring at Kane, signaling for the bell to be rung.

    Carter Lacroix vs Kane- No Disqualification

    Carter grabs Kane and flings him, what seems like effortlessly, over the top rope. He grabs his guitar and exits the ring, bringing it down over Kane’s back with a sickening crack. He tosses the broken guitar aside but is shocked when he sees Kane standing. Kane grabs Carter and sends him crashing into the metal ringpost, smirking when he sees that he has busted wide open from the force of the hit. Carter stumbles backwords and Kane attempts to hit him with the big right hand but Carter ducks under it. The cowboy scrambles to get under the ring and comes back with a kendo stick. He slams it into the Big Red Monster’s gut over and over and over until he’s actually managed to make the man clutch at his stomach and bend over. After wiping at his face, drying some of the blood off of it with his sleeve, he grabs Kane and sends him crashing over the barricade, the fans screaming as, for the first time in CWA history, the match spills into the fans area. They crowd around, Carter attempting to slam Kane’s head into the ground. On the attempt though, Kane catches Carter and tosses him towards the center aisle of the audience near a stack of boxes where some tech equipment is being kept. Kane slams Carter into the boxes and the cowboy buckles at the knees. Kane grabs something out of the box, at first the fans being unable to see what it is. As the camera zooms in, we see it’s a microphone. He smashes it against Carter’s temple and knocks the young man down. Someone comes out of the crowd and Kane looks at him, determined to catch him. The camera zooms in yet again to show that it’s Jerry. Jerry takes off toward the ring, hoping to distract Kane from Carter. When they get in the ring, Jerry gets wide eyed, knowing he has nowhere else to go. Kane stalks towards him and Jerry backs himself into one of the corner. The fans boo as Kane reaches out to chokeslam Jerry, only to be met with a punch to the temple by a pair of brass knuckles from “The King”. Kane goes down and Jerry stands over him as Carter gets in the ring, looking oddly at his father before going to pin Kane.

    Winner: Carter Lacroix via pinfall.

    Jerry raises his sons hand, who just looks at him oddly as the two head backstage. After a short walk to Jerry’s office, Carter finally speaks up.

    Carter: Was it true?

    Jerry: Wh…what?

    Carter: Everything Kane said, the reason for hating you. Was. It. True?

    Jerry: C’mon my boy? Do you think I’d keep something like this from you and your sister?

    Carter: *hesitates* If…if it would save your hide, yeah I do.

    Jerry: *sighs* You want to know the truth?

    Carter: Yes, dad, that’s all I’ve ever wanted.

    Jerry: Truth is I did do every single thing that Kane blames me for. And do you know what else?

    Carter: *frowns* What?

    Jerry: If given the chance, I’d do it again.

    Upon letting out that little bit of information, Jerry heads into his office. Carter looks stunned but he doesn’t have much time to react before medics are rushing him to the examiners office so that he can get stitches for his head, the camera fading back to a shot of the ring. “That’s What Rock and Roll Look Like” begins playing and Vitani skips out to the fans screaming for her. She gets in the ring and bounces happily up and down before “Heaven’s A Lie” by Lacuna Coil starts playing and, for the first time since her match with Kane, we see Angel James heading to the ring. She’s got her title around her waist and a smirk as she climbs into the ring.

    Vixxens Champion Angel James vs Vitani Summers for the Vixxens Championship

    Angel charges at Vitani immediately who steps out of the way and opens up with some stiff jabs to the chin of Angel who looks rocked. Vitani flies for a drop kick, but Angel just swats Vi away and she hits the mat hard. As Angel clears the cobwebs, Vitani is back to her feet and Angel grabs a hold of Vitani in the corner and Irish whips her into the opposite turnbuckles and Vitani hits hard, falling face first to the mat. Angel walks over and picks up Vitani by the throat with two hands and holds her up high. Angel then throws Vitani down to the mat. Vitani rolls in pain but manages to kick out of the pin. Angel backs off, wanting to give her friend some time to breath. Vitani manages to get herself up and when Angel comes back at her, she lands a chop to the chest. Angel staggers backwards and Vitani does it again. She throws Angel into the ropes and as Angel rockets back towards her, she bounces off of the bottom rope and lands a kick to Angel’s head before going for the pin.

    Winner and new Vixxens Champion: Vitani Summers

    Vitani looks like she can’t believe what just happened and sits up as the title is handed to her. She grins and holds it up as the fans cheer, before turning to look at Angel who looks a little ashamed. Vi hugs her and Angel hugs her back, holding up the hand that Vi is holding the title in before the cameras fade to a commercial.


    When the cameras come back from commercial, we see Wade enters a locker room, smiling at Belle's title that lays on the bench, looking around before touching it smiling though he lost the title earlier in the night. Belle looks up from her spot in the locker room.

    Belle: Hey Wade!

    Wade: *still staring at the title* Hello love.

    Belle:Umm Wade? *waves hand in front of* I'm over here.

    Wade: *turns to smile at her* Of course love.

    Belle:Why so focused on the belt?

    Wade: No reason. Just...remembering the perks of being CWA Champ, on top of having lost tonight. *grins*

    Belle:*puzzled* like what?

    Wade: Admission into the hottest clubs, the attention, *smiles and pulls her close* beautiful women coming into your locker room, sitting on your lap, and then getting engaged to them.

    Belle:*Chuckles* That wasn't because you were champion. That was because you were cute.

    Wade: *smiles and kisses her* Justin made a point, if I beat you and win the CWA Championship, all you have to do is win the Vixxens Championship and we own every main title in the CWA.

    Belle:Yes I suppose but Amy wants that title and I wont go against my best friend. She deserves it.

    Wade: Think about it. The group of us, having the titles. *smirks* Forget Amy wanting it. Take it for yourself.

    Belle: Forget about Amy?

    Wade: Yes, forget about Amy. You have me, Justin, and even Heath.
    Belle:You want me to forget about Amy just so you can win this title and have me win the vixxens title *Looks confused and a bit mad*

    Wade: *stubbornly* I don't see what the big problem is. You'd be a main champ on top of still being Five Nations, I'd be a main champ. We'll be happy.

    Belle:The problem is that you want me to turn my back on the one girl who has been there for as long as I can remember. *Sighs* Is this because I'm on top and you're not?

    Wade: *snorts* Of course not love, I'm happy you have the CWA Championship...*looks over at it, making it look like he's not convinced*

    Belle:*rolls eyes and puts hands on her hips* Oh really? Then why do you look like you're ready to take it from me.

    Wade: I'm a competitor Belle. When you gave me your contendership, you had to know that I was going to want to capitalize on it.

    Belle:Yes but not make me turn my back on my best friend *glares* and you're not champion yet

    Wade: Do you doubt the fact that I can possibly win? Did you pick me because you thought I'd go easy?

    Belle:No. I picked you because I thought you were the best. *sighs* But you're not if you are trying to control your own Fiance

    Wade: *a bit hurt* Darling...I...

    Belle:*takes belt* if this is how you are in the title run you better find the man who was my fiance. I fell for him,not you. If you can't maybe we shouldn't be married *sighs and leaves*

    Wade looks hurt at the camera fades out on his face, a few tears seen slipping down it. The camera switches to a view of the ring as “Bad Girlfriend” plays as Belle Moore walks down to the ring. She raises the CWA Championship high above her head before handing it to the ref. “Warrior” by Disturbed begins to play and Wade heads out, looking stronger. He crawls in the ring and looks down at her, mouthing the words, “I love you” before backing up to his corner and nodding at the ref.

    CWA Champion Belle Moore vs Wade Barrett for the CWA Championship

    Wade and Belle start off the match sizing each other up. They tentatively lock up; each man jockeying for position. Wade strikes first with a beautiful arm drag. Belle complains about a hair pull, but the ref doesn't buy it. Belle charges at Wade, but Wade ducks, and then retaliates with a solid clothesline. Belle quickly gets to his feet, only to run into a second clothesline. Belle rolls out of the ring, hoping to escape from Wade’s onslaught. Wade doesn't let up, however, and catches Belle with a third clothesline from the apron.

    Wade grabs Belle, and throws her back into the ring. Just as Belle makes it back to her feet, Wade catches her with a stunning drop kick. As Belle tries to sit up, Wade connects with Shining Impact! Wade covers Belle, but only gets a two count. As Wade grabs Belle, Belle rakes him in the eyes. Wade staggers away, but then turns right into a spinning heel kick. Belle gestures to the crowd, and then executes a flawless high speed leg drop. She stands back up and taunts Wade. When he gets to his feet, Belle gives him the Twist of Faith and goes for the pin.

    Winner: Belle Moore via pinfall

    Wade sits up, looking very upset that he didn’t manage to win. However, instead of pulling away from Belle when she checks on him, he hugs her back and kisses her. The two leave together, Belle holding up the title as the camera fades out on their backs.

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