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    2-27-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area


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    2-27-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area Empty 2-27-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area

    Post  Admin on Mon Feb 27, 2012 9:22 pm

    Promos due Sunday at midnight!

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    2-27-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area Empty Re: 2-27-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area

    Post  Admin on Wed Feb 29, 2012 8:48 pm

    We see the inside of a hotel room, the lights off except for the faint sunlight filtering through the window. Nolee, dressed in a pink tank top and black wool pajama pants with pink Superman symbols on them, sits on the bed with her knees pulled up to her chest and her arms wrapped around her knees. She looks at the camera and then looks away as if she's ashamed.

    Laurie: Nols, are you okay?

    Nolee: *mutters* Fine...

    Laurie: *sits next to Nolee on the bed* I know that a lie dear. Now, c'mon, rant to me about it like best friends do.

    Nolee: *sighs* I'm scared if I go out without Shea or Drew that Kane will find me and hurt me.

    Laurie: You saw his promo last week?

    Nolee: And heard what Drew told me he said. He's convinced that me and him would be the ultimate power couple. Simply because we're a couple of orphans.

    Laurie: But your not bitter about it like he is.

    Nolee: I mean, yeah, I'm sad I didn't get to know my mom and dad but I'm not bitter. My mom and dad weren't intentionally killed. So while I may be an orphan, I'm not bitter and easily corrupted.

    Laurie: Is that all that's bothering you?

    Nolee: *hesitates* If I say yes will you leave?

    Laurie: Nope cuz we're goign to go to dinner with Donnie and Sheamus after you cheer up.

    Nolee: *sighs* You like Shea more too huh?

    Laurie: Don't get me wrong, Drew's probably a great guy. But Shea has fought and fought and fought for you. Doesn't he deserve all your lovin?

    Nolee: Laurie it's not a switch I can turn on and off. I love them both. I just...there's something about all of this that makes me feel horrible. Drew pointed out something though. It's not like i'm hiding this from the two of them. They both know how I feel...

    Laurie: *nods* Ready for your match against Torrie or is this weighing on your mind to heavily?

    Nolee: It's just Torrie Wilson. I'll be fine. Maybe she should learn how to be a real Vixxen real quick. I'm not in the mood to toy with her.

    Laurie: *nods* So you gonna get dressed to go out?

    Nolee: Yeah, yeah, yeah, just shut the camera off.

    The camera fades out on Nolee getting off of the bed to get dressed.

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    Post  Admin on Fri Mar 02, 2012 5:06 pm

    We open up on Wade sitting at a piano, playing Beethoven's Ninth Symphony. He looks very engaged as he plays, eyes closed as if playing from memory. He hits the final note and chuckles, turning to face the camera.

    Wade: Miss Ross, pleasure to see you. Belle let you in I presume?

    Ella: *nods* You play the piano?

    Wade: My mother paid for lessons when I was a child. I was suppose to be a well cultured gentleman. Piano is one of the few things I thank my mother for.

    Ella: Was that the Ninth Symphony?

    Wade: *nods and chuckles* Mikahil Bakunin, a Russian revolutionary and theorist, once stated, "Everything will pass and the world will perish but the Ninth Symphony will remain". It's my favorite symphony.

    Ella: It is a beautiful piece of music. Very calming.

    Wade: Trust me, calming is what I need right now.

    Ella: Worried about something?

    Wade: Other than my upcoming marriage? Miss Ross do you happen to know who I fight in my next match?

    Ella: No.

    Wade: I fight Belle.

    Ella: Oh I'm sorry Wade I didn't...

    Wade: It's not like it was before. I know she wouldn't leave me or hurt me...and yet...

    Ella: How so?

    Wade: I know I won't hurt her but she's at the pinnacle of a business. The wrestler in me wants what she has. I held it once, I know the joys of being the main event champion. The new me, the softer me, knows I can't go after it. I know I have to protect her and let her pick who she wants to fight because this is her dream.

    Ella: You sound a bit unconvinced.

    Wade: As a younger, less knowledgeable person I promised myself that I would let nothing stand in my way of being on top of whatever profession I chose. Then I met someone who changed my mind about that.

    Ella: Belle?

    Wade: *nods in confirmation* Belle.

    Ella: Bet your looking for-

    Wade: *sounding disgusted* Looking forward to a match with Belle? No. Never. That's like asking a gentleman if he wants to dropkick a small child.

    Ella: *chuckles* Do you at least think you can win?

    Wade: NO I don't think I can win. I think I can try.

    He goes back to playing piano, this time playing Musetta's Waltz, as the camera fades out on his hands dancing across teh ivory keys.

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    2-27-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area Empty Re: 2-27-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area

    Post  Admin on Fri Mar 02, 2012 6:55 pm

    We see footage of Lucas' attack on Carter after their tag team match before showing Justin and Wade helping Carter backstage. The camera switches to a view of a packed audience. On stage Carter is standing and playing a guitar as he sings into a microphone.

    Carter:Cuz I got friends in low places
    Where the whiskey drowns and the beer chases
    My blues away and I'll be okay
    Yeah I'm not big on social graces
    Think I'll slip on down to the Oasis
    Cuz I've got friends in low places

    The crowd erupts into cheers and Carter hands his guitar to a stage hand before taking a bow, smiling. He leans forward and calls into the microphone.

    Carter: I hope ya'll had a good time t'night! I sure as hell did!

    The crowd erupts into more cheers as Carter heads backstage to be met by Pete who is smiling wide.

    Pete: That was fantastic! How does it feel to headline a show?

    Carter: Feels pretty damn good. I'm just glad I had a week off from wrestling. I love it, don't get me wrong. But this? Music is becoming my life. I didn't even see the show last week.

    Pete: Then...then you didn't see what happened to Jay?

    Carter: No? What happened to Jay?

    Pete: *hesitates* Lets go back to your dressing room, yeah?

    Carter and Pete head into the main dressing room, a dozen roses sitting on a vanity mirror. Pete raises an eyebrow and Carter laughs.

    Carter: That is not from a secret admirer. Dad and Nols got 'em for me. Now what were you gonna tell me about Jay?

    Pete: He...Lucas hit him when they weren't in a match...

    Carter: *looks dumbfounded* Lucas hit him? Why the hell didn't anybody call me. Sure I was on tour but...but if I had known...

    Pete: That's why nobody told you. We know you love this. Plus...well...Lucas is crazy.

    Carter: Don't you think I know that Pete!? He's stalking my boyfriend, he thinks that I'm the one who's stalking my boyfriend, and, oh yeah, he viciously beat me two weeks ago! I know he's insane!!

    Pete: down. Yelling at me isn't going to solve you're problem. What you need to do is challange him. Maybe at the pay per view?

    Carter: *grinning almost evilly* In a street fight?

    Pete: *hesitates* a street fight...

    Carter: *gets into a mini fridge in the room and tosses Pete a beer while he drinks a Pepsi* But I can put him outta my mind for this match. I get to fight Justin. Shame too. Justin and Wade didn't have to help me after Lucas attacked me but they did. I'm mighty glad for that. But this week, Justin and I aren't friends. I take that back, we aren't friends in that ring. Justin's a good man, one of my closest friends.

    Pete: *nods* You two are close, aren't you?

    Carter: Very. Mostly because I'm friends with Heath though. *shakes his head* But like I said, this isn't about friendship. When I step into that ring, my mind is only going to be on beating him. I won't go any farther than need be though. I'm still not going to lower myself to Lucas' level and hurt others simply because I feel the need to.

    Pete: *nod* I'm glad about that. I would hate to see you lose Jay because you turned into Lucas.

    Carter: *seriously* I would never turn into that man. Besides, Justin is strong. He has the talent and strength and speed to beat me. I need to be on top of my game. I am on top of my game. I took a week off to rest my knee and now here I am.

    Pete: *chuckles* Long story short you don't think you can beat Justin but you're sure as hell gonna try?

    Carter: I am gonna try. Now, you wanna go on out and hit the town?

    Pete: Don't you think we should probably catch a flight to Russia?

    Carter: *shrugs* I got time before my flight.

    The two friends leave the room, arms wrapped around each others shoulders.

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    Post  Admin on Sat Mar 03, 2012 4:50 am

    The screen comes on in black and white, rolling something that looks like an old fashioned tv show. At the kitchen stands someone who looks strangely like Alex Shelley. He is wearing a polka dotted apron over black slacks and a white button up t-shirt. The door opens and Austin Aries, wearing a suit and carrying a string of flowers enter.

    Austin: Hunny I'm home.

    There seems to be a cheering track before "Alex" turns around to Austin and hugs him.

    fake Alex: Oh darling we ran out of flour and I couldn't make your dinner but it's okay because my best friend Chris came over with flour.

    Austin: *laughs* As long as you can make my dinner. It's sweet, you actually think I care about your problems.

    The audience laughs again before the director calls for cut. "Alex" and Austin walk off step where we can see Lucas dressed as a 50's director in a fedora and black suit.

    Lucas: That was great Austin, Tyler. From what you told me Austin, you're life with Alex was pretty much like that.

    Austin: *smirks* You don't get how easy that man was to manipulate. For a man whose supposed to be a wrestler, he was awfully weak. Same goes for your man Jay I think.

    Lucas: My man Jay is nothing like Alex. He's a good man. Alex is a little brat who thinks he can fight with the others in this company and yet he's got the worst win-loss record in the business.

    Austin: *smirks* Jay is like Alex. You've got him under your thumb just like I had my Alex under my thumb.

    Lucas: *growls* No. Jay loves me. I didn't mean to hit him last week. It was an accident.

    Austin: Lemme guess, he moved right in front of you trying to slap the wall? *smirks*

    Lucas: *growls* I didn't mean to.

    Austin: Anyways, you got him in a match coming up right?

    Lucas: *nods* That's why we're shooting this horrible mash up between Leave It To Beaver and I Love Lucy.

    Austin: Oh I thought we were shooting this for the fans on the CWA website.

    Lucas: That to. But yeah, I fight against Austin. And I'm going to kick his ass.

    Austin: You really think so?

    Lucas: I know so. Like I said before man, he's a punk. He doesn't know how to wrestle. He's trying to pass off his second rate TNA styles, no offense, as actual wrestling talent and blaming his losing streak on working for TNA still. No, he just plain doesn't have talent. He should have given it up a long time ago. Hell, I came here straight from prison and I won more matches when I started than Alex has.

    Austin: Yeah, he was never that great in ring. That's why I tried so hard to keep him out of it.

    Lucas: Well you did the right thing by trying to keep him out of it. Now c'mon, lets finish shooting this thing.

    Austin and the look alike Alex walk back onto set to complete filming as the camera fades out.
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    Post  Angel James on Sat Mar 03, 2012 6:07 am

    The camera fades in on the waiting room of an airport, the camera then slowly moves in closer to show the CWA Vixxen's champion Angel sitting in one of the chairs. A young female fan walks up and asks for the Italian Vixxen's autograph, which she gives with a smiled before also taking a picture. When the fan walks away Angel turns and smiles at the camera.

    Angel: Well hello my friend, it is good to see you.

    Pete: *smiles* So am I, it has been a while Angel. How have you been?

    Angel: I have been well... *gives a small sad smile* I miss Petey a lot.

    Pete: *nods* I bet... How is he?

    Angel: He is well, having fun wrestling over in Japan.

    Pete: *nods before pausing* Are you ready for your match against Kane?

    Angel: *gives a small, slightly unsure smile* I would like to think that I am more then ready for my match with Kane...

    Pete: Are you scared that will.... *pauses* Hurt you or at least try too?

    Angel: *bits her lip softly* I would love to say no I am not scared.... *looks down* I have faced a lot of larger guys before, but... *looks back up* But Kane has proven that he is more then crazy, but I am not going to let my fear make me give anything less then a good match. It is my job as Vixxen's champion to try and give the best match to the fans and I will do my best no matter what. I respect the fans too much to give a match that is less then the best.

    Pete: *smiles softly* You are amazing Angel, you give so much to the fans and probably the best Vixxen in the CWA.

    Angel: *blushes softly* You are far too kind Pete.

    Pete: It is the truth Angel.

    Angel: *gives a small smile* You are a sweetheart Pete... *stops at an announcement over the intercom* I am sorry my friend I have to go now, it is time for my flight.

    Pete: *smiles* Thanks for taking the time Angel and good luck.

    Angel stands and waves before walking away with her bag, the camera slowly fades out on that shot.

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    Post  Alex Shelley on Sun Mar 04, 2012 7:47 am

    The camera fades in on a small hotel room where Alex Shelley is sitting on one of the beds playing a game on a x-box. He looks up and spots the camera before pausing the game and turning towards the camera.

    Alex: *frowns slightly* I suppose you are here about my promo right?

    Donnie: Yeah... *pauses* Is this not a good time?

    Alex: No it is not a good time.... *sighs quietly and shakes his head* But you are already here so let's get this over with...

    Donnie: I am guessing that you have seen Lucas's promo...?

    Alex: *growls softly* Yeah I saw that assholes promo....

    Donnie: I guess I do not need to ask if it upset you....

    Alex: *lowly* Oh it more then upset me.... It pissed me off! And Austin.... I should have known that pig would decide to rear his ugly head sooner or later. *gets up and starts pacing* You want to know something about Austin? He was a monster our whole time we dated, he once tried to get me to give up wrestling... Not only did he treat me like shit and try to control me, but he cheated on me almost the entire time. *pauses his pacing* I was lucky enough to have friends that helped me see he was an asshole and I dropped his ass.

    Donnie: Wow... He really cheated? Why...?

    Alex: Because he could... *gives a dry chuckle* You know who it was? Roderick Strong, someone that acted like he was my friend and cared. Fortunately I had three amazing friends that helped me though all the shit.

    Donnie: Do you think you can beat Lucas? I mean he brought up the fact that you have been losing most of your matches.

    Alex: You know something... I think I can beat Lucas in this match, he just gave me a whole like of fuel and fire to prove him and Austin wrong. *frowns* You know he said; "He doesn't know how to wrestle. He's trying to pass off his second rate TNA styles, as actual wrestling talent and blaming his losing streak on working for TNA still. No, he just plain doesn't have talent. He should have given it up a long time ago." I do not know how to wrestle? I have a second rate style? I do not have any talent? *glares at the camera* I have a hell of a lot more talent than Lucas thinks he has!

    Alex pauses angrily before getting up and grabbing his wallet and jacket.

    Alex: Come on let's go get something to drink, I need to get out of this room.

    The camera goes black before fading back in on Alex as he is staring out the window of a small diner. Alex sighs and takes a drink of the milkshake in front of him before looking at the camera.

    Alex: So where were we?

    Donnie: You were starting to get a good rant going about what Lucas said.

    Alex: Oh right.... You know wrestling seems to be only about winning or losing lately.... I have not been winning a lot of my matches lately, which seems to give everyone the idea that I have no talent.... Or I should just give up, and that I am blaming working for more than one company for my losses.... *grits his teeth* I have never said that! I have worked for more than one company my whole career and I have never used it as an excuse! *looks back out the window* I have done more and held more titles than Lucas ever will... I have fought against guys like AJ Style, Kazarian, Robert Roode and James Storm... I have fought some of the best guys in Japan and Mexico. What was Lucas? Some UFC fighter that did nothing... Unless you count the fact that he killed some guy.

    Donnie: But... Doesn't that scare you man? Knowing that he killed someone once.

    Alex: *looks at the camera with a snort* Scare? I grew up in Detroit, it takes a lot to scare me. But I feel so sorry for poor Jay, having to deal with that... That pig, I am surprised that Adam has not yet killed Lucas for hitting Jay yet.

    Donnie: *nods* Yeah...

    Alex suddenly gives a small smile as Casey walks into the diner and sits next to Alex.

    Alex: *wraps his arm around Casey and gives him a soft kiss* Hey baby.

    Casey: *smiles and kisses back* Hey Alex... *pauses* Are you okay baby? I just saw the promo Lucas posted.

    Alex: I am fine... still pissed at Lucas through... *gives Casey a worried look* What about you baby? You still hurt from what Swagger did?

    Casey: Only sore Lex. *smiles and hugs Alex* Besides I went through worse when Wade beat me up. *looks at Alex* Be careful, Lucas is just looking for someone to hurt.

    Alex: I will be careful Casey, besides Lucas is too stupid to beat someone like me in the ring. Hell he has never beaten Angel in the ring and she is just as talented as me in the ring.

    Donnie: *chuckles* The one person that Lucas can never beat. Well I think we have enough, I will leave so you and Casey can have some alone time. Good luck in your match Alex.

    Alex: Thanks man, I cannot wait to show Lucas why he should not mess with someone from Detroit. See you later.

    Alex then turns his attention to Casey and the two start talking, Alex is relaxed and has a real smile on his face. Alex kisses Casey again as the camera slowly fades out.


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    Post  Christian on Sun Mar 04, 2012 7:54 am

    The camera fades in on a small quiet park, the camera then zooms in on a bench where Christian is sitting staring out at the sky. He has a light fading bruise on his cheek and he seems quieter then normal. After a few minutes he notices the camera.

    Christian: Oh hello Pete, it has been a while hasn't.

    Pete: *nods* Yeah, how are you doing?

    Christian: *shrugs* Fine.... I guess.

    Pete:*nods slowly* So where is Edge?

    Christian: He went to go get some food and coffee, he said I should get out of the hotel for a while.

    Pete: I guess there is no point to asking if he saw what Lucas did....

    Christian: *sighs* Yeah... He was raging and threatened to go after Lucas, it took me a while to calm him down. He is still in a highly protective mood, he almost snapped at the trainer that was looking me over after the show.

    Pete: *nods* So do you know who you are fighting this week?

    Christian: Yeah, I have Drew McIntyre this week.

    Pete: Do you think that you and Drew will have a good match?

    Christian: *nods* Yeah I do, Drew is good in the ring and I think we will work well together.

    Pete: Do you think you can beat Drew? I mean last week you had trouble with Swagger.

    Christian: I... *pauses* I was not in the best state of mind last week and I did not give my all in the match. *sighs* I lost because I did not put my all into the match, I can only hope that I can get refocused so I can give the fans the match that they deserve.

    Pete: Christian why.... Why did that slap from Lucas throw you out of your game last week? I mean you have been hit in that ring lots of times, why is this different?

    Christian: *looks down* Because....

    Edge: *walks over to the two* Because Jay was... *pauses and looks at Christian* Jay has been in abusive relationships before and the slap brought back some really bad memories for Jay.

    Pete: *shakes his head* How could anybody do that to Jay of all people?

    Edge: *hands Jay his coffee* I do not know, but I will do anything to protect Jay and make sure that no one hurts him outside the ring.

    Pete: You are a good friend man, do you think you guys will think of a way to get Lucas to leave Jay alone?

    Edge: I only do what I need to do to protect my best friend and I do not know Pete, but we are still trying. *sighs softly* Hopefully we will think of something soon.

    Pete: *sighs* I do not think Lucas should even work here, he is dangerous and has proven that he is crazy.

    Edge: I could not agree more, but for some reason he continues to work here...

    Pete: *nods before looking back at Christian* Well I hope you beat Drew this week and be careful. Thanks Christian for taking the time to do this and good luck.

    Christian and Edge nod and give their goodbyes, Edge sits down and that camera slowly starts to fade out.


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    Post  Vitani on Sun Mar 04, 2012 11:41 pm

    The camera opens on the outside of the Moscow city’s Ballet theatre, the camera zooming in on two girls who walk out, smiling and talking excitedly. As the camera gets closer, the two girls are shown to be Vitani Summers and her friend Aislin. They’re both dressed in neat, casual clothes, Aislin’s hair in a neat bun, Vitani’s in a thin braid with a fringe.

    Aislin: That was great; I still can’t believe you invited me to come here with you Vi!

    Vitani: Of course, why wouldn’t I? You are my best friend Aislin, though you’re actually more like a sister. *she laughs* Plus the ballet isn’t really Cody’s thing…

    Aislin: Ah, right. Where is he anyway?

    Vitani: Oh, he’s resting. Said he wanted to after his dad called.

    Aislin: Dusty called? *frowns* I take it that didn’t go down too well?

    Vitani: *sighs and shakes her head* Nope, they had an argument. Cody said he might join us later though.

    Aislin: *nods* So who are you up against this week?

    Vitani: Amy Hennigan.

    Aislin: *raises an eyebrow* Her? What’s she even done in the CWA anyway? It’s her friend who has all the titles…

    Vitani: Aislin! You know it’s not about the titles! Amy’s a good competitor, just like everyone else in the CWA…even if some of them have not so likable personalities.

    Aislin: I know…but compared to her friend Belle…

    Vitani: Um…compared to Belle, the first to hold the CWA and Five Nations titles at the same time; most of us really aren’t all that great if you really want to judge our worth by titles. Going by that, compared to Belle, everyone besides Christian, the longest reigning CWA champ and Angel who’s both longest reigning Vixxens’ champ and title holder in CWA history, are worthless.

    Aislin: You should be holding one though, not them, I know you’re capable…

    Vitani: I’ve held the tag titles with Angel before, it’s not like I haven’t held one at all. I wouldn’t mind having one of the bigger titles though, but they aren’t necessary just to prove you’re good.

    Aislin: Right, I know. I mean, the WWE has plenty of good, talented people who may never even be given a decent chance at a title while working there.

    Vitani: *nods* I’m happy though that the Vixxens hold all the titles, besides the tag ones at the moment. It proves to those who think we’re only something to look at wrong. It shows we can be just as strong…and stronger than the males in the business.

    Aislin: True, yet they still don’t respect us.

    Vitani: Some do, a lot of them though sadly don’t. *she pulls her phone from a pocket to check the time* We should get going to where we’re headed next, in case Cody actually does show up. Wouldn’t want him to show and we aren’t even there yet.

    Aislin: *laughs* Right. Where are we headed anyway?

    Vitani: *grins* You’ll see…

    The camera fades out, then back in on a different scene. Cody is leaning against a wall outside a building, wearing jeans and a Zelda shirt and a hooded jacket, his hands in his pockets. He looks up and smiles, the camera zooming out to show Vitani walking up to hug him, Aislin stopping a few steps away.

    Cody: *as he hugs Vitani back* About time you two got here, it’s cold. What did you do, stand around chatting instead, knowing I’d probably show? *says teasingly*

    Vitani: Oh sorry…we were talking about work, for my promo. *she points at the camera* Have you been here long?

    Cody: *chuckles* No. I figured that would happen, I actually only just got here, I went and got a coffee first.

    Vitani: *rolls her eyes an pokes him, teasing back* Then stop complaining, you can’t seriously have gotten that bored if you just got here. We can go inside now anyway.

    The scene fades again as they go inside, fading back in on a scene that appears to be a little later on. The three of them are in a shooting range, the two girls watching Cody.

    Aislin: *as Cody finishes, a smirk on his face* Bet you’re only good at this because you play video games…

    Cody: *laughs* No. Dad taught me actually… and it’s not my fault that you’re hopeless at it.

    Aislin: Oh shut it, I’ve never done this before. *she looks at Vitani* Your turn. *as Vitani gets in position to have her go* So have you seen some of the others’ promos for this week?

    Vitani: Yes, I have. Poor Jay, having been through things like what Lucas did last week before… I…I know what it’s like and I think it’s wrong for anyone to be treated that way. And Lucas’ promo against Alex…using an asshole ex like that... *she makes an irritated sound before aiming and firing at the target* Alex and Jay are lucky though that they have people now who do actually care about them, just like I am. *she smiles at Cody* I can’t see Casey or Carter ever treating them wrongly like Lucas has to Jay, who clearly wants nothing to do with the jerk. *she fires at the target again*

    Aislin: *frowns and nods as she listens* Has Amy done a promo yet?

    Vitani: No, not yet. Wish I got to talk to her more, she’s a nice person. As I’ve said before, I enjoy fighting her, so I’m looking forward to the match as usual.

    Cody: You’ve beat her before, you should be fine. *he grins*

    Vitani: True…but Amy’s just as good, so I wouldn’t go placing any bets. How are you doing by the way Cody? Any better?

    Cody: *sighs* Yeah…a little, I guess. I’m kind of getting sick of dad’s bullshit though. Apparently it’s my fault everything’s the way it is. *he shrugs* But whatever. He wants to be an ass, he can. But I’m not helping him anymore.

    Vitani: *smiles softly* Good. I was worried I’d lose you… If Dusty and Randy had completely won you over… *she trails off, shaking her head*

    Aislin: I would have kicked his ass… *she smirks at Cody, who looks nervous for a second*

    Cody: I don’t want that…

    Vitani: *chuckles* It’s fine; you did the right thing in the end. Anyway, we’ll talk more about it later, back at the hotel okay? For now though…

    The other two nod and watch as Vitani aims to take her last shot as the camera fades out.

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    Post  Kane on Mon Mar 05, 2012 1:09 am

    The camera opens in the arena, showing Kane standing in the middle of the ring and looking around at the darkened seats. He starts to place, touching each ring buckle in turn

    Kane: Women and midcard talent. I don't see why they keep booking me in these throw away matches. But if they value their talent that little well so be it. At least this is the Vixxen's champ; not that means much, it's only more fuel to add to my hate.

    He stops and looks up, snarling as fire seems to come from nowhere in the ring and singe the ring mat.

    Kane: Different time, same Jerry. You're keeping me back old man, like you did in Smokey Mountain Wrestling. Only this time it's because you know that I'm going to hurt you once I get you alone, or rather your pretty little girl.. *he laughs before the lights go and all that is left is the flickering flames at his feet* You want to keep throwing your roster at me Jerry in the hopes that I'll forget and go about my way, so be it. But when you have to haul your precious angel from the ring in a wooden box remember that it's on your head Jerry, all your head.

    The lights and the flames go out and when they rise again there's nothing to say that Kane was in the ring save for the scorched ring in the middle of the mat and the eery laughter that seemed to come from no nowhere and everywhere at once
    Drew McIntyre
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    2-27-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area Empty Re: 2-27-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area

    Post  Drew McIntyre on Mon Mar 05, 2012 1:23 am

    We see Drew in the weight room, working on arm curls before climbing onto a bike and starting a five mile bike routine. Though he looks tired he smiles as he works.

    Drew: Last week may not have been me week, but this week is. I can feel it me bones. Wade's a formidable opponent and while Christian is no slouch, Wade is that much more blood thirsty. He has a hunger tae prove himself where as Christian doesn't; he's got his followers and legacy already. Now I'm not selling Christian short, he's a helluva opponent and he's going tae be keeping me on me feet through out the match. Not mention I have tae worry about Carter LaCroix. Not that I think he'd butt in, but since it's come out that I have a thing with his sister even as she's got a thing with the Big Red Sheamus, but he might have few words I might not want tae hear.

    He finishes his biking and climbs off, moping his head with towel before going barbell and setting the weight to be just a little bit heavier than he's accustomed too. He starts lifting as he watches himself in the mirror.

    Drew: The more I think about this the more I realize that I'm not just getting into the ring with a great talent but with a soon to be legend. Christian has done so many things for the sport. I'm going to feel bad for beating him this week. But I have to end this losing streak, and if I have to take down a future legend than so be it; and if I have to tangle with LaCroix then he'd better be ready to deal with me. *Drew's face settles into a scowl as he starts to dead lift the weights, his hair sweatied and sticking to his face where it came out of his pony tail* It's only a matter of time before I climb the ladder here and am the top of the roster, taking my rightful place as champion.

    The camera fades out on Drew going to another machine and starting what looks like to be a high impact routine. He's not going to lose, not this time. He's going to wipe the floor with Christian if it's the last thing he does.
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    2-27-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area Empty Re: 2-27-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area

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    A camera switches on to show Justin Gabriel, who has a smirk on his face as he sits back in his chair. His hair’s spiked up in its usual style and he’s wearing a dark colored t-shirt.

    Justin: So I was meant to do this the other day; but got caught up with other things…like celebrating my birthday. I heard I’m up against Carter again his week… Nice to see he doesn’t want to become like Lucas, but I’m really getting tired of people just saying they can beat me. Most of the roster needs to learn from people like Vitani…and Angel. Neither of them ever straight out say ‘oh I can beat this person, it’ll be easy’. They always say that the match can go either way, which is true. Anyone can win the match, everyone has their days… *he sighs* I’m tired of people basing our talent on our win/loss record and how many titles we’ve held. It doesn’t mean we can’t wrestle or are worthless or whatever. Yeah Carter said that he was going to try to beat me, but other people still just assume. Those arrogant assholes need to stop and think what it would be like if every week someone doubted their skills, their credibility as a wrestler. I’m sure they wouldn’t like it. Oh right, they don’t like it. Casey did what the assholes always do and questioned Swagger’s importance and the ass tried to attack him and threaten Alex.

    He rolls his eyes and mutters in Afrikaans.

    Justin: Yes I’m friends with Carter, thanks to Heath, Carter’s a nice guy, but like he said himself, in the ring that doesn’t matter. What matters in the ring is putting on a good match for the fans; which I plan on doing, even if I end up losing to Carter…again. He said he took a week off to rest his knee and that he’s at the top of his game. Well besides celebrating my birthday, I’ve been training all week. I decided it’s time to get in some serious training to improve my in ring skills so that hopefully I won’t keep being made to look like a fool each week. I’m tired of telling myself and everyone else I’m going to win this week…or the next week, then just add another loss to my count. So instead I decided to do something about it. I did some training; I’ve been worrying about other things less, getting less distracted. I’m going to do the best I can and perform at my best, back how I wrestled before joining the main WWE roster where I was severely limited in my moves. I worked on all the moves I used to use but had to stop while working for Vince and I’m at the top of my game too.

    He smiles, leaning slightly closer to the camera.

    Justin: This won’t be an easy match, for either of us. We’re both determined to go out there and do our best to win and we’re both fairly stubborn in our own ways, so neither of us will go down easy, even with Carter’s knee… *suddenly remembers something* Oh, by the way Carter we didn’t mind helping you at all …especially not when you were hurt, which was partly Lucas’ fault …and he was angry. Wade and I don’t exactly have perfect records when it comes to being nice in the ring, but we know when help is needed and we were hardly going to run off and leave you to Lucas; no one should be left behind when that psycho’s still in the ring…

    He sighs, running a hand through his hair.

    Justin: Anyway, I’m looking forward to the match, just like every other week…even if I don’t always say so. Obviously I’m looking forward to it, I love wrestling; it is in my blood after all.

    He smiles and leans forwards to turn off the camera.

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