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    2-6-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo area


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    Post  Admin on Tue Feb 07, 2012 8:54 pm

    Promos are due no later than midnight Sunday!

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    Post  Admin on Fri Feb 10, 2012 4:45 am

    We open up on a jewelry shop where we see Nolee, dressed in a pretty black ruffle skirt and plain white shit with a red flower in her hair, and Laura, wearing blue jeans and a black shirt that says It Is What It Is. They look in the cases at the different pieces of jewelry.

    Laura: You two have been together how long?

    Nolee: Six months. I need to get Shea something really special.

    Laura: What are you thinking?

    Nolee: Hmmm a watch maybe? Considering he's a man and probably wouldn't wear a ring or bracelet. *giggles*

    Laura: Touche. Sooo what kind of watch?

    Nolee: *hesitates but finally decides to speak* Well he always wears these vests when we go out. I think he'd like a pocket watch. An engraved one.

    Laura: Thats sweet. Whats it gonna say?

    Nolee: You'll see. I just have to find the nicest watch. I want to do right by him.

    Laura: You don't think you have?

    Nolee: Well...I did forget to tell him I went to dinner with Drew last weekend.

    Laura: You did?

    Nolee: *nods* We're friends. I know I did wrong and with my track record I should tell him these things but I forgot. He was busy anyways.

    Laura: With?

    Nolee: Keiran and his cousin.

    Laura: Oh.

    Laura points out a beautiful gold pocket watch with beautiful celtic knotwork engraved on the front. Nolee nods and a sales rep comes over to help her check it out.

    Nolee: *as she looks it over with her* So I got Vi this week.

    Laura: Oh yeah?

    Nolee: Yeah. It's always fun to fight against her. The matches with her are always high octane. She's quick, she's fierce, and she comes at ya like ain't no bodies business. Seriously, she's quicker than Gabriel which is a feat.

    Laura: Aw Vi is a softie.

    Nolee: Outta the ring, yeah. In it? She's as dangerous as any of us girls. Problem is I'm coming off a pretty big loss. To Belle. I really, really don't like losing to Belle. So, unfortunately, I'm taking all of this hatred and directing it right at Vi. It's nothing personal. Just business. You see, I've been training with Carter to help me get more solid in the ring and help him strengthen the knee and I've picked a new finisher. Something more devestating than the Tornado was. Trust me. *grins*

    Laura: Oooo new finisher? Nice. Gonna beat Vi?

    Nolee: Do birds fly south for the winter?

    Laura: *rolls her eyes* You and your southern analogies.

    Sales Rep: Would you like this one ma'am?

    Nolee: Yes sir *she fishes in her pocket for a slip of paper and hands it to him* Can you engrave this on the back?

    Sales Rep: *reads it and nods* Of course.

    The camera zooms in on what is written and fades out:

    Stephen Sheamus Farrelly
    Gra Go Deo*

    *Love Forever

    Alex Shelley
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    Post  Alex Shelley on Fri Feb 10, 2012 9:54 am

    The camera fades in on the hotel room of CWA and TNA star Alex Shelley, Alex is sitting on his bed talking to his best friend Chris Sabin.

    Chris: Has.... Has Angel said anything about what’s been going on with that guy claiming to be her dad?

    Alex: *sighs and shakes his head* Nope.... I don't know if she has told Petey anything yet either....

    Chris: *sighs* I hope everything is okay....

    Alex: Me too Chris.

    Chris: So who are you fighting this week?

    Alex: Carter...

    Chris: That will probably be a good match right?

    Alex: Normally I would say yes..... But his knee is messed up, everyone can see it and he isn't getting help for it.

    Chris: *shakes his head* Such a stupid mistake....

    Alex: I know.... *shakes head* That guy is a stubborn ass though, not even thinking of what it will do to his boyfriend if he has to be out for a while... Especially with apparently Lucas out to steal him and Kane out to hurt.... *frowns* And Edge caught in the crossfire, it's going to be really hard on Christian.

    Chris: *nods* Yeah.... So do you think you will beat Carter?

    Alex: Well looking at how things are going I am pretty sure I might win, but I really don't want to discount Carter. I have watched him in the ring, he is a great opponent and he has enough skill that he could pull a win out of nowhere.

    Chris: Yeah that may be true Lex, but you are uninjured that gives you at least a 75% chance of beating him.

    Alex: Maybe or maybe not Chris.... Only time will tell, but thanks... *smiles* It's nice to know that you think that I will beat him.

    Chris: *grins* I am your best friend man, of course I know you will win. You’re one of the best in the world.

    Alex: *chuckles softly* You are just trying to suck up to me man, let me guess you need to borrow something don't you?

    Chris: *laughs and play acts offended* No not this time, *smiles* I was just telling you the truth, you really are one of the best. You are always being put down, especially because you’re not as big as a lot of the others. But you are my best friend and no matter what they say I know that you are the best in the world Lex.

    Alex: *smiles and hugs his best friend tightly* You are the best man, I still think you need to borrow something though...

    Chris laughs and sticks out his tongue as Alex's cell goes off, Alex smiles when he sees it is Casey calling.

    Alex: *answers the phone* Hey baby.

    Chris smiles and grabs his wallet and room key before leaving so his friend can talk in peace. The camera slowly starts to fade out on the picture of Alex happily talking on the phone.


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    Post  Admin on Sat Feb 11, 2012 12:57 am

    Carter's voice is heard, the screen still black.

    Carter: After Santana I thought I was done protecting myself, my family, and my friends. But it never ends does it? Not for me at least. Nah, I gotta keep at it. Keep my family and friends safe, keep them from from those that want to hurt them.

    The camera comes up on Carter laying on a couch, tossing a ball at the ceiling and catching it over and over again. The camera pans out to see Dr. Katya Romani taking notes on a clipboard.

    Katya: So what all do you have to protect them from?

    Carter: I have to protect dad and Nols from Kane. For some reason Kane wants dad hurt. And bad. Nolee? God bless her heat but she thinks Kane will spare her from the beatings. She should know better. Jay is Lucas' obsession so I have to keep him safe from that.

    Katya: What about you Mr. Lacroix?

    Carter: *stops tossing the ball* What do you mean what about me?

    Katya: We all know your knee is hurt. You can't help but limp. My colleague Dr. Ronan says your lucky to still be walking. Whose going to protect you Carter? You can't keep this up, protecting people while ignoring your own pain. Its not healthy at all.

    Carter: *sits up* Do you think I like getting up every morning barely able to make it to the kitchen for breakfast? Do you think I like being in so much pain that I want to die? I don't do this for me. I do this because if I don't protect the people I love, they can end up hurt like I am. I will do anything to protect them even if it ends up cutting my wrestling career short.

    Katya: Mr. Lacroix while you may think your being selfless, this is incredibly bad for you. Tell me, did you see Alex Shelley's promo?

    Carter: Yes'm.

    Katya: Did you see the part where Alex said you were a stubborn ass?

    Carter: Yeah I did. Alex needs to realize I don't have a choice. The result is going to be the same if I have to step away for a while or if I have to be carried out of that ring. Jay is still gonna get persued by Lucas and Adam is still going to be in the crossfire. And Kane? Kane wants dads blood spilled for some reason. So its okay that Kane is here, at least for Jay.

    Katya: You don't hate Alex for what was said?

    Carter: No, god no. He's a great guy. Lots of fun to hang out with. He's smart too for not taking me for granted. I've been in a brutal fight with Santana Lopez. I've been attacked by Kane. I'm still here. I will always be here because this is what I've always wanted in life. I'm not going anywhere. So I hope you're ready to fight. I hope you bring your all.

    The camera fades out on Carter laying back down on the couch, throwing the ball again but this time at a free spot on the wall, obviously listening to Katya.

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    Post  Angel James on Sat Feb 11, 2012 7:51 pm

    The camera fades in on a small gym where Vixxen's champion Angel James is working out. She looks lost in thought as she runs fast on the treadmill. She finally slows down with she sees the camera before stopping and getting off.

    Angel: Well hello my friend, you are here for my promo this week?

    Donnie: *smiles and nods* Yes I am ma'am.

    Angel: *smiles slightly and nods* Well ask away my friend.

    Donnie: So who is your opponent this week ma'am?

    Angel: *pauses to think* Justin I believe.

    Donnie: *nods* It is interesting that you have to fight him this week, especially since you defended him in your last promo and you lost the tag titles to him and Wade....

    Angel: *smiles* I am friends with Justin, besides Swagger deserved all the ranting last week, he was being a pig towards Justin because he is a bully.... And Justin deserves better then that, of course Justin ranted up a storm in his own promo. *grins*

    Donnie: *chuckles* Very true, so with Justin saying he is more comfortable fighting the Vixxen’s do you think you will win?

    Angel: I do not know I am more then confident in my skills, but I know that Justin is just as good in the ring. But still I am the first Vixxen to hold a man's title and I know how to wrestle men, I have done it my whole career.

    Donnie: *nods* You have proven that you can have with the men, *pauses* do you know who you will be facing at the pay-per-view?

    Angel: No not yet, I have heard rumors.... *frowns slightly* Some more unsettling then others, but they still have not told me who I will be facing....

    Donnie: Well I am sure you will defend and retain your Vixxen's title just like before.

    Angel: *smiles* Thank you my friend.

    Donnie: So how has your fiancé Petey been? It has been quite a few weeks since he has been in a promo or walked you out to the ring.

    Angel: *smiles* Petey has been fine, he is currently working in Japan at the moment. Mostly some matches for Dragon Gate and a few others, but I miss him a lot. But he should be returning in the next couple of weeks and he will be once again walking me out to the ring.

    Donnie: We will all be glad to see him again, so have you set a date for the wedding yet?

    Angel: *smile grows a little* No not yet, we are still trying to get a date for all our friends to be there.

    Donnie: *pauses before asking nervously* Have you heard anything thing else from the man that said he was your father?

    Angel: *sits quietly for a few seconds* I do not want to talk about that... That.... *mumbles curses in Italian*

    Donnie: Sorry....

    Angel: *sighs softly* No it is all right my friend.... I just do not want to talk about it yet.

    Dannie: *nods* I understand, thank you again for taking the time to do this Angel.

    Angel: *gives a small smile* No problem my friend, I will see you soon.

    Donnie smiles and nods before turning to leave, stopping at the doorway to look back at Angel. Angel is running again on the treadmill and is slowly picking up speed; the camera slowly fades to black.


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    Post  Christian on Sun Feb 12, 2012 5:33 am

    The camera fades in on the locker room of CWA star Christian, Christian is sitting on the floor playing with his puppy Blue. He looks up and smiles when Casey walks into the room.

    Christian: Hey Casey.

    Casey: *smiles* Hey, how's it going?

    Christian: *pets Blue* Its going okay right now, Edge is out getting dinner for Blue.

    Casey: Oh, he's back this week?

    Christian: *nods* Yeah he's not allowed to walk to the ring yet, but he can travel will me.

    Casey: Ah, well it's better than nothing.

    Christian: Yeah, I was really worried last week.

    Casey: I'm not surprised, but wouldn't he be safer away from the ring? Though we both know he won't stay away even if someone asked him too.

    Christian: Even if it was safer away from the ring he would not stay away, he is too stubborn. *smiles slightly*

    Casey: *nods* So who are you up against this week?

    Christian: I am fighting Wade this week.

    Casey: *smiles* Again? Sounds fun. You think you'll win...again?

    Christian: *chuckles softly* Maybe... With at least four wins over Wade I would love to say that I will win hands down, but unlike Wade I don't have an ego like his and I know that anything can happen to turn a match around. I should probably point out that Wade also has something that can be used as a driving force to help him win, but that does not mean that I will be easy to beat. I never put anything less then my all into my matches and Wade better do the same if he wants to beat me.

    Casey: Right. You think he'll have his tag partner or their...manager with him.

    Christian: I do not know really, he did not have anyone come out with him last week.... So why would he this week?

    Casey: Well it is Wade, Justin and Heath seemed worried in their tag promos that he might change back to his old self....

    Christian: *sighs softly* I think Wade really has changed Casey and if he has not then soon everyone will see though him, but you know me and Adam would not let him go after you again....

    Casey: I know... *pauses* I doubt he'd do it anyway, not when he's in the middle of planning a wedding. How are things between you and Carter by the way?

    Christian: *smiles softly* Things are good, we had a quiet dinner after the show last week and we had a nice time.

    Casey: Oh that's good. Do you have any plans for the 14th with him? *smiles*

    Christian: We have plans to do something that day, but Carter is keeping it a secret. *pets Blue as she lies down on his lap*

    Casey: Oh. *grins* ...What about Adam?

    Christian: *smiles and chuckles softly* Adam is refusing to tell me his plans for the 14th....

    Casey: Oh so he does have someone? I didn't know he had anyone....

    Christian: *nods* Yeah he has someone, but he likes to keep it private.

    Casey: Oh. *nods* Unlike the rest of us. *chuckles*

    Christian: *smiles* When he is ready to tell, you all will find out.

    Casey: Oh okay. *runs a hand through his hair* You're Belle's number one contender yeah? Well, one of them… Are you looking forward to that?

    Christian: Yeah I guess... I really have not had time to think a lot about it, but going for the Five Nations title should be fun. Belle is good in the ring and we should have a really good match together. I cannot help but be curious though, about who she is picking for the main title shot. Hopefully we will get to find out soon...

    Casey: Hopefully, but then Sheamus kept us waiting 'til the last minute. You think Belle we'll be able to hold onto those belts as long as Angel's done?

    Christian: True... And I do not know, both Angel and Belle are very good in the ring. It would be hard to say, but I would say that Belle should have a chance to at least try.

    Casey: *nods* How are the um...stalker issues going...?

    Christian: *looks down and pauses nervously* Well... He started calling again; he has been leaving messages on my phone..... He emailed me too, but that’s all he has done....

    Casey: that better or...? *looks confused*

    Christian: I-I don’t know Casey..... I keep going back in forth in my head and just make myself more confused....

    Casey: *frowns* It was all pretty sudden, so I'm not even sure why exactly he would have started it. Has Adam thought of anything, or has he just been too busy wanting to hurt Lucas?

    Christian: Adam has been wanting to hurt Lucas.... *bits lip softly* Even though he cannot even fight back right now....

    Casey: He shouldn't really be fighting anyway...he could get hurt again. But you can't really keep letting Lucas get to you like this either....

    Christian: I know.... I just do not know what to do.... *pauses as the door opens*

    Edge: *walks in* I am back....

    Casey: Oh, hey Adam. *smiles before looking back at Christian* We're going to have to think of something....

    Suddenly the lights go out and the sound of breaking glass is heard. When the lights come back on a rock the size of a fist can be seen on the floor, close to where Edge is standing.

    Edge: What the hell..... *frowns* Casey get Jay and Blue out of here while I clean this up...

    Casey: Um... *hesitates, looking worried* Should you really be...?

    Edge: I will be fine, just make sure Jay and Blue don’t get cut because of the glass.... *starts cleaning*

    Christian is hugging Blue close as he bites his lip, a worried look on his face.

    Casey: Okay... *nods and helps Christian up*

    Christian: *slowly follows Casey out into the hallway* It is never going to stop...... Unless....

    Casey: *turns to face him* Unless what?

    Christian: Unless I-I.... *closes eyes* I give in....

    Casey: *frowns and shakes his head* No, don't do that! There's got to be another way to stop him....

    Christian: *paces for a minute* I.... I need to go think.... *hands Blue to Casey*

    Casey: *takes Blue, frowning* Um...okay...just be careful....

    Christian nods before slowly taking off down the hallway, clearly lost in troubling thought. The camera slowly starts to fade out as Blue gives a worried bark.


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    Post  Admin on Sun Feb 12, 2012 5:57 pm

    We open up in a little cantina on the Spanish coast, a little bar band playing a song. Jack Swagger sits at the bar, dressed in a white muscle shirt with an American flag logo on it and blue jeans. He holds a tumbler of rum in his hands as the band continues to play.

    You and tequila make me crazy
    Run like poison in my blood
    One more night could kill me baby
    One is one to many, one more is never enough

    As Jack looks at the band, the pretty blonde singer smiles at him. She winks and he shakes his head, staring back at his glass.

    Jack: You know, I was humiliated last week by Justin. That insignificant little peon humiliated me. So those idiotic fans love him, so what? Doesn't change the fact that his personality is that of a loser. So he thinks he's extreme? That just classifies him in the same category as Jeff and Matt Hardy. We know how pitiful those two are. Anybody who agrees is just as lame as he is.

    Jack rolls his shoulders, drinking from his tumbler as the song continues to play.

    Jack: But that ass isn't my problem this week. Amy Hennigan is. See, me and her brother never got along all that much when we were both WWE superstars. Knowing Johnny boy he probably told his sister how much he hated me. I hope not though, she's sooo hot. I would sooo date her. *he chuckles* But this isn't about whose good looking. It's about power and strength both of which I have more of. She's a Vixxen, a little girl who doesn't know about playing at this game. Me? I'm more experienced. I hope Amy doesn't think this is personal. Nah, my only personal vendetta is against Sheamus. By the way, saw Nols promo. Hows it feel that she didn't tell the truth Sheamus? She lied to you about going out to dinner with Drew. From what I hear, you and McIntyre hate each other. Hows it feel that she's going out to dinner with an enemy of yours? Hell, I heard she offered him a job!

    Jack chuckles again and sits back, looking back at the singer who smiles at him again, finishing up her song.

    Jack: But I've got my fight coming up and I'm going to make sure that Amy doesn't win. I've got to prove the right thing, that people don't wanna see pretty faces fighting us men. They wanna see pretty faces wearing pretty things. *he takes a drink* Now if you'll excuse me, that singer has been looking at me all night.

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    Post  Guest on Sun Feb 12, 2012 6:20 pm

    Opens on Amy sitting at a table in a little coffee shop reading and sipping a drink. She looks very concentrated on the book and the camera gets closer to her. Amy has her hair down in ringlets and her make up natural. Finally she looks at the camera,smiles kindly, and gestures for them to sit. Darcy comes into view and sits opposite her

    Amy:I was wondering when you guys would be coming around for a little interview or promo, whatever you want to call them.*Smiles* I suppose you want to ask about what Jack said?

    Darcy:You would assume correct. Sorry this took so long, we have been very busy as of late.

    Amy:Don't worry about it. Trust me every private minuet is welcomed when it comes to being on the road. As to what Jack said you would think he never heard of beauty and being strong. From the sounds of it he has yet to realize I am both.

    Darcy:*Chuckles* So I take it you were more than mildly offened by what he said?

    Amy:I was very offended. To say that my brother has any control over what I think is absurd, I am a human being with my own thoughts. The problem is that Jack thinks all of us girls are just pretty faces. True we are some of the prettiest and exotic but we are also some of the feirces. *Smirks* Belle recently won her second belt from a man and she isn't the only. We take on men just as well as men take on men.

    Darcy:Was he correct in assuming your brother has talked about Jack to you? We know you two are very close and that siblings often talk.

    Amy:I never said he didn't talk about him. That would be a bold faced lie. Johnny would talk about Jack and one thing he said was right, Jack in a sexist pig. Well if that's how he wants to play then fine. *Laughs for a moment* Who says women can't wear pretty things and mess a man up. His pride is gonna be pretty when I'm done with him. More than it was after Justin. Now Darcy, can I interest you in something to drink?

    Fades out on the girls still talking. Amy has set her book aside and they appear to be laughing like long long friends. For a moment Amy looks at the camera and winks before it fades out completely.

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    Post  Admin on Sun Feb 12, 2012 8:21 pm

    We open up on the outside of the Barcelona Football Museum, tourists going in and out of the building. We fade to the inside where Wade stands in front of a case of trophies. He's wearing a Manchester United polo and khaki's with white tennis shoes. He appears to be more laid back than we have ever seen him and when he sees the camera, he smiles and waves the person over.

    Wade: Pete! Good to see you!

    Pete: *smiles* Nice to see you to Wade. I didn't know you were a fan of soccer.

    Wade: I'm a Manchester United man. If I never would have went into wrestling or marine biology I would most doubtedly have started to play football.

    Pete: Riiight, you European types call it football.

    Wade: *chuckles and rolls his eyes* You American types call it soccer. The rest of the world calls it football. I didn't know you were a fan though.

    Pete: Actually, I'm a very big fan. Pele was my hero growing up.

    Wade: Ah, you're a Pele fan. He was always a good athelete.

    There is a calmness between the two men as Wade looks at the trophies in the case. There seems to be a wistful look in his eyes and suddenly he speaks up.

    Wade: I did a bad thing.

    Pete: *looks at him* It's not you who tossed the rock through Adam and Christian's window was it?

    Wade: No, god no. I would never do such a thing. No, my bad thing was when I asked Belle for a shot at the title. I should have thought about how bad it made her feel. She didn't speak to me for a while the night before.

    Pete: You feel bad about breaking her happiness.

    Wade: *nods* I do. I shouldn't have asked for a shot at it. I really shouldn't of.

    Pete: You think that you're asking will ruin the relationship?

    Wade: *frowns* I hope not. I...I love her so much. *grins* The weddings in April. You're invited of course. Still no place for it though. I hope it's somewhere amazing. Knowing her it'll be in South Carolina, which is fine by me.

    Pete: You two are so much in love. So, who ya got this week?

    Wade: Christian.

    Pete: *chuckles* Oh.

    Wade: I know, I know any time I fight him I come out the loser. If this was the old me, I would hate losing to him. I would hurt him after the matches. But thankfully I'm not the same old man...even if some people are afraid I am. I've learned the error of my ways and while there may be a sliver of the man I use to be underneath the man I am now, I am never going to be as cold and as ruthless as I was. However, I'm still going to be a fierce athelete and I'm still going to kick ass in my match against Christian. However, after I win, instead of beating the hell out of him until he can't walk away I'm going to shake his hand and help him backstage. After all, there's no reason we have to be uncivil to each other.

    Pete: That sounds really civil of you.

    Wade: *laughs* Oh it is civil of me. It's who I am.

    Pete: *nods* It's good to see you like this instead of the man you use to be.

    Wade: *smiles* I'm glad to be seen for who I really am. I can thank my tag team partner for that.

    Pete: So you really think you can beat Christian?

    Wade: I know I can beat Christian. It's just a matter of actually doing it. It's like I'm Manchester United and he's Brazil. We all know Manchester United can beat Brazil but if they lose, then it's because of the players inability to function that night. My inability to function has caused me to lose to him all these previous times. I'd like to think that I have the ability to beat him. It's just putting it into play that makes it difficult.

    Pete: *smiles* You know Brazil totally beats Manchester United anytime they play.

    Wade: Oh shove off it.

    The camera fades out on Wade's reflection in one of the trophies.

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    Post  Vitani on Sun Feb 12, 2012 10:33 pm

    Vitani is seen sitting at a table outside a café on the streets of Barcelona with her friend Aislin, both with a coffee and cake. She’s wearing an orange kimono style shirt and a pair of jeans with orange feathered earrings; while Aislin wears a one shouldered purple dress and heels.

    Aislin: So did you see your opponent’s promo yet?

    Vitani: *nods* I did. Nolee’s still as over confident as ever, assuming straight away that she’ll win, even though she herself admitted I’m fast and fierce. She’s a nice enough person, but she should realize that saying things like that is not helping us earn respect when she won’t even respect the other Vixxens.

    Aislin: Nocta Hemata talk huh? Speaking of which, where’s Cody?

    Vitani: Cody’s at the hotel. He refuses to go home, because he doesn’t want to leave me alone, but he’s refusing to be in a match this week after walking out on Dusty.

    Aislin: Oh yeah, I saw that. Is he okay after that? I mean…his own dad hit him…

    Vitani: He’s… Well he’ll live… *runs a hand through her hair, frowning*

    Aislin: Vi…? What’s up? I know that look; something’s bothering you.

    Vitani: He’s…been very withdrawn since. I asked him to come out here with me, but he refused. He’s barely even said anything…

    Aislin: Oh… *frowns* Well I guess he won’t worry about you this week like he does when you’re up against the guys.

    Vitani: Yeah I know, I’m looking forward to my match. I’m not going to let Dusty’s problem causing distract me this week, I’m going to go in there and perform at my best. I…feel like I’ve been letting the fans down lately…and Angel. *she sighs and drinks some of her coffee*

    Aislin: Aww, Vi. You know we all still love you and you haven’t let anyone down, it wasn’t your fault.

    Vitani: I know, but I still feel bad for letting it bother me so much, it’s …unprofessional. But anyway, I’m going to put 100% into this match and hopefully get a win, if not for me, but for Cody. Maybe if I can win without anything going wrong, it’ll help him see that everything’s okay.

    Aislin: *nods* Hopefully, I mean, after all that trouble you went through to get through to him, to hold onto him, you’d think he’d be a little more grateful instead of hiding in the room…

    Vitani: *frowns* Aislin his dad was using him and hit him; he has the right to be upset. Besides I thinks it’s more he’s refusing to work to piss off his dad than him sulking.

    Aislin: Didn’t he say he was sick of being there? You sure he hasn’t quit?

    Vitani: He wouldn’t do that, he loves wrestling. I’m pretty sure he just meant he was done with Dusty.

    Aislin: Okay, *shrugs* but it sounded more like he quit…

    Vitani: *rolls her eyes* You’re supposed to be helping, not making me worry more Aislin. But I’m still not going to let it get to me; I’m going to beat Nolee. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go check on my boyfriend.

    She puts money down for her part of their order and stands up, saying a quick goodbye before turning and leaving, the camera fading out as Aislin shakes her head.

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    Post  Kane on Mon Feb 13, 2012 12:24 am

    Camera pans in on Kane pacing in his locker room, he's half dressed in his gear, his chest shining with water from his shower as his hair lays in wet ringlets. He's changed a lot since he went on the war path to find his brother and make him pay and unconsciously he's proud of the changes, a stronger muscle mass, a larger arsenal to pull from. However he was looking for someone a bit tougher to make his redebut again. Sheamus? Sure the kid is good and he was sure that the kid could give him a run for his money, but he wanted Jerry or Carter or even the little princess. He turns towards the camera, smirking darkly as he pulls his elbow pads on slowly.

    Sheamus....the celt wonder of the CWA. Pretty soon you'll be just be one more fairy tale from the highlands, nothing more than a whispered name amongst the heather. You're nothing but a road block to me Sheamus, you're not who I want...but they're nothing but cowards and I know how to wait. And if I have to pick apart the locker room until I get my hands on that old fool Jerry again, or his delusional son Carter then so be it.

    He laughs as the camera pans out, showing him reaching for his glove and pulling it on.

    And as for that prissy little daddy's girl. She better count herself lucky that I don't put much stock in the value or abilities of women. However I might take a page of out my dear brother's book and make a sacrifice out of her. Perhaps if Daddy and Big Brother see her all stretched out on a cross above the ring they'll see the errors of their ways....

    The camera fades to black as he laughs and the door closes behind him as he makes his way down towards the ring.
    Justin Gabriel
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    Post  Justin Gabriel on Mon Feb 13, 2012 1:26 am

    The camera fades in on Justin, who is in a locker room, sitting as he puts on his boots. He looks up and smiles when he sees Casey walk over to sit beside him.

    Casey: Hey, how’s it going Justin?

    Justin: Hey Casey, I’m good, how are you doing?

    Casey: *smiles* Pretty good, mind if I ask you a few questions?

    Justin: Go ahead, I’m only getting ready to do some training, it can wait a few minutes.

    Casey: So, last week, what was that about?

    Justin: The thing with Swagger? I’m sick and tired of him bullying people like Jay and myself who’ve done nothing to deserve it.

    Casey: *nods* Right. What about the whole jumping thing that seemed to have scared Heath?

    Justin: *laughs* Oh, that? I always do things like that. I used to do things like go surfing and bungee jumping all the time back home in South Africa; it’s just what I do for fun.

    Casey: So you really are always hyper huh? *chuckles as Justin grins and nods* You’re up against Angel this week yes?

    Justin: Yep. Both Champions who, according to a certain idiotic someone, don’t matter. We both know that’s not true though, I’ve spoken to Angel, she wasn’t happy about what Swagger said about the titles. *he runs a hand through his hair* I’m determined to win, not just to prove I can beat the Vixxens, but to prove I’m not useless.

    Casey: Didn’t you do that last week?

    Justin: Against Swagger yes. I want to prove I can beat the Vixxens without being in a tag match and without being unnecessarily violent. I know if I can beat Angel, that I can prove that, her being the Vixxens champion.

    Casey: *nods* So I take it you two are friends?

    Justin: Well…we haven’t actually talked all that much yet, but she is pretty friendly, so I guess we could be friends. Anyway, I have to get to my training, so we’ll talk more after.

    The camera fades out, then back in on Justin sitting at a table with a bottle of water, now in his street clothes.

    Casey: Have you seen anyone else’s promos Justin?

    Justin: *after drinking some water* Yeah, I have. Swagger’s still an ass and can’t take a hint. …and apparently now I’m an ass for standing up for myself and I’m supposedly still insignificant. I don’t think I’m extreme; I just like doing different things for fun, where I come from its normal; not my fault Swagger’s boring. He thinks the Hardy’s are pitiful? They aren’t. Sure they’ve made mistakes before, but so does everyone else and they’re much better people than Jack will ever be.

    Casey: *trying not to laugh* I see.

    Justin: *nods* Yep. Oh and Nolee? *holds up a hand, which has silver bracelets around the wrist* I’m a man and I just happen to wear bracelets all the time…when others don’t steal them.

    Justin and Casey both laugh as the camera fades out.

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    Post  Admin on Mon Feb 13, 2012 2:08 am

    We open up on the living room of the Turner home, Preston and Lucas' other brother Kevin sitting and talking quietly to one another before looking up to see the camera. Kevin stands, smoothing out his t-shirt before extending a hand.

    Kevin: You must be Mr. Briggs.

    Luther: *shakes his hand* Yes sir but you can call me Luther. I ain't near important enough to be called Mr. Briggs.

    Kevin: *smiles and nods his head slightly* Luther it is then. *he frowns* You must be here to see my brother, Lucas.

    Luther: Yes sir.

    Kevin: *chuckles* Call me Kevin, I'm not near distinguished enough to be called sir.

    Luther: *nods and smirks* Kevin it is then.

    The door to a nearby room slams open and out walks Lucas, dressed in a black bathrobe and what appears to be black sandals.

    Lucas: Luther, I didn't expect to see you here. *smirks* Glad you are though. Let me go change and then I'll be right back down to talk about my match this week.

    Luther: *nods* Riiight.

    Lucas walks out of the room and comes back minutes later wearing a Christian shirt and blue jeans.

    Lucas: *grins* It's new, bought it off of

    Luther: *nods, trying not to show he's scared* Uh huh...

    Lucas: So, you came to ask me about my match against Belle Moore? *grits his teeth* The CWA Champion?

    Luther: Apparently you don't like a woman being CWA Champion.

    Lucas: I don't. That title belongs to a man. It belongs around my waist. *smirks* Do you know how much my angel would love me if I had a championship?

    Kevin: Lucas Antonio Turner we've talked about this. He's not your angel. He's Carter's angel.

    Lucas: *glares at his brother and grabs his collar* What was that?

    Kevin: *calmly* You know he's not yours. He's Carters.

    Lucas: *slams his fist into Kevin's face, breaking his nose* You see that Luther? That's what I'm gonna do to Belle. She's gonna get hurt and have to give up that title. Girl or not I'm not afraid to treat her like everyone else who gets in the way of me getting my angel. Because eventually, I'll eliminate everyone and it will be just me and him. Belle is just another step on that ladder and she'll go down just like everyone else will.

    Lucas storms out of the house, leaving Preston to try and help Kevin get the bleeding to stop.

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