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    3/5/12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area


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    3/5/12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area Empty 3/5/12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area

    Post  Christian on Tue Mar 06, 2012 7:57 pm

    Promos due Sunday at midnight.

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    Post  Admin on Wed Mar 07, 2012 6:09 pm

    We open up on the inside of a beautiful church. Candles cast a reverent light across the floor and oak pews. The alter up front, shining marble and gold, is draped in a velvt cloth. In one of the pews kneels Nolee Lacroix, wearing a white sundress decorated with baby blue flowers. Around her neck is a gold cross as well as the Celtic knot knecklace. She has her hands clasped in front of her as if she's praying.

    Nolee: Pardon me for the evil I have done this day and if I have done any good, accept it. Watch over me while I take my rest and deliver me from danger. May thy grace always be with me. Amen.

    She raises from her knees sitting back on the pew before relizing that someone is there with a camera. She brushes a strand of hair from her face before staring back at the alter.

    Nolee: You always manage to find us superstars...

    Laurie: I'm your best friend. It's like I have a tracking device installed in my headand a chip is placed in yours.

    Nolee: *chuckles gently* You always know what to say to try and cheer me up.

    Laurie: *shrugs* It's my job dear. Now why are you here and not catching a show on Broadway?

    Nolee: You know who I fight this week?

    Laurie: *frowns* Yes...

    Nolee; Then you know how terrified I am. He built a shrine to me, he told Drew he wants to touch me, that we'd be the ultimate power couple. *hesitates* I'm here because I needed to pray, to get my affairs in order.

    Laurie: Get your...*shakes her head* You aren't going to die.

    Nolee: I could if he chooses to hurt me. *runs a hand through her hair* I know I'm a good wrestler. I know I could stand toe to toe with some of the best. But Kane? He's bound to be a legend in this company as well as the other company. He's strong and he's crazed. He thinks he has a motive.

    Laurie: He says your dad held him back from getting titles.

    Nolee: Thats what he thinks. Dad won't tell me or Carter but...that doesn't sound like dad.

    Laurie: *hesitates* So have your boys offered to come to the ring with you?

    Nolee: Drew has...

    Laurie: Why do you sound so upset? Drew wants to go with you to the ring. He just wants to make sure you are safe.

    Nolee: ...he gave me an ultimatum...

    Laurie: On?

    Nolee: He wants me to pick him or Sheamus...

    Laurie: *wide eyed* Oh darlin...I'm so sorry...

    Nolee: I've thought about it for a while and I finally have my decision...

    Laurie: *sounding hopeful* Sheamus?

    Nolee: *hesitates* If I can't have one...I don't want the other...

    Laurie: *shocked* Nolee!

    Nolee: Well it's true! If I have to choose I'll be brokenhearted every time I look at the one I chose because I'll think of the one I lost.

    Laurie: So your breaking up with the both of them?

    Nolee: No. I made my choice...they have to make theirs...

    Laurie: *smiles* Why don't we go get some ice cream?

    Nolee takes Lauries hand as they walk out of the church.


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    Post  Admin on Thu Mar 08, 2012 6:21 pm

    We open up on a Broadway stage, the set decorated like a recording studio. There is no audience but on the stage stands Carter Lacroix. He's wearing a black button up shirt and black slacks with black cowboy boots. His hair is stylized and he looks like he belongs in the 1940's or 50's. He sees the camera but chooses to ignore it, continuing to play the black guitat he holds.

    Carter: *singing* Well if they freed me from this prison
    If that railroad train was mine
    I bet I'd move it on a little farther down the line
    Far from Fulsom prison, that's where I want to stay
    And I'd let that lonesome whistle blow my blues away...

    He finishes and nods, going to run a hand through his hair but he remembers it's fixed and has hair spray in it. He lowers his arm and gestures to the camera.

    Carter: You can come on over now Pete.

    Pete walks over and sits on the edge of the stage, smiling up at him.

    Pete: Dude you look like someone picked you outta the past.

    Carter: Yeah, yeah, yeah. This is only for tonight.

    Pete: What is this?

    Carter: This is your best bud starring as Johnny Cash in the musical Million Dollar Quartet. I've been reading lines, reading music, and memorizing it all day long. I came out here on stage to view how big the audience is.

    Pete: You preform on live television every Monday. This scares you?

    Carter: By trade, I'm a wrestler. The wrestling comes real easy to me. My music comes a bit harder to me. I'm still shocked I've gotten a record deal and have been on tour. Not to mention this. Life is good.

    Pete: Everything worked out with Lucas and Jay?

    Carter: Not yet but that's next on the list. I've got my sights set on Lucas at the pay per view. After he fights whoever he fights, I'm going to destroy him for what he's done. I'm going to make sure he gets broken.

    Pete: *clears his throat* Riiight.

    Carter: But my problem now is Belle. Last time I fought her was, I think, when I lost to her in the finals of the Five Nations tournament.

    Pete: I guess it was, wasn't it? You ready for it?

    Carter: My knee is feeling much better so yeah. Plus Belle is always a good opponent. She's no me, but she's good.

    Pete: Why Carter, is that a hint of arrogance I detect?

    Carter: Just a bit. *laughs* Honestly, I'm feeling great. I feel like I could topple her for the CWA Championship. She's got to pick her number one contender. Maybe this match will shoot me up the ladder.

    Pete: You think you could handle her for the CWA Championship? You couldn't handle her for the Five Nations belt.

    Carter: I was still having knee problems. Belle needs to bring her A game. I certainly will. Now, if you don't mind I'm gonna practice some more.

    Pete: By all means, go ahead.

    Carter grabs his guitar and stands on stage again, playing a bit.

    Carter: *singing* Some people say a man is made outta mud
    A poor mans made outta muscle and blood
    Muscle and blood and skin and bone
    A mind thats weak and a back that's strong

    The camera fades out on Carter as he launches into the next verse.

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    Post  Alex Shelley on Fri Mar 09, 2012 4:29 am

    The camera fades in on a small comic book store; Alex is going though a stack of comic books. He looked up and gives a small wave at the camera.

    Alex: *smiles* Hey man, you know you guys are really good at finding us. So you here for my promo?

    Donnie: *smiles Yeah, so what do you think about your match this week?

    Alex: *grins* I am very excited, I get to kick Austin's ass this week. And he is going to see why it is a bad idea to piss me off. He thinks I am no good in the ring? Well he is going to see why I am one of the best single and tag team wrestlers in the world.

    Donnie: *grins* I hope so; it sucks though that Lucas took the coward’s way out last week.

    Alex: That’s because he is a coward... *shakes his head* Could not even beat me without cheating, what does that say about the man? Hell he cannot even somebody to date him, he has to threaten poor Jay's friends.... *chuckles* I hope I get to watch if Carter or Adam gets their hands on him.

    Donnie: *nods* Yeah me too man, I still cannot believe he hit poor Jay a few weeks ago.

    Alex: *nods* Yeah.... He is nothing but a bully that is going to someday bite off more then he can chew. Just like Austin, you know he tried to start being abusive when we were dating? Chris stopped that, kicked his ass so bad and then told him if he hit me like that again, he would kill him. *smiles* Then he taught me what to do if he ever tried it again.

    Donnie: Did he ever try it again?

    Alex: Oh yeah and I did what Chris told me, I kicked his ass.

    Donnie: *chuckles* I bet you did Lex. *looks at his watch* Well I think that’s all we need, I will let you get back to your comics.

    Alex nods and waves before turning back to what he had been looking at, the camera then starts to slowly fade out.


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    Post  Christian on Sat Mar 10, 2012 6:17 am

    The camera fades in on a small quiet park where CWA star Christian is sitting on a bench; he is looking up at the sky with a sad look on his face. Casey walks up to Christian, frowning when he sees the look on his face as he sits beside him.

    Casey: Jay? Are you okay?

    Christian: *is quiet first before answering softly* I am fine....

    Casey: *rolls his eyes* You are not. What's up?

    Christian: *sighs* Adam.... I have not seen him since the show...When Lucas made me tell him to leave.

    Casey: *frowns again and nods* I saw that...have you called him or anything?

    Christian: I tried, but..... But Lucas took my cell phone. *looks down*

    Casey: What? Why?

    Christian: He found me trying to call Adam.... *sighs* I was lucky he did not try and hit me again.

    Casey: *nods* He better not...

    Christian: I hate this; I hate how he can control me like this.... I hate letting him, because I am afraid.

    Casey: *frowns and hugs him* We need to find a way to get you out of this...

    Christian: *hugs him back* I know.... Maybe this new tag team I am supposed to be in will help....

    Casey: As long as they don't stick you with Lucas that is.

    Christian: From what I heard it is not Lucas.

    Casey: That's good. *smiles* So who are you against this week?

    Christian: I have Amy this week.

    Casey: Ah. *nods* You've been against here before yeah?

    Christian: *nods* Yeah a while back, I believe I won the match.

    Casey: *smiles* Do you think you will this time?

    Christian: Maybe... Hopefully I can get my mind back on track so I can do what I do best. *gives a small smile*

    Casey: Yeah, hopefully. *nods* He's not helping you.

    Christian: *sighs and nods* I want to just forget him.

    Casey: Don't blame you, who wouldn't want to forget him?

    Christian: *nods and looks around the park for a few minutes* I wish Rusty was here, this park would be prefect for him.

    Casey: *chuckles* It would be perfect for any dog really.

    Christian: *smiles* I will bring Rusty and Blue here next time.

    Casey: I'm sure they'd love it. *after a pause* So besides all the problems Lucas has caused, how are things going?

    Christian: Things have been well; I am excited about my new tag team partner.

    Casey: *smiles* Good. Any idea who it'll be?

    Christian: *smiles* I heard it’s supposed to be Alex, they think we will be great together because we were both part of amazing tag teams.

    Casey: *grins and nods* I'm sure you would be a great team.

    Christian: *nods and smiles* Come on lets go get something to eat.

    Casey: Sure, food sounds good.

    Christian smiles and gets up, he and Casey walk out of the park as the camera fades out.


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    Post  Sheamus on Sun Mar 11, 2012 1:10 pm

    Jack Swagger is sitting in a bar, looking at his glass as if he's going to start crying at any moment before downing his whiskey. Sheamus walks into the bar, sighing and shaking his head, hesitating before reluctantly walking over to Jack.

    Sheamus: What’s your problem?

    Jack looks up at Sheamus before steeling himself.

    Jack: If you must know...Ella left me for Luther Briggs.

    Sheamus goes to laugh before stopping himself and frowning.

    Sheamus: Oh… *pauses for a few seconds* …sorry.

    Jack: Don't lie. You like seeing me miserable. It’s why you didn't want me to be friends with Nolee. How's it feel to know I was right about Drew?

    Sheamus: You weren’t exactly right… *sighs and mutters angrily, running a hand through his hair* But it sucks. I’m tired of being made to look like I’m the bad person in all of this.

    Jack: Oh? And how are you the bad guy. As much as I don't like're not the playboy I hear Drew is.

    Sheamus: *frowns* That’s not what I meant. I’ve been asked by people why I haven’t helped deal with Kane because Drew’s gone out and looked for the psycho.

    Jack: You don't think he's putting Kane up to this do you?

    Sheamus: *sighs* How would I know? Either way it’s annoying. My idiot brother’s even asked why I haven’t helped… it’s a little hard to deal with Kane and all the other shit I’ve had to deal with.

    Jack: Well Kane does want to just hurt Nolee, he's the plague of the Lacroix family.

    Sheamus: I know…

    He goes quiet as he thinks, not looking at Jack.

    Sheamus: I’d help protect her regardless of what she said in her promo… *speaks quietly, thinking aloud rather than speaking to Jack*

    Jack: Even if she left you simply cuz she couldn't have you both? Man, don't you feel like you’re being screwed over?

    Sheamus: Yes, of course I do. Doesn’t mean I’m just going to suddenly stop fighting for her though, it would make the rest of the things I’ve done to keep her seem pointless…

    Jack: Maybe I misjudged you Sheamus. You seem like an alright guy. *gestures to the seat next to him* Ready for our tag match?

    Sheamus: *smirks at him after sitting* You never even gave me a chance, you just kept tryin’ to break us up. And of course I am, I’ve beat Angel before.

    Jack: I haven't so you have that above me. She's a good competitor. *smirks* I'm better though.

    Sheamus: Than her? You better be.

    Jack: *looks at Sheamus challengingly* And if I'm not? What are you gonna do about it red?

    Sheamus: Don’t call me that. Angel’s tough, you’ll have to be tougher if we want to win this.

    Jack: You’re tougher than I am. I'll handle Vitani and you can handle Angel.

    Sheamus: *smiles and nods* Okay. I can do that.

    Jack: Maybe they'll like our team so much we'll be in the running for the titles.

    Sheamus: *raises an eyebrow* You’d actually put up with me just to win tag titles?

    Jack: You can't be any worse than Dolph and Vickie...

    Sheamus: *pulls a face* Right, good point. Can’t stand them.

    Jack: It's amazing how someone will turn their back on you if you go to another company...

    Sheamus: They did that to you?

    Jack: Yeah. *rolls his eyes* So our match.

    Sheamus: Right. Um…You’ve beat Vitani before, haven’t you?

    Jack: Once I think.

    Sheamus: *looks away for a few seconds to hide a smirk* Ah. I’m sure we’ll win anyway, but I heard Cody’s back this week. …does he even still manage their team?

    Jack: Last I heard he was hiding and crying about Dusty.

    Sheamus: *laughs* Really? Actually he did cry once when Randy attacked his daddy during the Legacy days, so I wouldn’t put it passed him.

    Jack: *smirks* I didn't even cry when my daddy got attacked by Kane on Smackdown when I was world heavyweight champ.
    Sheamus: *nods* I know that.

    Jack: What about your paw?

    Sheamus: I wouldn’t cry if he were hurt. He’d hit the fella who hurt him back for starters. *he chuckles*

    Jack: *chuckles and takes another drink* At any rate we'll beat Angie and Vi.

    Sheamus: *nods* Of course we will, why wouldn’t we?

    Jack: No clue. *chuckles*

    Sheamus: *chuckles as well* You know, yeh aren’t such a bad fella yourself…when you aren’t trying to break up other people’s relationships.

    Jack: *laughs* Sheamus, I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship.

    Sheamus: *raises an eyebrow* I wouldn’t call it beautiful, but okay.

    Sheamus turns to order a drink as the camera fades out on the two of them.

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    Post  Guest on Sun Mar 11, 2012 8:41 pm

    *The camera opens on Belle Moore looking through what appears to be a clothing store. For once her hair is up and out of her face and her face appears to only have light make up. Pulling out a shirt she looks at it and holds it up to herself. Looking in the mirror near by she catches sight of the camera and smiles.*

    Belle:I see that even here in New York City none of us are safe to shop without being interviewed.

    Maria:*Steps in with a slight smile* No,even in the big city we seem to be able to find you. Nice shirt.

    Belle:I always was one to enjoy off the shoulder shirts. But then again you're not here to ask me about my fashion sense,are you?

    Maria:You are right on that Belle but feel free to keep looking. You take on Carter tonight correct?

    Belle:Yes I am. Once again I get into the ring with Carter for what feels like the millionth time. We have faced where his sister has interfered and when neither of us where at our best. Me,my head wasn't in it and him with a hurt knee. Now he wants to blame him losing a title match on a hurt knee is fine. But he might want to remember that I have beat him before and plan to again.

    Maria:Earlier we heard him sound a bit arrogant about you. Thinking he might get a title shot at the CWA title.

    Belle:I am used to guys thinking they are better. Hell,I could hold all the title and they would think they are better. I am confident that when they underestimate me is when I am at my best. I strive to prove them wrong and here I am with not one,but two,titles. I announce who I take on for the CWA title later on tonightand I can tell you right now it isn't going to be Carter.

    Maria:There has been some talk that it might be your fiance,Wade Barrett. Any way this is true or is it the rumor mill trying to get into your head?

    Belle:*Chuckles a bit* Well my Wade is absolutly capable of earning this title and it would be interesting to see who wins. We have faced each other before and only came out stronger so if I do pick him it would come between us. With the wedding well on the way I don't think it would come between us.

    Maria:Speaking of things on the way we hear there might be a little Barrett on the way.

    Belle:Not that it's any of your business. *Scowls a bit* My personal life and that of the ring may merge at times but this isn't one of those times. Though I will tell you that if I am and take a leave then everyone will get their answer. Not before.

    Maria:*smiles a bit* And certainly not before you take on Carter tonight right? We have missed seeing you in the ring so this will be a treat.

    Belle:Well I'm glad I was missed. *Smirks* I will be there taking on Carter tonight in a new ring attire. Everyone says women should be for looking not talking,well tonight I'm not going to talk. I'm going to kick some ass and show why I carry two of the biggest title in this business.

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    Post  Guest on Sun Mar 11, 2012 8:54 pm

    Amy is curled up on the couch with her laptop settled on her knees. The sun is shining in through the windows in her hotel room. She is wearing glasses and her hair is pulled to one side over her shoulder. The spot next to her is occupied by a girl with long raven hair and they appear to be looking at the same thing.

    Amy:You're kidding me. I could never wear that to the ring,Im surprised her tits aren't falling out,I mean come on Cassandra.

    Cassandra:Who said anything about wearing it in the ring? I'm sure Alex would like it. *Nudges her with a laugh* Besides,aren't most of the guys in CWA gay or bi?

    Amy:I'm not sure. I don't exactly ask but I know Christian and Justin lean that way. Not that I care,gays are the best.

    Cassandra:Christian doesn't exactly seem to be in the game when it comes to his match tonight.

    Amy:Yeah I could tell. He has a lot on his plate but as competators we all push it aside and I expect him to do just that. I mean,we all have things going on in our lives that effect our performance and I simpathize with him but I don't want to face him when he isn't on his best.

    Cassandra:Well my dear it seems that he isn't on his best. But don't let that make you think he won't take you on.

    Amy:Im sure he will,I hope he does. I haven't been here lately and cannot wait to take off some ring rust. He has always been great in the ring. So we will see.
    Justin Gabriel
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    Post  Justin Gabriel on Sun Mar 11, 2012 10:58 pm

    The camera fades in on Justin Gabriel, who’s frowning as he paces in a hotel room, Heath sitting on the bed in the background, watching him with a worried look. Justin occasionally mutters something as he paces, unintentionally switching back and forth between English and Afrikaans as he does so.

    Heath: Justin please, stop focusing on it so much, it was last week, there’s not much you can do about it…

    Justin: I know that! But I shouldn’t have done it…but I was angry…

    Heath: I know, but worrying about it isn’t going to help you solve the problem.

    Justin: But I-

    Heath: *cutting him off* Just apologize to him. Or at least stop the pacing, you’ve been at it on and off all day and you’re making me dizzy.

    Justin sighs and sits on the floor, leaning against Heath’s legs; the room silent as Justin sits there with his eyes closed, trying to calm down. He slowly opens his eyes again after a few minutes, looking and sounding calmer when he finally speaks again.

    Justin: I’m against Drew McIntyre this week…

    Heath: Didn’t Wade go up against him the other week?

    Justin: *nods* Yeah he did, his old tag partner. I…think he won…I’m not sure…

    Heath: You can beat him though, right?

    Justin: I…actually I’m not so sure I can. Drew’s tough and despite what I’ve said and done, I’m still not as good as I was once and I know I’m not as strong as Drew.

    Heath: Justin…darlin’, come here…

    He leans forwards to help Justin to his feet, gently pulling him onto the bed, smiling as Justin sits in his lap.

    Justin: I know, I know. You’re going to try say something like ‘but you can beat him’ or ‘you are still good’ or ‘stop worrying so much’, but you say those things almost every week and nothing’s changed, I still haven’t stopped humiliating myself, losing after promising that, this time, I’ll win… Despite what I’ve done to try and change it, it’s still the same. So instead of saying stupid things like ‘oh, this time I’ll win’, I’m just going to say that I don’t think I’ll win, but I’m going to try my hardest anyway.

    Heath: *sighs, but smiles* Okay.

    Justin looks up at the camera, acknowledging for the first time that he knows it’s there.

    Justin: Oh, Carter, I really am sorry about last week. I didn’t do it because I have anything against you, I was just…angry.

    Heath smiles and wraps his arms around Justin, pulling him close and speaking softly to him as the camera fades out.
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    Post  Cody Rhodes on Mon Mar 12, 2012 12:54 am

    The camera opens on Cody Rhodes sitting at an office desk with his arms folded and his feet on the desk, frowning.

    Pete: *from behind the camera* Cody?

    Cody: What?

    Pete: *slowly* I’m…here for your promo…

    Cody: I have a match?

    Pete: Yeah, you didn’t know?

    Cody: *shakes his head* No, no one told me.

    Pete: So then what do you look so pissed off fo-

    Cody: *cuts him off* Why do you think? My father’s tried to leave me with no other option really but to do what he wants. If I don’t then he supposedly won’t help Carter protect Nolee… *pauses, then suddenly changes the subject* So who am I even up against this week?

    Pete: Wade Barrett.

    Cody: *looks surprised* Not a jobber? Wow… I thought after not wrestling for a few weeks they would have put me against one. Unless of course Dusty had a say in picking the matches…then it makes sense. Wade’s strong and can be brutal at times when he wants to. I know he’s ‘changed’ now and supposedly isn’t the way he first was in the CWA, but that doesn’t mean he still can’t be.

    Pete: True. …Have you seen the tag match that’s set up for this week?

    Cody: *frowns and nods* I know of it yes, Vitani told me. They put her and Angel up against two of the people I had worked to get to treat the Vixxens right. I guess it could be worse though…they could have been put up against Lucas and Swagger instead. I heard what those two idiots said about me by the way, making fun of me because I ‘cried’ when Dusty got RKO’d. Have you guys seriously never heard of acting? Like I’d ever really cry if that asshole who calls himself my father got hurt. Stupid ass won’t even help protect Nolee, who’s always been like a daughter to him, unless Carter could convince me to go crawling back to him. Dusty needs to learn that I’m not going to do that. I’m not crawling back to do his bidding. I’m not going to work with him until he learns how to respect me, instead of treating me like a child.

    He sighs and takes his feet off the desk, sitting up properly.

    Cody: Anyway, Wade will be harder to beat then Carter and Swagger…and I lost to them both, so if you don’t mind Pete; I’m going to go train.

    Pete: Oh, sure, go ahead.

    Cody gets to his feet, pausing to look at a picture that was on a shelf that had been behind him. He smiles softly before turning and leaving the room, the camera zooming in on the picture, that is of himself and Vitani as the scene fades.

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    Post  Admin on Mon Mar 12, 2012 2:00 am

    We open up on the outsie of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, usually called The Met. The camera zooms in on Wade Barrett, smiling as he reads a pamphlet. He's wearing a black muscle shirt and blue jeans, sunglasses over his eyes. He sees someone and smiles before standing. The camera pans out to show that Heath Slater is standing next to him dressed in a New York Mets baseball cap, a t-shirt that reads OMRB on the front with the words One Man Rock Band on the back and cargo shorts.

    Heath: Hey man! Justin said he'd try to catch up with us later but he's busy training at the moment.

    Wade: That's quite alright. Belle and I just toured The Met. She's somewhere with Amy now. Thought us boys could hang out.

    Heath: *smiles* Wanna go for a walk in Central Park?

    Wade: Sure. Sounds rather nice.

    They start walking, both occasionally stopping to sign autographs for fans or snap pictures. They get to the park and Heath smiles, grabbing a hackey sack for his pocket.

    Heath: Wanna play?

    Wade: You know I don't play that infernal game. You and Justin were so good at it you made me feel like a dolt.

    Heath: *chuckles* Well if you were faster you'd be better at it.

    Wade: Well I'm not faster.

    Heath shrugs and puts the hackey sack back in his pocket as they walk. Heath runs a hand through his hair before speaking again.

    Heath: Your weddings next month.

    Wade: I know it makes me feel happy but scared...

    Heath: Can you feel your bachelorhood slipping away?

    Wade: *mutters* Yeah especially since Belle thinks she's pregnant...

    Heath: What was that?

    Wade: Nothing. Hey you know I fight Cody this week?

    Heath: Really? Looking forward to it?

    Wade: I seem to be the one they put new and returning people up against first. Not that I mind but I hope for real competition.

    Heath: You don't think that Cody is real competiton?

    Wade: He is good competition but I know I can beat him. I'm fierce and vicious. I can dish out pain as well as take it. I'm one of the strongest men this company has ever seen. Cody? Sure he's strong but I'm better. I can match his every punch with an even stronger punch. How can he combat that?

    Heath: Maybe with his speed. He matches Justin on that.

    Wade: True, true. I still think I can take him. *smirks*

    Heath: You've been awful cocky lately.

    Wade: Yeah, except I can back it up. *ruffles his hair* Now what about we play some frisbee?

    Heath: *smirks* Sure.

    Wade and Heath smile, buying a frisbee at a nearby store before walking off to play as the camera fades out.

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