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    9/10/12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area


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    9/10/12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area Empty 9/10/12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area

    Post  Admin on Tue Sep 11, 2012 8:53 am

    Promos are due here no later than midnight on September 23rd.

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    Post  Admin on Sat Sep 15, 2012 3:18 pm

    Dangerous but beautiful. That's the phrase that comes to mind as the camera opens up on a rather large lioness. It's lying on a pallet of red and gold silk pillows and seems to be an overly pampered animal. As the camera pans out, the pallet of pillows seems to be lying next to a gorgeous throne that looks like it's from Ancient Egypt. In fact, the room in general looks to be like something out of a scene from Ancient Egypt. In the center of the room, though we cannot see her face, is a young woman. She wears the traditional garb of the pharaohs: a beautiful white sheath dress made out of simple linen and no shoes on her feet. A decorative gold and blue headdress adorns the top of her head. The only thing that gives us any clue to who she might be is the woman's short black hair being streaked with blue and the tattoos that line her arms. Sure enough, as she turns around we can see that the woman is Dia Banks. Her eyes are outlined with black kohl, an ancient eyeliner type substance, and her lips look fuller and redder. She crosses over to the throne and sits, arms draped over the arm rests.

    Dia: We all have a fantasy we want to live out. When I was in school as a child, the stories of ancient Egypt always excited me. Women were beautiful and deadly much like Cleopatra. So here I am, partially living out a fantasy of mine.

    She smiles and runs a hand over her dress to smooth it out, glancing over at the lioness who still lays submissive on her pallet.

    Dia: Beautiful isn't she? You know, my opponent for this week has a quality of the pharaohs of old. Drew believes, or he did believe, that he was the Chosen One. He believed that he was the one destined for greatness. Drew, is the truth sinking in yet? Have ya realized that no one, no matter how talented or how important, is destined for greatness? We all make our own destiny. We all decide what becomes of us. And so far, your career has been nothing that a man like you should be content with. You want more, just like the pharaohs of old wanted more land. Except unlike them, you're just one man. You don't have an army to back up your claims. You are your own army. That's why it's so important you start showing me and everyone else in the CWA what you can do.

    The lioness gets up and pads over to Dia, lying closer to her feet. Dia runs a hand over the lions head, petting her like she's simply an over grown housecat.

    Dia: In Ancient Egypt, the goddess Bastes was a protective goddess who often appeared with the head of a lion. I don't need a protector to beat you Drew. No, see, when we step into that ring against each other I'll switch to the other lioness goddess: Sekhmet. Sekhmet was the goddess of destruction and war. She is who I will be channeling when we go face to face. Instead of my sword, I will have my Diamond Cutter. It may not kill ya, but it'll knock you down in the ring and allow me to apply any one of my multiple submissions. Drew, you're going to fall to me like the Egyptian empire eventually fell. It's only a matter of time.

    The camera fades off on Dia petting the lionesses head, looking every bit as regal as the pharaohs she looked up to as a child.
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    Post  Alex Shelley on Mon Sep 17, 2012 11:52 pm

    The camera fades in on what looks to be the back room of a small bar, a group of people are sitting at a table in the middle of the room. The camera moves in closer to show the people to be Alex Shelley, his boyfriend Casey Johnson, his best friend Chris Sabin, Chris's girlfriend Velvet Sky and longtime friend from TNA Jay Lethal. Casey is sitting on Alex's lap, the camera starts to pick up the conversion as Velvet leaves to go to the restroom.

    Alex: Jay I'm sorry you got cut out of your first match here... I was really looking forward to us having a great match...

    Jay: *sighs* It's ok Lex... Though I have to ask, do you know why I got cut? They wouldn't tell me why when they called.

    Alex: Well from what I hear they cut you because 'Princess Nolee'... *pauses as he rolls his eyes* Was upset she didn't have a match this week. So instead of having a great match with a friend I'm stuck wrestling her...

    Casey: *murmurs nervously* It won't be that bad...

    Alex: *sighs* Baby that brat threatened your job just because you were doing it!

    Chris: She what?!

    Alex: She didn't like something he had written and told him if he didn't watch what he said that if Jerry won the war that someone interview may be out of a job!

    Chris: That witch...

    Jay: Wow...

    Alex: That is one of the many reasons I don't like her... *shakes his head*

    Casey: *sighs* She said she was sorry...

    Alex: Probably because she was made too... *kisses Casey's cheek* I still don't like her and probably will never be friends with her, but I would probably never want to be.

    Jay: After all the stories I've heard I wouldn't either...

    Velvet comes back to the room and sits back down next to Chris.

    Chris: *wraps his arm around her* I heard she has been talking backstage about you and me having a 'relationship' besides being best friends.

    Velvet: *rolls her eyes* Sounds like this Nolee is nothing but a snobby, thinks she does no wrong brat... And a petty gossip as well.

    Alex: *laughs* And you know that's a bad thing when one of the Beautiful People says that...

    Velvet: Hey! At least I don't at like I'm an innocent little thing; I let people know how I really am.

    Alex: *chuckles and nods* I know I know, I was just teasing.

    Casey: Do you know if Nolee has a promo out yet?

    Alex: No, but I don't have to watch it to know what she is probably going to say about me and this match.

    Jay: What do you think she is going to say Lex?

    Alex: She's going to bring up my win/loss record and probably going to try and talk about how this is going to be an easy match for her... Probably going to try and bring up my friendship with Chris... Probably trying to get my Casey to doubt me... *hugs Casey tighter against him* And probably find a way to throw my past with Austin in my face... Who knows maybe she will try and get deeper into my past, who knows what she will do. I don't really care what she has to say about the match, but she better not make this personal...

    Casey: *hugs Alex before kissing his cheek* I would never doubt you...

    Chris: *speaks up* She shouldn't be able to talk with her record... All the things she's done, after all she's the one that cheated on Sheamus with Drew and she brought in Swagger that tried to break her and Sheamus up. And she brought in Lucas who not only tried to get in between her and Sheamus, but he also stalked and made Christian's life hell! And that's not even everything she's done, but she is going to try and put you down Lex because of Austin or our friendship...

    Alex: There is one thing she will be right on though and I will admit it, I don't have the best win/loss record. But you know what I'm not going to say it's because of my wrestling style, despite what Wade thinks. People act like I should change how I wrestle, but people for some reason think that all I do is high fly. They forget that I am an amazing technical wrestler as well, they forget that I can mix all the different styles I know into a stunning move set. They think I'm not good because I haven’t won as many matches as some of the others... *chuckles and grins* So what I lose a few matches, that doesn't mean I am not as good or hell sometimes better than my opponent. People here probably can't do half the things I can do in that ring and they know it, so what if their bigger or maybe they catch a lucky break. At the end of the day I know win or lose that I showed that I am one of the best in the business, no matter what a stupid record says and the people that watch know it as well. It's like the new girl says "I’m here to entertain the fans and put on a good show and that I have fun doing it."

    Casey: *smiles* I think you can beat Nolee.

    Alex: *smiles softly* I think I can too, I just hope I am able to. *kisses Casey softly* Love you.

    Casey goes to reply when the door opens and a young man with brown hair and green eyes walks in.

    Man: Um I'm looking for Alex Shelley, I'm Dante Westmore... *pauses shyly* I'm supposed to train under him...

    Alex: *smiles* Hey I thought you were coming later man.

    Chris: Wait you’re going to have someone train with you?

    Alex: Yeah one of the guys from the office in ROH asked if I would help Dante here out, apparently their trainer there wasn't teaching the kid right so they asked me. *rubs the back of his neck sheepishly* I was supposed to announce it at the last show, but I may of forgotten to do that... *smiles at Dante* Come on and sit down with us.

    Dante: *sits down* Thanks again Mr. Shelley.

    Alex: *smiles* You can call me Alex kid, how about I introduce you to everyone. *points to Jay* This is Jay Lethal, a good buddy of mine. *points to Chris and Velvet* My best friend Chris Sabin and his girlfriend Velvet Sky. *smiles sweetly at Casey* And this is my wonderful boyfriend Casey Johnson.

    Casey blushes slightly, but smiles happily.

    Dante: It's nice to meet you all.

    Jay: *gets up* I'll go get you a drink kid and then you can tell us about yourself.

    Dante: *smiles and nods* Just a coke please.

    Jay smiles and nods before leaving, the rest start talking to the young newcomer and the camera slowly fades out on the group.

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    Post  Kane on Tue Sep 18, 2012 3:45 am

    Kane is pacing in his locker room, his eyes on his belt as he does so. His stride is purposeful and there's no wasted movement.

    Kane: Wade Barrett. You've changed from the cocky leader of two failed factions. I don't know really where to categorize you any more. However I do know that you need to be taken out and with a vengence.

    Kane stops and the camera zooms in on his hand, a small flickering of fire dancing against the black leather palm

    Kane: It's been a long time Wade since I've called upon the powers that lay hidden in my soul. Most people see me and that's enough to deter them. You are different, I can see it in your eyes as you stand in the ring across from your opponets.

    Kane closes his fist and the flame is gone, only a whisp of smoke is in it's wake to speak of it even existing. Kane starts pacing again

    Kane: Only a fool would turn their back on you Wade, after all your two most loyal dogs, Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel are here with you, and I'm sure at your beck and call if you needed the. And I'm no fool Wade Barrett, if I cut the head from the serpent the body dies. And you are more venemous than any reptile I've come across in my years in the ring.

    Once again Kane stops pacing and the camer zooms out to reveal a WWE stock cut out of Wade in one of his promotional shots. Suddenly from across the room two large fireballs come shooting and the cut out is engulfed in blue-orange flames. The camera pans back to Kane who is studying the damage he'd done with a grim smile.

    Kane: It's been a while, yet my aim is just as deadly and my hate just as strong.

    The camera zooms in again on the smoldering and curling cut out as Kane laughs, the picture going dark as the cut out slumps over on itself and bursts into a larger flame.
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    Post  Drew McIntyre on Tue Sep 18, 2012 4:20 am

    scene opens in a bridal shop; Johnny is lounging on a chair with a glass of champagne in his hand and smile on his face. From one of the dressing rooms Drew steps out in a black tux with a pink shirt on underneath and his hair pulled back in a tight pony tail.

    Johnny: I like the shirt, but not the tux, try the second one I sent in with you.

    Drew: *he turns and admires himself in the mirror* This is the second one Johnny, the first one didn't fit my shoulders. Remember?

    Johnny: *he makes a small noise in the back of his throat as he gets up and moves around Drew, eyeing him critically* Well I guess it's ok, the waist needs to be tapered a bit, and the pants taken in. *he pursed his lips as he removed the elastic band in Drew's hair and ran hs fingers through the silk like locks* Better, you look better with your hair down.

    Drew: *he chuckled as he pulled Johnny to him and kissed him lightly* Where would I be with out you love?

    Johnny: Definitly somewhere where clothing doesn't matter. *he stole another kiss before moving back over to the chair* So you're facing Dia Banks this week. The Vixxen's champion.

    Drew: *he nods* I am, she's one tough woman. It would be quite the win for me.

    Johnny: *he tilts his head* If you win against her, are you granted a title defense againt her? I mean it would be weird to say I married the Vixxen's Champion but it's still gold around your waist.

    Drew: *he shakes his head* I might be able to fight the women but as far as I know I can not wrestle for their belt, which is fine, I get enough flack in the lockerroom that I don't need them to tease me about being a woman's champ anyway.

    Johnny: *he snorted as he picked up the wedding book he'd been reading and flipped a few pages. Well then I guess it's ok if you go and whup up on her, specially if she's a tough you said that would be quite the feather in your cap. However just don't lose, it's even worse knowing that you lost to a girl than the fact that you lost at all.

    The camera fades out on Drew's face looking worried as Johnny chatters on in the background, a hand going to his hair and pulling slightly.

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    Post  Admin on Tue Sep 18, 2012 2:33 pm

    Footage plays of Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley winning the TNA Tag Team Championships and then losing them to Beer Money and then of Alex winning and losing the X-Division Championship. As the footage of Alex Shelley matches continues, we pan out from it to see that it's playing on the screen of a medium sized television set. The television set is in a living room that, though small, is very nicely furnished. There's a small red couch that has gold throw pillows decorated with silver Celtic Crosses sitting against the back wall which, like the other walls of the room, is pained a forest green color with a black border at the top. In front of it sits a nice oak coffee table that is stacked with both WWE and People magazines, an issue of People open on the best dressed section. The carpet matches nicely with the wall and curtains on the window: a green so dark that it's almost black. We hear someone humming Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" and soon the culprit enters the room: Nolee Lacroix. She's carrying a hamper full of clean clothes that need to be folded while dressed as if she just got out of bed: an over sized Brogue Kick Hooligans shirt that clearly belongs to her husband and a pair of blue sleep pants. Her hair has yet to be combed and she grins as she looks from the camera to the television screen and back again.

    Nolee: Ya didn't pause it Laurie?

    Laurie: Aw c'mon you know how it goes! He wins the title then finds a much meaner opponent who he loses the title to.

    Nolee: That's true, that's very true. I mean, when he tag teamed with his Chrissy Pooh as the Motor City Machine Guns they lost to Beer Money Inc which was a much meaner, and better looking, team. Alex and Jay, similarly, lost to Carter and Kane who were much meaner. Both times, I do believe, it was Alex's fault. Now, he's a great superstar. He's not just a high flyer, he can be a technician and keep up with the best of the brawlers. The one single reason he keeps losing is because mentally, he's weak. It has nothing to do with his in ring ability because a competitor is made up of more than a set of fighting skills. Everyone here seems to forget that.

    Laurie: What else makes up a good fighter Nols?

    Nolee: Heart, for starters. Sure, you could be as fierce a fighter as Lucas Turner or as fast as Vitani but if you don't have the heart to win, you won't. Alex has, well the both of us have, less than stellar win-loss records. Problem with Alex, though, is that he seems content with how his career is going. Me on the other hand? I know so far I ain't proved that I'm the Vixxen I say I am. But I keep my heart in my work which shows I love this. Alex, he's got heart but he doesn't follow it. If you truly follow your heart that nothing will stop you. Alex almost let a man stand in the way of his career.

    Nolee sits on the couch, putting the clothes basket on the floor as she starts to fold the clothes.

    Laurie: You mean what Austin did? Nols, that's kinda different.

    Nolee: Is someone truly has heart, nothin and I mean nothing should be able to stop you. I was stalked on two different occasions and never let it get to me. Everyone acts like I planned on Lucas and Jack falling in love with me. I know I'm responsible for the hell on Earth that is Lucas Turner. I'm not proud of that. I'm not proud that my relationship was almost derailed by Lucas AND Jack. I did fall in love with Drew, but I'm over that now. I'm wiser and I will never let a man fall in the way of me and my husband ever again. Back on the topic of heart though, I was even told by people I looked up to that I would never amount to much in this business. The moment that Austin hit Alex, Alex should have left. If Shea were to ever hit me, no matter how much I love him, I'd dump him and move on. Chris should have been a good friend and done everything in his power to keep Alex away from Austin. Tell me, whose at fault there huh?

    Laurie: You're saying that-

    Nolee: Chris should have been a better friend? Absolutely. Instead he was just worried about himself and Velvet Sky.

    Laurie: Ugh, I hate her. She's such a fake.

    Nolee: She was okay with The Beautiful People but just like Alex, she's greater in tag teams then she's ever going to be by herself. Anyways, besides heart you have a lot of other factors that play into this.

    Laurie: Like?

    Nolee: Determination, strategy, hard work. Now, Alex has always been a very determined person and he's always put in hard work. But strategy? Let last week when he tried to shake hands with the new and more vicious, or so he says, Wade Barrett prove as the example of how his strategy work. Shaking hands with Barrett? Really? That's be like walking into a match with Lucas Turner and giving him the first punch. Alex needs to realize that out in that ring, no one is his friend. We all want to prove our mettle, to be in the running for the championship we want. In this match, I'm gonna try to send a message to Punk. Alex, you'd be better off just laying in the ring and letting me pin you.

    Laurie: Rawr Nols, you are in bitch mode and I love it!

    Nolee: *chuckles* You and the haters call it bitch mode, I call it being honest. After I fold these clothes wanna tour the rest of the flat? It's not much but it's pretty nice.

    Laurie: Sure!

    The two contintue to talk but the camera drifts to the television where it fades out on an image of Alex laying on the mat after a hard loss.
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    Post  CM Punk on Thu Sep 20, 2012 9:36 am

    A scene from the last Monday Night Carnage is shown where Lucas interrupted the match between Kane and the CWA champion, CM Punk.
    Lucas looks furious and he gets in the ring, not caring that Kane is standing right there. Lucas has a steel pipe in one hand and goes to attack Punk, landing the pipe across his stomach as the ref calls for the disqualification.

    Lucas makes his way up the ramp as he grabs a microphone from ringside.

    Lucas: You thought this was over Punk? You thought I was just gonna let your ‘win’ at Annual Affliction go? Not by a long shot. That title? It belongs to me! But really, *he looks at the pipe he’s holding in his hand* How’s this for a pipe bomb?

    The camera fades out on the sick smirk that plays across Lucas’ lips.
    As the scene fades out, the camera zooms out to show the scene was being re-watched on a TV, CM Punk laughing and shaking his head at the events. The camera switches to focus on Punk after he switches off the TV.

    Punk: *takes a breath to stop himself laughing* As much as that ‘pipe bomb’ did hurt, I have to admit, watching over it again, it is actually quite amusing. While it’s not actually a pipe bomb, it is an interesting take on it…and in some ways more effective than my version. *he laughs again* And your title? We were counted out, that doesn’t make it yours in any way Lucas, it means it’s still mine. I made a stupid mistake, that you got caught up in while trying to fight me and we both got counted out; we both lost. Why you think it belongs to you, I don’t know; you didn’t win. I suppose you just think it belongs to you simply because you were in that title match and because you want it. *he chuckles* Well guess what Lucas? You aren’t the only one who wants the CWA championship and I definitely don’t plan on letting go of it anytime soon. See it’s always bugged me that the longest reigning champion here is someone who can’t even hold onto the tag titles for more than one pay-per-view. It may not necessarily be Angel’s fault, but the point is compared to her Vixxens’ title reign, her tag ones are kind of pathetic and I plan on beating her record.

    He gets up, slowly walking over to a poster from where he’d previously worked. He’s one of the main people featured on the poster, alongside John Cena.

    Punk: You know Lucas, you really should be careful; relying on only that punch of yours to win a match every time will start making you predictable, which we just can’t have. I wouldn’t want one of the few men I genuinely respect in this business to end up like Cena… *he shudders at the name* Only thing is, they’d be expecting you to win with just one instead of five infamous ‘moves of doom’ Cena is known for. You should probably work on fixing that issue… *he looks away, speaking quietly* …though I know either way that if I give you even the slightest opportunity, you’ll be able to beat me regardless of how many moves you use.

    He grins as he looks back at the camera, a mischievous look in his eyes.

    Punk: But that’s where being me comes in handy, it helps to have quick reactions and to be able to think quickly, to be cunning. Problem is, you can be deceptively fast at times and you’re cunning in your own way. You’re also a bit of a psycho though, to be honest, which is a little creepy; like Kane is sometimes. But then I bet there’s people out there who think I’m psycho so it doesn’t really make much of a difference anyway, besides the fact that I didn’t accidentally punch a guy too hard. If I didn’t already have a team I was part of and you weren’t after my title, maybe we’d actually work well together as a team, but who knows. Seeing as we aren’t a team and you want what I don’t plan on letting go of, I’ll enjoy beating you and proving that you wouldn’t have won that title match even if I hadn’t screwed up…

    He trails off when he hears a knock at the door and goes to answer it.

    Punk: *mutters to himself* Probably Colt or some random asshole…

    He opens the door and freezes, staring when he sees Vera standing there, her blonde hair in a loose bun. She’s wearing a short orange sundress and heels and takes a few seconds to look over Punk’s t-shirt and torn jeans, raising an eyebrow.

    Punk: *suddenly nervous* Uh…what are you doing here?

    Vera: *raises an eyebrow* You’ve been looking for me haven’t you?

    Punk: Well…yeah but-

    Vera: Well, here I am…I guess we should probably talk yeah, about what happened and everything?

    Punk: *slowly nods* Yeah…probably. *he nervously runs a hand through his dark hair* Uh…you wanna come in and sit down?

    Vera: *smiles and nods* Sure.

    She follows him to sit down on the couch, the two sitting at opposite ends, awkwardness between them.

    Punk: Um…how’d you know where I live by the way, or am I better off not asking?

    Vera: *shrugs* I asked a friend of yours.

    Punk: Let me guess…Colt?

    Vera: *chuckles* I’ll leave it for them to say… So um, about the other week…?

    Punk slowly nods and the other two start talking, the camera crew getting the hint after a look Punk gives them and the camera shuts off.

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    Post  Admin on Fri Sep 21, 2012 11:51 am

    Before the camera comes up all the way, we hear the tinkling of piano keys in the tune of a familiar Eagle's song. The words are more country sounding than the original, however, the original can be heard in the background.

    Desperado why don't you come to your senses
    You been out ridin' fences for so long now
    Oh you're a hard one
    I know that you got you're reasons
    These things that are pleasin' you
    Can hurt you somehow

    When the camera opens up fully we are inside of what was formerly Jerry Lawler's office. The only sign of what once was is a picture on the desk of Jerry, Carter, and Nolee when the last two mentioned were younger. The rest of the room has been remodeled. The walls are now a beige color and lined with photos of Carter with various family and friends as well as posters of various country stars. There are two bookcases on either side of the room filled with various wrestlers biographies and traditional classics such as All Quiet On The Western Front. A stereo plays the Eagles song we are hearing as we note Carter Lacroix sitting at his desk. His black cowboy hat is covering his eyes and he's dressed a tad more classy than usual. His shirt is a red polo instead of his usual plaids and he wears a pair of black slacks instead of jeans. He's doing paperwork but there is a wistful air to the room. He continues to sing, not noticing the camera in the room.

    Don't ya draw the queen of diamonds boy
    She'll beat you if she's able
    You know the queen of hearts is always your best bet
    Now it seems to me some fine things
    Have been laid upon your table
    But you only want the ones that you can't get

    We hear someone clear their throat and Carter looks up. he hasn't been crying but there is a wistful look on his face. He stands as the person who cleared their throat comes into the frame and we see WWE Superstar Mike "The Miz" Mizanin. He's dress as impeccably, as he always is, in a gray suit with a bright green tie. The two men embrace for a quick hug before Carter pulls back.

    Carter: Hey man, glad to see you could make it. How's the new job?

    Miz: Working on your website? It's pretty chill. I plan to have a new article every week for the people to read. It's just a matter if I actually have time with my other job. The first article is about superstar style.

    Carter: Should be a good read. You gonna grade us on style or what?

    Miz: Yeah and explain how your style fits into who you are as a person. Fun all in all. So how are you enjoying your new job?

    Carter: It's...uh...different. Don't have as much time to music or myself, don't get as much sleep. I can definitely say I respect dad a bit more now. Still, it gave him no right to do some of the things he did.

    Miz: Have the two of you talked since you took his job?

    Carter: He called me last night and we talked. It was nice and I think we are going to keep on being father and son, even if we are a bit strained.

    Miz: *beams* Good. So you got anything to drink in here?

    Carter reaches under his desk and into a mini fridge to grab a Mt. Drew for Mike and hands it to him. Mike pops it open and takes a drink, letting out a refreshed sigh.

    Miz: So who ya got this week? You're still doing the wrestling thing right?

    Carter: Yeah I still do the wrestling thing. I got my brother-in-law this week.

    Miz: *almost chokes on the drink of Mt. Dew he just took* Brother-in-law?! Nols got hitched?

    Carter: *chuckles* Yep. Don't you ever talk to Dolph no more?

    Miz: Here and there sometimes. Who'd she marry?

    Carter: *chuckles* Farrelly.

    Miz: *wide eyed* Sheamus! He's so much older than her!

    Carter: That's what I first thought but honestly they are good together. Shea's older than her, has more worldly experience. Sis may think she knows a lot but she's still sort of naive. They off set each other, age wise and personality wise. The personaly I still don't get. How did a social butterfly like my sister land a guy like Shea who doesn't really go out and party with others?

    Miz: Opposites attract!

    Carter: Explain you and Maryse then?

    Miz: *playfully flips Carter off* You worried about fighting him?

    Carter: I'm looking forward to it. Think of it this way, the new and evolved Carter Lacroix and the old Sheamus are gonna go one on one. Sheamus and I respect each other, hell, we drink together sometimes. Course I'm drinking something non-alcoholic these days. We ain't friends in that ring though. In that ring, we're two opponents who both want to get the win. He's got his brawling style, sure. His punches hurt, his kicks are fierce. yet I don't let it phase me. I don't show weakness. There's a song by Tim McGraw-

    Miz: *rolls his eyes* Here we go with the country comparisons...

    Carter: Aw shush! Anyways, there's a Tim McGraw song called "How Bad Do You Want It". Basically, it talks about wanting it all and what you have to do to get it. I live by the motto of hard work. Ninety percent of us superstars do. That's what it's gonna take to beat Sheamus, putting in more hard work than he does. I don't think I've ever seen the man tap out so the Cowboy Clutch is out of the question. Sure, I can always try but Imma take him down with things I know will take him down. That's by hitting him as hard as he can hit me.

    Miz: *snorts* And he's family! Imagine how you treat your enemies!

    Carter: Worse, I can guarantee their treated worse. I hope Sheamus realizes that to. It'd make family dinners with sis very awkward if she thought I hated her husband.

    Miz: *chuckles* I can see that being awkward if Nols is still the same old Nols. Hey, a few of us are going out for drinks tonight. You wanna join us or what?

    Carter: I have to review songs for the Hell To Pay pay-per-view in October theme tonight and review Cody's opinion on matches for next week. Catcha next time?

    Miz: Yeah, just don't work yourself to death man. I'd hate to see you become a bitter old man.

    Carter: *smiles* I won't man, I won't.

    Miz hugs Carter again and leaves the room as the song in the background, as well as the camera, start to fade.

    Desperado, why don't you come to your senses?
    Come down from your fences, open the gate
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    Post  Admin on Fri Sep 21, 2012 10:23 pm

    The sound of a man and woman yelling at each other is heard while the camera is fading in. We hear a door slam and the camera finally comes up on a familiar study.There is a dark and sad tone to the room and as we look around, we can see that the desk has been overturned and the room itself is in disarray. Sitting by the fireplace, we see Wade Barrett. He looks calmly, almost eerily so, as the fire in the fireplace flicks light over his face. He sits with his back against his chair, shirtless and just in a pair of ripped up blue jeans. There seems to be traces that he's been crying, indicating that the turned over desk and the disarray of the room is his fault.

    Wade: Betrayl. Yet again in my life, I've been betrayed by someone that I love dearly. This time, however, it seems to sting much more than any other time in my life. I trusted her and she went off with that lumbering oaf. *laughs bitterly* Not only did she go off with him, she'd been seeing him for months behind my back.

    He runs the back of his hand to wipe the tears from his face. Though he's crying, Wade does not look any less fierce than normal.

    Wade: By now I hope you realize I mean Belle. I found out...just a few moments ago actually...that she's been sleeping around behind my back with Matt Morgan. Matt fuckin' Morgan of all people. Was I not good enough for her? *snorts* Of course I wasn't. I'm a man who has no compassion, I never have and I never will have. She needed a man who could be more tender with her. I don't understand why she stayed with me for this long. I'm not tender. Never have been a tender man.

    He stares into the fire, a harsh look crossing his face.

    Wade: I've heard I'm facing Kane this week. Good. I need someone I can go toe for toe with in that ring and if I was facing someone smaller or a woman I'd break them. Your bigger Kane. I can hit you with a punch that will break your jaw or crush your wrist in the palm of my hand. Destruction is my main goal as well. I have lost everything. It started with my title last year at Hell to Pay. Then it went to my tag team partner a few days ago, Christian possibly having stole him as well. Now it's my fiance. I've lost everything I've ever cared about and a man whose lost everything has nothing left to lose and everything to gain. I'm going to get a thrill out of destroying you Kane. As I break every bone in your body, I'm going to take delight in it. Let the best monster win.

    The camera fades in on Wade's rage filled and ragged face. He smirks, darker and deeper than he ever has.

    Wade: And that monsters me.

    The camera fades out on that bone chilling look.

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    Post  Vitani on Sun Sep 23, 2012 9:37 pm

    The camera fades in on Vitani, who is seen sitting cross-legged on a bed in a hotel room, the bed covers white with yellow accents and the walls a sandy color, along with a lot of the other furniture and the carpet. She’s wearing a plum colored tank top with black shorts which are obviously her pyjamas, her wavy hair held back by a simple headband. Vitani appears lost in thought as she stares down at the screen of her phone, looking as if she’s reading and re-reading something on it before she notices the camera. Sighing, Vitani puts down the phone and sits with her hands in her lap as she looks up, her voice soft when she speaks.

    Vitani: You know, I never thought I’d get as far as I have in the CWA… When I first came here and saw all the other Vixxens, I thought I’d never get any further than being more or less a jobber to the rest of them and only occasionally win matches, mostly by luck. They all looked so much stronger or more determined to get somewhere within the company, even Nolee’s arrogance intimidated me a little, she seemed so sure of herself and what she wanted, whereas I just came along wanting to have fun and telling the others they should respect the jobbers, I thought after seeing how other companies deal with people, that I’d remain at the bottom and be unimportant. *she chuckles* Since then though, I’ve been both a tag team champion with my good friend Angel and I’ve been the Vixxens’ champion, even if it wasn’t for very long there are still some who haven’t had that opportunity like I have.

    She glances down at her phone, a small smile on her face, though she sighs quietly.

    Vitani: I actually almost gave up at one point, I didn’t think I fit in here at all, but I had help getting through those tough times, thanks to my family…and someone else close to me. That person was always there when I needed them, always knew the right thing to say when I was down or just needed some encouragement, they’d been through what I was dealing with themselves before so they were able to sympathize with me, which was a big help. What helped get me where I am today even more than any of that, was love. Not just from my family or my friends like Aislin, Kara and Vera, but from the person who helped me so much over this passed year in the CWA. I may not have always agreed with what he said and I probably should have been more understanding when he was dealing with his… family issues, but putting all the bad stuff aside, he was still the one thing that was more important to me than my family, which was and always will be more important than a title belt to me. *she smiles sadly* I’ve missed having Cody around, with his comic books and his constant references to things most people wouldn’t understand, his fun-loving, almost childlike behaviour out of work and… despite the trouble he helped cause, I miss getting to hang out with him and his father; not many people get along with theirs as well as people like him and Ted do and like I said, family will always be important to me.

    She reaches a hand up, brushing a stray bit of hair off her face before continuing.

    Vitani: Family’s something that’s also important to my opponent this week, the Five Nations Champion, Mariana Thomas. While she puts a lot of heart into her wrestling, it still doesn’t compare to the love her and Jensen share, not just for each other, but also for their family. I look up to both her and Dia, both women who are able to balance both their family lives and their wrestling careers without either seeming to suffer because of the other. Both have been through a lot in the past, yet they still managed to get what they’ve been after. *she frowns slightly* The problem I have with this match though is that so far Mariana is undefeated and I honestly doubt that I’ll be the one to change that. She seems so much more confident, so much stronger than I am. The only thing I really have going for me is my speed, but with a well timed hit, even that can be taken away from me… The only chance I really have in this match is a well thought out strategy, but even that can fail, so the best I can do in this match is go out there, have fun and make sure that if I’m going to lose, at least I go down after a long, hard match and at least make it as close as possible.

    Smiling again, Vitani sits playing with a strand of her hair, twirling it around one finger.

    Vitani: I do hope though that Mariana can hold onto that title for a while, to help prove to the males in the business…and to other companies who don’t treat their women right, that women can compete with the men and defend titles not only as long as them, but from them too. If anyone can prove to those who doubt women that we can be just as strong and fearless as they are, it’ll be one of us Vixxens and who better to do it right now than someone who’s undefeated? I just wish it could have been me, but all the other Vixxens have the potential to do it, probably more than I do, so at the moment I don’t entirely mind that it isn’t me.

    She stops and looks at her phone when it goes off, slowly picking it up to read the message on it. After sending a quick reply, Vitani gets up off the bed, going over to her suitcase that’s sitting on a chair in the room and she starts looking through it, picking out clothes, the camera getting a side view of her.

    Vitani: So anyway, I look forward to the match, even though I seriously doubt my ability to win it; but someone recently pointed out anyway that it isn’t all about wins and losses, it’s about how much you love doing what you do. In that way of looking at things, I’m almost always guaranteed to win.

    She grins at the camera before making a ‘shoo’ motion with a hand.

    Vitani: Now if you don’t mind, I’d like to get changed so I can go see…a good friend of mine.

    Looking back down at her suitcase, Vitani is blushing slightly as she continues looking for an outfit, the camera fading out.

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    Post  Guest on Sun Sep 23, 2012 11:53 pm

    The camera fades in as a telephone rings. Jensen is seen running across the screen and then picking up the phone on the living room coffee table. Mariana followed a little slower, fastening a necklace around her neck, her heels clicking across the hardwood floor.

    Jensen: "Yes, sir. I understand." He hung up the phone and sighed.

    Mariana: "What is it?" She asked him, slipping an earring into her ear. She knew he'd been waiting on a call to see if he'd been hired by the NYPD, but she was hoping that this hadn't been it. His attitude was not good.

    Jensen: "I'm afraid I have some bad news." He told her, turning to face her, his eyes downcast.

    Mariana: "Oh no." She said quietly, looking sad.

    Jensen: "I got the job." He looked up at her without raising his head, a mischievous smile spreading across his face.

    Mariana: "Ah!" She cried happily, running over to him, jumping up, wrapping her legs around his waist, taking his face in her hands and kissing him. After a long moment she pulled away and slapped him in the chest. "Don't you ever do that again!"

    Jensen: "Yes ma'am!" He said, kissing her quickly before lowering her to the floor and giving her a small salute. She smiled at him despite her best efforts to be frustrated with him. "You're catching your plane today, aren't you." He added, his smile faltering.

    Mariana: "I fly out in three hours, why?" She told him, checking her watch and then replacing her hands on his arms, which were on her waist.

    Jensen: "You'll miss my first day. I start tomorrow. And you know what else?"

    Mariana: "What?" She asked, knowing that no matter how much she wanted to push her flight back a day she didn't have the time.

    Jensen: "No congratulatory sex!" He pretended to look devastated, though she could see in his eyes that he truly was sad she wouldn't be there for his first day at his dream job.

    Mariana: "Men!" She replied, shaking her head and smiling a small smile. "In all seriousness, Doll, I wish I could put off my flight until tomorrow but I'm already cutting it close. I know how much this means to you and I am so sorry." She felt terrible about it. She had been the one who had encouraged him to go after his dream again. "However, I do have three hours before my flight." She added, wrapping her arms around him.

    Jensen: "No you don't. You have two and a half a most. You have to get to the airport." He was having trouble saying no to her, especially when she was already so close and he could smell her body wash on her skin and her shampoo in her hair.

    Mariana: "It's Hunters jet. It won't leave without me if I'm a little late." She arched a playful eyebrow at him.

    Jensen: "Then what the hell are we waiting for?" He asked, picking her up and letting her wrap her legs around him again before carrying her off.
    9/10/12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area Screen10

    The camera faded in again on the floor of Mariana and Jensen's bedroom where clothes were scattered. It panned up to take in the disheveled bedding and Mariana and Jensen lying together under the sheets.

    Jensen kissed Mariana's forehead and brushed her hair out of her face. He looked down at her with love as she opened her eyes.

    Mariana: "Shit! What time is it!?!" She asked, shooting up in the bed, the sheets falling down below her bra.

    Jensen: "Damn! You need to go, like yesterday!" He said, throwing back the covers and sifting through the clothes on the floor. "Here." He added, throwing her the shirt she'd been wearing. "Who do you fight?"

    Mariana: "Vitani. It should be a good match." She said as she pulled on her shirt and grabbed her pants from the floor. "She's good. I'm afraid I'll be jet lagged and not at my best for the match." She hopped on one foot as she put one leg into her pants. "Needless to say, it should be entertaining." She pushed her hair out of her face and behind her ear.

    Jensen: "Don't worry about that. You'll do great. You always do." He buckled the belt on his jeans and picked up one of her heels, looking at it, and then the room, curiously. "Where the hell is your other shoe?"

    Mariana: "Over here, by the bathroom door." She said, smiling at the look on his face as he handed it to her. "Thanks, Love. I need you to do something for me." She added as she slipped the shoe on.

    Jensen: "Anything." He replied, holding her other shoe for her while she slid her foot in.

    Mariana: "Call me when you leave for work. I don't care what time it is in Cairo. I want to wish you luck." She ran her fingers through his hair as he stood up.

    Jensen: "Only if you promise to call me and Lillie-Jane before your match. Or after if you like that better. I know you'll win so you don't need our encouragement. Vitani is a great athlete and a fantastic wrestler, but I have to believe in what I know." He paused to hand her the blazer she was planning on wearing. "And I know my wife-to-be is just as good, if not better. You will be amazing." He finished as they headed out of there room and turned into their daughters.

    Mariana: "Goodbye, Lillie-Jane Elizabeth Winchester. Be good baby." She whispered, giving the sleeping child a kiss.

    Lillie-Jane: "Mommy..." The child mumbled the word sleepily, reaching out and touching her mother's face before rolling over and falling back asleep.

    Jensen and Mariana left the room and descended the stairs heading for the front door where Mariana had a bag waiting. Jensen stopped her at the door.

    Jensen: "Get some sleep on the plane, okay. It's not exactly like we were really sleeping up there." He looked into her eyes and smiled.

    Mariana: "I'll do that. Thanks for the advice." She smiled back at him only her smile was playful. She picked up her bag and opened the door and stepped out. She turned back to face him, her hand on the knob. "You know that saying: 'A happy wife equals a happy life'?"

    Jensen: "Yes." He said it hesitantly, wondering just what she was getting at.

    Mariana: "Well, a happy Vixxen equals a good ass kickin'." She smiled at him, and laughed lightly.

    Jensen: "And are you happy?" He is smiling and trying not to laugh as he asks.

    Mariana: "Very."

    Mariana leaned in and gave him a deep kiss before winking at him and leaving, closing the door behind her. Then the camera fades out on Jensen watching her get into her car, a smile on his face.

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    Justin Gabriel
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    Post  Justin Gabriel on Mon Sep 24, 2012 12:54 am

    The camera fades in on a long shot of Justin Gabriel, wearing a tank top and shorts with dark sunglasses covering his eyes, standing on a hill; looking out at the Pyramids that are in the background. Despite the scene before him, Justin is seen frowning when the camera zoom in on him. He turns around to face the camera properly, running a hand through his dark hair.

    Justin: Out here in Cairo, I’m so close, yet also very far from home. From here, Cape Town’s on the complete opposite end of Africa. Cairo’s close to being at the very tip of the North-Eastern end of Africa, while Cape Town is in the South-West, more or less on the very end of South Africa, already sitting on the coastline and it takes about a hundred and sixteen days for a tour group to travel from one city to the other. Cairo has its city, much like those in any other country, but it also has this… *he gestures at the Pyramids in the background* Which is something Cape Town definitely doesn’t have, being so far away from Egypt. Sure both places have sand, but this sand is desert instead of the beaches we have back in Cape Town. Though we don’t have ancient Pyramids, South Africa still has some of the oldest archaeological and human fossil sites in the world, while Cape Town is actually the current most popular tourist destination in Africa, instead of somewhere like Cairo. Cape Town’s also one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world…

    He trails off as he glances back at the Pyramids before looking back at the camera.

    Justin: As nice as it is to visit a place like this, I still miss…and prefer my home in South Africa, it’s so much nicer and obviously, it has my family there, besides Heath of course; who unfortunately wasn’t even able to come here with me because he’s busy working elsewhere. *he frowns* And the person I’m fighting this week is someone I might end up thrown into a tag team with…despite already being in a team with Wade. While working with Christian may eventually help give me a better shot at a title that’s not for a tag team, there are still both good and bad sides to a new team.

    The camera follows as Justin walks to a more shaded area, where he takes off his sunglasses before continuing.

    Justin: As I said, working with someone else might help me get noticed more for something besides working with Wade and Heath, though I enjoy working with them obviously, considering they’re my best friends and Heath is well, more than that. *he grins* It would help broaden my skills as well by working with someone who has a very different style to Wade’s and I guess it might help if I um…take a break from Wade, but at the moment that would be selfish, he needs his friends at the moment. Even if I did end up put in a team with Christian though, I wouldn’t just abandon my friends outside of the ring, I wouldn’t want anything to change between us just because I was made to team up with someone else…someone who was Wade’s rival here for quite a while before Punk came along… *he frowns* I probably even helped Wade beat Christian at some point during that feud, but there have been so many other things going on that I can’t remember.

    He shrugs and looks around before sitting.

    Justin: Point is though that a lot of the things I’ve been through in the CWA have involved both Wade and Christian…I even debuted here by stopping Wade from attacking Christian after he lost his title to him… and now I’m about to go up against Christian and possibly end up teaming with him, which if I do, this match should help me get used to his style. I know I should be excited about this, part of me is, but part of me would prefer to stick with the team I’m familiar with, the team that has my best friends. Thinking about it now, Christian already has Edge as his manager, so Heath wouldn’t actually be needed.

    He sighs, running a hand through his hair again after stretching.

    Justin: At least this match gives me a chance to prove I can compete with some of the best in the business, hopefully even beat them. I’ve been watching Christian’s matches for years, but I’ve never really had much first hand experience with him in the ring, so this will be a challenge. I’m hoping though that I can win, it would be nice to have a victory against someone as good as he is. Christian has some high flying skills, but not as many as he used to and not as many as I have, which is helpful for me. I’m fast; I have plenty of energy and have a fairly decent endurance to most moves, though Christian’s finisher isn’t something I particularly want to experience during this match, although if I’m quick enough, I may be able to reverse it into a move of my own. *he smiles, looking hopeful* If I can stop him using that move, I may actually have a good chance of winning this match against Christian; it’ll be a shame though to not have Heath here if I do, but either way I’ll be glad if I manage to win.

    He glances at the watch he’s wearing before looking back up at the camera.

    Justin: Hey, if you’re done filming after this, why don’t you come see the Pyramids with me? I could always use someone to talk to while I’m there, beats being there alone. *he chuckles before jokingly adding* It’s no Cape Town, but I’m sure the Pyramids will be interesting to see, even if the aren’t exactly known for their beauty like home is…

    He smirks before gesturing for the camera person to follow as he turns and heads towards the Pyramids in the background, the camera slowly fading out.

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    Post  Christian on Mon Sep 24, 2012 3:46 am

    The camera fades in on Christian sitting by himself in his living room; the room is bare besides a couch and a few other pieces. Christian is going through an old looking box; he looks deep in thought and a few minutes later he finally notices the camera as he shuts the box.

    Christian: Oh hey... I suppose your here to get my promo for the week? *pauses and tilts his head* Are you new to the camera crew?

    Tucker: I'm Tucker Daniel's; I am substituting for one of the cameramen this week. *smiles* I normally work for the CWA Insider.

    Christian: *smiles* Well it is nice to meet you Tucker, so what type of questions are you going to ask me this week?

    Tucker: Well I guess one would have to be about the poll for your new tag team partner, what do you think of it and why did Edge set it up?

    Christian: Well I think it will at least be interesting and maybe it will turn out to be a really good thing for me and whoever becomes my partner, I can only hope for the best though. And I'm still not sure I really understand what was going through my best friend's head when he set this up, but Adam must have thought that this would be a good thing for me or else he wouldn't have done it. *gives a trusting smile*

    Tucker: And what do you think of the three people that are the choices for the fans to pick from?

    Christian: *reaches for a roll of tape by the box* All three are very interesting choices; Nolee is the sister of my boyfriend and a good Vixxen. Drew is a good wrestler and good in tag teams. And Justin a great high-flier and good person, all three I don't think I would mind working with in a tag team.

    Tucker: What do you think of facing Justin in your match this week? Do you think it would be a bad thing or a good thing and would it make things more interesting?

    Christian: Well I think Justin and I will put on a great match together and hopefully steal the show. Justin is amazing in the ring and I don't think it would be hard at all for the two of us to work well together. It might even help us to learn each other's moves better and help us put them together into a great combo, so I guess I think that it will be a good thing. *smiles before taping the box shut*

    Tucker: What do you think about Alex leaving your tag team for a while to train the new kid Dante Westmore?

    Christian: *puts the tape down with a slight sigh* Well I am a little sad, but I understand and I'm happy for the kid to get the chance to have someone as good as Alex teach him. *smiles again*

    Tucker: *smiles* The kid is lucky... So you have been packing up, you really are moving in with Carter?

    Christian: *nods with a happy smile* Yeah, Adam has been helping me pack a lot of my personal things this week and he went to go get us some dinner for later.

    Tucker: Are you going to sell this house when you move?

    Christian: No Carter and I talked it out and we decided I should keep it, maybe rent it out or use it as a place for weekend getaways for Carter and me.

    Tucker: That sounds great, I'm glad everything is working out for you and Carter...

    Tucker stops as the door behind him opens and Edge enters, holding three large pizza boxes.

    Christian: Well dinner is here, why don't you join us for dinner Tucker?

    Tucker: *smiles widely* I would love too.

    Christian pushes the box away from where he is sitting as Edge walks over before bring over paper plates as the camera is placed down and fades out as Tucker goes to sit with Christian and Edge.


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    Post  Sheamus on Mon Sep 24, 2012 4:29 am

    Sheamus is seen sitting at a table in a restaurant, eating lunch opposite his brother Keiran, who looks happier than he normally would, obviously having been sober for longer than usual. Both are dressed neatly, Sheamus in his usual style with a shirt and vest, Keiran wearing a long coat over a dress shirt, the two casually talking as they enjoy their meal.

    Keiran: So how’s the married life treatin’ yeh?

    Sheamus: Fantastic. *he grins* I just wish we got to actually be at home together more, but that’s what happens when you work in the wrestling business I guess.

    Keiran: I guess so. Who are yeh fighting this time?

    Sheamus: Our brother-in-law…

    Keiran: *confused* Wait, who?

    Sheamus: *sighs* My wife’s brother Keiran. Carter Lacroix.

    Keiran: Ooh, the cowboy fella. *he nods* Isn’t he also your boss now?

    Sheamus: Yeah he is, he’s a good man and he’ll do a good job runnin’ the company. Hopefully a lot better than other places run theirs. *he pauses to have a drink* At least I know I’ll have a good match against him, he’s tough. I’m not too worried about his submission move though, I’m not the kind of person who taps out to those things, too stubborn.

    Keiran: *laughs* As always. Wouldn’t hurt yeh to be a bit less stubborn about things, though I guess that’s one of the times where stubbornness is a good thing huh?

    Sheamus: *smiles and nods* It is. I know Carter’s had injury issues in the past, but I’m still not goin’ to take it easy on him, he’ll get treated like everyone else does in the ring. Well maybe not like everyone… there are some people I act more violently towards than others, like Lucas.

    Keiran: *smiles* Yeah I’ve seen that. So are yeh goin’ to beat Carter?

    Sheamus: *shrugs* I dunno, maybe? I might be able to, but yeh can’t under estimate Carter, that’s a mistake a lot of people could easily make, especially now that he’s the boss. People might assume that he won’t be as good in the ring because he’s too busy runnin’ the show, but I don’t think that’ll happen at all, if anything I think he’d be even more determined to win the matches he has now to prove that he’s still just as good as ever.

    Keiran: Yeh ain’t assumin’ he’ll win, are yeh?

    Sheamus: *shakes his head* Oh no, definitely not. I’d say we have just as good of a chance as the other would, though with my stubbornness towards tapping out, I may have a slightly better chance than he does, especially if I can hit him with my Brogue kick.

    Keiran: *smiles* Yeh aren’t just going to rely on that move to win though…?

    Sheamus: Uh…well I might be looking at a new move to use, seeing as I don’t use my Celtic cross move as much anymore, but I still haven’t decided on one though, so I don’t know. For this match I guess the Brogue kick probably is my best option, because I doubt I’ll decide on a move within the next couple of days.

    Keiran nods and the two eat quietly for a minute before Keiran speaks again.

    Keiran: …does this place have my usual wine?

    Sheamus: *raises an eyebrow* I thought you were trying to drink less?

    Keiran: I am. I haven’t had a drink for over a day. *he has a smug look on his face* I’ll only have a glass…

    Sheamus: *chuckles* Fair enough, I think they do. *he calls over a waiter and speaks to them briefly, ordering a drink for both Keiran and himself before turning back to his brother* So are yeh coming to see me and Nolee’s place while you’re down here?

    Keiran: *nods* I guess so. Who knows when you’ll be able to convince me to leave Ireland again…

    Sheamus: Good point. Shame Kaelin couldn’t come down too though, too busy working wasn’t she?

    Keiran: Yeah, somethin’ like that. Plus side is, being down here means having to deal with less angry parents.

    Sheamus: *nods* They aren’t as bad now at least.

    Keiran: True, true; but still a pain in the arse. I’m just glad they both have their own places now so they aren’t buggin’ me all the time.

    Sheamus: *frowns* Yeah I’m sure that would be annoying. I’d have invited them to my wedding, but they would have just fought the whole time.

    Keiran: *sighs* Probably… *he thanks the waiter who brings over their wine, holding up his glass to do a toast* To your successful marriage?

    Sheamus: *grins, picking up his own glass* To my successful marriage; which is not going to turn out like our parents’.

    The two raise their glasses to each other’s, drinking and continuing their conversation as the camera fades out.

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    Voice: Most of us were not violent by nature. We all had our problems with authority but none of us were sociopaths. We came to realize that when you move your life off the social grid, you give up the safety that society provides. On the fringe, blood and bullets are the rule of law and if you're a man with convictions, violence is inevitable.

    The camera opens up on a television playing Sons Of Anarchy, that being where the voice came from. The television is rather large and attached to the white wall in a room that looks very lived in. The floors are dark brown hardwood and a large pool table sits in the center of the room. It is here that we see Lucas Turner, dressed in tight jeans with a black Sons of Anarcy shirt. He's shooting pool and looks up as he sees the camera.

    Lucas: Good show, Sons Of Anarchy. Lots of quotes that I can look at and say are true. That quote, spoken by the character John Teller is one of them. I've lived away from civilization long enough to know there are no rules.

    He shoots a ball and smiles to himself.

    Lucas: The CWA is like a sect of motorcycle gangs. You have those who live by charitable goals and those who just live the lives of outlaws. Punk, you and I live like outlaws. We don't care what others think of us as long as we can have our way. I like that about you. I like your fierce nature, your competitiveness. It's something respectable about you. I can honestly say that you may be the only superstar I respect. It's a shame you won't just give me my title and call it a day.

    Lucas glances at the table before sitting down and holding the pool cue upright.

    Lucas: You compared me to Cena, Punk. Now, I dunno if you remember John real well but he was a pansy. He cared to much about the fans. I don't give a fuck what they say. I fight for me, not for anyone else. My left hook is so dangerous, I don't have to be scared to rely on only it. It's not predictable because I can land it at any time. Imagine coming down for that elbow and only being met by a punch to the temple. Ouch.

    He smiles and looks over at the television where two men shake hands before looking quite serious.

    Lucas: It's good to know you trust me and we could have been tag partners. But for now I'm your enemy and I'm coming for your title, just remember that.

    The doorbell rings and a smirk crosses Lucas' face.

    Lucas: That must be my date. Remember what was said Phil. You'll need all the luck you can get.

    Lucas crosses over to the door and opens it to reveal Beth Pheonix. The camera fades to black on the image of them hugging.

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