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    11/28/11 Monday Night Carnage Promos


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    11/28/11 Monday Night Carnage Promos Empty 11/28/11 Monday Night Carnage Promos

    Post  Casey on Mon Nov 28, 2011 10:59 pm

    Promos are due no later than Saturday at midnight!

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    Post  Guest on Tue Nov 29, 2011 4:55 pm

    *A camera watches as Amy and Belle walk down the hallway together. Belle looks annoyed and sips her water. Amy herself seems mindful of Belle's sour mood. Slowly sound starts to enter and Maria stops Belle with Amy*

    Maria: Hey Belle. Can I have a word?

    Belle:*glares* Yes?

    Maria: Well we saw that you have lost in the tag team title match. Do you think this is because you are a girl? *shrinks back*

    Belle:Excuse me? *faces her fully* It's girls like you that are weak. Me?I am not. Kids are looking up to you and yet you have the audacity to imply girls aren't as stong as boys? Well we are.

    Maria:Well you have been on quite a losing streak. Is there a specific reason?

    Belle:*growls softly before kicking her foot up and trapping Maria between her heel and the wall* Watch what you say you little maggot. You're not even good enough to carry my bags let alone stand next to me. Somehow though you stand here and talk about how I have been on a losing streak. How dare you. Between you and that Nolee girl this place is going to the dogs. *ignores Maria's struggles* I have yet to decide which is worse. Her for always getting involved or you for even asking such stupid questions.

    Amy:Belle! Get off of her! She can't breath!

    *Amy grabs Belle from behind and pulls her away. Gasping Maria walks away. Amy is looking at Belle shocked.*

    Belle:Don't look at me that way. Not one word I said wasn't true.

    Amy:That doesn't matter. You could have seriously hurt her.

    Belle:Like I care! I don't. Damn hooker asked stupid questions.

    Amy:Well for your sake I hope you don't do that to Justin. He doesn't deserve it. He has been nothing but nice to you,despite his feelings of Wade.

    Belle:*starts walking with Amy next to her* I have just been so angry lately. I swear to God it's because that Lacroix girl has everyone in her back pocket. She is trying to keep me from her title all because I can take it from her.Im so happy she lost to Angel. At least she isn't as bad as Nolee. Though I do look forward to facing her

    Amy:Anger can be good,it will help you be champion. But I just don't want you to use it all on Justin like he is the one at fault.

    Belle:I know he isn't. He is a nice guy but he knows I am upset. I can't promise what I will do in the ring. To me,he might cease to be and Nolee will take his place. Or actually,she may interupt again. Like she has any right.

    Amy:I never said she did. Im just worried.

    Belle:Well don't be. I have this. I mean sure I was a bit snappier at Wade and everyone but not my fault. *shrugs* It's normal.After weeks of being distracted Im ready to kick some ass. Just hope Justin doesn't take it too personally

    *Fades out with Amy giving her an anxious look. But you can tell she knows Belle won't hurt Justin too bad. Belle is playing with her necklace and looking unconcerned*

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    Post  Guest on Tue Nov 29, 2011 5:20 pm

    *Amy is seen sitting on a work out bench. She is rubbing her lower back,obviously showing the signs of her match at Devestation. She takes her hand from her back and glances up to the camera. Amy offers a sad/painful smile and motions them to come in*

    Cameraman:Amy,we were just wondering how you are feeling? You had a rough night with Sheamus then another one coming up with Kane.

    Amy:Not gonna lie,Im beat up. It's kinda like Cody said,us Vixxens here are being treated like punching bags. Then again I can't say I didn't expect it either.

    Cameraman:Speaking of Cody,any idea why he helped you against Sheamus?

    Amy:Same reason,he is sick of us being punching bags. Nice to see someone stand up for us. Don't let that fight between Nolee and Sheamus fool you either. She is just as sick as he is and is driving him mad.

    Cameraman:But now you face a whole new monster. Not at your best either. Any thoughts?

    Amy:Thoughts? Sure. Kane is a beast,he has proved that again and again. He has also showed he doesn't mind taking on a girl like he would any man. Got to respect that in some strange way. Im not so hurt though that I won't go out there tonight and give those fans everything they want. No,they paid to see us get our asses kicked and win when it seems impossible. Im no dreamer,I know the odds of me winning against a beast like Kane is little to none but that doesn't mean I won't try.

    Cameraman:Is there anything that you will really relie on tonight?

    Amy:*chuckles softly* Like Im going to say that here? I know he is possibly watching don't want to give him any more advantage than normal. He already has size and the fact that he didn't compete last night either. But I can't complain. I love my job and will do it hurt or well.

    Cameraman:Well we will leave you to getting ready. Thank you Amy. Good luck tonight. *starts to back out* One more thing,do you think Cody will help tonight or was that a one time thing? *can hear the smile* Or was it cause your so pretty?

    Amy:Well,I couldn't tell you what Cody is going to do. Im not a mind reader. He has his own reasons for what he does so I guess we will all wait and see. *smiles sadly and going back and massaging her back as the camera fades out*

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    Post  Vitani on Thu Dec 01, 2011 1:13 am

    Vitani is seen sitting on a blanket in a garden, quietly reading a book. She briefly glances up at the camera and raises an eyebrow, reading a little longer before putting the book down.

    Vitani: Well it’s nice to see you found my home here in Orlando…It would have been nice if you at least said you were coming though, instead of just walking back here. I guess seeing as you’re here though you may as well sit…

    The camera lowers down so that it’s level with Vitani instead of looking down on her.

    Vitani: I really don’t even know why you bothered coming here for a promo, considering you saw how hard it was for me last time I was put up against Angel. It’s going to be even harder this time, seeing as we’re now team mates, along with Cody… Seriously, how do you promo against someone who’s a friend and your team mate, especially when you refuse to insult people just for your own benefit?

    She sighs in frustration.

    Vitani: Anyway, for people like Lucas who think I’m merely doing this just because Cody suggested it and because we’re dating. You are wrong. I am indeed sick of how we are treated, especially after my match with Kane; I just chose not to show it. Cody was reacting badly enough without me showing just how much Kane’s idea of a match against a Vixxen annoyed me. I mean come on, the ‘monster’ takes one look at us Vixxens’ and then dismisses us as decent opponents and just wants to hurt us! How is that even fair?

    The camera moves and zooms out as Vitani gets up to start pacing.

    Vitani: So…I went from being against Lucas, being dismissed, along with Angel, as a decent opponent for Wade for that tag-team title match, I got attacked with a chair by Kane…thankfully Cody was there to help out…and now I have to go up against someone I’m both on a team and friends with! I don’t seem to have the greatest of luck with opponents, because besides these matches and my first with Angel, I’ve only been up against jobbers…

    She stops, running a hand through her asymmetrically cropped hair.

    Vitani: *mumbles* Sorry, I’m done ranting now… *after a pause* So…Angel…there isn’t really much to say because I refuse to change my ways. One thing I will say though is, congratulations…on both your title win and your engagement. Also, I wish you good luck with both the title reign and your relationship, you deserve it.

    She smiles as the camera fades out.
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    Post  Angel James on Thu Dec 01, 2011 7:48 am

    The camera fades in slowly on four people sitting inside a locker room. The camera zooms in closer and show it to be Angel, Petey, Chris and Alex. Alex is dressed in his ring gear while the other three are in their street clothes. They are all congratulating Alex, who has just wrestled and won his match for the night. Angel smiles as she looks down at her ring before saying.

    Angel: I still cannot believe it, I am going to marry my love of my life *picks up title from bag and looks at it* and the new Vixen's Champ.

    Petey: We all knew you would win baby.

    Alex: *smiles and takes drink of water* Our Angel is a champ.

    Chris: *smiles* And she is in a tournament for the big CWA title too.

    Angel: *sighs and makes a face* Yes, but once again they are making me and Vi fight, it is so hard to promo and fight against someone that is a friend and teammate. I think someone did not think about this, or they are trying to test the new team already. I would not of minded maybe fighting Lucas again, maybe releasing my *laughs softly* inner black widow on the jerk again. *mumbles softly in Italian*

    Petey: *growls* I would love to get my hands on that punk *suddenly chuckles* but you beat me to that Angel.

    Chris: *shakes his head* That guy has to be the worst jerk ever, almost makes me hate being a guy.

    Alex: A lot of men there seem to be jerks and not just to the women either.

    Angel: yeah it is true, but there are men like Christian and Carter that are respectful. Sadly there seem to be more people there like Lucas, Wade and Kane, they are all so full of themselves and think they can do whatever they want. Including threatening, stalking and hurting others, oh and having giant egos too. Thinking that we are nothing more than stepping stones for them, of course they are always shocked and surprised every time we "weaker ones" beat them.

    Chris: Is that why you joined with the Rhodes kid and agreed to be in his group?

    Angel: *nods* He sounded like he really wants to make things better for both the women and the smaller men. He is the only one that has wanted to even help, everyone else is too afraid to or does not want to or way to busy to help. Hopefully Vi, Cody and me can change the way they treat us and show them we are to be respected. Of course it is going to take a lot of hard work and time. But I believe we can and will do it.

    Alex: Don't you think this could turn into another Legion?

    Angel: No I do not think it will, Legion was there to help Wade be famous. Cody does not have to worry about that like Wade does and I can see that he just wants to help. Plus Cody has been in a group like Legion, where it was only about one person. I do not think he will turn into his former mentor like that.

    Petey: *nods* Well, we will trust your instinct on this for now. Now let's go get some food, I am staving.

    The rest of them nod and slowly get up. Alex leaves the room to change his clothes and the others throw on their jackets, the camera slowly fades out on the group.

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    Post  Justin Gabriel on Fri Dec 02, 2011 9:11 am

    Justin is seen sitting at a desk, his back to the camera as he reads something off a laptop screen, a couple of empty alcohol bottles on the desk. After a few minutes he groans, laying his head down on the desk, mumbling something in a different language.

    Pete: Are you ok Justin…?

    Justin: *sighs* Hey Pete…and no…do I really look like I am?

    Pete: What’s wrong?

    Justin: I take it you don’t ever read that dumb Canadian’s blogs?

    Pete: You mean Casey? No…I don’t…

    Justin: He seems to think that because Sheamus threatened him and Wade’s already hurt him…he needs to pick on someone else and dig up dirt on them. I seem to be the new target he’s chosen…

    Pete: Oh…what did he…?

    Justin sits up properly, angrily hitting his hand down on the desk before turning his chair to face the camera.

    Justin: He’s labeled me as Wade’s ‘pet’! He thinks I’m only being nice to Belle to suck up to Wade! Then he had the nerve to go bring up the fact the I used to do modeling and point out that I once had an ex-Diva’s old theme song…for starters I didn’t even choose it! Why’s it any of his business? Or anyone else’s anyway?

    Pete: I really don’t know…maybe you could…

    Justin: *sighs and frowns, folding his arms* I hope you aren’t about to suggest I do what Wade and Sheamus have done to him?

    Pete: Well…he did leave them alone after…

    Justin: I am not going to stoop down to that level! I’m not going to threaten every last person who says something about me. *after a pause* Speaking of which…Sheamus probably should stop, before he ends up becoming angry, paranoid…and alone. At the rate he’s going, he’ll end up threatening people he merely suspects of looking at him in the wrong way… But seeing as I’m not Wade’s ‘pet’…that’s all I’m going to say on it, before people start believing that stupid blond. Oh…and I’m not just talking to Belle for that reason either. If that were true, I’d be mean to everyone else, but I’m just as nice to everyone else as I am to Belle.

    Pete: Speaking of Belle, you’re up against her aren’t you?

    Justin: Yes. Did you seriously only just figure that out? *he pauses* …sorry I’m just…

    Pete: A…little drunk? *says uncertainly*

    Justin: *has a blank look on his face* I was going to say pissed off with Casey…But anyway, about my match with Belle…*he runs a hand through his hair* She wasn’t in the best of moods during her promo, but then again, neither am I. Don’t worry Belle, I know you’re angry and I know if you do end up hurting me that it’s nothing personal. I’m looking forward to our match anyway, it’ll actually be a challenge compared to my match with Lucas, where all I had to do was not let him catch me…and of course that jobber from last week. That match…that match was… pretty boring…

    He looks away from the camera as he coughs.

    Justin: *slowly looks back at the camera* Anyway…this sudden tournament to determine the new number one contender to go up against Christian…I’m not complaining, because it means I have a chance to become that person, that and it’s cool that it’s not just the guys that get the chance… What happened to the Devastation title match though…? *he coughs again*

    Pete: Are you sure you’re ok…?

    Justin: *snaps* I’m fine! Just…never mind…I’m done…

    He turns his chair back to face his laptop, Pete sighing before the camera cuts out.

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    Post  Admin on Fri Dec 02, 2011 8:32 pm

    We open up on the outside of the arena in Mississippi, the sun shining even though it's the last week in November. A black limo pulls up to the curb, the door opening and a heavily muscled leg stepping out of the car and bringing the body of Wade Barret with it. He looks around, looking impeccable dressed in his black suit. He starts walking to the door and Maria walks over to him.

    Maria: Wade can we get a few words?

    Wade: *smiles down at Maria* Sure. I heard about what Belle did to you by the way. I'm surprised you can still breath. She's a spitfire, one angry woman. Especially when she loses to two wastes of skin like Lucas Turner and Carter Lacroix.

    Maria: So I take it your not happy about your loss at Devestation?

    Wade: *claps a hand to Maria's shoulder* The old Wade Barret would have destroyed them. The new Wade Barrett who wants to make ammends with old friends will not. There's an old qoute, by Buddha I believe, "Do not dwell on the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present."

    Maria: That's a pretty qoute.

    Wade: It's a true quote, one that applies to me at the moment. I try not to dwell on the past of The Nexus and The Corre anymore and I have found my fault in what I put Heath, Justin, and Sheamus through. I was wron in their treatments. I try not to dream of the future but with my impending wedding to the love of my life, Belle, it's very hard. But most importantly, my mind is always on the present. I always focus on the next thing I have to do. That's currently very hard to do.

    Maria: How so?

    Wade: To concentrate on the present, I have to dwell on the past. *he holds up a hand to stop Maria from speaking* Let me explain. I face Christian in my next bout. This is the first time I've faced him since *he clenches his jaw* since he took my title. Most of that was on me. I lost to Christian because I underestimated Christian. I considered him to be a lesser opponent. But the man has proved he can stand strong in this company, despite being the second oldest veteran currently wrestling in the company. If your listening to me, Jayson, you deserve that title. I even bet you would beat Kane. two didn't get a match because he didn't show.

    Maria: So your not going to hurt Christian?

    Wade: *laughs* Oh niave little Maria, I never said that. It is, after all, a match. I can't just give it 50%. No, I'm going to wrestle that man like I would wrestle any other. I'm going to make sure he loses. See, I'm not being included in the tournament for the title because I lost the title to Christian. Jerry has a strict policy about title losses. If you lost the title, you don't get a shot unless you somehow get the champ to give you a rematch. Point in case, Nolee and Belle. That dreadful girl beat my Belle but was woman enough to give her a rematch. So, even though the title isn't being fought for tonight, I'm going to treat it as one.

    Maria: *nods* I see...

    Wade: *smiles* Now if you will excuse me, I have to be going.

    Wade walks inside, the camera fading out as Wade walks inside.

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    Post  Admin on Fri Dec 02, 2011 9:27 pm

    We open up on the inside of a crowded bar, the noise picking up as the door opens and half of the new tag team champions, Lucas Turner walks in. Thick sunglasses cover his eyes and he's wearing a black leather jacket zipped up all the way, blue jeans, and black combat boots. He sits down at the bar and orders a beer. A young brunette woman walks over, smiling cutely.

    Girl: Aren't you Lucas Turner? I watch you in the Championship Wrestling Alliance all the time! You're one of my favorites!

    Lucas: *checks her out over the top of his glasses before deciding she's worth his time and taking them off* Well, yes I am Lucas Turner. It's always nice to meet a fan, doll. Whats your name?

    Girl: Rachel.

    Lucas: *smiles charmingly* Pretty name for a pretty girl. I take it you saw I won the tag team titles last night with my partner Carter Lacroix.

    Rachel: *wrinkles her nose* I don't know why you picked Carter! He's such a goody goody! Now Wade Barrett would have been a good choice.

    Lucas: Ah, Carter ain't to bad once ya get to know him. He's a hell of a partier. *smirks in an almost knowing matter* Really likes his alcohol to but that's neithere here nor there. Point is Carter makes for a good tag team partner. He's very athletic, very strong.

    Rachel: If you say so.

    Lucas: *smirks* And I do say so. Can I buy you a drink Rach?

    Rachel: *giggles at the nickname* I'll take a strawberry daiquiri.

    Lucas: *looks at the bar tender* You heard the little lady.

    The bartender hustles off to get her drink as Lucas smirks, taking a drink of his own beer. He wraps an arm around Rachel's shoulders.

    Rachel: So are those two little girls really your kids?

    Lucas: *nods* Yes they are.

    Rachel: *smiles* I love kids. So...why do you have a problem with Cody Rhodes?

    Lucas: *chuckles* You would make a good interviewer for the CWA baby doll. See, I don't necessarily have an issue with Cody Rhodes but he obviously does with me. Hell, Dusty and Jerry think he needs to fix the problem that is me. *innocently* don't think I'm a problem do you Rach?

    Rachel: *shakes her head and sips her daiquiri* I think second generation superstars living off their parents names is a problem. I mean c'mon he wasn't even that great of a tag team champ let alone an intercontinental champ.

    Lucas: *chuckles and sips his beer* I couldn't have said it better myself.

    Rachel: *smiles and leans against him* Sooo who do you fight in your next bout?

    Lucas: *laughs* Sheamus.

    Rachel: Ew the big pasty Irish guy?

    Lucas: That would be the one.

    Rachel: Nolee Lacroix is crazy to pick him over you. Your sooo much cuter.

    Lucas: *laughs* I like to think so.

    Rachel: Think you can beat him?

    Lucas: I know I can.

    Rachel: But he's beat you in the past.

    Lucas: *chuckles* While that may be true, the stakes have never been this high. You see, Sheamus and I have the first bout in the tournament for the number one contendership. If I win, I'm gonna have to go on to fight either Carter or Nolee. But if Sheamus happens to beat me again, I hope to god Nolee wins her match. Sheamus versus Nolee would be a fitting fight.

    Rachel: *giggles and runs a hand over his chest* Hmmm...aren't we the devious one?

    Lucas: *smirks* Damn right.

    Rachel: So got a new strategy for fighting Sheamus?

    Lucas *nods* I've decided it's a better idea to try and out think Sheamus rather than out brawl Sheamus. Lets face it, the mans a brute. He fiercly attacked his own brother. That sort of man isn't afraid or ashamed of anything. Granteed, I'm one of those men but I am also an educated man, more so than Sheamus..

    Rachel: You attended college?

    Lucas: *laughs* Is that so hard to believe? I graduated from DeVry with a major in sports medicine and a minor in broadcasting.

    Rachel: Wow you must be real smart.

    Lucas: *smiles* I am.

    The song in the background changes to "Blow" by Ke$ha and Rachel's eyes light up. She takes Lucas by the hand and drags him through the crowd as the camera fades out.

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    Post  Admin on Fri Dec 02, 2011 10:46 pm

    We open up on a living room that's half decorated for Christmas. A wreath hangs on the back of the door, the white color of the door matching the walls. The black couch is in an L shape in front of an oak brown coffee table which is pilled with cardboard boxes. The 42" platform tv is mounted on the wall above the fireplace, four stockings with the names: Brian, Carter, Nolee, and Jerry on them hanging from the mantle. In the corner of the room, in front of a beautiful window with red curtains. Jerry Lawler is going through a box, removing different ornaments and hanging them on the tree. He's wearing a dark purple long sleeved shirt and black jeans and black tennis shoes. The door opens and Carter walks in with another box. He's wearing his tan cowboy hat, a long sleeved white shirt, black jeans, and black cowboy boots.

    Carter Got another one pops. *he sets the box on the table*

    Jerry: Lights or ornaments?

    Carter: *opens the box and smiles* Lights

    Jerry: We'll put those up later. Hey Pete wanna come over here and help Carter get the ornaments hung?

    Pete's voice: Sure pops.

    Pete walks into view wearing a red sweater and blue jeans. He starts getting into the boxes, pulling out various ornaments of different colors.

    Pete: So hows it feel champ?

    Carter: Lousy. I...I know it should make me feel like I'm on top of the world. But two things happened last night. First, Lucas and I managed to win the tag team titles. Second, Nolee lost her title. Do you know what it feels like to both achieve a personal goal and watch your sisters dreams get crushed in the same night Pete?

    Pete: Kid...I forgot...I'm sorry.

    Jerry: *speaks before Carter does* Pete, the poor boy doesn't mean that. Well...he doesn't mean to be so cross about it. See, Carter's dreamed of being a champ since I was still wrestling, especially a tag team champion.

    Carter: *sighs* Dad...

    Jerry: *holds up a hand* No, no let me finish. See Carter would wait up in the hotel room for me when we were on the road. He would wait up to talk to me about my matches. Especially if I was in a tag team match. He's a people person. He's always been that way. He deserves this title, even if it is with Lucas.

    Carter: Thanks for embarrasing me pops.

    Jerry: Aw get over it champ. *mutters* besides...your sisters been mopey enough.

    There is an awkward pause in the room. Pete keeps putting ornaments on the tree, Jerry is putting logs in the fire and Carter is sitting on the blue carpet. Carter is staring at his lap as if he's in deep thought.

    Pete: guess it would be a very bad time to ask if your ready for your match comin up?

    Carter: *hesitates* Pete...let me tell you a story. After my mom and dad died...I was about eight. My sister, Nolee, was about two. I was in the car that day mom and dad died. Some how...I knew what had happened even then. I knew it was bad. The cops took me here, Jerry's house, and told him what happened. From that moment on we lived here. When I was ten I told my sister I would never hurt her or let her get hurt. *he hesitates as he wipes his eyes* Fast foward to my upcoming match. I'm facing my sister, the one person I swore I would never hurt.

    Pete: So lay down and give up. Don't fight her.

    Carter: That's another problem. If I don't fight Nolee she'll be pissed I didn't treat her like any other opponent. She'll be pissed.

    Jerry: Carter, there are times when every superstar has to face his morals. We all know this, hell even the fans know it. This is one of those times. Nolee will understand a broken promise as long as you don't try to break her.

    Carter: *sighs* I guess you're right dad. *he moves the box on his lap and stands to hang ornaments* She coming to help decorate?

    Jerry: She's got a lot more on her mind than her title loss and match against you. Boy problems remember?

    Carter: Oh yeah, I forget their fighting.

    Jerry: *nods as he gets the fire lit* How about I fix you boys some supper huh? Turkey sandwhiches sound good?

    Pete: Turkey? Again?

    Carter: *chuckles softly* We'll be eating turkey and the Thanksgiving fixings til they get thrown out?

    Jerry goes into the kitchen as the two boys continue to hang ornaments on the tree. After a while Pete checks his watch, eating the sandwhich that Jerry made for him.

    Pete: I hate to eat and run guys but I gotta go track Nolee down. Want me to tell her anythin?

    Carter: Tell her to cheer up? She's...she's in a real funk.

    Pete: *nods* You Jerry?

    Jerry: Just tell her that champ or not her family still loves her.

    Pete: *nods* I'll make sure to tell her. Thanks for having me over this weekend. When we come to New York or close I'll return the favor.

    Pete gives them both a man hug before going over to the camera. Pete's phone rings and he opens it to see a text.
    To: Pete From:
    Mr. Laweler
    Message: Nols is up in her room

    Pete looks up at Jerry and nods before shutting the camera off.


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    Post  Admin on Fri Dec 02, 2011 11:24 pm

    The camera fades in on what looks to be the bedroom of a teenage girl. The white walls are decorated with posters of people like country music icon Tim McGraw, TNA founder Jeff Jarrett, and baseball player Mark McGuire. The carpet is a baby blue color that matches both the comforter of the bed and the curtains in the room, which are pulled open to let in the sunlight. We see a figure laying on the bed, a lound song playing over the radio on the bedside table.
    I can't stand to fly
    I'm not that niave
    I'm just out to find
    The better part of me

    We get closer to the figure to see that its Nolee. She's wearing a "Great White" shirt that Sheamus would have worn in the McMahon's company and a pair of flannel pajama bottoms. Pete cleans his throat and Nolee rolls onto her side to face him, her face streaked with tears.

    Pete: Nolee are you okay?

    Nolee: *sits up with ber back pressed against the headboard* Y...yeah. Why...why wouldn't I be okay?

    Pete: Do you want me to start with the obvious signs? Cuz if so A) your crying and B) your dad texted me that you were hiding up here in your old room.

    Nolee: I gotta talk about it don't I?

    Pete: *sits on the bed next to her* What ya wanna talk about first?

    Nolee: *shrugs* I tell me...

    Pete: Why don't we talk about Sheamus?

    Nolee: *stiffens up* We're fine.

    Pete: Are you Nols? We all saw how scared and angry at him you were for what he did to his own brother. We all know you care about family above everything. Now, are you and Sheamus doing okay?

    Nolee: *brings her knees up to her chest and wraps her arms around them* No! It's like I don't even know him anymore! He's not the same man I fell in love with. I...I mean he looks the same but...but he's meaner. I...I think it's my fault.

    Pete: Your fault? Kid, how could this be your fault?

    Nolee: I kept bringing up how I wanted to get married and everyone just wanted the best for me. If I wouldn't of brough up how I wanted to get married, they wouldn't have tried to pry into out personal lives, and no one would have gotten hurt. Especially Kerian.

    Pete: Oh Nols this isn't your fault. You and Sheamus are just going through a rough patch. A really really rough patch.

    Nolee: *nods hesitantly* And...and if we don't ever get out of this rough patch? And don't you dare tell me the old line about fish in the sea!

    Pete: *sighs* Nolee...on the off chance you and Sheamus don't get back on track...there are other guys who love you want to protect you.

    Nolee: *sighs and nods* I won't get over him. I really do love him.

    Pete: *softly* While your still in a bad mood...sorry about your title.

    Nolee: *hangs her head* Don't be. It was my fault I lost. I was so preoccupied with the problem with Belle and the problem with Shea. I was wrong for that. Angel was a better athelete than I thought, which is saying something because I know she's a hell of an athelete. I should have worked harder, and med sure I was well practiced. But I didn't and I lost. I don't blame Angie. It hope some day she'll give me my rematch. But not now. Not I have a match against my own brother to worry about. On the other hand, Angel, congrats on the engagement. You and Petey are a pretty cute couple.

    Pete: Speaking of Carter, he tells you to cheer up.

    Nolee: *chuckles* Typical big brother.

    Pete: *smiles softly* He told us about the promise he made you when you were four and he was ten.

    Nolee: *laughs* I remember that. I was playing in the yard and I climbed this huge oak tree we had in out backyard, it's still there in fact. Carter was standing and talking with dad. I was up higher than I should have been and I fell. I was screaming but I didn't land on the ground. I landed on Carter, who caught me. He had been keeping an eye on me the whole time. I was still crying and he said, "You gotta be careful. But as long as I'm around I'm gonna protect you." And he has to. Even from the little things like boyfriends and school.

    Pete: Sounds like a good big brother.

    Nolee: Good? Nah, Carter and Brian are the best brothers a girl could ask for. But this's definitly one Piper thought up. Brother vs sister is never fun. Ever. Hell, we weren't allowed to play board games against each other beacuse we got so competitive against each other. *she chuckles* I remember one time when we was playing Monopoly. We started at eight at night and whend dad came home at one in the morning I had just tipped the board over.

    Pete: Sore loser?

    Nolee: You've known me for how long and you haven't figured it out yet?

    Pete: *chuckles* True, true. So you think you can pin Carter?

    Nolee: Pim him? Yes. If it was a sumissiong match. I'd be screwed. He's got a hell of a finisher in that Cowboy Clutch. Hell, it was a powerful moved when the Iron Shiek was using it as the Cobra Clutch. If he locks me in the Cowboy Clutch, it's game over.

    Pete: And the Tennessee Tornado ain't that bad?

    Nolee: But it's not a submission match. I'd be screwed.

    Pete: You know Nolee if Sheamus beats Lucas and you beat'll have to face him.

    Nolee: *sighs and nods* I understand. I love Sheamus with all my heart. He's the only man I've ever felt this way about. Sure, there are a few factors as to why we might not work. I'm fourteen years younger than he is for starters. And I've been pressuring him into a wedding. But all that aside we're in love. If it comes down us fighting each other than I have no doubt that we'll have a good, clean match. And despite his acts of anger and rage...he'd never hurt me.

    Pete: Last night you seemed terrified.

    Nolee: Last night I was. Last night I was scared of the man I loved possibly hurting me. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized how stupid I was. Stephen would never hurt me.

    Pete: *smiles* Thanks Nols. Now why don't you go downstairs and help Carter and Jerry do the Christmas decorations?

    Nolee: *smiles back and hugs Pete* Thanks Pete. YOu know how to make a girl feel better.

    Nolee stands as a new song begins to play on the stereo as the two leave and the camera begins to fade.

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    Post  Sheamus on Fri Dec 02, 2011 11:48 pm

    The camera opens to the inside of a locker room, slowly panning across to show the room is empty of any superstars, besides Sheamus. He’s sitting with his head in his hands, like he’d done in the ring after being attacked by Cody.

    Sheamus: *having heard someone enter the room* What do yeh want, huh? Come to mock me too? ...come to rub in the fact that everyone else is getting what Nolee wants?

    He lowers his hands and looks up at the camera.

    Sheamus: What’s everyone’s fascination with getting engaged so suddenly anyway? Sorry if I prefer to do things the proper, more traditional way; waiting until I know people properly and for more than a few weeks.

    He sighs and speaks in a softer tone.

    Sheamus: Nolee…do yeh remember when I first actually asked yeh out? I told yeh I’d been raised to do things proper, to take things slow…like how I wouldn’t even let yeh kiss me until I’d actually taken yeh on a date. I’ve been like that with everyone I’ve been with, even ask Wade if yeh really have to…seeing as yeh supposedly doubt me…

    He frowns and rolls his eyes.

    Sheamus: I hope yeh don’t think I haven’t done what everyone else has because I don’t love yeh or whatever… *after a pause* …because I do.

    He smiles slightly, then runs a hand through his hair and pauses for a few minutes, sighing before he speaks again.

    Sheamus: Lucas…since I beat yeh at Hell to Pay you’ve left me alone, which I really do appreciate considering everything else I have to deal with…We may not have ever been on the best of terms, but still…congratulations to you and Carter for becoming the first ever CWA tag champions. I have a question for though yeh fella… How come when they’re always going on about how much yeh annoy them…it’s me that’s been attacked and not you huh? I’m actually friends with one of the people in the new team, yet I got attacked before you did…Maybe it’s because I can actually win a match after sayin’ I will…unlike when yeh went up against Justin Gabriel. You must just really annoy them, but aren’t seen as much of a threat seein’ as yeh can’t even back up your own words.

    Sheamus smirks, the camera zooming out as he gets to his feet.

    Sheamus: Anyway, I can’t wait to step into the ring with you Lucas so I can beat your arse again and you being one of the ‘big guys’ as everyone seems to class us, means no one’s going to ruin my chance to humiliate yeh again. Why by the way, do yeh feel the need to go and call me stupid? I did go to college too yeh know and I got proper degree, not just ‘sports medicine’. Tell me, how does having a degree like yours make yeah smarter than someone who has one from studying in the IT and also workin’ in that sort of business? I don’t recall that making someone like you smarter than me, not even back home…or in any other country for that matter. *he pauses, then continues in a lower tone* Oh…and just because I did something while I was angry doesn’t mean I’m not ashamed of it…

    He frowns and sighs, leaning against the wall as he folds his arms.

    Sheamus: Do yeh still have some sort of vendetta against me, or are yeh just cruel and heartless by the way fella? Who would ever hope something such as you have if they truly have a heart? How dare yeh hope for me to end up against Nolee if I beat yeh! And you say I’m the one who has no shame…

    Sheamus shakes his head and is heard muttering the words ‘Is breá liom tú Nolee…’ before the camera fades out.


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    Post  Christian on Sat Dec 03, 2011 12:29 am

    The camera fades in on an almost completely deserted beach; the camera slowly zooms in on a man sitting on a blanket with a German Shepherd next to him. The camera soon shows the man to be the CWA Champion Christian, he smiles when he sees the camera.

    Christian: So I see you managed to find my favorite hideaway.

    Pete: Wow this is a beautiful place, *looks around* it must be crowded in the summer time.

    Christian: *pets the dog's head* Yeah, but it is always a nice place to come to.

    Pete: So who is your canine friend with you?

    Christian: This is Rusty; he is new to the household. I found him wandering around alone and hungry about a month ago, so I took him in and he became part of the family. The cats love him and he loves the cats so it all works out. *pauses and smiles* But I don't think you came to talk about my pets today.

    Pete: *smiles and nods* Yeah we should probably get the real questions started. So how did you feel about your match against Kane being cancelled?

    Christian: Well frankly I am disappointed that once again Kane is a no show for a pay-per-view, and also very upset that I did not get to wrestle for all the peeps. I wanted to defend my title and give the best match of the night, but sadly that did not get to happen. But I am also curious, why is Kane missing all these pay-per-views? I have tried to find out, but no one knows or else they are not telling....

    Pete: Hopefully the mystery will be solved soon, but what did you think of Mr. Lawler's decision to have a tournament?

    Christian: I like it; it is fair way for everyone to get a shot. Shame Wade was not able to be in the tournament, he is a great competitor and despite all the crap he said or the times he tried to hurt me we had some great matches. And I think tonight will be another great match between us, especially since he is not going to underestimate me and put in 100% into the match. This match might even be better than the title match between us. Of course I also got to say congratulations to Belle and Wade for getting engaged, hopefully Wade has really changed for the better and they are happy together. Let's just hope it lasts, for Wade's sake.... *smiles* Since my money is on Belle laying a beat down on Wade if he breaks her heart.

    Pete: *nods and chuckles* Yes indeed..... *pauses* So what do you think of the new tag team champions?

    Christian: Well I am happy for Carter since he won and deserves the titles..... But the fact that the jerk Lucas used blackmail to force Carter to team with him makes me sick. But that is the only way Lucas would be able to get a partner, almost everyone here dislikes the man. And I know this for a fact; of course I liked how his promo this week showed the only way he can get a girl is by getting her drunk. *chuckles* Of course that is just how I saw it, I could be completely wrong. But I talked to a few other people and that is how they saw it too.....

    Pete: *laughs* I have to agree with you there Christian. Now one more question, Do you think you will be targeted by the new alliance of Angel, Vitani and Cody?

    Christian: *smiles* No I don't think so, I am normally respectful to the women here and I think they know that. Besides I have had some of the same problems with respect that they have, so I am not worried about it.

    Pete: *smiles* Well I think we have enough, thank you again for doing this.

    Christian: It's no problem. You want to come with me and Rusty for a run?

    Pete nods and puts the camera down on the ground; Christian gets up and lets Rusty off his leash. The low battery symbol starts to flash as both men start to run down the beach with the dog in front of them. The camera finally goes out just a few seconds later.

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