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    10/10/11 Monday Night Carnage Promos


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    10/10/11 Monday Night Carnage Promos Empty 10/10/11 Monday Night Carnage Promos

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    All Promos Are Due Here By Midnight On Thursday!

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    10/10/11 Monday Night Carnage Promos Anime_fairy_water2

    *Belle Moore is seen on a crate outside of Wade's locker room. She is reading and appears to be waiting for him. A cautious looking Maria walks up with a microphone*

    Maria: Ummm Belle? Can I have a word?

    Belle:*sighs* I suppose so. Having nothing better to do while I wait for my match. But Im not moving from this seat.

    Maria: Thats fine. Speaking of your match how do you feel teaming with someone from a stable like Foriegn Legion?

    Belle: As long as she understandsthat I still have issues with The Barbie. So she better not get in my way. She doesn't have a issue with anyone in our match so she wouldn't understand. I will hurt her if she gets in my way.

    Maria: Wouldn't hurting her mess with Wade Barrett,who it's rumored your dating?

    Belle: Rumored? *chuckles* Im not gonna confirm or deny that we are together if thats what your looking for. But I will say this is my job regardless of who it effects *slips off crate and fixes dress* and don't let this dress fool you. I can still kick some barbie ass.

    Maria: Your facing Nolee tonight and at the PPV. Do you feel tonight is a good time to get momentum?

    Belle:Well that's a dumb question now isn't it? In this business momentum in the most important thing. But like I said,my revenge is what is gonna fuel me. Not so much I make mistakes but just enough that I show barbie not to mess with me.

    Maria: How do you feel you and Angel will work tonight?

    Belle:*rolls eyes* Didn't you already ask this? We will get along fine as long as she stays out of my way and see's that I don't play well with others. Never have,never will. *looks at the door across the and smiles as she see's Wade* Now if you will excuse me I have better things to do than answer questions. Like stragize and get ready. *takes Wade's hand and walks away with him*

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    Post  Admin on Mon Oct 10, 2011 10:59 pm

    We come in on the view of a destroyed locker room. We hear heavy breathing and the groans of someone who sounds like they are in pain. We see Lucas smirking down at someone, he's the one who was breathing heavily. He kneels, grabbing the man who is laying on the ground by the back of his hair and lifting his head up. Though his face has blood pouring down it from a gash to the side of the head and on the forehead, we can see it's Jamie Noble.

    Jamie: Wh...why?

    Lucas: This wasn't your fault Jamie. No, you were just the one who got hurt. No, this is Lawler's fault. See, after that humiliating loss to Kane he decided I was only worth a portion of his time. He didn't take me off the roster, he set me against you. I couldn't have myself being compared to you Jamie. After all, it was Sheamus who ended your career.

    Jamie: *trying to speak louder* I'm...I'm not weak..

    Lucas: *laughs* Please as soon as you wanted to impress Michelle McCool you turned weak. That's why I'll never let myself get distracted by a woman.

    Jamie mutters something and Lucas grabs his hair tighter, tilting his head back even further. He groans even more and his face is even more visible.

    Lucas: I'm sorry Jamie, I didn't quite hear that. Mind saying it a little louder?

    Jamie: What about Nolee?

    Lucas yells in rage, slamming Jamie's face into the floor a few times. There is an ominous tone to the scene now that we've seen Lucas angered. He stands, kicking Hamie in the ribs. He faces the camera and cracks his knuckles.

    Lucas: I'm sick of Nolee ALWAYS being brought into the equation. She's a good friend and that's it! But Shamrock, if you're watching this, I want you to remember everything you saw here. Remember this torn up room because if I don't get this match against you, it may just happen to your room. Remember the way the blood looked running down Jamies face because when I do get you in a match this is whats going to happen, no disqualification or not.

    He leaves the room, the camera fading out on the image of Jamie laying on the floor.

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    Post  Admin on Wed Oct 12, 2011 1:22 am

    The snow is falling outside the window as the camera pans out. We see Carter sitting in an easy chair, his feet propped up on a foot stool. He's in front of a roaring fire, a deer head mounted above the mantle. Seeing the camera he looks up, a big smile on his face.

    Carter: Pete! Good to see you again! Pop a seat!

    The camera is placed on the mantle, facing Carter which shows the rest of the room. The carpet is a gray color while the walls are a white stucco. There is a piano against one wall and an air hockey table behind the light blue couch.

    Pete: Staying outta the snow I can see.

    Carter: *nods* Yeah, I don't pity you man. Coco?

    Pete: *shakes his head and sits on the couch* Nah. So you got Jeff Hardy this week huh?

    Carter: *nods* I ain't met Jeff yet. But I've seen him in the ring and I enjoy to watch his matches. He's high octane, a risk taker. I mean, when he did the 30 ft Swanton on Orton? Classic.

    Pete: Scared to fight him?

    Carter: Scared? No. I've fought Kane and I've been in a triple threat match with Sheamus and Wade as my opponents. But I respect Jeff more than anyone I've fought so far, except maybe Santana. We're both Southern boys. Just two different sorts of southern. He's hardcore, takes these risks because he's a thrill seeker. me? I'm more laid back and solitary. Not only that but I learned after waking up in a jail cell with Matt Hardy and Kurt Angle that risk taking and the hardcore scene isn't my thing.

    Pete: *nods* I hear that. You think he's gonna play fair?

    Carter: He has no reason not to. I've never done anything to hurt him or anyone he loves. And from what I've heard from others and what I've seen with my own eyes, he doesn't cheat unless provoked. I have no reason to cheat against Jeff, he'll have no reason to cheat against me. I'm confident we'll get out there and put on a good show for the folks.

    Pete: And in the end thats what you superstars want isn't it? To put on a good show for the fans?

    Carter: *pauses* Well I honestly can't speak for everyone Pete. In a perfect world, yeah. In that perfect world, all of us superstars take out jobs for all they are worth. But the world isn't perfect. Some guys don't give their all for this company. Some just lay down for opponenets. Hell, some doen't even show up for their matches.

    Pete: *chuckles* And do you mean anyone specific when you say that?

    Carter: You know who I mean. Take Cena and Belle's match. He, the Chain Gang Commander or whatever you want to call him, just laid down. He won't give up for men, yet giving up for a woman in a match is totally acceptable? It's just not. If they want to fight us men, let them fight us.

    Pete: So you wouldn't give up if you fought Belle?

    Carter: Hell no. I didn't give up when I fought Tana, I won't give up against the other girls. *he takes a sip of his coco before smiling* And to clarify the not showing up, I don't blame Jeff. Hell, if Sheamus hurt me that bad I would have stayed home to.

    There's a silence, both men staring into the flames as they sit there. Pete is looking around the room. He spots the airhockey table and smile back at Carter.

    Pete: Up for a game of air hockey?

    Carter: *nods and laughs* Sure.

    He stands, limping a bit to the table. Pete and Carter stand at oppostie ends of the table as a "low battery" light flashes and the camera shuts off.

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    The camera opens up in a grainy black and white film where a young woman dressed in a black cowboy hat, a lacy white collar with a black ribbon, a black vest which reveals her ample cleavage a bit while being cut into a v form at the bottom, black trousers, and black boots is sitting in what appears to be a barn. She slips on an old duster as she begins to speak.

    Woman: Over the course of history, women have always played pivitol roles in the world. That includes the old West. Annie Oakly was one of the fastest sharp shooters in the west and one of the greatest members of old Wild Bill Hickcocks show. Calamity Janes, a heroine of the west due to her amazing kindness and compassion but was also skilled with a gun. Two women who showed women could do the same thing as men and in some cases do it better.

    We see that the woman is loading an old Smith and Weston gun. She stands and loads it into a holster at her side. She walks out to an empty field where glass bottles are set up on old barrels. She sets up her gun in her hand, raising it and breaking all five of the glass bottles in a row with five shots. Finally, we see the womans face as she raises the gun to blow the smoke from it. It's Nolee. Her hair is curled in ringlets around her face.

    Nolee: It's in my blood, the life of a cowgirl. My great great great grandmother and her sister were outlaws. thought, they didn't keep the money, they gave it to the less fortunate. None-the-less they had precision and they were dangerous women. Just like me. My opponents falls at my hand, as they should. Except I don't kill them. I just cause their pain.

    Nolee puts the gun in it's holster and sits down on a hay bale. She looks up at the sky and wipes her brow with a handkerchief from the inner pocket of the duster.

    Nolee: So this coming up match is a costume tag match. My partner is the new girl, Vitani Summers. Am I worried because I'm facing Belle and Angel? Not at all. I saw Vi's match last week. She's pretty talented. And she has respect for others. Good. We're the underdogs in this fight. Me and Vi have never met face to face. Belle's dating Wade which means shes spent time with Foreign Legion which means she's spent time with Angel. This puts me at a disadvantage.

    The sound of thunder rumbling is heard and Nolee looks at the sky again, tipping her hat up to get a good look at it.

    Nolee: Ah, it's gonna storm. Gonna have to get the horses in soon. Anyways, I'm at a disadvantage in this match. But I'll be fine in it. I have confidence about it. We'll do just fine. By the way, you should probably watch where I shot the bottles close up and in slow motion. What you see may just surprise you.

    She turns to leave, walking towards the horses in the distance. The camera goes to the close up of when she shot the bottles, revealing that there are letters on them. The first one has a B and is shattered by the bullet. The second one has an E and is shattered by the second bullet. The third and fourth have L's on them and are shatter by their respective bullets. The final has an E on it and is shattered by the final bullet. The bottles put together show one word.


    10/10/11 Monday Night Carnage Promos CI65315

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    A clip of the Nexus' first beat down of John Cena is show and is followed by a clip of the Corre's brutal locker room attack on Ezekial Jackson. Two cold blue eyes are show as the video's end. One side is illuminated in light while the other is in darkness but still visible.

    Man's voice: The eyes are the window to the soul. What do you see in my eyes? Do you see a man so out of options that wrestling was the only world he belonged in? Or do you see a man who fought for everything he ever had in life? Do you see a man who wanted nothing but to make his father proud? Or do you see a child who grew up dodging hits form an alocholic father and wants to prove there is honor to his name?

    We pan out a bit on the face to see it's Wade Barrett. His face is half in high lighting and half in darkness still.

    Wade: I am a son. I am a man. I am a fighter. I am a lover. Half in the shadow of what I have done when living in my homeland and half in the light of what I have become while living in America. I am solitary, enjoying being alone. I am social, needing the companionship of someone just like me. I am Wade Barrett.

    The camera completely pans out to show that Wade, who is well dressed in a three piece suit. is holding an intricate cane in his hand. He holds it at his side, leaning against it slightly.

    Wade: I do have two sides. There is an animal inside of me, a monster. The fans have always seen it, since the beginning of my career. I destroyed innocents while with the ingrates The Nexus. We demolished everyone from Evan Bourne to the "mighty" John Cena. And when I gave Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater a second chance, we demolished Ezekial Jackson, who was a friend. Or so I thought.

    He lifts the cane, swining it like a baseball bat. He holds it out and inspects it. An almost sick smile crosses his face and he chuckles.

    Wade: It's a truly well made cane. Solid oak and look at this handle, pure silver. It's a shame I may have to tarnish it with Irish blood. Sheamus is a close advisor. Like I told Belle, he's not truly a friend but I do trust him. I do respect him. But this upcoming match, this no disqualification match, is no place for trust and respect. It is, however, a place for fighters. Fighters who don't care about who they fight, who don't care about who they have to hurt to win nor what they have to do to get that win. Fighters like myself. *he pauses* Sheamus, I have no quarrel with you. But I will hurt you in this match. I will destroy you to prove a point to Christian. You, Sheamus, usually see the light side to me. You know the Wade Barrett who keeps up the visage of happy and content. In this match you will get the Wade Barrett who is intent on breaking you.

    The camera pans once again to just his eyes and then fades out slowly.

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    Post  Sheamus on Wed Oct 12, 2011 2:31 am

    The camera opens on Sheamus, who’s standing outside in the afternoon sun; the arena the CWA show will be in later that night visible in the background. Sheamus is dressed in dark pants and a light blue business shirt, a black vest open over it and his usual style of hat on his head, covering his red hair. When the camera zooms in on him, Sheamus’ expression unusually calm compared to the past few weeks.

    Sheamus: *smiles when he recognises the cameraman.* Don’t worry fella; I ain’t gonna throw anythin’ this week, stop looking so nervous.

    The cameraman’s heard sighing in relief.

    Sheamus: That’s exactly why we’re out here and not in there. *he gestures over his shoulder towards the arena.* I can’t attack anyone or break anything out here without getting myself arrested now can I?

    Cameraman: No, I guess not…

    Sheamus: *smiles again* See? You’re perfectly safe from me out here. …Now where’s the person who yeh were supposed to have here fer this?

    Cameraman: I…don’t know, I guess he’s late…

    Sheamus sighs and starts pacing impatiently for a couple of minutes while they wait. Eventually he stops and looks at something off camera and raises an eyebrow.

    Sheamus: You’re late.

    The camera zooms out from Sheamus a little as the person they were waiting for comes into view.

    Casey: Sorry, I had to take a taxi… *he holds up his still bandaged left hand* Still hurts like hell to do most things…

    Sheamus: Ok, ok, I was just kidding. You’re here on time, I actually got here early. *he smirks* So how are yeh doing?

    Casey: *looks offended* Excuse me? Whose job is it to ask questions here?

    He pauses and laughs at the blank look Sheamus has on his face from being told off.

    Casey: I’m fine. It’s only my wrist that’s still bothering me. So why’d you choose me of all interviewers for this…?

    Sheamus: Did yeh not see the end of the show last week Casey? *he frowns as Casey shakes his head* I’m against Wade in a no DQ match…

    Casey: *frowns at the mention of Wade* Oh. Now I get why you chose me… So what made this happen, aren’t you guys a team still?

    Sheamus: *shrugs his shoulders* Well going by his conversation with Belle, I ain’t even his friend anymore, I’m his enemy. Piper, our new GM, set the match after Wade attacked Christian before their match.

    Casey: *looks angry* That jerk. So why are you his ‘enemy’ all of a sudden?

    Sheamus: No idea to be honest. Could have sworn when we started here he referred to me as his ‘best friend’. I guess it could have been my actions over the past few weeks that changed his mind…

    Sheamus pauses and takes a breath, looking slightly nervous.

    Sheamus: I guess I deserve to be hated after all the things I’ve destroyed and all the people I’ve scared and hurt… But comin’ from him, someone I have history with…

    Casey: *raises an eyebrow and looks curious* History…? So what Lucas was saying- *he suddenly stops talking as Sheamus glares at him*

    Sheamus: Lucas has nothin’ to do with this. This match is me verses Wade. I’m not getting’ distracted by any other issues this week.

    Casey: *hesitates before speaking* …What about the rumours?

    Sheamus: *sighs, having guessed it would be mentioned eventually* Look. I ain’t confirming or denying anything for any of yeh. It’s not anyone else’s business, so none of you actually need to know if what Lucas said is true or not.

    He pauses for a few seconds to look around.

    Sheamus: What I will say is that Wade made a mistake; labelling me as an enemy… He’s seen what happens to people who do that. Take a look at Triple H fer example. Who’s responsible fer the injury that caused him to have ter stop wrestling full time? Me. Hunter was one of the best and now he can barely wrestle one match.

    Casey: *nods, looking nervous* Yeah…you certainly do get in a lot of fights…

    Sheamus: *laughs* Of course I do, I’m Irish. It’s not just Finlay who loves to fight. Us Irish are always stereotyped as drunks who always get into bar fights. Truth is, half the time the one who starts the fight ain’t even drunk; we just love fightin’. Wade should be worried now that I’m his ‘enemy’. You’ve all seen what happens to innocent people when I’m angry; just wait until I get in the ring. Wade will be wishing Piper hadn’t made this match no DQ…

    He smirks as the camera fades out.
    Angel James
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    Post  Angel James on Wed Oct 12, 2011 8:56 am

    10/10/11 Monday Night Carnage Promos 6422-Sexy-Warrior-Queen-Costume-main

    The camera fades in on Angel sitting in her locker room, she is in her Costume for the match. She has just hung up her phone when there is a knock on the door and Maria walks in, she walks over to were Angel is sitting. Angel smiles at her, Maria smiles back before starting.

    Maria: Thank you Angel for agreeing to answer a few questions for us.

    Angel: It is no problem.

    Maria: Can I start by saying I like your costume for the match, can you tell us why you picked it?

    Angel: Thank you Maria and yes I can, I picked this costume because it shows my strong spirit and my willpower that helps me to never give up. Plus it is a nod to my ancestors, the noble and strong Romans.

    Maria: Is it going to be hard to work with your teammate Belle and do you think you will have trouble with your opponents Nolee and Vitani?

    Angel: Normally no I have no problem working with a teammate, but Belle has already made it clear she will not work with me as a team. So yes it will be hard to work with Belle and that will I believe give us trouble with our opponents.

    Maria: But Belle is supposed to be dating Wade the leader of Foreign Legion, shouldn't you two at least be on friendly terms?

    Angel: Just because she is part of Wade's sex life doesn't mean I know her and contrary to Nolee's belief I do not spend much time with either of my supposed teammates.

    Maria: But why not?

    Angel chuckles softly.

    Angel: It is a long list, but let me see if I remember everything. One, there is the esteemed leader Wade's giant ego. Two, I do not wish to deal with my teammates and their girlfriends. Three, I'd rather not be around to watch Sheamus attack someone or trash the locker room. Four Wade acts like I am not there when I am in the locker and frankly I am not even sure why I am part of the group anymore. And last, but not least I'm tired of Wade's obsession with Christian, that is all he goes on and on about.

    Maria: Are you considering leaving the Foreign Legion?

    Angel hesitates before answering softly in Italian before stopping herself and answering in English.

    Angel: Yes... Yes I am considering leaving the Foreign Legion, I do not really see a place for myself in the group anymore and I am not sure if there was ever a place for me in the group.

    Maria nods understandingly and is quiet for a few seconds before asking her last question.

    Maria: Last week we saw you with your former ROH tag team partner Petey Williams, if you do leave the Foreign Legion will you try to get Petey over to the CWA to team with you again?

    Angel smiles before answering.

    Angel: As much as I would love to get Petey over here and team again, I do not think it will happen any time soon. Petey is happy right now at ROH, but maybe someday he will jump over to the CWA. Now please excuse me I must finish getting ready.

    Maria smiles and nods before the camera fades out on Angel working on one of the straps on her shoes.


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    Post  Vitani on Wed Oct 12, 2011 9:11 am

    10/10/11 Monday Night Carnage Promos 5e189210 (song playing in background)

    As the camera fades in, Abney Park’s ‘Until the day you die’ is heard playing in the background and the silhouette of a woman in an elaborate costume walks into view, dancing for a few seconds. The first few lines of the song are played too quietly to hear as the lights turn up and Vitani is shown in her costume for the tag match.

    Vitani: Well hey there, I thought I’d use I song fitting my costume to help get a message across because, I love to do things that aren’t quite the same as everyone else. I was originally going to be a pirate for this, or a gypsy, and then I remembered the Steampunk style, which as you can see, is somewhat a mix of both those costumes, a mix of old Victorian style and also futuristic technology …

    The song’s volume plays louder again so that the lyrics are able to be heard, while Vitani dances.

    So hate me
    You might as well hate me
    And go on, berate me
    Until the day you die

    I'm going straight through
    I'm not gonna hate you
    But I'm not going to wait for you
    Until the day I die.

    The song keeps playing, but instead of the actual lyrics, she sings over the top of the music, changing the words slightly.

    Vitani: Some folks will tell me I'm all wrong
    I’m all wrong
    But I won't listen, well, not for long
    No, not for long
    My whole life I've planned this trip
    I’ve planned this trip
    And to my plan I'm gonna stick
    I’m gonna stick

    The song fades back out so she can speak once more.

    Vitani: See, I’ve never cared if people are jealous of me …or just don’t like me for whatever crazy reasons they can think of. I just love being me and having fun. I’m looking forward to this match, which is my first against someone on the main roster so I’m going to go out and make an impression, even if I lose.
    Like the lyrics say; I don’t care if people don’t like me. I’ll still go on and keep going ahead in life, following my dream, even if any of you out there hate me, got it?

    The song fades back in as she waves at the camera before starting to dance again.

    So hate me
    You might as well hate me
    And go on, berate me
    Until the day you die

    But I'm going straight through
    I'm not gonna hate you
    But I won't wait for you
    Until the day I die

    As the song fades out, finished, so does the camera.


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    Post  Christian on Wed Oct 12, 2011 3:41 pm

    The camera fades in on Christian pacing worriedly in his locker room in his street clothes, obviously waiting for someone. He stops at the knock on the locker room before going over and answering the door. He sighs, but give a polite smile when he sees it's only Maria with her microphone.

    Maria: Sorry to bother you Christian, but can we get a few questions?

    Christian nods and moves aside so Maria can enter. Maria enters and moves to where Christian had been pacing before, Christian follows her. Maria holds her microphone up before starting.

    Maria: Thank you again Christian for the time. Now tonight you have a match against Kane, how do you think you will fare against him after last week?

    Christian: You know I was thinking about last week and while Wade may have hurt me enough to cancel the match last week, he sure as hell didn't hurt me enough so I couldn't wrestle this week. And while I have great respect Kane, I've worked with him for many years. But if he thinks like Wade does that just because I'm smaller than him that I'm going to be easy to beat, then he has another thing coming. I've fought bigger guys my whole career and while I may not of won all the time, but I didn't go down without a fight.

    Maria: But last week Wade made a threat against your long time friend Edge, how is he taking the threat and more importantly how are you taking the threat?

    Christian looks nervously at the door, not taking his eyes off it as he answers the question.

    Christian: Edge isn't very concerned, he says he can take whatever Wade throws at him. But honestly I'm a little worried, I mean I know Edge can handle himself, but Wade has Sheamus at his beck and call and after how he took Jeff out, I can't help, but worry, but...

    Christian stops with a sigh, before continuing as he looks at Maria.

    Christian: But I know Edge is right when he told me I can't let Wade get to me, I can't let him mess with my head. He gets inside my head and he wins, and I can't let him beat me. I won't let him beat me, you know Wade started this and while I'm not sure why, I am going to end this and when I do I'll be the CWA champion. You see Wade's fatal flaw is he underestimates me, he sees that I'm not as big as some of the other guys out there and he thinks he will be able to roll over me like he does the other guys out there. But he's wrong, I'm not like the others out there. If Wade wanted easy he should have chosen someone else, he shouldn't have chosen the man he deliberately lite a fire under.

    Christian smiled as the door opens and Edge walks in with a smile.

    Edge: Hey man sorry I'm late, I was talking to a few old friends in the hallway.

    Christian: It's alright I was answering a few questions for Maria.

    Christian looks back at Maria with a smile.

    Christian: Any more questions?

    Maria smiles and nods.

    Maria: Just one, are you planning on having another peepshow soon?

    Christian grins and nods.

    Christian: As a matter of fact yes I do, hopefully I can convince my guest to appear on my show this week if not this, then I will have one for the peeps next week. Now please excuse me I need to get ready for my match.

    Maria nods before smiling and leaving, the camera fades out as Christian pulls off his shirt.

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