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    17/04/12 Monday Night Carnage Promos


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    17/04/12 Monday Night Carnage Promos Empty 17/04/12 Monday Night Carnage Promos

    Post  Casey on Tue Apr 17, 2012 10:06 am

    Promos are due by midnight on Monday!

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    Post  Admin on Sun Apr 22, 2012 2:13 am

    We open up on the Indianapolis Raceway, the camera scanning the crowd before zooming in on Dia and Louis. Dia is dressed in a black tanktop with the Social Distortion logo on it, blue jeans, and black combat boots. On her lap sits Louis, wearing a Lakers jersey and blue jean shorts with white tennis shoes.

    Louis: *acting like he's driving a car* Vroom vroom go fast!

    Dia: That's right cars go fast! *chuckles* So are you enjoying your day out?

    Louis: *nods* Uh huh! Thank you mommy!

    Voice: Dia Banks is that you?

    The camera shows James Storm, dressed in a red/black plaid short sleeved shirt with blue jeans and black cowboy boots. His signature black cowboy hat is on his head. Louis squeals and holds out his arms as James picks him up.

    Louis: Uncle Stowm.

    James: Hey lil man.

    Louis: *points at the racetrack* Vroom vroom.

    James: Yeah they aren't cool aren't they! Know what other noise they make?

    Louis: Nooo.

    James: *squeezes Louis nose lightly* Honk honk!

    Louis giggles as James sits back down next to Dia who kisses his cheek.

    Dia: Hey James.

    James: Hey yourself kid. Nice day out?

    Dia: Relaxing for a bit before I train for my first CWA match.

    James: You wrestling again? *grins* If so good for you.

    Dia: Thanks I'm glad to be wrestling again. And in a good company too. The CWA is a place where I can be myself, not worry about trying to please anyone but myself.

    James: Thatta girl. Whose your first match against?

    Dia: Angel James.

    James: She's a friend of Shelley and Sabin's right?

    Dia: Yes she is. Sh's a good person too. Louis and I had the pleasure of meeting her the other day. She was nothing but curteous, even though she knows we're facing each other for my first match.

    James: She's the former Vixxens champion. You have to stay on your toes.

    Louis: *squirms in James lap* Toes toes toes.

    James: *laughs* That's right, toes.

    Dia: *ruffles her sons hairs* I can defend myself. Angel will be a good opponent for my debute. I learned everything I know from you, Bobby, and...*hesitates* and Colt.

    James: She learned from Chris, Alex, and Petey. You two are honestly a good match up against each other. You match each others size, speed, and talent. You'll have a good opening match.

    Dia: I hope so. But I desperately want a win for my first match.

    James: *pats her shoulder* Well you'll get it. I know you will.

    The camera fades out on Louis, Dia, and James as they sit together and watch the race.
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    Post  CM Punk on Sun Apr 22, 2012 5:35 am

    The camera fades in on an empty area, the shadow of a man sitting on the edge of the ring. As the camera zooms in, the man is shown to be CM Punk. He slowly smirks, looking down at the shirt his wearing; the one he wore when he took over the Nexus.

    Punk: So I’m against Wade Barrett huh? Former leader of the Nexus, thanks to me. *he grins* I bet he’s looking forward to getting his hands on me for stealing his team…and his friends from him. Maybe if he was a better leader they wouldn’t have just abandoned him like they did.

    He shrugs his shoulders and gets up, ducking between the top and middle ropes as he steps into the ring.

    Punk: If Wade was smart, he’d back out of this match, because the only way he’d win is if he cheats like he always used to. I wouldn’t advise it though, considering what happened to him and his little minion Justin after they cheated against Christian and Shelley. He might be the one to get barred from the ring for a week this time if he does.

    He laughs and shakes his head, pacing in the ring for a bit before leaning against the ropes.

    Punk: It was quite amusing to watch actually, Wade thinking it was more Justin’s fault for listening than it was his own for suggesting they cheat. Justin simply followed Wade despite knowing the possible consequence, because that’s what friends do. Friends follow you and help you, even when they know what you’re doing is wrong. Wade’s ego simply makes him believe it’s everyone else’s fault and not his; he always has done, despite him saying he’s changed. An ego is something you can’t ever really change. You suppress it and make it seem like you’re better, less arrogant, but you can never truly change it; it will always show itself one way or another, like with Wade blaming his best friends for his mistake. If he keeps blaming Justin and Heath for his own failure to lead them in the right direction when they look up to him, he’s going to start losing friends again and end up like the ‘old’ ego-driven Wade that he’s simply buried with what he claims to be the new Wade.

    Punk stands up properly again, looking like he’s just remembered something.

    Punk: Oh, by the way Wade. *he says the name like it’s an insult* I’m not saying all this to try and help you. I’m saying it to do what I do best; besides wrestle of course. *he grins* I’m saying all this to get inside your mind, to fuck with it to the point that when you see me in the ring, all you’ll think of is what I’ve just said; about how you’re a horrible friend who lets your own ego rule both your professional and you personal lives. How you’re going to eventually go back to being so driven by your own ego that you’ll lose the few friends that forgave you and probably also your fiancé. You’re going to eventually make your own worst fear come true Stuart. You’re going to make yourself end up all alone.

    He smirks and laughs before getting out of the ring and walking backstage, the camera slowly zooming out to show the empty and silent arena before the scene fades to black; Punk’s almost sinister laughter still echoing through the arena.

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    Post  Kane on Sun Apr 22, 2012 11:27 pm

    The camera comes up on the outside of Kane's locker room as a tall figure opens the door. The camera pans out to show Carter Lacroix, dressed in a plaid work shirt, blue jeans, and his black cowboy boots standing in the room.

    Carter: Kane? You around?

    Kane: *he sticks his head out of the in room shower, a scowl on his face* Who let you in here LaCroix? I know your daddy runs things, but that doesn't mean you can waltz in here like you own the place. *Kane comes out with a towel wrapped around his waist and his hair in wet ringlets around his face*

    Carter: I'm sorry to bother ya but I need to talk to you about our tag team match.

    Kane: *he growls a bit as he turns to go back into the shower area* Well get to talking LaCroix, but stay out there.

    Carter: *nods and looks around for a place to sit* Well, I need to know we can work well together.

    Kane: If you're questioning my cohesity then this isn't going to work. I'll hold my own in the match, but if you turn your back on me LaCroix I will hunt you down and take my pound of flesh.

    Carter: I didn't turn my back on Lucas when he blackmailed me, I won't turn my back on you. I like winning...even if Jay is involved...

    Kane: *he peeks out smirking* I promise I won't hurt your little boy toy too much LaCroix. *he comes out in jeans but no shirt, a towel held against his head as he dried the chestnut mane some more.* Although if he can't take the pain he shouldn't be a wrestler.

    Carter: He's not my boytoy. I love him. But I know the risks of our profession, he gets hurt in that ring then it probably won't be because someone tried to purposefully hurt him...

    Kane: *he laughs as he sits down* Kid you have some growing up to do. Of course it's because some one tried to purposefully hurt him. It's what we do, some more than other. I, for one, choose my battles. Our match, I don't have any real heat behind. But if I were facing your father, no ring bell, ref or even god himself would be able to save him from what I would be doing to him.

    Carter: I know we're wrestlers but no wrestler I've ever worked with actually enjoyed hurting an opponent. As for my father...*hesitates* I don't think I'd stop you...

    Kane: *he barks out a laugh* As if you could kid. But that talk aside I won't put too bad a hurting on your pretty boy. Now as for the other one...I won't be so easy on him. You got a problem with that?

    Carter: None at all. Alex, yeah, he's a good friend but other than that I don't think we have a problem in the ring against each other.

    Kane: Good. *he gets up and moves about the room* So I heard you asked for me as a partner...why?

    Carter: *hesitates* You’re a talented superstar for one. Second...I need your help...

    Kane: *he turns and crosses his arms over his chest as he looks at Carter* My help? With what?

    Carter: With my father...and taking his company over.

    Kane: *interested he takes a seat, his eyes gleaming* Well, well well. Looks like baby LaCroix has grown some balls. Spill kid, what do you want me to do?

    Carter: I want you to destroy him...

    Kane: *he sits his back, his eyes on fire* Kid, do you know what you're asking me to do?

    Carter: *angrier than we've ever seen him* He lied to me!

    Kane: Kid he lied to a lot of people, you're just another name on the list to him.

    Carter: *shakes his head* I'm his son! He shouldn't have lied to me...

    Kane: My own father lied to me LaCroix, it's what they do, it's what everyone does.

    Carter: could he? I went after you and tried to hurt you based on lies he told me...

    Kane: *he shrugs* It's who he is Carter, your father is a liar and will use anyone to get ahead of the game. Don’t' take it personal, he does it to everyone.

    Carter: Then he doesn't deserve a company like this. He doesn't deserve it at all...

    Kane: It's how you get on top Kid. You either use or be used.

    Carter: I won't let anyone use me ever again.

    Kane: *he nods* Good plan kid. Hope you can stick to it. Now get, I have some pre match preparing to do.

    Carter: Remember what you promised. You won't go any harder on Christian than you do on anyone else.

    Kane: Yes yes, I give you my word LaCroix. I won't hurt the little blond.

    Carter: That being said Kane, I think we're agreed. Do whatever it takes to win.

    Kane: I always do kid, I always do. You do the same. I won't be the one to carry this team. If that happens I will take my pound of flesh out of your ass.

    Carter: I was a former CWA Tag Team. I don't make my partner's carry our team.

    Kane: I was just letting you know LaCroix. Now get, I have things to do. *scowls as he goes to stand*

    Carter: *nods and heads out of the room*

    Kane shakes his head as he goes about his business, mumbling under his breath as the camera fades away to nothing.
    Drew McIntyre
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    Post  Drew McIntyre on Sun Apr 22, 2012 11:49 pm

    The camera opens into the gym, showing Drew standing at a elliptical drying his face with a towel before going over to a weigh bench and starting his reps. Drew's face is more serious than we've seen it before and as sweat starts to drip down again he speaks never once making eye contact with the camera.

    Drew: I don't like this match, I don't like being pitted against Nolee who has Sheamus by her side. It's not that I'm worried about hurting Nolee, that's the furthest thing from my mind. If she gets in the ring with me I will tag out; it's that simple. I've fought Nolee before and I won't do it again. But Sheamus...that's a whole nother story, one that has been a constant feary-tail to me.

    Drew moves from the weight bench to a punching bag, nearly snarling as he aims a series of kicks and punches to it, his hair sticking to his face where it came out of his braid.

    Drew: Vitani Summers. A good strong wrestler, someone that isn't afraid to get her hands dirty. No better a team mate I can think of...other than Nolee. It will be an honor to fight with her at my side this week and barring how the match ends, perhaps we can tag again in the future. Her style compliments my own. The two of us together we'll steam roll the competition.

    Done at the bag Drew moves over to a bench and takes a seat, opening a bottle of water and downing half of it before pouring the rest over his head to cool off.

    Drew: *he finally looks directly in the camera, his eyes hard and his mouth set in a grim line* Make no mistake Sheamus, I'm coming for you, and I won't rest until I have exercised your taint from my life. With or without a team mate I will get my revenge and exact my pound of flesh from you for all the times you have cheated me out of something, bet it a title or the love of a beautiful woman. When your world comes crashing down I will be the one standing victorious and laughing.

    Drew gets up from the bench and shakes his head, sending water spraying in all directions before heading over to the dumbell rack and getting a set of 30lbs and starting to do arm curls, his face a mask of concentration as he stares off again into space as he works.

    Drew: As for Vitani, if you screw me over I will come after you next, there will be no place for you to hide, no trail too cold for me to follow. I can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. Choose wisely...and I look forward to seeing you in the ring.

    The camera pans out and fades on the image of Drew standing back at the punching bag,his kicks hard enough to send the bag creaking on it's ancient chains

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    Post  Christian on Mon Apr 23, 2012 12:11 pm

    The camera fads in on the locker room of the CWA tag team champions Christian & Alex Shelley, Christian is seen to be pacing and he looks upset. Alex and Edge sigh as they watch before Edge goes to try and talk to Christian.

    Edge: Jay-Jay.... You got to calm down....

    Christian: Why should I..... He does not call or text for a week and the next thing I know he is in a tag match against me and Alex with Kane as his partner..... *pauses and rubs his head* And he is not even the one that told me.... It was a stupid e-mail from Roddy! *shakes his head* I do not mind fighting him, I really do not. I like fighting my friends in a match, but he should of been the one to tell me..... *looks upset* It is the least he could of done after not calling.....

    Alex: *walks over* He might not have been able to Jay.... And you know Carter loves you...

    Christian: *sighs* I know...... I know.... It is just hard....

    Edge: *gives a reasuring smile* And that is why you have me and Alex to help you though this.

    Christian: *nods and gives a small smile back before seeing that the kitten is awake and picks her up* Thank you guys.... You two are really good friends....

    Alex: *grins playfully* Oh we try to be.....

    Edge: *chuckles* Yes we do.... *looks at the two of them* You two going to be ready for this match?

    Alex: *nods and grins* I am.... I am always ready man.

    Christian: *nods* Yes I am... I do not like having to face Carter, but I will do what I have to... *pauses* To win this match, not matter what. I am part of the tag team champion's, to give the fans less than that is an insult to them. *smiles* Alex let's show Kane and Carter the reason way we are two of the best tag team wrestlers ever! *gives a small grin*

    Edge: *grins* That's the spirit Jay! Now that we have you sorted out again, let's figure out whay our plan is going to be.

    Alex: *nods* I say we stick to the basic's of tag teaming, quick tags and neither of us staying in the ring for too long at a time.

    Christian: *nods* Yeah I agree, we probably will be able to tire one of them out pretty quickly that way and it would keep them guessing.

    Edge: Plus you know that they will most likely underestimate you two and I know you know how to use that for your advantage... *grins* I think you two will kick their ass's.

    Christian: *smiles* I hope so.

    Alex: I know so! *gets up* Come on let's go grab a quick bite to eat.

    The other two nod with a smile, Christian carefully puts the kitten in her box and then three leave the locker room as the camera fads out.


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    Post  Admin on Tue Apr 24, 2012 12:11 am

    The camera opens up on a beautiful winery, the scene fading inside where Wade sits at the finely polished oak bar. He's dressed in a red polo shirt, black slacks, and black dress shoes. He holds a wine glass in his hand and sniffs it before sipping it.

    Wade: I invited you to join me here today Phillip but it doesn't seem that you made it. Perhaps you thought this was a waste of time. Perhaps you were to busy stabbing someone else in the back.

    He takes another sip of his wine, making a satisfied sound as he drapes an arm over the back of his chair.

    Wade: I remember when you turned on me. I was competing to win my first WWE Championship in a steel cage match. You came out to what I thought was help me. Instead you threw me from the top of the cage and I lost. From then on it all went downhill. You pried the Nexus that I had worked on making from my hands and remade them in your image. Or tried to. Heath and Justin were too smart for you. They refused to beat the hell out of each other with those kendo sticks. Your Nexus was based on a personal vendetta, not total domination. You failed Phillip.

    The waiter comes by and pours him another glass of wine, Wade thanking him. He runs a hand through his hair.

    Wade: You brought up that I was going to revert back to my old ways. Your wrong. I would never turn back into that coward. I made a bloody mistake. I wanted the titles so I was reckless. At least I can keep a woman by my side. Belle loves me. You, on the other hand, lost the one woman you seemed to care about. Didn't think I knew about Beth, did you? I know she cheated on you. I know you slept around otherwords. Just like in the ring people started to see how worthless you were. I heard Vince fired you, that's how you ended up here. Ended up alone. You tried to say I was going to end up alone? I have a loving fiance, great friends. You have nothing.

    He drinks again, this time his eyes darker. He puts the glass down and dabs at his mouth with a napkin.

    Wade: I will demolish you in the ring Phillip. No one will be there to save you. I, however, will be able to leave with a loving fiance and two best friends. You shouldn't be worried about getting into my head, you should be worried about me kicking your teeth down your throat. Maybe I'll even have a beer or glass of wine on your behalf.

    The camera fades out on Wade lifting his glass in toasting fashion.

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    Post  Vitani on Tue Apr 24, 2012 12:35 am

    The camera opens on the outside of a locker room, CWA interviewer Casey knocking on the door. He waits for a minute and no reply is heard, so he slowly opens the door and goes in, the camera following. The room appears empty when they first walk in, the clock on the wall showing there’s still a few hours before the show’s set to start. The camera slowly pans across the room, finally resting on Vitani, who’s sitting on a chair with her head in her hands; her bag with her wrestling gear on the floor beside it.

    Casey: *softly* Vitani…?

    Vitani slowly lifts her head, a sad look on her face, though she doesn’t look as if she’s been crying like the previous week.

    Vitani: Oh, hello Casey. *she smiles a little*

    Casey: Hey …we’ve been looking for you for hours. We tried your hotel room, asked some of the others there, we checked at cafes….the gym…

    Vitani: I know, sorry. …I didn’t exactly make it easy. I figured here would be the best place to go to get some peace, until everyone starts showing up here that is.

    Casey: Are you alright?

    Vitani: *sighs and nods* I guess so… obviously I’m upset about what happened with Cody, but that’s why I’m here. I wanted somewhere quiet where I could focus and get in the right mindset for this tag team match.

    Casey: Right, *nods* you’re working with someone you haven’t before…

    Vitani: Yes, I’m working with Drew McIntyre this week. I’m actually looking quite forward to it, he’s very skilled and like he said, our styles compliment each other’s. I’ll admit I was worried he’d turn out to be like some of the other men and just assume he can win without a tag partner because I’m female, but I admit I was wrong. I have a lot of respect for the man, for both his wrestling skills and how well he’s dealt with the situation he’s in, despite his rival being the person he’s up against. I’d hate to see how the two of them would be if they didn’t restrain themselves… *she pulls a face, looking worried*

    Casey: Yeah… *pulls a face as he thinks about it* I wouldn’t really want to get in the way of that.

    Vitani: I don’t mind fighting Nolee, I’ve done it before; but I’m a little worried about getting in the ring with Sheamus. With Drew in the match I’m sure he’ll be eager to get his hands on him and I’ve seen what he’s done to people like Amy. I’m glad I’m on Drew’s side though, because if anyone could stop Sheamus while he’s angry, I’m sure it will be him. *she smiles a little*

    Casey: So you think you’ll win then?

    Vitani: Oh of course, I’m sure we’ll be a great team; Drew even seemed to think so. We’re both smart and don’t let our personal feelings get in the way of matches as much as Nolee and Sheamus do, so we already have an advantage. I don’t plan on screwing Drew over either, I don’t have any personal ties to this match that would cause me to even consider it. I’m just going to go out there and do what I always do, put on a show for the fans and try my hardest to win. Now if you don’t mind Casey, I’d like to start getting ready.

    Casey: *nods* Sure, good luck in your match.

    Vitani smiles and thanks Casey, the two hugging before Casey leaves, the camera fading out.

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    Post  Sheamus on Tue Apr 24, 2012 2:18 am

    The camera comes up on Nolee, dressed in an oversized Sheamus t-shirt, and her hair messy. She sits on the edge of the bed and yawns. Sheamus is already up, which is unlike him and he comes over with a coffee in his hand and offers it to her.

    Sheamus: Hey.

    Nolee: Oh...thanks...*smiles at him*

    Sheamus: *smiles and sits beside her* Did you sleep okay?

    Nolee: Slept fine. You? *sips the coffee* and why are you up?

    Sheamus: I’ve been up for a while, couldn’t sleep.

    Nolee: Why darlin?

    Sheamus: *shrugs* Just… thinking…

    Nolee: About what?

    Sheamus: Work, mostly.

    Nolee: Our match?

    Sheamus: Yeah. *nods*

    Nolee: You’re not worried are you?

    Sheamus: Um… maybe a little?

    Nolee: Why? You've beat Drew before.

    Sheamus: I’ve also lost to him before too.

    Nolee: True...

    Sheamus: Oh… and there’s that part where he hates me. *says half jokingly*

    Nolee: *sighs* Shea....don't worry about that...

    Sheamus: I have to though; we’re up against him this week, together. *hinting that he’s annoyed about the last tag match*

    Nolee: Shea...what I said in that promo...

    Sheamus: What about it?

    Nolee: *softly* I didn't mean I chose him...

    Sheamus: I know that, or yeh wouldn’t be here.

    Nolee: *kisses his cheek* So, tell me, what plan do you want to take for this match?

    Sheamus: Um…not the usual one, I lost to him last time and I’d rather not again.

    Nolee: You focus on Vi then, I'll focus on Drew.

    Sheamus: Didn’t he say he didn’t want to fight yeh though?

    Nolee: Drew says he doesn't want a lot of things but...but I won't let him hurt you...or vice versa...

    Sheamus: *sighs* You do know right that the only reason I haven’t gone after him like I did Lucas, is because you care about him…?

    Nolee: *nods* Yes and I thank you for that. Let’s just win okay?

    Sheamus: *nods* Of course, why wouldn’t we win?

    Nolee: *shrugs* Hey, why don't I shower and we can go on a date?

    Sheamus: *grins and nods* We can do that.

    Nolee smiles and takes her duffle bag into the bathroom so she can change, the camera starting to fade out.
    Angel James
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    Post  Angel James on Wed Apr 25, 2012 4:43 pm

    The camera fades in on Angel James in her locker room, the Vixxen talking on her cell phone in Italian. She spends a few more minutes talking before hanging up and smiling at the camera.

    Angel: Sorry about the wait, I was talking to one of my brothers in Italy.

    Pete: *smiles* It is ok, we had to set up anyway, so I take it that everything is going okay with your dad?

    Angel: Mostly okay, I talk to my brothers more then him.... But he and I have been having some serious talks.

    Pete: *nods* I hear you are fighting the new Vixxen this week, what do you think of that?

    Angel: I have been watching her Indy tape and I have to think we will have a great match together. She is good in the ring and we have a simulre ring style, so I am excited for our match. *smiles*

    Pete: Did you see her promo?

    Angel: Yes I did and I have to say I love seeing her little one, such a sweet little thing. She is a very brave woman to raise a son on her own and I respect that about her. *sees Petey in the doorway* I think I have to cut this short now my friend, I will talk to you later.

    Pete: *smiles and nods* Of course, see you later.

    Angel smiles before standing and walking over to Petey, the camera slowly fading out.

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