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    11/14/11 Monday Night Carnage promos


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    11/14/11 Monday Night Carnage promos Empty 11/14/11 Monday Night Carnage promos

    Post  Admin on Mon Nov 14, 2011 9:09 pm

    Promos are due no later than Saturday Night at Midnight

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    Post  Admin on Tue Nov 15, 2011 6:54 pm

    We open up on Lucas waving out his window to a black SUV that is pulling out of his driveway. There is a meloncholy look on his face as he turns from the window as the car drives out of sight.

    Lucas: *poliet smile* Had to send Emily and Lyssa home with their mother. I still haven't gotten use to having to send my little girls home. They were the only things that got me through prison, them and my ex-wife.

    He leads us into the weight room of his home. It's walls are covered in sports memorabillia including a Washington Nationals baseball jersey and a poster from one of the first Muhammad Ali vs "Smokin" Joe Frazier fights. One wall is just mirrors, full length from the floor to the ceiling. In the center of the room sits a treadmill, different pieces of weights, and a punching bag sitting around his room.

    Lucas: I admire how close my next opponent, Angel James, was to her mother. Family is a very important thing. In fact, to me, family is the most important thing. Also, I know what it's like to lose a parent. My father, Jackson Turner, raised me. When he died, I was in prison. They wouldn't allow me to go to the funeral. Feel lucky, Angel, that you were allowed to go to your mothers.

    He sits on a bench, picking up a set of ten pound barbells in both hands. Lucas starts lifting as he continues to speak.

    Lucas: Like I said, I'll be facing Angel James. Problems abound on my side. For starters, since my match with Sheamus at Hell To Pay I've been on a hell of a losing streak. Rumor seems to be that I've gone soft. Let me reinforce the truth, I am NOT soft. I'm a family man but that means nothing. Anyways, other factors do come into play. Angel, she's a number one contender. Granteed, she's only a contender for the Vixxens title but it still counts and its still impressive.

    Lucas trades the ten pound weights for twenty pound weights. He looks at the camera.

    Lucas: So I'll admit, Vi demolished me. I somehow managed to lose to Miss Summers. She's a good athelete, quick. Thats how I managed to not be able to land a hit on her. Angel is the same way, she's quick and hard to land a hit on. That doesn't matter. I've been training more than just my muscles. I've watched every tape of every match you've had here in the CWA, back in Ring Of Honor, even back in Shimmer. Know what I've realized Angle? When you like your opponent your soft.

    Lucas smiles as he puts down the weights and clasps his hands on his knees.

    Lucas: Do you remember when you first came to the CWA? Nolee met Sheamus and by association, I met you. Sure, Nolee was my main crush but I'm man enough to admit I found you beautiful. You have a certain air to you, a grace that none of the others have. I like to think each of the Vixxens remind me of a creature. Nolee is beautiful and soft, like a deer. Belle is fierce and powerful, like a tiger. Vitani is entergetic and hyper, like a rabbit. But you? You're fierce and beautiful. You're a black widow. You're beautiful to gaze at from afar but as soon as your enemy gets close you strike and destroy your opponent. I like that about you.

    Lucas reaches down and picks up the 30 pound weights. Again he starts lifting effortlessly.

    Lucas: I'm hoping you like me Angel. Not because you'll go soft on me but because I like you. I like your styler. You, unlike other girls, have what it takes to one day be the first ever female CWA champion. This match, though, is going to put me back on the map. Out match is gonna be how I get back on track with my career. I hope you understand that. None of this is personal. Now, if you will excuse me, I got some cardiac training to do.

    Lucas crosses over to the treadmill and pushes a button and Slipknot's "Before I Forget" blares, Lucas beginning to work out as the camera fades.

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    Post  Admin on Tue Nov 15, 2011 7:29 pm

    We open up on what appears to be a music studio. Carter is in the recording room, dressed in a tan cowboy hat, a black leather coat, a black shirt which has the phrase "Born and Raised Country Proud" on it, and blue jeans. As we listen we can hear what he's singing.

    Carter: If you wanna drive a big limousine I'll buy the longest one you've ever seen I'll buy you tall tall trees And all the water in the seas I'm a fool fool fool for you

    Carter finishes playing on the guitar and a voice comes over the speaker.

    Voice: Thank you Mr. Lacroix. There is a Peter Branaugh from the CWA here to see you.

    Carter smiles and walks into the main room where a man is working on the sound board while Pete sits on a plush couch with his camera resting on it's tri-pod.

    Pete: Well look at you Mister Up and Coming Country Star! I heard you singing that Alan Jackson song! Glad you got your record deal!

    Carter: Man I'm sorry you couldn't do this with me. We started music together. This is our thing.

    Pete: *laughs* Hey man, it's cool. You can take me with you if you ever go on tour.

    Carter: Yeah that sounds about right...considering I never told dad I was recording. How do you think it would look if one of his superstars released an album?

    Pete: C'mon man, Cena released an album when he was a star in the WWE and it helped his career. This will be good, at least you're having fun, huh?

    Carter: Cena's albym was different. He had a rap album, kids and teens like that kinda stuff. Country? Unless it's lovey dovey pop country they don't like it. This album is pure country. *laughs* But you don't wanna talk about that. You wanna talk about my ring work.

    Pete: Actually...there's something else I want to get out of the way first...

    Carter: *opening a bottle of water* Yeah?

    Pete: What is Lucas black mailing you with? Listen man, whatever it is you can tell me and I won't judge you.

    Cater: I don't want to talk about it.

    Pete: Cater, listen, everyone has a secret...

    Carter: I said I didn't want to talk about it Peter. It's personal and I don't want to talk about it. Lucas found out and I'll be damned if anyone finds out from that jerk!

    Pete: Alright, alright. So you got a match with Justin Gabriel coming up? How are you and Justin's relationship outside of the ring?

    Carter: Me and Gabriel? We haven't talked but I think he's pretty cool. And I'm friends with Heath Slater so I have no doubt Justin and I can be friends. Heath doesn't date assholes.

    Pete: You and Heath close?

    Carter: *takes a drink of his water* Good friends, we connect on that southern thing.

    Pete: So you impressed by Justin in the ring?

    Carter: He's a damn good athelete. For some reason a lot of people seem to think the 450 Splash is what defines Justin. They are so wrong. It's Justin that defines the 450 Splash. He's got a lot of flash and pizzaz that mixes in with his speed, agility, and strenght. Justin knows how to show his fans a good time. I may not use flashy moves but I do showboat. Hell, look at my entrance. I drive a frickin truck to the ring.

    Pete: *laughs* I like your truck man.

    Carter: *grins* So do the fans, it's part of why I drive it. Anyways, Justin and I both love out fans. We won't cheat because it's just not right, for starters, and because it's cheap to the fans. They pay good money to come see us. It's wrong to deny them great matches. I'm not sure if I can beat him, my past few matches have been losses. All I know is that I can go out there and give Justin every ounce of a good match that I can.

    Pete: There's just one more thing I gotta ask.

    Carter: And that is?

    Pete: Whats going on with your crush on Christian?

    Carter is about to answer as one of the tech guys turns around in his chair.

    Techie: Carter can you go sit for your next set? Keith Urban is going to be here soon for his set.

    Carter: *grins* No problem. *he smirks at Pete* Well I gotta get going. Nice talking to you!

    Pete: Oh c'mon this is so not fair!

    Carter laughs and gives Pete a brotherly hug before walking back into the room. We here Pete grumbling as he turns the camera off.

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    We see a beautiful silver Celtic knotwork pendant attached to a black thread necklace, laying against delicate skin. As we pan out, we see Nolee is smiling into a little handheld mirror, applying gold eyeshadow that makes her blue eyes pop. We pan out even more and we can see she's sitting in her hotel room, seemingly getting ready for something. She's wearing a tight gold dress and no shoes. Her hair is wrapped in a towel.[i]

    Nolee: *as she finishes putting her eyeshadow on she smiles* Thanks again for delivering this present from Sheamus, Petey! It looks so good.

    Pete: *smiles as he sets the camera down on the nightstand* Hey, if I wouldn't of he probably would have kicked my ass. I mean, after what he did to Casey...

    Nolee: *frowns* I saw that. He...I love Sheamus but a lot of the time he lets his anger get the better of him. I understand that he was upset because of what Casey said about not only Keiran but what Casey said about me. But I'm a big girl. I can take care of myself. Casey had an opinion, I respect that.

    Pete: *smiles and sits on the bed next to Nolee* You're such a sweet person. I woulda let Sheamus beat the hell out of Casey for saying what he said.

    Nolee: That just makes me look like I can't handle it. He and Carter always think they have to run to save me! I feel so helpless sometimes.

    Pete: But your not Nols. Your strong, the Vixxens champion. You're totally capable of taking care of yourself.

    Nolee: Thanks Pete. *smiles as she grabs a tube of ruby red lipstick and applies it* I look okay?

    Pete: Oh yes you do. *smiles* So, you and Sheamus have a tag team match this week against Belle and Wade.

    Nolee: Yeah, it's a match thats forever in the making. I'm glad we can do it though. We'll get to see who the better couple is. *she pauses, stands, and removes the towel* Can you braid hair Petey?

    Pete: *laughs* Actually I can. I have two little sisters. *he grabs Nolee's brush and two ponytail holders* So you think you and Sheamus can work well together?

    Nolee: I do actually. See, Shea and I have a relationship that's most based on trust and communication. We listen to each other, we understand each other. Belle and Wade? Sure they have a nice relationship but it's based on lust. I don't think Wade has ever loved anyone or anything, expect himself.

    Pete: I hear they really love each other. They havne't had the fights like you and Shea have. *continues to braid her hair*

    Nolee: *sighs* That...I was just being insecure. All my close friends from Nashville are getting married and having babies. I just..ugh...I get all emotional over nothing sometimes.

    Pete: We all do, we all do. Worried about facing Wade?

    Nolee: *smiles* I know I can beat Belle. But Barrett. He's meaner than a snake. He...he can be an ass. He can hurt people in more ways than most because of his bare knuckle background. He's...he's intimidating. I don't get intimidated easily either...

    Pete: That bare knuckle background is scary as hell. He...he can throw down. But you and Shea? You guys are great atheletes.

    Nolee: Hey now, don't count Belle out. She gave me a great run for my money for this title. I respect her. She even beat Carter last week, I don't think I could do that.

    Pete: So, where are you going tonight? *finishes braiding her hair*

    Nolee: Manchester has a great nightlife. Sheamus and I are going on a date. We haven't been on one in so long...

    Pete: Good for you guys!

    [i]Nolee stands up and slides on silver gladiator heels. She grabs a silver clutch purse.

    Nolee: Well I have to get going. Good to see you Pete. I'll call you later. Okay?

    Pete: *hugs Nolee* Get going girl.

    Nolee leaves the hotel room as Pete shuts the camera off.

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    We see something that looks like a village out of a fairytale. The houses are large, with nice cars parked outside and white picket fences. The streets are cobblestone but only one man walks down them. He's wearing a black coat with a high collar and slacks with penny loafer shoes. That man is Wade Barrett. He rests outside a house, looking at it.

    Wade: Welcome to Preston, England. It's where I was born, in this very house. It's a fairytale town in England. And yet fairytales have dark spots. Mine was my family.

    Wade stares at the house, obviously contemplating something. He opens the gate, walks to the door, and unlocks it with a key. Inside it looks like a mansion, everything seeming expensive.

    Wade: I wasn't born Wade Barrett, I was born Stu Bennet. I was an only child, born to a socialite who was stuck on the past and a drunken factory worker. My father only paid attention to me when he wanted to beat me. My mother paid maids to pay attention to me.

    He starts climbing the staircase to go upstairs. Along the way we pass pictures of Wade with the Nexus, Wade smiling with just Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater, Wade standing with his arm around Sheamus' waist, and Wade with Belle.

    Wade: Before I was in the WWE, I was a bareknuckle boxer. I spent my time in the streets of Manchester, fighting for many. Because of the illegality of my profession, I was often arrested. My mother had maids bail me out. I had no family, I had nothing. Until I met him.

    Wade stops at a picture of him and Sheamus at Christmas, kissing underneath a mistletoe. There's a silent pause as Wade's hand touches the picture.

    Wade: Sheamus...Stephen Farrelly...meant the world to me. I wanted to die before I met him. He gave me a reason to keep living. He pressure me to go to college. I did. I followed a passion of mine, marine biology. All the while, Sheamus at my side as we followed our passions of being wrestlers.

    He keeps moving up the stairs, walking down a hall until he gets to yet another staircase.

    Wade: We were strained and ended it when I created the Nexus. It broke me inside but I moved forward for my new cause. I wanted myself and these young gentlemen to acchieve our dreams. That went double for Justin and Heath. They were like younger brothers to me. I did everything for them. Thats why their betrayl felt so hurtful. I did everything for them, they found Punk to be the more pragmatic leader.

    He opens the door at the top of a dark staircase, revealing the attic. He smiles and flips on the light as he slowly crossed the floor.

    Wade: Then there was The Corre. By then I had felt loss so many times I didn't care. I ordered them around, I'll admit. But still, for some reason I was hurt when Heath and Justin left.

    He gets to the only window in the room and opens the shutters, the light filtering in through the windows. He sits on the windowsill, a great view of the city behind him.

    Wade: A few things Justin said struck a cord with me. "Have you actually stopped and thought about what your colossal sized ego has done to your life outside of work?" and "Belle must be pretty patient to still be with you. Don't be surprised if she isn't for much longer". But the kicker, "before you ruin every good thing you have left, stop and think about what you're doing before it's to late and we all just give up on and leave you."

    There is another silent pause as worry crosses his face.

    Wade: *almost tearfully* I can't lose Belle. She's what means the world to me. I'd kill for her. I've had darkness in my life, in my soul. But Belle...she's my light. So this week I'll show her why I'm worth loving. That darkness in my soul, in my heart, it'll be gone. friend...thank you. You reminded me I'm human.

    He closes his eyes, letting the warm sunlight cross his face as a true, genuine smile crosses his lips.

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    *Camera opens on Belle and Amy sitting at a table in catering. There is a plate of fruits in the middle with both girls eating from it. It appears they are laughing together and catching up with each other. Slowly sound starts to come on just as Amy asks a question*

    Amy: So what was with Nolee getting involved in your match last week? I mean that's like something you would do,not the other way around.

    Belle:She has no clue who she is messing with. Her or Carter. He played to my soft side and promised an honest match. I won't be fooled again.We were having a good match and then that happens. Well,no more Mrs.Nice Belle

    Amy:*eats a grape thoughtfully before speaking slowly* It seemed he was shocked too...What if he didn't know?

    Belle:Then he can come and speak to me. Not like I have been hiding or can leave.We have been here in England all week. Appearances have been made and I even sat next to him at one point. He said nothing.

    Amy:Maybe because your always with Wade? After all,it has been a rather special week hasn't it? *grins and glances to Belle's hand* And Wade would kill Carter if he keeps cheating like this against you,imagine if you got hurt.

    Belle:*smiles and nods* It has it has. Still,Wade wouldn't hurt Carter without my word. I vowed my emotions wouldn't get the best of me but I make no promises this week. Nolee has gotten on my last nerve and she has no clue what that means.I won't jst lay down and take it.Never have,never will.

    Amy:Belle...You remember last time you went to that dark side? You almost killed her.There is a line between reacting and overreacting.It's a thin line.

    Belle:Thats a bit of an exagerastion. Breaking her rib cage is not killing her. She kept coming at me and I put her in her place. And this barbie's place is on the shelf. *chews a strawberry and a ring glints from her finger* Wrapped in a nice little box never to come out of it again.

    Amy:Do I have to be there to snap you out of it again? Don't need her dead. Im not going to come on the road just to be alone.

    Belle:It would teach her right to mess with me. Think she is all big and bad because she is dating Sheamus. Thats fine. At least I don't doubt my relationship with Wade every time Im with him. I know he loves me but I don't think Nolee truly trusts and doesn't doubt Sheamus.That doubt is going to be her downfall.

    Amy: Doubt makes for a messy tag team. Especially if she doesn't trust him. It will start to seep into her wrestling. Her mind will be other places.Her mind other places will lead to making mistakes.

    Belle:And like a tiger,I will strike. She has no clue what she has unleashed.Those mistakes may not appear tonight but they will. And when they will I will be there. As a champion her acting like she is shows she is scared. Well she can be scared,I will give her something to fear.

    *Fades from the side as Belle continues to smirk. Amy nods while eating a grape.They go on speaking as the sound too fades. The last sound is of the mix laughter coming from them sounding like two teenage girls*

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    *Walking backstage we see Amy Hennigan wheeling her bag behind her. Her hair is pulled up into a hair tie and the camera follows her into her locker room. Maria comes into the picture and taps Amy on the shoulder.*

    Amy:*jumps slightly and pulls out her head phones* Yes? Can I help you?

    Maria: Well first,welcome to CWA. Wonderful to have you here. Second,can I ask you some questions?

    Amy:Thanks for the welcome. I suppose I have time for some questions....*trails off trying to remember her name*

    Maria: It's Maria. And my question is why are you just coming here now? Your brother and best friend have been here for a while.

    Amy:Well,I had some stuff at home. Not to mention I was finishing college. I promised my dad I would do that before coming on the road.

    Maria:You seem very nice and approachable. How did someone like you become friends with someone like Belle?

    Amy:*smile drops and she glares at Maria* Someone like Belle? Do you have any idea what she has done? She has dedication like no one else in this damn business. She holds true to her beliefs and she may not go about it the way you want but damn if she doesn't get things done.

    Maria:*shrinks back* How did you meet though?

    Amy: She saved my life. I was being dumb and practicing parkour alone when I fell. I almost snapped my neck. I must have been laying there when she came in. She had never even met me before and she stayed with me until the ambulance came. See,Johnny was sick. She saved me.

    Maria:That is a side of Belle we have yet to truly see except for when she is with her boyfriend,Wade Barrett. Is there a certain way for anyone to bring that out?

    Amy:Belle shows that side to those she deems worthy. Whether or not I agree with whom she does is not the point.

    Maria:Well your facing Christian tonight. He is the CWA champion so any concerns?

    Amy:Concerns?No. He is just another guy with or without that belt. He has never been in the ring with me. Myself? I have been watching his matches lately so I have a pretty good idea how to get an upper hand.

    Maria:Your wrestling is very similar to his so any worries that you just might not be able to put this one away?He has faced your brother as well and you,as his sister,are very alike in the ring.

    Amy:Not really. My brother taught me but I have my own twist to it. I respect what Christian does but he has never met a force like me. Now if you will get out,I have to get ready. *smiles and walks camera out before closing the door*

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    Post  Sheamus on Wed Nov 16, 2011 11:25 pm

    Sheamus is seen pacing nervously in his hotel room, dressed nicely. As the person holding the camera comes closer, Sheamus can be heard mumbling to himself in Irish. He stops suddenly when he notices he’s not alone and looks at the camera.

    Sheamus: *sighs* Did yeh really have to come now? Couldn’t it wait until I’m not preoccupied with more personal things…?

    Cameraman: Sorry Sheamus, but we have to…

    Sheamus: Have to yes, but not right now. Like I said, I have other things on my mind.

    Cameraman: Like your date with Nolee? *Sheamus raises an eyebrow* …I was talking to Pete…

    Sheamus: Oh…of course yeh were…all the more reason why yeh should know I’m busy…

    Cameraman: *sighs* It’ll only take a few minutes Sheamus.

    Sheamus: *rolls his eyes* Fine. Hurry up then.

    Cameraman: So, you’re against Wade & Belle…

    Sheamus: Yes, we are. It’s about time I say. Yeh think Jerry and the others would have set up this match when Belle was still feuding with Nolee & I was still…against Wade.

    Cameraman: Why the hesitation?

    Sheamus: Well I was never really against him; or at least I didn’t want to be. Wade just took something I said the wrong way and assumed I was done with the team. I was annoyed yes, but I never hated him…

    Cameraman: Oh…So have you seen his promo for this match?

    Sheamus: *nods* I have. It’s nice to see what Justin said got through to Wade, but I’m still finding it hard to believe, after all the things Wade’s done recently, that this isn’t another of his mind games.

    Cameraman: Why’s that?

    Sheamus: Do yeh not pay attention to what goes on around here?

    Cameraman: *slowly*…do you mean the photos?

    Sheamus: Yes I mean the photos! *shakes his head* What else would I mean? *after a pause* …either it is another mind game and he’s just being an ass, as usual or he really does mean what he said…*he lowers his voice, almost mumbling* …meaning he has no idea…

    There’s a silence as Sheamus goes to sit on the couch that’s in the room; camera following him.

    Cameraman: No idea of what…?

    Sheamus: *realizes the cameraman heard what he said* Oh…nothin’. It doesn’t matter…

    Cameraman: Actually it does, you are in a match against Wade & Belle, remember?

    Sheamus: I know. But I’m still not talking about it. *sighs* When will you people understand that I don’t like yeh messing in my personal life? About the match itself though; I’ve beaten Belle before, as Wade pointed out last week. He seems to think I’m some sort of ass that would purposely hurt Belle as soon as she steps into the ring with me. If that were true I would have hurt Belle when I was against her in our one on one match. Belle seems to think Nolee doesn’t completely trust me… Sure there was that one night I slipped up, but that was before I’d even properly started dating Nolee…

    Cameraman: What about Angel last week?

    Sheamus: *frowns* What do yeh mean last week? She’s my friend and that’s all she’s ever been. After what Kane did to me, I promised Angel I’d help her out if she needed it because I care about my friends. It’s not like I haven’t done it before. I helped Nolee when Belle attacked her during a match with Kane.

    Cameraman: Right, sorry…

    Sheamus: *looks annoyed* Why would yeh even bother asking anyway? I’m with Nolee & Angel’s with Petey. Now stop asking. Once again, you’re talking about my personal life instead of the match.

    Cameraman: Okay, okay; I’ll stop. So who do you think will win?

    Sheamus: Well I could be biased and straight out say Nolee and I, but Wade & Belle have just as much of a chance as we do, if not…to be honest, more.

    Cameraman: Why would you say that your opponents have more of a chance?

    Sheamus: One simple reason, which I’m actually willing to admit. Neither I nor Nolee have beaten Wade in a match here. Yes I’ve beaten Wade before, back before we came here, but not since then. That shows that either I’m not as good as I used to be; or that he’s just gotten tougher…which I’m more likely to believe. But that would be because he closed himself off from the rest of us, which supposedly now, he’s fixing. So if that’s true, maybe that’ll mean Wade won’t be as tough, maybe he’ll go back to how he used to be…if that’s so and it ends up the reason we beat Wade and Belle, I’ll have to thank Justin. Now, if yeh don’t mind…I’d like to finish getting ready to go out.

    Cameraman: Right, of course…

    The camera zooms in briefly on Sheamus’ face as he smiles and then the camera fades out.

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    Post  Christian on Thu Nov 17, 2011 4:05 am

    The camera fades in on a lovely wooded area in Manchester, England, it slowly pans around before stopping on two men sitting on the grass. The camera zooms in on the men, revealing them to be CWA Champion Christian and his best friend and manager Edge. Christian smiles as he spots his fellow Canadian and friend Casey.

    Casey: *smiles as he walks up* Hey Christian, Edge.

    Christian: *stands up* Hey Casey, what's up?

    Casey: Nothing much, but I was hoping to ask a few questions... If it is okay?

    Christian: *nods with a smile* Yeah sure, ask away.

    Casey: So where was your friend and manager Edge last week? He didn't walk out to the ring with you.

    Christian: He decided it would be best to follow Sheamus's suggestion and stayed backstage.

    Casey: *nods nervously* It is normally best to follow Sheamus's suggestions. *pauses* So what do you think about your opponent for this week? And the promo she put out there?

    Christian: Well I have not meet her yet, she seems nice enough. But I have a few problems with her promo to tell you the truth. At one point she said: "He has never been in the ring with me. Myself? I have been watching his matches lately so I have a pretty good idea how to get an upper hand." See she is contradicting herself, she is acting like watching my matches will give her a special edge over me. And while it is true I have never been in the ring with her does not mean she has any special edge. You see I have watched her matches too, both her stuff from WWE and TNA. And I have seen how she usually tries to get the upper hand over people with the same or similar style to mine. *pauses* She also said: "But he has never met a force like me." Implying that she is stronger or better than any of us here, which frankly I find hard to believe. But maybe I am wrong, maybe she is the strongest or the best person out there. But that still doesn't mean she will find it is easy to beat me, I have proven that many times.

    Casey: Are you offended by what she said?

    Christian: In a way I am, but only a little, I have dealt with people trying to insult me before and I don't think she meant too. She only spoke her mind and what she believed, I refuse to fault her for that or hold a grudge. I like people to speak their minds, but I do prefer that they have all their fact's right when they do.

    Casey goes to ask another question, but loses his train of thought when he sees the dark clouds in the sky.

    Casey: Maybe we should move the interview to a new location, looks like a storm is near.

    Christian: *nods* There is a pub near here that we can go to.

    Casey nods and the camera cuts to black before cutting to a new scene of Christian, Edge and Casey sitting at a table in a pub.

    Casey: Well now that we're settled again I have one or two more questions to ask. What are your plans for now? And what do you think, will you be having any more feuds in the near future?

    Christian: My only plans right now is to try to and make it though this title defence, and to tag team with Jeff when he is healed up. And unless Kane or somebody decides to attack for no reason or decides they have a problem with me, then no feuds are in the foreseeable future. *smiles*

    Casey: Will you and your tag partner Jeff be trying for the tag titles?

    Christian: *smiles and nods* Hopefully, if Jeff wants to go for them with me.

    Casey: *smiles* Well I think I have enough, thanks again for taking the time.

    Christian: You want to stay and have some lunch with me and Edge?

    Casey: Sounds good.

    Christian smiles as the three of them pick up their menus and start looking. The camera slowly fades out on the three Canadians.

    Justin Gabriel
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    Post  Justin Gabriel on Thu Nov 17, 2011 9:39 pm

    Justin is seen moving away from the camera, having just switched it on. He’s wearing dark jeans and a hooded jacket; a scarf around his neck. Behind him, a large fountain can be seen, along with people either walking around or sitting by the fountain.

    Justin: Wow…I can’t believe I forgot how cold it gets up here… *he pulls a face* For those who don’t know, I lived up here for five years after leaving school and…losing my father. I wrestled while I lived up here and also continued studying. This is the first time I’ve been to the UK since, where I’ve actually had time to go out and actually see the place; because with the other company you barely had time to sleep before you were back on a plane or wrestling at a show again.

    He pauses and does up his jacket more, shivering slightly.

    Justin: I heard I’m up against Carter this week, a man I’ve not even spoken to yet… At least he has nothing against me though and actually understands that I shouldn’t be defined by a move I do.

    He shivers again, mumbling something in his native Afrikaans language.

    Justin: It’s good to know that, like me, you wouldn’t plan on cheating in our match Carter; I could tell from your reaction that you had no part in Nolee’s plans last week. From what I’ve seen of you onscreen I highly doubt you’re the kind of person who’d do that…besides I talked to Heath and he said you’re a good guy. On the other hand, Lucas says he has something to use against you… *after a brief pause* I’m not going to bother asking what it is, you’ve already made it clear that you’d rather not talk about it. Do you really think though that the fans would judge you for whatever it is? The CWA fans, who so far haven’t treated us any differently since we…or others…have revealed that we don’t all date Divas like they assume we would? If you truly do think that these fans of all people would judge you for what Lucas knows, then either you’re worrying too much…or it really is something bad…

    He pulls a face and sneezes before continuing.

    Justin: Stupid cold…Anyway, if I were you Carter, I’d find a way to outsmart Lucas and get to him before he can use anything against you…I’m sure he of all people has done much worse than you have. Beat him at his own game, or do what I did with Wade and reason with him; it worked for me a lot better than I thought it would…

    He comes closer to the camera.

    Justin: Before I end up sick, I’m gonna end this and head back to my nice warm hotel room… I look forward to our match Carter. Oh, and congratulations on the record deal.

    He smiles before moving to switch off the camera.
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    The camera fades in on Angel in her locker room with her boyfriend Petey. Angel is watching Petey pace, as Lucas's promo plays in the background. She sighs softly as Petey mutters, she finally turns the promo off and looks at her boyfriend.

    Angel: Petey love, please calm done for at least a minute.

    Petey: *sighs and sits down* Sorry Angel....

    Angel: It is okay Petey.

    Petey: *takes her hand* So what are your feeling's on what he said Angel?

    Angel: *flushes softly* Well I have to admit part of me was a little flattered at being called beautiful and strong. But then I started to really listen to what Lucas was saying, I started to get a little upset and a little angry. *her face grows a little dark* He said: "I am hoping you like me Angel. Not because you will go soft on me, but because I like you." As I recall with the last women he liked, he stalked her boyfriend and got into fights with him. And just because he couldn't take that she didn't want him the way he wanted her. Is he going to do the same thing with you and me? Is he going to go digging though our personal lives like he did Sheamus's?

    Angel pauses and grits her teeth, before continuing.

    Angel: And the way he has acted towards the women of is company and even some of the smaller men like Jamie Noble is nothing short of disgusting. Like we are nothing but stepping stones and that he is better because he is bigger. Frankly he and his rage reminds me of Wade and his ego. Only he uses his rage to attack any random target instead of attacking an obsession like Wade.

    Angel gets up and starts pacing back and forth angrily.

    Angel: And then he has the nerve to bring my momma up and then try to tell me I was lucky to go to her funeral. Yes it is sad that he didn't get to go to his fathers, but at least he had the rest of his family there for him, I only had you, Alex and Chris there for me. No one else, my whole world was gone. He had children to go back too when he got out. I only had my job and three dear friends to fall back on.

    Angel stops and takes a deep breath. She closes her eyes before opening them again, a dark look in her eyes.

    Angel: He was right in one way though, I am like a black widow in a way. I do strike and destroy my opponents, but I also like to lay traps for my opponents. I use the fact that they think I am weak against them and I use my speed to frustrate them into making a mistake.

    Angel sits down next to Petey, laying her head on his shoulder. She waits until she is calm again before looking at Petey. Petey smiles at her, Angel smiles back.

    Angel: Thankfully soon I will be past this match and on my way, away from Lucas and his mind games.

    Petey: *nods* And closer to winning the title, if all goes as planned.

    Angel: *smiles and nods* Come on let's get out of here, I need some fresh air to clear my mind.

    Petey smiles and nods, before standing up. Angel stands up and takes Petey's hand, leading him towards the door. The camera slowly fades out as the two of them walk out the door.


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    Post  Kane on Fri Nov 18, 2011 5:31 pm

    Kane: Women, all they want to match me against is women. Do they really think I'm going to take it easier on them? he laughs as he takes a seat.Rubbish is what it is. I'm here to make people pay and put them in extreme pain and if they want to waste their women on me then so be it. I don't want no feminist groups coming after me after I plant her into the mat and leave her there for everyone to star at. They better keep plenty of medical on hand, I'm getting restless and when that happens, everyone suffers. He gets back up and slams from the room, a very vehement closing to one of his shorter interviews.

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    The camera opens on Vitani who, like last time, is sitting; Cody pacing angrily in the background. This time, however, they appear to be in a hotel room, Vitani seated on a couch. She’s wearing a dark pair of jeans and a ‘dashing’ Cody Rhodes t-shirt, merchandise from the McMahons’ company. Her legs are crossed, feet resting on the small coffee table.

    Vitani: Sorry about him Pete, I tried to get him to go out for a walk while we did this…

    Pete: Its ok, it’s pretty cold out there so I wouldn’t recommend it anyway. So, you’re up against Kane…?

    Vitani: Shh! Don’t remind him of-

    Cody: *angry* How could they make her face that madman? ‘They better keep plenty of medical on hand’…

    Cody continues pacing, ranting angrily about the match, Kane and various other things.

    Vitani: I’m so sorry Pete… *she shakes her head, sighing* So, the match… I’m not annoyed about it like he is, but I am a little hesitant to get in the ring with the man after his past few matches. On the upside though, he doesn’t try to flirt with every female he’s against, like Lucas does…

    She pauses and looks over at the still ranting Cody.

    Vitani: Maybe we should just not worry about this…I should try calm him down…

    Pete: Sure, I’ll see you another time then…

    Vitani nods and gets up, going over to Cody as the camera fades out.

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