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    6-4-12 Monday Night Carnage Results


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    6-4-12 Monday Night Carnage Results Empty 6-4-12 Monday Night Carnage Results

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    The opening pyrotechnics of Monday Night Carnage go off and the fans scream, holding up signs to promote their favorite Vixxens and Warriors before panning to our lovable ring announcers. Terry Funk is ready to talk but Val looks to be typing away at a text message.

    Terry: I'm Terry Funk and this is Val Venis!

    Val: *sounds preoccupied* Uh-huh.

    Terry: Your not paying a lick of attention are you?

    Val: Sure I am.

    Terry: Then what was I saying?

    Val: *doesn't look up from his text message* Don't know, wasn't listening.

    Terry: Anyways folks we're going to have a lot of great matches tonight, including the one you're about to see with the debute of our newest Vixxen.

    Val: *suddenly looks up from his phone* Did you say Vixxen?

    Terry: I dunno what I'm going to do with you sometimes.

    The camera pans to the ring where Gail Kim stands, ready for her match. Heavy Prey by Lacey Sturm starts playing. The lighting goes to bright red and gold hues as Mariana Thomas steps out to the entrance stage. She runs down the ramp, playfully high fiving fans. When she gets in the ring, she spins, akin to what one of her mentors (Shawn Michaels) use to do. She grins and looks around at the fans before extending a hand to Gail who shakes hands with her before referee Hanna Beckford signals for the bell to ring.

    Mariana Thomas vs Gail Kim

    Mariana Irish whips Gail into a turnbuckle and then runs at her for a high knee. Gail lifts a foot and hits Mariana in the chest. She stumbles backwards and Gail cartwheels out of the cornere. Mariana and Gail trade chops in the center of the ring before Mariana backs up against the ropes and bounces off with a hard clothesline. Mariana goes to her corner and, perhaps in homage to her trainer, starts to stomp her foot on the mat as if she is tuning up the band. When Gail gets up, Mariana lands Sweet Chin Music before going for the pin.

    Winner: Mariana Thomas via pinfall

    Nolee is waiting backstage after Mariana's match, arms crossed against her chest. When Mari walks through the curtain she clears her throat.

    Nolee: So who hired you, daddy or Carter?

    Mariana: Does it matter? I'm here now and I'm going to leave my mark. Whether you like it or not.

    Nolee: Lets face it, one match against a jobber isn't gonna make your mark. I was the second champion here, Mari. That's leaving a mark. Why don't you face a real opponent next week?

    Mariana: I hope you're not suggesting I face you, because that's not a real opponent.

    Nolee: Oh Mari, honey, you're not ready to face me yet. You've been behind a desk for far to long to get into the ring with the current co-champ. *pats the title on her shoulder* No. Why don't you step into that ring against oh...*grins* Sheamus?

    Mariana: I think you underestimate me, Nolee. You should give credit where credit is due. But, if you really want me to face your boy-toy instead of you then I guess I will. Just remember that when I come out of that match victorious, I want to face you. Fair and square THIS time. *Smiles an angry smile, shrugs her shoulders.*

    Nolee: *glares* First of all, lets get things straight. Sheamus and I are in love. Whatever you have going on with Jensen, your little bodyguard, is him being your boy toy. Have you not kept attention with this show? If not, I'm not the little girl that I used to be. I'm all grown up now Mari. As for last time, well, we all know that what happened was NOT my fault.

    Mariana: *Her tone icy* How exactly wasn't is your fault? I told you to stop, I told you something wasn't right! You didn't listen! You never listen! And you cost Jensen and me something precious! You know what he means to me, and you know what you took from us. I don't care if you've grown up, that will never go away. You took a life!

    Nolee: *shouts back* I was in training! I didn't think you one could have ever expected that Mari! And I swear to God if you ruin this good thing I have going on here, ruin my relationship with Sheamus, I'll make sure daddy buries you so deep under other talent that you'll never get a title shot!

    Mariana: *Fiercely* We were friends! How could you think I would lie! Had I ever done that to you before? Never! Some of the blame rests with me, yes. I should have gone to the doctor just to be sure, but when I told you to stop... This has stayed with me and Jensen for all this time and it will stay with us forever. If I'm strong enough to survive that, then I'm strong enough to survive anything you or "daddy" can throw my way. If I want the title, I'll get it. Just wait and see.

    Nolee: *frowns* So Carter gave you the job huh? What, does he think you'll show him how to run the place? I'm actually shocked you haven't already started messing around with another superstar. Then again, Cena's not here. *cold look* Anyways, I have a real match to get ready for soon.

    Mariana: Carter wants advice, yes. But I told him I wanted no part of the feud. I didn't come here to mess up EVERYONE's career. As for Cena, you don't know anything. We flirted, yes but Cena flirts with everyone. We are too much alike to date. Besides, Jensen and I have been through too much to throw it all away. You wouldn't know anything about that though. Good luck. Break a leg tonight. *says last part with a sarcastic hopefulness.*

    Nolee: *rounds on her* How dare you say I don't know enough to throw it all away! I love Sheamus! I know what love is, Mari. *flips her hair* I don't need luck against Justin Gabriel. Good luck on fixing that ugly hairdo.

    Nolee turns on her heels and walks away.

    Mariana: *shakes her head* Well that was mature.

    The camera fades to a commercial.


    The camera returns to a shot of the ring as Warrior by Distrubed plays. Wade has a harsh scowl on his face, not accompanied by Justin Gabriel or Heath Slater as he walks to the ring. He looks like the cold, calculated Wade Barrett of the past and not the Wade Barrett he's grown to be. He gets in the ring and gestures for a microphone.

    Wade: First off, Justin and Heath are not here tonight nor will they be for a while. You see, Heath and Justin are spending time with Justin's family in South Africa for a while. Now that that's out of the way I would like to talk about my opponent for the pay-per-view. Phillip seems to think it's okay to anger me. He seems to think that getting me in a steel cage is a good idea. That I won't arrise at every opportunity to destroy him. He's wrong. Three weeks Phillip. In three weeks we have our July ppv. You and I will meet in a steel cage and I will have MY championship back around my waist.

    He tosses the microphone down as Loyal To No One starts playing. Sheamus heads out to the ring without his usual smile. He gets in and slaps his chest before yelling his usual war cry. The two friends stare at each other before referee Josh Hamlin signals for the bell to be run, signifing the start of the match.

    Wade Barrett vs Sheamus

    The two men lock up, Barrett getting the upper hand and applying a head lock. Sheamus elbows him in the gut and Wade lets go. Sheamus backs up against the ropes and bounces off for a clothesline to Barrett's chest which knocks the Brit over. Sheamus hauls him up by his hair and tosses him into the corner. Barrett has one arm on the left middle rope and the other on the right middle rope while he is slumped over in the corner. Sheamus hammers away with sharp, stinging kicks to the midsection. He backs up to the opposite corner and then runs at Sheamus, only to be met by nothin as Barrett has rolled out of the way. He attempts the pin, rolling Sheamus up only to get a two count. Wade runs a hand through his hair and stands, turning his back to the entrance ramp. He pulls Sheamus up for a powerful belly to back suplex. As soon as Wade is up off the mat, a figure is seen running down the ramp. It's CM Punk. He enters the ring and lands a heavy kick to Wade's temple which downs the big man. The ref sees and rings for the bell to be rung to end the match.

    Winner: Wade Barrett via disqualification

    Punk wastes no time as he starts giving Wade powerful kicks to the head and arms. Referee Josh Hamling tries to get Punk away but all that does is give Wade time to get up. As soon as Punk starts toward him again, Wade meets him with a punch reminiscent of his days as a bare knuckle boxer in England. He swiftly escapes the ring after words, not wanting to give Punk time to start after him. The camera fades to Jerry Lawler is walking down the hall when he sees Christian standing by the medics office. A sneer comes over his face and he walks over.

    Jerry: What are you doing here? I thought they told you already that you couldn't have pain killers.

    Christian: *sighs quietly* I-I was just having them look it over before the match.....

    Jerry: What did they have to say? *smirks* You know, I could give you the match off tonight if you decided to join us. Hell, I could even get Dr. Ronan to give you some painkillers.

    Christian: *swallows hard* Why do you want me to hurt him? I love him.....

    Jerry: He thinks he can just come in and take over my spot as CEO! He thinks that I'll just give it up without a fight. I need strong competitors to fight for me Christian. You're the longest reigning CWA Champion. Think about it, you could be CWA Champion again if you just joined up with me.

    Carter walks towards the pair wearing his ring gear, getting ready to accompany his tag team partner Kane to the ring and then fight in his own match.

    Carter: What's going on here?

    Jerry: *sneers* Son.

    Carter: *ignores Jerry* He botherin you?

    Jay: I'm fine...... thinking about just forgoing the check up for my shoulder.....

    Carter: You should really get that check up. *grins* I mean, I'll need my future star to be healed up for the future.

    Christian holds his shoulder, glancing at Jerry nervously.

    Carter: *grins and kisses Christian's hand* Go rest up. Me and Adam will deal with him.

    Christian nods and walks down the hallway as Adam watches from further back. Carter turns to Jerry and gives him a cold look, towering over him.

    Carter: Now you listen to me dad and you listen good. I want you to leave him the hell alone. He doesn't deserve this kind of treatment. And if you don't, I got a buddy whose willing to kick your ass. *gestures to Edge* Are we at an understanding?

    Jerry: *sneers* Fine, we're at an understanding.

    Adam glares at Jerry.

    Jerry: *smirks* Don't be so tense Adam. Wouldn't want you to end up in that ring.

    Jerry smirks and leaves.

    Adan: *growls* that is it! I am calling Terry and Tommy!

    Carter: We'll be able to handle this Adam. Now you go check on Jay, I have to get ready to go out to the ring with Kane.

    Carter turns and leaves as the camera fades to a shot of the ring. "Getting Away With Murder" starts playing and Lucas stalks out to the ring, Jerry Lawler following him. He rolls his shoulders and looks back at Jerry who gives him a confident smile before looking back in the ring. He gets in and Jerry goes to sit next to Terry. Kane's opening pyrotechnics go off but Lucas doesn't seem to be fased by it. Kane walks out, followed by his tag team partner Carter, and Kane gets in the ring while Carter stands in his corner.

    Lucas Turner vs 1/2 Tag Team Champions Kane

    The two men circle each other, carefully calculating what the other will do next and at the same time being careful not to telegraph any movements. Lucas takes a step forward, Kane takes a step back, then Kane takes a step forward and Lucas takes a step back. The crowd begins to grow restless as the match is purely a mental game in the opening minute. They finally draw closer and immediately engage a lock up. Kane takes a quick advantage and spins to Lucas' back, he smiles but suddenly Lucas drops down and sweeps his leg into a kneebar. He twists the knee but Kane refuses to cringe before turning over and using his other leg to kick himself out of the hold and moving back onto his feet. Kane has clearly studied Lucas's style well. Lucas makes it back to his feet and they lock up once again, this time Lucas takes the advantage and also spins to Kane's back and hits a german suplex. He runs to the ropes the and bounces off to give himself more momentum but Kane counters with his infamous choak hold. Lucas manages to kick out of the pin and pushes Kane into referee Hank Mitchell which takes the older gentleman out. In that matter of time, Jerry springs to his feet and enters the ring, kicking and hitting Kane with moves. Carter enters the ring to protect his tag team partner but is met by the left hook. Another referee, Josh Hamlin, is sent to the ring as Jerry leaves. Lucas, thinking he has gotten the upper hand, goes to pin Kane but the older man pops up and stands, hand wrapped around Lucas' throat. Right as Carter is coming to, he manages to see his tag team partner pin Lucas.

    Winner: 1/2 Tag Team Champions Kane via pinfall

    Kane lifts his title into the air as Carter raises his hand, Kane patting Carter on the shoulder and moving to sit ringside, Jerry and Lucas having vacated the ring. Broken Dreams starts playing and Drew walks out to a pop. Carter looks tired and he knows his opponent will capitalize on it if given the chance. He wipes a hand at his face and shakes his head as Drew gets into the ring.

    1/2 Tag Team Champions Carter Lacroix vs Drew McIntyre

    Drew slowly walks to Carter as he stares into eyes with his one good eye. Carter grins as he slowly walks towards Drew. Drew and Carter tie up. Carter quickly knees Drew in the stomach and irish whips him across the ring to the ropes. Drew hits the ropes and comes running back. Carter goes for a boot but Drew baseball slides to avoid it. Drew gets behind Carter and rises up. Just as Carter turns around, Drew hits Carter with a knife edge chop . Drew then lifts Carter up hitting a scoop slam on him. Drew eyes him carefully as Carter gets back up as Drew ties up with Carter and knees him in the stomach. Drew attempts to hit a knee to the temple as he has Carter bent over but Carter surprises everyone by flipping Drew over his back. He then applies the Cowboy Clutch, weakening his opponent. When that doesn’t work on getting the victory, he manages to land a choak slam to his opponent, reminiscent of what his tag team partner just pulled on Lucas. He then rolls Drew for the pin.

    Winner: ½ Tag Team Champions Carter Lacroix via pinfall


    The cameras come back from commercial to show Dia Banks in the ring as “Dancing With Myself” plays. She looks ready to go and as “This What Rock and Roll Looks Like” begins to play, her smile never waivers. She watches as Vitani makes her way to the ring and when the other woman is in she approaches her. Vitani keeps her guard but Dia smiles and holds up her hands as if to say they’re cool before she extends a hand for her opponent to shake, mouthing “good luck”.

    Dia Banks vs Co-Vixxens Champion Vitani Summers

    They lock up in the center of the ring and Dia gets a side headlock. Dia tightens and Vitani runs Dia into the turnbuckle. Dia blocks herself from hitting too hard and keeps the side headlock applied. Vitani counters into a back suplex but Dia again tightens and goes back into the same position. Finally Vitani shoves Dia into the ropes and hits a nice overhead hip toss. Vitani follows with a run off the ropes but Dia lands a leg lariat and covers but kick out before one. Dia grabs Vitani and sends her into the ropes. Vitani ducks a forearm and hits a backbreaker. Vitani then goes to the top turnbuckle and flies off for a flying forearm! She lands and covers but Dia kicks out at one and a quarter. Vitani irish whips his opponent into the ropes but it's reversed. Vitani ducks a swooping right hook and runs off the other side. Dia is ready though and ducks a running forearm from Xavier and hits a falling neckbreaker! Dia heads to the top turnbuckle. With Vitani rising to his feet, Dia flies off and lands a top rope flying crossbody but as she’s coming down Vitani hits a surprise insiguri and then the roll up.

    Winner: Co Vixxens Champion Vitani Summers via pinfall

    Vitani helps Dia up and the two girls hug before Dia heads backstage to let Vitani celebrate her win in the ring. Dia is walking backstage after her match when she see's Punk waiting backstage for her. When he spots Dia, Punk pulls out his headphones and turns off his music, moving away from the wall he'd been leaning against. Dia smiles lightly and nods at him.

    Dia: Punk, I thought for certain you'd be getting ready for your match tonight. Instead your standing backstage waiting for me. Why?

    Punk: Because I wanted to talk to you, obviously.

    Dia: *mocking surprised* What? I never would have been able to guess that! *chuckles* What about?

    Punk: *rolls his eyes* What do you think?

    Dia: Our match. *grins* Gettin' cold feet? Colt definitly wouldn't be.

    Punk: No, I'm not. You don't need to go comparing me to him either.

    Dia: Is that a bit of bitterness I detect in your voice? *crosses her arms over her chest* I'm not Lacroix, I don't intimidate easily.
    Phil: Oh don't worry, I didn't think you were.

    Dia: So you want to talk about this match? Why? You and I both know we'll do a hell of a match.

    Punk: Of course I know; I just wanted to warn you....incase Wade decides to try and attack me again... *doesn't want to admit he's worried about his own anger towards Wade ruining the match*

    Dia: Oh like you did earlier tonight in his match against Sheamus? *looks around and steps closer to him* Look, Punk, you know I don't want to see you hurt but if you keep doing shit like this something bad is gonna happen...

    Phil: I know, I just... *frowns, running a hand through his hair*

    Dia: You have nothing to prove to these people. You have nothing to prove to yourself. Your great in the ring, I'm great in the ring. We'll put on a great show. *hesitates* Talked to Colt lately?

    Phil: I know we are. *nods* A little.

    Dia: He...he doing well? I haven't talked to him since ROH...I should call him...

    Phil: He's fine. *smiles* You probably should, I'm sure he'd like to hear from you.

    Dia: *nods and sighs* Anyways, you just wanted to let me know not to worry about Wade? Anything else on your mind champ?

    Punk: Um...not really?

    Dia: *smiles and nods* Well I do have a little one to look after. Pete was looking after him. Um...come around sometime. You and Colt.
    Phil: *slowly nods* Right, um sure...

    Dia smiles and pats his hand before she walks off, the camera following Punk to the ring as “Cult of Personality” plays and he makes his way out to his match. The fans scream and he gets down to one knee, checks a fake watch, and then screams “it’s clobberin’ time” before getting up and making his way to the ring. He smiles and looks to the ramp as Dale Oliver’s “Take Over” begins to play, Christian making his way out to the ring with Edge. When Christian gets into the ring, Punk thrusts the CWA Championship in the air and screams “best in the world” before Christian does the same thing with the Five Nations championship. Both men hand their titles to referee Vincent Mangano who then signals for the bell to be rung.

    CWA Champion CM Punk vs Five Nations Champion Christian w/ Edge

    Punk and Cameron tie up in the middle of the ring, Punk uses his strength advantage to send Christian flying backwards and there are a smattering of boo's from the fans. Punk and Christian go to tie up again but Punk connects with a brutal kick to the gut dropping Christian to one knee. Punk grabs Christian and shoots him off the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Christian ducks it. Punk quickly turns around and goes for it again but Christian ducks that and jumps towards the ropes and bounces off flying backwards and hits a springboard DDT on Punk. Christian using his veteran instinct, tries to capitalize quickly and goes for the cover but Punk powers him off before the ref can count. Christian climbs up to the top rope and flys off and hits a missle dropkick rocking Punk., Christian bounces off with a clothesline and that sends Punk down. Smirking, he shoots Edge a look and then gets into spear position. Punk rolls out of the ring and Christian starts after him as “Warrior” plays for the second time in the night. Wade makes his way out to the ring but instead of attacking Punk, he attacks Christian and Vincent rolls his eyes, signalling for the bell to be run.

    Winner: Christian via pinfall

    Seeing everyone’s shocked expression, Wade smirks and grabs the mic that is laying near the apron.

    Wade: I wasn’t going to be stupid enough to give you a win like you gave me. If it means I have to take out the whole damn locker room, Phillip, I will. Your belt is mine in three weeks. Mark my words.
    Punk smirks and shakes his head as he grabs his title and thrusts it into the air, the show ending with the two men staring each other down.

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