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    6-19-12 Monday Night Carnage Results


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    6-19-12 Monday Night Carnage Results Empty 6-19-12 Monday Night Carnage Results

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    Instead of the show opening up on the usual shot of the fans and announcers, we open up on Carter Lacroix sitting on the corner of Jerry Lawler’s desk. He’s dressed in his ring gear, giving a small smirk to the camera.

    Carter: Don’t adjust your tv sets this is indeed Monday Night Carnage. You see, I took over for pops tonight and I made our card for the ppv. So while tonight is pretty much set up, the pay-per-view is going to be a fun time. We’re going to have a mix of second chances, or third in Wade’s case, as well as first times for everything. Summer Heat will be a memorable pay-per-view. Now lets not waste time from the show.

    The camera goes to a shot of the ring as “Loyal To No One” plays and Sheamus, with Nolee by his side, walks out to the ring. The couple holds hands, Nolee holding the ring ropes open for Sheamus before going over to the announcers table and sitting by Val and Terry. “Heavy Prey” plays and out walks Mariana Thomas. She grins happily and does her usual homage to Shawn before getting in the ring and shooting the DX Crotch Chop Nolee and Sheamus’ way before refer Hanna Beckford signals for the bell to ring.

    Sheamus w/Nolee Lacroix vs Mariana Thomas

    Sheamus grins over at Nolee and that gives Mariana the opportunity she needs to get the upper hand. She attacks Sheamus from behind, taking him down at the knees. Sheamus falls to the mat and Mari applies an armbar. Sheamus rolls over, rolling her for a pin which Mari easily kicks out of. Both competitors get to their feet and lock up, Sheamus using his brute strength to toss her into the turnbuckle. He hits her with a hard knee to the gut and she doubles over in pain, Sheamus then hitting a hard knee to the face. Mari falls to the mat and Sheamus pulls her up by the hair, tossing her into the ropes and preforming a scoop slam. He backs up to the nearest turnbuckle and slaps his chest while screaming Brogue. He goes for the kick but Mari ducks under it and when he turns, she hits a standing dropkick to his knee. Sheamus goes down to one knee and this time it’s his turn to go on the defensive. Mari runs back against the ropes and launches herself to bring a leg down on the back of his neck, propelling him face first to the mat. Mari stands and tauntingly looks at Nolee as she backs into the corner to tune up the band, mouthing the words ‘your next’ before coming at Sheamus with Sweet Chin Music. She then rolls him up for the pin.

    Winner: Mariana Thomas via pinfall

    Nolee walks backstage with Sheamus obviously furious. She turns to him and shouts.

    Nolee: How could you lose!? To her of all people!?

    Sheamus: *frowns, sounding irritated* It's a little hard to focus on someone else's feud when my own family's going through one of their own back home.

    Nolee: Oh that’s right, you’re more concerned about Ireland still. God, why don’t you just stay there!?

    Sheamus: I could have, but I chose to come and support you instead, even though the world doesn't revolve around you and your problems!

    Nolee: I told you what happened between Mari and I but I know the world doesn’t revolve around me and my problems.

    Sheamus: Oh you do? *raises an eyebrow* Sometimes it's hard to tell.

    Nolee looks angry and hurt, raising a hand to slap him across the face. Sheamus grabs Nolee's wrist to stop her, pulling Nolee closer to kiss her instead. Nolee pulls away at first, shocked by his roughness but then smirks and lets the kiss continue for a moment more.

    Nolee: And what exactly is that for?

    Sheamus: Because I love you... *he gives a small smile* ...and I missed you.

    Nolee: *confused* I was going to slap you across the face and you grab my arm and kiss me more passionately than you ever have all because you missed me?

    Sheamus: *nods* Yes.

    Nolee: *clings to him, hand rubbing up and down his arm* You know I’m still upset about losing to Mari but I love you. What do you say to dinner?

    Sheamus: I wouldn't mind a quiet night in, but dinner is good.

    Nolee: *as she and Sheamus walk into the distance* Never said we were going out to dinner. Imma cook. And then I'll make sure you're aching muscles get a massage. *smiles*

    The camera fades out on the two as they walk into another area backstage. The camera fades back in on the ring as “I Like It” by Lacuna Coil starts playing as Angel, looking more determined than ever, makes her way to the ring. She slides in the ring and looks over the crowd before Kane’s opening pyrotechnics play and he comes onto the ramp. He climbs in and looks over Angel, a smirk playing on his lips.

    Angel James vs ½ CWA Tag Team Champions Kane

    Kane grins and looks at Angel, gesturing for her to come at him with all she’s got. Angel runs at him with a clothesline but it doesn’t phase him at all. He laughs at her and easily picks her up for a choakslam before trapping her down with a foot.

    Winner: ½ Tag Team Champions Kane

    Kane smirks and helps Angel stand before the two walk backstage, Kane actually looking nice for once as the camera fades out to the first commercial break.

    Dia and Louis are walking backstage, Dia having a hand on Louis’ so she doesn’t pull away. They see Christian, who is getting ready to get out to the ring for his match and Louis tugs on Dia’s hand.

    Louis: Momma! Momma that’s Chwistian!

    Dia: Yes dear. That’s who I was looking for.

    Dia walks up behind Christian and taps his good shoulder, hoping that she didn’t frighten him.

    Dia: Christian can I have a word?

    Christian: *turns around with a friendly but worried smile* Yes?

    Dia: *smiles* Christian, hi. I don’t think we’ve officially met. I’m Dia Banks, one of the two new girls. This is my son Louis. I…I wanted to ask you a few things.

    Louis: *smiles and giggles* He Chwistian!

    Christian: *smiles at Louis* Yes I am kiddo, and its nice to meet you, so what are your questions?

    Dia: *smiles but hesitates* Um...this thing with Jerry. I get why you don't join him but...aren't you scared he'll end your career if Carter fails?

    Christian: No.... I'm not, see he begged me to come here... And he gave me a better contract then he should of....

    Dia: *frowns*'re one of his champions...

    Christian: I earned that, that was the one thing I made sure he didn't put in the contract.

    Dia: *blushes* Oh I didn't mean that you didn't earn it!

    Christian: *smiles* I know, but I wanted to make sure you knew.

    Dia: I hope Jerry doesn’t hurt you kid. Um, I was wondering, I need someone to look after Louis tonight when I go face Phil. Can you?

    Christian: *smiles* I would love too!

    Louis: You gonna baby sit me?

    Dia: *nods* He is darlin.

    Christian: I am kiddo.

    Louis: Yay!

    Dia: *smiles* Well I’ve gotta get in my locker room. I just got here.

    Dia picks up Louis and the two walk away as the camera fades out. The camera fades back to the ring as Warrior by Disturbed starts playing and Wade Barrett walks to the ring. The fans boo him and he gets in the ring, not letting it get to him. He looks around and smirks as “Take Over” by Dale Oliver begins to play. Christian makes his way to the ring, Edge by his side, and as soon as he gets in, Wade hits him with a knee to the face. He angrily attacks, not caring as the ref tells him to get off of Christian. Wade finally stops, content with the damage he has already caused as the referee calls for the bell to be rung.

    Wade Barrett vs Five Nations Champion Christian w/Edge

    As soon as the bell rings, Wade goes back to his vicious assault. This time, there is something the ref can do and when Wade does not stop kicking Christian in the head the ref signals for the bell to ring.

    Winner: Christian via disqualification.

    Wade doesn’t look like he’s going to stop until “Cult of Personality” starts playing and Punk runs to the ring. Wade immediately takes off through the crowd, Punk and Edge helping Christian up and backstage as the camera follows Wade out of the arena.

    Pete: Wade, Wade can we get a few questions?

    Wade: *aggravated* No you can’t get any bloody questions Pete! I’m running!

    Pete: From?

    Punk’s voice: Barrett!

    Wade: *eyes grow wide* That!

    Wade takes off, getting in his limo that peels out of the parking lot as Punk’s furious face can be seen on the camera. It fades to a shot of the ring as Getting Away With Murder blares over the loudspeakers of the arena. Lucas Turner stalks to the ring, ignoring the remarks the fans make as he gets into the ring. His eyes are cold and he shows no signs of weakness. “Broken Dreams” by Shaman’s Harvest begins to play and Drew McIntyre, with the fans cheering for him, walks down to the ring. He smirks and poses before looking at Lucas with a taunting smirk.

    Drew McIntyre vs Lucas Turner

    The men lock up, Lucas getting the early head start. He locks Drew in a headlock and the Scotsman elbows him in the ribs with a good shot. Lucas stumbles into the ring ropes but refuses to let go of Drew, instead slamming him to the mat with a bulldog. He smirks and waits for Drew to get to his knees before hitting a nasty boot to his chest. When Drew goes back down, Lucas grabs his arm and pulls him up before throwing him into the ring ropes and hitting a hard forearm to the Scot’s chest before he goes down for yet a third time. This time when he stands, however, Drew is met by a hard left hook to the temple and then trapped underneath Lucas’ boot.

    Winner: Lucas Turner via pinfall.


    When the camera comes back from commercial, Carter is seen walking backstage about to go to his match when he sees Mariana Thomas, now in civilian clothes, waiting to talk to him.

    Carter: Mari, hey! Nice win out there!

    Mari: You. Me. Talk. NOW. No if-ands-or buts about it.

    Her face is frustrated. Her arms crossed over her chest, a hip thrown out to the side, and an eyebrow arched. She is all attitude. Carter sighs and nods.

    Carter: What’s on your mind? I gave you your match against sis. You should be happy!

    Mari: *rolls her eyes* You gave me the match but you failed to tell me you gave your sister the tool she needs to cheat. *she puts emphasis on the word tool*

    Carter: Mari, Nols came to me and practically begged for Sheamus to be out there. She didn’t look like she intended to use him to cheat. What do you want me to do?

    Mariana seems to look pleased at the idea that Nolee had begged for Sheamus’ presence.

    Mari: Let Jensen come out with me. Make it fair.

    Carter: Let a gun wielding over protective bodyguard come to the ring? Do you want me to face a lawsuit?

    Mari: *rolls her eyes again* Then make him hand it over or something! It's only fair! You know I'm right. *points an accusitory finger at him*

    Carter: *tosses his hands up in defeat* Fine, fine. As long as he unloads his weapon then he can come.

    Mari: Fine! No more surprises, you got it? Or you can officially count me out for giving you advice. This it too important to me to let you screw it up.

    Carter: *nods* Sorry I sprung that on you. Can I get to my match now?

    Mari: Fine. Go. *she sighs*

    Carter: *smiles and claps a hand to her shoulder* Maybe I’ll meet up with you and Jensen for drinks.

    The camera fades out as Carter walks away and fades to a shot of the ring. “What Rock And Roll Looks Like” starts to play and Vitani Summers dances out to the ring. She smiles and gives fans high fives before she rolls into the ring and looks at the entrance, waiting for Carter. “That’s How Country Boys Roll” starts playing and the sound of a truck horn is sounded before Carter drives out in his faithful red pick up truck, now sporting a ‘Carter for CEO’ sticker on the hood, before line dancing down to the ring and smiling at Vitani. The two friends shake hands and the bell rings.

    Co-Vixxens Champion Vitani Summers vs ½ Tag Team Champions Carter Lacroix

    They exchange words for a moment before they tie up, Carter walking Vitani into the corner and hitting her with a few hard chops. He backs off of her and goes for a spear but his shoulder hits the steel post as she moves out of the way. You can practically hear Carter scream in pain and he rolls out of the ring onto the cold, hard floor. Vitani follows and looks concerned for her friend, not meaning to have hurt him so badly. She asks if Carter wants to continue and he nods, grabbing her in a chokehold but not moving back into the ring. Vitani elbows him in the gut but Carter won’t let go. Vitani looks to be aggravated and pushes him towards the ring steps but Carter responds in the worst way, accidentally slamming her onto the concrete floor. Almost as soon as he does it, he realizes what he has done. He looks at the ref and shouts for a medic to be called, worried about his friend.

    Winner: Both Competitors are Not Able To Compete

    The medics rush Vitani backstage and Carter follows, looking very concerned as the camera fades to the announcers table.

    Val: Oh man I hope Vi’s okay.

    Terry: Me to! She’s got a match at Summer Heat against Dia Banks and I’m quite sure that Dia will capitalize on any injury that Vitani has.

    Val: And did you see the look on Punk’s face when he went after Wade? That Steel Cage match is going to be the event of the year!

    Terry: Now let’s get back to the action.

    “Hell on Heels” by The Pistol Annies starts and Nolee walks out to the ring, Sheamus following her closely. She gives a cute smile at the fans, who still boo her, before rolling her eyes and looking at Sheamus who kisses her cheek before holding the ring ropes open like she did for him and then going to sit by Val and Terry. “Whatever’s Real” by The High Crusade begins to play and Alex Shelley walks out, confident and more determined than he has been in recent history. He gets in the ring and smirks at Nolee before mouthing, “Your man lost. Your next.”

    Alex Shelley vs Co-Vixxens Champion Nolee Lacroix

    Nolee smirks and slaps Alex across the face. Alex doesn’t take to kindly to that and spears Nolee, punching her in the face as the ref signals for them to stop. Nolee rolls him so he’s on his back, slamming her own fist into his face. It’s obvious this is no longer about fairly winning. She gets up and signals for Sheamus to hand her the chair he’s sitting in. Sheamus grins and does so, only Nolee turns around to see that Mariana is standing outside of the ring for Alex, who she has handed his own steel chair. Nolee drops hers to the mat and flees with Sheamus, shooting an angry look to Mari as she leaves.

    Winner: Alex Shelley by count out

    We see Dia smiling and talking to Christian, who is feeling much better though he has a wrap around his head, Louis sitting in Christian’s lap. She smiles and waves goodbye, the screen splitting to Dia on one side and CM Punk on the other as the camera fades to commercial.


    As the cameras come back from commercial, Dia is standing in the ring as her theme “Dancing With Myself” plays. She grins and poses in the ring, looking over at the audience where Colt Cabana is holding up a sign that says “Dia’s Home Boy”. He grins at her and nods enthusiastically. “Cult of Personality” starts to play and Punk walks out, Colt dropping the sign that promotes Dia to one that says “Colt of Personality”. Dia laughs and waits for her other close friend to get in the ring before she hugs him and then goes to her own corner.

    Dia Banks vs CWA Champion CM Punk

    Before he goes toward her, both competitors raise one fist above their head and proclaim “best in the world!” After that the match is under way. Punk is trying to stay out of the way of any submission move that Dia might apply to him but Dia gets close enough to grab his arm and twist it around his back. Punk uses that to flip her over his back. He grins and grabs her arm, tossing her into the ring ropes and hitting her with a big boot to her chest. Dia falls backwards but rolls to her feet, standing as Punk comes towards her again. He goes to grab for her but she rolls out of the way and ends up behind him, rushing at his legs. He falls backwards and instead of going for a leg lock, she applies a chinlock, making sure to put pressure on where Sheamus kicked him earlier in the week, knowing that’s her one chance to make him tap. Punk fights to get to the ropes but when he realizes it’s a useless attempt, he taps out.

    Winner: Dia Banks via pinfall

    Dia looks shocked as she lets go of Punk, helping him to his feet. He rubs his jaw but looks at her mouthing ‘you bitch’. Dia playfully shoves his shoulder and the duo go over the the audience, climbing over the barricade and walking off with Dia holding onto both Colt and Punk’s arms as the cameras fade to black.

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