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    3/12/12 Monday Night Carnage Results


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    3/12/12 Monday Night Carnage Results Empty 3/12/12 Monday Night Carnage Results

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    The beginning pyro goes off as the camera sweeps over the crowd. They smile and hold up the signs for their favorite superstars. The camera then sweeps over to the announcers booth and shows not only the usual Terry Funk and Val Venis but another man that the fans know all to well. Sitting in between Val Venis and Terry Funk is The Rock. He has a grin on his face and is wearing one of his Boots To Asses shirts that the fans of the other company have grown to love.

    Val: I'm Val Venis.

    Terry: I'm Terry Funk.

    The Rock: And I'm the jaboni beating, pie eating, trailblazing, eyebrow raising people's champion and you are watching everyone's favorite show on their second favorite brand: Monday Night Carnage.

    Val: See Terry, didn't I tell you having him guest announce was a great idea!

    Terry: *looks at Val, completely ignoring the camera* Something like that...

    The Rock: Would you two stop it, The Rock knows what the people wants. The Rock knows they wanna see their first match of the night!

    "Getting Away With Murder" by Papa Roach starts playing and Lucas heads to the ring. He stops and turns to look at the entrance, waving his hand for someone to come on out. They walk to the ring and Lucas waits for Christian to open the ring ropes for him before getting in the ring, Christian doing so afterwords. They step into the ring, Lucas giving Christian orders as the shared theme song of Solstice, Wade Barrett and Justin Gabriel, begins to play. Wade walks out first, followed closely by Justin Gabriel and then Heath Slater. The three stalk to the ring and Justin and Wade get in. Wade and Justin talk for a few before Wade pats Justin on the shoulder before turning to look at Christian who is standing in the ring.

    Lucas Turner and Christian vs CWA Tag Team Champions Wade Barrett and Justin Gabriel

    The bell rings and we are under way. Wade and Christian are in a collar and elbow tie up and Christian hits the arm drag. Christian poses and does his peep search as Wade shakes his head in disgust. Christian goes to shake Wade's hand, but Wade kicks it away. They lock up again and this time Wade gets the arm drag. Wade goes go shake Christian's hand again, and this time Wade goes to shake. Wade doesn't let go and whips Christian into the turnbuckle. Having seen enough, Lucas tags himself in.

    Lucas picks Wade up for what looks like a slam, but drops his throat across the top rope and Wade roles to the outside. Lucas quickly climbs to the top turnbuckle and hits a flying double Ax Handle to the outside. Lucas rolls Wade into the ring and then turns, hitting Justin across the temple with a hard left hook so he doesn't have to deal with him later. Lucas then turns to Wade, who has pushed himself up to his knees, and hits another hard left hook before going for the pin.

    Winners: Lucas Turner and Christian via pinfall

    Lucas grins and turns to Christian, gesturing for him to come into the ring. Christian meekly gets into the ring and Lucas gestures to his hand for Christian to raise it. When Christian does, he grins and looks over at the downed men who Heath seems to be trying to wake before the two men leave. The camera shows an aggrivated Wade Barrett as he wakes up, Heath making sure he's okay. He pushes Heath away and when Justin, who has also gotten up, tries to yell at him, Wade just leaves aggrivated.

    When we come back from commercial break the first thing we see is Jerry Lawler standing in the ring. The crowd roars in excitement, having been a while since we saw the companies owner. He smiles and raises the mic to his lips to signal the crowd to stop talking.

    Jerry: How's everybody doing tonight?

    [i]The crowd roars again and he smiles before he puts the microphone to his mouth again, once again the crowd growing quiet.

    Jerry: I got some bad news for ya'll. Angel James still ain't cleared to compete tonight so the match between Angel James and Belle Moore won't take place. Miss Moore, I'm sorry for the inconvience.

    The crowd boos but he smiles and signals for them to be quiet again.

    Jerry: I thought I'd come on out and tell you about the card for the pay per view. You see, since we didn't have a pay per view in Feburary, I took it upon myself to form the best card imaginable for this one. You'll see soon to be iconic matches such as Sheamus vs Drew McIntyre and the team of Alex Shelly and Christian face off against our tag team champions Wade Barrett and Justin Gabriel.

    The crowd cheers for their favorite superstars and Jerry is barely able to silence them as he raises the microphone to his mouth.

    Jerry: And your CWA Champion Belle Moore will face off against her fiance, former CWA Champion Wade Barrett!

    The fans roar out in surprise and cheer as Jerry leaves the ring, the commercial fading in.[i]


    [i]When the camera comes back to the show, we see Carter Lacroix dressed in his ring gear and pacing the locker room before Nolee enters.

    Nolee: I just heard you can't-

    Carter: Can't challange him? Well I am. Now, sis, I gotta go for my match.

    Carter leaves his locker room and looks cautious, feeling as if someone is around. Kane watches from the darkness, tracking Carter's movement. He knew that he'd have to concentrate on Sheamus, the ginger man was more than a good oponent but he wanted to see what LaCroix was really made of. The county boy cared, and that was something that most times meant that he could use against a person.
    Carter makes his way out to the ring, gesturing for a microphone.

    Carter: Kane, if you can hear this, I want you to know something. You've bothered my family for to long. So dad has set up a match. Me vs you next week at the pay per view. And not only is this a match, oh no. *he smirks* It's no disqualification.

    Kane: *his pyro goes off and he stands on the stage; laughing insanely* You think that a no DQ match is a good idea? That just means that I can hurt you worse than I already intended, that mean that no one can stop me from squishing you like a bug against the floor. But don't think that your buddies can join in, because if one of them step a foot into my match, once you're nothing more than a bleeding lump I'm going to hunt them and take them apart bit by bit.

    Carter: And don't you think that just because I'm not a monster you're going to be able to squash me like a bug. Because I'm going to hurt you for what you've done to my sister. For what you've said about my father.

    Kane: *his laugh is more than a bark* I've not done nothing to your sister...yet. As for your father, he's far from the saintly person you think he is.

    Carter: So he held you back from getting a title. Big deal.

    Kane: It's more than the title LaCroix, a lot more. Your father is responsible for more pain and carnage that took place in the back room than any other self righteious star in the history of the sport.

    Carter: *hesitates, looking like he's faltering for a moment* My father doesn't condone unneeded violence...

    Kane: Your father is a liar. I know him better than anyone LaCroix, I know what he's capable of and how far he's gone in the past.

    Carter: *angry* Your lying!

    Kane: *snorts* You insult me boy. I suggest you learn your facts before you sling names. *he bows mockingly* Until our match LaCroix, I suggest you check your closets and under bed until then.

    Carter: I will destroy you! You better watch your back Kane because I won't wait til our match to get my hands on you.

    Kane: Look me up, anytime anyplace LaCroix. I'm not hard to find.

    Carter: How about right here, right now?

    Kane: *shakes his head* Nah, I wouldn't want you to blame your loss on me because I left you beaten and bloody before hand.

    Carter: *growls* Well until then, loser.

    Kane: *jerks his arm and his ring post pyro's go off* Until then LaCroix

    Carter is jumpy as Kane leaves with a laugh.

    "Loyal To No One" playing as Sheamus walks to the ring. Once on the ramp, Carter pats his shoulder before turning to leave the main area of the arena. Sheamus walks to the ring, smiling over his fans as he thumps his chest a few times before letting out a war cry. The pyrotechnics go off and Kane walks out, looking rather fierce. He gets in the ring and the two men stare each other down before the bell rings.

    Kane vs Sheamus

    Both men lock up and Kane throws Sheamus across the ring like a rag doll! They lock up again, but it is Sheamus with a go behind and he kicks Kane in the back of the leg once, now he kicks him again and Kane is down to one knee. Sheamus grabs Kane's leg and attempts the figure four leg lock, but Kane kicks Sheamus into the turnbuckle pad! Kane pops up and hits a huge suplex.

    Sheamus writhes in pain, clutching at his back as "Broken Dream's" by Shaman's Harvest plays and Drew stands on the ramp. Kane and Sheamus are both distracted by the Scotsmans presence but he just stops and sits next to Val at the announcers table. Kane goes back to pick Sheamus up and lands a sidewalk slam. Kane stands over him and prepares the glove for the chokeslam but when he goes to pick Sheamus up, the Irishman kicks Kane in the gut and the bigger man doubles over. Then, when going for a fireman's carry, Sheamus accidentally knocks Kane's legs against referee Vincent Mangelo and knocks him out. Kane is downed and Sheamus stands over him victorious but this gives Drew the opportunity he came out here for. He gets in the ring and starts to attack Sheamus, finally downing him with a Sidewalk Slam. He then stands over Sheamus and as he sees the ref stirring he pulls Kane over the top of Sheamus before leaving the ring and heading up the ramp.

    Winner: Kane via pinfall

    Drew smirks as he stands on the ramp, Kane stirring and getting up to head to the back. Refs come and help Sheamus up, escorting him to the back. Drew stands on the ramp before heading to the ring, ready for his match. "She's Country" begins to play and Nolee heads out the ring, looking very upset. When she gets in the ring, her and Drew bicker for a bit before she backs into her corner, nodding her readiness at the referee.

    Drew McIntyre vs Nolee Lacroix

    Nolee starts things off, with a big knee to the midsection of Drew, followed by a thunderous elbow sending her opponent to the mat. Drew gets back up and the two lock up again and Drew maneuvers Nolee into the corner. The officials asks for a clean break and it looks like we are about to get one, oh no, Drew with a thumb to the eye. The official gets in Drews face and tells him to back up.Drew from then on takes over, pounding Nolee for about 5 minutes. McIntyre then attempts his Piledriver once again, but this time Nolee takes out the legs sending Drew onto his back. Nolee, while holding Drew's legs, flip’s over into a pinning predicament for a 2 count. Immediately Drew pops up and starts laying the boots into Nolee taking back control over the match. Nolee manages to grab the ropes and the ref brings Drew away from her.

    Nolee manages to stand in the corner and as Drew rushes towards her, she moves out of the way. He hits the metal pole and he lets out a cry of pain. Nolee manages to get behind him and rolls him up for the pin. When he kicks out, she wraps her arms underneath his, locking them behind his head before sending him crashing to the mat face first. She then goes for the pin, rolling up his tights to ensure she gets the win.

    Winner: Nolee Lacroix via pinfall

    Nolee celebrates as the camera cuts to a commercial.


    The camera then switches to the back where Christian is sitting in his locker room, he looks up as someone walks in.Lucas enters the room after having been talking to Jerry, looking frustrated.

    Lucas: Hey.

    Christian: Hey.... whats wrong?

    Lucas: Did they happen to tell you who the hell you're teaming with at the ppv to face for the tag team titles?

    Christian: *looks confused* No.... Why?

    Lucas: Your teaming with Alex Shelley! Shelley!

    Christian: *jumps a little* Alex?

    Lucas: Yes! Why would they do that?!

    Christian: I don't know.....

    Lucas: You mean you didn't ask for it?

    Christian: N-No.... I told you it what I had been told the other week....

    Lucas: *growls* You lyin boy?

    Christian: No.... *is getting nervous*

    Lucas: *growls* Then why don't you tell Jerry you don't want to team with Alex?

    Christian: I...

    Edge: *is standing in the doorway* Why don't you stop being an ass to Jay?

    Lucas: *turns to look at Adam* I'm not being an ass to him. I'm trying to make him see that teaming with that ingrate Alex Shelley isn't whats best for him.

    Edge: No your being on ass..... Just like in your promo when you hurt him.

    Lucas: I didn't hurt him!

    Edge: Yes! You! Did! *growls* He was upset all day and he has a bruise from where you threw him!

    Lucas: *stands* Don't make me spear you again boy. I didn't hurt him. He's lying. Tell him Jay

    Edge: *snorts* One my spear did more damage to you them yours did and two you did it in your stupid promo, the whole world saw you hurt him!

    Lucas: *growls* Better watch how you talk to me..

    Christian: Addy please.... I'll talk to you later just go....

    Lucas smirks triumphantly and waves mockingly at Edge. Edge ignores Lucas and hugs Jay tightly before whispering in his ear and kissing the top of his head. He glares at Lucas before leaving. Lucas smirks, turning to Christian as the camera fades out to a shot of the ring. Austin and Kid Kash are already standing in the ring as Alex's theme song starts to play and he walks out with his tag team partner for the week, Carter Lacroix.

    Carter Lacroix and Alex Shelley vs Austin Aries and Kid Kash

    Carter and Alex come out to a decent reaction. They get in the ring, smirking at their jobber opponents. Austin tries to attack Carter but Alex stops him and tackles him. He starts to hit Austin in the face with punches. Carter pull Alex off of Austin, not wanting for him and his partner to get disqualified and making sure that Alex knows that's the only reason he's pulling Alex off of Austin. Kid Kash enters the ring and attacks Carter, the two starting to fight each other as Austin gets up. When Austin gets up he is nailed in the head by Alex with the Insiguri, who then goes for a quick pin, humiliating Austin.

    Winners: Carter Lacroix and Alex Shelley via pinfall

    Justin is seen sitting in the Solstice locker room, leaning back with his head against the wall. Wade enters the room and goes to his locker, getting into his locker to get his clothes to get ready to shower.

    Wade: Whats wrong with you?

    Justin: *rolls his eyes* What do you think? We lost…and my head hurts.

    Wade: Yeah. Why don't you tough it out? My head hurts to but you don't hear me complaining. *rolls his eyes*

    Justin: I am. I was just saying because you asked.

    Wade: Where's Heath? Did he up and run?

    Justin: No. He’s still here. He just went to get a drink.

    Wade: *nods* So, how bad do you two blame me for losing out there?

    Justin: *shrugs* We don’t. Lucas caught us all off guard

    Wade: Good. I'm also not to be blamed if we lose at the pay per view.

    Justin: Why would we lose at the pay per view?

    Wade: I'm not going to be very interested in winning. I have another match I have to win next week...

    Justin: *rolls his eyes* I know you have another match, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put effort into defending our titles

    Wade: Justin I don't think you get it. I would much rather be the CWA Champion than tag team champion. Not that this isn't fun but the single championships are how you show yourself as a true fighter in this business.

    Justin: *shakes his head* No I get it, don’t worry. If you really don’t care about the tag titles, then fine, don’t come to the ring and I’ll defend them on my own…

    Wade: I never said I didn't care at all. Just that I care more about the CWA Title. *pats his shoulder* I'm coming to that ring.

    Justin: *smiles and nods* Sorry…

    Wade: *smirks* Me, you, and Belle will be the sole title holders in the CWA.

    Justin: There’s still Angel with the Vixxens’ title though.

    Wade: For now. Anyways, I'm getting ready to shower off. When I get out what do you say to getting dinner?

    Justin: Right. *smiles* Food sounds good, I’m starving

    Wade: *smiles* Good!

    As he turns to walk into the bathroom, a dark smile crosses his lips and the camera fades out to a commercial break.


    When we come back from commercial, we show a clip of the announcers booth where Val, Terry, and The Rock all sit talking.

    Val: As you heard earlier in the night, our pay per view is next week. A lot of our feuds have escalated to new heights tonight.

    Terry: You're right Val! What about Drew attacking Sheamus during the middle of his match with the big red machine Ka-

    Rock: Forget that Terry, what The Rock wants to know is how little Carter Lacroix is gonna lay the smackdown on Kane's candy ass!

    Terry: *looks at Val* He's not coming back next week is he?

    Val: Actually's up to the viewers. They're gonna post a poll on to see if the fans like him or not.

    Rock: And with a name like The Rock on your show, you're bound to get more fans because the millions *he pauses* will turn into listen to me talk and give my insight on whats going on here in the CWA.

    Terry: *mutters* Kill me now...

    Rock: *looks bewildered* Why would you want The Rock to kill you when there is a Vixxens match comin' up?

    Val: *smiles* I'm gonna like having you work here if they vote you in Rocky...

    Gail Kim alread stands in the ring as Porcelin Black "This What Rock and Roll Looks Like" begins to play. Vitani Summers, accompanied by Cody Rhodes walks in and baseball slides into the ring with a small smile before "Next Contestant" by Nickleback plays and Amy makes her way to the ring.

    [b]Amy Hennigan vs Vitani Summers vs Gail Kim

    The bell rings and Vitani and Amy start things off, neither one caring much about the jobber in the ring. They circle each other and lock up in the middle of the ring. Vitani looks to have the better of it, and grounds Amy down, before hitting a kick to the gut of Amy. Amy grips her stomach before backing off a little, frustrated. The crowd cheers for Vitani. Vitani shakes herself off, and goes to charge at Amy, who literally bends over backwards performing a Matrix like evasion. Amy manages to then hit Vitani with a cartwheel turned into a kick. She turns her back on Gail and as if waiting for her big moment, Gail rolls up Amy, grabbing the back of her trunks to land the full pin.

    Winner: Gail Kim via pinfall

    Gail looks rather surprised with herself as the referee holds her hand up in victory. However, her victory is short lived as Amy goes on the attack, grounding the Asian beauty before Vitani can step between the two, the camera fading out on Amy and Vitani staring each other down.

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