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    11/05/12 Monday Night Carnage results


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    11/05/12 Monday Night Carnage results Empty 11/05/12 Monday Night Carnage results

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    Justin is seen standing outside the entrance those working in the CWA would use for the arena when the show comes on, looking as if he’s waiting for someone. After about a minute, he smiles, waving at the person he was waiting for.

    Justin: Hey!

    Christian: *walks over with a smile* Hey, sorry I'm late. The drive through was packed.

    Justin: *shrugs* It’s fine, at least you actually got here.

    Christian: *nods* How was your week?

    Justin: It could have been better, but I’ll live. How about you?

    Christian: It was okay, tiring though. So you give any thought on who we should face at the PPV?

    Justin: There aren’t really that many options, I guess we just go with who we’d talked about earlier…someone will have to tell them though.

    Christian: *nods* Yeah... Wanna rock paper scissors to see who has to?

    Justin: *laughs* Seriously?

    Christian: *smiles and chuckles* Maybe...

    Justin: *goes quiet, thinking; he hesitates before speaking again* …it’s probably safer if I do it.

    Christian: *smiles fades as he nods before looking a little nervous* You sure?

    Justin: *slowly nods* One of them’s generally easier to find than the other and…well you two don’t really get along at all.

    Christian: *nods* Yeah... *rubs the back of his head*

    Justin: *frowns, looking a little worried* I guess I’ll do it a little later though; I have my match to worry about…

    Christian: *nods* Yeah, you'll do well I bet you always do.

    Justin: *raises an eyebrow* Against Lucas? He’s a lot bigger and stronger than me.

    Christian: And you are the better wrestler, plus you have more heart then he does.

    Justin: …well at least one part of that’s true. You’re lucky, you get something you’ve been doing for years.

    Christian: Yeah... But I will be feeling anything that happens in the morning.

    Justin: Oh right. *frowns* At least Dia won’t be purposely trying to hurt you though.

    Christian: True, I got lucky there.

    Justin: *nods* Yeah; I guess at least I’ll have Heath with me…

    Christian: *nods* Heath will make sure nothing happens; I will kill Lucas if he hurts you though.

    Justin: *gives a small smile* Probably not a good idea, you’ll be as bad as him then.

    Christian: *sighs before giving a small smile* I guess you’re right.

    Justin: Duh. *sticks his tongue out* Anyway, we should probably go get ready for our matches.

    Christian: *nods and smiles* Okay, see you later then.

    Justin: *smiles and nods* See you.

    He turns and walks off, leaving Christian alone. The camera goes to the ring, the commentators briefly talking about the show for the night after a shortened version of the usual opening.

    Carter's music, "The Only Way I Know" by Jason Aldean, hits and he makes his way out as he usually does. He gets in the ring and tosses his new red velvet cowboy hat to the fans, showing he had no intention on keeping it in the first place. "Which Is Why" hits and Sheamus follows suit, smirking at Carter and slapping his chest a few times before yelling Brogue when he gets in the ring. Kane is the last man out and the three look at each other before the referee rings the bell.

    Carter Lacroix vs. Sheamus vs. Kane

    The three men size each other up before Carter grabs Sheamus' arm and sends him flying into the turnbuckle. Kane sees what is happening and runs at Sheamus with a nasty boot that is eerily familiar to Sheamus' Brogue Kick which sends the Irish born warrior out of the ring. Kane and Carter seize each other up, Kane finally getting the first chop in. The two men trade chops before Carter flings him into the ring ropes and hits him with a hard clothesline across the chest. Kane goes down and this gives Carter the opportunity to land kicks to the man’s chest. He sees Sheamus getting up from the outside and runs at him when he's on the apron, landing another kick to the Irishmen. It knocks him off the apron and Sheamus lands face first on the announcing table. Carter's looking at him before turning around to see Kane behind him. The Big Red Machine attempts to chokeslam Carter but the country boy reverses it as soon as he is in the air with a surprisingly graceful DDT before going for the pin.

    Winner: Carter Lacroix via pinfall

    After the match Carter goes to check on Sheamus who brushes him off and heads to the back.

    Backstage, Justin appears to be looking for someone as he walks around, an almost nervous look on his face. Wade is standing in what seems the darkest part of the hallway, watching the show on a television monitor. Seeing him, Justin hesitates before slowly approaching him.

    Justin: Wade...?

    Wade turns, a cold look on his face. He smirks and looks at Justin.

    Wade: Well, well, well if it isn't my old tag partner here to make my life miserable by reminding me of all the wrongs done to me. What do you want?

    Justin: *frowns, not looking directly at him* I'm not here to make things miserable...

    Wade: Then what do you want, Justin?

    Justin: To talk to you about the next pay per view...

    Wade: Talk to me about the next pay per view. What about it?

    Justin: *hesitates, running a hand through his hair* Uh...about the people Christian and I picked to defend our titles against...

    Wade: And you felt the need to tell me why?

    Justin:'re one of the people, along with Drew.

    Wade's eyes get dangerously narrow and he looks like he's going to blow up before taking a deep breath.

    Wade: Me and Drew? What told you it was a good idea for me to be in a tag team match?

    Justin nervously takes a step back, frowning.

    Justin: It wasn’t my idea to put you in it…

    Wade shakes his head.

    Wade: Another idea by that imbecile Christian?

    Justin: …he’s not an imbecile.

    Wade: What was that?

    Justin: He’s not an imbecile. *he hesitates before continuing* …though I’m not exactly pleased by his choice in opponents.

    Wade: You don't think I deserve it?

    Justin: It’s not that. Why would I think that?

    Wade: The way you sounded...

    Justin: You deserve a shot at any of the titles we’re able to go for… *he trails off, speaking quietly*

    Wade: You don't want to fight me. You think of me as a friend still.

    For a brief moment there is a glimmer of humanity inside Wade.

    Justin: *gives a small smile* You’re just lucky I’m too stubborn to think otherwise.

    Wade: *goes back to being stone faced* So me and Drew? You do realize we were old tag team partners across the pond.

    Justin: Uh…I may have forgotten that earlier. *he frowns, pulling a face*

    Wade: *smirks* So you're a bit in trouble.

    Justin: Maybe…

    Wade: Is that all you wanted to say to me?

    Justin: *nods* …yeah.

    Wade: Maybe...if you could join me for supper. Bring Heath along as well?

    Justin: Um… that depends on what he says.

    Wade: *nods* It's up to him...

    Justin: Yeah, I guess so.

    Wade nods, turning to look back at the monitor. Justin stands there watching him for a few seconds before rolling his eyes and walking off.

    "Getting Away With Murder" hits as Lucas Turner, Antonio Jacinto by his side, makes his way out to the ring. Lucas looks confident even in the face of such a trouble. He gets in the ring, Antonio standing in his corner before "Oh Africa" hits and Justin Gabriel, with Heath Slater at his side, heads to the ring. Lucas smirks at Justin, who he towers over, before nodding his head as the referee starts the match.

    Lucas Turner w/ Antonio Jacinto vs. Justin Gabriel w/ Heath Slater in a Finishers Match

    Justin manages to back Lucas into the corner early on, kicking him to get him to stay there. However, Lucas doesn't stay there for long and turns it around but Justin drops him in the corner with a well placed drop kick to the knee. Justin manages to keep Lucas down and goes to the top turnbuckle but remembers that the stipulation is that he has to use Lucas' finisher. He allows Lucas to get up and jumps up to hit the left hooks. Lucas turns his head after being hit and simply laughs, levelling Justin with a punch of his own. He seems to have figured out he can use his own finisher as long as his last move is one of Justin's. He looks at the turnbuckle, thinking of if he should try the 450 Splash but eventually decides on the submission move which he hits, though not very securely. It is; however, secure enough to get Justin to tap out.

    Winner: Lucas Turner via submission

    Lucas smirks as Antonio gets in the ring and raises his hand, calling out that Lucas is a future champion as the camera fades to commercial.

    When the show returns, Casey is seen sitting backstage not with Alex like he normally would be, but with Cody Rhodes, who’s sitting on the couch in his office; Casey on the armchair.

    Cody: So, you wanted to ask me a few questions?

    Casey: Um, yeah. *nods* We haven’t really heard much from you lately, so I thought it would help if the fans got to see you as well and not just Carter…

    Cody: *nods, showing he understands* Go ahead then.

    Casey: Right…uh, so people have been saying that this whole roulette thing was your idea, is that true?

    Cody: Well I suppose it is. Carter was looking for ways to make the show more exciting and I’d been talking to Ted earlier, joking about the silly things they had us do on the other show. I’d actually suggested the idea to Carter more as a joke, but he liked it so we went with it.

    Casey: Not everyone on the roster seemed as excited about the idea though…especially those who ended up with certain matches, like Arella, who didn’t seem too thrilled in her promo. How’d matches like that end up on the wheel?

    Cody: Carter said he wanted the show to be more exciting and the whole point of the wheel on the other show really was that when you spun it to find out what your match would be; there was a chance of getting a good match, or something totally bizarre. Instead of whining, Arella should be thankful that match was only a pillow fight and not something like those ‘bra and panty’ matches that used to go on where the aim was for the Divas to actually try to strip each other down to their underwear in order to win. It’s not like it was there just to embarrass the Vixxens, Alex ended up in the match after all, if anything the fact that him and Arella were the ones who got that match shows that we treat the members of the roster equally.

    He pauses and shrugs his shoulders.

    Cody: If we didn’t, that match would have been on a separate wheel for the Vixxens; instead we kept it on one wheel and allowed to Vixxens as well as the Warriors to end up in the more extreme matches, like the street fight. The fact that Carter could have been the one in that match should have shown that we didn’t put it there just to embarrass the Vixxens, despite what Arella thinks.

    Casey: True, it is better that everyone gets the same options. I guess some people don’t always stop and think about things that way though…

    Cody: Apparently not, but hey it could always have been worse.

    Casey: *nods* We have a pay per view, the second Devastation coming up; what’s it like helping organize that compared to actually physically being part of it?

    Cody: Well it’s very different… for starters; Devastation is actually where I first officially debuted in the CWA instead of just appearing alongside my father and Vitani. I attacked Sheamus that night and formed the Nocta Hemata team as my way of trying to improve the show in terms of equality…so in a way, I haven’t changed much even if how I’m going about doing things is different.

    Casey: A lot has happened since then… *he pauses as Cody nods, agreeing* Do you miss not being in the ring though?

    Cody: Sort of, but it’s also nice to take a break from it; even if I haven’t completely stepped away from it. I still do training and practice with friends of mine like Ted between shows. I might come back to the CWA ring at some point, but I haven’t set any particular time yet for when it’ll happen; I guess it’ll be whenever I feel it’s the right time to do so.

    Casey: *nods* Right, well thanks for your time, I’ll let you get back to what you were doing.

    Cody nods and the two shake hands before Casey gets up to leave the room as the scene fades out.
    The camera comes back up on the back as we get ready for Nolee and Drew's street fight. Drew is in sight but we do not see Nolee until she comes up with a ring bell from behind and, despite the screams of the fans, Drew does not see it. She bashes him over the head with it and leans down saying, "Match has just begun".

    Nolee Lacroix vs. Five Nations Champion Drew McIntyre in a Street Fight

    Nolee smirks, her sneak attack having paid off just like she wanted it to. She has Drew on the ground and pounds the bell into his head once more before tossing it aside. She sits on a car hood, waiting for the right moment for Drew to get up. When he does, she stands on the car hood and jumps at him. That proves to be a mistake as Drew catches her in his arms and slams her down to the ground. We get a very feminine scream out of her and she rolls under the car to get away from Drew sending a vicious boot to her head. Drew crawls under the car after her but she is too fast, even with an aching back and gets to the other side of the car. Drew follows her and is met with a door to the head. This incapacitates Drew and since he is in no condition to fight, the match goes to Nolee.

    Winner: Nolee Lacroix via knockout

    As Nolee is looking down at Drew, there is a flicker of knowing that she did wrong in her eyes. She looks over her shoulder where Sheamus stands, a smirk on his face before nodding his head as the camera goes to the ring which is set up with a heart shaped bed for the pillow fight. Alex is out there in silk boxers, smirking and mouthing "damn I look good" before looking at the ramp as Icon For Hire’s "Up In Flames" starts to play. Arella, looking as pissed off as she did in her promo, makes her way out to the ring in a black lingerie piece. She gets in the ring and looks at Alex, shaking her head.

    Alex Shelley vs. Arella Rayne in a Lingerie Pillow Fight

    Arella looks pissed and wraps her fist in one of the pillows before starting to wail on Alex. Alex laughs and comes back with a tackle to the bed, smirking as he slams the pillow wrapped around Arella's fist into her own head. It's obvious this is no longer what it was supposed to be and a referee has to get in there to break it up.

    Winners: No one since it was not an actual match

    Nolee smirks as she heads into her room, head held high. She looks angry as she sees someone sitting in her room and shouts.

    Nolee: You! What are you doing in my room?

    Alex grins; he is dressed still in his boxers and has a t-shirt on as well.

    Alex: Oh I just wanted to say hi.

    Nolee: *rolls her eyes* I would have put on some clothes before you walked in here. Nobody wants to see that. Just like nobody really wanted to see Miss Rayne in her lingerie.

    Alex: *laughs and smirks* Aww see I know your wrong there Princess, Casey loved seeing me like this. And maybe Sheamus enjoyed the sight of Ms Rayne... *laughs* And besides as soon as I'm done here I've got a date planned with my boyfriend.

    Nolee: *turns over her shoulder to yell at him* Don't you DARE say that! There's no way Sheamus enjoyed seeing that anorexic pink haired hoe bag! He was more worried about the good thing I did for him in my match!

    Alex: *laughs, enjoying pissing her off* Oh such harsh words, especially since I figure you and her are about the same size and weight... But whatever, so did big brother tell you about your next match yet Princess?

    Nolee: No, he didn't. I've been busy since Thanksgiving so we haven't really gotten to hang out. Married life is rough, not that you and Casey will ever have to worry about being married.

    Alex: *rolls his eyes* Right you must have it so tough... Because its soo different from living with someone... *snorts and shakes his head* So I guess you and Sheamus' cave doesn't have phone or email then.

    Nolee: We don't live in a cave. Unless you've never seen one of our promos, you have to have seen our flat. *rolls her eyes* We haven't spoke about work in a few days, so what. Family has more to say to each other than work. But you don't know anything about that do you?

    Alex: *chuckles* Why would you say that Princess you've met my family, remember, my brothers Petey and Chris and sis Angel.. *grins* I know you remember my sis...

    Nolee: Is that your way of telling me I'm fighting Angel? Because I'll kick her ass too. You must have missed what I did to Drew in our street fight. I'm not afraid of anything.

    Alex: *laughs* No you’re not fighting sis, she's still got a few weeks off. *grins* And yes I saw what you did, frankly I wasn't as impressed as you think I should be... *gets up and walks to the door and pauses* See your next match is with me Princess and lets just say I've been waiting a while for this fight, gotta run Casey is waiting.

    Alex leaves with a smile on his face.

    Nolee stomps her foot, seething as the camera fades out on her reflection in the mirror as the show cuts to a commercial.

    Antonio Jacinto, the young man who is training with Lucas Turner, is seen backstage when the show returns, a cup of water in his hand. He accidentally runs into someone and sneers.

    Antonio: Watch where you're going, perro.

    Dante: Sorry... *wipes at his wet shirt* But your the one that bumped into me there.

    Antonio snorts and rolls his eyes.

    Antonio: I didn't bump into anyone. *looks over Dante's outfit* But I think the water was an improvement.

    Dante: *flushes slightly* What’s that suppose to mean?

    Antonio: You look like you got out of a fight with a bum and stole his clothes. You have no fashion sense. Probably no wrestling talent either.

    Dante: There is nothing wrong with the way I dress! *frowns* And I do have wrestling talent! What makes you think that you’re better then me besides your ego?

    Antonio: Well I'm probably faster and I know I'm a lot more talented.

    Dante: Well you are faster at insulting people and you are more talented at being an ass just like your mentor but besides that I don't see too much.

    Antonio: And just like your mentor you don't know how to respect those bigger than you. *sneers* What do you say to facing each other at the pay-per-view?

    Dante: You’re on! *has a spark in his eyes*

    Antonio: You're going down, mark my words.

    Dante: *smiles* Not without the fight of your life. You better be ready.

    Antonio: You underestimate me because of how I look. That'll be your downfall.

    Dante: You’re the one that underestimates me because of your ego, I know better then to do that and I am more then ready to show you you’re wrong about me.

    Antonio: *rolls his eyes* Whatever. Just don't go crying to Alex when I beat you.

    Dante: We'll see who wins at the pay per view.

    Antonio: Keep that in mind.

    Antonio turns his back and heads out of shot of the camera. Dante leaves to go tell Alex about the match.

    Back in the ring, ‘Cult of Personality’ is playing as CM Punk, the CWA Champion walks out, Vera by his side. They’re walking arm in arm, Cm Punk carrying his title on his other shoulder, a smirk on his face as the crowd boos him. He’s dressed in his ring gear with a ‘Colt of Personality’ shirt over the top of it in honor of his friend Colt Cabana, Vera wearing a dress that matches the color of the blue text on his shirt. The two get into the ring, Punk holding the ropes open for Vera before she gets a microphone from the referee, handing it to Punk, who then hands her the CWA title to hold.

    Punk: Here I am, ready to defend my title, but just before I came out here, I was told that wasn’t necessary. I was kind of pissed off, but thinking about it now, I’m glad the match isn’t happening. Why? Because I don’t have to beat the crap out of Dia’s friend now to defend my title like I would have and I don’t think Dia would have appreciated that too much…

    He runs a hand over his wet, slicked back hair.

    Punk: It’s never a good idea to piss off the few people who actually care about you, especially not when one of them is Dia Banks, she’s anything but a diva and I doubt she’d hesitate to kick my ass if I ended up injuring her friend. *he pulls a face, looking almost scared for a second before smirking* Besides that though, when it comes to working here, Dia and I may be good friends out of the ring, but we still have our little competition going on to see who can hold their title longest so while I’m out here using the time I deserve and should have had for my match, I may as well take some time to comment on this competition.

    Pacing a little, Punk looks around at the crowd before he continues.

    Punk: See as much as I love Dia…she’s like a sister to me, who happens to be dating the guy who’s my best friend… and as much I respect what she does, I have to say that she should just give up in trying to beat me. Dia, this contest makes you seem more like the CWA’s Cinderella than the ‘princess’ of the CWA herself, the ‘princess’ obviously being Nolee as everyone else seems to see her. Dia you started off with almost nothing and here you are with your dream come true, you have a family and you have the Vixxens’ title but as much as I hate to say it, eventually your clock will strike midnight.

    He rolls his eyes as the crowd boos, Vera frowning and shaking her head at them; Punk refusing to continue until they stop.

    Punk: What I mean, if you’ll let me explain, is that Dia’s had a pretty good run of good luck lately…if you believe in things like that… and ‘luck’ only lasts so long before everything turns to shit. When you rely on only your ability in the ring to hold onto a title, eventually someone’s going to come along on a day where you aren’t feeling as great as you normally would and they’ll take that title from you. When you’re like me though, a self proclaimed asshole, you’re more likely to hold onto a title because you aren’t afraid to…bend the rules in order to do so.

    He laughs when the crowd boos again.

    Punk: Go ahead and boo, I don’t care if you hate me or what I’m saying. Like I’ve told people before; 'What you see with me, is what you get and I would much rather be hated for what I am, than be loved for something that I'm not.' All I’m doing is pointing out the truth, as I’ve always done, even if the truth hurts. The point is that I’m going to win this competition no matter what and it would be better for Dia to just call it off before she embarrasses herself.

    He drops his microphone, taking his title back from Vera before motioning for her to follow, the two leaving the ring.

    Chimera's "Indifferent to Suffering" starts to play and Wade Barrett walks out onto the ramp. He looks aggravated and has a microphone in his hand.

    Wade: Well it looks like I won't be having my little Tables and Ladders and Chairs bit with Miss Summers. It looks like she's gotten a call from my good "friend" Miss Thomas and has pulled out of this match. Mariana didn't even bother to show again this week. But that's fine, that's fine. I'll just have to get my Christmas present. If you're watching at home, Miss Thomas, I'm going to face you in a one on one match at Season's Beatings this year. In a month's time you and I will be going one on one in a lumberjack match. You can't escape to your precious Jensen, and neither can I.

    "Dancing With Myself" by Billy Idol starts to play but instead of Dia running out with Colt following behind her, Colt is the first one out. He makes a shield between Wade and Dia so that the angry Brit doesn't attack her before she can head on out to her match. The couple gets to the ring, Dia getting in and Colt waiting for her outside of it. Christian's theme, Dale Oliver's "Take Over", starts to play and he, with Edge following right behind him, heads out to the ring.

    Vixxens Champion Dia Banks vs. 1/2 CWA Tag Team Champions Christian

    Dia smiles before glancing at the ladders that are set up around the ring. She seems apprehensive and that apprehension is just the thing to give her the disadvantage. Christian grabs her for a headlock which Dia gladly changes to elbow him in the side. Christian lets go briefly and Dia is grabbed and tossed into the turnbuckle. Christian sends vicious slaps to her chest and she barrels out of the corner, tackling Christian in a hope that she can get to the ladder and up it before he can realize what's going on. It's a false hope, however, as Christian catches her and tosses her over the ropes. Colt rushes to her and catches her before it's too late and she hits the mat so Dia is able to hop right back to her feet and get in the ring. Christian is already half way up the ladder and Dia climbs, though shakily, that high so that she can get to him. She battles him with fist after fist, finally able to hit the Diamond Cutter before Christian drops to the mat. That sends the ladder shaking and Dia lets out a scream as she closes her eyes. She grabs onto the flag at the top (since it was not a title match, they simply put a flag up there so there was something to grab) with both hands right at Christian knocks over the ladder. She's hanging and as she's hanging, she pulls it loose.

    Winner: Dia Banks via reaching the top of the ladder and grabbing the flag

    Dia looks to be in shock from a fall that high and Christian has to help her up. He puts a hand on her shoulder and there are obviously tears in her eyes as she nods and heads to Colt who tosses his arms around her and holds up the title, Punk appearing at the entrance ramp with Vera to watch his two best friends as the show ends.

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