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    12/5/11 Monday Night Carnage results


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    12/5/11 Monday Night Carnage results Empty 12/5/11 Monday Night Carnage results

    Post  Casey on Tue Dec 13, 2011 8:02 am

    The show opens in its usual way before cutting to a scene backstage.
    Carter, wearing a black cowboy hat with no shirt and just a pair of blue jeans, sits outside of Christian’s locker room with his brown acoustic guitar. He strums a few cords before finally deciding he’s no longer afraid and begins hoping to get some response from Christian.

    Carter: If you just realize what I just realized That we'd be perfect for each other And we'll never find another Just realize what I just realized We'd never have to wonder If we missed out on each other...

    He stops as the door opens, putting the guitar down. A wide smile crosses his face and he stands.

    Carter: Jay...hi...

    Christian gives an almost shy smile.

    Christian: Carter... Hi.... Were you the one singing out here a few minutes ago? You sounded really good....

    Carter:*nods and smiles* Yeah that was me.

    Christian: *smiles* Oh I never got to tell you congratulations on winning your title.

    Carter:*frowns* I’m ashamed to wear it.

    Christian: You earned it; it should be that jerk Lucas that should be ashamed to wear it.

    Carter: Vi and Angie deserve it. Jay...did you listen to the song I was singing?

    Christian: *nods* Yeah....

    Carter: I...I really like you but...but I don’t want you to be Lucas’ new punching bag...

    Christian: I...I really like you too Carter.....

    Edge: *sticks his head though the door* Don't worry about that Carter, if Lucas even thinks about hurting Jay I will........

    Carter:*chuckles* Glad I’m not the only one who has your back.

    Christian: *laughs softly* Adam, my faithful guard dog

    Carter:*laughs* have a match to get ready for. Wanna grab dinner later?

    Christian: *smiles and nods* Yeah, sounds nice

    Edge: *pokes his head though the door again* You better return him before midnight!

    Carter:*laughs* I promise to have your boy home by midnight Mr. Copeland.

    Edge: *grumbles* You better....

    Christian: *shakes his head* Sorry about him.....

    Carter:*laughs* He don’t bother me. Pick you up here after the show?

    Christian: *nods* Yeah, hopefully my match goes okay tonight

    Carter:*smiles* You’ll do fine champ.

    Christian smiles and waves before going back into his locker room, the door closing as the camera fades out and cuts back to the ring.
    ‘Man on fire’ plays and Kane comes out, an evil grin on his face as he approaches the ring. Once he’s in ‘That’s how country boys roll’ comes on and Carter drives out in his truck, waving to the fans as he gets out and makes his way to the ring.

    Kane vs. CWA Tag Team Champion Carter Lacroix

    The bell rings and Kane immediately goes to chokeslam Carter, the tag team champion barely managing to escape before Kane can hit the move. Carter quickly scrambles up onto a turnbuckle and jumps onto Kane’s back, locking him in a submission hold in an attempt to wear him down. Kane hisses and pushes Carter off him while standing near the ropes, causing Carter to fall off him and out of the ring. Kane then gets out of the ring and pulls a chair out from under it, hitting Carter with it. The ref sees and calls for the bell.

    Winner via DQ Carter Lacroix

    Once he hears the bell ring, Carter quickly rolls out of the way of another chair shot and scrambles to his feet, quickly heading backstage as Kane laughs.
    The camera switches to one of the hallways where Christian is sitting on a crate next to Edge. Casey walks on screen, smiling when he sees the two.

    Christian: Hey Casey

    Casey: Hey, how’s it going?

    Christian: *smiles* It's going great.

    Casey: Oh really? Why’s that?

    Edge: *chuckles softly* He talked to Carter

    Casey: Oooh really? *he grins*

    Christian: Yeah..... *fights a slight blush*

    Casey: So what happened huh?

    Christian: We are going for dinner later *smiles*

    Casey: Oh, see I told you… *chuckles*

    Christian: Yes, you did *laughs softly*

    Casey: So…what about your match?

    Christian: You mean with Morrison? Well frankly I just finished watching his....Interesting promo…

    Casey: Yeah I meant that...what did you think of it?

    Christian: I think one that Morrison needs to learn the difference between me and Edge....And he needs to get his info straight before going on an angry rant over it.

    Casey: *nods* That does help...

    Christian: He said "Every week, it seems Christian likes to point out my obvious flaws." When I don't think anyone has really talked about him lately, least of all me..... I only remember one time and I think that was because of Amy.....

    Casey: No...I don't think anyone has mentioned him except Amy...

    Edge: Unless he thinks he’s the pretty boy Lucas was talking about.....

    Casey: *laughs* Careful...Cody come after you for reminding him of that...

    Christian: *looks at Edge before looking at Casey* Sorry he is still in big brother mode, but on to my next point before he get ticked off again. Of course Johnny proved one of the points that I was trying to prove in my promo and that was Johnny has no respect....most likely for anyone; especially with saying things like "I'm confident in my ability to beat Christian into his deathbed." Which is a petty threat by the way and frankly Wade was somewhat scarier. He bought up age when he's only four years younger at the most and he has no control of his ego. He seriously thinks that I talk about him? I have more to my life then worrying about him especially now that I am the champ. I think his ego is worse then Wade's ever was..... Especially when he talks about himself in bed…

    Edge: He has worse respect then a rookie.... He acts like he has the right to be angry when Jay was very respectful in his promo.....

    Casey: *nods*

    Christian: Morrison apparently can not take criticism of any kind and his juvenile temper tantrum shows that. And like Edge said I was respectful and I can take criticism, I just ask that people have their info straight. Which he didn't and that promo made it very clear. And then he says that every moment of the match will hurt...... He thinks pain scares me? I fought guys who tried to take me out before; hell I fought monsters like Abyss that tried to kill me.... I'm at the point where yeah I feel pain, sometimes a lot but it doesn't scare me... Oh and by the way you can call me Christian, you can call me Captain Charisma, hell you could even call Jay or mr Reso.... But don't call me dollface, I am the champion and you will respect me.

    Casey: *looks shocked* I take it you're sick of people not respecting you?

    Christian: *sighs softly* Yes I am Case, but all they do is add fuel to my fire.

    Casey: *frowns* Well you've proved people wrong before, when others have insulted you. Hopefully it'll be the same again this time...

    Christian: *smiles* Hopefully but even if he beats me, I have even more fuel... Plus I have a nice evening after the show.

    Casey: *nods* Well good luck with that... *smiles*

    Christian smiles as he gets off the crate and nods.

    Casey: I'll leave you to get ready for your match, okay? *he goes over to hug Christian*

    Christian: *hugs Casey back* See you later Case.

    Casey: See you.

    Casey goes and hugs Edge before turning and leaving.
    The camera goes to the commentator’s table where Val Venis and Terry Funk are sitting.

    Val: Well, tonight here in Dallas, Texas we have the return of CWA star John Morrison.

    Terry: *nods* We do…I wonder if he’ll team up with his sister now that they’re both here…

    Terry trails off as Morrison’s theme hits, Morrison walking out to perform his signature slow-mo entrance. Once Morrison is standing ready in the ring, he leans against the ropes, looking smug as he waits for his opponent. Christian’s theme hits and the crowd cheers as the CWA Champion walks out with Edge behind him.

    John Morrison vs. CWA Champion Christian w/ Edge

    Edge slides out of the ring with Christian’s title belt hung over his shoulder as the bell rings and the two start off the match. It begins evenly, Morrison and Christian able to match each other in strength, until Morrison starts using his speed advantage. After a few minutes, Christian goes to hit Morrison with the Killswitch, only for Morrison to counter it with a swift kick to the champ’s head. While Christian’s lying on the mat, Morrison springs up onto a turnbuckle to perform his Starship Pain finisher. Once Morrison does, Christian rolls out of the way, smiling as Morrison connects with the ring mat instead of the champ. Edge cheers as Christian quickly rolls Morrison up for the pin.

    Winner via pin CWA Champion Christian w/ Edge

    Christian slides out of the ring with a grin on his face, holding up his title once Edge hands it back to him. The two hug and head up the ramp, the crowd cheering as the show cuts to an ad.

    The show comes back to show Dusty Rhodes’ office door. The sounds of a hushed argument can be heard from inside the room and the camera person reaches out a small, manicured hand to quietly open the door.

    Dusty: Now, you know I approved of the whole Amy match cancellation, seeing as I was the one that suggested ya do it in the first place, but ya need to calm down about the things Lucas Turner keeps saying about ya.

    The camera pans slightly to the left to show Cody standing opposite his father, looking annoyed.

    Cody: *folds his arms* Calm down? Really? You know I can’t do that, you heard what he said about me!

    Dusty: I know Cody, I-

    Cody: He accused me of doing things with Orton! I wouldn’t willingly touch that man even if I had a ten foot pole! Then he had the nerve to compare me to that man! How dare he do that! I am nothing like that stupid, disrespectful fu-

    Dusty: *snaps* Cody!

    Cody: …sorry… *after a pause* And the comic book reference…I wouldn’t have minded if he’d labelled me as someone other than Superman…I’m NOT Cena. He also clearly didn’t do his research. Yes, the first time Superman goes up against Doomsday in the comics, Superman dies…but so does Doomsday; they defeat each other! The other two times after that though, Superman defeats Doomsday. *he smirks*

    Dusty: Cody…please, you know I can’t keep up with all the comics and games you talk about…just focus on the task I gave ya when I suggested you form Noc… *he pulls a face as if he’s forgotten something*

    Cody: *rolls his eyes* Nocta Hemata dad, Nocta Hemata. *repeats the words slowly*

    Dusty: Right. Nocta Hemata. Anyways, focus on the task I gave ya, like you did when you attacked Sheamus at the last pay-per-view…

    Cody: *smirks and nods, lowering his voice* You really think you can convince Jerry to let you take Piper’s job…?

    Dusty: Of course. I deserve to run Carnage more. I’m supposed to be running Rampage, but that thing’s had all of two shows… *he shakes his head*

    Cody: I know, you deserve better…you’re better friends with Jerry than Piper is anyway… *after Dusty nods* What about after that? What will you do then?

    Dusty: Well, that depends…I wouldn’t mind pulling a Shane O’ Mac… *he grins*

    Cody: Right… *chuckles and grins as well* …would I get a promotion?

    Dusty: Well I’d need someone I trust to run the show…

    The two grin again and Cody nods, hugging Dusty before turning to leave; freezing when he sees the camera.

    Cody: You! Give me that!

    The girl behind the camera squeals as Cody reaches out for the camera, the scene cutting out.
    The camera goes back to the ring as ‘Loyal to no one’ plays and Sheamus comes out. He performs his entrance as he usually would, smiling as he normally would, until he’s in the ring and Nolee’s them plays; Sheamus’ smile instantly vanishing. Sheamus paces anxiously as Nolee makes her way to the ring. He makes a movement as if he was about to go over to Nolee, then stops himself, running a hand through his hair nervously.

    Sheamus vs. Nolee Lacroix

    Sheamus and Nolee stare at each other as the bell rings, both looking hesitant. Just as Sheamus sighs and goes to move to attack, Nolee runs over and beats him to it. The two fight the match properly, besides Sheamus flinching and looking worried at the harder hits he lands on Nolee, swearing when she takes a little longer to get up after being thrown into a corner. Sheamus goes to go over to Nolee, looking worried, only for her to frown and shake her head. Sheamus sighs again as Nolee get to her feet, hesitating slightly before running at Nolee, hitting her with a Brogue kick. Sheamus swears again and looks upset as he pins Nolee.

    Winner via pin Sheamus

    Instead of celebrating, Sheamus leans over Nolee, checking to see if she’s ok. He helps Nolee up and hugs her tightly, looking upset as he speaks, presumably apologising. Sheamus gets out of the ring, helping Nolee as she does the same, putting an arm around her shoulders as they walk up the ramp and head backstage. The camera follows the two, catching up to them as Sheamus hugs Nolee.

    Sheamus: Are you okay? *looks worried*

    Nolee: *nods* Yes Shea, you already asked…

    Sheamus: I’m sorry…if I hurt yeh with that kick… *he puts a hand on Nolee’s cheek where he kicked her*

    Nolee: Shea…I’m fine, it didn’t hurt that much… *after a pause* Come on, lets go get a drink, ok?

    Sheamus nods and kisses Nolee’s cheek before putting his arm back around her shoulders and they continue walking. Back in the ring, Vitani’s Porcelain Black theme song plays and she skips out, unaccompanied by Cody. She dances as usual, but when the camera zooms in on her face, Vitani doesn’t look too happy. She continues with her entrance as she normally would, only not as enthusiastic as she had done in previous weeks. When Lucas comes out to the crowd booing, Tag Title around his waist, Vitani has her arms folded, tapping her foot impatiently.

    Vitani Summers vs. CWA Tag Team Champion Lucas Turner

    When the match starts, Lucas kicks Vitani in her stomach, smirking as she drops to her knees, looking winded. She coughs, and glares up at Lucas, hissing something at him. When he goes to hit Vitani, she doesn’t quite move in time and still partly gets hit. Lucas stands over Vitani as she lies on the mat, looking like she’s in pain. Lucas shrugs his shoulders and starts stomping on her, falling to one knee as he’s struck from behind, Cody suddenly in the ring, attacking Lucas with the pipe he’d attacked Sheamus with a few weeks earlier.

    Winner via DQ Lucas Turner

    Cody yells at Lucas, pulling him to his feet to hit Lucas with his Cross Rhodes finisher. Cody then goes over to Vitani, only to be snapped at, the two arguing as the show cuts to a commercial.

    The show comes back to the commentators discussing what has happened on the show so far for the night. They quickly recap everything up to the end of Lucas and Vitani’s match.

    Val: Of course she was annoyed with Cody; you saw what he was planning with his father!

    Terry: Did she even say thank you though for the help with Lucas? Hell she was practically helpless out there until Cody came to the rescue. She could at least be grateful of that.

    Val: So what? That’s hardly going to make up for the plotting the Rhodes’ were doing!

    Terry: Whatever. Time for the next match…

    Akon’s ‘Oh Africa’ plays and Justin appears, looking excited. He practically runs to the ring, springing up onto the nearest turnbuckle to backflip off it, bouncing on his toes as if he were a hyper child as he waits for his opponent. Wade’s theme plays and some members of the crowd actually cheer him for once, Wade smiling as he walks to the ring.

    Justin Gabriel vs. Wade Barrett

    The bell rings and Justin holds a hand out to Wade, smiling as they shake hands. Justin smirks after a couple of seconds, quickly kicking Wade while he’s distracted. Wade shakes his head at Justin, but smiles as the two start fighting. Justin tries to keep his distance as much as possible, attacking mostly with swift kicks and high flying moves. Eventually Wade manages to catch Justin, familiar with most of his moves. He pulls the High Flyer onto his shoulders and hits him with his Wasteland finisher. Justin hisses in pain, kicking out at two when Wade tries to pin him. Wade picks Justin up and goes to perform a move, only to have Justin reverse it and hit Wade with a hurricanrana. Justin kicks at Wade a few times, making sure he’ll stay down before Justin climbs up onto a turnbuckle. The crowd cheers, thinking he’s about to perform his 450 Splash, only for Justin to shake his head, waiting for Wade to stand up instead. Once Wade is back on his feet and has turned to face Justin, the high flyer finally jumps, hitting Wade with a Shooting Star DDT. Justin smirks as he covers Wade for the pin.

    Winner via pin Justin Gabriel

    Justin springs to his feet, grinning as the referee holds up his hand in victory, jumping slightly when he turns around and sees Wade behind him. Wade holds up his hands, trying to calm Justin down, reassuring him that he wasn’t going to attack him. Justin sighs and relaxes, smiling and going over to hug Wade.
    Once the two have left the ring, ‘Next contestant’ plays and Amy Hennigan walks out. Amy smiles as she walks down the ramp, waving to the fans. Once she’s in the ring, Belle’s ‘Bad girlfriend’ theme song plays as Belle appears, a confident smirk on her face. She goes over and hugs Amy once she’s in the ring, the two Vixxens talking as Angel James’ theme plays, the CWA Vixxens’ Champion walking out with Petey by her side.

    Amy Hennigan vs. Belle Moore vs. Vixxens’ Champion Angel James

    The bell rings and straight away, Amy and Belle both go for the champ, the two seeming to have agreed to target Angel. The champ manages to fight one of them off, tossing Amy out of the ring after reversing a move, only to be hit with a DDT from Belle as Angel turns to face her. Belle goes for a pin, but Angel kicks out at one, Amy getting back in the ring afterwards. Amy climbs onto a turnbuckle, performing a diving elbow drop on Angel while she’s still lying on the mat. Amy tries to pin Angel, forgetting for a second that Belle’s in the ring, squealing as Belle pulls her off of Angel. Amy gets to her feet and snaps at Belle, who shrugs her shoulders as she responds. The two bicker, forgetting about Angel, who gets to her feet, quickly hitting Amy with her finisher. Belle rushes at Angel, only for the champ to dodge her and toss Belle from the ring, quickly going over to roll Amy up for a pin.

    Winner via pin Angel James

    Angel gets to her feet as the bell rings, looking surprised, smiling when she realises she won. Belle gets back into the ring and helps Amy up, the two seeming as if they’re about to attack Angel, until Petey gets into the ring. He stands in front of Angel, glaring at the two with his fists raised. After a few seconds, Amy and Belle shakes their heads and leave, Petey and Angel celebrating as the show ends.

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