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    30-7-12 Monday Night Carnage results


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    30-7-12 Monday Night Carnage results Empty 30-7-12 Monday Night Carnage results

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    The opening pyrotechnics go off as Godsmack's ‘Crying Like A Bitch’ echoes throughout the arena. The camera pans to our announcers table where Val sits closer to new announcer James Chapel, Terry sitting on the other side.

    Val: I'm the playboy Val Venis!

    James: I'm the kid James Chapel!

    Terry: And I'm the hardcore superstar Terry Funk and you’re watching Monday Night Carnage.

    James: Ew that was like twenty years ago!

    Val: Yeah Terry, live in the present!

    Terry: Well in the present we've got a hell of a show for you! Mariana Thomas takes on Justin Gabriel for a chance to fight for the Five Nations Championship at Annual Affliction!

    James: Not only that but a week before he fights Alex Shelley, Lucas Turner, and Drew McIntyre for his CWA Championship, CM Punk faces his boss Carter Lacroix!

    Val: But first let’s get to one of Punk's challengers matches!

    ‘Dancing With Myself’ starts to play and Dia runs out at the guitar solo, playing air guitar as Colt follows, playing air drums. The two run out to the ring and Dia slides in, looking confident. ‘Whatever’s Real’ starts up and Alex heads out. When he gets in the ring, Dia shakes his hand with a smile before they head back to their corners.

    Dia Banks w/Colt Cabana vs. Alex Shelley

    The two trade right hands before Dia drops Alex with a quick pin attempt. Alex kicks out but Dia keeps him grounded with kicks to the legs. She goes for a headlock but Alex refuses to give up, elbowing out of it. Dia lets go off him but bounces off the ropes to hit a drop kick to his knees. She locks him in a figure four leg lock and he can't take the pain on his legs, swiftly tapping out.

    Winner: Dia Banks via submission

    Dia smiles as her hand is raised but frowns she sees Alex is still in pain. She signals for Colt to get into the ring and the two help Alex up and backstage. She gets down the hall and sees Mariana standing there.

    Colt: Hey Miss T!

    Mariana: Miss T? Really?

    Dia: Forgive him; he's a bit of a goof. Can we talk to you?

    Mariana: Sure Dia. What do you need? *smiles warmly*

    Dia: Well I enjoyed our tag team match a few weeks ago. Apparently so did Colt and Phil. I want a girl in the team.

    Mariana: Are you asking me to join your team? *arches an eyebrow in amusement, her hands on her hips*

    Colt: Not her team.

    Dia: *chuckles* I'm inviting you to join with Phil, Nimbskull, and I.

    Mariana: When I said your team, I didn't mean you owned it. I meant you were on it. If that is the case, then I'd love to be part of the team. If nothing else, I will certainly have a good time.

    Dia: Righteous! So glad I'll have another girl on my side!

    Colt: Two girls? *serious face* Means we have to deal with twice the PMS...

    Mariana: *laughs and shakes her head* That’s one way to look at it. There's a better way to look at it though.

    Colt: Oh? And that is?

    Mariana: There could be THREE girls!

    Colt: The horror!

    Dia: *rolls her eyes* Ignore him. Anyways, good luck on winning your match later.

    Mariana: Thanks Dia. Good luck dealing with HIM. *smiles and nods in Colt's direction*

    Dia: *blushes slightly* He's not so bad.

    Colt: *grins but is confused* Wait, good luck with him?

    Mariana: Yeah, you are quite a handful. I can tell. I've spent enough time with Shawn and Hunter to know a handful when I see one. *looks at Colt warmly, a knowing yet playful glint in her eyes*

    Colt: At least I make things fun!

    Dia: *grins* C'mon Colt, she's gotta worry about Justin. You want us out there later?

    Mariana: No. Thank you though. I think I've got this one under control. *smiles as she gives Dia a small hug*

    Dia: *hugs her back* Watch out for Slater. He may get involved.

    Mariana: Thanks I'll keep that in mind.

    Dia: No problem.

    Dia takes Colt's hand as the two walk away, the camera fading to a shot of the ring. ‘Trip The Darkness’ by Lacuna Coil starts to play and Mariana runs down to the ring. She looks enthusiastic about her match and jumps excitedly as she waits for Justin to walk out. ‘Oh Africa’ begins and Justin, with Heath right behind him, walks out. He gets in the ring nodding at Mariana as the bell rings.

    Mariana Thomas vs. Justin Gabriel w/Heath Slater for Number One Contendership to the Five Nations Championship

    Justin locks up with Mari. Mari shoves him back but they lock up again, Mari this time locking Justin up for an armbar. She brings Justin to the mat with it and he manages to reach out a hand and grab the bottom rope. Mariana lets go at the four count and gets up, pulling Justin up by the arm. She flings him into the ring ropes and when he comes bouncing back, she hits him with a harsh clothesline. Justin goes down and Mari smiles, going to her corner to tune up the band. Slater gets on the apron and the ref is distracted. Mari takes her eyes off Justin as she gives Heath Sweet Chin Music. Justin hits her from behind and pins her but she kicks out. Justin gets up and Mariana rolls him up for a pin, getting the three count.

    Winner and new number one contender for the Five Nations Championship: Mariana Thomas

    Mariana looks shocked and runs a hand through her hair with a grin. She doesn't notice Wade, who has entered the arena through the audience; get into the ring behind her. Dia and Colt manage to get out to the ring before Wade attacks, the camera fading to the first commercial of the night.

    -Lawless commercial-

    The camera comes back up on the ring where ‘Take Over’ by Dale Oliver plays on the loudspeaker as Christian stands in the ring. The music stops as ‘That’s What Rock and Roll looks like’ starts playing. Vitani enters and shakes Christians hand as the bell ring.

    Vixxens Champion Vitani Summers vs Five Nations Champion Christian

    The two trade chops to get the upper hand but eventually Christian gets the upper hand. He attempts an early backslide pin but of course it doesn't work. Vitani kicks out and locks him in a crossface but Christian elbows out of it. He pulls himself halfway up using the ring ropes and Vitani charges him. Christian pulls the rope down and she goes over the top and out onto the floor. As she gets up, Christian dives over the top at her. Vitani rolls back in the ring which causes Christian to hit the concrete floor hard. It becomes apparent as referee Josh Hamlin gets to the 9 count that Christian's in real pain.

    Winner: Vitani Summers via count out

    'Getting Away With Murder' starts to play and Lucas heads down to the ring, smirking at the downed Christian. Vitani gets out of the ring and stands in front of Christian, seemingly arguing with Lucas about the Canadian. As they argue, Carter comes in from behind the announcers table and gets Christian, who has managed to stand, the two leaving through the crowd.

    We open up on the locker room of Nolee Lacroix, whose standing in front of the mirror wearing a beautiful sheath styled wedding dress with a beaded Celtic cross on the bodice. She doesn't hear the door open as she examines the dress. Sheamus quietly comes into the room, not really paying attention.

    Sheamus: Nolee...?

    Nolee: *turns* Don't look it's bad luck!

    Sheamus: *quickly turns his head away, though he'd already been looking at her*

    Nolee: *slips the dress off, having been wearing her ring gear under it* Did you see it?

    Sheamus: Uh…

    Nolee: Oh no you saw it! *frowns* You just...that’s bad...

    Sheamus: I didn’t mean to… I thought yeh would have done this at the hotel room or something…

    Nolee: I didn't have time before the show! *visibly in tears* It’s all gonna go wrong now...

    Sheamus: *frowns, moving closer to her* No, no it’s not…

    Nolee: It is! *pouts and lays her head on his chest*

    Sheamus: *softly, wrapping an arm around her* Well it will if yeh keep thinking it will… If you’re confident it won’t though, it’s less likely to.

    Nolee: *smiles and kisses his nose* Thanks babe...

    Sheamus: Why would it go wrong anyway, when yeh have the luck of the Irish on your side? *he grins*

    Nolee: *giggles* You’re silly. *kisses his cheek* So why have you not been around the last two days? Wedding stuff?

    Sheamus: *nods* Don’t worry, Kaelin helped me, not Keiran.

    Nolee: Keiran's not too bad. I'm sure he knows a good wine for us to use for the reception. *smiles*

    Sheamus: Of course he would. I just meant I’d rather not rely on him to help pick a formal outfit.

    Nolee: *giggles* No I don't think that would be a good idea. So...are you ready for married life?

    Sheamus: Of course I am; I wouldn’t have proposed otherwise.

    Nolee: *smiles and leans forward for a small kiss on the cheek* Got a tag match with Wade soon.

    Sheamus: *jokingly* You aren’t going to start swapping stories afterwards are yeh?

    Nolee: Maaybe. He taught me how to dance for the reception.

    Sheamus: *smiles* I saw that.

    Nolee: *smiles* Well I gotta go darlin’. *kisses his cheek* No peeking on the dress.

    She turns on her heel and leaves.

    ‘I Like It’ by Lacuna Coil starts to play and Angel runs out to the ramp, title around her waist. She gets in the ring as ‘Broken Dreams’ starts to play. Drew walks to the ring, his title over his shoulder. The two share a look and discuss the match to themselves as the lights go our and ‘Hell on Heels’ starts to play. Nolee walks to the ring but stops at the outside of the ring. ‘Warrior’ by Disturbed starts to play and Wade walks to stand next to Nolee, the two getting in the ring.

    CWA Tag Team Champions Angel James and Drew McIntyre vs. Nolee Lacroix and Wade Barrett

    Nolee steps out of the ring and Wade steps in, Angel staying in for her team. Angel and Wade bawl for a bit before Wade hits a trio of suplexes on Angel. He gets on the second turnbuckles but Drew interferes and Wade goes down. Drew gets tagged in. He kicks Wade repeatedly in the stomach but Wade rolls out of the way, tagging in Nolee. Nolee slowly gets in and tries to Irish whip Drew into the corner. Drew remains still and instead flings Nolee. Her back hits and Drew runs at her to try and land a solid shoulder to the gut. Nolee rolls out of the way and Drew hits the turnbuckle. As he stumbles back towards Nolee, she hits her faceplant finisher and then rolls him up for the pin.

    Winners: Nolee and Wade via pinfall

    Nolee smiles and looks like she can't believe she won. Wade chuckles and leans down to whisper something in her ear. Suddenly Nolee looks angry and turns to yell at him as the camera fades to commercial.

    -Darksiders II commercial-

    When the show comes back on, Vitani is seen standing with Casey backstage in the interview area, Vitani in her ring gear; Casey wearing a green ‘Winchester Tavern’ shirt based on the Shaun of the Dead movie. Both of them are smiling, having been talking during the ad break.

    Casey: So Vitani, you said you had an announcement to make?

    Vitani: *nods* Yes, I do. I thought it might help if I officially announced who I’ll be defending the Vixxens’ title against at Annual Affliction.

    Casey: Who was it you chose?

    Vitani: Well I couldn’t actually decide to be honest…I actually ended up asking which Vixxens already had matches planned for them. *she smiles, shrugging her shoulders* Turns out I’ll be facing Dia again.

    Casey: *smiles* You don’t mind facing her again?

    Vitani: Of course not. *she grins* Dia’s always fun to fight.

    Casey: Always a good match to watch too. But then most matches in the CWA are. *he pauses as Vitani laughs* Oh, congratulations on winning your match tonight by the way.

    Vitani: Thanks, but it was against Christian… isn’t he one of your best friends?

    Casey: Yeah, but that doesn’t mean I can’t like other wrestlers too.

    Vitani: True. *she chuckles* I’ll see you later okay? I’m going to go get a drink.

    Casey: *nods* Sure. *he watches as Vitani walks off*

    The camera switches to a shot of the ring and Kane's pyrotechnics go off. He stalks to the ring and gets in, looking eerily calm. ‘Getting Away With Murder’ starts for the second time that night. As Lucas makes his way to the ring, Carter hits him from behind. He tosses Lucas over the steel steps and then into the steel barricade. The former UFC fighter looks a bit dazed and he stumbles into the ring, Carter heading to the back.

    Kane vs. Lucas Turner

    Almost as soon as Lucas is in the ring, he turns around to get met by a vicious clothesline and is trapped underneath Kane's boot.

    Winner: Kane via pinfall

    Carter is seen standing at the guerilla, lacing up his boots and smirking about the pain he caused Lucas. Christian walks up behind him.

    Christian: Hey.

    Carter: *turns slowly* Hey babe! Sorry Vi beat ya.

    Christian: *smiles* Almost ready for your match?

    Carter: Ready to take on Punk? Sorta. He's a great guy and great team member but I want a win.

    Christian: *smiles* We all want to win, the trick is to have fun and make sure that you leave what happens inside the ring in the ring.

    Carter: *chuckles* Don't I know it. You got anything to do after the show? I wanna get the team together for a meeting.

    Christian: Yeah I'm fine.

    Carter: *smirks* Good kid. *kisses his cheek* See ya after the match?

    Christian: *smiles and nods* Yeah.

    Carter: *grins and kisses his cheek* I gotta go.

    Carter smiles and limps off to his truck as the camera fades to a shot of the ring. ‘Cult of Personality’ begins to play as CM Punk makes his way out to the ring. He stands on the ramp for a moment and turns to signal to someone. Out walks Daniel Bryan standing next to Punk before the two head to the ring. Once in, Punk shakes his hand and Daniel steps out of the ring. ‘That’s How Country Boys Roll’ starts playing and Carter drives out in his truck. He gets out and walks up to the ramp, pausing to say a few words to Daniel and shake his hand before getting in the ring.

    Carter Lacroix vs. CWA Champion CM Punk

    Carter and Punk size each other up, Carter going for an early takedown to the legs. Punk is too lithe for that and he moves out of the way, going behind Carter to hit a few kicks to the knees. Carter goes down to one and we can hear Daniel urging Punk on for more kicks. Punk obliges and goes for a kick to the head, which takes Carter down to the mat. Punk locks in the Anaconda Vice but Carter manages to reach the ropes. It looks like Carter is going to get attacked as he gets up but Punk does the right thing and doesn't, instead giving Carter time to get up. Carter stands fully and turns, ducking under another kick and picking Punk up for a sidewalk slam which is landed. Punk writhes on the ground and Carter climbs the ropes, something very unlike him. He jumps down at Punk, landing a flying elbow to his chest. He rolls Punk onto his stomach and applies a modified version of the Cowboy Clutch, pressing his knee into Punk's back, causing the CWA Champion to tap out.

    Winner: Carter Lacroix via pinfall

    Carter immediately lets go and extends a friendly hand to Punk who stands. The two look strong as Jerry, with a limping Lucas, is seen on the ramp. Behind Jerry stands Vitani, Justin, Heath, Wade, and Nolee. Through the audience come Dia, Christian, Cody, Alex, and Mariana. The show ends with the two teams staring each other down.

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