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    Hell to Pay II results


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    Hell to Pay II results Empty Hell to Pay II results

    Post  Casey on Mon Oct 29, 2012 9:45 am

    ‘Bottle of Pain’ by Combichrist is heard playing as the show opens slightly different to usual as it’s a Pay-Per-View, the crowd cheering excitedly as the pyrotechnics go off before the commentators talk about the matches for the night.
    The camera focuses on the ramp as Christian's music hits and he appears on the ramp with his manager and best friend Edge. They smile and touch hands with the fans as they walk down the ramp and climb into the ring. As soon as they get into the ring Justin's music hits and he and Heath makes his way to the ring. After a few moments Kane's starts and the big red machine makes his way to the bottom of the ramp, when he gets there Carter's music hits and he joins his tag team partner at the bottom of the ramp. They climb in and go to their corner, Kane and Christian climb out and the bell rings.

    Kane & Carter vs. Justin and Christian

    Justin and Carter slowly move closer before locking up, both doing a number of holds before Justin pulls back at goes for a kick which Carter narrowly avoids. After a few more tries Justin finally manages a kick to Carter's chest that sends him out of the ring before jumping over the ropes on him. Kane scowls and goes to help Carter when he is pushed down by a dropkick to his back from Christian, Christian goes to do another move as before he gets hit with a hard right fist from Kane. The referee tries to get between them when he is hit by Kane and knocked out, a new referee is sent out and he manages to get all four of them back into the ring. the four continue to go at it for five-ten minutes before Justin manages to get Carter set up for his finishing move, he manages to hit it right as Kane hits Christian with the choke slam. They both move to pin but the referee is facing Justin and doesn't see Kane pinning.

    Winners by pinfall: Justin and Christian

    The referee raises Justin hand as Heath jumps into the ring to hug him, Christian slowly sits up and looks at a saddened Carter across the ring. Christian rolls quickly out of the ring before the referee can raise his hand and climbs over the barricade, ignoring Edge's questions and pushing to referee away as he tries to give him the belt. Christian moves through the crowd followed by a confused Edge and the camera loses sight of them.

    Backstage, Vitani is seen sitting on a couch in street clothes, not having a match to get ready for. She’s smiling as she talks to a friend on her phone, her smile fading as she listens to something the other person says.

    Vitani: Wait, what…? You’re here to watch tonight’s show and you didn’t tell me earlier? *she sighs and shakes her head after listening again* No, that’s probably not a good idea…

    She pauses, looking up when she hears someone enter the room she’s in.

    Vitani: I’ll call you later, okay? I have to go.

    She hangs up and puts her phone away, the camera zooming out to show it’s Cody’s office Vitani’s sitting in, the Vixxen smiling as Cody moves to sit beside her.

    Vitani: Hey, how are you doing? *she grins as they hug*

    Cody: I’m fine, I was just sorting out a few things.

    Vitani: For the matches?

    Cody: *nods* Yeah… *he hesitates slightly* You don’t mind not having one, do you?

    Vitani: *smiles and shakes her head* No, I’m fine. It means I can talk to you more, right?

    Cody: Right. *he grins and kisses her cheek* You want anything?

    Vitani: Not really, just a drink maybe.

    Cody: Okay, well you wait here and then we can watch the show together when I get back.

    Vitani: Alright.

    She smiles and nods, the two hugging again before Cody gets up to leave the room, the scene fading out.

    "Hell on Heels" by the Pistol Annies begins as Nolee makes her way to the ring. She's dressed in her new ring gear: a black western style shirt with pink decorations and the sleeves cut off, black jeans, and her black cowboy boots. She waits at the end of the ramp as "Indifferent to Suffering" by Chimera begins and Wade makes his way out to the ring. He's dressed in his usual gear but looks colder than usual. The duo gets in the ring, Nolee pacing back and forth while Wade is watching dully in the corner. "Whatever's Real" by The High Crusade starts and Alex makes his way out to the ring, stopping halfway and looking like he's not sure if he wants to go through with this before getting into the ring. He whispers something to the referee who then tells the announcers at ring side.

    Val: *shocked* Oh's...I can't believe this...

    James: No longer is this a tag match's a two on one handicapped.

    Alex Shelley vs. Nolee Lacroix and Wade Barrett

    Nolee gets in the ring and looks confident, ready to take on Alex. However, Barrett has other plans. He pushes Nolee out of the way and gets in her spot, ready to fight Alex. Nolee looks angry but gets outside of the ring, standing in Wade's corner. They lock up and trade holds. Wade ducks a roundhouse kick and they go to lock up again. Wade kicks Alex and takes control. More back and forth action. Alex drops Wade with a big dropkick and stomps some more. Wade scoots back to his corner and Nolee tags herself in, smirking as she makes sure that Alex's back is to her. She attempts her finisher but Alex manuvers out of it. He comes at Nolee with the insiguri and she barely ducks under it. She backs into the ropes and Wade sees something in her eyes that says "distract the ref". He does so and Nolee hits Alex with a kick square between the legs. He goes down and the ref turns just in time to see Nolee covering Alex for the win.

    Winners: Nolee Lacroix and Wade Barrett via pinfall

    Wade smirks down at Nolee and nods in an almost approving manner before heading to the back, a cold look in his eyes as he does.

    Carter storms into his locker room, slamming the door for his locker open and fuming as he starts to get his things together to shower. Christian stops at the door of Carter's locker room and knocks almost timidly. Carter opens the door and looks at him.

    Carter: What do you want?

    Christian: Carter I... I'm sorry....

    Carter: Sorry? You and Adam campaigned so hard to get a new tag team partner and to face me and Kane. I'm surprised you're sorry.

    Christian: That was Adam not me and I never asked for this match... *looks hurt*

    Carter: You had something to do with it Jay. You could have told him no. You could have said you didn't want to do it. But you didn't say that. You agreed.

    Christian: You said it wouldn't hurt Carter, remember? You just laughed it off... And you could have picked someone else to fight instead...

    Carter: I picked you guys because I didn't know you were serious about this. I thought that Justin would cause you guys to lose! I didn't want to lose my title!

    Christian: You basically picked us for an easy match? *he quickly tries to hide a hurt look*

    Carter: *runs a hand through his hair* Look, I'm sorry I just...bad day...

    Christian: *looks down* I know...

    Carter: Can I have a few moments?

    Christian: *nods* Yeah. *turns to give him a few moments*

    Carter: *takes a deep breath and opens the door* Come on in I guess...

    Christian takes a slow step inside, looking sad and a little nervous.

    Carter: So...I'm sorry about everything...

    Christian: I... I'm sorry too... I...

    Carter: It's not really you're fault...

    Christian: I hurt you though... *slowly looks at him*

    Carter: If I was hurt I'd have broken bones or I'd be bleeding.

    Christian: *sighs softly before looking down again*

    Carter: Look...maybe you should go celebrate your title win with your partner.

    Christian: Really don't feel like celebrating...

    Carter: Why not? It's what champs do when they win. They celebrate.

    Christian: *quietly* Just don't feel like it... I'll leave if you want me too though...

    Carter: I don't wanna snap at you again...

    Christian: *nods* I know... I'll... I'll stay in Adam's room tonight...

    Carter: You know I don't hate you, right babe?

    Christian: I know... I was scared though...

    Carter: I just...I need my time...

    Christian: I know. *kisses Carter's cheek* See you later?

    Carter: Yeah...see you later...

    Christian turns and leaves the locker room.

    "Dancing With Myself" by Billy Idol starts to play and Dia Banks runs out, playing air guitar as usual, with Colt at her side playing air drums. She stops by the crowd and points to Daniel Bryan who is sitting in the front row mouthing, "this guy is the shit" before getting in the ring. She runs a hand through her orange streaked hair and looks at the entrance ramp with a confident gleam in her eyes. "Up In Flames" by Icon For Hire starts to play and Arella makes her way out the ring. She smiles at the fans, shaking hands and posing for pictures before getting into the ring. There is a moment where the two girls do nothing but stare at each other before Dia extends her hand to shake Arella's, mouthing, "may the best girl win".

    Arella Rayne vs. Vixxens Champion Dia Banks w/ Colt Cabana for the Vixxens Championship

    The two circle the ring, eyes on each other before locking up in a grapple. Dia smirks and gets behind Arella for a chokehold. Arella elbows Dia in the ribs and comes behind her, twisting her arm behind her back. Dia rolls her eyes and brings a foot down on Arella's to get out of the hold. They separate, each looking amused by the others attempt at a submission hold. Arella grabs Dia's arm and flings her into the left turnbuckle nearest the announcers table, getting a few kicks to the woman’s gut. Dia doubles over and Arella pulls off a bulldog. Dia's face hits the mat and for a moment she just lays there before getting up and wiping the blood off of her nose. She doubles up her fists and comes after Arella. She hits a hard clothesline to the chest and watches as Arella goes down, only to spring back up before Dia can go hit another move. Arella and Dia circle the ring once again and once again lock up. This time, Dia hits a desperate suplex which downs Arella. She doesn't give her foe anytime to get up, instead going for an arm bar. Arella screams in pain but refuses to tap out. She crawls to the ropes and latches on, forcing Dia to let go. Both girls seem to be giving it their all and it will only take a miracle to get this match to end early. Colt on the outside looks worried that Dia may not win.
    Dia manages to get up first, looking down on her opponent. She gives her arm a few stomps, hoping to single out that part of her body. Arella grabs Dia's ankle and pulls her down so that Arella can stand up. She does so before crouching over Dia, delivering a few punches to her face so that she can weaken her opponent. This does not fair well for Dia's bloody nose and a light goes off in her head, causing the Vixxens Champion to bring a very flexible boot to the back of Arella's head. Arella collapses and Dia rolls them over so that she's pinning her opponent.

    Winner and still Vixxens Champion: Dia Banks

    Dia looks relieved, blinking her eyes and nodding. She stands up, bringing a hand to her nose as Colt gets in the ring. Dia refuses to leave until Arella is at least moving about and when she is, Dia helps her to her feet with a smile and mouthing "damn good match" before she and Colt leave.

    Backstage, Dia walks down the hall, title glimmering on her shoulder. She smiles as she sees someone.

    Dia: One down, one to go.

    Punk looks up at her and raises an eyebrow, getting up from where he’d been sitting on the floor, having been stretching.

    Punk: What was that?

    Dia: *grins* I defended my title successfully. Let’s see if you can do this.

    Punk: Well you’d hope I can; no pointless distractions this time.

    Dia: But he's still strong and fierce. Ya never know if ya can beat him.

    Punk: *sighs* Yeah, I know… But going out there with an attitude like that won’t really help me.

    Dia: You know, this rivalry between the two of us is not good for Colt. *playfully shoves him*

    Punk: *chuckles* Why not?

    Dia: He calls it unhealthy for two best friends to have a bet like this.

    Punk: There’s nothing wrong with it. Hunter and Shawn often had rivalries with each other and they’re fine…

    Dia: *smiles softly* I guess but deep down they’ve gotta harbor some sort of resentment. It's almost gotta be that way.

    Punk: It doesn’t have to be… We both know it’s for fun, right?

    Dia: ...we both know how we get over titles...

    Punk: *frowns, running a hand through his hair* Right…

    Dia: Let’s put this behind us for now. You have a title defense to focus on. I...well...I have to worry about Colt and Dia.

    Punk: What do you mean… everything’s alright isn’t it?

    Dia: Yeah just...nothin’ you gotta worry about. It’s nothing major.

    Punk: *looks a little worried* …are you sure?

    Dia: You know me Phil...I don't like being tied own... *shrugs* I'll be fine.

    Punk: *nods* Alright. *he hesitates slightly before continuing* …you both know I’m here if you need me though.

    Dia: I know, I know. *kisses his cheek* Thanks Philly. Now get out there and win.

    Punk: Okay, I’m going! *he rolls his eyes, but smiles* You said yourself though that I can’t know for sure if I’ll win…

    Dia: Then give him hell Philly.

    Dia smiles and heads out of range of the camera, Punk watching her leave before he sits back down to do a few last stretches.

    As "Trip The Darkness" plays and Mariana makes her way out to the ring where Sheamus and Drew wait for her, out comes Wade Barrett. He waits for a few seconds before a vicious snarl crosses his face and he attacks Mariana from behind. She goes down and Wade isn't content until he stomps her head a few times for good effect. Once done he picks her up and tosses her into the ring, bowing mockingly and mouthing, "enjoy" to Sheamus and Drew before leaving the area.

    5 Nations Champion Mariana Thomas vs. Sheamus vs. Drew McIntyre for the 5 Nations Championship

    The match starts, but the two men just stand there, looking at Mariana in a stunned silence. After a minute or so, Sheamus glares up at the stage where Wade had been before leaving, though he turns back around as if sensing something; only to be hit by a sudden hard punch from Drew. The attack sets Sheamus off and the two start fighting as they normally would against each other, neither of them noticing Mariana at the opposite end of the ring, slowly using the ropes to get back on her feet. The two men keep fighting until Mariana manages to hit one them with a dropkick, though it’s only powerful enough to cause a distraction to stop the two brawling instead of knocking anyone down. Sheamus turns to Mariana, Irish whipping her towards the ropes so that she falls out of the ring, though it didn’t look like Sheamus put his usual amount of strength into the move, aiming more to get her out of the way than to hurt her. He frowns and leans on the ropes to look down at Mariana, apparently checking if she’s okay, though he turns away when he sees Jensen rushing over to her. Taking advantage of Sheamus’ distraction, Drew stands waiting until Sheamus turns back to face him, quickly hitting the Irishman with his Future Shock finisher before pinning him.

    Winner and new 5 Nations Champion: Drew McIntyre via pin

    Drew quickly gets up to get the title and rolls out of the ring as Sheamus tries to attack him, not happy about how the match ended. Having barely missed him, Sheamus moves to get out of the ring, wanting to chase after Drew, but the referee gets in the way to stop him; Drew smirking as he holds up the title. Once Drew has left, the referee lets Sheamus go and goes over to join Jensen in checking on Mariana.

    Sheamus is seen walking around backstage as if he's looking for someone. He looks angry and pushes passed one of the backstage crew members before spotting the person he's looking for, grabbing them by their shoulder to make them face him.

    Sheamus: Hey! What do yeh think you were doing out there fella?

    Wade doesn't look amused as he is turned and made to face Sheamus.

    Wade: I thought I was giving you and Drew an actual chance. *shrugs his shoulders*

    Sheamus: Why? *frowns* Neither of us need you interfering in our matches just so one of us can win.

    Wade: Yeah but I wanted to. I don't need an Irishman or a Scot's permission.

    Sheamus: Yeh had no right to interfere! *he glares at him* Especially not after you tried to hurt Nolee.

    Wade: I didn't try to hurt her! I wanted to fight! She was going to cost us that match...or so I thought...*smirks* You know Sheamus, she's just like Belle.

    Sheamus: She is not! Don't you dare compare her to Belle.

    Wade: She cheated on you, Sheamus. Chances are, she'll do it again. *smirks* But you'll be okay because you'll have your tongue shoved down Arella's throat. *chuckles*

    Sheamus: *looks ready to hit him* I will not, I didn't even want that the first time.

    Wade: Stephen, I know you. Nolee, she's not the kind of girl you wanted to marry. You married the wrong girl *pats his shoulder* and I think you know that.

    Sheamus: *shakes his head* I did not. She may not have been my type in the past, but that doesn't mean she isn't now.

    Wade: So you say. I'm still not sure you're in love with her. She's...foul.

    Sheamus: *rolls his eyes* To you maybe...

    Wade: Mark my words, Stephen, you all will end up just like me and Belle. Apart and HATING each other.

    Sheamus: Just because something happened to you doesn't mean it'll happen to everyone, Stuart. *he says the name like it's an insult*

    Wade: *sneers* And to think you could have won that match if you weren't so clearly inferior to Drew. *pats his shoulder* I'll see you around Stephen.

    Wade heads out of camera shot, leaving Sheamus shaking his head, muttering something in Irish that’s more than likely an insult towards Wade.

    Back in the ring, Lucas has just arrived and is standing waiting for his opponent. He doesn’t have to wait long before the static sound signalling the opening of ‘Cult of Personality’ starts playing, CM Punk walking out with the CWA title hung over one shoulder. He has a smirk on his face and he goes over to where Daniel Bryan’s sitting at ringside, high fiving his friend before using the nearby steel stairs to get into the ring, handing over his title before turning to face Lucas.

    Lucas Turner vs. CWA Champion CM Punk for the CWA Championship

    The bell rings and Punk immediately goes into a defensive stance, dodging the attack he’d expected from Lucas before ducking under another punch, kicking at the back of Lucas’ knee afterwards. While Lucas is down on one knee, Punk attacks him with quick kicks and punches before being shoved away. Lucas gets up and hits the champ with a punch to the stomach, backing him into a corner while he tries to recover from the hit. Punk raises an arm to try and protect his head from Lucas’ attack, using his other to try and push Lucas away after a kick to Lucas’ legs doesn’t seem to do anything. The referee warns Lucas to back off, giving a four count before he finally does so, Punk quickly responding by raking at Lucas’ eyes with his fingers while the referee isn’t paying attention. Lucas curses and backs away, Punk quickly taking advantage, taking him down with a DDT. He kicks Lucas while he’s down, and goes for an elbow drop, but Lucas rolls out of the way, Punk connecting with the mat instead. Lucas takes advantage straight away, stomping on Punk’s arm to further damage it. Punk cries out and quickly pulls his arm away, rolling away before getting to his feet. The two continue fighting, Lucas still trying to damage Punk’s arm to gain more of an advantage over him. Punk goes for a GTS, but Lucas simply hits his damaged arm to escape before hitting Punk with his right hook, grinning as he goes to pin Punk, getting frustrated when he barely misses the three count, Punk kicking out at the last second. Before Lucas can respond, Punk quickly rolls him up for a pin instead, the referee not noticing Punk using the ropes to help keep Lucas down.

    Winner and still CWA Champion: CM Punk via pin

    Punk sighs in relief when he hears the bell ring, moving away from Lucas before getting up and leaning with his back against the ropes, holding the arm Lucas had been attacking close to his body. He smiles tiredly when the referee hands him his title, holding it up before dropping to his knees and rolling out of the ring, going over to where Daniel Bryan’s sitting. He grins at his friend, speaking briefly to him before frowning, looking at his arm, Bryan obviously having asked if he was okay. Punk nods and hangs his title over his shoulder, hugging Bryan with his good arm before freezing, spotting someone else familiar nearby in the crowd. He takes a few steps away, saying something to Bryan before turning to head back up the ramp, the camera turning to show it was Vitani’s friend Vera he’d spotted before it cuts back to show Punk hurriedly walking back up the ramp as the show ends.

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