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    Hell to Pay III results


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    Hell to Pay III results Empty Hell to Pay III results

    Post  Casey on Sat Feb 15, 2014 2:47 am

    Wade and Drew are talking quietly to each other as Nolee and Sheamus are entering the ring, Sheamus holding the ropes open for Nolee when he glances over at the other two men and grins at them. Both men take it the wrong way and as soon as the bell to signal the beginning of the match is rung, the two men both rush at Sheamus, despite the fact that they were supposed to be having a tag match.

    Nolee Lacroix & Sheamus vs Tag Team Champions Wade Barrett & Drew McIntyre

    Seeing both Wade and Drew attacking Sheamus, Nolee jumps in to try and help, unintentionally making it what the WWE refers to as a ‘tornado tag team’ and though the referee sees this happening, the most she does to stop them is shout at them to stop, too scared to get between them.
    As Sheamus tries to fight off Drew, Nolee tries to keep Wade back, but the Englishman soon overpowers Nolee and tosses her aside. The three men continue fighting, rather than wrestling and worried someone will get hurt; Nolee tries to break it up again. Annoyed, Wade turns and picks her up, intending to hit her with his Wasteland finisher. Sheamus notices however and quickly Irish Whips Drew out of the ring before hurrying over to stop Wade. He kicks the Englishman in the stomach, just hard enough to cause him to flinch and allow Nolee to slip out of his grip.
    Once she’s out of the way, Sheamus delivers a swift Brogue kick to Wade, bringing him down. While the Irishman is busy with Wade though, Drew climbs back into the ring and attacks him from behind as Nolee yells at him. She moves to stand in front of Sheamus to stop Drew from attacking him again, resulting in her and the Scotsman having a stare down. Before anyone can do anything else though, the bell rings and ‘The Collapse’ starts playing, signalling the match has been ended.

    The match ends in no contest

    The camera cuts to the stage and shows Cody walking out from backstage with two members of the security team and his friend Devyn following behind him, in case the fight in the ring starts up again. Cody’s dressed for business, not a match, and he looks angry, which is rare for him. Back in the ring, Nolee and Sheamus stand in one corner, while Drew and Wade stand in two separate ones.

    Cody: *snaps* Alright, that’s enough! I thought you all would know better by now, especially you Wade. When are you all going to learn to act more mature? Besides Nolee, you’re all older than me but you sure don’t act like it; and this is coming from a guy who plays video games and reads comics in his spare time. *He sighs and shakes his head.* While I have no real problem with out of work relationships being shown here, the fact you all clearly still have issues with each other is getting ridiculous! Carter and I can’t keep booking matches only to have to come break them up. You three guys remind me of that moment where Professor McGonagall asks ‘Why is it, when something happens, it is always you three?’

    The camera briefly cuts to the four in the ring, where they all exchange glances, ranging from confused to worried.

    Cody: You know what I mean. You’ve all in some way or another been involved in some of the biggest, most violent feuds. Which is, like I said earlier; why I thought you’d all have learned to behave better by now. Remember Solstice Wade?

    The camera cuts to the Englishman, who is seen nodding and though the words can’t be heard very well because he has no microphone, he is seen saying ‘Of course I do.’ The camera cuts back to Cody though before Wade can say anything else.

    Cody: Yeah. *he pulls a face* I do too. Remember what happened? Remember why the team broke up? You kept interrupting matches and hurting people. Like what happened here…

    There’s a collective shout of ‘ooh’ from a large amount of the crowd, a common reaction when someone knows another person’s in trouble; most of them guessing what’s coming next. Wade and Drew are already arguing, trying to blame each other for the way the match turned out.

    Cody: I take it you’ve all guessed what’s going on here, if you took the Solstice reference as a hint. See, like I did with that team, I’m stripping the titles from our current champions as a message to all of you: Sort. Your. Shit. Out. If an outside problem is getting in the way of your job and preventing you from doing it properly; then you need you need to take a step back and sort it out before you step in this ring! We’ve already had to intervene in other feuds stemming from personal issues so certain people would get up and get the help they needed; we don’t want to have to be chasing after all of you too.

    Everyone is silent, some trying to guess who Cody is referring to, some surprised to see him genuinely angry.

    Cody: While we are taking the titles off Drew and Wade, we won’t be awarding them to Nolee and Sheamus either. Instead, they’ll be vacated and we’ll have a tournament to see who deserves to hold the tag team titles. It’ll give everyone a chance to have a go at winning the titles and hopefully encourage new teams to form and jump in. My advice to current teams is if you aren’t working well together, use this this opportunity to form a new one, or maybe an old one. *He shrugs his shoulders.* Choice is yours.

    The referee approaches Cody and hands him the now vacant tag team titles before the GM turns and heads backstage with Devyn and the security guards.

    Dante sits on top of one of the large trunks that litter the backstage, his art pad in his hands as he works.
    Wade smiles as he stands nearby, watching Dante draw. He was aware that he seemed stalkerish but he had yet to work up the nerves to go over there and talk to the young man. A young man, at least a couple of years older than Dante, walks up to the rookie with a small grin on his face.

    Man: Well hello there.

    Dante: *looks up shyly from his pad* Hello?

    Man: You’re that young rookie Dante right?

    Dante: *nods slowly* Yeah, I'm Dante...

    Man: I'm John, I was thinking we could go get a few drinks later... *grins* Just us...

    Dante: *blinks in shock* What...?

    Wade can't help but overhear the conversation. This guy, this John was walking over to HIS Dante and asking him for a date. With a growl, he barrels over, tapping the young man on the shoulder.

    Wade: Fookin' leave him alone or I'm going to do to you what I bloody did to Mariana Thomas. No one’s heard from her sense and when I get done with you, no one will hear from you.

    John: Get the hell out man; this is between me and the kid here. *snorts* So get your big ears out of here, it’s not like you’re the kid's boyfriend or anything. *looks smug*

    Dante looks confused as he watches the two.

    Wade: *grabs his collar and slings him against the wall* You listen to me you little shit. If you don't get out of here, I'm going to break your neck. Understood?

    John: Let me go you ape! *growls*

    Wade: *laughs* Ape? Ape is an insult? Honestly, you half-witted buffoon. If you don't get out of here, I'm going to break your neck. Understood?

    John: *huffs* Fine! I get it! Stupid kid isn’t worth this! *rushes away*

    Wade wipes his hands off on the jacket he's wearing before turning to grin at Dante.

    Wade: ‘ello.

    Dante: *shyly* Hello.

    Wade: He won't be bothering you again.

    Dante: Thanks... Why… Why did you help me with him?

    Wade: *mutters something to himself that Dante doesn't hear*

    Dante: *softly* Wade?

    Wade: What?

    Dante: Thanks... For helping with that guy...

    Wade: You honestly didn't want to date him?

    Dante: *shakes his head* No.

    Wade: *smiles* Oh...*hesitates* Why not?

    Dante: Cause... *sighs* Normally guys like that only hit on me cause they wanna sleep with me...

    Wade: Well it's wrong.

    Dante: *runs a hand through his hair* Yeah.

    Wade: *smiles kindly*

    Dante: *looks up at him*

    Wade: Um...I was wondering if you'd like to get dinner...

    Dante: *shyly* Really? I... I'd like that...

    Wade: You would?

    Dante: *nods as he looks away shyly*

    Wade: *smiles briefly* I will pick you up tomorrow at seven.

    Dante: *nods* Alright. *shyly smiles at him*

    Wade pats his shoulder and heads off in the direction of his locker room.

    The camera fades in on the ramp as the sound system starts with the opening part of Eve to Adam's Immortal, just as it reaches the first verse returning CWA Vixxen Angel James comes with a huge smile. It is easy to see she is happy to be back in the CWA as she climbs into the ring. "Up In Flames" by Icon For Hire plays as Arella Rayne makes her way to the ring, the two women study each other as the bell rings and the match starts.

    Angel James vs. Arella Rayne

    The two lock up with the elder woman getting the upper hand as she put Arella in a headlock before turning it into a running bulldog. Angel then goes to pick up Arella as the younger woman delivers a hard punch to her stomach; Angel reels back for a moment as Arella gets her footing back. The two continue to trade moves for little over 8 minutes, keeping the crowd on the edge of their seats. Finally Angel starts to gain an upper hand when she hits a super kick before quickly going for her finishing move the Twista.

    Winner: Angel James by pinfall.

    “This What Rock and Roll Looks Like” begins to play as Vitani Summers, dressed in her Jennifer Tate from Primal costume and with the Five Nations Championship around her waist, walks to the entrance ramp. On one side is Cody Rhodes, dressed as Tony Stark, while on the other side is Devyn McKinney. The three head down to the ring. Cody and Devyn hold the ropes open for her, Vitani sliding in the ring and Cody taking her title as he sits at ringside. He looks contemplative for a moment before grabbing a microphone and speaking.

    Cody: Ya know what? Let’s make this interesting. Costumes? Sure, that’s cool. Let’s make this an Elimination Fatal Four way. You get pinned, you go to the back. Last one left standing is the winner.

    The honk of a car horn sounds but instead of “The Only Way I Know” by Jason Aldean, Eric Church, and Luke Bryan playing, The Adventure Time with Finn and Jake theme starting up instead. Carter drives out in a black pick-up truck and dressed in his costume as Marshall Lee. He looks slightly furious that Cody made such a change, revealing that he didn’t know about the change in match types. He rolls into the ring, shaking Vitani’s hand as the two compliment each other on their costume choice. “Whatever’s Real” by The High Crusade starts up and out comes Alex Shelley, dressed in his costume as Johnny Cage. He runs to the ring, immediately mouthing the question, “Did you know?” to Carter. Carter shakes his head and pats Alex’s shoulder in reassurance. All three jump as Kane’s pyro goes off and he enters, costume be damned. He gets in and gives a slight nod to Alex and Vitani before standing across from Carter. Their eyes meet and Carter nods at unspoken words, the tag team both on the same page.

    Five Nations Champion Vitani Summers w/Cody Rhodes and Devyn McKinney vs Carter Lacroix vs Alex Shelley vs Kane

    Carter and Kane turn to whoever’s closest and start in, for Carter that’s Vitani and for Kane that’s Alex. Carter and Vitani are fighting inside the ring; Vitani countering Carter’s hard hitting moves with her quickness and speedy kicks. Kane on the other hand has already taken things to the outside. The ref yells at Kane and tells him this is not a no disqualification match but Kane ignores that and takes one of the steel chairs from ringside, slapping it across Alex’s back a few times before the ref has no choice but to disqualify him.
    Alex is having a hard time standing but he eventually gets into the ring, going inside to fight Carter who has downed Vitani before Carter has any time to make an attempt to pin. Alex hits a multitude of kicks to Carter’s weak knees which causes the man to go down to one. Alex lands a nice placed bulldog and turns around to gloat but doesn’t notice Carter has stood back up. Carter locks him up in a swinging neckbreaker position before hitting the move and getting the pin to the already hurt Alex.
    Now we’re down to two. Carter is gracious enough to let Vitani stand which earns him a question of “Are you ready?” from Vitani. When Carter nods, Vitani rushes him and smiles wide as she hits a knee to the gut. Carter stumbles back and looks as if it affected him for a moment before grabbing Vitani and picking her up for a belly to belly suplex. Carter smiles as he rolls her up for the pin but with no dice. She kicks out and Carter picks her up to attempt the swinging neckbreaker like move. As he does, she actually jumps up and, in a move similar to that of Cody’s mentor Randy Orton’s hits a very RKO-like move. Carter is on the mat and Vitani stands in the corner, Carter able to get to his feet before the finishing move, her Enziguri to the temple is hit and he goes down like a rock as Vitani gets the pin.

    LAST ELIMINATION: Carter Lacroix

    Vitani helps the ref make sure that Carter is alright before going to the outside of the ring to stand and smile with Cody as she raises her championship high into the air.

    “Break Your Heart” by Taio Cruz starts to play as Antonio Jacinto heads out to the ring. He responds to the cheers of the fans, giving handshakes and high fives to the ones that are at ringside and pointing at a few who are near the back of the arena. He rolls into the ring, smiling proudly that he’s finally beloved by the crowd. “Me Against The World” by Simple Plan starts up and Dante enters to the ramp. The fans cheer and Dante waves excitedly, grinning wide. He enters the ring to stand across from Antonio, a handshake being shared between the two men who are friends before the bell rings.

    Antonio Jacinto v Dante Westmore

    Antonio and Dante circle the ring, eyes locked on each other before Antonio moves in to make the first move. Antonio locks him up in a grapple, tossing the smaller man into the ropes. He runs at him, attempting a high boot to the face but Dante moves. Antonio, instead of going crashing into the ropes in an awkward and painful splits position, wheels with the grace of a dancer around to pop Dante in the chin with one of those high boots. Dante falls on his ass in the center of the ring, blinking in surprise as he lifts a hand up to his mouth. Antonio grins and waits for his friend to get up, heading at him with yet another grapple, this time lifting him up for a suplex back down to the ground. Antonio this time wastes very little time in letting Dante gets up and locks him in the Cupid’s Bow. Dante manages to reach the ropes, however, but damage is done to his legs as Antonio doesn’t break the count until the three count. He backs up, a determined look on his face, as he stands behind the other rookie. He tosses him into the ring ropes, waiting until he comes bounding back to hit him with a hard forearm across the chest. As soon as he is downed again, Antonio places kick after kick to the man’s legs until he hears Dante make a pained sound. The look of realization dawns across his face and he decides to be merciful, hitting the Heartbreaker clothesline as soon as the man is back up before laying him down for the pin.

    Winner via pinfall: Antonio Jacinto

    Antonio helps Dante up, wrapping one of Dante’s arms around his shoulders as he helps his friend to the back.

    Dia comes out to the ring to her usual theme, not with Heyman though this time, but Colt Cabana back by her side instead. They both pause at the end of the ramp and stare up at the cell that’s been set up over the ring. Colt lets out a low whistle, always impressed by the size of the structure, regardless of how many times he sees them. After a moment, they look at each other before Dia enters the cell and climbs into the ring. Colt, not being part of the match, stays standing by the cell door. Both of them turn to look when CM Punk’s all-too-familiar theme song comes on and soon after, he comes out onto the stage, full of the enthusiasm he’d been seriously lacking since the beginning of his and Dia’s feud. His facial hair is similar to Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine’s and his wrestling gear is coloured yellow and blue, the colours of Wolverine’s comic book outfit. Punk is carrying his title on one shoulder and holds it high above his head before heading down the ramp. As he passes the fans, he tells them ‘I’m the best at what I do’, as the Wolverine character often does.
    As he reaches the outside of the cell, Colt laughs and shakes his head at him, the two exchanging goofy grins before hugging. The two talk for a moment before Colt takes the CWA Championship with him over to the commentator’s tables, where the title usually is kept during matches. While he’s doing that, Punk joins Dia in the ring.

    Dia Banks vs. CWA Champion CM Punk Hell in a Cell match for the CWA Championship

    Though the two give each other a friendly smile, as soon as the bell rings both Punk and Dia switch to competitive mode and rush at each other; Dia quickly ducking under Punk’s attack to hit him with a quick jab to his stomach, followed by a DDT. Punk gets back to his feet though and the two start throwing every move they know at each other, often countered or reversed thanks to the two knowing each other so well. While everyone’s attention is on the match, Paul Heyman quietly makes his way out to the ring and lurks near the bottom of the entrance ramp, watching them with a disapproving frown. Punk eventually manages to trap Dia in a corner and tries to rush at her, only for the Vixxen to dive-roll out of the way; Punk quickly saving himself from crashing by springing up on top of the corner’s turnbuckle. He glances around briefly to finds out where Dia is, then springs off the turnbuckle, hitting her with a dropkick. Thinking he’s found a good opportunity, Punk goes to pin Dia, but barely gets more than a one before Dia kicks him away. Punk rolls his eyes before the two start going all-out again. Eventually, the two start getting tired and after more failed pin attempts by both of them, Punk takes Dia down again before making the mistake of being overconfident. He goes to pick Dia up for a GTS, but rushes and almost drops her. She slips down and quickly hits Punk with her Diamond Cutter before rolling him up for a pin.

    Winner via pin and new CWA Champion: Dia Banks

    Neither of them can believe it when they hear the bell for the end of the match, Dia sitting kneeling, frozen in shock as Punk slowly sits up, looking unsure if what happened was real or not. Eventually, Punk gets up, cursing out loud before angrily pacing a few steps, angry at himself for his mistake. Dia looks up at him before cautiously getting to her feet, as if worried for a moment that he’d take it out on her.
    As they stand there, staring at each other in a stunned silence, Colt gets up from his seat at the commentator’s desk and brings the title belt with him as he goes to enter the ring. When he reaches the door to the cell however, Paul Heyman attacks him; Punk and Dia both quickly turning to look. They both glare at Heyman for a moment before nodding at each other. The two slide out of the ring and exit the cell, attacking Heyman together. By the time the manager manages to escape them, the title lies forgotten on the ramp and as Dia runs back to check on Colt and help him to his feet, Punk picks up the title.
    He stands there, staring down at the title in his hands, unaware of Colt and Dia approaching him. They stand there in silence for a moment before Colt finally speaks to get Punk’s attention. The now former champ slowly looks up at them and looks as if he’s planning on walking off with the title before he sighs and steps forwards, holding out the title to Dia. The show ends as the new champion slowly takes the title from him, Dia tearing up as Punk tells her ‘You deserve it.’

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