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    12-26-11 Monday Night Carnage Promo


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    12-26-11 Monday Night Carnage Promo Empty 12-26-11 Monday Night Carnage Promo

    Post  Admin on Mon Dec 26, 2011 11:59 pm

    All promos are due here at 12:30 on Saturday!

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    Post  Admin on Wed Dec 28, 2011 6:34 am

    Carter Lacroix

    The door to the locker room area slams open as the camera turns on and we can see Carter has walked into the room. He looks like he's just gotten done working out, wearing only a pair of sweatpants and a pair of black nikes.

    Carter: Pete...I'm really not in the mood to talk...

    Pete: Well that's just to damn bad ain't it. What's been going on with you? Nolee said she ain't talked to you since the PPV, you looked terrified when you talked with Johnny, I mean, whats going on?

    Carter: I don't have to talk about it.

    Pete: Carter...

    Carter: I said I don't have to talk about it!

    Pete: *shakes his head* This is exactly what I mean. You wouldn't have talked to me before you seemed to be so scared...

    Carter: *frowns* I am scared. You heard Johnny. He brought up Tana. You heard Lucas. He told the world about my secret. How can you look at me like I'm the same Carter you know I am?

    Pete: *shakes his head* You're a good man. You were the same after the Tana thing, it scared you. It humbled you. But now? Now you just seem different. It doesn't matter to me what you did, it doesn't matter to your family. We all still respect you. Hell, do you think it matters to Jay?

    Carter: *pauses and turns around from his spot at the locker* I...I don't know if it does...

    Pete: You haven't talked to him?

    Carter: I haven't...

    Pete: gotta fight Morrison for the last week of the show. Also heard you won...kinda won the award for best theme song.

    Carter: Yeah...well I was happy about the award. I was proud of myself. But the fighting Morrison thing? Well...he's hateful. We have a history...I'll admit I kinda...

    Pete: Had sex with him in the past.

    Carter: Once, when I was very drunk. I may have led him astray. Problem is I don't love him. I love Jay. And it's not the fighting Morrison part I'm worried about. It's the fact that he's teasing Tana's return. I angered her, I'm the one she'll some after. I'm afraid of her. God dammit, any one would be afraid of her.

    Pete: So you think you can beat Johnny?

    Carter: Hell, when I was still a rookie I beat Johnny. I managed to kick his ass without ever having wrestled anywhere before. No, I'm not afraid of Morrison. I know I can pin him easy. It's Tana showing up I'm afraid of. So when I step into that ring, I'll have both eyes peeled. I'll not only manage to beat Morrison but if Tana tries to get involved, I'll beat her ass. Again.

    Carter sighs and looks away before turning back to the camera

    Carter: Now can I get outta here?

    Pete: Yeah man...

    The camera fades out on Carter picking up some money off of the bench in his room and heading out of the room.

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    Post  Admin on Fri Dec 30, 2011 12:18 am

    The camera turns on, showing a beautiful mountain view. Snow covers the valley below, the moonlight glittering off of it as if it's a million compacted diamonds. We hear the crunch of snow underneath feet and the camera switches to show Nolee Lacroix walking arm in arm with her best friend Jack Swagger. She's dressed in a black coat with black ski pants and black boots. Her hands are covered by black gloves and a black hat rests on her head. Jack is wearing a leather jacket, black skii pants, and white snow boots. One of his gloves is red, the other white, and his hat is blue.

    Nolee: *smiles* Thanks for joining me up here Jack.

    Jack: No problem blondie, you obviously got a lot on your mine. So whats up?

    Nolee: I just...I dunno...

    Jack: Dunno what?

    Nolee: Anything I guess. Lately I've just been thinking a lot. There's a lot to think about. For starters, I've gotta worry about Dusty and Cody. He was my best friend growing up but now he thinks I'm childish. And Dusty? He and Jeff Jarrett practically helped raise me. Now he's just a power hungry Scrooge.

    Jack: But that's not all?

    Nolee: No. I...I don't think I'm being used in the company as much as I could be. I mean, I was t he second ever Vixxens Champion. I'm Jerry's daughter, the CWA's princess. They should love me not girls live the newest Vixxens champ or her tag team parnter.

    Jack: *chuckles* I get that. I remember when I won the Money In The Bank briefcase and then the World Heavyweight Championship. I was on top of the world, I could do no wrong. Then I lost it to Rey Mysterio. Rey Mysterio of all people! But do you know what I did? I went home, stood on a mountain outside of the city, and screamed to the world. I let out all my anger, all my frustrations in one primal scream.

    Nolee: Did it work?

    Jack: I got out some anger. It was just good. Here...

    He takes Nolee by the hand and leads her over to a rocky view, helping her climb up to stand on the tallest rock.

    Jack: Now scream out whatever you want the world to know.

    Nolee: *shouting* I'm Nolee Lacroix and I'll be the first ever female CWA Champion!

    She laughs and almost falls of of the rock but Jack catches her bridal style. They share an awkward look before Jack sets her down.

    Jack: do you fight this week?

    Nolee: *smiles* Vitani.

    Jack: The pretty one?

    Nolee: Be more specific, you think anything with legs and boobs is pretty.

    Jack: Rhodes girl?

    Nolee: Yes that's her. She's part of the new tag team champions. I mean, they probably wouldn't be champs if Cody hadn't of showed up. No, Carter and Lucas were screwed over by the Nocte Hemata. I woulda been out there to help but I couldn't. I had a problem I needed to deal with.

    Jack: What you told Shea?

    Nolee: Yeah what I told Shea.

    Jack: So are you? I...I was worried.

    Nolee: *laughs* Why were you worried? It was no problem of yours.

    Jack: It wasn't. I just know that you of all up wrestling for nine months would kill you.

    Nolee: Lets not focus on this. Lets focus on the fact that this coming up show I have a large match. Vi's beat Carter a few times, I gotta avenge him. So this week I'll beat Vi. Maybe that'll make me more relevant.

    Jack: Want me to be there for you? You know, in case Cody shows up?

    Nolee: Naw man you don't gotta worry about it. Cody pissed Sheamus off when he ruined his and Angie's match. Lemme tell you something, if fighting Vi is anything like facing Angie it'll be hard. If it's not? Well Vi might as well lay down and let me pin her.

    Jack: *smirks* There's my bestie. Now lets get outta here. It's late.

    Nolee nods and takes his arm as the two walk off, the camera fading.

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    We open up on a trashed hotel room, the sound of angry breathing and something breaking being heard. We can see the room more clearly now, the couch turned over and broken glass all over the floor. A man stands with his arm against the wall, head leaning against his hand. The person in dressed in black karate pants. As the camera gets closer we see it's Lucas Turner.

    Lucas: Yet again my life has been ruined because of the actions of others.

    He turns around to glare at the camera, his eyes crazier than we have ever seen them before.

    Lucas: I was destined to keep the tag team titles with Carter until that son of a bitch Cody Rhodes poked his nose into matters that didn't concern him. He distracted me, took my eyes off of the prize. I swear, I'll get my pay back on that runt. He won't see it coming and it'll probably leave him in a body bag.

    He rolls his shoulders and then walks over to the bed, plopping down on it. He runs a hand over his face and continues.

    Lucas: Then there was the fact that I was forced to reveal my tag team partners secret. Carter was the one who got pinned and I told him that if he lost ust the titles I'd have to tell his secret. He lost therefore I told his secret. Oh and what a dark secret it was. *chuckles* Heard Satana Lopez is possibly coming back. Good. As an athelete, you should never drink before a fight. Unless, of course, your Irish like Sheamus and can handle it. Carter can't handle it. He's to much of a goody goody.

    There's a slight pause as the room lights up due to lightning outside and a crack of thunder is heard.

    Lucas: That leads me to my match up for the week. I fight the former CWA Champion Christian. Former. Someone finally managed to strip him of his title. Granteed, it was that good for nothing Sheamus but rather him than Christian. *smirks* You know, he came to me practically begging that I didn't tell Carter's secret. So I made him an offer. He did certain things for me and I would keep the secret. *chuckles* I obviously broke my side of the deal. All there's left to do is see if he's comfortable in the ring with me. Because I have no problem getting in the ring and hitting him with the left hook. I think it'd be hilarious to see the look on his face as he felt his skull cave in. I'd get a thrill out of seeing his defeated body being wheeled out on a stretcher.

    The lightning flashes again as Carter gets off the bed and gets closer to the camera, the thunder sounding before a second lightning strike goes off and spreads an eerie light across Lucas' face.

    Lucas: So you may want to bring Adam with you, hell bring Carter with to if you feel the need. I'll make sure the three of you leave on seperate stretchers. You better be ready for out match, Christian. It may be your last in the CWA.

    The camera fades out on the smirking face of Lucas Turner, a dark laugh being the last thing we hear.

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    We open up inside of a tuxedo shop, a red velvet carpet padding the floor. Near the back three mirrors are set up with a step stool sitting in front of them. In the reflection of the mirrors we can see a man walk up, Wade Barrett trailing behind him.

    Man: Do you like our selection Mr. Barrett?

    Wade: Yes, Mr. Moretti, but I was hoping that I could get something a bit more custom made. It's a special occasion after all. A very special wedding.

    Moretti: Ah, a wedding! *smiles* I'll need to take your measurements! So I'll go get my tape measurer. You sit, relax!

    As Mr. Moretti walks off, we ca see someone walk up behind Wade, who has sat down on the step stool.

    Wade: *a smile playing on his lips* Wonder when you'd show up.

    Wade stands and turns around, revealing the person to be Heath Slater.

    Heath: Couldn't let you do this alone man. You've never had the keenest fashion sense. Justin would be here but he's still asleep. We had our own Christmas party, a private party if you catch my drift.

    Wade: You two would. *he rolls his eyes*

    Heath: You know it's our anniversary too. We're allowed.

    Wade: Yes, yes, yes. So why aren't you making him breakfast in bed or laying in bed cuddling with him?

    Heath: I just had to come help, naw mean?

    Wade: *laughs* Yes I know what you mean. Belle put you up to this?

    Heath, a sheepish look on his face, nods. Mr. Moretti comes back with his tape measure around his neck and a clipboard in his hands as Wade stands.

    Moretti: Is this your fiance? *raises an eyebrow*

    Wade: *laughs* Oh no, this is my best friend.

    Heath: *looks at Wade, wide eyed* Best man? But...I thought Justin...

    Wade: *shakes his head* Nope, you.

    Heath: *smiles in surprise* Wow...

    Moretti: Ah, this is nice, no? *chuckles* Arms up please Mr. Barrett?

    Wade lifts his arms, Moretti measuring his arm span before he measures his neck, waist, and legs, writting all the measurements down on a clipboard.

    Moretti: You are a very large man, Mr. Barrett.

    Wade: *laughs* It's what I get for being a professional wrestler.

    Heath: *taps Moretti's shoulder* Sir can we see some fabrics? I want a black color but I'm not sure what kind of fabric will look good with his skin. Especially those ears.

    Wade: *rolls his eyes* Shush up Heath.

    Moretti: *chuckles* Alright. You two stay and I will bring some fabrics.

    Again Mr. Moretti bustles off and Wade sits on the stool. Heath sits on the floor, Indian style.

    Heath: So you got Sheamus this week? He in the wedding party?

    Wade: *nods* Yep. Well, if he wants to be that is. If not, then no. *shakes his head* Anyways, yes, I got Sheamus this week. I'm glad he's the champion. Not that I'm glad that Christian lost...okay that's a lie. With Christian not holding the title, I could possibly compete for it again.

    Heath: *gives Wade a look* Just don't get obsessed again, please?

    Wade: I won't! Besides, Jerry is letting Sheamus pick his number one contender I do believe. Means it could be anyone on the roster.

    Heath: You think he'll be fair about it?

    Wade: Think? I know. Even when he's a heel, he's a good man. He has his moments but he is usually a good man, a fair man. I know he'll possibly over look me because he knows I've had my chance and been champion. But I hope that by beating him I can prove I deserve it.

    Heath: *mocking shock* I do believe you just said you'd win!

    Wade: *chuckles* Why yes, yes I did. *nods towards the mirrors* Ever think I'd be getting married?

    Heath: Honestly? Not to a girl, no.

    The camera starts fading out as Mr. Moretti comes back, Heath looking over the fabrics.

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    The camera zooms in on John, who's sitting at a table in catering, picking at his salad. From the look on his face, you could tell he was in deep thought. He pushed his food away and glanced up when an interviewer hesitantly approached. He remembered the face and name as he'd had sex with him a couple weeks ago.

    Johnny: *groans lowly, not in the mood for an interview but he would humor his fans* Can I help you?

    Dan: Well, your going up against Carter this week... doesn't that bother you?

    Johnny: Bother me? Of course it bothers me! I want nothing to do with that piece of sh-

    Dan: W-What I meant to ask was... are you afraid?

    Johnny: *takes a breath and calms down some* Not in the least. I lost to him once. An upset, but I got over that. I had a... neutral co-worker relationship with him. But then he decided to make things personal with me. *clenches his jaw* I'm a lot of things, Dan. I'm a bitch, a drinker, a slut. But I'm not a liar. And I'm not lying when I say he said he loved me. *scoffs* It makes me mad that he's making me out to be some lying whore. It's bad enough the locker room doesn't like me-- Other than maybe Tana and her manager. And speaking of Tana... God I can't wait 'till she beats the hell out of that worthless piece of shit named Carter Lacroix.

    Dan: ...R-Right. And um, do you have a game plan to take down Carter in this match? Now that everyone knows you hate him on a personal level, do you think you may play dirty?

    Johnny: To be honest, I'm not even concerned with winning. I'm looking to hurt Carter. Bad. I wanna make him bleed all over the mat. I'm gonna break him. I wanna make sure he feels pain. *shakes his head* I have a lot of pent up rage right now, and I'm gonna take it out on that... that kid. *stabs his fork in his salad*

    Dan: *nods, shifting in his seat* I can see you have a lot of rage towards him... do you still have feelings for him?

    Johnny: *gives Dan a look* Of course not! I have my own man now. And he's everything I want. *leans against the back of his chair* And I hope Jay realizes what a little shit Carter is. If he really loved Jay, he wouldn't have been moaning and panting my name on top of me. *chuckles, the sound cold and haunting*

    Dan: *fidgets in his seat before nodding* I suppose I can understand that.. but wouldn't actually winning be more satisfying? You could open up an opportunity to the championship by continuing to win. Injuring Carter could close that door to gold.

    Johnny: *hums in thought* To be honest, a championship is far from my mind. I'm concerned with payback right now. Not winning a belt. If I never win a belt here, who cares? I watch everyone backstage kill themselves over trying to hold the gold- and I've been there. I get it. Most of them, wrestling is all they know. And they would do anything to hoist that title above their head. *shakes his head* I'm a champion in my own right.

    I'm an Olympic gold medalist, I'm in the International Gymnast Hall of Fame. I'v come back from the worse injury you could possibly have. I've survived a lot of things. I've experienced a lot in my 28 years of life. And what has Carter experienced? Kid has no experience. I don't care what you say, he's still a rookie. Sure he beat me once but he just doesn't have the experience to be a champ on his own. He's lucky Lucas was there to be champ with him.

    Bottom line- with all personal feelings aside- is that I have more experience than anyone here. If not in the sports industry, at least in life. I have... so much gold sitting at my home in New York. I have so much experience in this industry... If beating Carter actually leads me to the gold, and I win, great. If I lose? Great. I'm still a winner. I'm a fighter. No one can change that. Especially if this match isn't about winning. It's about payback. And she's a bitch.

    Dan: *has no more questions after that and thinks it's a good time to get gone* *nods at John, smiling slightly* Thank you for the insight, John. Good luck on your... comeuppance.

    With that the cameraman leaves along with Dan. The screen turns back, all the MoFos in the crowd quiet in anticipation.
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    The camera fades in on the Vixxens and tag team champion Angel James is sitting in her locker room, looking at her two title belts. She looks up at a knock on the door and gets up to answer it. She smiles when she sees it is Darcy.

    Angel: Hello my friend, how are you?

    Darcy: *smiles* I'm fine the question how are you champ?

    Angel: I am doing very well my friend; I still really cannot believe it.

    Darcy: So are you ready for you match with Belle this week?

    Angel: Yes I am very ready; this is going to be a good match I think. Belle is great in the ring and besides our problems working as a tag team it is fun to work with her in the ring. I hope that our match is great this week.

    Darcy: Have you seen Nolee's promo? She said you only won because of Cody.

    Angel: *sighs* One Vitani and I won those titles on our own, not our fault that Lucas decided he wanted to watch Cody instead of helping Carter while he was being pinned.... It is Lucas's fault they lost the titles, Cody just wanted to watch his girlfriend win and nothing more. Trust me; Vitani would have killed him if he would have done anything to interfere. But let her think that if it makes her feel better..... Since in her mind she is the CWA princess and she apparently is not getting used enough... I doubt she really knows what it is like to fight tooth and nail for a spot, I do. It was hell trying to make sure that you had a spot on the card in an Indy company. A lot of times they have too many people and you do not get to earn a paycheck, but she has always had Jerry there for her... *murmurs in Italian* Some of us were not that lucky and had to work four shows for four different company's in four different towns a week just to earn enough to live on. I am not saying she does not have talent or should not be here, but I am saying she should not complain.... I know many people that would love a chance to even just work at a company like this and appear at every show. *sighs* I am sorry my friend I did not mean to go off like that, it is just a sore point for me.

    Darcy: I understand completely Angel, so how about a happier subject? What do you think about your close friend Alex Shelley joining to CWA?

    Angel: *smiles* I am very happy Alex has joined the CWA; he is excited to get the chance to show the CWA what he can do.

    Darcy: *smiles* So where is your Petey?

    Angel: He said he had to go do something and that he was going to be right back.

    Darcy: Sounds like he is setting up a surprise for you.

    Angel: *smiles* Knowing my Petey, yes he does.

    Darcy: Well I guess I should get going, see you later Angel.

    Angel: See you later my friend.

    Angel smiles and waves before Petey walks in. The camera starts to fade out as Petey hugs Angel.


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    Post  Christian on Sat Dec 31, 2011 3:19 am

    The camera fades in on a quiet little park, not too far away a man is sitting on a bench. The camera moves in closer showing the man to be Christian, he looks up and pulls the earphones he had in his ear out. He puts his I-Pod down and smiles as Casey walks toward him and sits next to him on the bench.

    Christian: Hey, it has been a while Casey. How is everything going with you?

    Casey: *nods* Yeah it has. It's going...pretty well, what about you?

    Christian: I have been.... Fine, I have had some moments, but I am doing fine now.

    Casey: Oh, well that's good...that you're fine now. *after a short pause* Are you ready for your match for this week?

    Christian: Yes, yes I think I am... Frankly I am not in the mood to deal with whatever stunt Lucas is going to pull this week. And I am pissed at him for what he did to Carter at the pay-per-view...

    Casey: Is anyone ever in the mood to deal with Lucas though? He had no right though to tell anyone about Carter's mistake.

    Christian: No he did not, not with his own past... Carter made a mistake, we all make mistakes. Lucas should know that and it really wasn't Carter's fault they lost the match. Lucas was too focused on Cody, for whatever reason and did not have his tag team partner's back. He showed right there that he is not a good tag team wrestler.

    Casey: *nods, agreeing* He should have been paying more attention to his tag partner, normally a tag partner would at least try help out when their teammates being pinned.

    Christian: Yes they do, trust me I have been in many tag teams in the past. But Lucas decided that looking at Cody was more important, makes you wonder if the rumor is true and Lucas does swing that way..... It would probably explain some things about the man. *chuckles softly*

    Casey: Maybe they are true then... *chuckles* Anyway, did you see the awards?

    Christian: *nods* I saw some of the winners, but not all.

    Casey: Oh, I take it you didn't see who was voted the Warrior of the year then...?

    Christian: *shakes his head* No, so who was it?

    Casey: *smiles* You.

    Christian: Wow really? I wasn't even really expecting to get many votes.

    Casey: *chuckles* Well you did and you won.

    Christian: *smiles* Well I was not expecting that, it is an honor that so many people decided to vote that I was warrior of the year.

    Casey: Well you do deserve it, you were champ longer than Wade was.

    Christian: I guess, but still it's nice to know I have loyal fans.

    Casey: *smiles and nods* So what do you think about your match for this week?

    Christian: I think Lucas will be easier than Sheamus, but I am still in for a pretty tough match. And like I said before, I am pissed at Lucas and hopefully I can let a small bit of that anger out during the match.

    Casey: Right, well at least you won't do what Lucas does and just hurt people for the sake of it....

    Christian: I would never do that, one it shows how unprofessional you are and two it shows you are nothing but an ass...

    Casey: True, it's definitely more of a Lucas thing... *pauses* So have you seen Carter's promo yet?

    Christian: *shakes his head* No not yet, what did he say?

    Casey: Well he said he loves you....

    Christian: *smiles softly* He did?

    Casey: *nods* Yes, he did.

    Christian: I wonder if this is a bad time to say that I love him too...

    Casey: Probably not, I'm sure it'll help him... Do you think his team with Lucas is really over?

    Christian: *nods* Now that Lucas doesn't have anything to blackmail him with, yes.

    Casey: I don't really think they worked that well as a team anyway.

    Christian: Like I said before Lucas is not a good tag team partner, he only wanted one because he was too weak to be a singles wrestler....

    Casey: The only thing he seems to be good at is hurting people, especially with that punch of his....

    Christian: He only uses that so he can try to make people afraid of him, it is easier when he is fighting a scared opponent then one that is confident....

    Casey: True, but aren't you scared of being hit by that punch of his, considering what he's done with it?

    Christian: No like I have said before, I have almost been drowned.... It takes a lot to top that and besides, I know I have a best friend that will not let him hurt me that bad.

    Casey: *frowns* I'm aware that it takes a lot to top that... and you're lucky you have Edge to help you. Where was he last week by the way? He wasn't there at Seasons Beatings....

    Christian: He was at his moms, she was sick and really wanted him there. He came back yesterday and will be coming out to the ring with me this time.

    Casey: Oh... *nods* How'd he react to the pay-per-view? He usually seems to react to things a lot more than you would....

    Christian: *smiles* Yeah, he does... He called right after the match cussing up a storm, going on about how he was going to kick Sheamus’ ass and going on and on. I laughed and got him to calm down, but he still glares every time Sheamus is mentioned. *laughs softly*

    Casey: Is it such a smart idea to want to try and kick Sheamus' ass? *chuckles* Did Edge see the guy's promo?

    Christian: He said he could take him.

    Casey: *smiles, speaking quietly* But he's not even allowed to....

    Christian: *smiles sadly* I know....

    Casey: Unfortunately, I'm sure you'd be the tag team champions right now if he was allowed to wrestle.

    Christian: Yeah, but sadly he cannot... Fortunately my tag team partner Jeff should be returning soon, so I should get a chance to tag team again soon.

    Casey: Right, another reason for Edge to want to go after Sheamus, seeing as he was the one who injured Jeff. How is he by the way, have you heard from him?

    Christian: He is doing fine, Edge, Jeff and I had lunch last week.

    Casey: That's good. *smiles*So how do you think Carter's match will go?

    Christian: I think Carter will beat Morrison like he did before and I want to offer to go out to ring side with him for this match.... If he would like me too.

    Casey: I'm sure he'd appreciate the support. What if Lucas decides to try and cause more trouble for Carter?

    Christian: Then he will regret it, I am sick of Lucas and all the stuff he pulls. And I know a lot of the others are too...

    Casey: *nods* I'm pretty sure everyone else is too.

    Christian: Did you see the promo Lucas had the nerve to post?

    Casey: *nods, frowning* Yes, I did....

    Christian: *chuckles* He thinks that he can scare me or that he can really hurt me? One I have faced scarier men than him and two what he said about me doing "certain things" is bullcrap.... Yes I went to him and asked that he did not tell Carter's secret, but I never begged and I never did certain things for him. He asked for a title shot and then he talked about making me tag with him like he was making Carter.... But I did not do "certain things" for that lowlife.

    Casey: Why would he even think people would believe something like that coming from him...?

    Christian: Because he is a bully and has a worse ego than Wade...

    Casey: *nods* I'll agree with you on that one...even after what Wade did when I annoyed him. He at least is nice to people at times at work.

    Christian: Like Angel said: "At least Wade has some charm..." *laughs softly* But Lucas is in for a surprise if he thinks he will be able to hurt me, I put in a call to an old friend of Edge and me.... I hope Lucas knows how to take a Gore, *pause with a slight grin* Because if he does try to hurt me more than called for in a match he will be getting a taste of it.... *smiles at Casey* I should get going Case, Edge is going to start getting worried and I need to go train.

    Casey: *smiles and nods* Sure, wouldn't want him angry at me too... *chuckles*

    Christian smiles before giving Casey a quick, friendly hug. He starts to walk off as the camera slowly starts to fade out.

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    Post  Alex Shelley on Sat Dec 31, 2011 3:37 pm

    The camera fades in on a quiet airport waiting room, the camera zooms in on two men sitting together with two suitcases at their feet. Zooming in closer so it to be the CWA's newest superstar Alex Shelley and his friend and tag team partner Chris Sabin. Alex looks up from the comic book he is reading and smiles when he notices the camera.

    Darcy: Mr. Shelley sorry to bother you and I know it is really late, but would you care to answer a few questions?

    Alex: Sure, but please call me Alex, Mr. Shelley feels weird.

    Darcy: *smiles and nods* So where are you traveling to Alex?

    Alex: Well I'm coming back from taping at Orlando and getting ready to fly out to Montana for the Monday Night Carnage show. And of course tomorrow I will be flying out to Ohio for a ROH show.

    Darcy: Wow that is a lot, how do you do it all without getting overtired?

    Alex: *grins* I'm used to it, plus I have been doing this for a long while. When you start out in the Indy scene you need to learn to like traveling and luckily I do like to travel. And all the traveling lets me do what I love, wrestling for the fans.

    Darcy: *nods and smiles* So are you excited for your first match here? And what do you think of your opponent Justin Gabriel?

    Alex: Yeah I'm excited for my first match here, but I'm a little ticked at management right now.... I was supposed to have my debut promo on the pay-per-view and it was cut out of the show. I still have not gotten a hold of management to talk about it, but I am excited to face a high flier like Justin in the ring. I look forward to facing him.... *chuckles lightly* Of course I have been talking to the Vixen's since they seem to be the only ones that can really beat him.... But anyway I really am looking forward to facing Justin.

    Darcy: What do you think of Angel and her tag team partner Vitani winning the tag team titles?

    Alex: I am super happy for Angel, she has worked hard and really deserves this. She is like family to me and Chris, so I really can't say just how happy I am for her.

    Darcy: So who else are you looking forward to facing here in the CWA?

    Alex: There are a lot of people I look forward to facing here, I really look forward to maybe facing Angel in the ring soon.

    Darcy: You know if your tag team partner Chris will be thinking of joining?

    Alex: I think Chris is happy where he is though he will be traveling with me.

    Darcy: *smiles* Thank you again for taking the time to do this and good luck with your match.

    Alex: *smiles* You're welcome and see you later.

    Alex waves at the camera before going back to his comic book, the camera slowly fades out on the two friends as they wait for their boarding call.


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    Post  Vitani on Sun Jan 01, 2012 1:52 am

    The camera opens on a familiar dance studio, where the CWA was first introduced to Vitani Summers. Like she was in her first promo, Vitani is seen dancing, dressed in a yellow tank top and green leggings, her feet bare. Her dancing is a mix between the hip-hop and ballet styles as Linkin Park’s ‘Waiting for the End’ plays. After a minute or so, Cody walks into the room, leaning against the wall, smiling as he watches her. Vitani pauses mid-spin when she sees Cody and goes over to pause the music.

    Cody: Hey there, I bought you something. *he gestures to the bag he has by his feet*

    The camera zooms in as Vitani crouches to open the bag, smiling as she pulls out one of the tag team titles, her name now on it. After a few seconds, Vitani puts the title bag in the bag, camera zooming back out as Vitani stands.

    Vitani: Thank you, but you know you didn’t have to bring it here right? I would have got it when we were at the next show.

    Cody: I know, but I wanted to see you…

    Vitani: *smiles* Let me guess, Tion let you in?

    Cody: Yes, of course. It’s not like I can pick up a key to your house from a treasure chest on the way here…

    Vitani: *laughs and shakes her head* You and your video games…

    Cody: *grins* So how long’s your brother here for?

    Vitani: Tion’s going back home after the show, so only a few days. He gets to see me go up against the former Vixxens’ champion, Nolee.

    Cody: *rolls his eyes* Sheamus’ ‘girlfriend’… Of course they put you against her. I bet Sheamus will try to tell her to hurt you more than necessary just because of what I did to him…

    Vitani: He better not. That wouldn’t be very fair considering I did nothing to either of them. That’s as bad as your father last week, trying to tell you to do things just because it’s what he wants.

    Cody: *frowns* I know… I want to help the Vixxens like he does…but not do half the other stuff he wants…

    Vitani: So don’t help him. Just do what you want to do. *she steps closer to Cody, hugging him*

    Cody: *hugging Vitani back* It’s more complicated then that…but I’ll tell you about it later, you have other things to deal with.

    Vitani lets Cody go, taking a step back to look at him.

    Vitani: What do you mean?

    Cody: Your match against Nolee… You haven’t seen her promo yet?

    Vitani: No… Why?

    Cody rolls his eyes and takes Vitani’s hand, leading her from the room as the camera fades out. When it fades back in, Vitani and Cody are seen sitting on a couch, watching the end of Nolee’s promo on a TV. Once the promo ends, the camera turns to face Cody and Vitani, who is shaking her head.

    Vitani: What happened to her? She used to be sweet, but now look at her. She’s starting to become like the guys she’s friends with….like Lucas and Jack. ‘They should love me, not girls like the newest Vixxens champ or her tag team partner.’? Seriously Nolee? This is the CWA, a wrestling show, not a Nolee Lacroix reality show. The fans are allowed to love and hate who they want.

    Cody: What exactly did I do? ‘Carter and Lucas were screwed over by the Nocta Hemata’ …I stood there and watched. She’s making it sound like I came in and assaulted The ex-champs or something…

    Vitani: And she said she would have helped them… *chuckles* Lucas needing help from a girl must really do wonders for his ego. Also says a lot about his actual in ring ability…

    Cody: *looks surprised* Are you actually criticizing someone? Wow…that’s different. *smiles*

    Vitani: I’m annoyed, okay? She goes around saying we shouldn’t be loved…well I read Santana’s little post, Nolee is the one that doesn’t deserve it. People wonder why Sheamus goes around hurting people…well maybe it’s because he’s hurting? I’d be surprised if he wasn’t…

    Cody: True, I’m surprised he still sticks around…If I were in the situation he is, I wouldn’t.

    Vitani: *suddenly looks at him* What do you mean by that? You aren’t referring to the whole…’family’ thing they’re dealing with, are you? *raises an eyebrow*

    Cody: Not necessarily, I meant the stuff with Swagger and the others…

    Vitani: *nods, frowning* Right, well the upside is, it means she may come to the ring distracted.

    Cody: And what about the part where she thinks she has to avenge Carter?

    Vitani: I doubt Carter would really appreciate being avenged by his little sister. Carter’s capable of taking care of himself.

    Cody: That and it’d probably hurt his pride a bit to be saved by her. Poor Carter.

    Vitani: Probably; Nolee said that if I’m not as tough as Angel I may as well just lie down. *she looks at the camera* Well even if I’m not as tough as Angel, I’m just as skilled as anyone else here in the CWA and I will not just lay down for you Nolee. If you want an easy match, go ask your daddy to put you against a jobber!

    Vitani stands up and walks off screen, Cody looking confused by her sudden attitude change as the camera fades.

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    12-26-11 Monday Night Carnage Promo Empty Re: 12-26-11 Monday Night Carnage Promo

    Post  Sheamus on Sun Jan 01, 2012 2:18 am

    The camera opens on the CWA title, the new champion Sheamus’ name on it. The camera slowly zooms out to show the title is sitting on a bench in a locker room, Sheamus sitting beside it. He’s staring down at the floor, mumbling something in Irish, not looking up even when someone is heard entering the room.

    Peri: Mr. Sheamus? Is it okay if we quick interview?

    Sheamus stops mumbling, slowly looking up as Peri walks on screen.

    Sheamus: Oh, uh sure…

    Peri: How does it feel now that you are champion?

    Sheamus looks back down at the floor again, going quiet as he thinks about it.

    Sheamus: Well, to be honest, not that different really. Nothin’ has changed besides the fact that I have the title.

    Peri: Really, but your the CWA champion....

    Sheamus: *shrugs his shoulders, looking up at Peri* I know that. But I have some…personal issues that I’ve been dealing with, they kinda take away the excitement of becoming champion.

    Peri: Oh I'm sorry.... Is it about Ms. Nolee?

    Sheamus: *nodding slowly* That’s part of it, yes.

    Peri: Have you seen the others promos?

    Sheamus: Yes, I have. It was nice to see Wade and Heath are talking again.

    Peri: *smiles* Are you going to be a member of the wedding party?

    Sheamus runs a hand through his hair, sighing as he thinks about it.

    Sheamus: I might be, it depends on the other things I’m dealing with I guess. I am happy for him though. *he smiles*

    Peri: Are you looking forward to your match?

    Sheamus: Of course I am. Wade’s a great competitor, when he’s himself and not being an arse focused on satisfying his own ego anyway… *he chuckles*

    Peri: *laughs softly* True, so have you talked to Ms. Nolee lately?

    Sheamus: Uh… *frowns* Not since after the show when I won the title… Why?

    Peri: Did you see her promo?

    Sheamus: *grits his teeth, one hand clenching into a fist* Yes. I did. It’s one of the reasons I haven’t spoken to her. He may not have even started here at all, but I’m already sick and tired of Jack Swagger.

    Peri: *steps back* Sorry for bring that up....

    Sheamus frowns when he sees her reaction and takes a deep breath to calm himself.

    Sheamus: It’s fine, you’re supposed to be asking questions… I am trying not to snap like I’ve done in the past, it’s just…very hard sometimes.

    Peri: Everyone can see you have been trying.

    Sheamus: *raises an eyebrow* Really? Everyone…? I doubt that considering… *after a pause* Can we stop talking about my personal life now? I’d just…really rather not…

    Peri: *nods* Yes sir, do you have anything to say to anybody?

    Sheamus: Well obviously to Wade, seeing as I am against him. He seemed pretty over-confident that he’d beat me. Last time we went up against each other was in that no disqualification match where I was distracted… He only won because he gained the upper hand by attacking me before the match even started. That won’t happen again, nothin’ is going to distract me this time and it will be a fair match. Like Wade said, I’m a fair man. Unless of course yeh really piss me off, I’ll always give a fair fight. *pauses* As for the number one contender thing… I’ll be keeping my eyes on the lot of them. *he smiles*

    Peri: Anything else Mr. Sheamus?

    Sheamus: Not really, except that anyone he tries to mess with any of my matches will not be considered to be the number one contender. *he smirks* And just to make sure a certain particular someone leaves me alone…If anyone tries anything and they’re on a team…or just simply manage someone, everyone on that team will miss out.

    He stands up, the camera zooming out as he picks up his title before leaving the locker room.

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