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    1-2-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo


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    1-2-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo  Empty 1-2-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo

    Post  Admin on Mon Jan 02, 2012 6:46 pm

    Promos are due no later than midnight on Sunday. Also, if you have a segment you want in, send it to me here!

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    1-2-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo  Empty Re: 1-2-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo

    Post  Admin on Wed Jan 04, 2012 4:55 pm

    We see a backstage that seems to belong not to the CWA but somewhere else. The camera focuses in on Carter Lacroix, dressed in a pair of blue jeans with a red and white checkered shirt. His head is covered by hi usual tan cowboy hat and his feet by matching tan boots. He looks at the camera and chuckles.

    Carter: They let you back here with a camera?

    Pete: Uh-huh. But just so the fans know, where are we Carter?

    Carter: We are backstage at the world tour of country music icon George Straight. I'm the second opening act. *goofy grin*

    Pete: You ain't gonna forget about all of us in the CWA, are you?

    Carter: Um Pete, you do know I ain't leavin' the CWA don't you?

    Pete: *mumbles* I would if I were you.

    Carter: What was that?

    Pete: I wouldn't come back if I was you. Not with Tana being back and wanting your head on a silver platter. You already got hurt by her guard dog Johnny. We all saw what he did to your left knee. Tana won't hesitate to take you out using dirty tactics. She could blow your knee cap out. You'd be on the shelf-

    Carter: Just like I did to her? Pete, whatever happens when I finally do face her face to face. I'll still be here. She could break my leg and I'd still keep going. I've reached both my dreams and not even God himself could take that away from me.

    Pete: *nods* You're a trooper Carter.

    One of the backstage tech walks up, telling Carter he's got ten minutes. Carter stands and grabs his guitar from it's case. He smiles and starts to tune the guitar.

    Carter: So I got Rhodes this week? *smiles* We weren't as close as he and Nols growing up but we were still friends. It's a shame to see him so different. I remember when we were kids and we would run around backstage together. He always had to be Batman and that made me his Robin.

    Pete: So he has changed?

    Carter: He's...well...he's darker than I remember him being. He...he never woulda done what he's done now. Working for Dusty that is. Well...Dusty never woulda acted the way he does now...

    Pete: So this isn't the Dusty you knew growing up?

    Carter: Not at all...he's cold. Back when Nolee and I were growing up he would bring us, as well as Cody, all sorts of snack food and stuff. Hell, he's the one who gave me my first guitar. *sighs* Cody, if you're watching this with Dusty, ya'll don't gotta do this. He ain't never hurt you, don't hurt Jerry or Pipes.

    Pete: You saw him hire Jack, right? Swagger's here to protect Jack and probably Piper too.

    Carter: Swaggers here to protect Nols, Jerry's just a side job.

    Pete: So Swagger and you ain't in the best of terms?

    Carter: *chuckles* That's putting it mildly. But, hey, I gotta get ready to get out there.

    Carter smiles as he hugs Pete, heading over to the curtain. He shoots Pete a thumbs up sign as the camera fades.

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    Post  Admin on Wed Jan 04, 2012 5:13 pm

    Snow is blowing as we open up on Lambeau Field in Green Bay. We pan from the action on the field where The Packers are playing The Tennessee Titans to the crowd where we zoom in on Nolee Lacroix sitting next to Jack Swagger. Nolee is wearing an oversized Tennessee Titans jersey and blues jeans with a heavy black jacket while Jack has on an Aaron Rogers Green Bay jersey, no coat, and jeans.

    Nolee: Aw c'mon! Ya'll gotta do better than that!

    Jack: *laughs* C'mon Nols I told you that the Packers have only lost one game this year! *looks around* When's Shea gettin' back with the food?

    Nolee: *shrugs* I dunno but I hope he's not freezing. Anyways, heard you got your first match this week!

    Jack: Yeah, yeah I do. Against Alex Shelley.

    Nolee: *watches Green Bay score a touchdown before continuing* Shelley huh? I always liked Motor City Machine Guns.

    Jack: Yeah, well, I can find his style good and still kick his ass. I ain't gonna take any mercy on him. I never do for any opponent. So he wrestles in three seperate companies? He's never amounted to much in any of them. I held the WWE's World Heavyweight Championship.

    Nolee: He's a fan favorite. You've never had the fans behind you.

    Jack: Sure, the fans are what we all do this for but the thing that sets us apart as the superstars we are is the fact of the titles we have to hold. I got a hight title than Shelley has ever held. He can do all that flippy, high flying stuff he wants. As soon as I get in that ring with him, I'll get him grounded. He'll tap out to my Ankle Lock, trust me.

    Nolee: You're certain about this?

    Jack: Positive.

    Nolee: *slaps a hand to her shoulder* If you say so. Beat him and you're in the running for the Five Nations Championship.

    Jack: What exactly is this championship?

    Nolee: Think of it like the US, Intercontinental, and X-Division championships. It's our championship for mid-carders. *nods*

    Jack: Ah so it'll be Alex's sort of championship. Me? I'm simply testing the waters until I can go for the tag title.

    Green Bay scores another touchdown as teh camera fades out on the action.

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    Post  Admin on Thu Jan 05, 2012 2:33 am

    The camera opens up on a catering company, the camera panning in on Wade Barrett and Heath Slater who are looking around at the food choices. Wade frowns when he doesn't see anything he likes and looks at Heath.

    Heath: You really are going to be this picky, aren't you?

    Wade: *nods* I don't see anything I want! How are Belle and I supposed to find food for our wedding if I don't see anything I like!

    Heath: Maybe you should let her choose. This is supposed to be her special day, not yours.

    Wade: *huffs and nods* You're wrong. This is supposed to be both of our special days!

    Heath: Calm down man. You can always come back with her. Why don't we go get some food?

    Wade: Yeah...yeah that would be good...take my mind off of it...

    Wade and Heath leave the catering company, walking down the busy street. Wade's got the collar on his black coat popped up to keep his face warm. He looks over at Heath who seems to be fine without his coat collar up or earmuffs.

    Wade: Aren't you cold?

    Heath: *shrugs* Not really. So, who are you fighting this week?

    Wade: John Morrison.

    Heath: *does his best to stifle a laugh* Morrison?

    Wade: That's what I thought too. Me, a strong and powerful CWA superstar, fighting John Morrison, the fliratious and sex loving superstar? What was Piper thinking when he put me against him? Honestly I never thought they would put me against John? Even when we were both WWE superstars I don't think I ever fought him one on one. Back then and probably at the beginning of the CWA, I would have destroyed him.I would have made sure that he got what he deserved. But now? I'm a kinder man. I'm a man who doesn't want to cause any violence he doesn't need to cause..

    Heath: You're a man who obviously doesn't remember the last run in you had with Morrison.

    Wade: What are you talking about?

    Heath: Well it was just before you picked Christian to be your number one contender. You attacked the both of them on the only ever episode of Friday Night Rampage. You gave him Wasteland.

    Wade: You think that's going to influence how I fight him? If I view him any different than any other competitor, he's going to think that I feel differently about him. The last thing I need is Morrison misinterperting my kindness as me flirting with him. We all saw what he did to poor Carter. I don't need that. I'm getting married.

    Heath: So you think that Carter is telling the truth?

    Wade: I've never known that man to lie about things.

    Heath: *smiles* Neither have I. Think you can beat Morrison?

    Wade: *rolls his eyes* Heath, I've told you about asking this.

    Heath: I know, I know, you told me not to ask because you don't think that about any one competitor.

    Wade:*he smirks* But for John I will make the exception. I can beat him. I can get my spot in the hunt for the Five Nations championship. And if not...*he smiles* I may be looking for a new tag team partner.

    Heath: So it's and-

    Wade: Yes, I'm talking to him about it.

    Heath: *grins* You guys will make a great team. I know it. Just don't treat him like you did to Sheamus and Angel.

    Wade: Oh trust me, I won't.

    He stops in front of a shop, holding the door open and letting Heath walk in before he turns to the camera.

    Wade: By the way, Donnie, if you see John do tell him that he's got a good friend in Santana Lopez. He just better hope that he never steps in her way of championship gold. I know what it's like to be as vicious as she is, the friends are lost in an instance.

    The camera fades out as Wade walks into the place.
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    Post  Cody Rhodes on Thu Jan 05, 2012 3:25 am

    A camera switches on to show the inside of a small, semi-darkened room and a cold, eerie sounding laugh is heard as Cody Rhodes slowly walks onscreen. He’s wearing his wrestling gear, all black, including his hooded vest; the hood shadowing his face, Dusty standing in the shadows in the background, watching.

    Cody: *slowly shaking his head* Carter, Carter, Carter… You’re my first opponent huh, now that Jerry’s finally decided to throw me in the ring? …I even got put in the running for the shiny new belt they’re working on, which is surprising. I thought Jerry would have just… conveniently ‘forgotten’ about me… *he laughs coldly* Was Jerry hoping you could talk some sense into me Carter?

    He smiles, seeming more disturbing than cheerful, Dusty grinning in the background.

    Cody: …And why’d you hire Jack Swagger of all people Jerry? *he mouths the word ‘why?’* What’s so great about the ‘All American American’ anyway? *he smirks* He’s nothing compared to the legendary American Dream, my father; Dusty Rhodes. *after a pause* People all seem to be shocked that I’ve changed over the years…They seem to just overlook the fact that I’m not the only one who’s changed. Carter, you haven’t changed all that much actually…You’re still more like Robin, the sidekick. Destined to always be in the background, never leading, always following…
    Meanwhile, I’m still like Batman, for the most part; the vigilante fighting for the greater good. Problem is though; while Batman’s the hero Gotham deserves, but doesn’t need…here it’s the other way around.

    Cody smirks and shifts his standing position slightly.

    Cody: See, the CWA needs a hero, someone to straighten out all the problems, as I’ve pointed out before. But the CWA doesn’t deserve one, they don’t deserve me. All Dusty and I have tried to do is help you all and what do we get in return? *suddenly angry* We get hated, we get insulted and even distrusted! We’re only trying to help. Dusty has nothing against Jerry, he’s just not really very happy about the state of this place…which was supposed to be a place for all wrestlers to be treated equally, not be overrun by megalomaniacs, angry Irishmen and stalkers…

    Cody pauses, watching over his shoulder as Dusty leaves. Once he’s sure Dusty’s gone, Cody looks back at the camera, lowering his hood.

    Cody: *lowers his voice, speaking softly* People keep telling me that I don’t have to do this; that I don’t need to listen to my father… If you lot knew the whole story, you’d know, you’d understand why I’m doing this… *he glances over his shoulder, making sure Dusty hasn’t returned* Look, I have nothing against Jerry, or the Lacroixs, honestly…it’s Dusty… I don’t want to hurt Jerry…

    Footsteps are heard, signaling Dusty’s return and Cody frowns, pulling his hood back on before the camera cuts out.
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    Post  Alex Shelley on Thu Jan 05, 2012 6:12 am

    The camera fades in on a room with a training ring in it, when the camera zooms in close Alex Shelley can be seen with two other men in the ring training. Alex is quickly moving around the ring, hitting many fast-paced moves and jumps. He continues to hit move after move before finally hitting a beautiful super kick, Alex grins before rolling out of the ring and walking over to where his best friend and tag team partner Chris Sabin is sitting.

    Chris: You're doing great Lex. *hands him a water bottle* What has you working this hard?

    Alex: Let's just say I saw a promo that.... *grins* Inspired me to work a little extra harder for this match.

    Chris: Oh the Swagger promo... *shakes his head* He has a narrow mind if he really thinks it's all about what title you have held...

    Alex: Especially since the only one that he thinks counts is the one he held in WWE....

    Chris: *rolls his eyes* WWE Heavyweight Championship....

    Alex: *chuckles* Did you know he had the nerve to say that I have never amounted to much in the companies I have worked for? This coming from the guy that after losing his oh so great WWE title became a glorified bodyguard for Michael Cole and Vickie Guerrero... *shakes his head*

    Chris: Don't forget the stupid mascot, the Swagger Soaring Eagle..... *laughs*

    Alex: *laughs* I bet the poor dude that was stuck in that stupid suit still has nightmares.

    Chris: And then he has to go and insult our style of wrestling....

    Alex: It's like he wants me to kick his ass using my flippy, high flying stuff..... He really thinks he can ground me so he can use that stupid Angle.... Oh sorry, the Ankle Lock on me? He acts like he's first big guy I have ever fought and even if he does manage to ground me I can do just well on the ground... I swear it's like he thinks that size matters in the ring....

    Chris: Well you have to remember he was homegrown for the WWE, after all he fits their idea of the perfect wrestler...

    Alex: Oh you mean big and stupid looking? He may be a good wrestler, but he has a lot to learn if he hopes to survive outside his WWE bubble. At this point I'm not even sure if he can really make it outside the WWE, let alone here in the CWA..... Oh course according to him I'm just basically a mid-carder..... Though does he really have room to talk after his exile to mid-card after his loss of his beloved title that he lost to a high flier...?

    Chris: *chuckles* Yeah, well you will show him just how good you are on Monday Lex... *smiles* So Angel says you were talking to one of the backstage guys, did you ask him out and who is it?

    Alex: *chuckles* Big sis Angel wastes no time in sharing the secret... And as for that info, I may or may not tell you later.... Mr. ‘I'm going to date Jamie and not tell Alex for a month’... *grins*

    Chris: *laughs* Okay fair enough Lex.

    Alex: *takes a drink of his water* I should probably get back to training again, after all being this awesome does take practice.

    Alex puts his water bottle down with a grin as Chris chuckles lightly. Alex climbs back into the ring and waits a few moments before starting to move at a fast pace once again. His movements are graceful as he starts hitting move after move; the camera slowly starts to fades out.


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    Post  Guest on Thu Jan 05, 2012 4:34 pm

    *opens on Belle standing at the Gorilla stretching out her arms. She bends down and stretches her back.She has on a tank top with a mini skirt and wrestling boots with fish net stockings. It seems she wanted to try something new. As Belle stands up she looks at the camera*

    Belle: Can I help you guys?

    Pete: Well we wanted to know where you were last week? Everyone was looking forward to seeing you after a match against your fiance.

    Belle:I fail to see how that is your business. But if you must know I was looking for a new home down in North Carolina. As for my match with Wade it has not effected us in the least,still as inlove as ever.

    Pete:Then why the house down south? Some assumed you would move to England seeing as how proud Wade is to be from there.

    Belle:*sighs* Listen,he and I talked about it. We are going to have a home here and there. Im proud of being from where I am and I think he understands that. I don't want to give up my southern ways yet. He is so accepting in fact he offered to buy it for me.

    Pete: After your week off do you think your ready to take on Christian? He is a tough wrestler but we have seen the same from you. Both of you can take a hit and get back up.

    Belle:Ready? Hell I have seen him in action so I know better than underestimate him. We have similar styles but I pull it off better. I want this more. I have to go through him to get to the top spot. I will get there and go through anyone I have to.

    Pete:Does that include your best friend or fiance?We saw you take on Wade,it was a great match,but what about Amy? From what we have seen you are both very close to the point where you are sisters. She even said so before. What would happen if you ever had to go through each other?

    Belle:*looks at him for a moment* Amy and I have understanding. Whoever wins it the other will be happy but be offered the first shot. Now I know it sometimes doesn't work out that way but I will try damn hard. As to your question,I would go through her. I can garrentee she would do the same because we both understand that is how it is. I learned that at the Pay Per View.

    Pete:Christian is another obsticle in your words?He has gone through your friend Amy so he can prove a problem. Any worries about that?

    Belle:Some big ones. He was CWA champion,that's no small thing in this business. Christian beat Wade for that title and that says something. But to me,yes he is one. I think it will be a good match and sadly for him,I will win this one. I will do anything to win this one.Now,excuse me. I have to finish my stretches.

    *Belle smiles one more time before pulling her leg behind her and bending back to touch it with her head. The camera fades on a very poised Belle with her skirt raising up dangerously*

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    Post  Admin on Fri Jan 06, 2012 1:04 am

    We open up on the inside of a hotel room where we see someone sitting at a desk, writting something. The person turns around and we can see it's Lucas Turner. He's wearing a pair of black pajama pants with no t-shirt and no jeans. He turns over what he was writting on and stares at the cameraman.

    Lucas: What do you think you're doing here without telling me you were coming?

    Cameraman: Names Luther Briggs. What are you writting Mr. Turner?

    Lucas: *looking annoyed* It's none of your business but if you must know...I'm writting love notes.

    Luther: Love...notes? Didn't you learn the first time that Nolee Lacroix isn't in love with you? Does Sheamus have to kick your ass again?

    Lucas: *looks annoyed again* Not to Nolee. No, no I'm writting this to someone much sweeter. Much more beautiful. This person I'm writting to is like an angel in human form. Someone who understands how I feel on the inside. Understands what I would do to protect them.

    Luther: Your girlfriend Rachel right?

    Lucas: *annoyed, still* No, no I broke up with Rachel.

    Luther: *getting agitated himself* Then who the hell are you writting this love note to?

    Lucas ignores Luther and goes back to writting. When he gets done he turns around, a dark smile on his lips.

    Lucas: There, it's done. *he leans back in his chair, smiling* Tell me Luther, do you happen to know who I'm fighting this week?

    Luther: Um...Miss Lopez right?

    Lucas: *nods* I see you've done your homework. I am fighting Miss Santana Lopez. I've seen her in action, tapes of her in the ring. She's a beautiful and delicate demon, a woman any man should be lucky to have. If the rumor is true, Sheamus will be
    abandoning Nolee in no time and laying down to do the dirty with Santana.

    Luther:'re writting these love notes to Santana?

    Lucas: *shakes his head* Oh no I'm not writting this to Satana Lopez. Like I said before, I'm writting to an angel. Satana is no angel. She's the demon that should haunt all of the other Vixxens darkest nightmares.

    Luther: So you're afraid of her.

    Lucas: *laughs sharply* Afraid of her? Let me get this through you head, there's not a person on this roster who I'm afraid of. No, Tana is just another step in the way to championship gold. Because when I beat her I'll be in the running for the Five
    Nations Championshp. Now, the only thing I know about that title is that it's sort of like the Intercontinental or United States Championship. It got it's name because there are five main nations represented in the CWA: Europe, The United States, the island of Jamacia, Colombia, and Canada. Did you know that the prettiest things are made in Canada. That's where we get the music of Celine Dion...I wonder if my angel likes Celine Dion.

    Luther: Riiight...

    Lucas: *shakes his head* Anyways, when I get rid of Santana, I'll have to go on and fight whoever they pick out for me. I'll be in the running for that title in no time.

    Luther: So you don't think you'll have a problem with Santana?

    Lucas: No, I know she'll be a problem. That's why I'm accepting it now. I'm ready for her. I'm ready to destroy her. I'm ready to break her before she can get her hands on Nolee or Carter. She'll have to come face to face with the fact that I'm meaner than she expects. I'm not going to treat her with kid gloves, I haven't faced any of the others ladies in the company with kid gloves.

    Luther: Aren't you afraid that Cody will come after you again for mistreating a Vixxen?

    Lucas: The sooner that Cody learn that she's not a typical Vixxen, the better. She could squash him without even trying. Hell, I'm sure that if she really wanted to, Santana could break Sheamus. She's got a mean streak in her and not only that, she's just plain loco.

    He rubs a hand over his face and sits up straight before putting his hands on his knees.

    Lucas: But I'll tell you one thing. I'm not going to let her break me. Some would say that I'm just as crazy as she is. That will make it easier to fight her.

    Luther: Uh huh, well, I'm probably bothering you so I should...

    Lucas: *smirks* You think I'm crazy.

    Luther: No! I mean...uh...not at all Mr. Turner.

    Lucas: It's Lucas, Mr. Turner was my father.

    Luther: Right...well I should get going...

    Lucas: *smiling wide* I like you Luther. I want you to do my promos from now on.

    Luther: *mumbles sarcastically* Lucky me...

    Lucas: What was that?

    Luther: *chipper* Lucky me.

    He leaves the room and as soon as he's out, he turns the camera on his self and mouths, he's crazy, as the camera fades out.

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    Post  Admin on Fri Jan 06, 2012 2:31 am

    The camera opens up on the outside of a hotel room and as we open the dooer we can see how beautiful the room is. The lights are off, candles lit around the room. There is a trail of roses from the doorway to sprinkled across the bed. Laying on the bed is Nolee, wearing a piece of sexy green lingere. When she realizes who it is she looks angry and sits up.

    Nolee: You better have a damn good reason for being here now Pete!

    Pete: Woah, sorry I didn't know you were...I thought that you were just...

    Nolee: Well I wasn't! God, you should have knocked before you walked right on in.

    Pete:'re waiting for Sheamus huh?

    Nolee: *huffs and rolls her eyes, sarcastic* No, I was waiting for Jack.

    Pete: *not getting her sarcasm* So the rumors are true, you are cheating on Sheamus.

    Nolee: *looks even more aggrivated* Pete, if you don't stop talking I'm going to kick your teeth down your throat. No, I'm not cheating on Sheamus. That was my attempt at sarcasm.

    Pete: But...there were rumors that you slept with-

    Nolee: Some of the rumors are true, I'm not going to deny that. But I'm not really cheating on him. I was going to have a nice long night in tonight, seeing as how we went to the failure of a Tennessee Titans game earlier. But you showed up...*she sighs* So you're here about my match this week right?

    Pete: *nods* Yeah. You fight Angel. The last time we saw you in the ring with her, you lost your title.

    Nolee: Yeah, well, this time I'm not fighting her for selfish reasons. This time I'm fighting her for Carter. I took Vitani down this week. I need to take down Angel. *she sits on the edge of the bed* I know I can do it. I head wasn't in the right place before. I wasn't thinking straight.

    Pete: Nols, I talked with Carter. He doesn't need you to avenge him. He realizes he lost because Lucas wasn't there to back him up. Maybe you should let this foolish crusade go.

    Nolee: Foolish? Did you just call this a foolish crusade Pete?

    Pete: I did but-

    Nolee: Let me tell you right now this isn't a foolish crusade. Pete, do you happen to know who the number one contender for the Vixxens championship is?

    Pete: *nods* Amy Hennigan.

    Nolee: Do you know how many matches I've won compared to as many as Amy has won? Do you know where I was in comtemplation for the number one contender spot?

    Pete: lost to Angel so you were dead last.

    Nolee: *grits her teeth* Exactly. Dead last. I'm the CWA's Princess, my father owns the company and I was dead last. Hell, I'm not even in the running for the Five Nations Championship! Me! I helped create the damn title and I'm being looked over for it!?

    Pete: Calm down Nols...

    Nolee: Calm down?! You've never been in the ring, you don't know what it's like to be on top of the world and then have it all taken from you in the blink of an eye. The only one who ever takes me serious anymore is Sheamus. But I'm going to prove that I'm still a contender. Sheamus and I will be the first ever CWA Power couple. You can bet you're life on that Pete.

    Pete: *hesitates* So your match with Angel. You're gonna win?

    Nolee: Of course I'm going to win. I'm not getting to let my emotions get the best of me this time. Backstage she's been more worried about this wedding to Petey. Hell, Petey's not even that good looking. I don't know what she sees in him. Stephen is much better looking.

    Pete: *confused* Stephen?

    Nolee: Sheamus, Stephen is his real name. Anyways, I'm looking forward to fighting Angel. Maybe I can prove to her that her victory was a fluke. Then I can prove to everyone I'm still a force to be reckoned with. Is there anything else you wanted to talk to me about Pete?

    Pete: Yeah, actually, there was. You seem to have a target painted on your back for Santana Lopez. You scared?

    Nolee: I only have a target on my back because of Carter. She wants to get to him, she'll have to go through me.

    Pete: She seems to have something for Sheamus.

    Nolee: Yeah, something Sheamus doesn't want back. Trust me, she's no match for me in that department. I do so much for that man...*she shakes her head* Anyways, he should be getting here soon and the last thing I want him to think is that we did something together. So shoo.

    Pete: *laughs* Right, right.

    Pete turns and leaves, the camera fading out as he does so.

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    Post  Guest on Fri Jan 06, 2012 5:03 am

    A shot of the arena is shown from the sky cam and then it fades into the inside just near the back exit. Maria can be seen standing near it. Moments later Santana walks in followed closely behind by Shawn who seems to be giving her a few last minute pointers. She's wearing her ring gear which is a black outfit with bottoms similar to the chaps Shawn used to wear. Her dark hair is tied back into a high pony tail that swishes as she walks. On her left arm the name "Tana" is tattooed on the inside of a bleeding heart. The sword going through it is a tribute to her manager.

    Maria: *hurries to catch up to them* E-excuse me? Santana? Santana wait! Can I get a word about your return? Everyone's eager to hear your thoughts.

    Santana and Shawn both keep walking but after a moment, Santana drops her bags rolling her eyes. Shawn pats her back and ushers her forward.

    Tana: *pops gum as she crosses her arms staring blankly at Maria* What?

    Maria: *looks less enthused as she was before about the interview* I just wanted to get your thoughts. There are so many rumors swirling around about you, Sheamus and the Lacroix siblings that I thought maybe you'd like to set the record straight.

    Tana: *looks over at her manager and when he nods, she pops her gun again* Rumors huh? Tana Baby has nothing to hide so go ahead. Ask away pretty little girl. *kisses Maria's cheek and twirls a strand of her hair*

    Maria: *looks a bit flustered but she nods, glancing down at the index card in her hand* First one is about you and Sheamus. Are you trying to steal Nolee's boyfriend?

    Tana: *snorts* Honey child I don't want her big, gingery dough boy looking boyfriend. He's handsome in his own right, but he ain't my type if he's into fake princess cowgirls. Next question.

    Shawn chuckles softly, looking down at the floor to hide his obvious amusement. He mutters something about her being brutal and she smiles sweetly, batting her lashes. She presses a kiss to his cheek.

    Tana: You adore me.

    Shawn: That I do.

    Maria: *looks between the two of them for a moment then continues nervously* Uh...but- but what about those status updates and wall postings on the CWA Network? It seemed to me like you were hitting on Shea.

    Tana: *smirks* Hey, I was just trying to do both him and her a favor. Check it. How about I pass along a little rumor I heard about them? *pops gum* Word on the street is that...

    Santana moves to stand behind Shawn, slowly wrapping her arms around him from behind. She kisses the back of his neck, letting her hands drop to where his belt buckle rested. She peeks over his shoulder and with a smirk to Maria, her hands drop to his thighs running her hands along the inner thigh area. For show, Shawn closes his eyes, biting his lip as if he enjoyed it. When he opens them again, the two give each other a heated look that makes Maria's jaw drop. Santana moves to stand in front of Shawn meeting his intense stare. She grabs his belt buckle jerking him forward so their bodies touched. She never takes her eyes off of Shawn, who smirks as an arm goes around her waist lazily.

    Tana: Word is he don't satisfy her in bed. If you ask me, *slips her arms around his waist again and over the curve of his ass* had Shea let me rock his world, *grabs his ass, hooking a leg around Shawn's waist* I'd have taught him a thing or two about how to keep a woman so satisfied she won't be tempted to stray *tiny laugh* even if she is a big old alcoholic.

    She pulls away from Shawn and puts an arm around Maria's shoulders, looking down at her as if talking just to her rather than the camera.

    Tana: If you ask me though, it ain't necessarily the man's job to do all the work. Nolee's so lame she probably doesn't even know what to do with a big man like Shea. Hell she can't even drink a fifth of Jack without going to bed with a complete stranger. *laughs then looks directly at the camera* Hey Shea? That demonstration was brought to you by your friends from Tana Baby and Company. When you're ready to be manhandled by a real woman, call me.

    Santana holds her hand up like a little phone to her ear, blowing kisses at the camera. She's obviously being sarcastic because she starts laughing afterwards and for a while it seems like she's never gonna stop.

    Maria: *feels very uncomfortable due to the demonstration. She clears her throat, her face burning hot as she continues* I- I...guess that makes sense. But aren't you afraid that once you even get to Carter that Nolee will interfere? I don't mean to sound um... *thinks hard then jumps excitedly once she figures out the right word* pessimistic! Yeah pessimistic! *big grin, then goes serious again* I don't mean to sound like a pessimist, but two on one isn't a fair fight. You'll be crushed. See you're here all alone. Shawn probably will never wrestle again. Being alone around here's never a good thing.

    Tana: *stops laughing* Alone? *smirks then takes a piece of Maria's hair placing it behind her ear* Oh pretty girl, Tana Baby's never alone. For all you know I have people waiting in the shadows for a phone call from Tana so bitches better think twice before they come at Tana. I have friends in very high places looking for a new place to call home.

    Maria: *nodsnods* Alright well let's move on from the rumors and talk about your upcoming match against Lucas.

    Tana: Lucas? *frowns* Who the hell is that?

    Maria: *blinks* Your opponent for the night. Wait- you don't even know who you're facing?

    Tana: If it ain't Princess Cow-hoe or her jacked up man hoe of a brother, then I don't give one flying f-

    Shawn: *cuts her off before she can finish, giving Tana a warning look* Tana...

    Tana: *rolls eyes*

    Shawn: I'm sorry Maria. I'll wrap things up for her and she knows who Lucas is. She just--

    Tana: *snatches mic* Doesn't give a damn because he ain't the one I got beef with. I met him a few times. Pretty sure he was Princess Excuses' manager, lover or something. Who the hell cares? I feel like this match will be a total waste of my precious time because I didn't come back to mess around in the jobber division with ex cons. *frowns* ¡Joda este igual! Saldré allí, batí su asno rengo - posiblemente le dejando paralizó - entonces anda lejos! The longer they make me wait to get to Carter, the madder I'll fucking get and when Tana Baby's mad, heads will roll and rivers will flow with the tears of those I make my bitch!

    *Santana shoves the mic back at Maria then walks off with Shawn. A tiny smile is shown on Maria's face as she watches the two warriors leave*

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    1-2-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo  Empty Re: 1-2-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo

    Post  Christian on Fri Jan 06, 2012 3:46 pm

    The camera fades in on the locker room of CWA superstar Christian, Christian in sitting on the couch in his locker room with something on his lap. When that camera zooms in a small husky puppy can be seen playing on his lap, Christian smiles when he looks up and notices Casey and the camera.

    Christian: Oh hello Casey, I thought you were not coming until later.

    Casey: I got here earlier than I thought I would. *smiles* And who is your little friend on your lap?

    Christian: I found her in the parking lot all by herself; she did not have a collar so I have been calling her Blue. If we cannot find if she has owners, I will be taking her to live with me... Well if she gets along with Rusty and the cats, which I think she will.

    Casey: *reaches out and pets the puppy* So where is Edge?

    Christian: *smiles* He went to go get some dog food for Blue. *picks up Blue and puts her in a cardboard box, with a soft blanket* Plus he is checking to see if anyone is missing their pup.

    Casey: So what do you think of your opponent this week?

    Christian: Belle is an interesting opponent, never really talked to her a lot and it's our first time in the ring together....

    Casey: Did you see the promo she posted? She had some interesting opinions....

    Christian: Yes she did and while I always respect other people's opinions it does not mean I agree with hers. Like she said that we have similar styles, but she pulls it off better. And while I do agree that we have similar styles in the ring, I do not agree with her on that note. Frankly she hasn't really done any thing that has impressed me at all, I mean look at who her brother and his best friends are. Shannon Moore and the Hardy's, guys known for amazing skills in the ring.... She talks the big talk, but I have not seen anything that shows she can walk the big walk.

    Casey: All that aside, do you think the match will be good?

    Christian: *nods* Yes I do, because while she has not impressed me she has shown that she has skill in the ring. And that makes me know that this match will be good.

    Casey: So how have things been with Carter and you this week?

    Christian: *smiles* It has been good, I was on the phone with him yesterday and he is supposed text me when he gets here.

    Casey: *nods before pausing for a few moments* So did you...? Did you ever find out who sent you that note last Monday?

    Christian: *looks down at the question* No... No I have not... And I got three more this week; all of them said the same thing.... "Mine." I thought maybe it had been a joke from Edge or even someone like Alex or Justin.... But they all denied doing it; I still do not have a clue about who could be doing this....

    Casey goes to say something, but stops as the door opens and Edge steps in.

    Edge: I'm back with the dog food.... *looks down at the note in his hand* Jay... Jay another note came.

    Christian: *sighs and holds his hand out* Let me look at it.

    Edge sighs before handing to note to Christian, he and Casey watch as Christian opens the note and looks at it.

    Casey: So what does it say?

    Christian: *swallows softly before looking at his friends* It still says: "mine", but this time they included something else.......

    Edge: What is it?

    Christian hands a picture over to Edge.

    1-2-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo  Jay42

    Edge: *frowns* What the hell? How did somebody get a picture like this? And why send it to you? What kind of sick joke is this?

    Christian: I don't know, but it looks like it was from last week.... *sighs and picks up Blue from her box, hugging the puppy close*

    Edge: Jay it will be okay I promise... *smiles* I will take care of everything; you just worry about your match this week.

    Christian: *nods and manages a smile* Okay... *looks down at Blue as she barks* I think she is saying that she is hungry.

    Edge: Come on then let's go feed her. *smiles at Casey* You want to help feed her?

    Casey: *smiles and nods* Sure.

    The three start getting the bowls and the food ready so they can feed the puppy. The camera stays on them for a few moments before it moves to the couch where the note and the picture sit. The camera slowly zooms in on the note and picture, before slowly starting to fade to black.

    1-2-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo  Empty Re: 1-2-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo

    Post  Guest on Fri Jan 06, 2012 10:28 pm

    *Opens on a hotel hallway with Amy standing at the end. She is going through her purse before glancing around. Her eye catches on the camera and she waves it forward. The camera gets close and Amy smiles as she gestures into the room that she opened. They follow her and Amy sits onto her hotel room couch. The camera goes wide as Maria sits in a chair across from her*

    Amy:I take it your here to ask me why I wasn't here for a bit?

    Maria:*smiles* Well that's part of it.

    Amy:Well I wasn't here because I took some time to myself. I think I deserve it after all the hits I have been taking,not that Im complaining because trust me Im not. I just decided I needed a week away to get a little better.

    Maria:So you took time to lick your wounds?

    Amy:That's one way of putting it. I also took some time to see my father,who you saw with Johnny, and my mother. I think it's always good to go back to your roots.

    Maria: Well now that your back that you face Vitani. Any thoughts?

    Amy:By now everyone should know I have a lot of thoughts on a lot of things. If asking means you want to know them I can gladly share them. *pours water from a pitcher on the table* Water?

    Maria:Yes please. *smiles as she takes the glass from Amy* Please share your thoughts. We haven't heard them in a while.

    Amy: Well she is a good competetor. Tough. I mean you have to be in this company and she was CWA champion if Im not mistaken. Beating her would be great for my caree but I am not dumb enough to think it will be an easy win. I respect her abilities.

    Maria:Respect? We don't usually hear those words from one athelete to another. How much do you actually respect her?

    Amy:I think that we all should respect each other. We are all just trying to make a living and provide for our families. It's hard not to respect someone doing that. Not to mention she is a fire in the ring but so am I. It should be a very very fun match for us as well as the fans.

    Maria: We hear that there is a title match for you in the future. Is that true?

    Amy: *smiles coyly* Well I have to say I haven't heard much but we are always the last ones to find out. I will tell you however that if it is in the works Im not against it. It's always an honor to be considered for such an amazing title.

    Maria: Speaking of titles,when do you think your brother will capture one?

    Amy: Oh Johnny has always climbed to the top. Sometimes it takes a bit longer for him and hey he just came back but is kicking some major ass. I know that he will one day be champion here. Maybe we can be champions at the same time.

    Maria: So is that the goal? Go through whoever you have to and reign with your brother?

    Amy:I like to believe we go through whatever obsticles we have to in order to get what we want. I was never the type to not get what I want or simple not got after it. Now,in order to get to what I want I must go through a very talented and all around nice girl. Do I feel bad about it? Nope. Im sure she would go through me as well. Do I wish her luck? Absolutley and I hope she wishes me the same.

    Maria: Well,Amy, we thank you for letting us in. We know you just got here. *she stands and offers her hand to Amy who stands and shakes her hand* I for one cannot wait for the match and wish you luck.

    *Amy smiles as she leads the cameras out and hugs Maria. The camera backs out to look at Amy. She waves before gentley shutting the door. The camera fades just as the click of the door is heard*

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    1-2-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo  Empty Re: 1-2-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo

    Post  Vitani on Sat Jan 07, 2012 10:06 pm

    Vitani is seen pacing in the Nocta Hemata locker room, a picture of herself, Angel and Cody hanging in the background. After a minute or so, she stops, running a hand through her hair before putting it up in a short ponytail with a hair tie that was around her wrist. Vitani sighs before smiling when she looks up at the picture of the team, turning as the locker room door is heard opening and closing. The camera pans across the locker room, stopping when both Vitani and Cody, who just entered carrying a book in his hand, are on screen.

    Vitani: *smiles and goes over to hug Cody* Hey, where’ve you been?

    Cody: *smiles back, holding up his book once Vitani lets go* Reading.

    Vitani: Oh? *raises an eyebrow* Just reading?

    Cody: Okay…I was just reading…until Nolee showed up.

    Vitani: *raises an eyebrow* Nolee? Really? What for?

    Cody: To talk.

    Vitani: *suspicious* About what Cody?

    Cody: How…I’ve been acting… About the whole Dusty taking over thing…

    Vitani: Oh? What about it did you tell her?

    Cody: *after a pause* …everything.

    Vitani: *frowns* Everything? Really Cody? You haven’t even told me everything.

    Cody: I…She’s been my best friend for years Vi… I wanted my best friend back…

    Vitani: That still doesn’t explain why you haven’t told all of it to me yet.

    Cody: You don’t need to get involved in it, trust me. Its bad enough Dusty’s trying to drive away my best friend and her family… *softly* I don’t want to lose you too…

    Vitani goes to respond angrily, but sees the sad look on his face and sighs, her expression going soft again as she puts a hand on Cody’s cheek. Cody smiles and closes his eyes, leaning into the touch, slowly opening his eyes again when Vitani moves her hand away a few seconds later.

    Cody: So…you’re against Amy this week yeah?

    Vitani: *nods* Yes, I am. *smiles* …first time too. I quite liked her promo; it was a nice change from a lot of the others I’ve been against. She stayed friendly and even said she respects me, which is what I’ve been doing with everyone since day one, even if my opponent hadn’t deserved it.

    Cody: You mean like when you fought Lucas? *he smirks*

    Vitani: Yes, like him. I don’t respect him because he doesn’t respect anyone else in the ring. Like Amy said though, we should all be able to respect each other, but that’s hard when you have people around who just don’t respect anyone but themselves. As Amy also pointed out, you have to be tough to be in this company and I agree. I think everyone here is tough in their own right, even if we don’t all show it in the same way.

    Cody: *smiles and nods* Right, there are people like our CWA champ who are physically tough more than anything. Then there are people like you, who prove just how tough you are best by not letting anyone’s hurtful comments get to you, you just brush them off. *sighs* I was I was able to do that.

    Vitani: Aww, Cody just ignore the people who don’t like you…they just don’t understand…

    Cody: *mutters* Neither do you really…because I didn’t tell you…

    Vitani sighs, reaching a hand out to touch Cody’s face again, but he shies away; mumbling something as he leaves the room. Once he’s gone, Vitani frowns, slowly turning to face the camera.

    Vitani: *sounding worried* Please Nolee, I’m sorry if I upset you the other week, but I could really use your help right now. I don’t know what’s going on; he’s only said I’m better off not being involved… He only shuts himself off from me like this when something’s really got him bothered. *almost pleading* If he really has told you everything… please if you can, help him…

    She pauses and takes a few deep breaths to calm down.

    Vitani: Amy, I really do appreciate the respect and the compliments. I can tell from what I’ve seen of your matches that you’re a tough competitor too and it was nice to hear that someone isn’t taking another’s abilities for granted and assuming the match will be an easy win for once. You’re right, it won’t be easy, it will be a challenge for us both; a clash of two high flying styles. It will be a very fun match like you said, for both us and the fans. Good luck Amy.

    She smiles as the camera slowly pans across the locker room, resting on the picture of the three members of Nocta Hemata as the scene fades out.
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    1-2-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo  Empty Re: 1-2-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo

    Post  Angel James on Sun Jan 08, 2012 5:57 am

    The camera fades in on the open doorway of the CWA Vixxen's and Tag Team Champion Angel James's locker room. Angel is sitting on a bench with an I-Pod, she is singing softly along with the song she is listening too.

    Darcy walks in, smiling at Angel.

    Darcy: Hey girl!

    Angel: *pulls her earphones out of her ears and smiles* My friend how are you today?

    Darcy: Good! I went for a five mile run with Pete, Branaugh not your Pete, earlier.

    Angel: *chuckles softly* Too many Pete's my friend, how is Pete?

    Darcy: *blushes* Um...he's you fight Nolee this week yeah?

    Angel: *nods* Yes I do... For the fourth time in a singles I believe.

    Darcy: But it's not like she's the one asking for the matches. Piper and Jerry put her in them.

    Angel: *smiles* I know, but it seems like she has it in her head that all my wins in those matches was a fluke...

    Darcy: I guess she's miffed. I mean, she believes that she's being counted out because she's Jerry's daughter and he has to set an example.

    Angel: Besides Belle who has discounted Nolee? And has Jerry really left her out of anything? Sure she might of had to work her way into it like everyone else, but she is a wrestler just like everyone else.... *sighs* This stuff with the CWA princess makes me think in a way Belle was right, she does not think she has to work for the same things that everyone else does....

    Darcy: *shrugs and smiles* So you think you can beat her?

    Angel: *smiles* Yes I do and for the record it is not because I discount her...

    Darcy: Then what is it?

    Angel: It is the fact that I train hard and I know what to expect when I fight her. But like I always say a match can go either way, but I like to think that I have all the right tools to help the match go my way.

    Darcy: I think you will win. I mean, you're my best friend ya know!

    Angel: *smiles* I am glad my friend. *pauses* You know I watched Nolee's promo last night...

    Darcy: You did? Whatcha think?

    Angel: Frankly I got pissed at her comments..... Especially about my Petey....

    Darcy: I know! I mean...she's dating Sheamus...he's not exactly the best looking warrior.

    Angel: I understand she has an opinion and I respect that.... *shakes head* But to say Petey is not that good looking and then ask what I see in him.... She does not understand what real love is if she thinks that being with someone is for looks. Petey and I have been friends since I came to the States; he helped me get used to living here and helped me though a lot of rough times. We slowly fell in love without realizing it, he is so wonderful.... And to me he is the most handsome man in this world, I love him so much.

    Darcy: Awwww Angie that's really sweet! Petey is a good choice for you, really is.

    Angel: *smiles* I have been truly blessed and not just with my Petey, with my Lex and Chris... Those two became my friends and brothers the same time that Petey did. They always know how to take care of me or cheer me up, I never would have made it without them.

    Darcy: And that would have sucked because, then we wouldn't have been able to become friends!

    Angel: Indeed my friend, you know I was also thinking about what I said last week.

    Darcy: And that would be?

    Angel: What I said about her not understanding what it was like to fight hard for a spot just so you can make paycheck and that she was lucky enough to have Jerry to take care of her.... I wondered all week if I had been too harsh in my rant, but I realized something....

    Darcy: What did you realize?

    Angel: I realized that while yes it was a bit harsh, it was true.... Nolee really does not understand the hardships of starting out in the Indy scene; she has always had Jerry there for her and really does not seem to understand just how lucky she is. I know too many talented wrestlers that will never get the shots that she is getting, never get to work for the big time. And it saddens me to see someone take all that for granted.

    Darcy: Well...I guess I see what you're saying. But if that's true why isn't she in the running for the title that she helped create? I mean, this Five nations title sounds prestigious.

    Angel: I do not know why she is not in the running, maybe Jerry felt she was not ready for the title.... Maybe he wanted to give someone else a chance, Jerry is a good boss who wants to give all the wrestlers on his roster a chance.

    Darcy: *nods* Well I'm glad to see you're the first person in the company to hold TWO titles.

    Angel: I never expected to have such a honor as to hold two titles at once. I hope I can prove to everyone that I will work hard to deserve this honor. *pauses and smiles as Petey walks in*

    Petey: Hey Angel, Darcy. You two working on Angel's promo this week?

    Darcy: *smiles* Yeah Petey, but I guess I should leave you two lovebirds be huh?

    Petey: Oh I don't want to rush you two, I have a small surprise planned for Angel in a little bit... But it can wait.

    Darcy: Oooh, a surprise? *giggles*

    Petey: *smiles and nods* Yeah a surprise.

    Darcy: Oooh that will be fun!

    Angel: *smiles at Petey before smiling at Darcy* Were there any more questions my friend?

    Darcy: Um...not that I can think of...

    Angel: Well I guess this is a good time to wrap this up then.

    Darcy nods and the three exchange good-byes, Angel smiles and kisses Petey as the camera slowly fades out and the door closes.

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    1-2-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo  Empty Re: 1-2-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo

    Post  Justin Gabriel on Sun Jan 08, 2012 12:36 pm

    Justin is seen lying in some grass, arms behind his head, eyes closed. He sighs and quietly mutters something in his native language, shaking his head when he hears someone walking towards him. The camera slowly zooms out, a house visible in the background as two men walk towards Justin. When they get closer, one man is easily recognized as Heath, who stares down at Justin when he stops walking. The second man stays a few steps back and is Justin’s former mentor, Matt Hardy.

    Heath: Hey Justin? Someone’s here to see you…

    Justin: And…? I’m comfy here… Tell them to come back later…

    Heath: I can’t. They flew over here… That and they’re standing right here with me…

    Justin opens his eyes and lifts his head to look, springing to his feet when he sees who’s there and hugs Matt.

    Matt: *laughs and hugs him back* Well hi there. How are you doing Justin?

    Justin: *smiles and lets him go* Good, I guess…

    Matt glances at Heath, the two sharing a knowing look, Heath shaking his head.

    Matt: Good’s not what I’ve heard. You pretty much bailed on your match last week. What’s up with that?

    Justin looks over at Heath, mouthing the words ‘You told him’. Heath just shrugs his shoulders, trying to look innocent.

    Justin: I…just didn’t feel like fighting him I guess…

    Heath: Justin you weren’t even going to show up until I made you… *frowns*

    Matt: *folds his arms, raising an eyebrow* What’s wrong Justin?

    Justin: I… *hesitates* …I don’t know…

    Heath frowns again, moving to standing in front of Justin, putting his hands on Justin’s cheeks to stop him looking away.

    Heath: Paul. What. Is. Wrong?

    Justin: *frowns slightly when he realizes Heath’s getting annoyed and speaks quietly* I…thought it would be different…

    Matt: *looks confused* That what would be different?

    Heath: …the CWA?

    Justin: *nods as best he can with Heath still holding him* Yeah… It was supposed to be a place where we get more respect and a chance to make better names for ourselves… The first match I had I had, everything I was known for torn apart by an ass and his daughters, I’m still know mostly for the 450 Splash, which I’m so sick of. I even planned on starting to use a new finisher…Yet I’ve done so once, against Wade… And besides my poor excuse for a match last week, the only time I’ve lost was against all the Vixxens…not Warriors, Vixxens!

    Matt: Are you tryin’ to say-

    Justin: *puts a hand to his mouth, realizing how his comment sounded* Oh no, I didn’t mean like that! I respect the Vixxens, a lot. I know they’re strong and perfectly capable of fighting the guys in the ring. I just thought it was odd that they were the only one’s I’d lost too…

    Heath chuckles, kissing Justin’s forehead before letting him go.

    Heath: That is a bit of an odd coincidence, naw mean?

    Justin: *smiles and nods* Yes, Heath. But seriously though…I did think it would be different…

    Matt: *pats Justin’s back* Don’t worry, It’ll get better, just give it more time. You have only been there about two months. You need to be less impatient.

    Justin: *rolls his eyes* You’ve kept count?

    Heath: No. I have, he talked to me. I’ve kept count because it’s how long we’ve been working in separate companies…

    Justin: Aww… *he throws his arms around Heath’s neck, kissing him*

    Matt: *shakes his head before clearing his throat noisily* I’m still here too guys…

    Justin blushes, burying his face against Heath’s chest, the redhead wrapping an arm around Justin, stroking his dark hair with the other. Matt laughs, shaking his head at them again.

    Heath: Just wait a little longer Justin, trust me, it’ll get better. Talk to Wade when you see him at work and you’ll see.

    Justin: Wade? Why Wade?

    Matt: Because he-

    Heath: *holds up a hand to silence Matt* If he hasn’t bothered watching the promo Wade and I talked about it in yet, he can wait until the show to find out.

    Justin: *looks up at Heath, pouting* That’s not fair… What is it?

    Heath: *smirks* You’ll see. *he grabs on of Justin’s hands* Come inside before it gets cold again…

    Heath leads a whining Justin back towards the house, Matt laughing as he follows as the camera fades out.

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