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    'Aussie' Aaron Pearce


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    'Aussie' Aaron Pearce Empty 'Aussie' Aaron Pearce

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    Name: Aaron Pearce
    Height: 1.70m/5ft 6  
    Weight: 68kg/150lbs
    Age: 19
    Hometown: Melbourne, Australia
    Nickname: ‘Aussie’
    CWA accomplishments: None
    Non-CWA accomplishments: AWF Commonwealth champion in Australasian Wrestling Federation (similar to WWE’s IC championship)
    Type: Face
    Style of Wrestling: Technical/Showman
    Gimmick: The ‘Aussie’ (basically himself, not so much stereotypical)
    CWA Win/Loss Record: 0-0-0
    Current CWA Feuds: None
    Finisher(s): Round the Twist (Spinning Knee), Thunderstruck (Cannonball)
    Appearance: Short brown hair, dark eyes. Has a fairly youthful look to him still. His ring gear is similar to Evan Bourne’s, only dark green and decorated with gold coloured designs.
    Entrance Theme: ‘TNT’ -AC/DC

    Introduction Promo:

    'Aussie' Aaron Pearce Yarra-10

    The first thing to be seen is a still image of a city skyline, a bridge on the left side over a blue river; connecting the foreground to the city in the back. Over the sky, the words ‘Hello from Melbourne’ are visible, hinting the image is a postcard. The camera slowly zooms out to show a young, brown haired male holding it, who looks like he could still be a student. He’s wearing a WWE Survivor Series tour shirt, which has an image of Australia on it and a pair of dark blue coloured pants. He has an unamused expression on his face and shakes his head before sighing.

    Young man: See this thing? It’s a load of crap. False advertising. The river in this picture looks really nice; in reality however…

    He trails off, reaching out to turn the camera so that it’s looking off the bridge he and the camera person are standing on. The same river shown in the postcard is visible, although instead of appearing blue, it’s a dirty brown colour.

    'Aussie' Aaron Pearce Yarra_10

    Young man: *moves back in view of the camera, standing with his back to it as he looks out at the river himself* Welcome to Australia. Come be amazed by…Melbourne’s disgusting river. *he groans, obviously not pleased by it* This is supposed to be one of our most famous rivers in the state. Actually I think it is the most famous: The Yarra river. It’s bloody horrible.

    He looks back at the camera pulling a face.

    Young man: This is somehow a big tourist spot too. I always see them posing to get a shot of themselves with this thing in the background.

    He gestures off to the side, the camera turning towards the spot, showing a group of tourists taking a ‘Selfie’ with the river in the background. When the camera turns back towards the young man again, he facepalms.

    Young man: You know; Chris Jericho came here once with his band Fozzy and he Tweeted about the damn thing. He compared it to Willy Wonka’s chocolate river…which is soo not a compliment. *he sighs* Sometimes I really hate this place.

    He’s quiet for a moment, running a hand through his short hair.

    Young man: On the other hand… We have some cool comic shops around here, if you know where to go, and you can still go for a horse carriage ride- if that’s your thing. The cafés are pretty cool too, once you find one that’s not just overpriced afternoon tea. The Aquarium isn’t as great as it used to be, since they removed half the tanks to fit in one single crocodile… which sucks. The Zoo at least is still cool;  would be better though if it wasn’t further out passed the this city area and all our other animal places are pretty much in the middle of nowhere. Apparently we like to see who can build there thing in the most inconvenient place…

    He trails off, absentmindedly watching some more of the tourists take pictures with the river. After a moment, he looks at the camera with an ‘are you serious’ kind of look.

    Young man: I bet for most of you this is the first time you’ve even seen or heard about any of this. Everyone overseas thinks we’re all Kangaroos and Koalas…we barely see ‘em unless we travel hours out into the Outback- the bushland in the middle of nowhere, where the towns are barely more than a main street and a few farms in the area and internet barely works. *he pulls a face* Or we could just go to the zoo or another wildlife sanctuary, like the visitors do.

    He turns and starts walking, moving off the bridge as the camera follows him.

    Young man: Bet you’re all thinking ‘why is he telling me this?’ right? Simple answer is a lot of us Aussies are getting tired of the rest of the world assuming we’ve got Kangaroos living on every bloody street. Wouldn’t want them too; the bastard’s would give us a good kick in the- You get the idea… They kick. Hard. Oh- and if anyone’s going to have any hope of understanding me, it helps to explain some things because they rest of the world seems totally clueless about how we really live down here. So the people with the CWA, and those who watch should expect to see more of this- *he gestures back towards the dirty river* and less of this.

    He holds up the postcard again, rolling his eyes before tearing the card in two, tossing the pieces in the air as the scene fades out.

    Superstar Base Pic:
    'Aussie' Aaron Pearce Callan10

    REASON FOR JOINING CWA: The Aussie world of Wrestling sucks. There’s only a small following of the Wrestling fanbase who even know it exists. I want to be recognised. …and I may as well teach the world about the real land of Oz while I’m at it.

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