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    Power 10-October


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    Power 10-October  Empty Power 10-October

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    picture to come

    1)Christian - It's no surprise that the number one ranked superstar for the month of October is also the man who ended former CWA champ Wade Barrets reign of terror. Christian has proven that he can survive in any wrestling organization.

    2)Nolee Lacroix - The second ranked superstar of October but the number on ranked Vixxen. In a match with rival Belle Moore, Nolee realized her life long goal of becoming a champ in professional wrestling.

    3)Wade Barret - Though he lost his CWA title to Christian at Hell to Pay, Wade has proved his strength and power as a man who truly belongs in the company.

    4)Carter Lacroix - An up and coming star in the world of professional wrestling, Carter has shown that though he is a newbie he is still someone who should be reckoned with.

    5)Angel James - A future Vixxens champion, of that there is no doubt. Now that she has shed the constraints of the rest of the Foreign Legion, Angel can prove that she needs no one but herself to succeed.

    6)Sheamus - In the center of the pack we have the "Great White" Sheamus. Usually one would talk about his power and strength but it seems as if Sheamus has a lot of catching up to do.

    7)Lucas Turner - The man who always seems to be one step behind Sheamus is again following in his footsteps. Lucas has been a thorn in the sides of many a superstar.

    8)Belle Moore - The former number one contender to the Vixxens championship, Belle has proved that she can keep up with the best of opponents. Her next enemy has yet to be seen.

    9)Vitani Summers - The newest aquisition to the Vixxens division, it has yet to be seen what sort of talent Vitani posses though the fans seem to be awaiting it very eagerly.

    10)Kane - The big red machine takes up the rear of this months power 10. He is a vicious athelete who once proved in the WWE that he was a championship contender. Could the big red machine do it once more?

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