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    List Of Jobbers


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    List Of Jobbers Empty List Of Jobbers

    Post  Admin on Mon Sep 19, 2011 5:48 pm

    The thing about jobbers, or being in a match with one, is they don't get to promo back. Usually they are just used so that everyone can have a match. You still have to promo but it doesn't have to be as long. I've made a list of some people who I don't think people will have a problem with being jobbers. Mind you, if someone comes by and wants any of these characters, they will no longer be jobbers.

    Gail Kim- List Of Jobbers Gail-Kim
    Layla-List Of Jobbers Layla+El+-+wwe
    Torrie Wilson- List Of Jobbers Torrie-wilson-posters
    Katie Lea- List Of Jobbers 4

    Colt Cabana- List Of Jobbers Colt-Cabana
    Primo Colon- List Of Jobbers Primo_display_image
    Jay Lethal- List Of Jobbers Jay_lethal2

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