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    11/5/12 Monday Night Carnage


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     11/5/12 Monday Night Carnage  Empty 11/5/12 Monday Night Carnage

    Post  Admin on Tue Nov 13, 2012 9:03 pm

    Promos are due Friday the 23rd at midnight.

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    Post  Admin on Fri Nov 16, 2012 11:53 am

    We open up on the sounds of someone panting in a dark room, as the camera goes to night vision we can see Dia Banks pressed against a wall. Her black hair, not streaked this time, is pulled into a tight ponytail at the bottom of her head. Two black lines of grease paint are underneath her eyes, making her look tough. Her top is a black long sleeved top with what looks like an Iron Man symbol on it but we soon realize that the symbol is attached to a vest. She’s wearing jeans with a hole in the knees and a silver link belt with black combat boots. She has a black gun in her hands and is holding it up to her chest as she peaks around the corner. She sees no one and races to behind a few crates. There is a noise behind her and she turns to come face-to-chest with someone wearing a vest much like hers and holding a gun.

    Dia: No-

    The gun goes off but instead of the sound of a normal gunshot it’s a laser sound, the crest on her vest going off as the lights come on, showing the person to be Louis. He giggles and extends a hand to his mother, the sleeve of his tan shirt riding up from his wrist a little.

    Louis: I got you momma!

    Dia smiles and nods, the inside of the area not near as creepy as it was. The lights give it the childish and fun side of a laser tag arena. Now that we can see Louis properly, we see he’s dressed in a tan long sleeved shirt with Blue from Blues Clues on it and blue jeans. He, much like his mother, has two grease paint lines under his eyes.

    Dia: You sure did Louis! Where’s papa?

    Louis giggles and points to the floor above them. Dia looks up and, sure enough, Colt is standing on the floor above them, overlooking the balcony. He grins and heads downstairs. His blue shirt says Oh My Globb on it in yellow lettering and he wears a black pair of jeans.

    Colt: *smirks* You did good Louis!

    Louis: *grins* I went wight whewe you towd me!

    Dia: Hey that’s no fair, two against one!

    The trio exits the laser tag area to show that they are in a theme park type area. There is a large roller coaster on one of the sides of the place and on the other is a large Ferris wheel. Different stands selling everything from food to merchandise of the place, the Las Vegas Adventuredome, sit in the walls and there are signs for places like a theater and mini golf.

    Colt: So we’ve done the 4D Theater, we’ve played in the arcade; we’ve done the indoor laser tag. What’s next?

    Louis: Wowwew Coastew!

    Dia: *looks a bit pale at the thought* Let’s save that for last.

    Louis: Fewwis Wheew!

    Dia: *looks even more afraid of that thought* What about the bumper boats or glow in the dark mini-golf?

    Colt notices the look on her face and places a hand on her back, looking down at Louis.

    Colt: How about lunch? I hear chili dogs callin’ our names.

    Louis: *looks at him matter of factly* Chili dogs don’t tawk.

    Colt: *chuckles* You’re right, you’re right. Chili dogs don’t talk. Wanna get some though? Then we can keep playin’.

    Louis: Uh-huh!

    Dia: My treat boys.

    Colt: *nods* Sounds good to me. *looks at Louis* Wanna hold our place in line?

    Louis races to the hot dog eatery that’s just up ahead as Colt and Dia follow behind him with swift strides.

    Colt: You’re afraid of heights!

    Dia: *flushes* I am not! I just…I don’t like them…

    Colt: Dia I didn’t know that! Not in all the time I’ve known you!

    Dia: Yeah well it’s no big deal. I just…my feet are made to be firmly planted on the ground. They have been since we went to the fair when I was in the orphanage and I got stuck at the very top of the Ferris wheel. I’m not meant to be that high up. It’s why I’m not a high flyer and I very rarely do high flying moves.

    Colt: So then what’s your thought on this Roulette thing? I know they gave you all a sneak peek.

    Dia: *to herself* They did more than give us a sneak peek. They let us spin. It was one of the two matches I was dreading…ladder or lingerie…

    Colt: *waggles his eyebrows* Please tell me it was the lingerie…

    Dia playfully shoves Colt as they get into line behind Louis.

    Dia: No, no it was the ladder match. I’m…I’m not ashamed to admit I’m afraid of this ladder match cuz, of course, that’s what it turned out to be. I like how here, we spin the wheel before we have the actual match. At least we get time to prepare.

    Louis: Momma no wike heights?

    Dia: Not really little one. Momma has problems with heights just like you have problems with the dark and daddy has problems with snakes.

    Louis: *shivers* Dawk…
    Colt: *shivers at the same time* Snakes…

    Dia: See, we all have things we fear.

    Colt: *takes her hand* But we can always learn how to get over them. I’ll be there by your side.

    Louis: Who do you fight mommy?

    Dia: *takes a deep breath in* Christian…

    Colt: Oooh tough break!

    Louis: I wike Mistew Chwistian! He gives me chocowate when he wooks aftew me!

    Dia: I like Mister Christian too. He’s a good man and an even better athlete. In there lies the problem. He’s way more experienced than I am when it comes to ladder matches. Hell, some of his best matches in the history of his career were ladder matches. I may not be able to outwit him or out fly and out climb him but I can try to out fight him. If I can make sure he can’t climb the ladder, I can try to conquer my fear after I conquer him.

    Colt: You’re not gonna try to cheat are ya?

    Dia: I could never! I may not be able to do everything as well as a grizzled veteran like Christian but I could try to compete in a fair fight. I know Christian will do the same thing. He’d never try to let himself go overboard.

    Louis: And when mommy win, she make suwe Mistew Chwistian otay?

    Dia: *nods* I’ll make sure Mister Christian’s okay.

    The three get to the front of the line as the camera starts to fade out.

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    Post  Admin on Fri Nov 16, 2012 3:44 pm

    The room is silent except for the sound of the soothing waterfall. The room in question is the spa room at the infamous Ceaser's Palace. It's decorated like a Grecian bath house, the large pool of water being decorated with lilies on top of the water. A few patrons relax in the water while the others are in other areas of the room receiving other amenities. Some get massages while others are getting manicures and pedicures. Near the back wall are a row of mud baths and here is where we see Nolee Lacroix relaxing in her bath while Laurie Pierpont relaxes in another. Both girls have a green facial scrub on their faces and cucumbers over their eyes.

    Laurie: Much better than the hike with the boys earlier.

    Nolee: *sighs deeply in content* Definitely a fitting end to a long day. Know what the best part of this is?

    Laurie: The fact that this place is sooo relaxing?

    Nolee: *giggles* Nope. *she takes one of the cucumbers off of her eyes and giggles* It makes a good salad.

    The two girls giggle and soon fall quiet, the sound of the waterfall being the only sound. After a few minutes, Nolee speaks up.

    Nolee: So you and Pete having a romantic time here?

    Laurie: You know your definition of romantic and our definition of romantic are different things.

    Nolee: Okay did you do anything that you two consider romantic?

    Laurie: He took me to this awesome place that sells all sorts of different buffalo wings then we went to the Mob Museum. Afterwords we went to the casino here and then to the hotel room for mob movies.

    Nolee: Sounds rather nice actually.

    Laurie: Did you and Shea do anything?

    Nolee: We went out to diner at one of Gordon Ramsay's restaurants and I got to meet the man himself. That was pretty cool.

    Laurie: Pretty cool!? You met Gordon Ramsay? Is he a dick like he is on tv or is he cool? Did he teach you how to cook anything? *giggles, giddy as a school girl* I can't believe you met Gordon Ramsay.

    Nolee: *laughs* He was nice, he's got a very strong personality. He's not mean when not in the kitchen, he just knows how he wants things done. And no, he didn't teach me how to cook anything.

    The two girls fall into another silence but it's soon broken by the sound of a phone vibrating. Nolee looks on the table that sits between her and Laurie's tubs, seeing her phone going off. She wipes her muddy hands off on a towel and looks at her phone. The camera zooms in so you can see her text:

    From: Carter Lacroix
    Wheel's been spun. Street fight you v Drew.

    Nolee puts her phone down and sinks back into the mud, though it's obvious she's no longer in a good mood. Slowly she lets out a breath and looks at Laurie.

    Nolee: The universe hates me...

    Laurie: *looks at her* It does not. Why do you think the universe hates you?

    Nolee: I fight Drew-

    Laurie: Well ya knew that!

    Nolee: You didn't let me finish. I fight Drew in a street fight...

    Laurie: *grows wide eyed* A street fight?!

    Nolee: Yeah...

    Laurie: Oh hun...whats your plan?

    Nolee: I can tell you what my plan was.

    Laurie: Was?

    Nolee: Well it's a whole different ball game now. Before it was a simple one on one match where we only had to worry about each other and what moves the other one was going to pull off. Now we have an added factor to add in with our opponents natural talents.

    Laurie: What factor is that?

    Nolee: Our environment. None of this is going to take place in the ring, it's all going to take place in the back. I'm not much of an actual fighter, I'm a wrestler. Drew...well...he's both. I'm more than sure he could handle someone like me in a match like that. I'll map out his weaknesses, same as I would in a normal match but I'll have to map out our environment as well. Anything can be used as a weapon, anything. Take a wall for example, he could easily toss me into a brick wall and I'd be hurt.

    Laurie: Do you think he would?

    Nolee: Nah, we're friends. Neither one of us is angry or hurt with the other one, we never were. Maybe we were always meant to be just friends. Besides, he beat Mariana. He's the only one in the company who can say they did that.

    Laurie: Anything else you wanna say? It's almost time for us to go to the bath area and then to the massage.

    Nolee: Alex better stay out of my way...

    The camera fades out as Nolee pulls the curtain to the area closed.

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    Post  Admin on Tue Nov 20, 2012 10:27 am

    As the camera opens, the thing that strikes odd about the location is its odd exterior. We’re at the area called The Bird Cage at Crystals and it is a prime example of an upscale eatery in Las Vegas. The cage is perched like a tree house over the open exterior of Crystals, a pod made out of exotic wood slots. We fade into the interior, the inside just as beautiful and classy as the outside. The lighting is low and the tables are clothed in white and each has a small oil lamp sitting on it. Near the center, a maestro sits playing a grand piano. Near the back sits Wade Barrett, a glass of wine on the table and a menu in front of him. He’s dressed in a black tuxedo and his hair is slicked back. The song that plays is an old English sea shanty known as The Drunken Sailor.

    Wade: *singing softly under his breath*
    What will we do with the drunken sailor
    What will we do with the drunken sailor
    What will we do with the drunken sailor
    Er’ly in the morning

    The waiter, dressed in a red top with several silver buttons and black fringe at the top and black slacks with white gloves, walks over to the table and smiles at Wade, though it’s obvious there is tension between the two. He sets his menu down and folds his hands in front of him.

    Waiter: Have you decided on your meal for the evening?

    Wade: Yes, I’ll be having the salmon in white wine over the bed of rice with a side helping of scallops and your finest rolls.

    Waiter: I’ll be right back with your meal sir.

    The waiter bustles off and Wade is left to his own devices. He unrolls his napkin and lays his utensils on the table before tucking his napkin into his collar. Another song stars playing, this one much slower and the smile has been wiped from Wade’s face.

    Wade: Isn’t it funny how music can capture an essence? Sad music such as this reminds me of the loss I’ve had over the years while happy music such as Drunken Sailor bring me to a time of much bliss. I am certain that my opponent for the week knows the beauty and the versatility of music. After all, Miss Summers was a dancer. That lithe body of hers can move to any tempo or any beat. I forget Miss Summers, was it ballet or some other form of dance you have background in?

    He takes a sip of his wine as he lets his eyes wander over the crowd. A table of friends catches his eyes and he looks at them almost wistfully before looking back at his glass.

    Wade: As a former dancer, and as a woman, you have a natural grace about you. That grace adds to your in ring ability in a way, it gives you added agility. I commend you for that; I commend the way you can fly about that ring. In that same sense I, as a former field marine biologist and as a man, have something you do not. I have a natural ruggedness about me. You see, our wheel has been spun and our match has been picked. It’s a TLC match, Tables and Ladders and Chairs. Matches like that are meant for brutes. Sensible, beautiful, and fragile women such as yourself aren’t meant for these sorts of things. Women are merely supposed to fight in normal matches; the occasional extreme rules match like this should be done against other women. Not men like me, not brutes.

    He takes another drink and looks where the waiters are bustling in and out with the food. He doesn’t see his coming out so he continues to talk.

    Wade: I remember the first time I had to fight in a TLC match. It was against Cena of all people, the Fruity Pebble. I was so sure I could win. I almost had it won. Then the bastard got the upper hand. He…*he looks as if he is having a hard time talking about this and clears his throat* he put me underneath that board and pulled those chairs down on me. I know, I know how it sounds. That board should have done everything to stop the chairs from hurting me severely. I know it could have been worse but, well, it was bad. That board broke and I was hit with those chairs.

    He clears his throat again and takes another drink of his wine.

    Wade: I swore to myself that day that I would never go through that pain, that humiliation again. Now, well now I’m going to break someone. Now I have a chance to make up that humiliation I suffered at the hands of Cena years ago. Yes, yes I know Vitani is no friend of his. I know that this is a different company. That changes nothing in my eyes. This is all going to be a sort of redemption.

    He smirks darkly and picks up his wine class, taking another drink.

    Wade: And after I dispatch of Miss Summers, I know who my next objective is going to be. Miss Thomas. I’m not done with her and all of the pain she has caused me. All the things that I can do haven’t even be discovered yet. You’re just like those who you have trained under and that bastard friend of yours. Miss Thomas, when I get done with you, it will take your husband and all of his friends in the New York Police Department months to recognize you because I will have deformed you so much.

    The waiter brings his food to the table and he cuts into his salmon as he looks up.

    Wade: Miss Thomas will have to wait however. The first person I have to deform is Miss Summers. Tables, Ladders, and Chairs. Those three things will be brought into this match up. And so much more, oh so much more.

    The camera fades as we hear the piano playing something that sounds eerily like a funeral dirge.
    Alex Shelley
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    Post  Alex Shelley on Wed Nov 21, 2012 2:12 am

    The camera fades in on what looks to be the living room of a small, but mostly neat apartment. In the corner of the room sits a television with two men sitting in front of it playing a game, a closer look show it to be Alex Shelley and his best friend Chris Sabin. Alex looks over at his friend as he pauses the game.

    Alex: Damn it Chris! Quit smirking, it’s not funny... *frowns*

    Chris: Not for you, but you have to admit you would be laughing if it was somebody else that was stuck doing this and you know it. *laughs*

    Alex: *sighs as Chris laughs* I know... I would probably sit laughing my ass off just like you, but I have to go through with this match... You just get to sit and laugh... Damn it, I would of rather of had any of match then this... Why in the world do I get stuck in a lingerie pillow fight...? With a girl to boot!

    Chris: *chuckles* Arella know about the match yet?

    Alex: I don't know... Kind of afraid to talk to her, after all she probably is going to be pissed that my spin got us stuck in this match...

    Chris: I can't believe they are making you go out there in your boxers... You told Casey yet?

    Alex: *sighs again* I didn't have too; he was there when I spun. He has been switching back and forth from finding it funny to pouting about me going out in my boxers. *pouts* so not fair...

    Chris: Oh you'll get over it Lex besides at least you get to show off your abs... Something you like to do anyway. *smiles*

    Alex: *smiles* I guess your right... And my abs are awesome! You know that right?

    Chris: *laughs* I know... You don't stop bragging about it.

    Alex sticks his tongue out at Chris, who just shakes his head.

    Chris: See you found the upside to this match.

    Alex: Of course I did... Well I had help, but still I do have an upside now. Maybe I'll have fun in this match.

    Chris: *smiles before continuing with a small frown* I heard the princess thinks you’re going to interfere in her match...

    Alex: Of course she does... *rolls his eyes* Nolee would think that given she thinks the world spins only for her... New topic please, I don't need her ruining my mood...

    Chris nods and the room is silent before a playful grin come top his face and he unpaused the game. Alex gives a playful yell as he scrambles to get his controller ready as the game starts again; the camera chooses to fade out on the friends.


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    Post  Christian on Thu Nov 22, 2012 4:11 am

    The camera fades in on an empty ring, where a single ladder sits in the middle. The figure slowly climbs into the ring and stands by the ladder, the camera moves in closer to show then figure to be one half of the CWA tag team champions Christian. He touches the ladder before looking at the camera and smiling.

    Christian: I suppose one of the things I am most known for in this business is my work in ladder matches; well that and my tag team with Edge. So many people talk about how I rode on Adam's coat tails and how he is the only reason I have done half as we as I have, but they can't take away from all of the amazing ladder matches I have had. I'm not saying that it was I that made the made the matches amazing, after all I have had the honor to work with a lot of amazing people in these matches. People like Adam, Matt and Jeff, the Dudley's and Frankie Kazarian... Of course not every ladder match has been perfect and sometimes I have been in these matches with people I really don't like, like Alberto Del Rio...

    He pauses before slowly climbing up a half way up the ladder.

    Christian: Luckily I get to have this match with someone I consider a friend; this doesn't mean I will slack off or not do my best to win. I am going to do my best just like I would in any match, I own that to my opponent as well as the fans and myself. But it does mean that hopefully the match will be a little fun, I hope my opponent Dia will forgive the fact that this match calls for ladders. I also want to promise her that it is going to be a fair fight on my side.

    He finishes climbing up the ladder and sits on the top; he looks to be very at home on the top of the ladder.

    Christian: It's going to be an interesting match, two people with very different styles. Dia is grounded and I'm a highflyer, it's hard to say who is going to win. Even more so than normal with the ladder bring brought into it, I would like to say that my experience will give me the upper hand... But I know that anything can happen to turn the tide in this match, one move can and will make the difference in winning or losing. I hope my opponent is ready for a fight because I will be and hopefully I will once again be at the top of this ladder with the prize in my hand.

    Christian smiles before climbing down the ladder and out of the ring, he makes his way slowly up the entrance ramp. He pauses at the top and looks back at the ring before leaving, the arena is very still as the camera fades out.


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    Post  Admin on Fri Nov 23, 2012 9:33 pm

    The camera opens up on the inside of a store selling Western wear. The music playing is an old George Jones song, fitting the interior of the place. Near the back is a large rack of hats and a mirror so the patrons can check the hats with their outfits. There we see Carter Lacroix, dressed in a black suit with a yellow tie. On a nearby bench sits Pete, wearing a bright pink shirt with the words It’s Not Showing Off on it in blue lettering and tight blue jeans.

    Pete: Tell me again why I agreed to come here with you?

    Carter: Cuz it beat the hell outta goin’ to the spa with sis and Laurie?

    Pete: Point taken. *looks at the cowboy boots he tries on* How can ya wear these all the time? Don’t they hurt your feet

    Carter: They don’t hurt my feet because I wear them all the time.

    Carter picks up a black hat with a silver chain around the top part of it and tries it on before shaking his head. He puts it back on the rack before sitting on the bench next to Pete.

    Carter: So do ya like the Roulette idea? Cody and I wanted to do something exciting and he suggested that. You know, since Codes and I took over we’ve raised viewership by doing things like this match I’m gonna be in.

    Pete: What match are ya in?

    Carter: Me, Shea, and Kane in a falls count anywhere.

    Pete: Jesus Christ! Are you trying to kill yourself Carter?

    A few of the patrons give Pete looks as they pass and Carter shakes his head, putting it in his hand.

    Carter: Pete ya can’t talk like that here. We may not be in the south but this is a southern store. Cowboys hear ya talking like that and we’ll have trouble in the parking lot.

    Pete: Sorry. I forgot all Southern types are really religious…

    Carter: Not all of us. Some of us don’t adhere to what we’re taught. And to answer your question, I am not trying to kill myself. Just because I’m the CEO doesn’t mean I can’t challenge myself. I get these kinds of matches to prove I’m not different than anyone else who wrestles in the company. I get challenges just like they do.

    Pete: Sometimes it seems as if you over challenge yourself Carter. Don’t you ever worry about things like this?

    Carter: I always worry about my matches Pete. Even more when I fight two talented opponents at once. One of them is family and one of them might as well be with how close we are as friends. I mean, Sheamus married sis. I’m gonna see him on Thanksgiving. And Kane? I invited Kane over for Thanksgiving dinner because I didn’t know if he was gonna go anywhere for it. Given how close I am with both of my opponents, I could form an alliance with either one of them in this match to help them take out the other one. But I ain’tgonna do that. I don’t want it to seem like I’m playing favorites. Nah, both of ‘em are gonna get a good ol’ Southern ass kickin’ courtesy of me.

    Pete: So I take it you’re not going to go soft on either one of them?

    Carter: You’re right about that. How could I go easy on either of them? This is a match. I didn’t go easy on Christian when I fought him, I didn’t go easy on sis when I fought her. I’m not going to go easy on them. Sure, I know what that means. Neither one of them are going to go easy on me. I’m ready for that. I’m prepared for that. I hope they realize that I’m not taking this any further than just business. I’m going to be a tough guy, sure, but I’m also going to be the first to help both of ‘em up to their feet and buy ‘em a drink after the show.

    Pete: Do you have a plan for this match? I mean, there has to be some sort of strategy going into this, right?

    Carter: Of course there’s a plan, there’s always a plan. I’m going to go out in that ring and I’m going to win. That’s the plan.

    Pete: You aren’t gonna make a real plan? That’s it, go in there and win?

    Carter: Pete, how familiar are you with the world of professional wrestling?

    Pete: How long has the CWA been open?

    Carter: About a year now.

    Pete: Then I’m about a year familiar with the world of professional wrestling.

    Carter: A falls count anywhere match is hell. In a falls count anywhere match, you’ve got to factor in you’ve got to factor in your environment even more than you would have to do in a normal match or a street fight. A street fight only takes place in the back. A normal match only takes place in the front. In a falls count anywhere, you’ve got to factor in everywhere. I mean, I’ve seen them go as far as across the street. And who can forget when Rey Mysterio tossed Cody Rhodes into the nearby bay only to be tossed in by the Big Red Machine himself. These matches can be torture. I know that. Sheamus knows that. Kane knows that.

    Pete: So let me guess, you have to factor in them as well?

    Carter: You always have to factor in your opponent, no matter the match or contest. I just happen to have two of the company’s fiercest in this match with me. But at the end of the day, I know it’s all going to fall down to who wants it more. And I want it Pete. I want it almost as much as I can breathe.

    Pete: That’s what makes you such a formidable opponent Carter. You’re tough AND you want it. If you really set your mind to it, no one would be able to defeat you.

    The camera fades off on Carter trying on a blood red velvet hat and smirking at himself in the mirror, obviously liking either what he sees or what Pete has said.

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    Post  Admin on Fri Nov 23, 2012 9:52 pm

    A car enthusiasts dream is what we see when the camera opens up. Everything from a 1936 Mercedes owned by Hitler to the 1962 Lincoln in which Kennedy was assassinated in sit in this beautiful place. Men walk through admiring the area and amongst these men is Lucas Turner. He’s dressed in a black baseball cap on his head, a white polo, and blue jeans. He looks like he’s been having a good time and looks at the camera with a smile.

    Lucas: Hey Luther! Here to admire the old cars too?

    Luther: More looking for you but this is a pretty sweet place. What’s it called?

    Lucas: Imperial Palace Auto Collection. It’s quite a collection if I do say so myself. I love all of these cars. Sort of a hobby of mine, collecting cars. Do you have any of your own?

    Luther: Cars or hobbies?

    Lucas: Either.

    Luther: I collect Coca Cola memorabilia. I know, it’s an odd one but it’s what I enjoy. Always have since my grandpa gave me my first when I was little.

    Lucas: Admirable hobby. Nothing stupid like rock climbing or things like that.

    Luther: This wouldn’t be so you could cut down on your opponent is it?

    Lucas: Oh no, oh no. I’ll be going later to the place to cut down on my opponent. In fact, I’m almost done here. Would you want to ride with me or meet me where I’m going next?

    Luther: *smiles* I’ll meet you there.

    Lucas nods and heads out, Luther following right behind him. The camera opens a few minutes later to the inside of a pet shop, specializing on large dogs. Lucas smiles looking at each dog before turning his head so that he is looking at Luther.

    Luther: Dogs?

    Lucas: Do you have any idea who I fight coming up?

    Luther: Justin Gabriel right?

    Lucas: Yes I fight Justin Gabriel. Do you happen to know that Justin Gabriel is a cynophobic?

    Luther: That means he’s afraid of dogs right?

    Lucas: *nods as he scratches one of the boxers on the head* Yep, cynophobes are afraid of dogs. How someone so nice and friendly could be afraid of dogs. They aren’t bad, not unless you train them to be.

    Luther: That’s true. *nods* So Justin’s afraid of dogs? Think he had a bad experience when he was little?

    Lucas: Knowing South Africa, some dingo or hyena probably attacked him. *laughs* I wouldn’t put it past him to have been playing and to have hit a dog with a rock on accident and it bit him in return.

    Luther: You know, South Africa is the most civilized section of Africa other than Egypt right?

    Lucas: Yes, yes I know. Poor Heath though. Word on the street is that Slater loves animals, especially dogs, and has a few himself. How the two are still together with such a difference like that surprises the hell outta me.

    Luther: Well opposites do attract. That’s probably why Justin and Heath connect. But I’ve heard they’ve found themselves fighting more and more.

    Lucas: I couldn’t be with someone who didn’t love dogs. I’m here to buy me and my girls a dog.

    Luther: So you fight Justin Gabriel. What did the spin of the wheel tell you about your match with Justin?

    Lucas: It’s a finisher match.

    Luther: A what?

    Lucas: Well, we have to use the other ones finisher before we can win.

    Luther: Pretty much a bum deal for you huh?

    Lucas: What do you mean by that?

    Luther: Well, you’re finisher is the Left Hook. It’s not as hard to land as the 450 Splash. You’re size will be a definite hindrance in this match. I mean, high flyers are smaller. You’re…uh…you’re a pretty big boy.

    Lucas: *nods as he sits down with a German Shepard in his lap* Oh yes. My size is definitely going to be a hinderence in this match up. I may not be as small as Justin but I’m just as powerful. You forget, Justin has that submission finisher as well. It wouldn’t be as hard for me to pull off as it is the 450 Splash. And if I could pull off the 450 Splash it would crush Justin. Can you imagine the carnage if I did that?

    Luther: It’d probably break a few of his bones.

    Lucas: A few? Poor kid would be in a body cast for the rest of the year. *sick smirk* And that’s exactly what I want to happen. I want him to remember the pain he’s in as we have this match. I’m tired of being looked down on by my opponents, figure of speech of course. I’m better than the lot of them.

    Luther: About that thing you said at the last show. Are you really going to quit by the end of the year if you aren’t a champion of some sort?

    Lucas: I am. I’m sick of being discredited. And like I said, this is a game for a young man. I’m not the guy I use to be. I ain’t even half that guy. Antonio is handpicked by me. He’s powerful and quick. If there’s one thing I know, it’s who can make it in this business and who can’t. Antonio, he’ll be a future champion. And mark my words he’ll be there with me when I fight Justin so he can pick up a few more tricks of the trade.

    Luther: Any last words for us?

    Lucas goes to say something and the German Shepard in his lap barks before licking Lucas’ face.

    Lucas: *chuckles* I don’t think I could have said it any better myself Mercy.

    Luther: Mercy?

    Lucas: *chuckles darkly again* Yeah, that way when he gets in trouble, I can say ‘no mercy’.

    The camera starts to fade out, going as dark as Lucas’ soul.

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    Post  Sheamus on Sat Nov 24, 2012 1:23 am

    The camera fades in on Sheamus, who is seen anxiously pacing in a hotel bedroom. When he sees tha camera, he sighs and sits down on the bed, running a hand through his hair.

    Sheamus: I know I should be enjoying the time we have here, but at the moment I'm more worried about my next match; besides I was out with Nolee and the others earlier. Despite the fact that one of my opponents is my brother-in-law, I still don't like the idea of this match considering the third person involved is Carter's tag partner Kane. As much as I trust Carter, I still can't help but feel this match is going to turn into a handicap match at some long as it's convenient for Kane anyway. I could imagine him striking with that Chokeslam when Carter least expects it, leaving Kane left to take the victory. From what I've seen of these two as a team, I doubt Kane would purposely try to hurt Carter if it turned out that way. What worries me is that Kane may suddenly feel the need to destroy someone, because odds are with Carter in the match, it'll be me Kane picks as his target to destroy. What's reassuring at least is that Carter doesn't aim to destroy or make things personal, so fighting him won't be much different to usual; besides of course whatever the match turns out to be...

    He frowns, his eyes on the floor, a worried look on his face. He stays quiet for a minute or so before speaking again.

    Sheamus: The upside is thar with Kane and Carter in the match, no one's likely to interfere, like in the last three person match I was in...especially considering the last time the person who interfered cheated and pissed off those running the show, he ended up getting himself and his tag partner stripped of their tag titles.

    He tries not to laugh, getting up and turning to start pacing again to hide it.

    Sheamus: So as I said, I doubt anyone will mess with this match, so I just have to worry about Kane and Carter potentially teaming up against me before fightin' each other. I understand why they'd do it, any sensible team put in a match like this when the Legacy teamed up in a Royal Rumble match to help Randy Orton eliminate Hunter, allowing Orton to win. The only thing I'd be more worried about than facing Kane and Carter is if it was Cody involved instead of Kane; not because he's stronger, Kane definitely beats him in that, but because he's the other person runnin' the show and he's unpredictable, he's shown in the past he's not afraid to bend the rules to win; especially in matches like this -only he hasn't stepped into the CWA ring fer a while now so I suppose that makes this the worst situation to be in...unless of course it was Nolee and Carter instead, it's hard to say how that would end.

    He pauses again, looking almost nervous as he sits back down on the bed.

    Sheamus: I heard what this match might be, but I didn't check to make sure it was right. If it is, I'm definitely not lookin' forward to it. I'm sure they said it was a 'falls count anywhere' match, which could be even more problematic fer me if the other two do team up; I wouldn't have a chance to recover at all with the two of them able to pin me wherever I go. I guess the upside is though that if I can hang on long enough to tire them out, I can suddenly turn the match around...somehow. No offense to him, but if it was just Carter and I in this match, I'd probably win, I know how to use what's around me to my advantage. With Kane though, he's tough and he's dangerous; but if I'm careful I might be able to wear him down. This is a match where it's better for me to be smart and plan all this out instead of just runnin' in as the Celtic Warrior and hoping to win with a simple kick; thinking about this match that way would be foolish.

    He goes quiet before a small smile crosses his face, Sheamus suddenly looking more positive.

    Sheamus: Regardless of what happens in this match though, whether I win or lose, I know we'll have one hell of a match with the three of us in it so I suppose I have that to look forward to. I don't plan on making any of this personal at all and I doubt Carter will either as I said, so I'll be happy to walk away from this match no different towards each other than before, expect maybe walking away with more respect for him than I already have, depending on what happens out there. *he gets up, heading to the bedroom door* Now if yeh don't mind, I'm going to go for a walk to help myself relax and continue planning my strategy for this match.

    He aims a small wave at the camera before opening the door and leaving the bedroom, closing the door behind him as the scene fades out.
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    Post  Drew McIntyre on Sun Nov 25, 2012 12:01 am

    camera opens on Drew pacing the room while Johnny watches from the bed; a half amused, half annoyed smirk on his face

    Johnny; Stop pacing. You're going to wear a hole in the carpet. It's just a match against your ex, no need to be worried and upset about it.

    Drew: I am neither worried nor upset about it.

    Johnny: Then why are you pacing?

    Drew: I am not pacing! *stops and looks at Johnny* I am walking agitatedly in a circle.

    Johnny: That's pacing! *he rolls over onto his stomach and watches as Drew starts to tug on his hair* Seriously why are you soo upset? You've wrestled girls've lost, but you've wrestled them.

    Drew: It has nothing to do with the fact that she's a girl.

    Johnny: Then is it because it's Nolee?

    Drew: Of course not. We've wrestled each other hundreds of times.

    Johnny: *purses his lips and gets up from the bed* I think it is because it's Nolee; I think you still have feelings for her and don't want to admit it. I think you're still upset that she chose Sheamus over you and now that it's a one on one match between you two you're uncomfortable with it all because you don't know where to put your hands that won't make it seem like you're making a pass at her.

    Drew: *he stops and looks at Johnny, blinking for a moment* No, that's not it at all. She's happy with Sheamus and I'm happy for her. Besides I'm completely in love with you Johnny. *he blinks again before a sly smile crosses his face* You're jealous about this match aren't you?

    Johnny: *he waves his hand at Drew with a huffing noise* Please, I'm not jealous. You are in my bed every night, making love to me. This is only a match, it's your job. Of course I'm not jealous.

    Drew: *he moves over and places his hands on Johnny's hips and smirks as he nips at Johnny's lips* You are green with jealousy my love. But don't worry, I'll be back in your arms after the match.

    Johnny; I am not jealous! And if you keep saying that you're sleeping on the couch Scotty.

    Drew: That'll never happen, you'll get lonely and come join me.

    Johnny: *arches his eyebrow* You wanna test that theory?

    Drew: Not particularly, but I know you love. You couldn't last an entire night without me.

    Johnny: *smacks Drew's chest* Really close to finding out Scotsman.

    Drew: *he picks Johnny up and dumps him on the bed and then covers with him a grin* Gotta move me off of ya first.

    Johnny: *smirks as he pulls Drew down for a kiss* Was never my plan, but now you're only thinking about me and that's what I wanted.

    camera closes out on Drew looking down at Johnny in confusion as Johnny smirks and gropes him.


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    Post  Kane on Sun Nov 25, 2012 12:27 am

    Kane is sitting in his hotel room staring at a blank tv; his head cocked to the side and his mask dangling from his hand.

    Kane: Putting me in a match with my partner and Sheamus...clever, very clever and I know how everyone thinks this is going to go. But I can assure you if it comes down to me and Carter in that ring the only two standing, I will do what it takes to win. We may be partners but we know that what happens inside that ring doesn't change anything outside of it. Besides, both men are talented and extremely well versed in the ring. It will be a great honor to destroy them both.

    he gets up and walks around before moving over and fingering his tights where they spill from the bag. His mind is elsewhere as his eyes focus and unfocus

    Kane: A veritible masscre is what this is going to be; Sheamus is going to fight for his life as he thinks that Carter and I will team up against him; and maybe that will happen, or maybe I will take out my partner first, element of surprise and then go after Sheamus. Either way I will be left standing alone in the ring with my hand held high.

    He looks at the camera finally with his head still tilted.

    Kane: Still it is the element of surprise and you like the fans will have to wait until the match to see what happens. Just plan on bringing a rain coat. There will blood and I don't want anyone to say that I ruined their clothes.

    the camera fades away on Kane going back to stroking his tights; tracing the patterns over and over as he murmurs to himself.
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    Post  CM Punk on Sun Nov 25, 2012 9:18 am

    A female's voice can be heard singing before the scene fades in, the first thing visible being the bare legs of the one singing, moving around. As the camera slowly zooms out, the person is shown to be Vera, dancing around to music she's listening to, headphones in her ears, the music player in a pocket on the shorts she's wearing. She appears to be in the living area of a hotel room, the comic books on the table hinting that the room belongs to someone besides her friend Vitani, the comics having more variety than those that Vitani and her boyfriend would read.

    Vera: *singing as she dances* I'm wearing last night's dress and I look like a hot ass mess.
    Although my hair looks good because I haven't slept yet.
    Make the elevator, come a little faster; I'm pushing all the buttons, but nothing's happening. Please god don't let anybody see me; please god I'll do anything you ask of me.
    I promise no more walks of shame...

    She trails off but continues dancing, though she stops and turns off her music, pulling out her headphones. Afterwards Vera shoves them into her pocket before looking off camera where someone can be heard entering the room.

    Vera: Hey, you're back. *she smiles as Punk walks on screen*

    Punk: *chuckles* Yeah that does happen when it's my room.

    He goes to sit down in an armchair, Vera perching on one of the arms, leaning close to kiss his cheek. Punk smiles and reaches a hand out to brush a bit of blonde hair off her face, a softer look about him than he'd usually have.

    Vera: So where'd you go anyway...?

    Punk: *smiles* You'll see later.

    Vera: Oh... *she smiles, a flirtatious look before she suddenly changes the subject, Punk frowning slightly at the change* Have you been told what you're doing for this silly roulette thing?

    Punk: Uh...yes, I have actually. *he rolls his eyes* I have to fight Mariana Thomas.

    Vera: *pulls a face* The one everybody was making a big deal of when it was simple to end her winning streak?

    Punk: Yes, she's not so bad though... Dia gets along with her.

    Vera: What about you?

    Punk: Well...I don't talk to her as much; I've only spoken to her while she's been around Dia.

    Vera: I just don't see what's so great about her; she didn't even turn up for the last show...

    Punk: She has a family Vera; she has a right to be able to spend time with them.

    Vera: Dia doesn't take time off like that. *she shrugs her shoulders*

    Punk: Because Dia, like me, can be stubborn. She probably should have taken last week off to look after Louis, but seeing as their match was cancelled it didn't really matter anyway, she got the time off in the end. Even if Mariana didn't turn up last time it doesn't mean she won't this time, or that she cares any less about her job here than the rest of us.

    Vera: *raises an eyebrow* It doesn't? She only told her team at the last moment that she couldn't make it. Why are you defending her anyway... *she pauses, studying him for a few seconds* ...what's bothering you?

    Punk: *goes to deny anything's bothering him but stops, frowning slightly* The match ended up as a title match.

    Vera: And...?

    Punk: Everyone knows I'm determined to hold onto the CWA title, despite her being Dia's friend, I can't guarantee that she won't end up hurt at all; Dia's seen for herself that I don't go easy on friends, hell some of my best -and most violent- matches during my career have been against friends, especially in the independent wrestling shows I've worked with.

    Vera: *smirks* So you won't have a problem with this match then?

    Punk: I still could, it's just a regular match as far as I know, only difference is I'll be defending my title, which doesn't normally happen unless it's a pay-per-view. Yeah Mariana's strong, but so are all the other women here, otherwise they wouldn't be here; I'm not scared of her and I'm not scared to do whatever it takes to keep my title. I don't care if some people object to how I've been going about winning my past few matches, the point is that I've still won them.

    Vera: *leans closer to kiss him, running a hand through his hair* They’re just jealous because you’re the champ and they aren’t.

    Punk: *grins* Probably something like that, like Lucas; getting all bitter because I outsmarted him… They complain I cheat, but things get boring if all the champs are all good and follow the rules; who wants that? I’m just giving the fans what they want, even if they refuse to admit it; they like having someone to boo, someone to hate and I’m more than happy to be that person because all I’m really doing is being myself.

    Vera: I’m just glad I get to see the nicer side…

    She smiles at him, Punk wrapping his arms around Vera, pulling her close as the scene fades out.
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     11/5/12 Monday Night Carnage  Empty Re: 11/5/12 Monday Night Carnage

    Post  Justin Gabriel on Mon Nov 26, 2012 4:01 am

    Justin Gabriel is seen sitting on the edge of a swimming pool, wearing only a pair of swimming shorts, his legs in the water. He brushes a bit of his wet hair off his face as he looks at the camera, obviously having just been in the pool.

    Justin: Of all the possible times to find me, it had to be while I was busy didn’t it? *he shrugs, a small smile on his face* It’s okay, I haven’t been out here that long anyway…though I was kind of hoping to take my mind off things, but obviously I won’t be able to do that until I actually talk about it. I just saw Lucas’ promo; he thinks he can win by bringing up things that his opponents fear… *he shakes his head* It’s not going to work like that, yes it bothers me that he’d bring up the things he and the camera man did, but all it did was make me more determined to win, to prove his way doesn’t work.

    He stays quiet for a bit, frowning as he stares into the water, hesitating before speaking again.

    Justin: Yeah Heath and I have the occasional argument, but we aren’t fighting ‘more and more’ like they seem to think we are; most couples have an argument every now and then, they take some time to think about it and they make up. As unpleasant as it is when it happens, it’s better than the alternative. I’d rather have occasional arguments with Heath than not have him at all. Going by people like Lucas…and Wade, I’d rather not be alone; it seems to just make people bitter and unfriendly.

    He rolls his eyes, muttering something under his breath in the Afrikaans language.

    Justin: Lucas wasn’t entirely right about the dog thing though, I have no problems with smaller dogs, I’m just…not a fan of larger ones and Heath understands that, though he thinks with his dog that it’s a little silly… either way though it’s something irrelevant to this match, so it’s not a problem. *he plays with a bit of his wet hair* The problem is what my match against Lucas actually ended up being. It’s hard to say who’s more disadvantaged by this match considering we have to win by using each other’s finisher.

    Looking somewhere between amused and worried, Justin looks up at the camera, giving a small smile.

    Justin: On one hand, it would be amusing to see Lucas attempting to do the 450 Splash, but I know for a fact that if it’s done wrong your opponent isn’t the only one who could end up hurt…and if he somehow does pull it off, as he pointed out; it’ll probably hurt quite a bit to have him do that. My other finisher…a bridging cobra clutch, would possibly be easier for Lucas to do -assuming he can do the bridge part- and would definitely hurt if he can. What worries me is that if I try his Right Hook, I won’t even be able to hit his big head hard enough for him to feel anything and with the size difference I’m not sure I’d be able to do his less used backbreaker move; though I can do those on opponents more my size. If it wasn’t potentially dangerous and I wasn’t worried about being crushed, I’d find the idea of Lucas trying to flip quite funny, I just can’t even picture it…

    He shakes his head, chuckling a little before speaking again.

    Justin: For me, things like the 450 Splash are natural, I grew up teaching myself how to do some flips into the pool, others I learned while my father was teaching me to wrestle, so I can imagine it being hard for Lucas to suddenly pull off anything like that; unless he’s secretly been able to flip all along and kept it secret, which is unlikely. *he smirks* In other words, this match will probably be difficult for both of us, or at least ending it will be; the rest will be as it usually would. I guess as long as I don’t get caught on the ground I have a chance of winning, assuming I wear him down enough before trying his moves.

    He sighs and shrugs his shoulders.

    Justin: I guess until someone ends up hurt, this match could be amusing, so in a way I’m looking forward to it, but right now I’d rather go back to swimming then sit around worrying about it.

    The camera zooms out as he gets to his feet, jumping back into the pool using the 450 Splash as the scene fades out.
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    Post  Arella Rayne on Mon Nov 26, 2012 10:44 am

    The camera fades in on Arella, who is practicing her Ju-Jitsu against a male opponent, grinning after quickly taking him down. She sees the camera and comes closer, looking annoyed about something.

    Arella: So I heard about my match against Alex Shelley and what the match is supposed to be. Like any of the girls in this company would, I find the idea of this ‘pillow fight’ insulting; even more so knowing that I’m being forced to do it in my underwear. I’d be even more annoyed about the fact that the match is against a guy, if he wasn’t dating the blond who supposedly works here.

    She rolls her eyes, folding her arms.

    Arella: Why did they include such a match on that stupid wheel anyway? Carter’s gay isn’t he? So it had to have been Cody who put it on, from what I heard he was the one who suggested the whole thing too…the pervert probably put the match on the wheel hoping Vitani was in the one the spun it. *she pulls a face, shaking her head* How were we even supposed to win this stupid match anyway? No one’s explained that yet. Is everything else still like a normal match or is there some other ridiculous, humiliating rule to this match? It’s things like this that made most of the Vixxens come to the CWA instead of places like the WWE, so why are we still having to do this crap? *she shakes her head* Whatever, either way I’m going out there to kick some ass, if it’s not what we’re supposed to be doing, I guess it’ll be in protest of what we’re being made to do, considering Alex didn’t even seem too thrilled about the idea.

    She turns her back on the camera, heading back over to the boy she was training with.

    Arella: I’m done, you can leave now.

    After a few words with her training partner, Arella starts practicing again, the footage suddenly ending.

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