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    8-18-14 Monday Night Carnage


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    8-18-14 Monday Night Carnage Empty 8-18-14 Monday Night Carnage

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    The camera comes up on the announcers table, James and Val looking chipper as eve but Pete looks terrified. James is wearing his usual tuxedo, Val is dressed in a black t-shirt with a rhinestone cross and blue jeans, and Pete is in a tour shirt for Three Young Guns and a pair of jeans.

    Val: Welcome to Monday Night Carnage. I’m Val Venis.

    James: I’m James Chapel.

    Pete: And I’m going to die.

    Val: *rolls his eyes* You are not doing to die! Your name is Pete Branaugh.

    Pete: *wide eyed* Yes, I am Pete and yes, I am going to die.

    James: What Pete is talking about is the Wyatt clan wants to talk with him.

    Val: *snorts* Maybe we should replace him now before he dies.

    Pete: I don’t want to die!

    James: You aren’t going to die! *sighs* Just…let’s start the show.

    The camera changes to a view of the ring where Mark Jindrax paces, ready to fight. “My Songs Know What You Did in The Dark” by Fall Out Boy starts as new CWA Warrior Seth Rollins enters through the crowd. He smirks and climbs into the ring, rolling his shoulders.

    Seth Rollins v Mark Jindrax
    Seth ruses Mark, knocking the bigger man off of his feet. Referee Hank Mitchell practically has to pull Seth off of Mark. Mark manages to stand and rushes to clothesline Seth. Seth ducks and Mark runs into the ropes. He bounces back to Seth who hits a hard knife edge chop. He backs Mark into a corner, hitting chops across Seth’s chest. Mark rolls onto the mat and Seth hits a hard knee drop to the stomach. Seth stands, hitting a few hard heels to the legs before letting Mark push himself only to his hands and knees before Seth hits the Curb Stomp, then the pin.
    Winner: Seth Rollins via pin fall

    Seth Rollins raises a hand in victory, smiling proudly as the camera fades to a backstage view of the area near Dante Westmore’s locker room. Wade Barrett stands outside, dressed in a gray suit with black tie on a white button up shirt. He hears someone clear their throat, turning to see Dante and giving a wide grin.

    Wade: Come to forfeit?

    Dante: *shakes his head, looking at Wade almost shyly* No, not here forfeit... I'm ready for our match.

    Wade: *smirks* Good, I like a decent opponent.

    Dante: I'm looking forward to our match.

    Wade looks him over, narrowing his eyes.

    Wade: You sought me out for a reason. Why?

    Dante: *pauses for a second* We need to talk...

    Wade: I'm not going to take it easy on you.

    Dante: I'm not asking that! I can handle anything you throw at me!

    Wade: So...what is it you're asking?

    Dante: *swallows softly* I want to ask... What you meant by your promo...?

    Wade rubs the back of his neck sheepishly.

    Wade: Which part?

    Dante: You know which part Wade...

    Wade: Wh...where I compared us to Maergery and Jeoffry?

    Dante: Yes... *nods* That...

    Wade: Uh...I take it you watch Game of Thrones?

    Dante: Yeah... I do.

    Wade: *clears his throat* Maybe...maybe I like you.

    Dante: *shyly* Maybe I like you too.

    Wade: Maybe?

    Dante: *shy* I do... *goes quiet afraid he read the signs wrong*

    Wade: I...I like you too...

    Dante: *looks up at him*

    Wade: *softly* Why hadn’t you told me yet?

    Dante: I was... Afraid to tell you...

    Wade: I would have been afraid to tell you.

    Dante: S-So...

    Wade: So what?

    Dante: What now... You like me and I like you...

    Wade: Now? We worry about our fight. Then we worry about love.

    Dante: *nods* Alright.

    Wade nods and heads off as Dante enters back into his locker room, the camera fading to commercial on the empty area.

    Laughter came from everywhere and nowhere at once; the lights flickered before going out completely. In the dark a voice sounded; the tenor panicky and breathy as the sound of shuffling feet accompanied.

    Pete: H-Hello? I came like you wanted! Show yourself.

    The laughter kicked up again before a fire blazed up in front of the stranded young man; causing him to cover his face and stumble back. As the flames died down they cast shadows, revealing cracked wooden walls and various wicked looking instruments hanging from the ceiling by creaking chains and finally the bearded face of the head of the Wyatt clan.

    Bray: Ask and ye shall receive my son. Welcome to the hollow of knowledge; the cavern of truth. We've been waiting for you Pete. We've been waiting to share with you the truth of your "friend" of your "confidant" Carter Lacroix.

    Pete: The truth here is that you all are insane and it would be in your best interests to bark up another tree.

    The flames died down to nothing and the young man was struck from behind; sending him sprawling to the dirt with a groan. The sounds of a struggle were loud in the room; the stomping of feet and the sound of toes being driven into any bit of flesh and body they could find as grunts and half hissed curses filled the air.

    Bray: -though he can't see in the darkness he holds his hands out and twirls; a black on black shadow before the flames surge and this time fill the room; showing Pete on the floor bleeding and Luke and Erick standing off to the side quietly- In my best interests? IN MY BEST INTERESTS? I think boy that you need to find the path of righteousness and atone for the sins of association. Your friend is a defiler of virginity, a liar, and a devil in disguise. He lures young girls in, twists their heads around with pretty words and promises, takes what he wants and leaves them...

    Pete: -hissing and pushing to his hands and knees he shakes his head- No he's not, he's not that way.

    From behind Luke drives his foot into the man's back, sending him back to the dirt before stomping and grinding his foot down on Pete's hand to hold him. A smile crosses his face as he hears the man cry out in pain. Besides him Erick has a 2x4 in his hands, caressing the wood as he looks down; waiting for Bray's signal.

    Bray: -he combs his fingers through his beard- That's where you're wrong, ha-ha, dead wrong. The man is a monster, a monster spoon fed lies from the time he could walk that women are his playthings; playthings that can be tosses away once he's had his fill. He needs to be stopped Pete, he needs to be put in his place Pete. -turning around he moved over quickly and dropped down into a crouch; grabbing Pete's chin and jerking his face up so that they were looking at each other in the eye.- And you can either help us Pete or you can be a message.

    Pete: -snarling he spat on the crouched man; the spittle landing on Bray's cheek and in his beard.- Never.

    Backhanding the man Bray stood and turned his back on him; raising his hand for Erick and Luke.

    Bray: Then a message you shall be.

    Letting his hand drop he started walking away; the two men descending on the prone man and hoisting him up; taking turns driving their fists into his gut before Erick started in with 2x4, hitting him as hard as he could where ever he could. Blood soon stained the dirt and Pete was left limp on the ground; a note pinned to his torn and bloody shirt.

    'Your Time has come LaCroix to pay the piper."

    The camera goes to the ring where Abigail watches on the outside before the boys come to join her. She steps into the ring, Erick and Luke patrolling ringside as Bray takes his spot in his rocking chair. Dale Oliver’s “Take Over” stars as Christian and Edge head to the ring. Christian looks nervous, sharing words with Edge before rolling into the ring.

    Abigail Wyatt w/ The Wyatt Family v Christian w/Edge
    Abigail and Christian stare each other down, Abigail slowly moving in to lock him up for a grapple, Christian easily gaining the upper hand. He tosses Abigail into the turnbuckle furthest from her family, hitting rough knees to the gut. Abigail catches his arm as he attempts an elbow to the chest, swiftly moving to twist his arm behind his back. She lets go, planting a hard boot to the back which send Christian down. She stomps on his arms to try and take away his ability to do the Killswitch. She stands, crossing to his head. She bends to grab a handful of his hair, shouting in his face before pulling him up to his feet. She grabs his arm to Irish Whip him into the ropes. Christian bounces back and drops to his knees to smack Abigail. She stumbles back and Christian moves in to lock her in a headlock, working on getting her weakened. He’s forced to let go as Luke hops up onto the apron. Christian turns his back to her as he focuses on Luke. That allows Abigail to hit another hard boot to the spine. Christian hisses in pain as he puts his hands on his back. She does it again, sending two quickly. Christian drops to his knees. Abigail presses a kiss to the top of his head before hitting a hard, swift kick to the temple and trying the pin. Christian manages to kick out at two and a half, rolling onto his side. As he gets up, Abigail shoots Bray a look. Bray nods, standing and pushing Luke and Erick into the ring. Luke and Erick attack fiercely, getting an unconcerned Abigail disqualified.
    Winner via disqualification: Christian

    Christian is celebrating in the ring as Erick, Luke, and Bray make their way in. Luke and Erick attack Christian and get him down. Bray paces in front of Christian, smirking as he pulls Christian into the Sister Abigail position. He shouts towards the ramp for Carter to come out to save Christian. When he arrives on the ramp, Luke and Erick get out of the ring to block his path as Bray delivers the Sister Abigail. As Carter is attempting to get to the ring, Nolee’s theme music starts up and she heads out alone. For once in her life, she looks scared. She stands by Carter, placing a hand on his shoulder and telling him to go to the back with Christian. Carter argues with her until Edge comes up, helping Christian walk. Carter’s features soften and he helps Edge take Christian to the back. Nolee timidly enters the ring, eyes locked on Bray. Abigail scoffs, shaking her head at the Lacroix girl. Bray chuckles and places a hand on Abigail’s arm, telling his sister to go sit. Abigail takes her place on the rocking chair before the bell rings.

    Bray Wyatt w/The Wyatt Family v Nolee Lacroix
    Bray acts as if he’s going to head towards her. This causes Nolee to visibly flinch and Bray laughs at her fear. The two circle the ring before locking up, Bray easily over powering Nolee. He gets her in a powerful belly to belly suplex, tossing her to the mat. He rolls up, getting to his feet as he paces around her. Every time it seems she’ll get up, Bray delivers a stomp to her back to keep her down. After the 4th time, the ref pulls him away. Bray looks unconcerned but this allows Nolee time to stand. Nolee rushes Bray with a knee, hitting Bray in the gut. He doubles over and she runs into the ropes to attempt a move close to Booker T’s head scissors. Bray flips her over his back with surprising speed, turning and landing an elbow to the gut. He stands again, smirking towards the ramp as he pulls Nolee to her feet and locks her in the Sister Abigail position before delivering it and pinning her.
    Winner via pin fall: Bray Wyatt

    Bray smirks down at Nolee as the other three join him. Abigail delivers a sharp kick to Nolee’s ribs before a devilish grin comes across her lips. She turns to Bray, whispering in his ear. Bray smirks and gestures for Erick to remove the sheep’s mask he wears and for Luke to lift Nolee. They tie the blonde with her arms outstretched in the ring ropes, slipping the sheep mask on her, before the lights go out and The Wyatt’s are gone.

    -Destiny commercial-

    The camera comes back up on Simple Plan’s “Me against the World” playing and Dante Westmore pacing the ring. His music cuts as Chimera’s “Indifferent to Suffering” starts and Wade Barrett enters on the ramp. He looks proud and sure of himself. He enters the ring, giving a nod to Dante as referee Hanna Beckford rings the bell.

    Wade Barrett v Dante Westmore
    Wade wastes little time in rushing Dante with a high elbow to the jaw. Dante ducks under, catching a boot to the back of Wade’s knee. Wade goes down to one and Dante locks on a sleeper hold. For a moment it seems as if he’s gotten the best of Barrett, until Wade stands. He backs against the turnbuckle to loosen Dante’s grip. When he lets go, Wade slams him with a sidewalk slam. Dante writhes before Wade drops an elbow to his gut. He backs up, pacing as he glares at his downed foe. When Dante gets to his feet, Wade grabs his arm for an Irish Whip. Dante hits the turnbuckle again and Wade delivers a hard knife edge chop. Wade smirks and elbows his jaw, wanting to weaken his head as they fight. Again, Wade goes for an elbow to the jaw and again, he connects. Backing up, Wade attempts a shoulder to the gut. Dante moves before Wade can connect. Wade hits the ring post with a thud. When he manages to stand, he’s hit with Dante’s super kick. Dante attempts a pin but Wade pushes Dante off of him, turning to hit the Bullhammer when Dante stands, then going for a pin of his own.
    Winner via pin fall: Wade Barrett

    Wade stands over Dante, his typical cold look on his face. Uncharacteristic to his self, he reaches out a hand to help Dante up. Antonio runs out to the ring, stepping in between Wade and Dante. This seems to anger Wade and, after Antonio helps Dante stand on his own, Wade strikes Antonio with a Bullhammer. Dante seems infuriated but Wade ignores him, heading to the back. Antonio groans and tries to stand as Shaman Harvest’s “Broken Dreams” starts to play, Drew McIntyre heading out to the ring. Drew crosses his arms over his chest, actually allowing Antonio to stand. He smirks, waiting for the referee to ring the bell.

    Drew McIntyre v Antonio Jacinto w/Dante Westmore
    Antonio’s head is still pounding, he shakes it and tries to focus on Drew. Drew uses this to taunt Antonio, throwing some fake jabs before mocking him. Antonio’s obviously had enough and hits a hard roundhouse to Drew’s temple which drops Drew. Antonio goes in for the pin, using Drew’s tights as leverage.
    Winner via pin fall: Antonio Jacinto

    Antonio rolls out of the ring, wrapping an arm around Dante’s shoulders as the two leave a shocked Drew in the ring as the screen fades to commercial.

    The camera comes back up on the ring as Paul Heyman makes his appearance. The camera comes back from commercial and we see Paul Heyman standing on the entrance ramp. He raises his microphone to speak.

    Paul: Ladies and gentleman, my name is Paul Heyman, and it is my job to tell you about the liars and cheats in this world. Take our last match for example. Antonio Jacinto cheated to win against Drew McIntyre. My clients are not cheaters. Jack Swagger is not a cheater.

    Jack makes his way to stand behind Paul on the entrance ramp.

    Paul: *continues* Justin Gabriel is not a cheater.

    After a moment, Justin's music plays and the former Nexus member emerges. Instead of heading down the ramp, he slowly approaches Heyman, not entirely sure why he's chosen now to show up. As he reaches Heyman and Jack, he gives a questioning look. Paul cuts a look to Justin, a smile on his face before looking at the crowd again.

    Paul: Even my newest client has no need for cheating, but feels extremely cheated. She feels as if you once loved her but since she took time off for "personal reasons" that you don’t. She feels that any woman can fight against any man and win. Ladies and gentleman, allow me to introduce you to my newest client...

    Angel steps out onto the ramp, wearing her ring gear. She pauses as she looks at the crowd before walking over to the other three. Paul smiles and crosses so that he's standing in between Justin and Angel.

    Paul: Why don't you two tell this lovely audience what you’re sick of?

    At first, Justin looks annoyed, realizing he'd been ready to fight another of Heyman's clients, but then just sighs, shrugging his shoulders before glancing at Angel.

    Justin: Them really. And being forgotten about.

    Angel: They will forget us anytime a new up-incomer despite we put our bodies through for them.

    Paul nods as he listens to both Justin and Angel, a smile on his face.

    Paul: That’s why this little match isn’t going to happen. Anyone who gets in their ways will find themselves crushed. Justin here, well he deserves the CWA Championship opportunity, not Alex Shelley. And Angel? She's number one contender to Vitani Summers Vixxens Championship. And Jack? He's a good contender for the Five Nations. Miss Banks, Miss Summers, be on the lookout. You're looking at your replacements. Angel almost looks conflicted at Alex's name, but it is only for a moment. Justin grins and nods, agreeing with Heyman. He reaches a hand out towards Angel, offering a handshake. Angel gives a grin of her own before shaking Justin's hand. The camera cuts back to the announcers table where Val and James sit, an empty chair between them where Pete would have sat.

    Val: A stable of Heyman people? So bad ass.

    James: Let’s not forget that Pete’s been escorted to the hospital for the actions of the Wyatt clan. Last we heard, he’s got a broken clavicle and a concussion. The attack on Pete and Christian and Nolee can’t have made Carter happy. Let’s hope he accepts Bray’s challenge.

    Val: As for the tag team title folks, I’m curious to see how the relationship between Wade and Dante will affect their team mates coming into their title match at Hell to Pay.

    James: And, this just in folks, a title match between Jack Swagger and Vitani Summers for the Five Nations Championship and between Angel James and Vitani Summer for the Vixxens Championship have both been made for Hell to Pay.

    Val: And Justin Gabriel has been given the chance to face either Dia Banks or Alex Shelley for the CWA Championship depending on the winner at Hell to Pay. But first, let’s get to the next match.

    The camera cuts to the ramp as Icon for Hire’s “Up in Flames” starts to play. Arella heads out to the ring, a jovial smirk on her lips. She rolls into the ring, jumping and rolling her shoulders as she’s ready to fight. Her music cuts as “Only Way I Know” by Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, and Eric Church begins to play. Carter doesn’t worry about the showmanship of the truck or brushing hands with the fans. He’s obviously furious, rolling into the ring and starting Arella down.

    Arella Rayne v Carter Lacroix
    Carter goes for the tie up but as he does, the arena lights flicker off. When they come back on, Carter looks terrified to see Abigail sitting in her rocking chair at ringside. He focuses back on Arella, flinging her into the ring ropes. As she bounces back, he attempts a hard clothesline. Arella ducks under but Carter catches her with an elbow to the back. He spins to look at her, rushing her for a bulldog. As she goes down, the lights flicker off again. When they come back up, Arella is gone and instead Ericka and Luke stand in the ring
    No Winner, Match has been interrupted

    Carter glares though he can be panicked. He grabs a microphone from ringside and sits on the announcers table.

    Carter: Bray, you beat my best friend so bad he’s in the hospital. You beat Christian and humiliated me by not allowing me to help him. And you hurt Nolee and put that god damn sheep mask on her. The personal attacks I didn’t mind. But you’ve hurt my friends and family. That’s pushing it. You want me to fight you? You want me to pay for my sins? Sure, I’ll fight you at Hell to Pay. You can count on that.

    The camera fades off to commercial on Carter’s determined glance.

    The camera comes back up on Sheamus making his entrance, looking like the vicious Celtic Warrior. He slams his fist into his chest and seems to be fierce and ready to fight. “Whatever’s Real” by The High Crusade starts and Alex Shelley runs out to the entrance ramp. He’s ready to fight, not caring about how fierce his opponent is.

    Alex Shelley v Sheamus
    Sheamus and Alex lock up and when it’s apparent to Alex that he won’t get the upper hand, he stomps against the back of Sheamus’ knee. The Irish man goes down to one knee, Alex hitting a flurry of kicks to the mid-section. Alex has him downed and stands on the turnbuckle, before jumping down. Sheamus rolls out of the way but instead of Alex harming himself, he rolls on his side, turning to face Sheamus when he stands. Sheamus tries to hit the Brogue kick but Alex manages to avoid it, Sheamus’ knee hitting the turnbuckle on the underside. Alex rolls him up from behind for the pin.
    Winner via pin fall: Alex Shelley

    The camera cuts to the audience for a final pan of the night, most just as excited as when it started before the camera comes up on the ring as “What Rock ‘N Roll Looks Like” starts playing. Vitani Summers, with the Vixxens title over her shoulder and the Five Nations Championship around her waist, walks onto the ramp. Cody Rhodes and Devyn McKinney follow after her, the three looking formidable. They reach the ring, where Devyn and Cody hold open the ropes for her. Instead of the theme that she used last week, “She’s a Rebel” by Green Day starts up as Dia runs out to the ramp. She plays her CWA title belt like a guitar as Colt follows her, playing air drums before they run to the ring, high fiving fans. Dia rolls into the ring, handing her title off to Colt as Vitani does the same with Cody and Devyn.

    Vixxens and Five Nations Champion Vitani Summers w/ Cody Rhodes and Devyn McKinney vs CWA Champion Dia Banks w/ Colt Cabana
    Vitani and Dia circle the ring, staring each other down before Vitani goes in for a grapple. The two girls fight for control before Vitani gains the upper hand. Vitani gets Dia in a German Suplex, Dia hitting the mat hard. Vitani gets up, pulling Dia up into a sitting position and hitting elbows to Dia’s clavicle from behind. Dia sends a head butt back towards Vitani, which stuns her. Dia hops up to her feet, turning to look at Vitani and landing a few chops. She backs Vitani into the corner, hitting knees to the gut. Vitani sits on the mat, trying to catch her breath before stumbling out of the corner. Dia backs into the opposite ring ropes, not seeing Cody standing by the apron. Cody pulls her leg so she falls. The referee, Vincent Mangano, sees this and yells at Cody, ejecting both him and Devyn. Cody and Devyn leave angrily, storming out. Vitani argues with the referee before she turns around, Dia landing the Diamond Cutter as she does, then pinning Vitani.
    Winner via pin fall: CWA Champion Dia Banks

    Dia helps Vitani up before turning to realize Justin, Angel, and Jack on the entrance ramp. Dia holds her title, mouthing about how it’s hers and not theirs, standing firm by Vitani as she proclaims them best in the world as the camera fades.

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