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    8-18-14 Monday Night Carnage Promos


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    8-18-14 Monday Night Carnage Promos Empty 8-18-14 Monday Night Carnage Promos

    Post  Admin on Tue Aug 26, 2014 1:35 pm

    Promos are due here by September 14th at midnight.

    No exceptions.
    Nolee Lacroix
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    Post  Nolee Lacroix on Tue Aug 26, 2014 2:23 pm

    The sound of arguing can be heard as the camera opens up on the living room of the Farrelly-Lacroix home. We quickly realize that both accents are too Southern for it to be Sheamus and Nolee arguing long before Carter actually comes into view. He looks terrible, as if he’s not been getting enough sleep. There are bags under his tired looking eyes and he wears a slightly ripped flannel shirt with old blue jeans. He stands across the room from Nolee, who looks a mixture of furious and sad. The remnants of tears roll down her face as she crosses her bare arms over a torso covered by a baby blue tank top, also wearing jeans. On the couch sit their half-brothers: Kip and Vance. Both boys look utterly confused as to what is going on. Kip’s dressed in a Chris Jericho t-shirt with blue jean shorts. Vance wears a lime green muscle shirt and jeans. As the camera comes more into focus, we can hear what they say.

    Nolee: You’re being unreasonable! I can take care of myself!

    Carter: Unreasonable? I understand you can defend yourself. Nols, trust me, that was never an issue before. But this match isn’t one where you can defend yourself. Bray Wyatt is unlike any man, hell, any opponent you’ve ever face.

    Nolee: Jesus Christ Carter! I fought Kane before! I can handle-

    Carter: *getting angrier* No! Kane, he’s not all bad. Trust me, as his former tag partner I would know. Kane is capable of caring for another human being, even if he doesn’t want to admit it. Bray. Isn’t. Like. That! None of the Wyatt family is! None of them care for anyone but each other, no matter what they would have you believe. You’re not fighting him, at least not alone.

    Nolee looks to be a mix of hurt and angry as she chews on her bottom lip.

    Nolee: Just tell me what you did. I don’t remember meeting these guys but…but you seem to know so much about them.

    Kip: *speaking up* She’s got a point.

    Carter shoots Kip a side glance before running a hand sheepishly over the back of his head.

    Carter: Ya remember when I left for college?

    Nolee: Vaguely.

    Carter: I…uh…I never actually made it. I got lost down Louisiana way….pulled over in a little town. That’s where I heard a man preaching. His words…they struck deep. I felt like he understood…like he knew how I felt. So I talked one on one with him, lived in the swamp with him and his boys…and Abigail.

    Nolee: That still don’t explain why I can’t fight him alone.

    There is a silence, where Carter looks nervous. He fidgets with his rings but before Carter can speak up, Kip has done so for him.

    Kip: Maybe you should take someone with you just in case Nolee.

    Nolee: *enraged* Really, Kip? Really?

    Kip: If these guys are that bad…we can’t lose you sis. We love ya to much.

    Vance: He’s right…

    Nolee: *sighs* Fine, I’ll bring Sheamus.

    Carter nods before his phone rings. He answers it, crossing briskly to the other room. Nolee sighs and runs a hand through her hair.

    Vance: So…do you think he’s as tough as Carter says?

    Nolee: I watched him talk about Carter. I think he’s deranged and crazed. I think he has major problems. But do I think he’s tough? No.

    Kip: And…uh…why not?

    Nolee: Crazy and tough don’t generally mix in an unbeatable way.

    Vance: *points out* Lucas Turner.

    Kip: *adding to it* Kane.

    Vance: Don’t forget-

    Nolee: *interrupting* Lucas wasn’t that tough, he just had the stigma of having accidentally killed a man under his belt which through in the psychological factor for him. Kane isn’t completely crazy, ya heard Carter say it himself. Honestly, the only thing I fear about this fight are his goons or his bitch sister getting involved. In a one on one fight? Sheamus has been helping me hit more precise moves, ones that will let me take down an enemy quicker. I’ve also been training with some of my old WWE buddies to get better, Teddy DiBiase and Randy Orton mostly.

    Kip: So do you think you’re prepared?

    Nolee: *hesitates* Until Carter lets me know more about these Wyatt family members, I’m as prepared as I’m going to be.

    The camera fades out on Nolee’s nervous face as she talks to her half brothers.
    Abigail Wyatt
    Abigail Wyatt

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    Post  Abigail Wyatt on Tue Aug 26, 2014 2:42 pm

    Woman’s Voice: *singing*
    You are my sunshine
    My only sunshine
    You make me happy
    When skies are gray
    You’ll never know dear
    How much I love you
    Please don’t take my sunshine away

    The camera opens up on a photograph. In the picture, we see CWA newcomer Abigail Wyatt with Carter Lacroix, both looking different than they do now. Carter looks almost stern, his now jovial blue eyes do not give off the warm that they now do. No smile crosses his lips but there is still a happy feeling to the photograph. That feeling comes from Abigail. She looks sweeter and happier than the Abigail we know, a large grin across her red painted lips. She even has her hair pulled into a side braid that gives a sweet Southern look. The camera zooms out to show that the picture is being held by Abigail. She looks to be angry, the black of her sundress showing that. Her hand clenches the photograph as she looks up at the camera, a few strands of hair in her face.

    Abigail: Now you know who we’ve come to destroy.

    She stands, the picture fluttering to the ground as she does. Her dress swishes as she paces, not facing the camera for a moment.

    Abigail: There was a time when the man you know was not as you know. He was cold, very rarely did a smile pass those cruel lips. He showed no kindness, as he does now. He was not confident in his life, he could not lead. Yes, your beloved and jovial Carter Lacroix was a cold, hard, bitter man looking for his place in life.

    She turns to face the camera, the faintest hint of a smile against her lips.

    Abigail: I loved him, from afar at first. He was devoted to my brother and the guidance he gave. Bray gave Carter all that he could. How did Carter repay him? *sneers* Carter repaid Bray by seducin’ me. He knew what he wanted an’ by God, he took it. He left me soiled, used. He threw me away like ah was a piece of trash. That leaves me with one questions. *cocks her head to the side* What makes ya think he’ll love an’ stay with ya, Christian?

    She laughs, the sound being eerily jovial, as she sits cross legged in the rocking chair behind her in the dark barn.

    Abigail: Christian. What a misdemeanor if ah ever heard one! You’re no Christian, boy. For Christian’s, they don’t sin as ya have with Carter. *looks up at the sky as she recites* Leviticus 18:22 says that no man shall lie with another man as they do with a woman for it is an abomination!

    She looks back at the camera coldly.

    Abigail: You are an abomination, Christian. You’re as bad as the rest of the world’s liars. You would have had the world believe you were a vampire, a member of the undead, you’re an entire life. Have ya ever actually had a brush with death, Christian? Have you felt it’s cold, icy hand reach up and attempt to drag ya down int’ the darkest pits of Hell? No? Because ah have. Ah’ve seen death up close. Ah’ve watched it grip someone that ah cared ‘bout, an’ someone ah didn’t. All the while ah kept in mind that my life was where it was s’posta be. Where are ya in life, Christian? Carter don’t even want a kid with ya!

    She laughs as if she knows some personal secret.

    Abigail: Oh yes, ah’ve heard. Ya want him t’ adopt a baby with ya, ya want him t’ actually marry ya an’ not just have a domestic partnership. Ya’ll shouldn’t even be allowed t’ have that. Ya don’t deserve him, Christian. But this ain’t ‘bout love, is it? This ain’t about how ya moan an’ squirm fer him, is it? No. This is about a battle for survival.

    She leans into the camera, looking both dangerous and slightly demented. Her eyes are a cold gray as she tilts her head from side to side.

    Abigail: Ah've been survivin' mah entire life while ya been livin' in some nice 'lil house in suburbia. Yah have been handed everythin' yer entire life, while mah brother, the boys, an' ah have worked fer the few things we do have. Christian, ya have aligned yerself with a monster who wears the clothing of a sheep. Ya've become his ewe. Do ya know what happens t' the ewe an' the sheep when they have outlived their usefulness t' this world?

    She licks her crimson painted lips.

    Abigail: They meet their fate at the choppin' block cuz the shepard has had enough of 'em. Ah've had enough of ya, an' so has the shepard. Christian, ya will burn fer all them things ya done. Not even mah touch can save ya.

    The camera cuts out on the static ending that has become so synonymous to the Wyatt name.
    Wade Barrett
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    Post  Wade Barrett on Thu Aug 28, 2014 3:49 pm

    8-18-14 Monday Night Carnage Promos Index10
    The camera comes up on what appears to be a medieval banquet hall filled with people. Sitting at the main table is a group of people dressed as royals and among them we can see the familiar face of Wade Barrett. Wade is dressed in a carmine red double with beautiful gold filigree and cinched at the waits with a beautiful gold belt, wearing gold leggings with it. His face is light and he’s laughing with a girl next to him.

    Wade: This is a beautiful party! You’ve done very well Mira.

    A small, petite woman with pale skin and raven black hair grins up at Wade. Her eyes are an eerie bluish gray color. Her dress is tight fitting with long sleeves in a jade green color with brown silk around the collar and wrists.

    Mira: *heavily accented voice, she’s seemingly Russian* Da! The Game of Thrones theme as fun! *pokes his side* Remember, you have to call me by the name I chose for today! We’re having a pretend party!

    Wade: *laughs* Of course, Lady Barantheon.

    Wade sips from a golden chalice decorated in jewels with a smile across his lips.

    Mira: So, Lord Lannister, who do you go to war against next?

    Wade: *confused* Huh?

    Mira: *pokes his side again* Who do you have in your next match at your wrestling company?

    Wade: Oh! I fight Dante Westmore.

    Mira: He is the one who is partnered with Alex Shelley, no?

    Wade: No, he’s Alex’s former rookie. Lately, he’s been paired up with Antonio Jacinto. We actually face them, well Drew and I face them, at the next pay-per-view for the titles. *pauses* Are you going to make me talk about this in character?

    Mira: While I should, nyet, it’s too hard.

    Wade: Good. Though, uh, I do think of him as belonging to a house. My tag partner and his tag partner too.

    Mira: So you and Drew?

    Wade: I fancy myself a Lannister, I do. The Lannisters are proud men, mostly warriors with a few intellectuals. The Lannisters are always one to repay their debts. I, in the same vein, owed Cody Rhodes for stripping me of the title, Drew and I that is. I’m a fighter, much like Jaimie and Tywin Lannister. I’m an intellectual, like Tyrion. I’m even a charming opportunist, like Cersi.

    There is a small silence as Wade sips from the chalice and takes a bite of the turkey leg on his plate before going back to speaking.

    Wade: While the Targaryen who is Antonio Jacinto is a problem, my partner of a Stark, Drew McIntyre, can fight him. My problem this week is Dante Westmore. Dante…he’s one who could go either way. He could be your best friend or a fierce adversary. Though, I will attest to the fact that he as weak when he first came here, he has grown into a young man whose worth fighting. *smiles* Do you know what that makes Dante?

    Mira: *beams* Growing….a Tyrell, da?

    Wade: Exactly. To quote Olenna Tyrell, “even a flower has thorns”.

    Mira: It’s ironic, da? You, a self-professed Lannister facing a man you claim to be a Tyrell. It’s like the ultimate rivalry.

    Wade: It’s more like Margaery and Joeffery.

    Mira: You mean…

    Wade: *scratches his beard thoughtfully* It doesn’t matter.

    Mira gives him a look but clears her throat, giving him an amused look.

    Mira: So how do you plan on handling him?

    Wade: Well this is a match of skill and prowess. Dante, as I have said, has grown into a talented fighter. While usually I would bash an opponent for the way they fight, I’m going to praise Dante. He has become polished in his ways, his high flying is now impeccable, well, as impeccable as it can be. His highflying; however, is easily countered by my move set. All I bloody have to do is land one good blow to the leg. If I remove his ability to fly high, I remove his harder hitting moves. That’s the easier way. I do not wish to hurt him, no, I am close to the gentleman. This fight is going to be a match-up that I will undoubtedly learn from, win or lose.

    Mira: Learn from it? Learn for what?

    Wade: Learn for when we face off for the CWA Tag Team Championships. I will not allow myself to lose to someone when I need power and glory.

    Mira: *softly* Well do not allow yourself to be consumed by greed…that’s a fault you and the Lannisters have in common. Come, let us dance!

    The camera fades off as Mira takes Wade by the hand and leads her out to the dance floor, her jade skirt swishing as they dance.

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    Post  Vitani on Wed Sep 03, 2014 10:13 pm

    Vitani is seen sitting on a bed, dressed in pants and a large t-shirt, her hair pulled back in a loose ponytail. She attempting to comfort Devyn whom is beside her, in tears and holding a cloth to his mouth. Vitani watches him with a concerned look as she rubs his back with one hand, occasionally glancing towards the bedroom’s door in the background, the decoration of the room –more band and wrestling related than ‘geeky’—suggesting that it is Devyn’s rather than Cody’s or her own.

    Vitani: *softly* How’s it doing; any better?

    Devyn responds with an irritated grunt and a shrug of his shoulders.

    Vitani: *rolls her eyes and tries again to get an answer out of him* So…what exactly happened?

    After not getting a response other than a shrug again, Vitani sighs and shakes her head.

    Vitani: Look, I know it hurts, but we can’t really help if we don’t know what happened. Cody and I didn’t drive all the way out here for you to just shrug and push us away…

    Devyn glares at her from behind the cloth for a moment before he lets out a breath, closing his eyes for a moment as he tries to calm down. He slowly lowers the cloth to show a swollen, bruised lip; a bloodstain running down his chin from the swollen area. Seeing it, Vitani’s expression softens and changes to one of concern again.

    Vitani: Devyn… What happened?

    Devyn: *hesitates for a moment, glancing towards the door Vitani had been keeping an eye on herself earlier, though he looks almost scared. When he speaks, he mumbles.* …dad got news he didn’t like.

    Vitani: *in disbelief* Your father did this?! …what was the news?

    Devyn: *trying to change the subject* You have to fight Dia, you should be busy getting ready for that…

    Vitani: Devyn, you called us here in tears and we showed up to find you like this- *she gestures to his injured mouth* -so of course we’re going to be more worried about you right now. *she pauses for a moment* Besides…I’ve fought Dia before a few times.

    Devyn: *still attempting to distract her* So…you think you can win?

    Vitani: *gives up trying to question him for now and goes along with it* I guess I do. Assuming I don’t make the mistake of letting my guard down. She’d be quick to take advantage of something like that; I can’t really afford to make mistakes against someone like her, especially not now.

    Devyn: …why ‘not now’?

    Vitani: Well she was the one to take Punk’s title after how long he held onto it for. That would have required a lot of skill.

    Devyn: *mumbles* Assuming they didn’t plan it…

    Vitani: You think they planned it?

    Devyn: No, not really. But they are friends…

    Vitani: *shrugs* I don’t see her being that kind of person.

    Devyn: I don’t either, was just a thought.

    Vitani: *slowly nods* At least she’s not really the kind to get people to help her…so it’ll just be her to worry about during the match. Afterwards though… *she gives him a pointed look*

    Devyn: *flinches away slightly, as if worried she’s angry* I- I’ll explain later…when Cody’s back. Saves saying it twice…

    Vitani: *nods again* It’s okay. Why don’t you get a few of your things together? You can stay with us while you sort things out.

    Devyn: …are you sure?

    Vitani: Of course. *she gives a friendly smile* If we need space, or you do, we have Cody’s place as well. You’re lucky my place isn’t too far from here and not in another state like his is.  Would have taken us a while to get here otherwise.

    Devyn slowly nods, looking a little calmer as they talk. He reaches a hand up and brushes it through his blonde hair.

    Devyn: …I’m gonna go clean up a bit before I get my stuff.

    Vitani nods and watches as he gets up and leaves the room; leaving the Vixxen sitting alone for a moment before Cody appears onscreen; standing in the now open doorway before entering the room.

    Cody: How’s he doing?

    Vitani: Alright. ...A bit jumpy though. He said he’d explain properly later and was more worried about me and my match. *she sighs* If I didn’t know any better I’d say he’s related to you. *she gives a small smile*

    Cody: *chuckles at the comment about himself and nods* He can be a bit stubborn. …you will be alright for it won’t you? *asks to be annoying*

    Vitani: *rolls her eyes and smiles* Of course. *she gets up and goes over to hug Cody* Why wouldn’t I be?

    Cody shrugs before returning the hug, the two talking quietly as the scene fades out.
    Seth Rollins
    Seth Rollins

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    Post  Seth Rollins on Sun Sep 07, 2014 5:04 am

    The camera fades in slowly on a dark room, as they camera adjusts to the darkness it's easy to see it's an old locker room. In the middle of the room stands a man with his back turned to the camera, after a few seconds he turns around and the the camera can see it's CWA's newest member Seth Rollins. He's dressed in his black vest, black undershirt and black cargo pants with his black and blonde hair tied back. He is carefully pulling on his gloves before giving a small grin as he looks at the camera.

    Seth: I suppose your here to get a few words about my first match here in the CWA right? *chuckles softly as the camera man nods* I was told that I'm going to face Mark Jindrak. Probably only known for either Jindrak and Cade or the time he worked under Kurt Angle. He was quiet good in the ring, but I'm better. *grins* This is going to be an easy warm up match. After Jindrak I'll move onto bigger fish and slowly move on to fulfill my goals. *points to behind the camera* Now leave.

    Seth turns his back to the camera as it slowly zooms out before fading to black.

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    Post  Christian on Mon Sep 08, 2014 5:51 am

    Time stands still
    Beauty in all she is
    I will be brave
    I will not let anything take away
    What's standing in front of me
    Every breath
    Every hour has come to this

    One step closer

    The camera fades in slowly as a song is heard playing, as the camera comes into focus we can see that CWA superstar Christian is sitting in a small window seat area with a CD player besides him and a scrapbook in his lap. He's wearing Carter's t-shirt, a pair of old blue jeans and one of Carter's baseball caps. He has a smile as he looks down at the scrapbook before looking up as his best friend Edge enters the room. Edge is wearing one of his old Rated R Superstar shirts and a pair of black jeans, he chuckles softly as he shakes his head.

    Edge: Jay you've listened to that same song about twenty times already.

    Christian: *smiles at Edge* I know, I love this song though.

    Edge: *teasing* Why? It’s so sappy Jay-Jay.

    Christian: *smiles softly* It is mine and Carter's song Addy; we picked it together during the whole Lucas thing. It kinda fits everything we've been through so far and it really speaks about just how much we love each other.

    Edge: *smiles fondly* I see, well I guess I can deal with the song for now especially if it means that much to you Jay-Jay.

    Christian smiles as the song restarts again, his smile fades a little as he closes the scrapbook.

    Christian: I'm worried Addy...

    Edge: About your match?

    Christian: My match and Carter... Carter is scared and I can't seem to help ease his mind... And I hate that I can't do a damn thing about it... These Wyatt's... I'm not going to let them hurt Carter...

    Edge: *frowns* You're fighting that girl from the Wyatt's...

    Christian: *nods slowly* Yes... Abigail... The one that claims her touch saves people... And the one that says she used to love Carter.

    Edge: So he really did have a relationship with her?

    Christian: Carter told me everything; yes he did sleep with her back then. It's in the past, Carter made a mistake and honestly I can understand her being upset. But there is a difference in the Carter that hurt her and the Carter I'm with now. *looks thoughtful* But that doesn't matter to them and they're going to try and hurt Carter no matter what... I'm not going to let them without a fight.

    Edge: But what can you do Jay? *worried* You saw her promo didn't you?

    Christian: Oh yes... I saw her promo... *lets out a humorless chuckle* She brought up a lot of questions... Like how I know Carter will still love me and stay with me.

    Edge: That’s an easy question! He loves you and he stuck with you during that shit Lucas put you through!

    Christian: *soft smile* Yes he did, but I have a one time that truly showed me he'll always love me. I never told you this, but there was a night we got into a fight. We have been coming back from a dinner together when we got flocked by some fans in the lobby; this guy stuck his number in Carter's pocket. It should have been no big deal to me; guys do it all the time. But this time my insecurities got the best of me, we started fighting and I ran out of the room without my key. I just remember sitting in one of the hallways, hating myself for letting my issues get in the way of my relationship. But sitting there made me realize I loved Carter more than anything and I forced myself to head back to our room, I was so scared that Carter wouldn't want me after that fight. I have been a stupid and acted like a little bitch to him, he would have had every reason to double think our relationship. But he didn't, I knocked on our room door and he opened it before hugging me tightly. I stumbled through my apology and he looked at me with the most loving eyes before he kissed me so sweetly. Then he told me he loved me, I knew from that moment we'd be able to weather any storm, our love is strong enough.

    Christian pauses for a few moments, letting himself collect his thoughts for a moment.

    Christian: She called me an abomination... *shakes his head* I'm not going to change her mind on that point, people like her will think whatever they want to and I'm not going waste my time to try and change her mind. *chuckles softly* She called me a liar because we used to pretend we were vampire in the Brood; I guess they've never heard of gimmicks before. *tilts his head to the side* Then she asked if I've ever been close to death before... I actually have once before. *frowns a little* It was back when I was in TNA, during my first title reign. Another so called monster named Abyss attacked me in my own home and then he tried to drown me in my pool. *his eyes darken and his voice lowers a little* There is nothing that has ever scared me like that before... Being held down, not able to get the air my lungs needed... The only reason he didn't kill me was because his handler pulled him off me before I drowned, they couldn't take my title if I was dead... I'll never forget the feeling of that moment... But that isn't going to define me, I didn't drown. I'm alive, wrestling and in a loving relationship.

    Christian pauses again, the darkness leaving his eyes and a small smile comes to his lips.

    Christian: She asked me where I was in life, brought up some personal questions... Where am I? I'm finally with a man I know truly loves me for me, it doesn't matter if we're married or not. Sure it would be wonderful if we do get married, but it doesn't define our relationship if I carry his name. Marriage should be another way to show you love each other, not the whole reason for the relationship. His smile means more than any wedding ring and if he wants to get married when he's ready then I'll say yes with all my heart. And yes we did talk about maybe adopting, Carter isn't ready yet and honestly I understand why. Becoming parents is a big step in both life and a relationship; it's also a lifetime commitment to the child. With the time we spend on the road and all the work Carter has to do, I don't think it would be the best time to do it. *looks thoughtful again* And there is a chance Carter will never want kids... If that’s the case I'd be a little sad, but part of being in a relationship is being willing adapt and sometimes being selfless. *chuckles and shakes his head* She says I don't deserve him and maybe I don't deserve Carter, but she has no right to decide that. For someone here to destroy Carter that one sentence may show she's still in love with him, hell she sounded like someone that’s jealous. Making me ask if she's here to destroy or if she's here to try and get him back? *chuckles again* She was right about one thing though.

    Edge: *confused* What? What was she right about Jay?

    Christian: It isn't about me and Carter, it isn't about any of those questions she asked. It's about this match and about how I'm going to beat her this Monday. She thinks her brother is a shepherd and I'm some sort of sheep. But I'm not a sheep and I don't follow her shepherd. I'm going to go out there and show her and her strange "family" that they don't scare me. I'm not afraid of them and I'm going to fight them, standing proudly next to the man I love. I know what I can go in that ring and I'm going to show them that. She's in for a rude awakening on Monday if she really thinks it's going to be that easy, I've beaten the odds before and I'll do it again. *gives a small grin*

    Edge: *smiles softly* You will Jay; I know you will and I'll be with you the whole time.

    Christian: Thank you Adam, you've been the best friend that a person could ever ask for.

    Christian smiles before standing to hug Edge, the two friends hugging tightly.

    Edge: *pulls back after a moment before looking at his watch* Come on Jay-Jay it's almost time for dinner and we told Tommy we'd pick up him and Terry.

    Christian: Right! Almost forgot about dinner tonight, just give me a minute to get my shoes on.

    Christian smiles as he and Edge start to leave the room, the camera slowly fading out as the CD player still plays.

    I have died every day waiting for you
    Darling, don't be afraid I have loved you
    For a thousand years
    I'll love you for a thousand more

    And all along I believed I would find you
    Time has brought your heart to me
    I have loved you for a thousand years
    I'll love you for a thousand more
    Drew McIntyre
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    Post  Drew McIntyre on Tue Sep 09, 2014 2:45 am

    The camera opens on Drew reclined on a leather couch; his two Scottie Dogs laying next to him on their backs as they snooze. A glass of brandy is held loosely in his hand as he swirls it around; the amber liquid sloshing up to the rim but never over. His eyes are focused on the flickering light of a single candle that has a ring of roses around the base. For the first few minutes there is nothing but the sound of the soft snores from the dogs; their little legs twitching madly in their sleep. Finally Drew raises the glass to his lips and takes a sip before setting it down on the table then standing-

    Drew: The fact that management has seen fit to put me in a match with someone who is nothing more than a pretty face speaks a lot about what they think about me. They think I'm weak; that I'm only worthy as eye candy for the female fans and those of the homosexual persauation. How little do they remember that Wade and I were the most brutal tag team that walked through the halls and stepped into the ring here in CWA and that over sight is going to righted tonight.

    Drew walked around the table, his head tilted so that his hair hung down over the side of his face; hiding it from the camera before he spun around and started pacing around the table the other way.

    Drew: This match is not going to be for the faint of heart; there will blood, there will be broken bones, there will destruction and Antonio will wish that he'd never stepped into a ring; and he damn sure will wish that he never heard of the name Drew McIntyre. I'm  one of the most dangerous people in the world to cross and putting me in a ring with someone that can't even pull himself away from a mirror for more than ten minutes to be bothered to even show up for matches most of the time. I will feel little remorse when I send him home to his family in a body bag. I only hope they can forgive themselves for allowing Antonio to start on a journey that would ultimately lead to his demise.

    Whirling around he grabbed the glass and hurled it at the camera; the glass shattering on contact and turning the screen to snow

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    The camera opens on an empty room; a sheeps mask sitting on a chair next to a destroyed bouquet of flowers. From somewhere off screen soft music plays. Suddenly the camera starts to spin, blurring the picture until it's nothing but bits of color as the room seems to move on it's own. When the camera stops it zooms in on the face of Bray Wyatt; his eyes closed and his head tipped back with his mouth open. Out of the corner of his lips some thick shiny substance trickles and as the camera goes closer still it can be made out to be honey.

    Bray: Nolee Lacroix. The young flower of the Lacroix dynasty; the southern rose of the valley and the belle of the ring. It's not often that one so fair would put themselves in the way of being injured; of having their flawless looks shattered and their worlds torn apart when what they knew as life is changed by one hard blow. But maybe you didn't have choice; maybe you were forced to do so; maybe you want to be the one that sits in their room all day brushing their hair and waiting for Prince Charming to appear to them.

    The camera pulled away and Bray tilted his head back up; licking away the dripping honey before flinging his arms around and spinning around; the further the camera goes back the more people appear in the frame; the sheeps mask now on Erick's face and Luke standing stock still to the right.

    Bray: However Little Princess, Prince Charming doesn't exist. He's a figment of your imagination and lie told to you by your daddy to make you sleep at night. He's a ghost of the figment of what society deems as right and just by their overly high standards. He's a pipe dream that no man can ever live up too; a lie amongst lies that even the most socially grabbing young men can't reach. But it's ok Little Princess, because you see if Prince Charming is a lie then so are the monsters that hide in your closet and watch you as you sleep; slowly stealing the breath from your lungs until you wake up in a cold sweat.

    Bray started to laugh and Erick and Luke moved up to stand besides him; Erick's head tilted to the side ad Luke smiling with his eyes empty. Once again the camera zooms in on Bray's face; his eyes wide.

    Bray: But don't you worry Little Princess; you'll get back every breath we've ever stolen in the dead of night as you lay on your back staring up at the lights. Just remember that there will be no knight in shining armor come to save you; and that your own flesh and blood threw you to the monsters of the night.

    The camera started to spin again; the room a blur before going black.
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    Post  Justin Gabriel on Wed Sep 10, 2014 2:06 am

    The sound of waves can be heard as the scene fades in, showing a dark and seemingly empty beach, traces of orange in the sky hinting that the sun has only recently set. In the background, a large silhouette can be seen; the flat top of the large formation recognisable to those familiar with it as South Africa’s Table Mountain. The landmark in the background shows that this is the same beach from Justin Gabriel’s very first CWA video. As the camera slowly pans across the beach, away from the view of the mountain, the silhouette of a man comes into view. As the person holding the camera approaches the man from the side, he becomes more visible. While it is in fact Justin Gabriel, he doesn’t appear to be as laid back or carefree as he’s been in previous promotional videos and shows. A breeze blows Justin’s long hair in his face and he brushes it back with one hand before letting out a sigh.

    Justin: When I first filmed here, I thought things were changing. I thought I’d finally been given a chance to go somewhere with my career as a professional wrestler. Apparently I was wrong…

    He glances towards Table Mountain, which is now off camera.

    Justin: Originally, as I’ve said before, I started wrestling ‘cause my dad was doing it; he was my inspiration…only he died before I finished High School. *he pauses for a moment, watching the waves* I trained in England after that and when I made it to NXT after all the indie shows I’d been through, I thought I’d get a chance to do my dad proud. Unfortunately, I never even got near the World title my dad and I both dreamed of holding. Just the tag titles…not that I regret holding them of course. …WWE is infamous for wasting good talent –I am a perfect example of that.

    He sighs and shakes his head.

    Justin: I thought coming to the CWA would be different: They claimed to be giving everyone fair shots at every title; given the exception of the Vixxens’ title for obvious reasons… Yet Wade and I were stripped of our titles for attacking others before a match, by a General Manager who got where he is now by doing exactly what we did while he was following Randy Orton. Since then, I’ve barely been able to get anywhere and I’ve slowly been pushed further into the background and away from my World title dream once again. And for what? Rookies who all think they’re the best after winning a single match and don’t respect those who have been doing this for years.

    He angrily kicks at the sand, sending some of it flying. When he speaks again, his voice is full of the frustration he feels.

    Justin: I’m tired of this, of being pushed into the background! It has happened far too often and I’m not going to just stand around grinning, pretending it’s okay anymore!

    He kicks at the sand again, muttering angrily in the Afrikaans language before turning away from the ocean, facing the camera properly.

    Justin: Normally, I’d put up with this treatment ‘cause the fans still love me, but I am tired of that. There’s only so long you can do things for everyone else before you start getting mad and hating what you’re doing. I’m passed that. I’m not continuing as I have been simply because the fans are okay with it – because I’m not. I want to actually get somewhere, not stay in the low card my whole life! I want to win. I want to finally hold that title for my dad…before…before my mother joins him. *sounding close to tears , he takes a breath to calm down before speaking again* I want to do this for me again.

    A determined look crosses his face as he speaks, though he does not smile.

    Justin: That’s why I went to Paul Heyman. Jack told me he could help. He got Punk out of ECW/Developmental hell after all and look where that lucky bastard is now. *he pulls a face, obviously jealous* With Mr Heyman’s help, I will win; no matter what it takes. This week, I’ll be up against Angel, who probably knows how I feel about being shoved aside…but I don’t care. This is for me and I won’t be holding back because we have something in common or because she’s a girl. No. From now on, I don’t care. *he shakes his head, his expression changing to a meaner one than people would expect from the High Flyer* If you get in my way, I will stop you. I will do what it takes to win and anyone who doesn’t want to get hurt is better off getting out of my way. No more ‘happy in the shadows’ Justin. I will get to the top, one way or another. This is my first and only warning.

    He steps forwards and pushes passed the camera person as he moves off screen. Now left to look out at the ocean, the camera picks up clouds offshore in the distance, a rumble of thunder hinting that a storm is coming.
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    The camera fades in on a small locker room; sitting in front of one of the many lockers is CWA superstar Alex Shelley. He's wearing a dark blue hoodie and a pair of faded blue jeans; he looks lost in thought as he sits there. He looks up as the door opens and his best friend Chris Sabin enters the room, Chris is wearing a plain black shirt and jeans. He smiles at his friend as Chris sits down in one of the many free chairs, Chris watches Alex for a moment before chuckling softly.

    Chris: Lex are you still in shock over bring the number one contender?

    Alex: *pokes Chris for laughing at him* Don't laugh Chris, I'm not shocked... Just surprised...

    Chris: *grins* You know shocked and surprised have a lot in common Lex... Why are you so surprised Lex?

    Alex: No one has ever thought of me as a main event star... I was pretty sure just about everyone only saw me as a tag team wrestler or a mentor. And here comes Dia saying she wants to fight me... When she could have picked anyone else in the locker room to give a title shot, man I still can't believe it... I'm fighting for the title at the next Pay-Per-View! *smiles excitedly*

    Chris: Better believe it Lex! I'm so excited for you, you really deserve it Alex. *smiles* So tell me who are you fighting this week?

    Alex: *smile falls* Sheamus...

    Chris: *wrinkles his nose* That brute... Guess this means Nolee is going to be at ringside...

    Alex: *shrugs* Probably... She normally does.

    Chris: *shakes his head* Want me to come with you Monday?

    Alex: No.

    Chris: But why not Lex? Sheamus is going to have Nolee out there with him!

    Alex: *looks down* Because I want this match to prove that I deserve this title shot, that I deserve to go against Dia... Most people don't think I deserve to be here or even deserve this title shot... I'm too small... I'm not good enough... I'm only a tag team wrestler... But I've worked so hard since day one Chris, I paid my dues, I worked my way up in every company I've worked for and I've also put everything into my matches... And there are still people out there that don't think I deserve anything I've earned... But I like to think I really do deserve it and now I know the champion thinks I deserve it too, all I have to do now is show that to everyone else. I can't do that if there is a chance that you'd try and protect me Chris.

    Chris: *sighs and nods* I don't like the idea of you going out there alone, but I'll respect your wishes Lex. But you know Nolee's going to get involved with this match, she hates you and would love to make sure that brute hurts you... Hell she tried to get him angry at poor Dante and he has never done a thing to her in his life, all because he was your rookie. Who knows just what she's going to try and do...

    Alex: Another reason I have to go into this alone Chris. *sighs* She and I have said a hell of a lot of hurtful things in the past and honestly I know I'm a bit of an ass, but this match shouldn't be about me and her. This match is about me and Sheamus as wrestlers, for once I just want to put down all the personal problems. I want to forget that he's married to Nolee, pretend that we don't have bad blood and put on an amazing match together. Maybe I'm hoping for too much, but this match is important to me and for once I want something to go right.

    Chris: Do you have a game plan Lex?

    Alex: Not really... Honestly I'm thinking about just seeing how the match goes, big guy like Sheamus means I have to focus hard and fast. Maybe take out a leg, but maybe I got a way no one expects. I don't know what I really want to do at this point, but I do know I am going to try my hardest to win and I can only hope it will be a fair fight... *looks up at his friend* I suppose it's almost time to meet up with Frankie and Chris right?

    Chris: *smiles and nods* Yeah, that’s way I came to get you. They should be waiting in the hallway for us.

    Alex: *smiles and stands up* Well let’s not keep them waiting.

    Chris nods again as he reaches into one of the lockers for his bag, Alex picks his up off the floor. Alex smiles as he heads out of the room with Chris, the camera slowly fading out.
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    The camera comes up on a blanket fort in what appears to be a living room and is rather dark. The only source of light in the room is coming from under the blankets. We see inside of the fort now and we see Antonio Jacinto sitting cuddled with Jesse Turner. Antonio is wearing a hat that looks like Goofy with a cerulean tank top and gold sleep pants. Jesse is wearing a Tinkerbelle tank top with green sleep pants. They set in front of a laptop, watching Dead Poets Society. Both have tears in their eyes, cuddle close together.

    Jesse: I can’t believe he’s dead. *wipes her eyes*

    Antonio: I know it sucks. *wipes his eyes* My first move in theaters was a Robin Williams movie. Mi padre took me to see Aladdin home in France. As I grew up, I grew up with his films.

    Jesse: Me and Lucas use to watch Hook all the time.

    The movie ends and Antonio lays back, cuddling Jesse to him.

    Antonio: There are two types of Robin Williams’s movies. You have the comedies, which are his most beloved and everyone remembers. Be it the friend we had in him in the Genie in Aladdin or if we faced down our childhood with Peter and Rufio, he made us laugh. But there was another side to Robin Williams, a side clear to who he actually was apparently. The man was one of the few comedians who could do serious roles extremely well. Most of those aren’t well known but are completely wonderful. He’s always going to be the captain from Dead Poets Society and the madman from 48 Hr. Photo.

    Jesse: Oh Tonio! *hugs him tight* You’re so sweet sometimes.

    The two lay together in silence for a moment before Antonio speaks again.

    Antonio: In some aspects…Drew and I resemble the two types of Robin Williams’s movies. Drew, well, he’s the serious sort of Robin Williams. Drew is sometimes sullen, serious, and morose. He likes to entertain the fans, sure, but he doesn’t go into the ring with the sole purpose of making his fans smile. He has always been sterner in demeanor. I’d compare him to a movie like Good Morning Vietnam. Sure, it can be comedic in spots, but at the center it is still a drama. That’s Drew, entertaining but still in it for himself.

    Jesse: And you, Tonio?

    Antonio sits slightly up, his back against the back of the couch.

    Antonio: I’m the comedies, the fun ones. I always aim to impress the fans. Sometimes I succeed wonderfully, like Aladdin. Sometimes I fail to impress, such as Old Dogs I always try, however. I’m high energy, high contact. People watch me to feel good because they can tell I feel good. It’s a nice thing.

    Jesse: Enough metaphor babe. Can you tell me what you have planned?

    Antonio: I have a fight ahead of me. Dante faces Wade, they’re both too in love with each other to do any real harm. But there is no love between me and Drew. We both just want to pick up a win for our team as we head towards our title match. He won’t hesitate to hurt me, not at all. So I won’t hesitate to hurt someone else. *smirks* You’ve seen me training in the gym all week. I’ve picked up on the weight training and the use of heaviness instead of my speed. Drew can counter speed. But strength? If I meet him pound for pound, he won’t know what to think.

    Jesse: Makes sense! And you have been fighting hard in the gym. You took that left hook Lucas doled out yesterday and barely dropped.

    Antonio: *chuckles* I still went down.

    Jesse: Oh ya big baby! *playfully shoves* So other than meeting him pound for pound, do you have a plan?

    Antonio: My plan is to out while him, to make him wary of me. He’s just one Cupid’s Bow away from a loss to me.

    The camera fades out as the two cuddle together.

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    8-18-14 Monday Night Carnage Promos Index10

    The camera pans in on what looks like a desolate farm land. Crops, what specifically looks like corn, grows tall. Amongst the crops, at the edge of the corn, stands CWA CEO and superstar Carter Lacroix. Carter still looks worn and tired, bags under his eyes and his facial hair grown full. He’s dressed in torn up clothes, an open cerulean flannel shirt with blue jeans and black cowboy boots. His normal hat does not sit perched on his head, and he ever looks dirtier than usual.

    Carter: Ever read them Hunger games books? Sis got me to read that series, I rather liked it. She even got me to take one of them stupid Buzzfeed quizzes to see what district I’m in. I got District 11, the agriculture district. At first, I laughed it off. I found it funny that the country boy got farming. But the more I thought…

    He chuckles and crosses his arms over his chest. This gesture makes him look intimidating and he continues.

    Carter: The more I thought, the more I saw how it fit. District 11 was poor, extremely so. I can identify with being poor. *holds up his hands in defense* I know, I  know that you think that as the adoptive son of Jerry Lawler, it seems like I’d be use to wealth. But I wasn’t always Lawler’s kid. I’m a Lacroix. My paw and maw wasn’t rich. When they were alive, we barely scrapped by.

    He smirks and paces forward, the camera panning out to show that Carter’s pick-up truck sits nearby. He sits on the tail gate before he continues.

    Carter: The second major connection I have is through punishments. This may seem tricky but let me explain. In District 11, if the citizens are caught eating the food that they pick in the fields, they are whipped for their crimes. *small smirk* Now, I know what you’re thinkin’. To your knowledge, I’ve never been whipped as a punishment. To my knowledge, neither have I. But I have been punished. When I went to take over from dad, those matches were meant to be punishment. But just like the members of District 11, I’m a survivor.

    There’s a silence as he looks over the crops before he continues.

    Carter: And my final comparison? I’m a big guy, not fat but rather muscular. I work hard at looking good. *chuckles* God that sounds cocky, but it’s true. I don’t get my size from the hard work like they did. Yes, I am a District 11 resident, or would be if that were real. My opponent, Arella, is easily identifiable as a member of a district too.

    He runs a hand over the back of his neck before he continues.

    Carter: Arella is either straight out of The Capitol or straight out of District 1. Both are known for being bright and colorful. Arella is one of the most colorful cards in the business. Everything from her hair to her handmade fashions, which is another huge thing both The Capitol and District 1 are into, is bright and colorful. The only reason I would place her in District 1 and not The Capitol is that she’s a fighter, dedicated to her craft. She’s a Career fighter, one who if applied correctly could win any title she wanted.

    He smirks and stands, hopping down into the dirt again. He seems restless, as if he has more on his mind than the matters at hand.

    Carter: That’s where the similarities end I’m afraid. Unlike in The Hunger Games, where most District 11 fighters are killed by Career tributes, I won’t be killed. I won’t even be defeated. This match is my first obstacle on the rough road to…well…to protecting myself and my loved ones. Arella, as talented and competitive as you are, I’m going to make quick work of you. The Cowboy Clutch is a hell of a move and it’ll break you in half. It won’t be a matter of if I can get you locked in it, it’s a matter of when I can get you locked in it. I will get you locked in it and you will tap out.

    He stands facing the corn field, a stern look on his lips.

    Carter: Behold, a dream did come to me in the night, and the lord did show all this to me. In the dream the lord did come to me and he was a shape, it was He Who Walks Behind the Rows, and I did fall on my knees in terror, and hide my eyes, lest the fearfulness of his face strike me dead! *clears his throat* That ain’t from the Bible, no. That ain’t from the good book, it’s from Stephen King’s Children of the Corn. Just like that movie is about a cult…I’m facin’ one down that I never thought I’d see again. And this time, Bray? This time, I ain’t gonna run from my problems.

    The camera pans out on Carter walking into the row of corn.
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    The camera fades in on a hotel room; the sounds of a wrestling match are the only sounds in the room. On the end of one of the beds sits an open CD folder of wrestling DVDs, it's a mixture of TNA and WWE. The camera looks at the TV and shows the Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Benoit match from WrestleMania 20 before looking back at the bed. Leaning against the headboard of the bed is CWA Rookie Dante Westmore, his eyes glued to the screen with a look of pure amazement. He's wearing an Eddie Guerrero shirt and a pair of jeans; he looks away from screen and finally realizes the Leo is in the room. He pauses the match and sits up, giving a shy smile.

    Dante: Wow I totally forgot the time, sorry Leo... *rubs the back of his neck* Have you been waiting long?

    Leo: *chuckles softly* Nah kiddo, just got here. So you’re watching some old wrestling?

    Dante: *beams* Yeah! I always like to watch old wrestling when I have some down time; I bring as many of my DVDs that I can on the road.

    Leo: Wow you've got a lot in this folder kiddo, just how many do you think you have?

    Dante: Oh wow... *thinks for a moment* I think maybe around 35... But that’s just counting Pay-Per-Views...

    Leo: *chuckles* Wow kid... I knew you were a fan, but I didn't know you were this much of one.

    Dante: *smiles* I know it's probably stupid seeing as I am now a wrestler myself, but there is something so amazing about putting in one of these DVDs and watching all these amazing moments all over again. It's one of my favorite things in the world and I honestly couldn't be happier that I've got the chance to be in that ring.

    Leo: *smiles* So kiddo, you've got a very interesting match lined up for this Monday... One on one with Wade Barrett, what are your thoughts about this match?

    Dante: *tilts his head as he thinks* Well... I find myself looking forward to the challenge; I believe Wade will be the biggest opponent that I've taken on in a singles match. I want to see just how well I do against him and see what I'll have to work on for the tag team match, one of my goals is to try and grow with every match I'm in. Ironically he and I have the same method for stopping each other; we both have to go for the leg. He wants to slow me down by taking out my leg, I have to take out his leg to get him down and make it easier to hit him with a high impact move. I'd like to say I have a plan heading into this, but being a high flyer has taught me that planning a match limits me and it's better to go with the flow than to have a chance of things messing up.

    Leo: Sounds like you've really learned a lot from Alex.

    Dante: *smiles softly* I have, Alex is really one of the best teachers I could ever ask for and I've been blessed to have him. It's thanks to him that I've manage to make myself a better wrestler and I want to tell him thank you.

    Leo: And what about what he said about you, how he sees you and him? What do you think it means kiddo?

    Dante: *runs his hand through his hair* I... Do think I know what he means, but I can't assume anything... I want him to tell me himself if that’s how he really feels... Monday we need to talk, before or after the match. I need to hear it from him... I don't want to assume it's true and find out it isn't... I plan on finding out Monday night.

    Leo: And if it is true kiddo? Then what will you do?

    Dante: *blushes* Then I'll be a very happy person... I guess all I can do is cross my fingers until then and see what happens...

    Leo: I have a good feeling about this kiddo... *smiles* Well I think it's time for me to go, have a good night Dante.

    Dante: Bye Leo, tell Jo I said hi.

    Leo nods and slowly starts to back away as Dante turns back on the DVD, his eyes glued to the screen as the camera fades to black.
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    Post  Angel James on Tue Sep 16, 2014 3:30 am

    The camera fades in on a room, one side painted black and the other side white. Standing on the edge of the white side wearing a plain gray dress is CWA Vixxen Angel James, her face is unreadable and she holds a yet to be seen object in her hand. She looks at the camera and waits a few moments before speaking, opening her hand to show a coin.

    Angel: Many things have two sides, like this coin. Many people use a coin to decide turns and things like that, but if you think about it People may have two sides as well. Often there is a side that we are not proud of, but that side may be important for one's survival. We often just slide this side of ourselves deep inside and pray that no one ever finds out, but sometimes that side breaks free.

    She pauses as she crosses into the black side of the room.

    Angel: I am letting out my other side, showing the world the part of me I tried to hide. Justin should beware; I will not be the same pushover he and the rest are used dealing with. I will do what it takes to win and if you get in my way I will bring you down. Justin you will be the first roadblock I have to push down, but not the last. Good luck, you are going to need it Monday.

    Angel gives a wicked grin, the first emotion she has shown the whole time. She turns her back to the camera and starts to walk away, the camera watches before slowly fading to black.

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    Post  Sheamus on Fri Sep 19, 2014 10:52 pm

    The camera fades in on a backstage area filled with various things like boxes, chairs and a table with bottles of water on it. A heavy-looking black curtain in the background separates the room from a doorway to the stage and entrance ramp; the main arena. Off to one side of the scene is Sheamus, dressed ready for a match in his usual green, black and gold gear, getting in a few last stretches before he has to head out to the ring. At first he has his back to the camera, palms against the wall and his head down as he mentally prepares himself. He lifts his head and turns away from the wall after a moment, stretching his arms before finally realising the camera. Pausing; he sighs and shrugs his shoulders before speaking.

    Sheamus: It’s about time yeh found me. Cuttin’ it a bit close though aren’t yeh? Almost thought you weren’t coming…

    He chuckles and shakes his head before speaking again.

    Sheamus: I suppose yeh want to know my thoughts on the match? I’m against Alex Shelley again; who probably thinks I’ll being Nolee with me, simply ‘cause we’re married. Most people assume it as if either of us needs the other to even be capable of winning, which is so far off the mark. Both Nolee an’ I are perfectly capable of winning on our own thank you. If she does come, it’s because we do this thing that normal couples do; we support each other. She has every right to come cheer me on. Doesn’t mean she’s there to do anythin’ other than that if she decides to come along. *he smirks* I’m the Celtic Warrior; if I want to kick someone’s arse I’m perfectly capable on my own. Nolee is too.

    He grins and rolls his shoulders, continuing his arm stretches as well as his message.

    Sheamus: Alex Shelley: I am gonna kick your arse, but not for any reason to do with Nolee and the disagreement yeh have with each other, but cause it’s what I do. I’ll admit I’ve gone a bit soft lately, but yeh know what? I feel like kickin’ someone an’ with my feet… *he lifts one of his large feet off the ground, the camera panning downwards to focus on it for a moment before focusing back on the Irishman’s upper half* …getting a kick never tickles, whether it’s in the face or the arse.

    He chuckles and sits on the floor to do some leg stretches, once again pausing after a moment, only this time because someone can be heard approaching him.

    Sheamus: *slowly getting to his feet* …what do you want?

    The camera slowly zooms out to show CWA interviewer Casey standing nearby, one hand playing with the black tie he’s wearing with a purple business shirt.

    Casey: I uh- …I wanted to ask you something.

    Sheamus: *frowns* Ask me what? Did Alex decide to send yeh at the last minute to plead with me? *he laughs*

    Casey: No, he didn’t- *he takes in a sharp breath, obviously nervous* -I can come back if it’s a bad time…

    Sheamus: *sighs and shakes his head* What is it?

    Casey: *takes a moment to respond, taking a deep breath this time to try and calm himself* I was going to ask for your help with something actually; nothing Alex related at all really…

    Sheamus: *somewhat curious* …oh? And what’s that?

    Casey: An interview actually. *as Sheamus slowly nods* Um, while we’re here though… *he hesitates for a moment* …please don’t hurt him. He- I worry about him. I don’t think he’s really been himself lately. Dia naming him a number one contender will hopefully help distract him from whatever it is but…

    He trails off with a worried look on his face and Sheamus isn’t sure how to react at first. The Irishman goes to speak, then stops and sighs, cursing under his breath before finally responding.

    Sheamus: He really didn’t send yeh over here at all… *he pulls a face and sighs as Casey shakes his head* …Alright fine. I won’t go after him like I’ve done Lucas an’ Swagger. But I’m not going easy on him; it’ll still be like any other match. I won’t try to hurt him, but I can’t guarantee anythin’, got it?

    Casey: *nods* Right. *he brushes a hand through his hair* Uh… thanks. *he pauses for a moment, the silence awkward* I’ll come talk to you about the interview thing later…

    Sheamus: Alright, alright. *he waves a hand dismissively* Now get outta here so I can finish getting’ ready for this match.

    The interviewer nods and quietly thanks Sheamus again before hurrying off screen, leaving the ‘Celtic Warrior’ alone to finish his stretches, the scene fading out as he sits back down to do so.
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    The camera comes up on what looks to be an old fashioned arcade. At a Street Fighter II machine stands Dia and Louis Banks. Something seems different about Dia though she’s not dressed differently than she usually is. Her hair is streaked with red and orange though she’s kept it in its pixie cut. Her top if forest green with a goldenrod 8 Bit Triforce and filigree. Her shorts are denim and reach her knees. To her left, Louis is dressed in a zaffre top with Finn from Adventure Time on it and black gym shorts.

    Louis: *as they play* So what’s gonna change?

    Dia: *playing, obviously concentrating, but answers her son* Not much, Louis. We will all still live together. Uncle Punk’s been invited to live with us if he really wants.

    Louis: *smiles wide* We a family?

    Dia beats Louis at the game, before giving a satisfactory nod and wide grin.

    Dia: A family.

    There’s a silence as Dia turns around, looking for someone. She sees that someone in the crowd and heads over with Louis to reveal Colt Cabana. Colt’s dressed in an orange top with the face of a Charmander on it while his pants are blue jeans. He high fives Louis before hugging Dia. It’s when Dia hugs Colt that we catch sight of a ring on Dia’s finger.

    Colt: Did you beat her for me Lou?

    Louis: *shakes head vigorously* Nooo, mama real good! She didn’t take it easy on me!

    Dia: *chuckles* You wouldn’t get any better if I took it easy on you. *to Colt* Did you grab us lunch?

    Colt: *gestures to a nearby table where a tray of food sits* Of course.

    The trio makes their way to the table as Colt starts passing out the food.

    Colt: *in a terrible French accent* For Monsieur Louis we have ze cheeseburger, fries, and ze chocolate chip cookie dough shake.

    Louis: *beams* My favorite!

    Colt: *nods, goes back to terrible French accent* For Mademoiselle Dia we have ze chicken, bacon, ranch wrap with ze curly fries and ze double chocolate brownie shake.

    Dia: *licks her lips* Ah you know the way to a woman’s heart.

    Colt beams as he finishes up dishing out the food. He takes a bite of his own burger, a bacon Swiss burger, before leaning back in his chair.

    Louis: So who mama fight next?

    Dia: Vitani Summers.

    Louis: She’s tough!

    Dia: There are three people in the company that I respect above all others. There’s Phil, of course. He’s my second best friend and, knowing the background he comes from, I’m proud of him and respect him. The second? Alex Shelley. It’s part of why I chose him as my number one contender. He has never really been given a fair, one on one shot. I want to show my respect to a man who gives his all to the wrestling business.

    She takes a bite of her wrap, letting the boys hang on suspense.

    Louis: And the third?

    Dia: *grins* Vitani herself. She’s the longest reigning Vixxens Champ, the longest reigning Five Nations Champ, and a duel reigning champ. She balances her career and friends just as well as I do. *thoughtful* You know…she reminds me of a Street Fighter character…

    Colt: Cammy?

    Louis: Juri?

    Dia: Nope. Chun-Li. *smiles* Chun-Li has a devoted love of justice. Try as Vitani might, she’s not cold or heartless. She’s not a heel. She’s not what she and Cody and Devyn are trying to be, none of them are. They want fairness and justice, they are just going about it the wrong way. Another similarity between Chun-Li and Vitani is the love for children. In later Street Fighter games, its revealed that Chun-Li gave up her street fighting to teach children to defend themselves. Vitani is really good with kids. Just look at how she is with Tion.

    Louis: Miss Tani nice. She gimmie chocolates.

    Dia: See? She’s amazingly awesome with kids. Her and Cody would make perfect parents. Just look at how they treat Devyn. *sips her drink* Wanna know the major way she reminds me of Chun-Li?

    Louis: *nods* Uh-huh!

    Colt: *smirks* I’m sure you’ll tell us.

    Dia: Her fancy footwork. Chun-Li’s kicks and fancy footwork are what the character is most well known for. In the same way, Vitani is more known for that Insiguri than anything else. Avoiding her kicks is going to be the hard part. It’s….yikes. One good hit to the temple and I could drop. Fortunately for me, I’ve trained against Daniel Bryan. Daniel’s kicks are even better, no offense to Miss Vitani. I just have to be careful about her!

    Louis: You be good mama!

    Colt: You’ll do great, Di. You always do.

    Dia: *beams* I hope so. There’s a Street Fighter character I see some of myself in.

    Louis: Ken?

    Colt: *teasing* Zangief?

    Dia: *rolls her eyes, pretending to be offended* Jeez guys, thanks for associating me with male characters. No, I see a bit of myself in Crimson Viper.

    Colt: *thinks* I dunno if I remember her.

    Louis: *sips his shake* She’s from Street Fighter IV.

    Colt: How do you…*sighs* You kids and your new video games.

    Dia: Anyways! *chuckles* Anyways, Crimson Viper is a spy who infiltrated Shadaloo. She’s not good and she’s not bad. She’s that ambigious gray that I happen to be. I’m no hero, my attack on a man I consider to be one of my best friends shows that. But I’m not bad either. I turned on Heyman, didn’t I?

    Louis: Mama good lady.

    Dia: *smiles* I’m glad you think so. *thoughtfully* There’s another way that I liken myself to C. Viper. She’s a doting mother who does all she can for her kid. Everything I do, I do it with your best in mind Louis.

    Colt: And she does a good job of it.

    Louis hugs Dia who in turn hugs her son back.

    Dia: *smiles* My fighting style incorporates her, C. Viper’s, fighting style. She uses a lot of fake outs. I’m a submissionist but if I can fake out an opponent, I can throw them off their game. If they’re thrown off, I can pick up a win. I’m pretty sure Vitani is able to withstand my submissions. But my fake outs? How can she expect something she doesn’t know where it’s coming from. I hope to give a good fight against VItani, I hope to make a great match for the fans.

    Colt: Don’t you hope to win?

    Dia: Hope? Nah, I know I’ll win.

    The camera fades off on Dia’s smile as she sips her shake.
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    I'll never be like you
    You know that I've tried to
    But no one can touch you
    Whatever I do, I'll never be you

    Could wear the right faces
    Be in all the right places
    Saw myself to be famous as you
    Wouldn't do, I'll never be you

    The song can be heard as the scene fades in, showing a studio set up for a photo shoot, the music playing from a laptop computer sitting open on a table. A man with his back to the viewers is taking photos of a young woman who is posing in front of a green screen. As the camera zooms in on her, the viewers are able to recognise Arella Rayne; though her hair is dyed more of a maroon colour than her usual pink or purple. The Vixxen is dressed a little differently to usual, wearing a sleeveless corset dress, made of ombre dyed white silk. The dress’s skirt reaches her knees and has a layer of tulle under the silk, similar to the shorter skirts and dresses Arella is usually known for. With it, she is wearing purple heels and a black rose hair clip, along with steampunk themed jewelry.

    Yeah, yeah
    Nothing lasts forever, so
    Yeah, yeah
    Don't think you own the world
    You never will, you never can, sorry, you don't understand
    But baby, all I know is I will never be you

    Play all the right cards
    You're the one on the top charts
    You're everyone's sweetheart
    They like what you do, but I'll never be you

    You say I'll be happy
    If I do what you tell me
    But you don't even hear me
    So I say that we're through and I'll never be you

    The man takes a few photos of Arella as she poses before the Vixxen notices the camera filming them and she holds a hand up to signal for the man to pause.

    Arella: *to the photographer* Gimme a few minutes, okay? I have to do this thing… *she gestures to the filming camera*

    The man nods and moves off screen, leaving Arella alone with the CWA camera crew. She looks up at the camera with a small smile, her eyes lighting up as she takes more notice of the song that’s playing.

    Just to let you know

    Yeah, yeah
    Nothing lasts forever, so
    Yeah, yeah
    Don't think you own the world
    You never will, you never can, sorry, you don't understand
    But baby, all I know is I will never be you

    I'm a shooting star and I play the part
    But you push too far
    When I crash and fall, you don't care at all
    So now I'm standing tall
    Yeah, yeah

    Yeah, yeah
    Nothing lasts forever, so
    Yeah, yeah
    Don't think you own the world
    You never will, you never can, sorry, you don't understand
    But baby, all I know is I will never be, never be you

    Arella: Funny that this song should be on when you guys show up. I mean, I play it often, but I find this song quite fitting for the match I have coming up. Fitting for the wrestling business in general really… *she crosses the room to a chair, camera following as she sits down* I read this song as saying that some people, like me, are often told to be like ‘everyone else’, but we all know that no matter how hard we try to fit in, we still won’t ever be able to and won’t get treated the same as those other people simply because we’re different. There’s nothing wrong with different, but ‘everyone else’ dislikes it because they don’t understand it. *she pulls a face* I represent those different people who don’t quite fit in anywhere and let me tell you; even in the wrestling world it makes things hard.

    Arella rolls her eyes and crosses her arms.

    Arella: Sure, they promote people with a bunch of different …’gimmicks’ as they call them, but truth is that unless you fit a particular look or body shape, you won’t make it to the top. Thankfully; the CWA is less picky with that. The list of past CWA Champions shows it; being made up of people who struggled in other companies simply because they were different.  

    She uncrosses her arms, playing with a strand of her maroon hair as she gets to her feet; the camera following as she slowly walks back to the green screen area she was posing in before.

    Arella: The song, as I said, also fits with my next match…against Carter Lacroix. The boss. See, while the CWA is better with the whole promoting the different thing: I’ll never be like Carter Lacroix. I’d never be thrown into a big, major story simply because I have past issues. I’ll never be able to get away with past mistakes and still be treated lovingly by everyone anyway. I’d be judged and outcast, because I’m different and I’m not the boss. Using your high position to get, or give yourself, what others struggle and fight for is unfair. It’s like Triple H and Stephanie McMahon throwing themselves into main event stories despite not having even been in the ring themselves for months, or years in Stephanie’s case. People like me will never have opportunities like them, no matter how hard we fight.  Thankfully though, unlike the WWE, we don’t script the winner of each match, we actually leave it to skill and strategy. So; I’m going to go out there and give this match all I’ve got and hopefully prove that the different people, and those without high positions are also worthy of the spotlight and the big storylines. I am going to go out and beat Carter and remind everyone that I’m here and that those who are different can be great too.

    She pauses, watching as the photographer returns, setting up to continue the shoot.

    Arella: …but first, I have to finish this shoot for my band’s new CD.

    She grins and moves back over to the green screen, posing again as the scene fades out.

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