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    6-9-14 Monday Night Carnage


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    6-9-14 Monday Night Carnage Empty 6-9-14 Monday Night Carnage

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    The sound of white noise fills the air and the lights blink out; the titantron bursts to life with a snowy screen before going dark again; the noise growing louder until a single flickering light bursts to life in the center. Back and forth the flame moves; growing bigger and bigger, shapes becoming outlined and finally a face floats just above the flame, the eyes glowing and the lips stretched in a toothy smile.

    Bray: Carter....Carter Lacroix. You thought you could hide from me. You thought your piddling connections would keep you safe from my wrath, but here I am and now you have no where to hide Carter. You have taken something from my family that can not be returned, you have ripped asunder a priceless piece of my family that can never be repaired.

    The face moved out of the line of the candle but the voice continued the words dripping with in venom.

    Bray: Trust is a fragile thing Lacroix. You came looking for a place that would accept you, for people that would foster the talent you promised and wouldn't step on the dream that was being trampled under the regimen of the old. You learned to tell the truth from the lies and then behind my back, behind my back you threw my trust in you in my face.

    Bray's face moved in and out of the light as he paced agitatedly; his voice growing louder and louder.


    The flame grew again; showing the upper half of Bray's body; the flickering of the light making his face look more sinister than before; his eyes cold and his lips twisted in a snarl.

    Bray: I've arrived Lacroix and this time there will be no escape. There will be no mercy. And when the dust settles there will be no you.

    Snarling he blew out the light; the titantron going back to snow as the white noise filled the air once more then blanking out as the lights raise to show a casket with an effigy of Carter laying inside. The macabre scene lasts only a couple seconds before it goes up in smoke; the words "I'm Here" Drifting across the screen as if written by the smoke itself before everything disappears again with a flash of the lights.The lights come back on to show Abigail Wyatt, sitting in her rocking chair, with Erick Rowan and Luke Harper standing next to her. Bray is already in the ring, smirking at he looks over everyone. Jay Lethal comes down to the ring, looking just as unsure as the announcers who sit near ringside. He carefully passes Abigail in her rocking chair, rolling into the ring. He stares Bray down, the bell ringing to signify the start of the match up.

    Bray Wyatt w/ The Wyatt Family v Jay Lethal
    Though Jay runs at Bray, the cult like preacher catches Jay in an almost bear hug like position, tossing Jay into a suplex. Jay bounces onto the mat and Bray hits a flurry of punches in the man's face. Referee Hanna Beckford tires to get the two competitors seperated but Bray stops her with a cold stare. He stands Jay up, locking him in the Sister Abigail before delivering a kiss to the forehead, then completing the move and pinning Jay Lethal as if he were nothing.
    Winner via pin fall: Bray Wyatt

    Luke and Erick pull Jay out of the ring as Abigail stands, crossing to stand in the ring. Bray whispers in her ear as she stands in the corner. Katie Lea heads out to the ring looking as strong as she can. She stands across from Abigail as Hanna Beckford signals for the bell to ring.

    Abigail Wyatt w/ The Wyatt Family v Katie Lea
    The two girls stare at each other, circling, before Katie Lea goes after Abigail. The ginger is surprisingly swift and lands a powerful kick to the other woman's knee from behind. Abigail focuses on Katie's leg, twisting one until Hanna has to start a four count. Abigial stops and circles the downed woman, humming her brothers tune. As Katie gets to her knees, Abigail places a kiss to her temple before managing a swift kick to the temple for the pin.
    Winner via pin fall: Abigail Wyatt

    Katie Lea rolls out of the ring, Bray and the other two boys entering to stand behind Abigail. Abigail falls to her knees, hands outstreatched with open palms on each side as she proclaims, “Follow The Buzzards!” The camera fades to commercial on this image.

    The camera comes up  from commercial on the announcers table. Val is dressed in a gray shirt with the logo for the band Fozzy on it and jeans, James Chapel in his suit, and Pete in a black muscle shirt and blue jean shorts.

    Pete: I tell you, those newcomers are scary as hell...

    Val: Strong too. Carter Lacroix must have messed up bad to anger them.

    James: As much as I agree, our duty is to inform you folks of the tag team tournament. Now, our first rounds are tonight. The newly formed Midnight Express faces off against Nolee Lacroix and Sheamus and late on, The Empire, our former champions, face off against Devyn McKinney and Cody Rhodes.

    Pete: Now, the winners of these two matches will NOT face off next week, no, they will face off at the next PPV, Annual Affliction.

    Val: Lets get to the first tag match up!

    The camera switches to a view of the ring as Bon Jovi's “Have A Nice Day” starts up. Antonio Jacinto and Dante Westmore, dressed in their usual ring gear, run down the ramp and slide into the ring. Both young men seem fired up as they speak amongst themselves. Skyclad's “Which Is Why” begins and out come Sheamus and Nolee. Though Sheamus is in his normal gear, Nolee's top is green instead of its usual black. The couple get into the ring, Sheamus and Antonio choosing to start things off.

    The Midnight Express (Antonio Jacinto and Dante Westmore) v Nolee Lacroix and Sheamus
    Sheamus and Antonio lock up, Sheamus easily over powering the younger man. Sheamus backs Antonio into his corner, holding him there while he tags in Nolee. Nolee comes in while Sheamus still has a hold of Antonio, hitting the young man in the gut with a high knee. Sheamus places a kiss to Nolee's temple before getting out of the ring. Nolee hits Antonio with rought shoulder to the gut, backing off so he can get up. She tries to rush him but Antonio preforms a high leap over her head, tagging in Dante. Nolee turns to get hit with a hard lariat. Nolee goes down but rolls out of the way of Dante's knee as it comes down. She pulls herself up on the ring ropes, Dante getting momentarily distracted by Sheamus. Nolee attempts a roll up from behind but Dante kicks out at two. Nolee argues with the ref, not paying attention to Dante, until she turns around and is hit by the Insiguri and pinned.
    Winners via pin fall and Finalists in the Tag Team Tournament: The Midnight Express

    Nolee sits up, running a hand through her hair. She looks confused before Sheamus comes over, putting a hand on her shoulder. Nolee pulls away and heads backstage, seemingly upset. The camera switches to the announcers table.

    Pete: Man, I don't envy Nols.

    Val: But you have to be excited for The Midnight Express.

    James: If I'm not mistaken, I'm being told we've got action in the back.

    The camera opens up on Nolee sitting backstage with her head in her hands after being pinned in the ring, losing for her and Sheamus. Dante enters the frame, looking tired after the long match. Nolee looks up at him, eyes filled with anger.

    Nolee: What do you want?

    Dante: I want to know why you lied to your husband about what I said in my promo and I want to know just what you have against me...

    Nolee: -looks away- Does it matter? We lost. You don't have to worry about me and my husband anymore, rookie.

    Dante: My name isn't rookie. Yes, it does matter! I've done nothing to you and I even defended you to Tonio! So why do you hate me?!

    Nolee: You hate me so, no, it doesn't matter! Like pro, like rookie! You both see me as just like the divas at the WWE.

    Dante: When have I ever said I hated you!? -frowns- You think I hate you because Alex is my mentor? -shakes his head-

    Nolee: No, I know you hate me because everyone but my husband and brother does!

    Dante: You don't even know me! I don't hate you.

    Nolee: -looks down- I don"t know why I would matter to you.

    Dante: You're a human being. -shakes his head- Your just as bad as the people you think hate you. I used to respect you as a person and a wrestler, but you don't even treat me as my own person. You act like I'm just another Alex you can hate. And then you go tell lies about me to your husband. To what? Get me beat up?

    Nolee: -gives an incredulous look- Respected me? As a wrestler? Now I know your lying. No one sees me as a good wrestler. I don't hate you...I'm jealous. Of both you and Alex. You both know dont what its like to be seen as nothing more than a let down.

    Dante: I did respect you, your one of the founders of this company and you helped start the Vixxens. -shakes his head- I know what its like to be put down. My first mentor in ROH wouldn't even bother to teach me right, he would tell me I'm not good enough and then tell me I should quit and let talent worth a damn have my spot...

    Nolee: -frowns- I'm sorry but he's wrong. I know what it's like to have a mentor berate you. Not dad but...uh...other mentors. Your talented Dante.

    Dante: -quietly- You know people here do respect you. Alex, for all his harsh words, respects your work in the ring. He knows your good and thats why he works extra hard in his matches against you. He once told me he wouldn't have any problems with you if you hadn't decided to talk shit about his time with Austin...

    Nolee: -looks down- You know...he talked shit too. I...I was in a bad place when I brought up Austin...

    Dante: Alex has always admitted he can be an ass, he's never hid that side of himself, even in TNA. But he is a good guy and he never deserved to have his pain from that thrown in his face...

    Nolee: And I deserved him talking shit on the Mariana issue? Or about the fact that I loved two people? No!

    Dante: No you didn't, two wrongs don't make a right. You fired the first shots in your war with Alex and he faught back just as hard when his past was mocked...Mr. Chris told me about how bad Austin treated Alex, I couldn't imagine how much it hurt having someone you loved do that...

    Nolee: -tears up- Look, I'm sorry that I hurt your feelings and lied to Sheamus about you...but I won't apologize until he does.

    Dante: -nods- Thank you for your apology ma'am. -starts to turn but pauses- It's up to you and Alex who apologizes first, but momma always said don't let an apology fester for too long because when you finally do, it may be too late to fix the wrong.

    Dante turns and leaves Nolee sitting there as the camera fades out. The camera comes back up on Carter pacing in the ring as “Only Way I Know” by Jason Aldean plays. He looks nervous, throwing glances to Christian and Edge who stand on the outside. The guitar riff for “Cult of Personality” starts up and CM Punk, Colt Cabana at his side, exits to the ramp. Both kneel to do the “It's Clobberin' Time” routine. They slap a few hands as they head to the ring. Punk getting in to stand across from Carter.

    CM Punk w/Colt Cabana v Carter Lacroix w/ Edge and Christian
    Carter wastes no time, grabbing Punk's arm and tossing him into the ropes, hitting a hard clothesline when he bounces back. Carter tries an early figure four, but Punk easily reverses it. Punk pops to his feet, staring at Carter with a smirk on his face. The two tie up and this time Punk gets the upper hand. He scoops up Carter for a sidewalk slam, managing to down the cowboy. He works on Carter's bad knee, wanting to ensure a victory. He backs off of Carter, not wanting to be so cruel. Carter manages to stand and when Punk ask if he's okay, Carter simply pushes him away. Carter stands shakily, locking Punk in a headlock. Punk elbows Carter in the ribs until he lets go, pushing Carter towards the ropes. Carter turns back to catch Punk's foot which would have hit him in the ribs. He smirks but Punk's other foot catches him square in the jaw. Carter stumbles and Punk catches him, lifting him up to deliver the GTS, then pinning Carter.
    Winner via pinfall: CM Punk

    The Chicago born native stands up to celebrate but as he does, the sound of white noise plays throughout the arena and the lights go out. When they come back on, Carter is not in the ring with CM Punk, but with Bray and Abigail Wyatt. Carter's face goes pale and he turns to check on Christian and Edge, but in their place stand Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. Carter tries to fight but the men ambush him. The camera fades out on the image of the downed Carter.

    The camera opens up on the entrance ramp as Paul Heyman makes his way out to the ring. He gives a smirk before speaking.

    Paul: Ladies and gentleman, I am Paul Heyman and I am here to talk to you about my newest client. Now, there are a few people here who I've had my eye on. Dia Banks was quiet a good client before she turned on me. Jack Swagger is a future CWA Champion. But my newest client came LOOKING for me. He purposely needed me. So, without further ado, I'd like to introduce you to the newest Paul Heyman guy.

    The theme that plays following Heyman's introduction is one most of the crowd hadn't been expecting, the upbeat 'Oh Africa' playing before Justin Gabriel comes out. Instead of happily interacting with the crowd as people would expect from him however, he simply heads towards the ring, his dark hair hanging loose around his face. He pauses for a moment to look at some of the younger fans at ringside, who look disappointed and Justin looks guilty for a moment before he shakes his head and joins Heyman in the ring. Heyman shakes Justin's hand before giving a sly grin.

    Heyman: My client Justin Gabriel ladies and gentleman!

    He hands the microphone over to Justin, looking proud. Justin returns the smile, almost sheepishly as he takes the microphone from Heyman.

    Justin: *looking a little uncertain about the alliance* Uh...thanks...

    Heyman: *advising Justin* Tell them why you came to me.

    Justin lets out a sigh, staying quiet for a moment before responding.

    Justin: Well I had to do something. I- *trying to avoid talking about the main reason behind his decision* I'm /sick/ of being pushed aside and left in the background of everything.

    Paul: *nods* Thats right. Decent, above decent talent being pushed to the side in favor of wastes of talent.

    Justin: Which is exactly what happened everywhere else; why I left the other company. I didn't come here to go through that again.

    Paul: So we're putting everyone at notice. But i'm certain there are two Vixxens Justin wants to put on notice more than others.

    Justin: Well...there's plenty of people I'd like to-

    Paul: The big two. He wants a title.

    Justin: Well who doesn't...?

    Paul: He's not going to rest until he has gold around his waist.

    Justin: Right! And I'm not gonna just settle for tag titles this time.

    Paul: This is a warning to everyone. Justin's had it with feeling second best to any of you.

    Justin nods and looks over at Heyman, somewhat uncertainly. Heyman smirks and watches as the theme song for The Empire begins. A song that sounds like a rock version of "God Save The Queen" starts and out come Wade Barrett and Drew McIntyre. Wade's trucks showcase the Union Jack, the British flag, while Drew's picture the Scottish flag, the men carrying the opposite flag which means Wade is carrying the Scottish and Drew is carrying the British. They plant the flags on two of the turnposts, ready for action. Adelita's Way's "The Collapse" resignates through the arena as Cody Rhodes and Devyn McKinney, with Five Nations and Vixxens Champion Vitani Summers, head out to the ring. Drew and Wade both look furious, remembering how it was Cody who stripped them of their titles in the first place. Wade and Drew talk amongst themselves, as do Cody and Devyn, as the match decides to start off with Devyn and Drew.

    The Empire (Wade Barrett and Drew McIntyre) v Cody Rhodes and Devyn McKinney w/ Five Nations and Vixxens Champion Vitani Summers
    Drew and Devyn lock up, the Scottsman getting the upper hand. Drew tosses Devyn into the ropes, hitting a belly to belly suplex when the young man bounces back. Drew stomps on his head while he's down, not stopping until referee Josh Hamlin pulls him away. Drew steps away but still seems like a predatory animal as he circles the downed man. He approaches again but is caught off guard as Devyn lands a powerful kick to the knee. Drew goes down and Devyn crawls to tag in Cody. Cody comes in, ready to go. He takes Drew down before giving Wade a sneer. Wade tries to get in the ring but Josh Hamlin stops him, giving Cody cover to land a few low blows. When the ref turns around, Cody attempts a pin. Drew kicks out and Cody seems furious, backing off to regroup. With surprising speed for a downed man, Drew manages to tag in Wade. Wade comes in as the fresh man, hitting Cody with a had clothesline. Cody goes head over heels, hitting the mat after an in air flip. Wade hits four elbows to the chest before Hamlin breaks it up. Wade lowers the elbow pad on his right arm, rotating his arm as he waits for Cody to stand. Once the young GM has, Wade hits a vicious Bullhammer, then pin.
    Winners and finalists in the Tag Team Tournament: The Empire

    Wade looks proud as he is hugged from behind by Drew, the two men standing tall as the camera fades. The camera fades in on a dark boiler room, a single man standing in the middle of it. The man paces slowly, it takes only a few moments to clearly see that the man is Seth Rollins. His long black and blonde hair is pulled back and he is in full ring gear. He stops and turns to face the camera.

    Seth: I suppose your here so I can introduce myself? *small smirk* I'm sure most people know who I am, but for those that don't I'm Seth Rollins. I know your the next question is why am I here, well for now let's just say Seth Rollins is here because he wants to be here. I'm not going to tell you why I joined the CWA, people will have to find out when I'm ready for you to find out. *smirk grows a little* I suppose I can give a little hint, I'm here to do what I do best and maybe along the way I'll hand out a little justice. *chuckles softly, the sound not menacing like his smirk* Believe in it. *goes quiet as the smirk falls from his face before he raises his hand to point to door* Now leave.

    The camera shakes slightly as it backs up slowly, Seth resuming his pacing as the camera fades out. The camera fades back up on the arena for our main event. “Whatever's Real” by The High Crusade plays as Alex Shelley comes out to the ring, looking rather confident. He slaps hands with a few fans before running to the ring and sliding in. “Timber” by Pitbull and Ke$ha starts and Dia Banks makes her way to the ring. She grins wide as she and Colt dance before running to the ring together. Dia grins at Alex, who looks wary as he remembers that Dia mentioned having a surprise for him.

    Alex Shelley v CWA Champion Dia Banks w/Colt Cabana
    Alex starts off the match with a beautiful standing dropkick. Dia stumbles backwards but goes in strong, deciding to focus on his legs. She attempts a double leg take down, only for Alex to jump over her. Dia turns around, a shocked but appreciative smirk on her face. Alex whips her into one of the turnbuckles but as he runs at her for a high knee, Dia moves. This causes Alex's leg to get caught up and Dia locks him in a Tree of Woe. She kicks his knees with her high heels, big boots to his legs. When she lets him up, Alex staggers into the center of the ring. Dia gets close and Alex hits a hard, knife edged chop across her chest and she stumbles. The two trade chops until Dia has had enough of it and hits the Diamond Cutter for the pin.
    Winner: CWA Champion Dia Banks

    Dia stands, running a hand through her hair as she gestures for a microphone. Colt hands her one and she sits next to Alex.

    Dia: That was a fun little bout. You know...I like fighting you Alex. I really do. I've wrestled in companies where you have but we were never there at the same time. Now that we're both here, I'd like to have some more matches against you.

    She gives a grin.

    Dia: That's why you're my number one contender.

    The show fades out on Dia helping Alex up to leave the ring.[/color]

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