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    8-16-13 Monday Night Carnage


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    8-16-13 Monday Night Carnage Empty 8-16-13 Monday Night Carnage

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    The camera rises on the crowd gathered to see the CWA show that’s taking place tonight here in Columbus, Ohio. The camera pans the audience before resting on the three lovable announcers. Val is reading a book, dressed in a hot pink “Tough Guys Wear Pink” shirt that has the emblem of a breast cancer ribbon on it accompanied by a pair of jeans. James is filing his nails to make sure they look immaculate, dressed in his usual suit. Pete is enjoying a bag of chips and flipping through his cell phone, dressed in a red Three Young Guns tour shirt that has his, Carter, and Nolee’s faces on it accompanied by a pair of black shorts. Pete is the first to notice the camera on him and pushes the chips away.

    Pete: Uh…hey guys…

    Val: *looks up and snaps his book shut* Well then! Did no one bother to tell us that we were filming?

    James: Oh this is embarrassing…welcome to the CWA…where the cameramen don’t tell us when we’re rolling…

    Pete: Don’t be too hard on ‘em! *grins* Welcome folks we’re one week away from Hell to Pay and the stakes couldn’t be any higher!

    Val: That’s right Pete! Tonight we have matches that prove one ups manship! Dante Westmore takes on Dia Banks while Alex Shelley takes on CM Punk.

    James: And the Lacroix siblings take on each other’s lovers! Loser does laundry!

    Pete: So let’s get this show on the road!

    “Get Up And Dance” by Faber Drive hits and out Devyn dances, with both Cody and Vitani at his side. Vitani has the Five Nations title around her waist and the Vixxen’s Championship on her shoulder. Devyn gets in the ring, smiling wide. His attention is turned to the entrance ramp as Cody feeds him advice. “I Like It” by Lacuna Coil begins and Angel James is greeted by the cheers of her adoring fans. She gets in the ring, standing on a turnbuckle and looking over the audience with a large grin. She hops off and turns to look at Devyn, shaking his hand, before looking at Cody and Vitani with a wave.

    Devyn w/ General Manager Cody Rhodes and Five Nations/Vixxens Champion Vitani Summers vs Angel James
    The two circle the ring before grasping for a grapple, Devyn getting the upper hand. He tosses Angel into the ring post and keeps her there with a few well placed knees to the gut. Devyn showboats and waits for Angel to get up so that he can hit a well formed standing dropkick in the manner of his mentor. The match seems to be doing fine until “All American Nightmare” hits and Jack Swagger gets into the ring. He punches Devyn in the mouth, getting Angel disqualified.
    Winner via disqualification: Devyn

    Cody looks furious that his rookie’s first win happened this way and he, Vitani, and Cody head to the back. Jack grabs a mic and a chair, sitting in the chair and placing his feet on Angel like she’s a foot rest, planting them hard.

    Jack: Another foreigner!

    The crowd boos and Jack silences them with a glare.

    Jack: You know, when I heard Angel James was comin’ to the CWA I was outraged! Why not hire a good, legal American woman like Kelly Kelly or Mickie James? At least they got sense enough to leave a company for good when they aren’t wanted. Angel was too much of a coward to do that.

    He stands, folding up the chair and standing over her.

    Jack: Consider this a warning Angel. I’m sick of you foreigners. The wrestlin’ business belongs to us Amercians, you all are gonna learn that we’re the top dogs. Miss James, you’re the first to go.

    He slams the chair into her stomach and leaves, the camera fading out.

    -Pokemon Y trailer-

    The camera comes back up on Cody Rhodes, back out at the ring only this time he’s on his own and dressed in his wrestling gear. He paces the ring and throws a glance at the entrance ramp as “Indifferent To Suffering” by Chimera starts up. Wade exits on his own, wearing his usual ring gear with his heavy black coat over it. He shrugs the coat off and glares at Cody as he gets in the ring, handing his tag team championship to the ringside attendents.

    Cody Rhodes v ½ CWA Tag Team Champions Wade Barrett
    The two men approach each other in the center of the ring, glaring each other down. Wade makes the first move, pushing Cody. Cody retaliates with a powerful standing dropkick to the knee. Wade drops like a sack of potatoes and Cody wraps him in a headlock. Wade powers out with an elbow to the gut. He’s able to stand, grabbing Cody’s arm and tossing him into the ring ropes. Cody bounces off and Wade lands a harsh forearm to the chest, the clothesline knocking the wind out of Cody and sending him to his back on the mat. Wade stomps on his chest before the referee, Vincent Mangano, pulls Wade away. Wade pulls the pad on his arm down so it’s his bare elbow that will strike Cody. Cody gets up, Wade grabs his arm and pulls him in for the Bullhammer. Cody drops yet again and Wade pins him.
    Winner via pinfall: ½ CWA Tag Team Champions Wade Barrett

    Wade stands, an arm raised in victory as he towers over Cody. He grabs his tag team championship from the attendant at ringside, heading backstage as the camera follows him as he runs into Dante Westmore who is on his own way out for his upcoming match.

    Wade: Dante...did you see that match?

    Dante: *looks at him* Oh hey...

    Wade: Did you see that win out there? Did you see me beat Cody Rhodes?

    Dante: *nods* Yeah, I saw your match.

    Wade: What did you think? I did well, didn't I? *looking for approval*

    Dante: *nods* Yeah, I thought you guys had a great match.

    Wade: You're fighting should probably employ some creative winning...

    Dante: I-I... Should?

    Wade: She'll probably use Heyman to win. Why shouldn't you win the same way?

    Dante: *tilts his head slightly* How do you mean?

    Wade: You should cheat because she certainly would.

    Dante: *bites his lip unsure* But does that make it right...

    Wade: Of course it's right!

    Dante: *isn't sure* I...

    Wade: Why wouldn't it be right?

    Dante: Cheating is supposed to be wrong...

    Wade: What a preschool lesson to be saying.

    Dante: *looks up at Alex walks up*

    Alex: Dante?

    Wade: *looks at Dante and then at Alex before glaring* Remember our talk.

    He heads off, leaving Dante and Alex alone together. “Me Against The World” by Simple Plan hits and Dante heads out to the ring, seemingly confused about the advice that Wade gave him. He rolls in, jumping up and down on the balls of his feet to get himself pumped up for the upcoming match. When “Shitlist” by L7 plays, Dia enters on the entrance ramp. Behind her stands Paul Heyman, following her out to be there for her. Dia gets in the ring, seizing up Dante before a smirk crosses her lips.

    Dante Westmore v Dia Banks w/ Paul Heyman
    Dia runs at him for a high knee but Dante moves out of the way, grabbing her from behind and hitting a backbreaker to Dia. Paul is heard yelling on the outside as Dia pushes herself to stand, pulling herself up on the ropes. Dante pulls her up and tosses her into the ring post. Dia removes herself from that predicament with a well placed kick to the midsection. Dante staggers back but grabs Dia and the two exchange punches: one for Dante, one for Dia. Two for Dante, two for Dia. Dia gets overwhelmingly angry and knocks Dante down with her punches. She turns her back on the rookie to speak to Paul and that proves to be her undoing as Dante rolls her up from behind for the pin.
    Winner via pinfall: Dante Westmore

    Dante makes sure to back it out of the ring before Dia can get up. He knows she’ll hurt him if she catches him so he heads backstage, leaving a screaming Dia in his wake as the camera cuts to the second commercial of the night.

    -Escape Plan trailer-

    Christian: Well let's move on and get to our guest, the CWA Champion CM Punk.
    The all too familiar guitar riffs signalling the beginning of ‘Cult of Personality’ come on and CM Punk appears, dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, the title belt left safe in his locker room. He comes down to the ring, interacting with a few fans on the way before joining Christian.

    Christian: Welcome to the Peep Show Punk.

    Punk nods, waiting to be given a microphone from one of the people working ringside.

    Punk: Yeah, thanks I guess. It’s been a while since I saw one of these.

    Christian: Well it's been a while since I've had the chance to host one, I think you can guess the first question that I'm going to ask.

    Punk: *shrugs* I suppose the same kind of thing everyone else seems to ask?

    Christian: What did you think when you finally got to see Dia's promo?

    Punk: Oh. *looks surprised for a moment* Well that’s actually different to what everyone asks…

    Christian: It is?

    Punk: Yeah. Kind of. *he nods* It’s normally just crap like ‘when are you two going to make up’ or people asking me my problem was with Dia in the first place. *he rolls his eyes, looking irritated* Because it’s 'never' the woman’s fault…

    Christian: Well its not my place to place blame... But I'd say you both played a big roll in it and she gave the first blow... But back to my question, what did you think about her promo?

    Punk: *holds up a hand, signalling for him to wait* What do you mean I played a big role? The only thing I’ve done is react to all the shit Heyman helped cause!

    As if on cue from the mere mention of his name, Paul Heyman walks onto the entrance ramp with Dia tagging close behind. Dia looks less than thrilled to be out there so soon but Paul has his usual smirk on his face.

    Heyman: I helped cause this? Oh no, no, no. You're sadly mistaken, Phil. My client was simply sick of you being the way you are. Isn't that right Dia?

    Dia looks at Phil for a moment and the look in her eyes is a pleading one, a look that she doesn't know what to do with herself anymore nor does she want to do this all alone.

    Dia: R...right Paul.

    Christian: Well I have to say welcome to Dia as my second guest... *grins* But Mr. Heyman your not invited to grace the peep show so leave.

    Paul: If my client is going to be out here for the show, so am I.

    Dia hangs her head and nods to Christian as to say it's okay if he stays.

    Christian: *crosses his arms* Your pretty pushy Heyman, but its not up to your client. I have my other guest to think about do I can ask you to leave.

    Punk doesn't look to thrilled about Heyman's presence, but stays silent, leaning against the ropes at the far end of the ring. He just shakes his head, too stubborn to say anything about Heyman being there.

    Paul: See? My client and the other guy don't mind me being here, Christian. So why don't you mind your manners and ask our future champ her first question?

    Christian: *snorts at Paul* My first question is still to Punk, Paul. Phil... How do you feel about Dia's promo?

    Punk: *trying to avoid answering* Nobody said you could call me Phil. You aren't my friend.

    Christian: *sighs* Sorry, I assumed after all the years we've known each other... *shrugs* I assumed wrong it seems, so Mr. CM Punk please answer the question.

    Punk: It's not like we've ever really had a proper conversation outside of work. *rolls his eyes* Which part of it? If I stand here going over every bit of it, the fans would likely fall asleep.

    Dia: *rolls her eyes* My promo wasn't boring like yours Mr. I'm going to sleep through mine if they let me...

    Christian: *rolls his eyes at the two* the end Punk... *gives up and leans agaon the ropes with Edge*

    Punk: Hey! *he pauses for a moment before going to answer. His expression softens for a moment before he remembers who's there and frowns again* It doesn't matter. I don't care what she said... *doesn't loom at them*

    Dia: *speaking up* I meant what I said Phil?

    Paul: What was said? *confused*

    Christian: *laughs at Paul*

    Paul: What happens to be so funny, Christian?

    Christian: oh nothing, just seems like you don't know everything. *grins, enjoying messing with Paul*

    Paul: I know what I need to know. *nods*

    Punk: It's none of your business Paul.

    Paul: My client would tell me if it was important.

    Punk: *shakes his head* Not if it isn't to you.

    Paul: What did you say Dia?

    Dia looks like she's torn between telling Paul how she really feels but in the end, her eyes go cold.

    Dia: That I'll win at Hell To Pay. That's all.

    Edge: *snorts* Right...

    Dia: *cuts her eyes to Edge* What do you have to say?

    Edge: We all saw the promo besides your blind excuse of a "manager".

    Dia: *looks away* I...I...

    Paul: What's he talking about Dia?

    Dia: Nothing Paul...

    Edge: *snorts* right

    Dia: Shut up Edge. *grinds her teeth*

    Edge: you saw it right Punk *slight grin*

    Punk: *shrugs* Of course I did. He's probably the only one who didn't.

    Paul: *getting angry* What. Was. Said.

    Dia: *getting more aggitated* Nothing...nothing alright...

    Punk: *smirks* It wasn't 'nothing'.

    Paul: She says nothing, I trust it's nothing.

    Dia: *glares at Punk* It's. Nothing.

    Edge: *chuckles* Right

    Dia: *clawing at her pants leg* It is right...*is slowly losing her temper*

    Punk: It's only nothing to people like Paul.

    Dia: *screams* I just apologized and all you can do is tell me that you know!

    Paul: You did what?!

    Punk: *grins* You should know by now nothing's done simply with me.

    Paul: *seething* Did you call her out here for a forced confession, Christian?

    Christian: No I called her out here to have a talk with Punk without you forcing her to not act like herself.

    Paul: That's not whats going on. She is herself. She's more herself now that she's under my tutelage.

    Dia: I...I don't feel like myself Paul?

    Paul: Inconcievable! Don't listen to the lies they feed you!

    Christian: We're not the ones feeding you info Dia...

    Dia: I chose to turn on Philly...that was my choice...

    Christian: Yes that was your choice, but he tried to turn you against Colt... And insults him all the time.

    Dia: It doesn't matter what I did to Colt, I didn't hurt him like I did Phil. That's beyond repair. Ask him.

    Punk: *looks away, looking uncertain* Uh...

    Christian: Punk?

    Punk: Not with the overweight 'god' of lies hanging around.

    Christian: *smiles* Well I can have him taken care of, he wasn't even supposed out here.

    Paul: I am not the god of lies. That's a stupid character in one of your nerdy comic books.

    Dia: *ignoring what Paul said* There is a chance?

    Christian: *smiles* Of course, when I talked to Carter about doing this segment he said I was allowed to do what I would need to do to have this segment go well. And that means I can have Mr. Heyman leave the ring with the security guards in he doesn't leave by himself.

    Paul: Dia can tell me if she wants me out here or not!

    Dia is beyond words and has taken to sitting on one of the stools, head in her hands. Punk watches Dia with a frown before finally taking a step away from the ropes, a little closer to everyone else.

    Punk: *smirks* As much of a pain in the ass as you are Heyman, if you only showed up for things you were actually invited to, no one would ever see you.

    Paul: If you don't shut your mouth Punk, I swear-

    Dia: Just go Paul...

    Paul: But...

    Dia: Just go.

    Punk looks away from them, hiding a smirk. Paul looks angry as he storms off with one final glance behind him.

    Christian: Well now that he's out of the way, lets continue

    Dia: I...there's nothing left to say...

    Christian: If that's how you fe...

    Punk: *interrupts, sounding irritated* How is there nothing else to say?!

    Dia: *looks away* did just as much hurting as I did! Yeah, I started this but...but Phil I swear to god if I didn't feel like I was instigated, I wouldn't of.

    Punk: Excuse me? I was just responding to what /you/ did! I don't even understand why you'd listen to Heyman in the first place.

    Dia: I dunno Phil! He took interest in me! He was like the dad I never had!

    Punk: A dad? How is he anything like- ? ...actually never mind. I guess he is. *rolls his eyes, mentally comparing the man to his own father*

    Dia: See?! You know, you understand how he can be and how blindly you can trust him...

    Punk goes to say something, but then stops and looks away with a frown.

    Punk: ...yeah.

    Dia: I know I was a bad person for what I did. I know I hurt you and I know I don't deserve your friendship. Just know....if I had a choice...I'd take back all of it...

    Punk: You would?

    Dia: *nods but can't meet his eyes*

    Punk: Oh... *for once doesn't have a smart reply*

    Dia: *stares at him before hugging him tight*

    Punk freezes as she hugs him, not having expected het to do it. He looks shocked and ends up dropping his mic as he stands there, not sure how to respond. Dia pulls back, believing that Phil doesn't care enough to take her apology and starts to leave. The camera cuts over to Val, James, and Pete who look very emotionally invested in this saga. They realize the camera is on them and plaster grins on their faces.

    James: Man…I’d hate to be Dia or Phil…

    Val: It does seem like thay are in for a hard time. After all, Dia fights Punk in a cage match for the title at Hell To Pay.

    Pete: Vitani’s defending her title in a fatal four way against Carter, Kane, and Alex Shelley! Not only is it a fatal four way, costumes are required!

    James: And announced moments ago, Angel James will compete against Arella Rayne to announce the new number one contender for the Vixxen’s Championship.

    Val: Why couldn’t that be the costume match?

    Pete: *rolls his eyes* Anyways, let’s get back to the action!

    The camera switches to the ring where the Peep Show has been cleared away but Christian stands in the ring with Edge on the outside. “Take Over” by Dale Oliver stops and for a few seconds the arena is silent, except for the screaming fans, before “Hell on Heels” by The Pistol Annies starts to play. Nolee heads out, teasingly carrying a large basket of laundry. She sets them down outside the ring, teasingly sticking her tongue out at Christian before the bell rings.

    Christian w/Edge v Nolee Lacroix
    Christian grins as the two circle the ring, moving like he’s going to attack before pulling back and laughing. Nolee moves in first, grappling with him and pulling him in for a clothesline. Christian ducks under it and turns to hit Nolee across the face with a flying forearm. Nolee falls backwards onto the mat but see’s Christian attempt a standing elbow drop. She’s close enough to the ropes that she can roll out to the floor. Christian follows Nolee to the outside and they both look ready to jump back in before Wade and Drew head out to the ring. Nolee stops paying attention, as does Christian, and they turn to face Drew and Wade. The ref counts them out but they seem not to care.
    Match ends in a double count out

    Nolee glances at Christian before looking at Wade and Drew, the two who were in this match waiting for the others to make their move. Drew and Wade just smirk and go to sit near Val on his end. Nolee tells Christian to get to the back because if there is a fight, it will be between the two men at ringside and her and Sheamus. The camera fades to its next commercial.

    -Almost Human commercial-

    Wade and Drew seem to be discussing intimate things while Carter paces the ring, having made his appearance during the commercial break. Skyclad’s “Which Is Why” begins to play as Sheamus makes his way out to the ring. He regards Drew and Wade before turning to Nolee and blowing her a kiss. Nolee smiles and grins, not seeing Wade and Drew pretending to vomit.

    Carter Lacroix v Sheamus
    The two men seem to be studying each other as they approach the center of the ring for the test of strength. They see who is stronger and Carter gets the upper hand. Carter tries to pick Sheamus up for a sidewalk slam. Sheamus pushes him away and slams Carter to the mat with a sidewalk slam of his own. Carter is now on the mat and Sheamus wastes little time attempting to keep him down, sending vicious punches to his head. Sheamus pulls him up, bear hugging Carter for a moment in an attempt to get him to give up. Carter elbows out, going behind Sheamus and picking him up for a belly to back suplex. Sheamus crashes to the mat and Carter hoists him up, picking him up in a fireman’s carry type of position before falling backwards to the mat with him, a move familiar to Sheamus’ Irish Curse. Carter grins as he rolls him up for the pin.
    Winner via pinfall: Carter Lacroix

    Carter raises his fist in victory before helping Sheamus up. Wade and Drew move to attack Sheamus after Carter has left but Nolee rolls in to stand firm with Sheamus. They look ready to fight but Wade calms Drew and gets him to stop, the camera fading to backstage where Casey is. Backstage, Casey is standing with Devyn, ready to interview him. Devyn has changed back to his street clothes; jeans and a grey t-shirt saying ‘my future’s so bright I gotta wear shades’ on it and he’s wearing his usual sunglasses to go with the shirt.

    Casey: So, um Devyn… What do you think of your first official day here? Are you enjoying it?

    Devyn: *thinks about it for a moment before responding* It’s alright, I guess. I didn’t really win the way I’d hoped, but a win’s a win I guess. *he shrugs his shoulders*

    Casey: You’re planning on staying though, yeah?

    Devyn: *laughs* Of course I am. I’m not going to disappear right after Cody spent all that time getting me started.

    Casey: *nods* Right. So are you going to still be working with Cody?

    Devyn: You mean as a team? I’m not sure actually, he never said. I wouldn’t mind it though, but it’s great to be able to show what I can do on my own too.

    Casey: Is there anyone else you’d be interested in working with at some point?

    Devyn: Hmm… *goes quiet for a moment to think about it* I’m not sure actually. Probably better to save that question until I’ve actually spoken to more people here.

    Casey: Okay… Well, thanks for that. Good luck with your matches here I guess.
    Devyn: *nods* Yeah, thanks.

    Devyn gives a small smile before turning and walking off camera as the scene ends. The camera fades to the ring which is empty for the main event. “Whatever’s Real” by The High Crusade starts to play as Alex Shelley, Dante Westmore at his side, makes his way out to the ring. He shakes a few of the fans hands before high fiving Dante then rolling into the ring. He paces as he waits for CM Punk, whose arrival is signaled by Living Colors “Cult of Personality” and its guitar riff echoing through the arena. He arrives, Colt Cabana at his side. Colt smiles, pointing to Punk as he does his “It’s Clobberin’ Time” routine. The duo smirk and taunt Alex and Dante before Punk rolls into the ring.

    Alex Shelly w/Dante Westmore v CM Punk w/Colt Cabana
    Alex backs up to the corner with his fists up to shield the blows Punk is able to hit right off of the bat. Punk keeps pounding on him until the referee pulls him back. Punk jumps and splashes on Alex in the corner. Alex finally falls to the mat and rolls out of the ring. Punk runs backwards into the ropes and sails over the top rope onto the opposite side, wiping Alex out with a senton over the top rope. The fans are going crazy for it. Punk picks up Alex by the head and throws him into the ring underneath the ropes. Punk leaps up to the apron and grips the top rope, waiting for Alex to stand. Alex comes up to his feet and Punk leaps up again, springboarding from the top rope and pressing onto Alex for the pin.
    Winner via pinfall: CM Punk

    As Punk is celebrating, Dia makes her way out to the entrance. Her eyes are focused on Punk and the two friends smile, excited for their match at the upcoming ppv.

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