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    7-22-13 Monday Night Carnage promo area


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    7-22-13 Monday Night Carnage promo area Empty 7-22-13 Monday Night Carnage promo area

    Post  Admin on Mon Jul 22, 2013 2:34 pm

    Promos due here by August 4th.

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    Post  Admin on Sat Jul 27, 2013 6:52 pm

    Oh Say Can You See
    By The Dawn's Early Light
    What So Proudly We Hailed
    At The Twilight's Last Gleaming

    The camera opens up on a busy street where our Real American Jack Swagger stands at a hotdog cart, ordering his food before looking at a nearby Mexican food truck. He's wearing a white shirt with an American flag on it over black gym shorts and black Adidas tennis shoes. He sets over to the nearby park and sits on the bench as he eats, his eyes on the truck angrily.

    Jack: I've seen at least ten foreign food trucks while I've out. Ten. Food carts started out as an American tradition. Men would get their sandwhiches and their hotdogs instead of these goddamn taquito's and taco's.

    He eats again, sipping his soda that he also ordered. He looks around as if thinking about what to say next.

    Jack: The only thing worse in the United States than all the damn Mexican immigrants are all the damn Canadian immigrants. Did you know that to date there have been 201 Canadian wrestlers who work for various immigrants? 201! That's way too many damn Canadian wrestlers! Hell, that's not even counting the ones that are actually Canadian like Santino Marella or the former General Manager of Carnage "Rowdy" Roddy Piper!

    He crushes the now empty soda cup in his hand and throws it angrily into the nearby trashcan.

    Jack: My opponent for this week is Christian, one of those damn Canadian's I'm talking about. You know, everyone loves Christian. He's "awesome" as people like to coin that phrase. You wanna know what I think? I think he's a lousy wrestler whose stuck in the shadow of an even lousier friend.

    He laughs and takes another bite of his food, not caring about the fact that he called both Christian and Edge lousy wrestlers.

    Jack: *clears his throat and continues to talk* So last week I lost to that illegal Jamaican immigrant Vitani Summers. This week I may have to fight another illegal immigrant. Carter must not have any more love for his boyfriend. *smirks* Because when I get done with Christian there will be nothing left to love. The statistic of 201 Canadian professional wrestlers is just a statistic. The truth is he's going to be alone when he fights me. There will be no one there to make sure he doesn't get hurt except the ref. As long as I play inside of the rules, well, anything can happen. And I do mean anything. My finishing move, The Patriot Lock, is made to break bones. What's to stop me from snapping his ankle in the middle of the ring? I'm a good ol' American boy and my duty is to make sure that illegal immigrants don't work in this country.

    He leans back on the park bench, smirking as he watches two blondes jog by.

    Jack: Speaking of immigrants, I heard a vague rumor that Angel James is talking about making a return. She's another immigrant that I won't stand for working in this company. When I get my hands on Angel, she's gonna wish she was still back in Italy. *smirks*

    The camera starts to fade out as we hear the last of the American National Anthem.

    Whose Broad Stripes And Bright Stars
    Through The Perilous Fight
    O'er The Ramparts We Watched
    Were So Gallantly Streaming
    And The Rockets Red Glare
    The Bombs Bursting In Air
    Gave Proof Through The Night
    That Our Flag Was Still There
    Oh Say Does That Star Spangled Banner Yet Wave
    O'er The Land Of The Free
    And The Home Of The Brave

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    Post  Christian on Sun Jul 28, 2013 3:36 pm

    The camera fades in slowly at the sound of someone running on a treadmill. A quick zoom around the room shows it to be a gym; it's empty for the most part. The camera turns back to the treadmill to show that it is CWA superstar Christian, he is running at a good speed. He is wearing a CWA t-shirt, plain blue shorts and blue running shoes. His best friend Edge walks up to him, he is wearing his guard dog t-shirt, black sweat pants and white running shoes. Christian spots his best friend and slows down before soon coming to a stop. Christian sighs as he grabs a nearby towel; he wipes his face and climbs off the machine. Edge hands him a water bottle and sighs softly.

    Edge: Jay... You need to calm down...

    Christian: *takes a deep drink of water before shaking his head* No Adam... I'm not going to calm down, Swagger has been crossing a lot of lines lately and I'm sick of it.

    Edge: *sighs and pushes his hair out of his face* Jay you’re not the only one that's sick of it...

    Christian: *frowns angrily* Did you hear all the crap that came out of his mouth? "He's a lousy wrestler who’s stuck in the shadow of an even lousier friend." and "Carter must not have any more love for his boyfriend." He dared to try and say that my boyfriend doesn't love me just because I was picked for this match. Well Swagger is dead wrong, because I know Carter loves me. And how dare he call you a lousy friend and wrestler! You've been a great and amazing friend. And I've not forgotten all the crap he said about Canada and Canadians. And he tried to say I am an illegal immigrant! I have dual citizenship for both America and Canada; I've had it for years! I've done everything that I was supposed to so I'd be able to do the job I love and wrestle here in the State and all over the world! You and I both have, WWE wouldn't have hired us if we hadn't!

    Edge: Jay-Jay calm down, we both know Swagger is a jerk and he's only doing this to get into your head. Now let’s take a deep breath and instead of freaking out we'll put together a great plan for taking down that jerk.

    Christian: *huffs softly and sits down in a nearby chair* Your right you know, freaking out will make it look like he's managed to get into my head and I'm not going to let him think it's that easy. You know he threatened to snap my ankle in the middle of the ring? *snorts and shakes his head* It’s his so called "duty" to break my ankle, because in Jack Swagger's narrow mind people that have dual citizenship are here "illegally". Of course Swagger has forgotten all the times I've beaten him before, for all his tricks and so called "great" finisher I've still beaten him before. And I plan on beating him this week; I've faced scarier and bigger then Swagger before. *laughs softly* Hell Lucas on a nice day is far scarier than any threat Swagger makes.

    Edge: *has a thoughtful look on his face* Yeah I've got to agree there, but I do want you to be careful.

    Christian: *small smile* I will be, I've always careful. I can stay one step in front of Swagger with my speed and I know how to roll out of his supposedly dangerous "The Patriot Lock". I've also got little bit of an advantage; Swagger is going have to work on my ankle to get the move to have a greater effect on me. But I've got the Killswitch which I could hit at any time and easily get a two or three count; not forgetting that I can use the Spear to knock the air out of him.

    Edge: *pauses before chuckling* You know his whole too many Canadian wrestlers bit almost made me laugh.

    Christian: *shakes his head with an amused look* He forgets that wrestling isn't as important in the States as it is in Canada; it’s one of our main sports. We have hockey and wrestling, that’s why there are over two-hundred Canadians in wrestling. But of course Swagger is too stupid to think about that little fact.

    Edge: Swagger isn't too bright in my book... *smiles and decides to change the subject* So what did Carter think about your little bet with Nolee?

    Christian: *smiles and relaxes in his chair* He laughed and asked if I really wanted to leave the important fate of laundry up to a match. *laughs softly* Then the dogs decided to all invade the couch at the same time, the cats surprisingly didn't follow their lead.

    Edge: *chuckles* Just another normal day then?

    Christian: Yeah another happy normal day. *smiles happily* I can't believe we've been together for almost over a year now. *gets up from his chair* I really love him a lot Addy.

    Edge: *smiles* Everybody can see that Jay-Jay, I'm really happy for you.

    Christian: *wraps an arm around him* And now we have to work on getting you as happy as I am, maybe we could set you up with Chris again?

    Edge: *chuckles* How about no way on dating Jericho again...

    The two friends start to walk away as they talk, the camera watching for a few more moments as they talk before slowly fading back to black.

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    Post  Admin on Tue Jul 30, 2013 2:10 am

    The camera opens up on a stage in the middle of a park. The stage is decorated like the outside of a castle wall. In the center of the stage stands Carter Lacroix, though dressed in what appears to be medieval style garb. He wears a crown of flowers on his head, his top is a forest brown tunic cinched at the waist with a gold belt, and leafy green tights adorn his legs but he wears no shoes. He smiles and recites the following lines to the full audience.

    Carter: If we shadows have offended
    Think but this and all is mended
    That you have but slumbered here
    While these visions did appear
    And this weak and idle theme
    No more yielding but a dream
    Gentles, do not reprehend
    If you pardon, we will mend
    And, as I am an honest Puck
    If we have unearned luck
    Now to scape the serpents tongue
    We will make ammends 'ere long
    Else the Puck a liar call
    So good night unto you all
    Give me your hands if we be friends
    And Robin shall restore amends

    The crowd erupts into cheers and applause as Carter takes his bow, the rest of the plays cast joining him for the final bow. Carter leaves the stage afterwards, joined by his half brothers Kip and Vance. Kip is dressed in a John Deere truckers cap, a tan t-shirt with the Tennessee Titans logo on it, and blue jeans. Vance is dressed in a white muscle shirt and black shorts.

    Kip: I don't like Shakespeare but that was damn good!

    Vance: I ain't never seen Puck played better, even by Stanley Tucci.

    Carter: Thanks guys! You really think I was good?

    Kip: Not think, know.

    The trio make their way over to the actors trailer, Carter going inside to change real quick. He comes back out in a red tank top with the words "A Country Boy Can Survive" on it in black lettering with blue jean shorts.

    Carter: So the character of Puck reminds me of my opponent for the week.

    Vance: And that is?

    Carter: Dante Westmore. Dante's a good natured yet often mischievous young man who, much like Puck, has an older advisor whose words he listens to above all. Dante's missing one thing that Puck has though.

    Vance: Horns?

    Kip: The fact that he's a fairy?

    Carter: Well, while those are things that Dante is missing, it's not the thing I'm talking about. The thing Puck has that Dante lacks is spitefulness. Dante's a nice boy, real friendly to everyone. I don't think there's anyone the boy doesn't like, he and Antonio have even become friends. Take it from someone who knows, niceties only get you a foot in your ass from someone down the line.

    Vance: You're sweet to your opponents too. I've seen you fighting, you give em time to get up and all that.

    Kip: Vance is right, you're a nice guy.

    Carter: Course I am, it's how you get respect. I never said there was anything wrong with how Dante acts, in fact I find it refreshing. It proves that he doesn't just care about the business end but at the co-worker end as well. Alex is teaching that boy right. My main problem isn't Dante's attitude though.

    Kip: It's his ability?

    Carter: Damn right! Dante is one of the future faces of the wrestling industry. He's learning from Shelley to be a hell of a high flyer. Alex is proud of him and with due reason. My problem is catching him. My knee has been actin' up lately.

    Vance: You should get it checked. Last thing you need is to be wrestling on a bum knee.

    Carter: It's not a bum knee, Bastien said so. The problem is being fast enough to evade some of the things that Dante's able to throw at me. The good thing I have is my willingness to fight. I won't go down without a hell of a fight. I've got a new finisher I wanna test out on Dante, a highflying move that Dante will get if I can get him down for long enough.

    Kip: *smiles* What about that question you told us you were gonna ask Jay?

    Carter: You mean....*blushes* I asked him....

    Vance+Kip: And?!

    Carter: He said yes. I'll make an announcement about it on Carnage. *wraps an arm around Kip and Vance's shoulders* Now let's go get some donuts.

    The camera fades out as the trio leaves.

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    Post  Admin on Tue Jul 30, 2013 3:10 am

    Voice: Do or do not, there is no try.

    The camera opens up on The Disneyland theme park in California, families running around and having the times of their lives. By the clock on the giant clock tower in the center of the park, it's about two in the afternoon. Through the crowd we can see the Banks family: Dia, Colt, and little Louis. Louis is dressed in a Mickey Mouse Jedi shirt and red shorts, Colt in a Mushu Jefi shirt and cargo shorts, and Dia in a Princess Jasmine Sith shirt and blue shorts. The trio looks excited about the day, a Disney bag in the hand that Dia is not using to hold Louis' hand. They rest outside the Star Wars 4D Experience where a group is getting ready for The Jedi Training Academy sow. Louis looks excited as they pick him to be one of the kids in the how.

    Dia: *to Louis* Go on! *smiles*

    Colt: My baby gonna go off and make a Jedi of himself! *wipes at fake tears*

    Louis: *laughs at Colt* Im not a baby.

    Louis joins the group up front as Dia sits on a bench next to Colt, head on Colt's shoulder and his arm around her shoulders. She smiles at him before looking forward.

    Dia: It's sort of ironic that we're here today and watching Louis participate in the Jedi Training Academy.

    Colt: Ironic how?

    Dia: Well, first cuz of us all having a Jedi or Sith on our shirts.

    Colt: That's probably why they chose him. *realizes she said first* And second?

    Dia: Well my opponent for the week has all the right attributes to be a good Jedi Knight.

    Colt: Gabriel would make a good Jedi.

    Dia: I know, right? He's agile and plays by the rules. The fun things he does in the ring reminds me of Yoda in the second of the three newer Star Wars movies.

    Colt: Yeah? *laughs* Of all the cool Star Wars characters you pick Yoda?

    Dia: Well, yeah! I mean Yoda goes from weak to kicking major ass in a split second. He's like a little green ball of excitement in that scene. That reminds me of Justin. Outside of the ring, even in that little moment before the bell rings, Justin is sweet and almost defenseless. He's like Yoda before he battles in that scene. Then that bell rings and all of a sudden, he becomes this little South African ball of excitement that you have a hard time stopping as an opponent. I certainly have a hard time.

    Colt: I never thought of it like that. So how do you plan on stopping Justin?

    Dia: By staying one step ahead of him. Yoda wasn't the only fast character in Star Wars. If Yoda ie the fast Jedi that Justin is, I have to be a fast Sith Lord. I'm Dart Maul.

    Colt: *beams* Dart Maul is so cool.

    Dia: Just like me. See, Maul's fast and powerful just like me. I may not be a high flyer but I can still do the flips and jumps that a high flyer can do. I prefer the submissionist style but I can also use a brawlers style. You could say I duel yield my talents.

    Colt: Duel yield? *catches the illusion to Darth Maul's lightsaber* Ha! Nice one!

    Dia: *chuckles* Thank you, I thought it was a nice one.

    Colt: So you plan on doing some highflying of your own but which style arebyou going to use to take him down?

    Dia: Im gonna use brawling to stop him and keep him down but Im gonna use submission to win. I have a few moves to throw at Justin to keep him down or make him submit. *smiles* You know, there is one thing that makes Justin a Sith instead of a Jedi.

    Colt: His time with the Nexus and Corre?

    Dia: Nope.

    Colt: His devotion to Barrett?

    Dia: Nuh-uh.

    Colt: Hmmm...

    Dia: His love for Heath. Loving is forbidden to a Jedi. *squeezes Colt's hand* The same thing that makes me a Sith and not a Jedi.

    The two kiss, the show finishing and Louis running over with a toy lightsaber in hand.

    Louis: I a Jedi now!

    Colt: *scoops him up* We saw! You're so cool!

    Dis: *smiles* You think we could learn to be Jedi?

    Louis: Maybe. Can we go on the Indiana Jones ride?

    Dia goes to answer but her phone rings and she answers it.

    Dia: Hey. *listens to th voice* But Im with...*the voice interupts* Yes they are...*sighs* fine...

    Dia hangs up and looks at her lover and son, a heartbroken look on her face.

    Colt: *frowns* Paul?

    Dia: *nods* Some thing about wanting me to meet the new client.

    Louis: We have to leave?

    Dia: How about you and daddy stay here and we'll come back tomorrow, all three of us?

    Louis: *nods* Okay.

    Dia hugsbLouis, pecks Colt on the cheek, and turns to leave. She looks upset and the camera fades out on this final statement.

    Dia's voice: Beat Justin and Punk or lose, there is no try.

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    7-22-13 Monday Night Carnage promo area Grand+Salon+Queen+Mary

    There is beautiful classical music as the camera opens up on the gorgeous ballroom of the supposedly haunted Queen Mary. The room is decorated for a party: the table cloths on each table are a crimson red yet each table is decorated in gold looking eating utensils. The streamers around the room are alternating red, orange, and yellow.  The guests in the room are all wearing beautiful gowns or elaborate suits. We see Nolee enter the room looking as beautiful as everyone else, if not more extravagant. Her dress is reminiscent of Belle's from Beauty and The Beast: a large golden hoop skirt with pick-ups all around the skirt, the top being a yellow corset with poofy sleeves. Her hair is pulled up in a bun and she's dolled up to look like a proper lady. Next to her stands Laurie Pierpont in a beautiful pink dress that looks like it belongs at a prom and a sash that says "Birthday Girl".

    Nolee: Classy party, Laurie!

    Laurie: Thanks Nols. I'm really sorry that Sheamus couldn't come with you.

    Nolee: I totally understand, he had a family function in Ireland and he said he wanted to face it alone. *smiles* You know, I really like being married to him. He's sweet and loving and only wants the best for me. I hope he realizes how happy he's made me and how much I love him, if he doesn't realize it already.

    Laurie: You and Shea belong together. *smiles* It's kinda ironic that you wore the Belle dress. You and Shea remind me of Belle and Beast.

    Nolee: We do?

    Laurie: Well, yeah. You've always been this sweet girl who longs for adventure and for someone who will love you for all of your imperfections. Sheamus is a big hulking "Beast" of a man who secretly is a lot more loving and a lot more cultured than he lets on.

    Nolee: You know what Disney Princess Vitani reminds me of?

    Laurie: She reminds me of Jasmine.

    Nolee: Well she reminds me of Rapunzel from Tangled. Both her and Vitani are loving, free spirited people. Ever since Vitani came to the business she was kind but let people knew what she thought of them. Vitani didn't care what people thought of her nor did she care if they agreed with her. She was friends with virtually everybody, save for Lucas who no one is friends with. Rapunzel in Tangeled was pretty much the same way when she finally got out of her tower. I mean, 'Punzel made friends with Flynn when he broke in...after hitting him with a frying pan of course.

    Laurie: But lately Vi's been kinda cold to people, kinda heelish.

    Nolee: It's her relationship with Cody. Just like Flynn did to 'Punzel, Cody introduced a few new things to Vi. Where Flynn introduced actual living to 'Punzel, Cody introduced skepticism and the fact that no matter what good is done, sometimes you have to do a little bad.

    Laurie: How do ya guess that?

    Nolee: Cody and I practically grew up together. He learned that skepticism and cynicism from Orton and has taught it to each person he dated since.

    Laurie: Did you and Cody...

    Nolee: Date? Never. Cody was too much like a brother to me.

    Laurie: Are you worried about Cody and that kid whose been hanging around getting involved?

    Nolee: Cody no. Cody and I are still tight. He's the Kick-Ass to my Hit Girl, the Flounder to my Ariel. I'm slightly worried about that new kid though. He seems...if it's a be playing by his own rules but playing for Cody and Vi. He may get involved just to show that he's worth having around. My real worry is Vitani Summers. She's the Five Nations Champion and the Vixxens Champion for a reason. Vitani is one of the best Vixxen's the company has seen, I'd rather face Santana Lopez or Belle Moore than her. Vitani has speed and agility from her years as a dancer. The speed I can match but the problem, the real problem, is her never say die personality.

    Laurie: She doesn't give up easy does she?

    Nolee: Nope. Never. That's why it's so bad. *she takes a deep breath* It's what I'm worried about actually. It seems each time I fight Vitani I end up giving her my finishing move and she just pops back from it like I haven't even made a move. Luckily for me I've been working on training on some of my heavier hitting moves. If I can get Vitani with a few of them, I can make sure that I win. *smiles* Maybe she'll even name me the number one contender for one of her titles after Champions Ball is said and done.

    Laurie: *smiles* That would be nice. Now c'mon, let's go have some fun.

    Laurie and Nolee make their way into the crowd for Laurie's birthday party, the camera fading out.
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    The camera slowly fades in on a quiet room; the almost empty room is filled with many drawing tables. At a table in the corner sits the young CWA rookie Dante Westmore, he is wearing a Gambit t-shirt, blue jeans and black running shoes. The camera moves closer to show that he is hard at work on what looks to be a page of a comic book, though only one panel is filled all the way in. After about a minute of watching the rookie work Dante finally looks up and sees the camera man, he smiles and puts down his pencil as he turns towards the camera.

    Dante: Hey Leo! You should have told me you were here already. I hope I didn't keep you guys waiting too long.

    Leo: *smiles* no not at all, we've only been here for a few minutes. So what is the big project that Alex says you've working so eagerly the last few days?

    Dante smiles and holds up what looks to be a cover art for a comic book, a lone character that looks a lot like Dante's mentor Alex Shelley is on the cover. Behind the character lays a futuristic city and above him hangs the title, "CWA Heroes".

    Dante: It's a comic book featuring a lot of the CWA roster as heroes or villains, I've been working on the plot for a while and I finally managed to get it started a few days ago!

    Leo: *looks at the artwork in awe* Dante this is so cool, I can't wait to see the finished project when you’re done!

    Dante: *smiles happily* Thanks Leo! It's probably going to take a little while for me to get it all done, but I'm working as hard as I can in between training and other stuff. I've based a lot of the characters off of everyone in the CWA. *points to the picture he is holding* Like this one is based off my mentor Alex, he's the youngest of four adoptive siblings that all have super powers. *turns and picks up another to show to the camera, it’s one of a young woman similar to Vitani* And this one is based off Vitani, she is a former dancer and burglar that uses her skills and grace to fight crime with her boyfriend.

    Leo: Wow, very cool Dante. *points to one* Who is that one supposed to be?

    Dante: *smiles and nods, picking up the drawing of a man in a suit* That’s my opponent for this week Carter, his character is sort of based off Superman as well. He has similar powers and a strong value system like Superman, though there are few very strong differences. Like he is a lawyer instead of a reporter and his costume he wears while fighting crime is very different, he's also not from another planet. *pauses* Carter is sort of like Superman himself in some ways, he has the same strong value system and a deep sense of honor from what I've seen.

    Leo: Well I really have to agree there, do you think you'll have a lot trouble with this match?

    Dante: *runs his fingers though his hair* I'm not sure to be completely honest, see the way I look at it is that Carter and I both have a very even chance on winning this week. While he is stronger and lot harder to take down he gives up a lot of speed for that strength, while I'm smaller and fast I give up a good amount of strength that would make it easier to take him down. But I think I can beat him, I know how to try and keep one step in front of a bigger guy. I know Carter will be hoping he'll be able to take me down before I manage to hit him with a super kick or one of the new moves I've been trying to work on. I think it honestly will come down to who can outsmart the other and who can take the first opening they can get. I really hope we will have a great match though, Carter is great wrestler.

    Leo: Well your both great wrestlers, I'll be rooting for you though kid. *smiles* Show me some more of your sketches for your comic.

    Dante nods with a smile as he picks up two more drawings. One is a drawing of a young man looking like Dante and the other is one that looks a lot like Wade, though the character is shaded with a mysterious air.

    Dante: *smiles and holds up the one that looks like himself* This one is one of the main heroes; he's sort of based off me...

    Leo: *chuckles* Sort of?

    Dante: *sticks out his tongue* Okay he's based off me; he's the student of Alex's character and a newer hero.

    Leo: And the other one is?

    Dante: *looks at the other picture in his hand before answering softly* Well... It's a character based off Wade... He a mysterious character that sometimes helps the main hero but why is unknown... I wish I knew...

    Leo looks like he wants to say something about it, but he stays quiet for a few moments. After a few moments he gives a small smile and says.

    Leo: Why don't you show me some of the others?

    Dante: *gives a smile and nods* Why don't I show you the ones I did for Jay and Adam?

    Leo gives a smile and nods, watching as Dante looks through a folder of papers. The camera to fade to black as Dante turns back around with two drawings in his hands, the rest of the comic to remain a secret until it is finished.

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    Post  Justin Gabriel on Thu Aug 01, 2013 10:10 pm

    The camera fades in on Justin Gabriel, who is speaking to someone on his phone as he paces in his and Heath Slater’s living room. He doesn’t look too pleased about whatever the person on the other end is saying to him as he frowns and nods, stopping his pacing as he replies to the other person.

    Justin: Yeah, I know we messed up the segment you were meant to do. It’s not like we meant for you to get called over to stop it… *he pauses as the other person speaks* No, we didn’t mean for that to happen either, it just sort of…did. *he pauses to listen again* I know it sets his whole debut back a week, I’m sorry Cody. It won’t happen again, I hope. *he jumps slightly at the angry response he gets* Alright! Sorry…it definitely won’t happen again…

    He sighs once the call has ended and sits down on the couch, dropping his phone beside him before putting his head in his hands. After a moment the camera slowly zooms out to show Heath leaning against the doorway leading into the room, watching Justin with his arms folded.

    Heath: …so how much trouble are we in?

    Justin: *lifts his head to look up at him* None actually. He’s definitely not happy though.

    Heath: Well not surprising considering he was meant to do his thing after that agents ad…

    Justin: And our argument after my match meant he had to come sort it out instead. *he leans back, running a hand through his hair*

    Heath: So he’s not doing anything about it despite that?

    Justin: No…he just said not to let it happen again. He doesn’t want to have to ‘sort out our personal crap’ as he put it and told us to save it for after the show.

    Heath: Oh…fair enough.

    Justin nods and there is an awkward silence between the two that seems to stretch on for much longer than it actually does.  Eventually Heath sighs and slowly goes over to sit down beside Justin, who tenses slightly when Heath puts a hand on his shoulder.

    Heath: *softly* Justy I’m sorry… I know you were in a bad mood already when I brought it up. I shouldn’t have done it.

    Justin: *mutters* You’re damn right you shouldn’t have. You should know better than to be thinking like that.

    Heath: *quietly* Then why were you-?

    Justin: I wasn’t! I had every right to be talking about the ass who ruined my match.

    Heath: You talk about him other times too…

    Justin: *snaps at him* Because he’s our friend! You’re just too jealous to even remember that. Now drop it.

    Crossing his arms, Justin does his best to avoid looking at Heath, obviously not happy with him.

    Heath: …you do realise you just went from calling him an ass to calling him a friend, right?

    Justin: Heath I said drop it. *he sighs* Just…not now okay?

    Heath: *nods* Right, sorry…again. *he reaches out to put a hand on Justin’s arm, smiling a little when the highflyer finally looks back at him* I never meant to annoy you in the first place, I’m fine with what we have now, I was just curious. I just chose a real bad time to be curious about it.

    Justin: Yeah you did. *he nods, slowly relaxing against Heath as he’s hugged by him*

    Heath: So who’d they stick you against this week?

    Justin: …Dia. *sarcastically* It’s going to be sooo much fun. Knowing my luck I’ll lose it, like with most of the girls. You’d think by now I’d be able to ignore the ‘you can’t hit girls’ thing they teach kids. Especially seeing as it’s just a match and not anything actually intending to hurt them.

    Heath: *chuckles* Right, I’m sure you’ll get used to it sooner or later and what better time than against someone like Dia? With Heyman by her side, she’ll hardly hesitate to hit you, so you kinda don’t have a choice but to hit back, naw mean?

    Justin: *smiles softly* Of course I do. …that guy makes me hate the fact I’m also a Paul, just because he’s one. He drove two perfectly good friends apart and for what? Neither of them are any better off since it happened, if anything they’re worse. I’d say I wish he’s not planning on being at ringside, but we all know he will be.

    Heath: *frowns and nods* He’s evil.

    Justin: Yeah…Sheldon Cooper may be one lab accident away from being a super villain, but this guy is one…even without powers. He just manipulates people to do the work for him.

    Heath: Something like that, yeah. Don’t worry; I can help make sure he doesn’t get in the way. *he leans closer to kiss Justin’s head*

    Justin: Thank you Heath. *he smiles as he hugs Heath back with one arm* I know you’ll tell me at some point to ‘be careful’, but you have to be too around that guy, okay?

    Heath: Alright, alright. *he laughs* As if I didn’t know already to be around Dia and Heyman. You just focus on Dia, I’ll worry about him.

    Justin: *sighs and relaxes, kissing Heath’s cheek* Okay Heath. *he pauses for a moment, speaking quietly* …I love you.

    Heath grins and pulls Justin onto his lap, leaning his head on Justin’s, quietly saying the words ‘I love you’ back to the highflyer as the scene fades out.

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    Post  Admin on Fri Aug 02, 2013 10:57 pm

    Come let me take you back
    Turn back the hands of time
    That's when I discovered who
    That's when I made it mine

    The camera opens up on a classic 1950's diner. Men and women stand by classic cars and it's in the throng of people that we see Antonio Jacinto and Jessie Turner sitting in a shiny, cherry red 1950's Cadillac. Both are dressed in clothes from the time period: Antonio's hair is slicked back, a leather jacket over a plain white shirt, and blue jeans while Jessie wears her hair in a ponytail, she wears a green sweater with a black poodle skirt. Antonio's left arm is around Jessie's shoulders while his right hand is holding a chocolate malt that both are sipping from.

    Jess: This was a cute idea for a date Antonio!

    Antonio: I'm glad you like it. I know you dig places like this and always like a good reason to dress up. The fact that tonight was a classic car show is just an added kick.

    The duo sit there relaxing for a few moments, enjoying the music that's playing in the background.

    My pants couldn't be too tight
    That's when I learned to fight
    James Dean defined the day
    Sue took me all the way

    Antonio realizes that the song playing was once the theme song for the top tag team Deuce and Domino when in the WWE. Jess realizes it too and the duo began to sing it together.

    Jess+Antonio: *singing*
    Cool, I'm all about cool
    No other code, no other rule
    But you, you act like a fool
    You've gotta be bold
    Gonna take you to school
    I'm all about cool

    They laugh and rest up against each other, smiling as they sit in the car.

    Antonio: I loved that tag team! They were so terrible but they had so much fun. I guess it's for that reason that losing to Arella doesn't feel so bad.

    Jess: Are you serious? Losing is always bad!

    Antonio: You sound just like Lucas! Maybe you need to remember why you became a wrestler. Wrestling isn't about winning the titles, it's about entertaining the fans. The fans may not like me but I do entertain them.

    Jess: You sound like Alex, or worse his rookie Dante.

    Antonio: Hey! Dante and Alex are good people!

    Jess: Tonio, they're losers!

    Antonio: No, they aren't. Unlike you're brother, Dante doesn't care if I read comics or watch cartoons.

    Jess: *rolls her eyes* Whatever Tonio. I'm gonna go look at some of the other cars.

    Jess gets out of the car, going around to look at the other classic cars. Antonio leans back in his seat, seemingly speaking to himself but actually speaking to the camera.

    Antonio: You may be wondering what happened to my attitude from negative to positive. Well, it's all because of Dante Westmore. We hung out a bit backstage and I can honestly say that Dante's hip. *chuckles* You know, if I hadn't of been taking Lucas Turner's word for everything, I would have been a lot different person. He had me working against my nature. I'm not a bad guy once you get to know me.

    He sips his chocolate malt and unwraps a cheeseburger from the bag in the passenger's side floor before taking a big bite of it.

    Antonio: *with a mouthful of burger* My opponent for the week is CM Punk. I've always liked Punk's style. He's fierce and uses multiple styles to get his win. *he swallows his food* The Anaconda Vice is a hell of a submission move, the Heat Seeking elbow from the top rope is a hell of a highflying move, and the GTS is a hell of a brawling move. Some may say that it means he's well rounded. I say this means he's indecisive. He can't decide which of the styles fits him more. This could prove to be a major flaw in this match. You see, I know how to dodge that elbow because I have one of my own. The Anaconda Vice? I don't tap out to anyone. The GTS? He has to catch me first.

    Antonio watches Jess checking out some of the other old cars before running a hand through his hair.

    Antonio: See, the second major flaw in this match is the knee of our CWA Champion. Dia Banks has stomped on that leg more than once. He'll never be able to avoid my Cupid's Bow, at least if I work on it he won't be able to. He'll be one of the members of a select group: the group of people who've tapped out to the Cupid's Bow. *smiles* All I know for sure is that win or lose, this will be a good match.

    Antonio hops out of the car, wrapping an arm around Jess' waist as the camera fades out.
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    Post  Alex Shelley on Sat Aug 03, 2013 6:47 am

    The camera fades in slowly on what looks to be a small comic book shop, filled wall to wall with racks and rows of comics. In one of the many rows of boxes filled with comics is Alex Shelley and his best friend Chris Sabin. Alex is wear a Mortal Kombat t-shirt, jeans and running shoes, while Chris is wearing a Spiderman t-shirt, shorts and tennis shoes. They stand there going through some of the many boxes that fill the row when suddenly Alex grins as he pulls out a comic.

    Alex: Chris I think I found the one that Angel was looking for! *holds it out to show Chris*

    Chris: *smiles as he looks before nodding* Yeah that's the one Angel has been looking for, she'll be happy when she finds out we found it.

    Alex: *nods and sets the comic on a small pile next to the box* Yeah, I think she has the whole set now.

    Chris: Yeah I think so... *goes quiet as they look before asking* So who do you have for your match this week at the CWA?

    Alex: *looks up and looks at his best friend* I'm in a match with Cody this week.

    Chris:*nods* Oh... *pauses and tilts his head* But hasn't Cody not have a match in a really long time? And isn’t he one of your bosses? Is it really okay to fight him Lex?

    Alex: Yep, he runs Monday Night Carnage and yes he's not been fighting on any of the shows in a long time. I guess so, I mean they wouldn't have given me the match unless it was okay, at least I think they wouldn't have...

    Chris: *nods slowly* Do you think he'll have any ring rust? I mean he's been in the office for a while...

    Alex: *shakes his head* Honestly I don't think he'll have any ring rust at all, he always hit me as the type of guy that wouldn't let himself get rusty. I think he's going to be on top of his game, just like me. Cody has never struck me as the type of guy that would let himself get rusty or out of shape and I have to say I really respect that about him.

    Chris: Do you think you can beat him Lex? I mean you’re still a little banged up from that match with Wade...

    Alex: I'll be fine Chris... *runs his hand through his hair* I've taken worse bumps before you know and I'll probably take worse in the future. *gives a small smile* Besides I'm really looking forward to this match with Cody, I've watched plenty of his matches and I know just how good he is. Our styles in the ring are a little different, but I know we can match each other speed for speed and I know that is going to make this match really exciting. I honestly can't wait for it and I hope I have a lot of fun with this match. *frowns* Now if I only knew if I have to keep a sharp eye out for Wade during Dante's match...

    Chris: *frowns* Do you think Wade will come out again to mess with the kid?

    Alex: I don't know honestly... A lot Wade has done recently has been unpredictable and I'm still not sure just what he wants with my rookie... I know Dante's more than a little confused and a few of the rumors I've heard have really gotten me thinking. Half the time the rumors have me ending up wanting to kick Wade's ass and the other half leave me speechless... I don't know which rumor I find worse... *sighs softly and shakes his head* I don't know what to do about this Chris... And sometimes I feel like I'm failing my rookie every time I don't know what to do...

    Chris: Lex... *sighs softly before putting his arm on the shoulder of Alex* You’re a great mentor and Dante knows it. I've seen just how much he trusts and respects you; you've been a great teacher to him. The kid is lucky to have a good teacher like you and I think you're lucky to have a great rookie like him. *smiles* Now let's finish up these last few boxes and go get some lunch, I think I saw a taco place nearby.

    Alex: *smiles* Sounds like a really good plan Chris, I'm starved man.

    Alex starts shifting through the box in front of him again before holding up a comic with a grin, the camera slowly fading out to black.
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    Post  Cody Rhodes on Sun Aug 04, 2013 9:15 am

    Cody Rhodes is seen sitting on a couch, playing a video game on a Playstation 2 console. The character he’s controlling has dark hair and is wearing a red cloak, fighting using a combination of hand-to-hand sort of attacks and a gun. When Cody notices the camera, he pauses the game and turns to look at it properly, putting the controller down beside himself.

    Cody: Oh hello, long time, no see; for doing my own promos anyway… I figured it was about time I had a match in the CWA again and it turned out to be perfect timing after the crap I had to deal with at the last show. I could use a way other than video games to get rid of the frustration and unfortunately for Alex Shelley, he’s the one who has to deal with that…plus it wouldn’t hurt to repair my in ring reputation I have here… *he pauses for  moment* When you grow up as one of those nerdy kids who gets beaten up for it and for having a dad that kids are jealous of…you kind of need to have a way of dealing with that and I chose wrestling, though it was partly inspired by my dad’s own career. *he sighs, resting against the back of the couch* Eventually, I started getting lessons in wrestling from my dad, along with a few from some of the other wrestling legends, Al Snow was one of the ones who officially helped. I picked up wrestling as a sport in high school and when I was a Junior, I won the Georgia state tournament; which I did again as a Senior. Oh…and there was one time where I broke a guy’s nose because he was an ass to me and one of my friends. Ironically I later ended up following him in a team he set up…

    He chuckles, brushing a hand through his hair before he continues speaking.

    Cody: So yeah, I’ve pretty much been in the wrestling world my whole life thanks to my family. Like we said back in the Legacy days, ‘It’s in our blood’. *he grins* I’ve actually really missed competing professionally, but I wanted to help Carter make sure we could do this without our parents before trying to juggle both parts of the work, especially after having to patch things up with Vitani. One thing I definitely didn’t do though was stop wrestling completely. As people have probably seen in some of Vi’s promos, I’ve been training and doing some Indie appearances with Ted. *he pauses before jokingly adding* There’s no way I’d risk losing all that awesome talent of mine that I’ve built up over the years.

    He goes quiet afterwards, glancing back at his paused game as if he’s not sure what to say next. After a moment though, he suddenly looks inspired, an almost child-like smile on his face.

    Cody: *looking back at the camera* For those who don’t know -probably most of you- the game I was playing is called Dirge of Cerberus. It’s a Final Fantasy game, set after Seven and the Advent Children movie. Though you play as Vincent Valentine, Alex reminds me of a Final Fantasy character from a different instalment to the series. He reminds me a bit of the red-headed Blitzball player named Wakka. That guy’s attacks are annoyingly quick and he’s a bitch to fight in the start of the first Kingdom Hearts game. Like Alex and all that ‘flippy highflying stuff’ as Jack once so ‘lovingly’ called it, Wakka rarely misses. Alex also moves crazy fast and yeah, he can be a bitch to beat.

    He smiles, showing he doesn’t mean any of it in a bad way.

    Cody: When Carter asked me if I was ready to get back in the CWA ring, I decided I wanted to find an opponent I don’t have much experience with, which meant no former WWE stars. That cut down the list quite a bit and eventually I decided on Alex. He’s a great guy, he’s fun-loving and he really cares about his friends and he’s always been one of those wrestlers who’s seriously underappreciated. The guy’s got some serious skills and I can totally relate to the being known more for the Tag work over the solo stuff, despite being great on his own. Though, obviously, we aren’t the only ones with that issue, one of the others also works here… *he frowns as he recalls something* Speaking of which, that particular highflyer is not in my good book right now, so he better watch it and not cause any more trouble or mess up any segments this week; especially when he has no title that can be stripped from him like when Solstice was still a thing. *he shrugs* Guess the sun set on that one.

    He smirks and picks his controller back up.

    Cody: So yeah…basically, Alex better hope he doesn’t do what so many others do to him and underestimate me, because people generally learn that mistake the hard way.  

    Cody turns back to look at the TV screen again, shifting a bit to get more comfortable before he unpauses the game, the camera fading out on the scene as he quickly defeats an opponent in a battle.      
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    Phil Brooks, better known as CM Punk, is seen sitting in what looks like a locker room, not looking too happy. He’s wearing a t-shirt with his wrestling gear, in the middle of putting on kneepads, though when he goes to put the second one on, he stops and frowns, staring down at the bandage covering that knee. He lets out a sigh, putting the kneepad down beside him on the chair before reaching up to run a hand through his dark hair instead. After a moment a voice is heard off camera, calling out for him. A door is then heard opening and the camera pans across the room, showing Joey Mercury standing in the doorway.

    Punk: Oh, hey Adam…

    Joey: I thought you wanted to train, what’s taking so lo- Since when do you use that name? *notices the bandage on Punk’s knee* It’s hurting again, isn’t it? I don’t get why you haven’t had it fixed…or even looked at really.

    Punk: I have…by one of the trainers that works for the CWA anyway…

    Joey: And what did they say about it?

    Punk: To be careful and rest it. *rolls his eyes*

    Joey: So why aren’t you?

    Punk: I can’t. *looks back down at his injured knee*

    Joey: *frowns* And why the hell not?

    Punk: I’m the CWA champion Joey… It’ll look bad if I do that and if they run the place like the McMahons do…taking time off would mean giving up my title.

    Joey: Yeah and so would getting injured so much you aren’t even cleared to compete anymore. Difference is if you take time off, you can always win the title back, the other way would mean having to retire, like Edge.

    Punk: *stays quiet for a minute before finally speaking again* After the next pay-per-view…

    Joey: What?

    Punk: If I lose my next title defence, then I’ll take time off.

    Joey: So you’re going to wait until you lose the title? What if you just keep winning? You’re an idiot; you know it’ll only get worse.

    Punk: *sighs, slowly putting on his kneepad anyway* Alright, fine. After my match against this Antonio guy, I’ll get it properly checked. Assuming I’m not forced to anyway; it wouldn’t surprise me if I get attacked again this week. Bad enough Heyman and his minion have been doing it, but then the idiot Sheamus decided to have a go at me too. *he rolls his eyes*

    Joey: Antonio was one of the newer guys right? He any good?

    Punk: Of course he is he wouldn’t have been hired otherwise. Hell, if I was actually in the mood for making friends at the moment I think we’d actually get along quite well. At the moment though, I figured it’s better to just not trust anyone I work with. The Dante boy who works there uses a song called ‘Me against the world’ as his theme, but he’s so damn naïve that he probably hasn’t got a clue what that’s even like. He befriends anyone who’ll speak to him, even Antonio who was a jerk to him…and everyone else. Dante seems like the kind who’d put bullies off hurting him because he’s so damn nice to everyone that they get confused, or maybe just pity him for even believing everyone deserves any kindness. In my opinion at the moment, the only people who deserve kindness in the CWA are those who sign my paychecks because they put up with all the fucking problems I bring along with me. Dia only came to prove herself to me really…

    He rests an elbow on his uninjured knee, his chin on his hand as he stares off at nothing, an almost sad look in his eyes.

    Punk: …at the moment, she may as well just be one of those indie kids no one knows the name of. *he shrugs his shoulders*

    The two friends stay silent for a moment that seems to stretch on, Joey watching Punk with a worried look in his eyes, though he tries to hide it with a small smile.

    Punk: …anyway, this Antonio, he should be fun to fight…

    Joey: He should be, assuming you can even get through our training session first.

    Punk: Right, I know. *he picks his boots up off the floor and puts them on* Let’s go out there and get started then.

    He carefully gets up once he’s ready, a determined look in his eyes as he heads out of the room, following behind Joey, though while most people would smile while spending time with a friend, a frown remains on Punk’s face. He pauses to turn around and close the locker room door, the scene fading out.

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    Post  Vitani on Tue Aug 06, 2013 8:24 am

    The camera fades in on a calm-looking beach, the sound of small waves across the surface of the ocean and the cries of seagulls able to be heard, along with the sound of people laughing and running around in the sand. It appears to be late afternoon, the first hints of sunset showing in the sky, very few clouds in the sky. A splash is heard and the camera pans across the beach to show Vitani’s younger brother Tion sitting in the shallow water, looking as if he’d fallen in. Vitani walks onscreen, the two laughing as she helps him up before picking up a soccer ball near the edge of the water, suggesting they had been kicking it around when Tion fell.

    Vitani: You alright there?

    Tion: Of course, no thanks to you. You’re the one who pushed me in! *he sticks his tongue out at her*

    Vitani: It wasn’t even that hard! *laughs and playfully shoves him again*

    Tion: Hey!

    He shoves his older sister back before taking the ball off her and running down the beach, Vitani laughing and shaking her head before she chases after him. She quickly catches up and wraps her arms around him, gently pulling him to the ground, pretending to tackle him. The two laugh as they fall in the sand, Tion hugging her once they’re both sitting up, wrapping his arms around his sister’s shoulders.

    Tion: *pouts* I missed you.

    Vitani: *looks guilty* Aww, I’m sorry. You know how busy my job is though.

    Tion: *sighs* I know… I still miss you though; I don’t have any other sisters to beat up. *says it jokingly, chuckling afterwards*

    Vitani: *smiles softly* I miss you too. Mum and dad too. Which is why I decided to come over here for a few days, plus Cody needed to do a lot of work stuff so he’d be too busy with that to hang out much.

    Tion: He shoulda came too, then I can beat him up as well. *smirks*

    Vitani: Tion! *smiles and shakes her head* You can’t beat up everyone who visits you!

    Tion: *smirks* I know, just my big sister and her boyfriend, ‘cause you both let me.

    Vitani: Well only as long as you only do it playfully and don’t really beat us up.

    Tion: *nods* I know, I know. *sits back in the sand* So, who are you fighting this time?

    Vitani: Nolee Lacroix.

    Tion: Again? You’ve fought her a lot.

    Vitani: I know I have *she shrugs* but I don’t mind, she’s good to fight, they all are. Except the guys who really do beat people up.

    Tion: They’re dumb! Only I can beat my big sister up. *he crosses his arms* You can beat Nolee up though, like I beat you up, not the mean way.

    Vitani: I would never hurt her on purpose. But why don’t you want me to?

    Tion: *shrugs* She’s pretty, I guess. For a blonde. Darker hair looks better really. *laughs* Seriously though, I know you wouldn’t hurt anyone anyway, unless they really pissed you off, but your patience is like, never-ending with most things.

    Vitani: I see. *chuckles* How have you been doing by the way? Are you doing alright in school?

    Tion: *pulls a face* Duh! Why do you have to bring up school for Vi? Eww. I’m good though, besides missing having my sister to talk to.

    Vitani: Well that part was obvious, but I’m here now, so we can at least spend some time talking and hanging out, even if it’s only a couple of days. *she gets to her feet, picking up their ball* Why don’t we play some more huh?

    She grins and takes off with the ball, laughing as she runs further down the beach, the two laughing and playing again like when the scene first opened, the camera fading out on the two of them as Tion manages to get the ball off Vitani, kicking it out of her reach.

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