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    5-27-13 Monday Night Carnage Promos


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    5-27-13 Monday Night Carnage Promos Empty 5-27-13 Monday Night Carnage Promos

    Post  Christian on Fri Jun 21, 2013 11:14 pm

    Promos due here by the 5th of July. That's two weeks.

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    Post  Admin on Sat Jun 22, 2013 12:00 am

    The screen is black except for the following words which appear in white:

    The following views are those of Jack Swagger. Championship Wrestling Alliance does not share the views of Mr. Swagger.

    The scene fades in on a simple enough picture: Jack Swagger dressed in a tan fishing jacket over a plain white t-shirt and blue jeans. Behind him is the 'Don't Tread On Me' flag with the snake on it. He looks gruffer than we are use to: his face sporting a thicker beard and his hair a bit shaggier. He clears his throat before starting to speak.

    Swagger: A terrible pandemic has swept our once great nation: illegal immigration. Thousands of illegals be they European, Mexican, or Canadian have managed to sneak their ways into the United States. These illegals take good jobs away from hardworking Americans, they get better health privileges thanks to our government. Frankly, I'm sick of seeing good people forced out of jobs they deserve. Take my workplace for example: the CWA.

    Jack snorts as he produces a list from his pocket.

    Jack: Sheamus, Antonio Jacinto, Christian, Edge, Angel James, Vitani Summers, Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel, and Drew McIntyre.

    He folds the list back up and shakes his head.

    Swagger: Nine. Nine immigrants who work for the company and whose jobs could have easily gone to hardworking Americans. I don't even know if my opponent for the week, Vitani Summers, is legal. For all I know, she doesn't have her green card. After all, she's a foreigner from Jamaica or Cuba or wherever the hell she's from. Produce the green card or work visa or we don't fight Miss Summers.

    There is an arrogant smirk across Jack's lips as he stands in front of the flag, crossing his arms in front of him.

    Swagger: I, on the other hand, am proudly born and raised a working class American, my name goes on a slightly longer list: Nolee Lacroix, Carter Lacroix, Dia Banks, Alex Shelley, Colt Cabana, Kane, Arella Rayne, Cody Rhodes, Dante Westmore, CM Punk, and me. Eleven. Eleven hard working, talented CWA superstars and only one of us has a championship because foreigners are favored more than us. The man who hired me back to the CWA hired me becayse he believes in good ol' fashioned American inginuity. Vitani may be the CWA Five Nations Champion but in all honesty, there's only one nation that matters: The United States. If Vitani can produce that green card she needs to be able to face me, she's in for a rude awakening. I'm meaner, tougher, and better than the last time you saw me. I'm not just fighting for me, I'm fighting for the people.

    The smirk is gone from his face and the camera fades out on Swagger chanting "We The People".

    (Nolee I couldn't figure out the new color thing sorry)

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    Post  Admin on Mon Jun 24, 2013 5:44 pm

    We hear the ringing of a bell, the camera opening up on what appears to be the inside of a high school. Teenagers are walking out of classes, some getting into their lockers, and still others leaving the building. The camera focuses on one such locker, the person in front of it being Lucas Turner's little sister Jessie Turner. She puts her books in the locker before closing it to reveal Antonio Jacinto. Antonio has a bit of scruff on his chin but it's very little. He's dressed in a black muscle shirt and red basketball shorts with blue Nike Shocks. He wraps an arm around Jessie's shoulders.

    Antonio: I can't believe you have to go to summer school!

    Jess: I can't believe Lucas is making my folks make me go. You're sooo lucky to be out of high school!

    Antonio: You know what the song says, high school never ends.

    Jess: Really? You're quoting Bowling For Soup at me?

    Antonio: *laughs* It's true mon chere! Take my place of work for example. The song mentions the prom queen: that's Nolee Lacroix. She's the princess type who would be voted queen of the prom. The interviewer boy, Casey, he strikes me as the captain of the chess team type. He's most definitly a nerd. The clown is Alex Shelley. Though I may not like the fact, he is rather funny. Mr. Lacroix, Carter, or our boss is definitly the quarterback.

    Jess: What about you and Miss Rayne? I mean, isn't she who you fight?

    Antonio: You never miss a beat to bring up work! Yes, I do fight Arella this week.

    Jess: So what's her high school stereotype?

    Antonio: Believe it or not, Miss Rayne and I fall into subsections of the same group: the outsiders. I'm a rebel. Though I may be the good looking guy, I'm that good looking guy your momma worried you about. I'm the one that will break your heart and not give a damn.

    Jess stops and turns to look at Antonio, a frown on her face.

    Jess: You do love me, don't you? *sounds worried*

    Antonio: Of course I love you! I'm just saying in general the kind of high school stereotype I am. I'd never break your heart.

    Though Jess nods her head and keeps walking, there was something in Antonio's eyes that suggested he believed otherwise.

    Jess: So you're the heart stealing rebel. What about Arella?

    Antonio: She's just a freak. She doesn't like anyone else, she doesn't care about anyone but herself. That pink hair, the way she dresses, it's unnatural. I don't think she belongs in any other group. She's just a freak. That's what makes our upcoming battle so interesting. No one on the roster is her friend so no one knows quite what she's capable of. For all we know, she could bust oyt a few judo kicks or karate chops and whoop some ass. I, on the other hand, am less a mystery. I'm a highflyer who can also work the submissionist style. The interesting bit to this match is that, other than Christian, I've never fought a girl before. I'm almost afraid when I use Cupid's Bow she'll snap in half.

    Jess: Fighting a girl is just like fighting a boy. She, your female opponent, just has boobs and a vajay.

    Antonio: *tries not to laugh* A vajay?

    Jess: *nods* Yep.

    Antonio: *laughs* Besides, Arella's so flat chested she barely has boobs.

    Jess: *slaps Antonio's chest* You're so mean!

    Antonio: *rolls his eyes* It was a joke.

    The camera fades out on the image of the two of them walking out of the high school, Bowling For Soup's High School Never Ends playing in the background.

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    Post  Admin on Tue Jun 25, 2013 9:38 am

    The camera opens up on a cafe in Dallas, particularly on Wade Barrett. He's dressed in his best day clothes: a red polo shirt and brown khakis. He's sipping coffee from a white mug while reading a book we can't see the title of. We hear someone clear their throat and Wade glances up from the book. The person is revealed to be Wade's NXT mentor, Chris Jericho. Jericho is dressed in a purple shirt with the name of his band, Fozzy, across it in gold lettering over a pair of blue jeans. The two stand there, staring each other down, and there is a strong feeling between the two. Unlike the feeling of friendship we can see between Justin Gabriel and Matt Hardy or Christian and Heath Slater, this is a darker feeling.


    Jericho: You called?


    Wade: I thought we could talk. I've been doing some thinking and I need to speak to you.


    Wade sits back in his seat and takes a drink of his coffee as he and Jericho stare intently at one another. Chris orders a coffee and as soon as the waiter bustles off, Wade breaks the unbearable silence.


    Wade: Why?


    Jericho: Why what?


    Wade: *a serious look on his face* Why did you turn your back on me? You brought me into NXT but when you realized you couldn't mold me in your image, you gave up on me. Matt and Justin were normal, so were Christian and Heath. Bloody hell, even Miz didn't lie to Daniel, they bloody hated each other from the start!


    Jericho: *an ashamed look on his face* Wade I...


    Wade: *seething* I worshipped the ground you walked on! I bloody loved you and you knew it! I left Sheamus like you asked back then, devoted my time only to you! How did you repay me? By fucking laughing in my face and telling me you were just testing how far I'd go to listen to you. The night I won NXT you even laughed in my face when I asked for guidance.


    Jericho: Wade, I was a different man back then. I changed, I realize what I did wrong. I guess, the reason I answered your call was to apologize for how things turned out. I've kept an eye on the CWA, it seems you have been using what you learned a round about Alex Shelley's rookie Dante Westmore?


    In the heat of the afternoon it's hard to tell if the slight red color brought to Wade's cheeks is from the heat or if the color is brought on by the mention of Dante.


    Wade: I'm just tryimg to give the young man the advice I wish would have been given to me about you. Sometimes I don't think Alex realizes how much Dante looks up to him. All Alex is worried about is his wedding with Casey or his own title hunt. Dante has so much potential inside of him, I could help him unleash it.


    Jericho: I wish I would have seen everything you were capable of when you were a rookie. I was just so intent on hurting others...


    Wade: *uncharacteristic of his behavior since Belle left* Maybe...just could make it up to me...


    Jericho: *smiles* Alright, so who do you fight coming up?


    Wade: Shelley.


    Jericho: Worried?


    Wade: I've fought against Alex before. Though I may not say it to his face, I know Alex is one of the better highflyers I've fought against in a long damn time. Not only is he quick, he's determined. The addage goes to hurt him, you have to catch him. That right there is hard enough to do because not only is he so bloody quick, he's so bloody determined. I could break his leg in two places and he would still keep going!


    Jericho: I'll give you that much, Shelley is bullheaded.


    Wade: *smiles* The one thing you taught me was to be light on my feet. While Alex may be the average, perhaps above average, size of a highflyer, I am fast for a brawler. My size gives me a slight edge due to the fact that I have that size to go along with the speed I posses. That means I can give Alex's bull head The Bullhammer. Maybe I'll go old school and finish him off with the Wasteland. Anyway you slice it, I'm going to do what it takes to win.


    Jericho: What if he hits the Insiguri?


    Wade: Meh, I have a hard head. Who knows, maybe if Dante will see Alex isn't always right I can earn his respect.


    Jericho: *a smile crosses his lips* Maybe.


    The camera fades out on the two, a feeling of peace between the two men.

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    Post  Admin on Tue Jun 25, 2013 4:24 pm

    The camera opens up on what appears to be an old school comic book shop. The walls are lined with posters from movies such as The Avengers, old school comic book covers such as Spiderman #1, and the occasional autograph from people such as Stan Lee or Neil Gaiman. The store itself seems to be really organized: boxes upon boxes of comics sit in neatly stacked rows in alphabetical order. The counter where the cash register sits is made of glass and showcases old school action figures. Behind the counter is a door, which opens as Dia Banks enters the scene; Colt, Louis, and an unknown African American who looks to be in his 50's behind her. Dia is dressed in brighter colors than usual: a neon pink Concrete Blondes tank top on as well as black jean shorts and thigh high red converse. Colt is wearing a white shirt with the cover for the movie Army of Darkness on the front with jeans. His shoes, although not thigh highs, are the same as Dia's. Louis has on an orange Pokemon t-shirt that has Charmander on it with jean shorts and orange converse. The unknown male wears glassed over bright green eyes and wears a black button up shirt with blue jeans and black combat boots.

    Dia: Thanks for having us over Benny! Man of Steel was great, can't believe you got us those press passes.

    Benny: *smiles* Hey, I knew you and your boy were comic book people, I had to take you with me. *smirks* Colt was just an accident.

    Colt: *mocking thought* Funny, that's what my dad use to say.

    Louis: *grinning up at Colt* I was an accident too.

    Dia is mortified at the fact that Louis knows this and looks at Colt before glancing back at her son.

    Dia: Who told you that?

    Louis: *thinking he's in trouble, frowns* I...I heard Miss Nolee telling Mister
    Sheamus one day at the arena...

    Dia: *kisses his head* You're not in trouble, baby. Now how about you pick out fifteen comics?

    Louis: Fifteen? That's alotta comics!

    Louis and Colt go to look at the different comics while Benny turns to Dia.

    Benny: Was he one?

    Dia: Best damn accident I ever made. *grits her teeth* Still don't give little Miss Bitch a reason to tell her Irish drunk of a husband that. The two of the, have no reason discussing me and my family.

    Benny: I take it you don't like them?

    Dia: Nolee's a slut. She led two men on at the same time and was no doubt spreading her legs for both of them. I've never been to keen on Southerners, especially not stereotypical Southern Belles. Her brother Carter is tolerable. As for her husband, he's a great big Irish bully.

    Dia goes looking through a shelf that contains graphic novels and pulls out one titled Preacher. She looks to see if there is a synopsis on the back and when there isn't, she looks at Benny questioningly.

    Dia: Any good?

    Benny: Preacher? Garth Ennis' best in my opinion. With your stance on Southern stereotypes I wouldn't read it though.

    Dia: What's it about?

    Benny: Well this preacher in a small Texas town gets possesed by the spawn of an angel and a demon called Genesis. It's more powerful than God, who quit when the thing was born. Basically, this guy Jesse Custer, has to figure out his life and get God back. His on again/off again girlfriend Tulip O'Hare's a hit girl and then his...buddy I guess...named Cassidy is an Irish vampire. I recommend it.

    Dia: *nods amd decides on buying it with a chuckle* Irish vampire, huh? Does that mean he burns extra bad when he goes out in the sun?

    Benny: *hands her the other eight Preacher novels with a laugh* Take all eight, the other seven on the house. And not all Irish are that pale.

    Dia: Sheamus is. I swear, I saw one of his WWE bouts and one of the times he fell on the mat I lost him in the ring cuz he was so damn pale. I mean, being proud of who you are and where you come from is one thing. But whem your that damn pale a little spray tan wouldn't hurt...

    Benny: There has to be something you like about the guy?

    Dia thinks about it as she looks over some of the other graphic novels, picking out a set of Witchblade novels.

    Dia: He's damn talented in the ring. He may be a bully but he's not just one of those who can talk the talk. He backs up every claim he makes. There are some who can't do that.

    Benny: Like Punk?

    For a moment there is a sympathy in her eyes that says she's regretting her friend but she nods her head.

    Dia: Yeah, like Punk. The problem that every competitor in the CWA is going to have to solve is how to handle the new and improved Dia Banks. I'm done being pushed around and looked at as the friend of the CWA Champ. I have so much potential no one ever saw because of how I acted. I was the joke while Phil was the true wrestler. No more. I'm sick of it. If Sheamus wants to fight, he'll be the first to see what new tricks I have up my sleeve.

    Benny: *grins* Which manager is going to be there for you?

    Dia: Both...Colt and Paul.

    The camera fades out as Dia watches Colt and Louis gather comic books.
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    Post  Dante Westmore on Thu Jun 27, 2013 8:19 pm

    Birds are heard as the camera slowing fades in on the middle of a scenic park, the camera pans around before zooming in on a young man sitting on the grass sketching. When the camera finishes zooming it is easy to see that the young man is CWA rookie Dante Westmore. He's dressed simply in sneakers, blue jeans and an X-Men t-shirt. He looks to be working hard on his drawing and doesn't see the camera at first, but as soon as he raises his head to look at something he spots the cameraman are smiles.

    Dante: Leo! It’s good to see you again.

    Leo: *smiles* Hey there Dante, you picked a great day to go to this park. It is so beautiful out here; I can see why you were so excited to draw here.

    Dante: It's so lovely out here, thankfully not too hot out thanks to the breeze and the shade. *smiles* Perfect place to have a picnic and to sketch... And maybe the perfect place for clearing my mind for my match.

    Leo: Ah your match! *smiles* Who are you going against this week?

    Dante: I'm going against Justin Gabriel this week; it's my first time going against him.

    Leo: *smiles softly* You nervous about going against another highflier?

    Dante: A little yeah, I mean this is the first time I'm fighting a highflier in the company and he's one of the best in the business. *pauses* I'm... Nervous I'll mess up, or that I won't even keep up with him... I mean this is Justin Gabriel, he's amazing in the ring and I'm just a rookie. I-I want to do my best, but...

    Leo: Dante you'll do fine, trust me. Yeah your still a rookie, but your great in that ring and plus you always give your best in there. You may still need a little more help, but you’re going to be a great star someday kiddo.

    Dante: *shyly smiles* Thanks for the pep talk, I just get so nervous. I want to do my best and show that I'm working hard; I guess I let my nerves get the better of me...

    Leo: *smiles* It’s okay kid, I'm sure it's like this for every rookie during their first year. So do you have a plan of attack for this upcoming match?

    Dante: Well I suppose I will probably just try to outmaneuver him and see how I do. It will somewhat hard seeing as we're both quick on our feet and fast thinkers, but I'm hoping that somehow I can come out on top. I know it won't be an easy match, but I'm hoping it with be a fun match. I sort of hope that our match will have the feel of a classic cruiserweight match, you know like a Rey Mysterio or Chris Jericho match from WCW? *smiles as he pauses* I love watching those types of matches, you always feel like it's the greatest match ever if the right people were in the ring. I hope I can manage to give people a match like that.

    Leo: *grins* Ah I see, I loved watching cruiserweight matches when I was a kid! Sadly in most company's it seems to be a lost art... *pauses before asking* So how have things been with your mentor Alex?

    Dante: *smiles* It's been good, he's been helping me work on a new move this week and I got to be at ringside for his match at ROH this week! It was fun watching him and Chris wrestle and it helped me learn a little about the tag team side of the business.

    Leo: Oh yeah, I heard his ROH tag title match was this week. So did Chris and he win?

    Dante: *smiles* I don't know if he wanted to tell the CWA universe himself so all I'm going to say is... *mocks whispers* He and Chris were very happy when they left the match, but you didn't hear it from me. *sticks out his tongue playfully*

    Leo: *laughs softly* Alright. *pauses and looks thoughtful as he asks* So did you see Wade's promo this week?

    Dante: I did...

    Leo: what did you think of it?

    Dante: I'm still not sure... I know Alex isn't going to hurt me and he has been doing everything he can to help me, I'll always be grateful to him for that. I know Wade is just trying to be helpful, but I still think he's wrong about Alex. I am grateful he wanted to give some advice to me though. I'm surprised he wants to earn my respect though... I'm just a rookie and I respected him already...

    Leo: Well... I wonder if it's just respect he wants...

    Dante: *looks confused* What do you mean?

    Leo: *chuckles softly and shakes his head* Never mind kiddo... *changes subject* So anything you want to say to Justin before your match this week?

    Dante: Just that I hope we have a great match together and I look forward to facing him in the ring. *smiles*

    Leo: *smiles* Well I think that's a great way to end this, I'll let you get back to your sketch... *looks at his watch* I've really got to get going, I'm late for lunch with my boyfriend. I'll see you soon for your next promo Dante.

    Dante: *nods* Alright, later Leo. Have a good lunch.

    Dante smiled and gives a small wave before looking back at his art pad, the camera slowly fading out on that.
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    Post  Justin Gabriel on Sun Jun 30, 2013 9:34 am

    The first thing that can be seen is footage from one of the earlier NXT shows, showing the obstacle course challenge they once had. The footage is of the former Nexus and Corre member, Justin Gabriel. He makes it through the course fairly easily, even completing the juggling part of the challenge one handed before beating the previous best time for completing the course. Before any of the other competitors are shown, the footage fades, transitioning to a different scene entirely.
    Justin Gabriel is seen standing with ocean visible behind him, although it looks as if Justin is standing somewhere higher than the sea level. He’s wearing a pair of orange board shorts and a black tank top.

    Justin: I had a feeling I’d get put in a match against this Dante Westmore pretty soon and I’ve been looking forward to it. I always look forward to matches against other high-flyers. Plus Dante is a rookie, something I was not too long ago.

    He smiles, though it quickly fades as he shakes his head.

    Justin: Problem is that’s where the differences end between us. It’s also the reason Dante probably won’t get any further in his career treading the pathway he is. Yeah, I know I’m not at the ‘top’, because I’ve not held a world title, but I still have held some and I’m still pretty popular among fans; besides those who have only ever seen WWE before and never saw what I’m actually capable of doing.

    He shifts slightly, folding his arms before continuing.

    Justin: In the wrestling business I learned that talent, while great, won’t get you very far at all. See, what Dante’s lacking –and what I have- is charisma. The fans won’t stick around long enough to watch your match if you don’t appeal to them in some way, meaning a quiet little boy like Dante sadly won’t have much luck. Our interviewer’s shy yeah, but not when he has a job to do. He was brave enough to stand up to Wade Barrett for starters, even if he did get hurt, he still had the courage to point out the fact that yeah, Wade can be an ass. Cena? His moves are repetitive at times, but he won over the fans when he started doing the rapper thing. The Rock is about the same, he started throwing out insults, making jokes and impersonating people and everybody jumped on his bandwagon… *he grins and shrugs his shoulders* Honestly, those tricked even hooked me. I’ll admit their mic work can be pretty amusing to watch.

    He laughs, going quiet for a moment afterwards as if he’s not sure what to say next.

    Justin: The Rock and Cena are perfect examples of how to get noticed, Chris Jericho and Punk are too. Unless you naturally have the kind of presence someone like…the Undertaker has, who people are drawn to even if he comes and goes and barely says a word…but something like that, you can’t learn that, you just have to have it and very few people do. I don’t and Dante definitely doesn’t. Dante needs to come out of his shell and speak up more. I get noticed because I’m loud and I do ‘stupid’ things. If I was walking backstage, I’d probably walk into Dante, not realising he’s there because he’s so quiet. Maybe he’s louder though off camera? I don’t know, I’ve not spoke to him yet. I can’t imagine Alex picking someone who’s nothing but quiet as a rookie considering his personality’s much like mine, but it’s hard to tell when he only see Dante being quiet and drawing…

    Justin pulls a face as a gust of wind blows some of his hair in his face, rolling his eyes as he reaches a hand up to fix it.  

    Justin: My point is, even if I don’t win this match, unless Dante shows he actually has more of a personality, he won’t get far. You don’t even have to be nice to do it; just look at all the heels who make it to the top. One’s our champ right now. As for me? I used to do a lot of dancing in the independent circuits and I was a bit of an ass. It also helps that I’m cute. *he smirks* I can also juggle and I do crazy things, like swimming with sharks…and cliff diving.

    Justin grins again and turns, looking down behind him before suddenly flipping off the edge.  A familiar, Southern accented voice is heard from behind the camera, swearing, obviously not too thrilled with the cliff diving. Muttering is heard, though the words are unclear, as the person holding the camera slowly moves closer to the edge of the cliff, just enough to be able to look down over the edge as Justin lands in the water. He emerges after a few seconds, looking up at the camera person, waving as the scene fades out.

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    Post  Admin on Mon Jul 01, 2013 11:52 pm

    By the look we see on the face of Nolee Lacroix as the camera opens up, she does not want to be here. As we pan out we see that she's dressed in a black dress with red rose embellishments near the straps. Behind her stands Carter, dressed in a button up white shirt with black slacks and black buckle shoes. She straightens her dress out and looks down, nervous.

    Nolee: What if they lied?

    Carter: The guy I talked to looked like paw. Had his eyes and everything.

    Nolee sighs and reaches out to ring the doorbell with an almost worried look. The doorbell plays a small song before a dog starts barking, from the sounds of it, it's a bigger dog. The door opens and we see a handsome young man who could be mistaken for Carter: they have the same eyes and the same smile.

    Man: You must be Carter and Nolee?

    Carter: And your Kip?

    The man nods and opens the door to let them into the house where a german shepard lays on the couch. It's a place after Nolee and Carter's hear decorated in wood furnishings and posters of country stars on the wall. In the den another man sits but he looks more feminin than the one who opened the door. He grins and pushes himself out of the chair.

    First Man: Yep, I'm Kip. This is Vance your...

    Nolee: *no doubt in her mind* Your our half siblings...

    Nolee hugs the both of them with tears in her eyes.

    Vance: *hugging her* We saw you on them CMT Awards, Kip had been looking for you for years. He heard we had half siblings out there but Kip saw your performance, well, you can see how similar Carter and Kip look. I'm just glad we were taken seriously. Most people hear they got a half siblin out there, they think it's someone who just wants money.

    Carter: *bluntly* Is that what you want?

    Kip: Shit no. Vance is a doctor and I make a damn good livin with a construction company. We got money. What we want is to know our family. Your paw, Harris Lacroix, he was with our mum before he married ours. We just wanted to meet our half brother an sister an know who they are. Yer ma and paw didn't come with you?

    Nolee: Well Kip, our mom and dad are dead. I never really knew them.

    Vance: *removes the John Deere cap he's wearing with a frown* I'm sorry...

    Nolee: The man who raised us was nice and told us about them. *smiles* So tell me about yourselves.

    Carter: *sits on the couch* Yeah, I'm curious.

    Kip: Not much to tell about me. I'm 26-

    Carter: A year younger than me.

    Kip: Like I said I work construction. Was married to a real pretty girl named Betty but she left me for someone else. I like to hunt an fish an ride my Harley. I love country music, can play guitar pretty well. Wrote my fair share of songs that got me no where.

    Vance: I'm his twin so obviously I'm 26.

    Nolee: Must be non fraternal. You don't look like him.

    Vance: I'm a pediatrics doctor. I hunt and fish but prefer riding four wheelers to motorcycles thought I got me one. Ain't never been married but been seein my girl Chloe for four years. Country's great, so's classic rock. I play piano an keyboard a bit but can't write music.

    Nolee: That's awesome. You heard what Carter and I do. We're wrestlers and we play music from time to time. I've been married for a while now to Stephen Farrely, but you probably know him as Sheamus. Country's my favorite but I've never been hunting or on a motorcycle.

    Carter: Not married but been with the guy I'm with for over a year. Country's my favorite but I abhor guns so no hunting and since I screwed up my knee it's hard to ride a bike.

    Kip: Your wrestlers? What's that like?

    Nolee: It's great! I love being in that ring, it's where I feel the most me. Sometimes though, it ain't easy. I got a match this comin' up show against CM Punk.

    Vance: *shocked* That name I know from WWE. They let ya fight boys?

    Nolee: Ain't nothin a boy can do that a lady can't. Punk's good in the ring but it's the things he says about his opponents that hurt more than his hits or kicks. The last time, or maybe even the time before that, he accused me of ruinin my fiance's life. What has to be remembered about Punk is how he can twist your words to hurt you. *shrugs* I guess it's a trick he picked up from his own daddy. Everyone knows he don't got good home relations.

    Vance: You're not worried about the Go To Sleep?

    Kip: Course she is...ain'tcha?

    Nolee: No.

    Carter: *at the same time as Nolee* Yes.

    Nolee cuts Carter a look and Carter gives her a grin that speaks volumes before petting the German Shepard.

    Nolee: Contrary to big brothers beliefs, no, it's not the GTS I'm worried about. It's Punk's Anaconda Vice I'm worried about. See, his GTS is just a knee to the head. If I can stay out of reach, I'm fine. The Anaconda Vice will choke me out. I hate submission moves. I never can break out of the good ones.

    Kip: *engrossed in the conversation* Why not reach for the ropes?

    Vance: *just as consumed* It's a weight thing. The way Punk applies the hold, she'd have to drag him with her. It's why submission moves are so powerful.

    Nolee: Vance is right. Me pulling myself to the ropes would be like you carrying that chair to the front door strapped to your back. No, my best bet is to wear him out. That's hard to do because Punk's quick. In the end it's-

    Kip: Why not work on his knee's? The harder you hit, the harder it would be for him to stand.

    Nolee: *thinks about it* That's a good would make him weaker and slow him down...

    Kip: What about your finisher?

    Nolee: I have two. One's the Tennessee Tornado, basically a hurricanrana. The other is like The Miz's Reality Chech, I call mine the Blackout.

    Vance: I'd use the second. That hurricanrana might be hard to land.

    Carter: *grins* You sure you boys ain't never wrestled before?

    The laugh resounds through the room as the brothers and sister enjoy their first time in each other's company, the camera fading out.
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    5-27-13 Monday Night Carnage Promos Empty Re: 5-27-13 Monday Night Carnage Promos

    Post  Alex Shelley on Wed Jul 03, 2013 5:36 am

    The camera slowly fades in on what looks to be a small dressing room. It's empty for the moment, but a glint of light draws the camera over to where two suitcases sit. A closer look shows that a title belt sits on one of the bags; it's one half of the ROH tag titles. The camera turns away from the bag as the door to the room opens, its CWA wrestler Alex Shelley and his best friend Chris Sabin. Alex is dressed in dark jeans and a The High Crusade t-shirt, Chris is wearing lighter jeans and a Deadpool t-shirt. Alex smiles as he goes over to his bag without the title on it, though his title can be seen in the bag on the top of his clothes. He moves it aside and pulls a clean t-shirt out, Chris playing with a guitar pick as he sits on the small couch in the room. Alex quickly changes his shirt before chuckling softly as he looks over at Chris.

    Alex: You know left your title on your bag again Chris?

    Chris: I was showing it to Angel; she wanted to get pictures of us with our titles for her scrapbook. *smiles*

    Alex: *smiles* She got my picture yesterday, though Petey said she'll probably want one with both of us.

    Chris: Sounds like Angel, she's been doing great since coming back from Japan.

    Alex: She has, Petey says she's finally getting back into the ring. I think he said she will be making a return to the CWA within the next month or so.

    Chris: That’s great! I bet she'll be happy to be back. *grins* So speaking of the CWA who are you fighting this week?

    Alex: *sits next to Chris on the couch* I've got Wade again this week.

    Chris: Oh yay... Well at least you can deal with the creep that's been bugging your poor rookie.

    Alex: Yeah... Sometimes I wonder if he is just trying to confuse Dante or if he really does just want to give him advice...

    Chris: You really think someone like Wade would really want to do something nice for someone? I mean you've seen how he treats people and he just like the princess's caveman beat up Casey!

    Alex: You don't have to remind me Chris... I remember what he did and I still think he's an asshole, but... I just don't know what he'd think he'd get from making Dante doubt me as a mentor... I mean it's not like Dante is standing in his way of a title or anything like that last I checked and I don't think he would put in loads of effort for something that wouldn't get him a damn thing... But on the other hand he could just be pulling some sick joke and trying to get Dante confused. I'm not letting him anywhere near Dante until I find out just what is going on.

    Chris: Well I guess that’s all you can do about that, but what will you do about the match Lex?

    Alex: Well I guess I'll have to use my high flying to knock him down, I've heard about his weak jaw. If I'm lucky I might be able to hit my super kick right in his face and the match might end right there. I suppose I could also knock him down and use mat work instead, not many of the other wrestlers remember I'm not just a high flyer. I'm also a good technical wrestler as well and I know how to use the entire ring to my favor. Wade may have size advantage on me, but I've speed and a whole bag of tricks I can go to.

    Chris: *grins* So it's safe to say you think you can win?

    Alex: *chuckles* Well I guess so; I know I'm going to do everything I can to win. I just have to wait and see if I can pull a victory out. It just might turn out to be a great match, even if I don't win. *holds back a yawn* Any idea what time it is?

    Chris: *looks at his watch* 11:13, the crowd should be almost gone by now.

    Alex: And no doubt Petey and the others should be about done packing up the instruments. Casey and Dante are probably ready to head back to the hotel.

    Chris: *gets up and goes over to his bag* I think we all are; it's been a pretty long day. We had a good turnout for the show though and everyone really seemed to like the music.

    Alex: *smiles* Yeah, all in all a good day I think. I can't wait to take Casey out tomorrow though; I've got a lot planned for our date. *finally yawns* But first we have to get back to the hotel and get some shut eye. *stands up*

    Chris nods and quickly throws his stuff unto his bag as Alex does the same, the two known as The Motor City Machine Guns pick up their bags as the camera chooses to fade out.[/color][/b]

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    5-27-13 Monday Night Carnage Promos Empty Re: 5-27-13 Monday Night Carnage Promos

    Post  Admin on Wed Jul 03, 2013 10:02 pm

    We hear a crowd cheering and open up on a full audience in front of a stage at the annual CMT Country Music Awards. Stone Cold Steve Austin, host of Redneck Survivor, stands in front of the audience with a microphone in hand.

    Austin: Our next entertainers tonight have managed to win the award for newcomers of the year and their song "Go Big or Stay Home" has managed to win best songwriter of the year. I'm also proud to say these newcomers work for a wrestling organization called the Championship Wrestling Alliance. Here to preform their version of "Boys 'Round Here", The Three Young Guns!

    The camera pans to Carter who smiles, playing his guitar with Pete playing drums and his sister Nolee playing the fiddle. Carter is dressed in a red and white plaid button up shirt under a brown vest with blue jeans. On his head is his signature brown cowboy hat and his brown cowboy boots on his feet match the hat. Pete is wearing a red tank top with jeans and a pair of black cowboy boots. Nolee is wearing a red sundress with brown high heel boots. Carter grins and leans in to sing the first verse of the song.

    Carter: *singing*
    Well the boys 'round here don't listen to The Beatles
    Run ole Bocephus through a jukebox needle
    At a honky-tonk where their boots stomp
    All night, what?

    Nolee: *singing*
    That's right.

    Pete: *singing*
    Yeah and what they call work, diggin' in the dirt
    Gotta get it in the ground 'fore the rain comes down
    To get paid, to get the girl
    In your four wheel drive

    [color=#cc6666]Nolee: *singing*
    A country boy can survive

    All Three: *singing in perfect unison*
    Yeah the boys 'round here
    Drinkin' that ice cold beer
    Talkin' bout girls, talkin' bout trucks
    Runnin' them red dirt roads out, kickin' up dust
    The boys 'round here
    Sendin' up a prayer to the man upstairs
    Backwoods legit, don't take no shit
    Chew tobacco, chew tobacco, chew tobacco spit

    Nolee: *singing*
    Aw heck
    Red red red red red red redneck

    Carter: *walking to the front of the stage he slaps the hands of a few fans before his sister comes to join him as he sings*
    Well the boys round here, they're keepin' it country
    Ain't a damn one know how to do the dougie

    Nolee: *looks confused, as part of the act, and sings back*
    You don't do the dougie?

    Carter: *laughs and sings*
    No not in the country.

    Pete: *singing with a lady killing smile on his face*
    But these girls 'round here, yep, they still love me
    Yeah the girls 'round here they all deserve a whistle
    Shakin' that sugar sweet as Dixie Crystal
    They like that ya'll and southern drawl
    And just can't help it 'cuz they just keep fallin'

    All Three: *singing together again in harmony*
    For the boys 'round here
    Drinkin' that ice cold beer
    Talkin' bout girls, talkin' 'bout trucks
    Runnin' them red dirt roads out, kickin' up dust
    The boys 'round here
    Sendin' up a prayer to the man upstairs
    Backwoods legit, don't take no shit
    Chew tobacco, chew tobacco, chew tobacco spit

    Carter: *edging on the fans*
    Let me hear ya say

    Nolee: *standing back to back with Carter as she sings*
    Oooh let's ride
    Oooh let's ride

    Carter: *smirks at his sister*
    Down to the riverside

    Nolee: *singing*
    Ooh lets ride

    Pete: *breaking up the brother/sister fun time*
    Hey now girl, hop inside
    Me and you gonna take a little ride to the river
    Let's ride

    Nolee: *smiles and sings*
    That's right

    Pete: *singing*
    Lay a blanket on the ground
    Kissin' and the crickets is the only sound
    We out of town
    Have you ever got down with a
    Red red red red red red redneck
    And do you wanna get down with a
    Red red red red red red redneck?

    Carter: *smiles at a fan in the audience flirtatiously*
    Girl you gotta get down

    Nolee takes a short fiddle solo, smiling as she plays and the fans cheer.

    All Three: *singing for the last time in perfect harmony*
    With the boys 'round here
    Drinkin' that ice cold beer
    Talkin' 'bout girls, talkin' 'bout trucks
    Runnin' them red dirt roads out, kickin' up dust
    The boys 'round here
    Sendin' up a prayer to the man upstairs
    Backwoods legit, don't take no shit
    Chew tobacco, chew tobacco, chew tobacco spit

    The stage lights go out and the trio walk offstage as the stage crew gets their instruments, mostly Pete's drums, off the stage.

    Pete: They went nuts for us!

    Nolee: Cuz we did awesome!

    Carter: Course we did! *grins and high fives the other two as they enter the dressing room they were assigned*

    Nolee: And we got two awards! Pete won for writting "Go Big or Stay Home" and we all three won for best newcomers! All that would make it better is if we both won our matches this week.

    Carter: It'll be easy for me. I got McIntyre.

    Nolee: *rolls her eyes* Drew's a chump.

    Pete: *mutters* Is that why you dated him?

    Carter: Hey now you two let's not bicker. Nols, even though he left you for someone else, does that mean you have to be mean? He's still friendly to you.

    Nolee: *sighs* I guess not.

    Carter: And Pete, was the remark necessary?

    Pete: No.

    Carter: Good. Now, Drew's a damn good wrestler. He's tag champs with Wade. One on one he's just as determined and just as violent. We'll have a good match, me and him. His brawling skills are beyond talented. He could easily squash me like a grape by focusing on my knees. Unlike me, Drew don't got no weak spot. He keeps on truckin', even when hurt. I'll have to watch for some sort of way to take him out. I hope I win but if he does, that's fine by me.

    Nolee: Sometimes your to nice bro. *punches him in the arm playfully*

    Pete: One of you have to be!

    The trio laughs, arms around each others necks with Carter in the center as the camera fades out on them.

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    Post  Vitani on Sun Jul 07, 2013 6:50 am

    Imagine Dragons’ ‘It’s time’ is heard playing as the camera fades in on a familiar looking dance studio. Vitani is once again seen dancing there, only this time she’s not dancing alone. She’s accompanied by a young man, who looks not much older than Nolee and the other young stars. He has light blonde hair that doesn’t quite reach his chin, but hangs in his face. He’s wearing grey jeans, a shirt that says ‘hot mess’, and a black ‘biker’ jacket. Vitani is wearing leggings and a tank top, which is covered by a loose fitting t-shirt.
    The two are seen talking softly once they stop dancing, the blonde saying goodbye to Vitani before turning and leaving, Cody Rhodes entering the room not long after the blonde leaves. Cody walks over to Vitani and kisses her cheek, the two hugging before either of them speak.

    Cody: So, what do you think of him? Do you think he’ll be a good fit in the company?

    Vitani: He’s light on his feet, *she nods* I think he could do quite well. Where’d you find him?

    Cody: Well…technically Punk found him. He was in the middle of a training match with Casey’s cousin when Punk visited the ROH once.

    Vitani: *curious* Casey’s got a cousin there? Why not choose him then?

    Cody: I thought of that, then I asked Casey about him. Apparently they don’t get along. At all.

    Vitani: *frowns slightly, but nods understandingly* Right. *jokingly* We probably have enough heels as it is anyway.

    Cody: *laughs* Maybe. Speaking of which, you’re up against one.

    Vitani: Jack Swagger… *she sighs*

    Cody: Captain America.

    Vitani: *correcting him* The rude version of him. Like Cap took a leaf out of Wolverine’s book. *she smiles when Cody laughs* What? I’ve never really liked him. At least not his in-ring personality. I have no clue if he’s normally so rude or selfish. Like all good heels…and Wolverine; he does what he has to so he can achieve his goals.

    Cody: Yeah, that’s what makes the heels different from the faces. Are you going to be alright going up against him?

    Vitani: Of course, it’s not like I haven’t fought him before. Even if I wasn’t alright with it though, it’s a bit late to do anything about it.

    Cody: Oh yeah…good point. *he smiles sheepishly*

    Vitani: *smiles, putting a hand on his arm* I’ll be fine. He may be bigger than most people think he is before going up against him, but I’ve fought guys here that are even bigger. The downside is though that I’m not sure if his moves are the same as before he left. Assuming they are, I should be fine maybe I’ll even win. If not…well it just means I’ll have to be a little more careful. Mostly I just have to make sure he doesn’t get a hold of me long enough to cause too much damage.

    Cody: *nods* That’s generally a smart idea, not getting hurt.

    Vitani: *rolls her eyes, but laughs* Oh really? I never would have guessed.

    Cody: You can win by the way; you’re a champ for a reason. *he smirks* Just…don’t hurt him too bad if you do.

    Vitani: *chuckles* I seriously doubt that I’m even capable of hurting anyone like that, although if he does annoy me enough I may have to try…

    Cody: *raises an eyebrow* Really? Well why don’t you worry about that later…

    Vitani: *confused* What, why?

    Cody: Because I thought maybe we could go get some dinner, you know…just the two of us? *reaches a hand up, playing with her hair*

    Vitani: We could do that… *smiles, blushing slightly*

    Cody: *grins* Great. Let’s go then?

    Vitani: Not just yet, I can hardly go out in my dance clothes, they don’t look the greatest...

    Cody: They’re fine, but you can change if you’d prefer to, I don’t mind waiting.

    Vitani: *smiles softly* I love you.

    Cody: I know; I love you too.

    He smiles back at Vitani, wrapping an arm around her. She giggles and wraps her arms around his neck, the camera fading out as the two kiss.
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    Post  CM Punk on Wed Jul 10, 2013 5:54 am

    So you really did it then?

    After the voice is heard, the camera fades in on the man known to WWE fans as Joey Mercury, who’s sitting on a couch, watching as CWA Champion CM Punk paces nearby. He looks angry, but not with his friend Joey.

    Punk: Yes, I did it!

    Joey: Why though?

    Punk: Because she wouldn’t leave me alone! She wouldn’t stop harassing me, even after I told her to get lost.

    Joey: Was it really necessary to get a restraining order on her though?

    Punk: Yes!

    Joey: Punk, she’s your mother

    Punk stops and spins around to face Joey, crossing his arms.

    Punk: Yeah. She’s my mother, but not my mum. The nicest thing she’s ever really done for me was not force me to come back when I left home, yet she still calls and harasses me.

    Joey: *confused* Why does she have your number then?

    Punk: *sighs, moving to sit beside Joey on the couch* Because I called her a few months ago, hoping that maybe things would be different now…

    Joey: You did? *looks surprised*

    Punk: Yeah, I did. Dia suggested trying to speak to them back around Christmas.

    Joey: *looks even more confused* I…thought you weren’t speaking to her?

    Punk: I was back then. It just took me a few months to actually get over my stubbornness to listen.

    Joey: Right… *slowly nods before looking a little worried* You aren’t going to do the same to Dia, are you?

    Punk: What? No! Of course not; I just- I’m not even sure anymore.

    Joey: So are you going to ever fix-

    Punk: Does it really matter right now? I have a match with Nolee to worry about.

    Joey: That worries you?

    Punk: *he hesitates before responding* Yeah, it does. She’s a Lacroix and a Farrelly like I want either of them harassing me or trying to humiliate me, there are enough of those people already.

    Joey: I guess so…

    Punk: I just want to hurry up and get this damn match done already. *he leans back against the couch*

    Joey: …you don’t want to fight her?

    Punk: At the moment, no. Not because of all that phobic ‘I won’t fight girls’ crap, but because if I fight someone like her at the moment I’ll probably hurt her for reasons unrelated to her. She’s the self-appointed princess and she’s married to a man she’d probably consider her knight in armour, though he’s more like a barbarian and her brother... well he’s just a cowboy. Sorry, he’s mister cowboy, being our boss. Nolee’s pissed me off in the past, but right now it’s not her doing, it’s for family reasons unrelated to the show and all the shit with that traitor Heyman, turning one of my best friends against me.

    Joey: *sighs* …have you actually tried speaking to Dia?

    Punk: Why should I be the one to do that? She’s the one listening to the mad scientist.

    Joey: *shakes his head* Sometimes I forget how stubborn you are.

    Punk: I’m not that bad, remember who you used to tag with…

    Joey: *sighs* Fine, you aren’t that bad. *after a pause* He’s still my friend though even if I don’t speak to him as much now.

    Punk: I know, but that doesn’t make him any less stubborn, just like you being my friend doesn’t help me with it.

    Joey: Fine, that’s true too. So um, Nolee?

    Punk: What about her?

    Joey: Well, you still have to fight her, so what are you going to do?

    Punk: Well obviously I’m not letting her know what I plan to do… or maybe I am, it probably won’t make a difference. Basically, I just have to get her stuck in the Anaconda Vice. I’m bigger and stronger, so I highly doubt she’d escape. Or…I could just go the Guerrero/Van Dam way.

    Joey: …you mean? *frowns* You’d get disqualified.

    Punk: Yeah and? It’ll be done quicker.

    Joey: You said you’d rather avoid hurting her.

    Punk: I never said I’d hurt her, I don’t have to do it hard, just get caught.

    Joey: *sighs, shaking his head* Whatever. Are we going to get some lunch or not?

    Punk: Yeah, we can still get lunch, why wouldn’t we?

    Joey: *shrugs* I dunno, just checking. Can we go then? I’m hungry.

    Punk: *sighs* Yeah, let’s go.

    He moves to get up, smiling at Joey, the camera fading out as the two leave to go get lunch.
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    5-27-13 Monday Night Carnage Promos Empty Re: 5-27-13 Monday Night Carnage Promos

    Post  Arella Rayne on Sun Jul 14, 2013 8:59 am

    The camera fades in on a scene that would be familiar almost anywhere; two girls walking down a street together, laughing and talking. One of them has pink and orange hair, bags from various clothing stores in one hand and one with purple and black hair, her phone in one hand as she types something on its touch screen. The purple haired girl is easily recognised as CWA’s Arella Rayne, while the other is her friend Sabrina, who pulls a lollypop out of her mouth with her shopping-free hand.

    Sabrina: So is that your boyfriend your texting?

    Arella: *oblivious of the camera*What? No. He’s not my boyfriend and I doubt he’s ever going to be. The ‘dinner’ he took me out for the other night was a disaster.

    Sabrina: *smiles for a moment before hiding it* Why’s that?

    Arella: Well no matter how much some wish it was, McDonald’s is not somewhere you take a girl for a date. I admit the ice-cream place we went to afterwards was nice, but that still doesn’t fix it.

    Sabrina: *shrugs* I guess not.

    Arella: He wasn’t even that great anyway, he was totally borin- *she freezes when she notices the camera, looking irritated* Hey! What are you doing here? You were supposed to meet up with me later at home!

    Cameraperson: I’m sorry! I just-

    Arella: *cutting them off* Ugh, never mind. You’re here now, so let’s just go.

    The scene fades out, transitioning to an outdoor sitting area, most likely outside the place Arella and Sabrina share. The two girls are now sitting on a chair each, a table with drinks and biscuits between them.

    Sabrina: *after a silence* So you’re going back to work then…?

    Arella: Yeah, they finally remembered I exist after that ladder match the Vixxens had. The fall I had there wasn’t that bad, I would have been fine after maybe two weeks; not…however many it’s been.

    Sabrina: You don’t know?

    Arella: *shrugs* I lost count. And now they’re putting me up against some snobby boy with better looking hair than most of the girls have. Antonio J- I have no idea what his last name is. I just know one of the older guys trained him. That and I don’t like his attitude.

    Sabrina: What attitude?

    Arella: He comes across to me as one of those smart-asses who thinks they deserve everything, when really they don’t. The kind that needs a good punch in the face to make them realise they’re wrong.

    Sabrina: …and you’re going to do that?

    Arella: I’d like to. *she nods* Being in a match with him is the perfect way to do so…and get away with it. *she smirks*

    Sabrina: *giggles* I see. Well you have fun with that.

    Arella: I’m sure I will. It’s not like there’ll be any ladders for me to get shoved off this time. That sucked. I wasn’t expecting it to come from Cody’s dancer either. But whatever, that’s over now and I get to beat up some rich kid.

    Sabrina: He’s rich?

    Arella: *shrugs* I wouldn’t have a clue. But his attitude reminds me of all the snobby rich kids we went to school with.

    Sabrina: He’s like that? *she watches as Arella nods and pulls a face in response* I always hated those kids.

    Arella: *sighs* Yeah…me too.

    She looks off at nothing in particular, an absent-minded expression on her face, likely remembering an experience they had in school.

    Arella: *suddenly looking more eager for the match* Yeah, definitely punching him in the face. With any luck I’ll break his nose. *she grins*

    Sabrina: *looks slightly worried* Right… I think it’s time for you to focus on something else. Want to come play Resident Evil?

    Arella: Oh, yes! Let’s go do that.

    She jumps up from her seat Sabrina following as Arella heads back inside, the red head squealing and laughing as Arella playfully shoves her, the scene fading out.

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    5-27-13 Monday Night Carnage Promos Empty Re: 5-27-13 Monday Night Carnage Promos

    Post  Sheamus on Mon Jul 15, 2013 8:40 am

    Sheamus is seen sitting in a chair, wearing one of his many dress shirts, trousers and a vest and looking as if he’s watching someone who is off camera. He has a smile on his face, which turns into a smirk before he speaks.

    Sheamus: So you’re definitely not joking about this? Yeh haven’t just made it up…?

    The camera slowly zooms out to show Sheamus is watching his brother Keiran, who’s also dressed nicely and is standing at a mirror, attempting to make his hair at least somewhat neater than it normally is; though the effort seems in vain.

    Keiran: No, I didn’t make it up Stephen; I really do have a girlfriend. Which is exactly why I’m inviting yeh to meet her today…

    Sheamus: I know, I know. I’m just joking; I know you wouldn’t make up something like this. *he chuckles as he watches Keiran struggle with his hair* Plus I know yeh wouldn’t even bother tryin’ to fix that mess if you were only jokin’.

    Keiran: *sighs and turns to face Sheamus, giving up on his hair, unable to make it any less curly* I’m still not sure about her…which is why I asked if yeh wanted to come meet her…

    Sheamus: *frowns slightly* …why aren’t yeh sure?

    Keiran: You of all people should know I have trust issues. Especially when it comes to dating…

    Sheamus: Still? *he gets up when Keiran nods* I thought you were over that…

    Keiran: *hesitates before responding* …I was. But then I saw that even people as close as our parents were can stop trustin’ each other.

    Hearing that, Sheamus frowns and steps closer, hugging his brother. Not expecting it, Keiran freezes for a moment before slowly hugging him back.

    Sheamus: I’m sorry…

    Keiran: For what? You didn’t do anything wrong.

    Sheamus: Well not in this case no, but I know it’s been a pain to deal with fer you while I’ve been travelling.

    Keiran: A little *he nods* but I’ll live. *pauses* So… what are yeh up to at work this week?

    Sheamus: Uh… fighting Dia?

    Keiran: Yeh aren’t sure?

    Sheamus: I only briefly checked, my brother distracted me with a phone call while I was findin’ out.

    Keiran: Ah. Sorry about that…

    Sheamus: Don’t be, it’s fine. As long as I can get it done quick. Not a fan of people who mainly focus on submission moves.

    Keiran: *raises an eyebrow* Because of your old injury?

    Sheamus: Uh…yeah. *he frowns* Just like everyone else with past injuries, mine doesn’t go well with those moves. Thankfully, most of them focus on limbs so I should be fine. Then I can go back to worryin’ bout you and spendin’ time with Nolee. *he grins* And she can go back to all that stuff she’s doing, whatever it is.

    Keiran: You don’t know? Don’t you watch the show after your matches?

    Sheamus: I do, I just don’t really care about her ‘issues’ with her friend…or enemy or whatever the hell Punk is to her this week. They confuse me, so I don’t want to know what they’re doing now.

    Keiran: Fair enough. *he turns back to the mirror, suddenly self-conscious now he’s remembered what he was getting ready for* Do I look okay?

    Sheamus: *laughs* You’re fine Keiran, don’t worry. Yeh just need to relax.

    Keiran: *jokingly* Oh, like you when yeh proposed to Nolee?

    Sheamus: *goes quiet, muttering* Oh shut up. Just finish getting ready.

    As the two continue talking, Sheamus eventually moves to sit back down, the camera fading out on the two brothers.

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