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    2-19-13 Monday Night Carnage Promos


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    2-19-13 Monday Night Carnage Promos Empty 2-19-13 Monday Night Carnage Promos

    Post  Admin on Tue Mar 12, 2013 1:10 pm

    Promos Due Here by the 24th of March. That's two weeks on top of the weeks we've had since I posted the promo area. I think ya'll will be fine.
    Carter Lacroix
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    Post  Carter Lacroix on Tue Mar 12, 2013 3:09 pm

    The camera opens up on a video clip of various country music videos as the song "Come On Over" by Shania Twain plays in the background. We open up on a heavyset bald man in a polo that says 92.3 WIL on the top left near the collar and blue jeans holding a microphone that says the same as his polo. The area around him sees to be a country bar but what really matters is who is standing next to him, everyone's favorite Cowboy: Carter Lacroix. Carter's wearing a black muscle shirt, showing off a new tattoo of a tribal looking cross on his right shoulder, and black leather jeans. Instead of a black cowboy hat, he wears a black baseball cap backwards. This shows off ear piercings we somehow never noticed before.

    Man: I'm the "Big Dog" Bo Matthews and welcome to St. Louis Country. We've got a very special guest for you today, CWA Warrior and CEO Carter Lacroix!

    Carter: Thanks for having me Bo! I watch your guy's show every time we're close to St. Louis!

    Bo: Well we got a real nice show for you tonight and you, Carter, just so happen to be our featured artist of the week with your hit single Rough Country.

    Carter: I'm real honored to be the guest but lets hit the dance floor for our first number of the night.

    The camera cuts to the dance floor and Carter shakes Bo's hand, grinning wide.

    Carter: Again, thanks for having me. I'm real proud to be able to represent my company and especially at a place like this. Might get my boot scoot on later!

    Bo: Well grab somethin' to drink and stick around, I'll call for ya when I need ya.

    Carter grabs a Mt. Dew at the bar, turning around to look at the crowd of people, a few who come over for autographs.

    Carter: If you told me a year ago that I would be leading the CWA and be a superstar, I would have asked what kinda beer led to you thinkin' that. Now though *chuckles* now I know that I'm on the right path. Imma better CEO then pops ever was. *he runs his hand through his hair and looks down into his glass* See, in my career I've learned not to pay attention to the things that weight me down. I toss them to the curb. My former tag team partner was weighing me down. Kane, if ya listening, this is the end. One to many times ya compared the road to success I'm on to the road of failure my dad ended up on. I have to much to worry about to add you betraying me to the list.

    He takes off his baseball cap and runs a hand over his head before putting his cap back on. He listens to the music, Eli Young Band's "Even If It Breaks Your Heart", playing and chuckles almost bitterly.

    Carter: Fitting song, considering my opponent for the week. See, this week I ain't gotta worry about Kane. My opponent for the week is one of the companies freshest faced rookies, Dante Westmore. I saw Dante's training tapes when Alex brought them to me to show Dante off. He's real talented and one of the future faces of the company. Problem is, he is fresh faced. I've seen him around the locker room, he expects the best out of everyone. People just don't work that way. The moment you start expecting the best, they'll show you the worst. I mean, he trusts Barrett. We all know how much of an ass Barrett is.

    He takes another drink and smiles, posing for a picture with a gaggle of giggling girls in short party dresses. As they walk off, he shakes his head, realizing that one tried to slip him her number, before he sits back down to continue.

    Carter: So Dante, I know you know I'm talented. I know you know I'm a three time CWA Tag Team Champion. When I was a rookie, I fought against Wade Barrett and Sheamus in a title match for the CWA Championship. I was never going to be any better than I was back then I thought. I was wrong Dante. I'm faster, I'm stronger, I'm all around better. You're still a rookie whose working their way up. Being a rookies not a bad thing. At one point in time, we were all rookies. The more experience you have under your belt, the more of a chance you have at being great one day.

    He hesitates, listening to the song some more. The more he listens to the song, the more contemplative he looks.

    Carter: Being great doesn't happen to all of us though. Some of us, no matter how hard we work for our companies never the the recognition we deserve. It took me years to see that. My dad only went into the Hall of Fame for commentating when he had an impressive career as a wrestler. My boyfriend never achieved the pleasure of being the WWE champion and was only World Heavyweight Champion for three days, barely three days. I've seen some of the best wrestlers in the world reduced to nothing by the people they work with and the companies they work for. So no matter how great you are Dante, you may never shine through. You could work and work for years but never be better than you are now.

    The tone has now changed for the darker, Carter looking a bit sinister when he looks into the camera.

    Carter: I'll always remember out battle, Dante, cuz I always remember all my matches. I'm gonna use you as a stepping stone to show the world I'm 'not just a suit' these days. I'm the same home grown country boy I've always been. Remember out battle, Dante, cuz it's time for you to nut up or shut up. Are you gonna be a face of the company or the one who can never break through because you're in the shadow of a mentor who will always be greater than you. Only you can decide.

    Carter stands as Bo gestures him over. Carter wraps an arm around the big guys shoulders and cracks a smile as the camera fades to black.
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    Post  Dante Westmore on Sat Mar 16, 2013 6:20 am

    The camera fades in on a small horse ranch just outside of St. Louis, the camera zooms on a figure walking towards the barn. The figure stops when he notices the camera and walks towards it, revealing it to be the young CWA rookie Dante Westmore. He is dressed in jeans and a green t-shirt, he smiles shyly before speaking.

    Dante: Wow, I'm surprised you guys managed to find me here... Though I guess it shouldn't really surprise me anymore, you guys seem to be able to show up anywhere a CWA wrestler is at. *chuckles softly* Your Leo right? You did my promo last time right?

    Leo: *nods and smiles* Yeah, it's nice to see you again kid. So may I ask what you’re doing all out here?

    Dante: *smiles* I came out here to ride and clear my head some.

    Leo: You mean after what Wade said to you? Do you believe what he was saying?

    Dante: *rubs the back of his neck* Well I know I don't believe he's right when he said don't trust Alex, Alex has done a lot for me and I don't think he would do anything to hurt me or hold me back. I've been lucky to have Alex looking out for me this whole time and giving me this chance to work for to CWA in the first place.

    Leo: What about the other stuff he said... Do you think that stuff is true?

    Dante: *tilts his head slightly* I... I don't know, I think a lot of it might have been...

    He stops at the sound of thunder, which is followed only a second later by a sudden burst of rain. He and Leo race to the nearby barn, trying not to get wet. Fortunately they make it there quickly and the camera lens is still dry as Leo once again points it at the young rookie.

    Leo: *laughs* Well that was unexpected that’s for sure.

    Dante: *laughs softly and nods* I knew I should have checked the weather today, so is your camera alright?

    Leo: *nods* Yep! Its water proof thought it would be good to have just in case.

    Dante: *smiles* Momma always said it's smart to plan ahead... *looks thoughtful* But I guess it's not always possible. Things can really be thrown into a loop, that's just how life works. *smiles again* But she always said it would always work out even if it's not the way we thought it would.

    Leo: *smiles* You’re a good kid Dante; it's a shame a lot more people aren't like you.

    Dante: *shyly looks away* I'm nothing special... I'm just a normal guy that's lucky enough to be living my dream. Sometimes I wonder how I got to be so lucky, sometimes I wonder if I'm going to wake up and find out it's just a dream. *smiles softly and looks back at the camera* I really am grateful to my opponent for giving me the chance to work for the CWA. Carter could have decided that I wasn't worth the bother to hire or that I wasn't ready to work for a big company.

    Leo: Honestly I think you've proven your more than ready, I see a future champ in you. So do you have any sort of plan for this match? Or will you be like your mentor and just wing it?

    Dante: Honestly I'm still not sure, so much could go wrong if I try and plan for each and everything... But at the same time I believe some planning is required for a match, especially when it's my first time in the ring with him. Honestly I'm really nervous about fighting the boss; I guess who wouldn't be nervous about that though... But there is a part of me that is running through every single thing that could go wrong and I'm scared that I'll mess up... But I can't give a good match if all I am doing is worrying about if I'm going to mess up and not giving the best I can to the fans just would feel like I am cheating them out of what they deserve... And I don't want to be that type of wrestler or man.

    Leo: I don't think you ever could be like that kid, you are a rarity in this business and I believe the CWA is lucky to have you man.

    Dante: *flushes softly* T-Thanks...

    Leo grins and goes to answer before stopping as the sound of rain slowly begins to stop.

    Dante: *smiles shyly* It stopped! *looks out the doorway before grinning* It's a rainbow!

    The camera follows Dante as he hurries outside, high in the clouds a soft rainbow hangs in the clouds.

    Leo: Wow...

    Dante: Momma always said rainbows are supposed to be good luck. *smiles* Maybe I'll have that good luck in my match this week!

    Leo: I'm sure you will. *smiles* Well I think we have enough to make you a good promo kid, hopefully I'll see you later.

    Dante smiles and nods as he waves and gives his goodbyes before the camera turns back to the rainbow in the sky and slowly fades out.

    2-19-13 Monday Night Carnage Promos Triple-Crown-Horse-Barn

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    Post  Alex Shelley on Sat Mar 16, 2013 11:40 pm

    The camera fades in on CWA wrestler Alex Shelley and his Motor City Machinegun partner Chris Sabin as they walk through a backstage area. They are both panting and look like they have just wrestled a match; Alex pauses with a grin to catch his breath before looking at his best friend.

    Alex: That was a great match! I can't believe we're going to get a title shot at the Ring of Honor tag titles!

    Chris: *grins* I know! You've been having a pretty epic luck man, you and me are going for the tag titles again and Casey said yes when you asked him to marry you!

    Alex: *smiles happily* I know! I still can't believe it Chris, I just feel so happy and I'm so excited. He said yes! We're going to get married!

    Chris: *hugs his best friend* So are you guys going to wait a while before getting married? Or are you guys planning on doing it really soon?

    Alex: I don't know yet, we're talking about waiting for a little while. We both has a lot going on work wise and I think we should just take time to let everything just settle in and enjoy being engaged.

    Chris: *nods before grinning* Lex, come on I have a surprise for you.

    Chris hurries a curious Alex back to their locker room before opening the door and revealing many of Alex's friends from TNA and ROH and a banner that says "CONGRATULATIONS ALEX AND CASEY!" Alex grins and hugs Chris before hugging Petey as he walks over. Among the group are friends like AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, James Storm, Jimmy Jacobs and even a few guys from WWE like Seth Rollins and Evan Bourne. Alex greets all his friends before looking around for Casey.

    Alex: Where's Casey at?

    Petey: Angel went to pick him and your rookie up, there is some traffic holding them back though.

    Chris: I'm sure they'll be here soon Lex. *smiles reassuringly*

    Alex nods and starts to smile before freezing when he sees Austin Aries stroll into the room.

    Austin: *smirks* Well hello there Lexie... I see congratulations are in order Lexie...

    Alex: Get the hell out Austin. *grits his teeth slightly*

    Austin: *fakes a pout* But why Lexie? *smirks as Petey has to hold Chris from attacking* Maybe I can have a private word with Casey...

    Austin stops as Alex lunges at him and holds him to the wall with a loud growl.

    Alex: You will stay the hell away from Casey! I don't even want to hear about you being in the same city as him! You don't even think about him! Or I will make you regret you were born! I mean it Austin! I am never letting you hurt him!

    Austin: *hisses* This isn't over Alex...

    Alex: It is over or I will make damn sure you regret it!

    Before Austin can say or do anything Alex drags him to the door of the locker room and throws him out on his ass. After Alex slams the door shut and slowly turns around, the room is quiet for a few moments before a slow clapping is heard and everyone starts to join in. Chris grins as he goes over and hugs him.

    Chris: Lex that was awesome! I've never seen you stand up to him before.

    Alex: *rubs the back of his neck* I just got so pissed that he would even talk about Casey... I would never let him even think he's getting near Casey after the hell he put me through...

    Chris: Well I'm proud of you Lex, we all are.

    Alex: *gives a small smile* Thanks...

    Petey: *smiles* Angel says it's probably going to be another fifteen minutes until they get here.

    Chris: *nods* Well since we have time to wait why don't you tell me who you’re fighting this week in the CWA?

    Alex: *nods with a small grin* I have to fight Wade this week...

    Chris: *laughs* After he tried to turn your rookie against you? Do you think that Dante believed him?

    Alex: *smiles as he shakes his head no* No not at all, Dante knows I wouldn't try to hurt him like that. He's a good kid and I'm happy to see him starting to make a name for himself in this business, I was in his shoes once and I want to make sure he gets the shot he deserves. I mean none of us would be here if something didn't take a chance on us and help us get started. I'm happy to help him and I'm glad he knows that. I think Wade was just trying to throw him a little off his game.

    Chris: *nods* Wade does seem to like to do that doesn't he... So do you have a plan? *grins* Or you going to wing most of it like always?

    Alex: *laughs* Chris do you really need to ask that? You know me well enough to know that even when I make plans they end up thrown out the moment the match starts.

    Petey: *laughs* He's right Chris.

    Chris: *smiles* I know, I know... *is quiet for a few moments before asking* Is Dante okay with Wade wanting this feud? I mean the first time he was in the ring with Wade... Wade was out to hurt him, I mean you had to go out there and save him...

    Alex: I think he's okay with it, I mean he's nervous... But I think he's up for it and it might be the best way for him to prove himself to the people that doubt him. I swear if Wade tries to hurt or get him injured I will kick his ass. I know stuff happens and sometimes it can't be helped, but if he does it deliberately I will make him pay...

    Chris smiles and goes to say something when Angel enters with Casey and Dante, Alex grins and rushes over to Casey. He gives him a gentle kiss before wrapping his arm around his shoulders and leading him over to meet some of the others. The camera stays on the two for half a minute before slowly fading out to black.


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    Post  Admin on Thu Mar 21, 2013 12:47 am

    The camera opens up on the living room of the Lacroix-Farrelly household. Nolee sits in a purple t-shirt that has a Pop Art style Cruella Deville on it and a pair of Tinkerbelle flannel pajama pants. She has a bowl of popcorn on the table next to a glass of Guinness. She looks around the corner and calls out.

    Nolee: Shea baby, they're giving away the Oscar for best supporting actor!

    Hearing her call out, Sheamus comes into the room carry a glass of his own wearing plain, black pyjama pants and his CWA shirt.

    Sheamus: *as he sits down* Oh, they are?

    Nolee smiles and curls into his side as they sit together.

    Nolee: Uh-huh. I totally bet you that Christoph Waltz wins it for Django Unchained.

    Sheamus: *smiles and wraps an arm around her* What makes yeh think that?

    Nolee: We saw Django. Christoph Waltz was really good in that movie. What do you think Mr. Movie Buff?

    Sheamus: *shrugs* I dunno, he has a pretty good chance I guess.

    Nolee: C'mon you’re the one who wanted to watch these things in the first place. Who do you think is gonna win?

    Sheamus: Well De Niro’s usually pretty good, but Waltz has a good chance of winning.

    Nolee: C'mon, you only say DeNiro because you love mafia movies. *sticks out her tongue*

    Sheamus: *chuckles* So? What’s wrong with that?

    Nolee: Did you even see Silver Linings Playbook that he was in?

    Sheamus: No… That’s why I said Waltz has a good chance.

    Nolee: Just like we have a chance of being the CWA Tag Champs?

    Sheamus: Uh…I guess so, yeah. *he smiles and nods*

    Nolee watches as Christoph Waltz is named the winner and she grins.

    Nolee: See! *smiles* Anyways, do you have a match this week?

    Sheamus: *pauses to think about it* I don’t think I do, why?

    Nolee: Oh, cuz I'm fighting Vi. I was wondering if you'd be in my corner since she'll have Cody in hers.

    Sheamus: You're sure she'll have him there?

    Nolee: If she doesn't, I'll honestly be shocked. She seems to have taken a turn to the dark side.

    Sheamus: *frowns slightly before nodding* I guess she sort of has... Why though?

    Nolee: Because everyone does or will. I went through a dark point, you'll go through one. *kisses his cheek* It's just natural.

    Sheamus: I guess so. So yeh would prefer I'm there then?

    Nolee: I always prefer you to be around then not. I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone. *hopes he catches the line from the movie, playing this sort of game slowly becoming one of her favorite things to do with him.*

    Recognizing the quote, Sheamus can’t help but grin.

    Sheamus: Oh really? Well in that case… If by my life or death I can protect you, I will. *he smirks* Of course I’ll go out there with yeh, why wouldn’t I?

    Nolee giggles and lays her head on his shoulder.

    Nolee: Well what strategy do you recommend?

    Sheamus: Well don’t get distracted worryin’ about Rhodes for starters, I’ll take care of him if he tries anythin’.

    Nolee: Don't forget that he's a friend...

    Sheamus: Don’t worry, I know. I wouldn’t want to hurt him too bad anyway considering he helps Carter…

    Nolee: Carter's...well...he's different...

    Sheamus: I noticed...what was with the Kane thing?

    Nolee: Carter doesn't think that he deserves to be treated like he'll turn into dad.

    Sheamus: *raises an eyebrow* Who treats him like that?

    Nolee: He thinks Kane does. *frowns*

    Sheamus: He doesn’t though, does he…?

    Nolee doesn't answer at first.

    Nolee: Course not...

    Sheamus: *frowns, looking a little worried* Do you think he’ll turn out like Jerry…?

    Nolee: I can't worry about that at the moment. I have to worry about Vitani...

    Sheamus: *nods, kissing her head* Right, sorry...

    Nolee: So, any advice for fighting Vi?

    Sheamus: Uh...that's a little hard when I've never really fought her myself. I guess though like any other high flyer, keep her grounded.

    Nolee: Just keep her grounded? Or are there other things? I'm forgetting how to fight a high flyer who actually is talented after fighting Alex.

    Sheamus: *tries not to laugh* Well that's the main thing. It helps to wear 'em down as much as possible. A lot of the heels in the business focus on attackin' their knees or ankles...

    Nolee: Takin' down Vi's legs would help...

    Sheamus: It would help stop her using a lot of her moves. *he nods*

    Nolee: It stops her from kicking and landing her finisher.

    Sheamus: It does. It leaves yeh with a pretty big advantage if that works out.

    Nolee: It does. She's a lesser Vixxen.

    Sheamus: You don't think she's as good?

    Nolee: As me? Shea, baby, no one's as good as me.

    Sheamus: True... *adds jokingly* they haven't been taught anythin' by me like you have. *smirks*

    Nolee: You've taught me how to handle myself. I appreciate that.

    Sheamus: Yeh already could though; I just helped teach yeh another way to do so.

    Nolee: I'm so much stronger with your help. *smiles*

    Sheamus: *smiles and nods* It always helps to learn what yeh can from others.

    Nolee: *smiles* I'll stop Vi from being the winner.

    Sheamus: Just don’t make the mistake of being too over-confident, alright?

    Nolee: Me? Over confident? Never.

    Sheamus: Just be careful... It's better than ending up hurt.

    Nolee: I promise I won't get hurt. *smiles*

    Sheamus: Good. *hugs her close with one arm*

    Nolee scoots closer, giving him playful eyes.

    Nolee: How about we shut off the camera?

    Sheamus: *grins* We could do that...

    Nolee smiles and shuts off the camera.

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    Post  Christian on Thu Mar 21, 2013 4:09 am

    The camera fades in on a small hotel room, as the camera moves in closer it shows Christian laying on one of the beds. He looks very flushed and tissues litter the blanket he is laying under. Edge is sitting on the other bed in the room; he looks a little worried and is holding a thermometer in his hands. He lets out a sigh as he looks at Christian before putting the thermometer on the bedside table.

    Edge: Jay... Your fever went up again... You should really let me call Carter; I think he'd like to at least know you’re sick...

    Christian: *sounding stuffed up* No Addy... He has way too much work; I don't want to distract him... Besides I'm fine... *lets out a loud sneeze*

    Edge: *sighs and shakes his head* Jay-Jay the thermometer says it's almost over a hundred...

    Christian: I'm fine... Just need more sleep and cold medicine...

    Edge: You should at least let me tell Carter or Cody that you’re not well enough for your match Jay...

    Christian: No Adam... I'll be fine by the show... *lets out a soft cough before reaching for another tissue*

    Edge: Jay it’s clear you’re really sick! I think we should just...

    Christian: Addy... I can't just back out of a match... I can't have everyone in the back thinking I'm getting special treatment because... *stops*

    Edge: Because of what Jay-Jay?

    Christian: *sighs and turns on his side* Because I'm in a relationship with Carter...

    Edge: You mean someone has been saying behind your back that you’re with Carter because he's the boss!

    Christian: Yeah... And it wasn't to my back... They said it to my face, also said if Carter wasn't the boss I would be just a jobber...

    Edge: Who the hell said that to you! I am going to kill whoever it was!

    Christian: It was just some backstage guy... I was leaving to head home after eating lunch with Carter in his office and was almost to the elevator, the guy was rushing down the hallway and he got mad when I didn't get out of his way fast enough... *pauses as he sneezes once again* Start to rant at me... Said that's what everyone has been thinking...

    Edge: *shakes his head angrily* Have you told Carter? I mean how dare he say that crap that to you! It's uncalled for!

    Christian: No I haven’t told him... And I'm not telling him...

    Edge: *gets up and paces* Jay! Why not? Your boyfriend should know about this...

    Christian: *sighs and turns back to his back* Adam he can't know about this... He'd probably get mad and fire the guy and then people will just think everything that guy said was true... And I don't want that, I'm with Carter because I love him deeply and I worked hard for the spot I have here in the CWA...

    Edge: *sits down on the bed next to Christian* Of course you have Jay-Jay, your one of the hardest workers out there. I hate that people never seem to see that... *gently messes up his hair with a small smile* I'm going to get a cool washcloth for your forehead, see if we can get the fever down again.

    Edge gets up and goes into the bathroom and returns moments later with a damp washcloth; he sits back by Christian and puts it on his forehead.

    Edge: So if your well enough... *shots Christian a look as he tries to protest* If your well enough Jay, who are you supposed to fight this week?

    Christian: I think Mariana... *coughs a little harder than last time*

    Edge: *nods before looking worried again at the cough* She lost to Wade at the pay-per-view didn't she?

    Christian: Yeah... She hasn't been showing up often to the shows the last few months... So I'm not sure anymore what type of match to expect this week...

    Edge: *interrupts him* If your even able to fight this week...

    Christian: *sighs* Fine if I'm able... I'm still not sure what to expect at all... I guess that makes it more interesting. *closes his eyes for a second* I just hope I'm just rusty from being sick... I want have a good match...

    Edge: *smiles softly* I'm sure you'll have a great match Jay, but only if your well enough okay?

    Christian: Okay Addy... *blows his nose before groaning softly*

    Edge: *looks serious* And if we can't get this fever down I'm calling Carter to take you to the hospital, do you understand Jay?

    Christian: *sighs before finally giving in and nods* Yes Addy... I understand.

    Edge: *smiles* Good, how about you get some sleep Jay-Jay.

    Christian nods tiredly before slowly closing his eyes, Edge smiles as he watches his best friend fall asleep. He gets up and slowly starting to clean the tissues off the bed and getting the things he'll need ready for when Jay wakes up again. As he carries an empty glass the bathroom the camera decides to slowly fade out from the scene.

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    Post  Wade Barrett on Mon Mar 25, 2013 11:23 am

    2-19-13 Monday Night Carnage Promos FoxTheatreHouse

    We hear clapping and laughter as the camera comes up on a gorgeous theather. The walls are a bronzish gold and are decorated with beautiful, gothic embellishments. However, the best looking thing in the theater is the chandelier that hands from the center of the ceiling. We recognize ourselves as high up in a private box, the person we came here to see coming into view: Wade Barrett. He's dressed in a black tuxedo with red tie, facial hair thick as ever, and hair parted down the center. He rolls his eyes, looking rather annoyed.

    Wade: I can't get any bloody alone time, can I?

    Luther: Sorry man, they needed the promo. *looks around* Nice place.

    Wade: My dear boy, this is a bloody beautiful place. It's one of the nicest places in this abysmal city. *smiles* A true place of high culture.

    Luther: What did you see?

    Wade: *chuckles* A very uncultured show called The Book of Mormon. It was exactly the sort of show you can expect from Trey Parker and Matt Stone; crude and vulgar. It certainly was worth the Tony award it won.

    Luther: You don't strike me as the "crude humor" type.

    Wade: You've got to be joking me. Have you ever heard of Monty Python or Red Dwarf? So very vulgar yet so very funny.

    Luther: Speaking of vulgar, whose your opponent for the week?

    Wade: *gives Luther and odd and cold look* Tell me how that has anything to do with being vulgar! My fighting style is brilliant!

    Luther: Woah, take it easy big guy! I thought you'd tie in being vulgar to Alex Shelley.

    Wade: *calms down* Oh, that's what you meant. Shelley is a vulgar man, isn't he? With his comedic sense and speech, he fits right into a world like the one in The Book of Mormon. *smiles* You know, as vulgar as the show is, the overall message is one that everyone can relate to.

    Luther: Oh? And what would that be?

    Wade: That no matter who we are, what we believe in, and what nationality we are; tolerance is key to being a human being. *smiles* Fitting really. Alex nor I tolerate each other very much. He seems to think I'm trying to win over his rookie.

    Luther: *raises an eyebrow* You're not?

    Wade: No, what I'm doing is what I wish someone would have done for me when I was a rookie on NXT. I'm giving him advice and the first piece of advice that I would have loved to have received.

    Luther: And what's that?

    Wade: No one is really your friend and the one who will be the quickest to turn their backs on you is your mentor. Either you'll forever stand in the shadow of your mentor and keep him happy or strike out on your own and make yourself happy. Dante's going to have to make a choice, all rookies do.

    Luther: You two were trained by two different types of mentors. You had Jericho who has always been a loose cannon whose our for himself when it all boils down while Alex is all about helping others.

    Wade: Jericho at least didn't bother to hide what he wants. He's not a coward like Alex. Alex will hide behind a mask of friendship as long as he can get away with it.

    Wade pushes open the door as he and Luther walk out of the building, a limo waiting for the two men. Wade opens the door and ushers Luther in first before he himself gets in.

    Wade: Can I offer you some Dom Peignoir or some thing else to drink?

    Luther: Got any Coors?

    Wade: No, I'm afraid I do not.

    Wade pours himself a rather large glass of wine, possibly giving away how he's been for the last few months since his break up.

    Wade: So I assume you want to know how I plan on dealing with everyone's favorite high flyer?

    Luther: Only if you feel like telling me. *shrugs*

    Wade: *takes a drink* I assure you that I have nothing planned that I wouldn't normally have planned. I'm going to break him in half. I've been revisiting my bare knuckle skills. The match is the perfect opportunity to show Alex that I have nothing against him. I don't dislike him or anything, no more so than I dislike everyone else that is. Alex is actually talented for a high flyer. I just want to show everyone I'm still the same Wade Barrett that they love to hate.

    Luther: Any plans for the future?

    Wade: No, no. I enjoy seeing the CWA Championship battle between former friends. And the Five Nations Championship is below me. Being CWA Tag Team Champions with Drew is where I want to be. Maybe after we defeat Sheamus and Nolee, Alex and Dante will be next on our list. *smiles*

    Luther: You seem confident about that.

    Wade: Oh I am. But that, my friend, is a story for another time. Lets shut off the camera, I want some shut eye.

    The camera fades out on the rowdy Englishman staring out the window at the beautiful city of St. Louis.
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    2-19-13 Monday Night Carnage Promos Empty Re: 2-19-13 Monday Night Carnage Promos

    Post  Antonio Jacinto on Tue Mar 26, 2013 1:47 pm

    We get a taste of Little Italy in Missouri when we up on Gelato Di Riso on The Hill. Couples sit around drinking coffee and eating gelato, a form of ice cream. Near the back of the resteraunt sits Antonio Jacinto, Jessie Turner, Lucas Turner, and Jack Swagger.

    Jess: The gelato here is soooo good.

    Antonio: What kind did you get?

    Jess: Dulce de leche.

    Jack: Tiramisu.

    Lucas: Mente Verde.

    Antonio: Mente verde?

    Jess: It's mint chocolate chip, you think the Spanish speaker would have known that.

    Antonio: *playfully shoves at her* You are a tard.

    Jess: But you love me!

    Lucas: Young love, there's nothing more sickening is there Jack?

    Jack: Nothing at all. *chuckles* I have to thank you for recruiting me to team "Let's Kick Christian's Ass". I had a fun return.

    Antonio: Yeah, well, he was bringing Edge and Rhyno. I couldn't just let that happen. I had to bring my group. I'm actually looking forward to getting a real match with Christian.

    Lucas: Really?

    Antonio: *laughs* No, he's not worth my time! They need to start recognizing me as the fighter I am in this company. I've already gotten offers from ROH, TNA, and WWE to join their rosters.

    Jack: I wouldn't join the WWE, we're currently using pretty boys like you for Ryback fodder.

    Lucas: And you don't want to go to ROH because only second rate stars go or work there.

    Antonio: Fine, fine. I'll stay with the CWA.

    Jack: So who are you fighting at the next show? I don't have a match this week but I hear i"m being brought in to fight semi-half time. At least that's what the guy who rehired me said.

    Antonio: *takes a sip of his espresso* Kane.

    The trio of his friends grow silent and share looks between each other that mean they are unaware how to take the news before they break into laughter.

    Jess: You''re joking right?!

    Lucas: Course he is!

    Antonio: No, no I'm not. Kane is...Jack what's so funny?

    Jack: You are sooo not ready for Kane.

    Antonio: I'm ready for Kane. He's tought, yeah, but it's a challenge. I'm always open for new challenges. He's a lot bigger and a lot meaner than anyone I've ever fought. I figure that I have to learn to fight the monsters sometime, right?

    There is a silence that falls across the table, the friend looking at one another before looking back at Antonio.

    Lucas: *the first to break the silence* I think it's a great idea.

    Jess: What!?

    Lucas: The sooner Antonio fights "the monsters" as he put it, the sooner he can learn his moves. It's a brilliant strategy.

    Jack: He'll be fine. *smiles* Want me to come out just in case Tony?

    Antonio: I can handle Kane on my own. He has to catch me to hurt me, right?

    Jess: Yeah and when he catches ya, he'll kill ya!

    Antonio: That's a risk I've gotta take love. Now c'mon, there's a mall somewhere in this town and I have to get new under armor for the ring.

    The camera fades as the four friends get up to leave, Antonio and Jess arm in arm.

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    Post  Vitani on Fri Mar 29, 2013 7:54 am

    Deep in the ocean, dead and cast away
    Where innocence is burned in flames
    A million mile from home, I'm walking ahead
    I'm frozen to the bones, I am...

    A soldier on my own, I don't know the way
    I'm riding up the heights of shame
    I'm waiting for the call, the hand on the chest
    I'm ready for the fight, and fate.

    As the scene fades in, the song ‘Iron’ by Woodkid can be heard playing as a woman dances alone to the song in a studio. Despite the dim light, the woman can be recognised as Vitani Summers by the familiar setting and movements. She’s wearing a purple skirted leotard and grey leggings and ballet flats, her hair tied back with a purple bow.

    The sound of iron shots is stuck in my head,
    The thunder of the drums dictates
    The rhythm of the falls, the number of dead's
    The rising of the horns, ahead

    From the dawn of time to the end of days
    I will have to run, away
    I want to feel the pain and the bitter taste
    Of the blood on my lips, again

    Though the movements have Vitani’s usual gracefulness in them, there is still something slightly different about the way she moves, almost as if a fire has been lit within her; more power noticeable in her movements than there has been in the past. The dance itself is her usual mix between ballet and ‘hip hop’ style moves, in a way representing the two sides of the Vixxen, the dancer and the fighter.

    This deadly burst of snow is burning my hands,
    I'm frozen to the bones, I am
    A million mile from home, I'm walking away
    I can't remind your eyes, your face.

    As the song fades out, Vitani comes to a stop, standing still for a few seconds to catch her breath before slowly lifting her head to look at the camera, her voice quiet, but clear as she speaks.

    Vitani: People seem to all think I’ve fallen to the ‘dark side’, that I have become ‘evil’. That is not true. While I have done things I normally wouldn’t have, were they really actions that define me as one of the heels? Yes I pushed Arella off the ladder, but who wouldn’t have in my situation? I may not have showed concern for her at the time, but I did speak to her afterwards, it was simply off camera. Yes Cody helped me win the ladder match, but all he did was grab Nolee’s arm, it’s not like he rushed in to beat anyone up for me like a heel would have done. All I did was use the no disqualification ruling to my advantage, without being cruel or truly violent towards anyone. If I were a heel, I’d have gone out of my way to hurt Arella, I would have told Cody to attack his childhood friend. I also would have said a lot worse about Alex Shelley when I fought him. Truth is though, off camera I still consider him a good friend; on camera though I just want to stop people assuming I’m weak because I’m more gentle than others, or because I never insult others. It bothers me that instead of getting respect for my kindness, I’m labeled as ‘weak’ or ‘too soft’ and that I have to change to stop that.

    She rolls her eyes, shaking her head.

    Vitani: I refuse to stoop to the level which some have gone to gain attention; turning on friends in a way where the lines between real life and storyline are so blurred, they probably can’t even tell for themselves if they really hate a person or not. While I admit it is actually kind of fun trying out something different, what I say isn’t generally what I think off camera, like with Alex. I don’t really think he’s bad or anything, but in order to get ahead of my opponents, it seems I have to create doubt, to insult their skills…being my usual, overly-kind self only got me laughed at.

    The Vixxen absent-mindedly reaches a hand up, playing with a silver earring as she continues.

    Vitani: Not surprisingly, I’m up against Nolee this week after the whole ladder match issue. While I’m glad she didn’t make a big deal of it like I thought she would, I’m still not so happy that Nolee of all people is saying I fell to the ‘dark side’. She’s never really been on what we’d consider the ‘light’ side, so what gives her the right to say who sits where?

    Shrugging her shoulders, Vitani takes a few steps before stretching, yawning a little.

    Vitani: Regardless of what she thinks though, I plan on coming to the ring and having a good match with her, even if she assumes Cody and I are the ones who’ll try and take advantage… Nolee’s used Sheamus to win matches plenty of times, so she really has no right to accuse me of planning such a thing. If Cody comes out with me, it would be to make sure they don’t cheat. I’d prefer it though if we were able to have a fair match without the boys getting involved, but I guess I’ll just have to go with it if Nolee wants to turn this into a brawl.

    Glancing at a clock on the wall, Vitani sighs quietly, brushing a bit of hair off her face.

    Vitani: I have to go meet Cody and his friend, so if you want to know more about my plans, you’ll just have to wait and see; I have more important things to do than explain them all to you right now.

    She flashes a smile and waves at the camera before turning to walk away from the camera as the scene fades out.
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    Post  Justin Gabriel on Thu Apr 04, 2013 9:33 am

    The scene fades in to show Justin Gabriel sitting curled up against Heath Slater on a couch in the living room of the house they share. Heath is wearing a ‘One Man Band’ shirt and jeans, Justin wearing a Jeff Hardy hoodie over an orange t-shirt. Heath has one arm around the South African, who looks to be half asleep.

    Justin: *mumbles* …sucks.

    Heath: *looks down at him, raising an eyebrow* What sucks?

    Justin: That I have to go away for work again tomorrow, we rarely get time at home like this…

    Heath: *sighs, running his fingers through Justin’s hair, brushing it off his face* I know, at least I’ll be able to come with ya for this show though.

    Justin: *opens his eyes and sits up to look at Heath with a small smile* True, that is always a plus side to going away.

    Heath: *nods* You were fighting one of the Vixxens, yeah?

    Justin: Yeah Dia…I’m not really sure how I feel about this match; she’s been very different lately with the whole Punk thing going on. I haven’t spoken to her at all so I’m not sure if she’s only different towards Punk or if it’s everyone, so I’m not sure how she’ll be in the match…

    Heath: Well she has no reason to be mean to you at all, so you’d hope she’s still her usual self for this match.

    Justin: Hopefully… *he nods* Only most people just start aiming their frustrations at everybody they fight. Won’t be able to tell how she’ll be until I’m in the ring with her, so I’m going to have to be careful.

    Heath: That’s always a good idea Angel *he kisses Justin’s head* …so are ya gonna win?

    Justin: *smiles* Well I’d like to, but I guess we’ll see. It depends on the attitude Dia comes to the ring with, I’ve never had the greatest record with fighting the girls so I’m not sure how I’ll do against her different attitude; it might make things worse for me, but it might help by allowing me to fight how I would against the other guys. *he shrugs* Not that I have anything against the Vixxens obviously; women are just naturally lighter and have a different kind of strength about them so it makes the whole thing different.

    Heath: *nods* I can understand that…even if I’ve never really fought one myself. *he grins* Don’t worry though, either way I’ll be there to cheer for ya.

    Justin: *chuckles* I know you will. *he leans closer to hug Heath* …so did you want to go out for dinner or stay here before heading out tomorrow?

    Heath: *after a brief silence where he thinks about it* I think I’d rather stay here, have a nice quiet night in…naw mean? *he smirks*

    Justin: Alright then, *he smiles before getting up pulling on Heath’s hand* Come on, come help me pick what we’re having for dinner then.

    With a grin, Heath nods and gets up; Justin leading him from the room as the camera fades out.
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    We open up on something that looks like an African wild, several animals lounging about at this section of the zoo in St. Louis. A family is posing for a picture but they aren't just any family; it's Dia Banks and her crew. Dia is dressed in one of her black "Punk Is Dead" shirts with blue jean shorts and tennis shoes standing in the middle of the group. In front of her kneeling down is Louis, dressed in a shirt that has the logo for the St. Louis Zoo on it as well as a pair of blue basketball jeans. Next to Dia with his arm around her is her loving fiance, Colt Cabana. Colt is wearing a shirt that has the Pepsi logo on it and says "Got Punk?" underneath it as well as a pair of black shorts. The three look happy but there is tension in the way that Dia and Colt hold onto each others arms. Taking the picture is Dia's newest friend and current manager: Paul Hayman. He's dressed in his usual suit, obviously not fitting for this sort of place.

    Paul: All set to go, champ.

    Louis: *crossing his arms* Mama's not champ, meanie.

    Dia: He's not calling me champ to be mean to me, Louis. He's calling me champ because that's what I am, a future champion.

    Louis: You not futwe champion, Uncle Punk gonna keep it. Uncle Punk the longest waining champion in CWA histowy.

    Dia looks a bit annoyed that her son thinks that and she looks over at Colt.

    Dia: *sarcastically* Geez, I wonder who taught him that little bit of information...

    Colt: If he's going to be a fan of the company, I'm going to teach him what he needs to know. That just so happens to be what he needs to know Dia.

    Dia: Yeah and doubting his mother is an oh-so-wonderful quaility...

    There is an awkward pause as Paul looks at the two who stop bickering like children. Colt sighs and runs a hand through his hair, obviously torn between his best friend and his fiance.

    Colt: Why don't I take Louis over to that cart and get some ice cream for us all?

    Paul: I think that would be best Mr. Cabana.

    Colt rolls his eyes and takes Louis' hand, walking over to an ice cream cart while Dia turns around to look into the cage of the jaguar next to her. For a moment she feels like she's doing the wrong thing, evident by the look in her eyes. When Paul puts a hand on her shoulder though, she instantly changes personalities. This shows that perhaps the old Dia is stuck inside of this new Dia who is relying solely on the advice and wisdom of Paul Hayman.

    Paul: So lets put aside that good for nothing Punk for a moment. Who are you fighting?

    Dia: Justin Gabriel. Justin's actually one of my favorite opponents to fight. He's a high flyer who has so much talent. WWE really missed out when he left.

    Paul: Justin's a pansy. He hardly ever beats the girls. I don't see why you would look up to someone to fight like that. You're much better than he could ever hope of being.

    Dia: *trying to act on Paul's word* Well of course I'm better than he is. I never said I wasn't. I'm stronger than he is and I'm quicker in that ring. Plus all my moves are used to hurt someone. Justin's to weak to ever hurt someone. He cares way to much. That's his whole problem, caring.

    Paul: And you don't care?

    Dia: There was a point in time where I did, where I thought that caring about my opponent would earn me extra brownie points in the match. I know the truth. There's a song by Green Day "Nice Guys Finish Last". I can't be a nice guy anymore. I can't sit by and know I'm much more talented while my opponents are coasting by on their popularity. I'm sick of being that girl who has to hear about how much better everyone else is and when my name is brought up I get "Oh she's pretty good too". I should be the one everyone's talking about. Gabriel's another pretty face who doesn't belong as a wrestler and should go back to being a model.

    There are remnants of tears in her eyes and Dia looks like she doesn't mean a word of it but that's good enough for Paul.

    Paul: So, tell me champ, which move of yours do you plan on using to bring down the boy?

    Dia: I'm thinking the Diamond Cutter. A common move for a common problem.

    Colt overhears everything that's being said and the camera fades out on the disappointed look on his and Louis' face.
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    Post  CM Punk on Mon Apr 08, 2013 10:05 am

    The scene fades in on an area set up for a wrestling show, the decoration showing that it’s a Ring of Honor show. A confused silence falls over the crowd; an eerie musical sound heard playing throughout the area, followed by a male screaming in place of any theme song the fans in the crowd are familiar with. The male voice then begins singing the opening lyrics of a song in a rough, angry sounding voice.

    Leave me alone and set the poet free
    You're only blood and bones
    You look like coffins to me

    Lies, that's what you're made of
    Filth, that's what you're made of
    Greed, that's what you're made of
    And my voice is the one that you're afraid of…

    There is a brief instrumental break in the song, the crowd both cheering and booing loudly when they recognise man who walks out as the former ROH star and current CWA champion, CM Punk. As the music continues, he makes his way through the crowd, heading to the ring, a scowl on his face. He pauses by the steel stairs to snap at a fan who insults him before climbing into the ring, grabbing a microphone out of the ring announcer’s hands. As he waits for the music to stop, he looks over the crowd, glaring at them. He’s wearing a pair of worn jeans and a dark shirt with the words ‘Punk’s NOT dead’ on it, wearing his usual wrist tape with hand drawn X’s on each hand. Instead of waiting for the crowd to be silent like others would, Punk raises the microphone to his mouth, shouting into it.

    Punk: Shut it! It’s my turn to make some noise now, so you’ll all be quiet and show some damn respect and let me speak, considering I even bothered showing up here for you at all.

    Members of the crowd boo and Punk simply rolls his eyes and shakes his head at them before continuing.

    Punk: You boo me when I take time out of my already busy schedule to come here? I’m surprised there are still people who bother performing for you miserable people. Yes I’m in a bad mood, but I have every right to be. One of my best friends is working with the man who helped get me to where I am today to bring me down. She threw our match and stole my CWA Championship and apparently it’s all been Paul Heyman’s idea, despite the fact that if it weren’t for him, I would probably still be stuck here in this place. If Heyman hadn’t picked me to be a part of ECW when he did, I never would have gotten anywhere in the WWE, meaning I probably wouldn’t have become CWA champ, because I’d probably still be considered a rookie.

    He starts pacing in the ring, looking angry.

    Punk: Who the hell are you supposed to trust when your mentor and someone who may as well be family turn on you? It was bad enough I was lied to by that blond Diva, yet they go and do this. It wouldn’t surprise me now if someone else like Colt Cabana or even my boss Carter Lacroix decided to turn against me next. I mean, who the fu-

    He forces himself to stop and stands still taking a breath to calm himself down.

    Punk: Whatever…that’s not what I should be worrying about. Drew McIntyre is, well…sort of. I’m not sure what happened to that guy, the WWE pretty much ruined him, like they do to so many talented people. I remember he debuted, beat up Matt Hardy a bit, won tag titles with Cody and had the Intercontinental Championship and a feud with John Morrison…then his career pretty much went downhill from there. *he shakes his head* Yeah I know he’s done alright since coming here; he’s fought Sheamus and won some tag titles, along with the Five Nations belt, but I feel like he’s missing something…like he could be so much more. It’s a shame really. But it’s not my career, nor my choice on what happens in his career, so I’m just going to go and do what I do best: win.

    He smirks ignoring the fact that some of the fans are booing.

    Punk: What’s your problem, have none of you even seen how long I’ve been the CWA Champion for? All I’m doing is pointing out what’s true. The sooner you all admit I am the Best in the World, the better.

    Dropping the microphone, Punk turns and gets out of the ring, the song from earlier continuing as he heads backstage and the scene fades out.

    They tried to chase me
    And exceed tried to take me
    When you need me
    Tried their best to prove me wrong
    Now better part of me is gone

    Welcome to the end
    I'll show you where I stand
    If you don't wanna pretend
    Be my enemy
    Take my peace of mind
    There is no wrong and right
    When the world is blind

    Welcome to the end
    I'll show you where I stand
    If you don't wanna pretend
    Be my enemy
    Feel my biggest fear
    Before they all disappear
    Why would I care when the end is near?

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