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    12-24-12 Monday Night Carnage results


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    12-24-12 Monday Night Carnage results Empty 12-24-12 Monday Night Carnage results

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    Instead of the theme song of the show, or even a theme that would have been used for a pay-per-view, we hear a rock version of the song "Rocking Around The Christmas Tree". We scan to the announcers table to see James Chapel and Val Venis sitting ringside, their cheer evident by the way they are dressed. Val is wearing a Santa hat and a red shirt with ‘Ho! Ho! Ho!’ written on it in green festive lettering. Next to him sits James, wearing a green and red elf hat and ears with a black shirt that says Bah Humbug on it in green letters with red accents.

    James: Welcome to the last show of the 2012 year: the CWA Christmas Extravaganza!

    Val: That's right James and what a festive main event we have for you tonight!

    James: That's right Val, in our main event we have the four Vixxens vying for a shot at Dia Bank's for her Vixxens Championship. This could either be at Painful Resolutions or, if Dia loses her match that night, the Vixxen will be awarded with the championship! The match is simple: a single Vixxen must grab the wreath hanging above the ring that has the contract attached. That contract assures that the Vixxens Championship will either be fought for or awarded to that Vixxen.

    Val: That's not all we have! Tonight Carter Lacroix and Kane face our Vixxen and Superstar of the Year, Dia Banks and CM Punk.

    James: Let’s get underway with our first match!

    "Break Your Heart" by Taio Cruz and Ludacris starts playing as "The Kid" Antonio Jacinto makes his way to the ring. He pauses to kiss a female fan on the cheek before getting in the ring and posing. The fans are booing until Skyclad's "Which Is Why" starts playing. The fans erupt into cheers and Sheamus, looking as fierce as ever, heads to the ring. He gets in and does his "fella" chest thump, the camera catching the bored look on Antonio Jacinto's face.

    "The Kid" Antonio Jacinto vs. Sheamus

    Antonio targets Sheamus’ leg in hopes of getting the big man down. Sheamus laughs at him, grabbing his arm and flinging him over the top rope before going to the outside after him. Antonio hops to his feet, dodging a grapple from the larger man and landing a standing drop kick to his knees. Sheamus staggers backwards and Antonio gets to his feet. Looking angry, Sheamus charges Antonio who gets out of the way, sending Sheamus shoulder first into the steel post. Antonio smiles, getting back in the ring as the ref counts. He looks darker, a bit like his mentor, when he realizes that Sheamus has managed to get back in the ring. He grabs the Irishmen's arm and applies a fierce armbar as if trying to seperate the shoulder from the arm. At this point, Sheamus cannot take the pain and he taps out.

    Winner: Antonio Jacinto via tap out

    Antonio poses over Sheamus, smirking as photographs are taken as the camera fades to the first commercial break of the evening.

    - Commercial:

    When the camera comes back from break, we see Wade Barrett already in the ring. He looks seemingly fierce as he paces, eyes never once leaving the entrance ramp. "Me Against The World" by Simple Plan starts playing as Dante Westmore, Alex Shelley close at hand, walks out to the entrance ramp. He looks happy and like he's ready for anything as he heads down the ramp, getting in the ring and making sure to put ample distance between himself and Wade.

    1/2 Tag Team Champions Wade Barrett vs. Dante Westmore

    From the look on his face, it's obvious Wade is not looking for a match but for a fight. He grabs Dante firmly by his arm and tosses him with extreme force over the top rope. He follows Dante onto the floor, grabbing him in a headlock. Dante elbows Wade and pushes him away, resulting in the Brit going against the announcers table. Dante waits for him to get up. As he does, Wade catches him for a sidewalk slam. Neither one seems aware that the refs count is already on 6, this being evident when Wade tells the referee to "bugger off". He turns back to Dante, landing vicious blows to the head as the refs count creeps closer to 10.

    Winner: Neither due to a double count out

    The match is over but Wade shows no sign of letting go until the theme music of Mariana Thomas hits. He looks up, allowing Alex time to get Dante away as Wade waits for Mariana. After realizing it was a ploy to get Dante out of there, he tosses the top of the announcers table off as he screams at James Chapel.

    The camera cuts to Alex carefully helping Dante to the training room, the young rookie looks to be in pain but Alex stops when he sees someone.
    Sheamus, not happy about his match is pacing and cursing angrily, though he stops when he sees Alex and Dante, glaring at them.

    Sheamus: *growls* What do you want?

    Alex: *snorts* I don't want anything; I'm just trying to get my rookie to the trainer’s room ass...

    Sheamus: Excuse me? I ain’t no ass. *he steps closer to them, curling one hand into a fist* And if you were smart, you’d know better than to call me one…

    Alex: You might what you back up there, unless you feel like spending the night in jail...

    Sheamus: *pauses, frowning* What?

    Alex: *fishes a piece of paper out of his pocket and shows it to him* This means you can't hurt me or Casey or Dante.

    Sheamus: *stares at it* …why exactly have yeh got one of those for?

    Alex: Because of your back attack last week, which was unprovoked.

    Sheamus: *rolls his eyes* This is wrestling fella, others have done a lot worse.

    Alex: Yeah maybe, but I wasn't going let you attack Casey or Dante... The judge said I should be added to it as well.

    Sheamus: *laughs, obviously not taking it seriously* This is wrestling, not some silly office place, yeh really think something like that’s gonna help yeh?

    Alex: Yeah I do, you get too close and I can legally call the cops and you’re spending the night in jail.

    Sheamus: *looks slightly worried* You’re joking right?

    Alex: I'm not joking at all man, just go back to your wife and tell her you can't do her dirty work anymore.

    Sheamus: *growls* I wasn’t doin’ her ‘dirty work’; I was defending her.

    Alex: Funny she fights guys bigger than me all the time, but you never "defend" her then. You were just doing what she told you blindly.

    Sheamus: Those bigger guys aren’t the ones harassing her and going on about a match from weeks ago.

    Alex: She isn't picking on others guys because she thinks she knows what happened, judging on something she knows nothing about.... Or low blowing them, which was fucking painful by the way. And yet she acts like she is so innocent...when she cheated man.

    Sheamus: *growls* You’re lucky she only did that instead of using a chair or somethin’.

    Alex: *carefully shifts Dante* Oh some luck that was! I have so little time with my boyfriend half the time and having to sit in the Trainer's room when I could be with him is not my idea of lucky.

    Sheamus: *shrugs his shoulders* Not my problem. Maybe yeh should find someone less busy than blondie.

    Alex: Sorry I'm not like your wife that decided you weren't enough, I am more than completely happy with my boyfriend.

    Sheamus raises his fist, looking like he’s about to hit Alex but decides it’s better not to, muttering angrily in Irish as he lowers his fist, taking a step back.

    Alex: Please move, I need to make sure my rookie is okay.

    Sheamus sighs, slowly stepping aside, frowning as he does so. Alex continues to help Dante to the training room, looking worried about his young rookie as the show cuts back to the ring.

    "Oh Africa" is cheerfully playing as Justin Gabriel makes his way out to the ring. He looks like he's going to head down the ramp but he turns, gesturing for someone to come out and join him. That someone is Matt Hardy, the man who trained Justin for NXT. The two head to the ring as the hard rock beat of Dale Oliver's "Take Over" pounds throughout the arena. Christian, Edge following as faithfully as eve, heads out to the ramp. They do a 5 second pose before walking to the ring, Christian hugging Justin as Edge hugs Matt.

    Christian vs. Justin Gabriel

    The two high flyers smirk at one another as they circle the ring. Justin slaps Christian but immediately pulls the ref in front of him, grinning at his friend. Christian manoeuvres around the ref and dropkicks Justin so that he sprawls through the ropes, Christian then going for a corkscrew dive. Justin moves and Christian, showing his athletic ability, lands on his feet. Justin slides in the ring a few seconds before Christian does, Justin hitting him with a head scissor take down as soon as he's up. Christian pops to his feet again, smiling when Justin heads toward him. Christian tries to take him down but Justin shows a surprising strength and lands a DDT. Sure that the Canadian won't get up again, Justin goes for and lands the 450 Splash and pin.

    Winner: Justin Gabriel via pinfall

    Justin smiles and helps his friend up, apologizing for the slap. Christian laughs it off and invites Matt to join Justin, himself, and Edge for a five second pose as the camera fades to a commercial.


    Louis is playing with cars in the locker room as Dia and Punk are talking to each other.

    Dia: We'll win tonight. That much we know. Your girl here?

    Punk: Of course we’ll win, why wouldn’t we? *he pauses, frowning* No she’s not. But she was coming later…to talk to Vitani.

    Dia: Did you talk to her know...that secret I heard?

    Louis: Secwets, secwets awe no fun unless you shawe wif evewyone!

    Punk: Why does it matter? I thought you didn’t want me worrying about those things during the match.

    Dia: Sheesh, calm down Phil. Your gettin' angry over nothing.

    Punk: I am not. You’re bringing up things that /you/ said I shouldn’t be thinking about.

    Dia: Whatever Phil. *rolls her eyes and starts to apply her makeup*

    Punk: *growls* Don’t ‘whatever’ me. You should know better than to bring those things up before a match.

    Dia: *looks at him increduously* Don't you growl at me!

    Punk: I'll do what I want, you aren't my mother.

    Dia: No, at least I care about you. *realizes what she said and puts her hand over her mouth* Oh god Phil I didn't...that wasn't supposed to be...

    Punk suddenly looks angry and goes to say something, stopping himself when he remembers Louis is in the room. Instead he gets up, hanging his title over his shoulder.

    Punk: *in a rude tone* I find that hard to believe lately, you only seem to 'care' about trying to tell me you think my girlfriend's a slut.

    Louis whimpers as he rubs his eyes.

    Louis: No fights...

    Dia shakes her head, frowning.

    Dia: I didn't mean that Phil you’re one of my best friends. As for Vera...I just don't think you need a girl who leads you on...

    Punk: None of you have any proof she’s really doing what you say she is. Everyone used to go around saying I was bitter because I was ‘lonely’, now you all can’t wait to tell me I should get rid of my girlfriend. How exactly is that caring? I- *he stops and shakes his head* Whatever. …I’ll see you in the ring. *he turns and heads out of the locker room*

    Dia follows him, making sure Louis stays put.

    Dia: Phillip Jack Brooks! Don't you speak to me like that!

    Punk stops walking, turning around to face her.

    Punk: What do you expect from me when you said what you did?!

    Dia: I didn't mean to say that! I wasn't thinking straight.

    Punk: The point is that you still said it.

    Dia: And I'm sorry, I really am. *hugs him* I mean, you've done great without having anyone around. We're both proof you don't need anyone to make it big.

    Punk: *leans away slightly, still annoyed* You’re right, I don’t need anyone, because I’m the Best in the World. Problem is I have to be part of this tag team match.

    Dia's eyes flash and she pulls away indignantly.

    Dia: I don't understand how Colt can stand you sometimes. I'll see you in the ring...

    She turns on her heels and storms back to her room. Once she’s turned around, Punk frowns and rolls his eyes.

    Punk: *mutters* Yeah, words hurt, don’t they…

    He sighs and turns; heading in the opposite direction as the scene fades out.

    The camera fades in on the ring as "Broken Dreams" plays, Drew McIntyre standing in the ring. He looks cool, collected, and a bit uninterested in this match. He paces as "Whatever's Real" by his opponent's band The High Crusade starts to sound and his opponent, Alex Shelley, walks out followed by his rookie. He smirks as he looks hyper and heads down to the ring. He looks at Drew and then the ref, smiling as he signals that he is ready for the match to begin.

    Alex Shelley w/Dante Westmore vs. 1/2 CWA Tag Team Champions Drew McIntyre

    Alex dodges an early attempt for a lock up by Drew, ending up behind him and locking the Scott in a bear hug. Drew growls and tosses Alex over his shoulder. Drew grabs Alex by the mohawk and lifts him, tossing him into the turnbuckle. Drew hits a few knees to the chest as Alex tries to push him away. Finally Alex manages to do so before trying to get out of the ring. He is unable to get out of the turnbuckle, let alone the ring, and Drew is right back on him. After a strong chop, Drew Irish Whips Alex into the ropes. This proves to be a flaw for Drew as Alex jumps and gives Drew the Insiguri before going for the pinall.

    Winner: Alex Shelley via pinfall

    Alex grins looking proud as he rolls out of the ring to join Dante. Both men look pleased as they head to the back.

    Antonio is backstage gesturing with his friends, a bottle of beer in his hands as he parties.

    Antonio: I got the win babies!

    Christian walks past the group, on his way to Carter's office.

    Antonio: And that, boys, is what we call a living, breathing fossil.

    Christian: *stops and looks at them, his brow raised* And I guess you would be the rookie that shoots off his mouth...

    Antonio: *smirks* My name is Antonio Jacinto and I'm the next big thing.

    Christian: Good for you... I've lost count of the times I've heard that.

    Antonio: The only problem is I mean it and you have no idea why that scares you.

    Christian: *laughs at that* Trust me kid, that doesn't scare me. Unlike some people I normally play nice with others and it takes a lot to scare me kid.

    Antonio: So your getting older and losing all the time is something you like? *rolls his eyes*

    Christian: *snorts* I'm not that old kid and I enjoy wrestling no matter what, this is my life. *smirks mischievously* Besides I'm set with my career and fan base, I don't thank you can say the same kid... *smiles becomes more friendly* Please excuse me now, my boyfriend is waiting.

    Antonio: What fan base? You don't have fans. Those people aren't cheering for you, they cheer for the fact your gettin' your ass kicked.

    Christian: *just smiles* I have fans kid and their the best fans in the world, I'm sure their are people that aren't fans but I know I have many fans that care. Your not going to get me down kid, but nice try.

    Antonio: *rolls his eyes* You even sound like a washed up has been.

    Christian: And you sound like a sulking kid... *chuckles* I am still good in the ring kid, you just can't win every match.

    Antonio: I won the last two. I bet I could beat you too.

    Christian: Maybe or maybe not, *smiles*

    Antonio: Me. You. Painful Resolutions. Sounds like a match to me

    Christian: *smiles* Sounds good to me. *chuckles* oh Hey Sheamus...

    Antonio jumps and turn, ready for a fight.

    Christian: *chuckles to himself as he walks away* Relax kid, see you at the show.

    Antonio growls and shakes his head.

    Antonio: Well just remember, I am friends with Lucas.

    Christian: *pauses and frowns as he seems to flash back to what had happened* Yeah... But I'm past that now and I have my very own guarddog....

    Edge appears behind Christian looking pissed.

    Antonio smirks and crosses his arms over his chest.

    Antonio: Whats he gonna do? Get hurt and retire again.

    Christian: *laugh* Well actually I wasn't talking about Addy this time....

    A tall hulky figure that is known to wrestling fans as Rhyno steps out behind Adam.

    Christian: So please don't feel the need to call Lucas for back up in this match, Terry here would probably get very pissed.

    Antonio looks like he's trying very hard not to be a fan boy or intimidated and rolls his eyes.

    Antonio: A bunch of fossils. If you were a /man/ you'd be able to defend yourself.

    Christian: *just smiles* I can and will defend myself at painfull Resolutions, Terry was just here to see me and Addy...

    Rhyno: *half smirks* I'll be backstage at the payperview punk, so Lucas better not show his ass at ringside.

    Antonio: Lucas is my mentor, he's allowed.

    Rhyno: Then I might just be out there to keep an eye on him.

    Christian: *looks at his watch* Well this has been fun.... But I've really got to go meet Carter now, see you later kid.

    Antonio: Go have fun with your loser boyfriend.

    Christian: *laughs* I will have fun with my hot boyfriend that is your boss now kid.

    Christian walks away still chuckling.

    "Man on Fire" hits as Kane, his tag team partner Carter Lacroix right beside him. Kane raises his arms and Carter grins as Kane brings them down for the pyro, Carter making an impressed face. "Dancing With Myself" by Billy Idol starts playing as Dia Banks (playing air guitar), CM Punk (playing air bass), and Colt Cabana (playing air drums) make their way out to the ring. They all three seem happy with each other but there is an underlying tone that seems less than friendly. Dia and Punk get in the ring, Dia telling Punk she'll start the match out.

    Carter Lacroix and Kane vs. CWA Champion CM Punk and Vixxens Champion Dia Banks

    Kane looks at Dia, almost laughting due to their differences in size. Dia tries a few chops and, though she lands them, they don't do much to deter him. He looks amused as Dia grabs his arm and attempts to fling him in for a clothesline. The move doesn't work, Kane instead pulling her in for one. Dia goes sprawling onto the mat and into her corner. She pulls herself up and Punk tags himself in. He goes for an Irish whip, and lands it, getting Kane to the mat with a backbreaker after that. He works over the arms and neck, the ref having to break the hold. Punk backs up and smirks, making sure that Dia is the one who sees him mouth "Best In The World". Punk locks in the Anaconda Vice and Dia, though she could have guiltlessly stood by and let it happen, gets in there and stops Carter from breaking it up.

    Winners: CWA Champion CM Punk and Vixxens Champion Dia Banks

    Punk and Dia walk ont the ramp with Colt, all three looking happy. Dia gestures for a hug from Punk. Punk moves in but instead of getting a hug, he gets the Diamond Cutter. Colt is shocked beyond words but Dia grabs a microphone, circling Punk like a vulture.

    Dia: *singing, after every line she sends a vicious high heeled boot to Punks knee*
    Should old aquaintence be forgot
    And never brought to mind
    Should old acquaintence be forgot
    In days of old lang syne

    The spooky scene ends as the camera fades to the final break.


    We come back from break to Dia sitting in her room, Louis looking upset as he plays with his trucks. He rubs his eyes and looks at Dia, obviously disappointed. The door opens and we see Colt, who look a mix between angry and upset.

    Colt: Louis, wanna watch a movie on my laptop?

    Louis nods and Colt sets up his laptop, plugging in the headphones so Louis can't hear the following conversation.

    Colt: How. Could. You.

    Dia: How could I? Your joking right?

    Colt: No I'm not joking! He is, or was, our friend!

    Dia: Friend!? He thought he was better than us!

    Colt: Dia...what are you talking about?!

    Dia: That Best in The World spiel! He thought he was better than us!

    Colt: Di...that was a gimmick...

    Dia: *rolls her eyes* Yeah right! He honestly though it Colt! Even in Ring of Honor he believed it! He was never better than me, he was never better than you, he was never even better than Adam Pearce but he thought that he was! I'm better than him! I just proved that!

    Colt: Oh Di...*shakes his head disapprovingly and heartbrokenly*

    Dia: I'm not sorry Colt. I did what I had to do.

    Colt: I hope you know this is just gonna light a fire in him. He'll want to win that match against you even more now.

    Dia: Let him try. I'm not going down. Are you staying the night or...

    Colt: I need to make sure Phil is okay. I'll be back late...

    The air of a serious topic permeates the room as the camera fades to the ring for the final match of the night. The rather large wreath hanging in the center of the ring, ladders set up outside of it, they both signal the main event is about to happen. The first person out is Nolee Lacroix, "Hell on Heels" playing as she strides down to the ring. It doesn't play for long before "This What Rock And Roll Looks Like" starts and Vitani, suspiciously with Cody by her side, comes out to the ring. "Up In Flames" by Icon for Hire plays and Arella runs out happily to the ring. Three of the four girls are out and the final, Mariana Thomas', theme music plays and she comes out to the cheer of the fans, showing she's the favorite to win. Each girl takes a corner with Mari across from Vitani and Nolee across from Arella as the bell rings.

    Nolee Lacroix vs. Five Nations Champion Vitani Summers w/Cody Rhodes vs. Arella Rayne vs. Mariana Thomas

    As soon as the match starts, Vitani and Mariana start grappling each other, appearing to have both been hoping to wear their opponents out early. Meanwhile, Arella and Nolee both slide out of the ring, ending up trading blows with each other after going for the same ladder. Nolee gets annoyed and tosses Arella aside before grabbing the ladder, its large size making it awkward for her to move it properly. She manages to slide it in at just the right moment though, as Mariana is running at Vitani for a clothesline, causing the Vixxen to trip. Vitani quickly takes advantage of this, hitting Mariana with a quick kick before tossing her out of the ring just as Nolee gets in. Before Nolee can pick the ladder back up though, Vitani comes over to attack her, hitting the blond with a dropkick. Vitani goes to hit Nolee with a standing moonsault, but ends up connecting with the mat instead, Nolee rolling out of the way at the last second.
    The match continues, none of the Vixxens being able to keep their momentum for long before one of the others gains the advantage instead. Mariana and Arella join the action in the ring, the four of them all trying to clear the ring long enough to be able to set up and climb the ladder, which has been moved to lean against one of the turnbuckles. Eventually Nolee and Mariana end up toppling out of the ring as they fight each other and Arella goes to climb the ladder. She manages to reach the top and starts to reach for the wreath, only to have the ladder suddenly hit by a dropkick from Vitani of all people. The ladder comes crashing down, along with Arella, who ends up landing outside the ring, groaning in pain. Instead of stopping to check if Arella’s okay like she normally would, Vitani just sets the ladder back up and starts climbing. Nolee and Mariana notice and quickly scramble to get in the ring to try and stop Vitani. Seeing the two of them, Cody moves from his spot, quickly grabbing Nolee’s arm to stop her, though he’s careful not to hurt her. Mariana gets into the ring, but when she goes to stop Vitani, she’s met with a hard boot to the face and stumbles backwards, leaving Vitani with enough time to grab the wreath.

    Winner and number one contender for the Vixxens’ title: Vitani Summers

    Hearing the bell ring to show she’s won, Vitani grins and holds up the wreath before carefully climbing down the ladder with it. Cody lets go of Nolee and slides into the ring, wrapping an arm around Vitani as he kisses her before letting go, raising her arm in victory as she holds up the wreath in her other hand. Cody then says something to her, the Vixxen nodding before he gestures for a microphone.

    Cody: Ladies and Gentleman, the woman you see here before you is not only your Five Nations Champion, but also your future Vixxens’ champion as well. With that in mind, she has decided it’s time for a bit of a change. You’re all used to seeing Vitani be all nice and ‘innocent’, rarely insulting anyone and some of you I’ve noticed assume she’s harmless in a match or that she’s too nice to insult anyone so she’s automatically not taken as seriously as those willing to insult and threaten would be.

    Cody pauses, frowning as he shakes his head.

    Cody: So; as of tonight, you’re all going to see a new side of Vitani, the one you all assumed she isn’t capable of having. It’s time you all started taking your champion seriously.

    With a smirk, he tosses the microphone aside and turns to Vitani, who smirks as well. She wraps her free arm around Cody’s neck, speaking to him quietly before kissing him; the show ending as Vitani holds up the wreath again.

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