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    9/24/12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area


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    9/24/12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area Empty 9/24/12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area

    Post  Admin on Thu Sep 27, 2012 8:52 am

    Just realized that this wasn't up. The promos are due on the 7th of October which is in two weeks like it normally is ladies....least I think we all are ladies. XD

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    Post  Admin on Sat Sep 29, 2012 2:46 am

    Before the camera is fully up we hear the sounds of a ukelele being played. When the camera is fully up we see that we are in a park where children play on swingsets and other playground equipment. In the distance we can see Colt Cabana and Louis Banks playing in a sandbox. They are dressed similarly in red Thing #1 and Thing #2 shirts with blue jeans. We pan to see Dia sitting nearby playing the heard instrument. Her hair, like it has been, is streaked with blue and cut to just above the bottom of her ears. She's wearing a black jacket with Jack Skellington on it over a red tank top with blue jeans.

    I wear a disguise, I'm just your average jane
    The super doesn't stand for model but that doesn't mean I'm plain
    If all you see is how I looke
    You miss the superchick within

    She looks at the camera and lays the guitar down, looking over at Colt and Louis who are playing together. Their laughter can be heard all the way where the camera is.

    Dia: I never thought I'd have a real family. When I was a kid, I didn't have a mom to influence how I'd end up as a mother or show me how two people are happily married. This is all what I've had to learn on my own. I think I've done a pretty good job not only raising my son but maintaining who I am as a strong woman. To be a truly strong woman, you can't allow yourself to lose any part of who you are. I stick as a mother, as a girlfriend, and as an independent. Just like my opponent for the week.

    Dia shifts on the table so that she's sitting on the bench instead of on the table, her back pressed against the edge of the table. She runs a hand through her hair and smiles comfortably.

    Dia: On my first night in the company I beat Angel James. I have to say, Angel James was an idol of mine when I first heard of her. She had been raised by a single mother so she knew what it was like. She's a good woman but she's slipping. Her natural power, the power that allowed her to be a champion for so long. I can't remember the last time Angel won a match that wasn't a tag match. She's losing her power and I hate to see a woman who is such a good role model not be able to live up to her expectations. She's better than a losing streak, I know she is.

    Dia clears her throat and looks up at the camera smiling. There is a look in her eyes that reads somewhere between being mischevious and being cocky.

    Dia: We're in Dubai this time. Last week I talked about Bast and Sekhmet. This time, let me relay one of the most awesome things I know about Hinduism. It's called Shakti. Shakti is an aspect found only in women that allows them to turn ideas and purposes into actions. Anything we can think and any purposes we have, we can turn into action. Angel, thats what makes us girls so powerful is because we have that cosmic power. Angel, tap into that! When we meet in the ring I don't want to face off against the "Avenging Angel" you. I want to face the old you. The you that stood up to Wade Barrett and gave him a hell of a fight. Please, you have nothing to avenge here. Carter has fixed the company as well as he can. Lets just let this match be between me and you. Lets let my Diamond Cutter be a force to combat The Twista.

    Dia turns her head to see a tall African American talking to Colt. Colt looks shocked and picks Louis up in his arms, leading the man over to Dia. Her eyes get wide as she sees the man closer. He's at least 6'7" and built like a brick wall. He's dressed in a white dress shirt with a Cleveland Cavaliers tie and black slacks.

    Colt: Dia, this man says he knows you?

    Dia: Yeah...Colt...this is my older brother Xavier...

    The camera fades out as the two stare at each other.
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    Post  Angel James on Sat Sep 29, 2012 8:47 pm

    The camera fades in on a small dark room where the only light is a candle, the candle is being held by The CWA Vixxen Angel James. It is very easy to see that something is wrong by the tear stained cheeks and the redden eyes, there is an air of great sadness coming from her and from the light of the candle it looks like Angel is wearing all black.

    Angel: Loss is the greatest pain to be felt in life, but I think the loss of something you did not even knew you had may be the worst pain ever... Because often we ignore the simplest of signs that could save us from this pain, often we are just stupid and blind... *pauses and looks down* As you may know, last week I was not at the CWA show and the reason... *voice breaks* T-The reason is I-I was in the hospital... For a m-miscarriage... *swallows hard and blinks a few times* I was pregnant for a month and a half and I never even knew it, Petey and I were not even...

    Angel stops and covers her face with one of her hands, her body shaking as she cries quietly. It take more the a few minutes for Angel to calm down and stop crying, she finally does and wipes her eyes before looking at the camera.

    Angel: I thought I could make it through this without crying... *gives a sad half smile* Guess I was wrong... *looks down* I am sorry for taking up so much time with my personal problems... You are here to talk about my match this week... *looks up slowly* My opponent is truly blessed where I am cursed, she has the sweetest little boy... *swallows hard* She has also worked her way up to win the Vixxen's title... Do not think I begrudge her any of these things, for she is of the few people I believe deserves to be happy here in the CWA. She is much like my dear friend Vitani, a kind soul and a truly good heart. She is also a good worker in the ring, and wonderful opponent, any time I step into the ring with her or watch her in the ring I know it will be a great match... In some ways I see a little of myself in her, I see a woman who has worked hard for everything she has and has given up so much... Just like I have... We have both have been lucky though, she has Colt and me... I have my Petey...

    Angel stops and pushes her hair back, her hand that holds the candle is shaking. She looks to be close to the brink of tears again, but she manages to blink them back. She looks down at the hand that her engagement ring is on before biting her lip softly, she forces herself to look back up and continue her promo.

    Angel: I remember something that caught my ear from Dia's promo this week, she... She said she wanted to face the old Angel, the Angel I was before becoming the "Avenging Angel"... The Angel that stood up to Wade Barrett and gave him a hell of a fight... That the now that Carter fixed the problems in the CWA. *pauses* The problem is I... I do not know if I can find that Angel again, the Angel that stood up not only to Wade, but to Lucas and Swagger. That Angel was strong, a true warrior... Maybe I am not strong enough to shed the cloak of the "Avenging Angel", maybe I have fallen too far to be the woman I once was... I do not know if I can pull myself out of the mire of my misery and sadness, but it means I am weak if I do not even try. So I must try to find the true me... Even if I am scared, I must try... *pauses* I know this is not going to be an easy task and more than likely I might fail... *pauses* Right now I want to nothing more, but to shut everything off... *closes her eyes* To stop feeling at all, to not face what I loss... I want to be a coward and hide, b-but I cannot... *a few tears gently slide down her face* Why can I not be as strong as her, my mother went through so much and she did it with such... Such amazing strength... I-I need her, but she is not here anymore and my baby has gone to be with her... *stops and wipes her cheeks* I am rambling, I am most sorry. *looks up at the camera* Dia I can make no promises as to what Angel you with face this week, but it will not be the Avenging Angel. Maybe it will be the old me or maybe it will be a lowly fallen Angel... No matter which it is I will be in the ring across from you and maybe I can find the strength I have lost...

    Angel looks away from the camera and at the candle in her hand, the flame dancing slowly. Tears once again start down her face as she bows the candle out, the room going dark. The sounds of quiet sobbing start to fill the small room before the camera turns off.


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    Post  Admin on Mon Oct 01, 2012 8:26 pm

    We open up in the office of Dr. Katya Romani, the CWA's resident psychiatrist. She's not remodled since we last saw it: a red chaise lounger that matches her raid easy chair sits against the wall. Katya is dressed in a red silk shirt and black work skirt with black heels. She's sitting in her easy chair, writting down something on her clipboard. The door opens and Wade Barrett enters, looking none-to-thrilled. He's wearing a form fitting black shirt with the Manchester United tea logo on the front and is pulled over the top part of jeans that have holes in the knees.

    Katya: Mister Barrett, what are you doing here?

    Wade: Justin went to Carter saying I needed help. It was come here or get fired. I chose the option that kept me with a job. *huffs* How do we do this?

    Katya: You sit on the chaise lounge or the floor or you can pace. I make notes on my clipboard.

    Wade nods and walks over the the chaise lounge, laying down on it and staring up at the ceiling. Kata walks over to her desk and grabs a new paper, attaching it to her clipboard before sitting back in her chair.

    Katya: So why don't we start at the beginning?

    Wade: We don't have time to talk about my childhood Missus Romani.

    Katya: No, no. I want to hear about life since you lost the CWA Championship.

    Wade: History was ripped out of my hands unfairly. They cheated and when I attempted the retribution I so rightly deserved, the man I then only once regarded as a friend stopped it. I was bitter. How dare someone so insignificant rip my title from my hands. Every time I attempted my retribution, I was thwarted. Do you know how it feels to be cheated out of something you deserve Missus Romani?

    Katya: *as she writes* So you feel as if you were betrayed early on?

    Wade: *sneers* Feel? No, no, no. I /was/ betrayed early on. The company threw me to the bottom of the barrell. I deserved so much more. I deserved my revenge. Luckily for the rest of them, I was subdued by my love for Belle. My love for Belle and the convincing of Justin made me forget my revenge. I was living what you therapists like to call a normal and productive life. I even managed to capture the tag team championship with Justin.

    Katya: What happened to end that good naturedness?

    Wade: *takes a deep breath and sits up* Belle had a miscarriage and went home without telling me. Me, her own fiance. I was already destroyed over that but then on top of that, we were stripped of our championships. He didn't blame me out loud but deep down Justin hated me for it. I saw it in his eyes. He detested me. I wanted to prove to him and Belle I was worth something. That's how my feud with Phillip Brooks began.

    Katya: This feud only caused you more anger, correct?

    Wade: We brought out the worst in each other. I caused him so much stress that he slept with Miss Summers friend Vera while he caused me to stay silent with my fiance. While his earned him a possible girlfriend, mine caused my fiance to turn to the affections of another man. Thus here we are now.

    Katya: How do you /really/ feel about Belle sleeping with...Matt Morgan was it?

    Wade: *clenches his jaw* What?

    Katya: How do you really feel finding out that she's seeing another man behind your back?

    Wade: How the bloody hell do you think I feel about it?! Yet again someone in my life has betrayed me. I loved her with all of my heart and soul, wanted to marry her. We were engaged! She just told me out of the blue she didn't love me any more! Have you ever been broken up with before Missus Romani?

    Katya: It's natural to be angry and hurt. Whats not natural is to keep the hurt bottled in. You lashing out on me, it's a good thing. You're conveying all of your emotions. Is there anything else that you would like to speak about Mr. Barrett?

    Wade: *smirks and lays back down* How my career in the CWA has come full circle.

    Katya: Full circle?

    Wade: I started in this company as a loveless young man who needed the ring. Needed something to make him stronger. I managed to fall in love along the way, to recreate the semblance of a normal life. I lost it all, save for my friends. This match against Christian marks the rebirth of Wade Barrett. This means Christian is in for a treat.

    Katya: A treat?

    Wade: I don't have a fiance to persuade me not to destroy him. Christian has taken my title in the past, now he's taken my tag team partner. I have all the reason in the world to break every bone in his body. When I meet him in that ring, I'm going to be bringing my arsenal of bone shattering moves. He's going to feel the revenge I should have been able to unleash after he stole my title. Only it's going to be magnified for stealing Justin. *sick smirk* I'm going to break his jaw, for starters. Then I'm thinking about breaking his arms at the elbow. From there I'll move down to his ribs, break them all into two pieces. I'll end with the legs, breaking them in more than one spot. I'm going to decimate the boy. And if Edge tries to interfere, well, I guess I'll have to break his bones too. And after Christian *chuckles darkly* well then it's Miss Thomas' turn.

    Katya: *clears her throat* I think that's enough for tonight Mr. Barrett.

    Wade: *grins and stands* Already Missus Romani?

    Katya: *stands, obviously uncomfortable* Already. We'll meet again next week.

    Wade: *kisses her hand charmingly* Of course Missus Romani.

    Wade leaves the room, the camera fading out on a stunned Katya.

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    The camera opens up on a field in the middle of nowhere. In the center of the field is a roaring bonfire and in the flickering light of the fire, we see the outline of Lucas Turner. Lucas is dressed warmly in a gray hoodie and blue jeans with black combat boots. He seems to be enjoying the bonfire, basking in the warmth on the otherwise cold fall night. He sees the camera and rises to greet the cameraman.

    Lucas: Mr. Briggs, good to see you!

    Luther: *nods though we can tell he's shivering by the sound of his voice* Mr. Turner. Care to tell me why I'm out here on such a damn cold night?

    Lucas: It's not to terrible. Plus I thought I'd find myself in an area that my opponent for the week would feel comfortable in.

    Luther: Kane you mean?

    Lucas nods in response, his eyes fixed on the fire. A cool smirk plays across his face as he sits back down on the log.

    Lucas: Are you aware what a phobia is Luther?

    Luther: Yeah, an intense fear.

    Lucas: I find fear to be fascinating. Some people fear things that don't need to be feared. One such phobia is arsonphobia.

    Luther: Fear of arson?

    Lucas: Close, it's the fear of fire. You know, for all the talk he does about fire, I bet Kane is a scared little boy. Fire took his parents, took away any hope for a normal childhood he had. If I was Kane, I'd stop acting like fire didn't scare me and embrace myself for what I was. A coward.

    Luther: Is it right to talk about a monster like that Lucas?

    Lucas: *laughs* Monster? Kane has let Lacroix turn him into a pathetic shell of who he use to be. I don't think Kane's a true monster any more. I mean, real monsters don't have friends or allies. You didn't see Ted Bundy or Lee Harvey Oswald teaming up with other people.

    Luther: They prolly aren't the best comparison, you know with them being serial killers and all.

    Lucas: They do fit because Kane is going to threaten to kill me and if I'm not strong enough,he probably will. Problem is, I don't fear Kane. Every chance I get to face off against Kane, I want a meeting of monsters. Yet everytime I get into the ring with him all I get is a shell of Kane's former self. He should stop living as a friend to the Lacroix's and rely on himself again. I want the Big Red Monster, not the Great Big Coward.

    Luther: You're hella confident Lucas. I wish you luck on destroying Kane.

    Lucas stares into the fire, obviously thinking about something.

    Lucas: Kane this week...then Punk...

    The camera fades out on the firelight flickering in the reflection on Lucas Turner's cold eyes.
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    Music is playing as the camera fades in on a room filled with tables, some of which are occupied. In one corner there is a bar and the other is a small stage where a band practicing. When the camera moves closer it shows that the band is the High Crusade, the band of CWA star Alex Shelley. His friends Chris Sabin and Petey Williams can be seen as well as the other two members, Alex's face looks tired as he starts singing.

    You have an accurate bite
    You know just where to sink your teeth in
    With fangs like knives
    Let’s stay up all night
    And watch a change in our eyes
    With fangs like knives

    Cause there’s a fear that I can’t decide
    If it should be here or if should hide
    You’re like a vampire and an angel
    At the...

    Alex stops as he rubs his head and looks over at Petey and Chris, Petey has his head down as he starts to put his guitar on the amp. Petey gets off the stage and heads to the restrooms.

    Alex: *sighs* Guys let’s just take an hour and then see how Petey is doing.

    The others nod their agreement and Chris goes over to Alex, they talk quietly for a moment before they get off the stage. The camera follows them to a table where Dante Westmore, Alex's student is sitting.

    Dante: What wrong with Petey?

    Alex: *sighs* He's taking what happened to Angel really hard...

    Chris: He's blaming himself for what happened... He says he shouldn't have been spending so much time working in Japan...

    Alex: *wipes at his eyes, trying to hide a stray tear* It's hard to see him and Angel like this, how could this happen to our big sis Angel Chris? Out of all the people why her?

    Chris: I don't know Lex... *sighs* It's just one of those things that happen... Even if we wanted too we can't change it.

    Alex: I know... **looks to the restroom* Let’s talk about something else...

    Chris: *nods* Smart idea... So who are you fighting this week?

    Alex: I think it's Punk this week... *sighs* Not really looking forward to it, I mean it will probably be a pretty good fight.

    Dante: *tilts his head* Then what’s wrong?

    Alex: It's... A certain part of my past that likes to rear its ugly often...

    Dante: You mean your ex that Ms. Nolee was talking about in her promo last week?

    Alex: *nods* Yeah, Austin Aries... The worst thing to ever happen to me... *frowns* What did the princess say in her promo last week?

    Dante: She said you should have left him the first time he hit you... And that Chris should have been a better friend and not so caught up in his girlfriend...

    Alex That stupid brat! Of all the stupid things to say! Really! She doesn't know the first thing about me or Chris and she thinks she can judge us! *holds up one finger* One I was young when I was with Austin, hell he was my first boyfriend! I didn't know that the hell I was doing or that he wasn't supposed to treat me like shit! *puts another finger up* Two Chris wasn't even in the same company at the time, He was in TNA and I was in Ring of Honor! He wasn't there to help me; we were at different sides of the country! It wasn't because he was a bad friend or he was too caught up in his girlfriend, they weren't even together back then! *starts pacing* Of course there was someone there when Austin was doing this to me... Phil Brooks aka CM Punk, my opponent this week... *rubs his head tiredly* Probably the only other person here that really does know what happened...

    Chris: *sighs and pulls Alex into a hug* Lex...

    Dante puts his hand on Alex's shoulder with a sad sigh.

    Alex: *sighs and pulls away* I'm fine now, sorry about that. *gives a small smile to Dante* I didn't go too crazy did I?

    Dante: *smiles and shakes his head* Compared to some people that was kind of mild.

    Alex: *nods and sits down* Of all the people I could of fought this week I got him, Mr. CM Punk the CWA Champion. *pauses* It's so weird sometimes to think about how we both started out in the same place, but we both went two very different ways. You went to the WWE and I went to TNA, he managed to do a lot of great things there. I got to work with Chris and do a lot of awesome things, make a lot of great friends too. Punk probably did a lot better over in the WWE then I did in TNA, but I wouldn't trade my time in TNA for anything. *smiles softly* Can Punk say the same?

    Dante: Do you think you can beat him?

    Alex: That I don't really know Dante, I've only faced him once recently I believe and that was in the four-way match at the last pay-per-view. And honestly I was probably not at my best in that match, plus there were two other people involved. I'm not sure if I can beat him, but I have shown everyone that I can win thanks to my win over Nolee. Honestly it is anybody’s match and it may come down to whoever can outdo the other one. Maybe he'll be able to hit the GTS, maybe I'll be able hit the sliced bread #2. Maybe a dozen different things will happen, nobody knows what's going to happen and sometimes that is what makes a match so great. Maybe I can even show people that still think I shouldn't be here that I'm more than just a great tag team wrestler.

    Dante: I hope so! You are easily one of the most exciting wrestlers here; I think you'll be able beat Punk.

    Alex: *smiles and pats Dante's shoulder* Maybe I will, I think it's going to turn out to be a get match though. We both use technical style, but we vary as he uses martial arts and I high fly. Put that together and it should make for a great match, maybe the best match of the night. Punk you better watch out, I am coming to show that I'm one of the best in the CWA even if I have to beat the best in the world to do it.

    Chris: *smiles* that’s the spirit Lex.

    Alex: I just hope... I hope Angel and Petey will be alright...

    Chris goes to answer when Petey walks out of the restroom.

    Alex: You want to go back to practice man? Or you want to head back to the hotel?

    Petey: *quietly* Practice...

    Alex: *nods before turning to Dante* After we finish I need to talk to you about what happened with Wade, you need to be ready next time someone gets rough like that.

    Dante nods and Alex heads up to the stage with the other two, the camera slowly starts to fade out as the band starts to get ready to play.

    (the song Alex was singing)
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    As the camera fades in on the bedroom, Avril Lavigne’s ‘Bad Reputation’ is heard playing from a playlist on a laptop that’s seen sitting on a cluttered desk, various books and other objects like a sewing machine surrounding the laptop. As the camera zooms in a little on the desk, some of the books’ titles become readable; ‘A Game of Thrones’, ‘Hannibal’ and various wrestling biographies are visible, two of which are Chris Jericho’s books. As the camera pans across the room, a few posters are seen on the wall, along with some framed photos; all of which feature the Vixxen Arella Rayne, making it obvious it’s her room. Quite a few of the photos feature another girl about the same age as Arella, her hair bright red in some photos, orange and yellow in others. The camera continues panning across the room before stopping as it reaches Arella, who’s rocking out to the music that’s playing, seemingly oblivious to the camera. She continues dancing a little longer before actually noticing she’s being filmed, quickly stopping and turning off the music before facing the camera.

    Arella: You’re here for my promo right? Haven’t you ever heard of knocking first? It’s a little rude to just come into someone’s bedroom without knocking and getting permission first. …I assume though that my roommate let you into the place though, I told Sabrina you’d show up sooner or later.

    She sits down on the blue and purple blanket covering her bed, moving aside a sketch pad, straightening her Linkin Park tank top before continuing.

    Arella: I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about my upcoming match… which is only second… and it’s also a very important match considering I’m up against Ms Undefeated 5 Nations Champion. This match will be the perfect match to prove myself in, to show the world I’m not just a wannabe rookie or anything, but a possible future champion… and hopefully a future role model for those watching and those aiming to find their own place within the wrestling world, which is exactly what I’m working on doing at the moment. I want to be the role model those people need, the role model people deserve; not the one who says to ‘be yourself’, only to go back on those words a few weeks later! I’m sure Carter watches all the matches his company airs, so I want to show him he definitely made the right decision when he hired me and that I do have the potential to compete with the best he has, despite my lack of previous wrestling experience. I’m very grateful to have gotten a job like this so early on in my career and I want to show my appreciation to Carter, the fans and everyone else that supports me by putting 100% into every match and by going out and interacting with the fans as much as possible to show how much I appreciate their support. I did that before my first match here, I went out and met a few of them, talked to them, hung out with them & I put on a show for them with my band. That dedication to the fans of wrestling, of the CWA is why even though it was my first match; there were already signs and stuff showing support for me.

    She grins, brushing a bit of her hair off her face; purple highlights added to her fringe so that her hair isn’t just pink.

    Arella: That experience, walking out onto the stage as your theme song plays with the roar of the crowd as you make your way to the ring is just…it’s unreal. It’s unlike anything else I’ve experienced before. I’ve performed with my band onstage for maybe a hundred or so people before, which was brilliant, but that’s nothing compared to the excitement…to the adrenaline I could feel rushing through my body when my music played out across the arena for the first time, the way it did when I had my match against Angel. Now… *she takes a deep breath, looking nervous* Now I’m up against Mariana Thomas, in what could be one of my most important matches of my career for a long time, second only to any title matches I may find my way into in the future.

    Arella glances over at her laptop, laughing before she speaks again.

    Arella: You know what? When it comes to my attitude I have towards how some of the other Vixxens behave, how some companies treat their talent and whatever other people think about me not having a proper wrestling background, I agree with the lyrics to the song I had on when you found me in here. *she starts singing the lyrics from the song* I don’t give a damn ‘bout my reputation. You’re living in the past, it’s a new generation. A girl can do what she wants to do & that’s what I’m gonna do an’ I don’t give a damn about my bad reputation. *she smirks and gets off her bed* So… this match against Mariana, it’s definitely not going to be easy. If she wasn’t strong, someone would have beaten her by now. What makes her strong isn’t just physical strength, but inner strength too; the same strength that kept her going through the issues in her personal life that she mentioned having before she came to the CWA. I wish I had that kind of strength involving personal issues…but I’m not going to say why, because it’s none of your business, what matters is that I admire the strength she has. So, win or lose, this will be an important match and I’m going to do my best to prove I’m strong too, in my own way… considering it’s against Mariana we may even be able to put on the best match of the show if I put enough heart into it, because strength can’t be admired much if the person doesn’t put their heart into it, but I think most people here, if not all of them, do that; which is why each week the show is able to be as great as it is…

    She opens her bedroom door after she hears a knock, smiling when she sees her roommate, the same girl from the photos on Arella’s wall.

    Arella: Hey Sabrina.

    Sabrina: *grins* Hey, you done yet? I was gonna go get some lunch; did you want to join me before you headed to the airport for…where was it you were going again?

    Arella: Dubai, all the way in India… *she chuckles* Sure I’d love to come.

    Sabrina: Great! So are you going to kick some ass this week too?

    Arella: Um…I don’t know, I might, but I might not; what matters though is that I’ll try and put up a hell of a fight either way.

    Sabrina: Damn right you will, you’ve always been a fighter; you never once even let the school bullies get you down…

    Arella: Well my parents taking me to learn Ju-Jitsu from an early age certainly helped. *she grins*

    Sabrina: Good point. So are you ready to go or not?

    Arella: Yeah hold on, just let me get my things.

    Sabrina: Well hurry up then…

    Arella nods and goes around her room gathering her phone, money and keys, the camera forgotten as the two girls get ready to head out.

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    The camera opens up on a fully furnished kitchen that is obviously being used because of all the bowls and ingredients sitting on the kitchen counter. The sound of music can be heard filling the room and we see Nolee Lacroix bustling around the kitchen. Her hair is in a messy bun and she's wearing a black sweater and blue jeans with her brown cowgirl boots. She looks tired but doesn't rest, even when she sees the camera.

    Nolee: Laurie! Can you check the oven and see if the soda bread is done yet?

    Laurie puts down the camera, coming into the shot, and checks the oven. She pulls back and shakes her head before picking the camera back up.

    Laurie: I'd give it about ten more minutes sweetie. Care to tell me what this is all about? It ain't Shea's birthday is it?

    Nolee: No, that's not until January. I told him I'd make dinner tonight instead of ordering in. I like cooking...most of the time.

    Laurie: So where is he?

    Nolee: Um he's picking Keiran up from the airport I think. He'll be home after that though. Keiran came to the states to visit us.

    She brushes a stray strand of hair behind her ear as she continues to cook. She seems much more high strung than she usually is.

    Laurie: match this week?

    Nolee: *as she's chopping potatoes* I got Vitani this week. It's been a while since I fought her. She's always a good opponent, very tough and very deserving of everything she's ever worked for.

    Laurie: I sense a but in there somewhere.

    Nolee: But she's currently not got as much drive as I do. I've been over looked again for something I deserve. The girls in the company all look down on me. I know I've done wrong but I'm just as talented as anyone. I've always worked hard for everything I have, even though it's very little. I would love to be as celebrated as Angel or Vitani, recognized for my talents which are every bit as honed as the others. Vi's just another high flying diva with a pretty face.

    Laurie: So you think you can beat her?

    Nolee: She's strong, I'll give her that. She's faster than she is strong, that's for sure. But I have all of these aspects rolled into one. I train with Shea on a daily basis, learn more and more brawling styles from him every time that we practice. I've learned so much about my own self and fighting styles by learning from him. For instance, I'm able to land more stable punches than I am stable kicks. My right hand lands harder punches than my left. I've also, through late night talks curled close to my husband, learned why I fight.

    Laurie: Which is?

    Nolee: To prove I belong here. Look at all the other girls. None of them fit the divas norm. We have a single mother, a goth angel, a punk princess, a sophisticated almost socialite, and a geek. Where do I fit in? I'm a blonde, something people attribute to the traditional diva. I'm also a cowgirl which others like Mickie James have been. I have the small frame, the huge bust. I just...I feel like this company is all about promoting those who aren't the traditional sort of competitor.

    Laurie: So what does that have to do with your match against Vitani?

    Nolee: My last few matches haven't been very good. I need to prove I belong here to more than just Sheamus. Vi is a former Vixxens Champion, would have been uncrowned had I been able to pick up more wins than her a while back. I hope to stop my horrid record when I face her. It will be a show of high flying, high octane moves versus knock down, drag out brawling moves. When it all comes down to it, however, I have to win. I have to do everything I can to make sure I get this win. Every thing.

    Nolee checks the over and smiles as she puts on her gray oven mitts before pulling out the soda bread and setting it on the island in the center of the room before closing the oven and starting to fix the cod for supper.

    Nolee: I don't know much, Laurie, but I know that I don't want to give up my life as an in ring competitor. Vi better watch her back.

    The camera fades out as Nolee bustles around the kitchen to do more of the cooking for that night.

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    Post  Christian on Sat Oct 06, 2012 10:41 am

    The camera fades in on room with three men looking into a box; the camera zooms in to show the men to be Christian, Edge and AJ Styles. Christian is dressed in black jeans and is currently shirtless, while Edge and AJ both are fully dressed in dark jeans and t-shirts. Edge grins as he pulls out one of Christian's old mesh shirts he wore when they tag teamed together.

    Edge: Here it is! *holds it out to Christian*

    Christian: *looks at the shirt* I can't believe you would make me where this to the music festival Addy... I havn't wore this in years.

    AJ: *chuckles* I told you not to take that bet man...

    Edge: *laughs* He always takes bets like that and he always loses, hey at least one of your favorite bands will be there.

    Christian: *sighs and takes the shirt* You think I would know not to take a bet like that from Addy... Especially since I lose just about every time, but you’re right I am happy about that.

    Edge: Luckily for me you don't. *grins* Now hurry up and put it on Jay-Jay.

    AJ: Probably should, I believe Frankie and Chris will be done with their signing soon and we have to be ready by five-twenty if we want to get their before the place fills up with people.

    Edge: Carter is going to make it right?

    Christian: *slips on the mesh shirt* He said he was I even told him we were leaving at five so he should be here in about half-hour. *looks at the shirt* A little lose, but not too bad... I am wearing a jacket over this just so you know.

    AJ: Of course, it's cold out there. We don't need you to freeze to death on us, pretty sure Carter would kill us... *grins* Well at least Adam.

    Christian: *slips on a jacket* Hey you two don't have to be worried about being killed this week...

    AJ looks at Christian with a confused look before looking at Edge who answers.

    Edge: He has a match with Wade Barrett... Who is now apparently cuckoo in the head...

    Christian: He more or less is crazy again... And remembers that he hates me...

    AJ: *looks worried* What exactly did he say in his promo Jay?

    Christian: Let's see there was the part about how I am in for a treat and then he went into great detail about how he was going to break every bone in my body... I believe he said he was going to break my jaw for sure, he was thinking about breaking my arms at the elbow... *sighs* Then he was going to start on my ribs and finish with breaking both my legs, his way of getting revenge on me for winning the CWA title from him and for taking Justin as a tag team partner... He threatened Addy too if he tried to help me... This is really not my week guys...

    AJ: Do you really think he can do that? Break every bone in your body?

    Christian: Hell no! It's just harder to have to deal with someone that is out hurt you rather then someone just out to win or to have a good match... *rubs where his shoulder was hurt* You know he just might be worse than Lucas was, Lucas was just an obsessed creep that threatened my friends and boyfriend to try and get into my pants... *shakes his head* Wade is just out for his own petty revenge, he wants to take out what Belle did to him on me... So he's using the excuse of he wants to get back at me for taking the CWA from him or that I stole Justin from him... If he was thinking clearly he would remember that he was the one that caused himself to lose the title when he got so obsessed with me and someone else set up that poll... *glares slightly at Adam* And that it wasn't me that is picking, it's the fans.

    Edge: *looks sheepish* Sorry about that Jay-Jay...

    AJ: *sighs* So what are you going to do Jay?

    Christian: Well the major thing I have to do is make sure I don't let Wade trap me or get right up on me, at least until I wear him down a little. So I'll probably use my speed a lot and a few high flying moves, hoping he will wear himself down fast chasing me. And when I finally get an opening I'll have to just go hard and fast, do whatever I can to get him down on the mat and pin him. I just got to be carefully and watch out, hope that nothing goes wrong or that he doesn't manage to catch me. *sighs* It really isn't going to be easy and I might screw up, I just hope that if I do mess up Wade won't be able to do too much damage.

    Edge: Of course he won't, I'll be there...

    Christian: *interrupts* Addy no... You can't interfere; I am not going to let him go after you with your neck... Promise me you won't interfere or I won't let you come to the ring with me.

    Edge: *sighs* Fine... But he starts to hurt you I am going to drag your ass out of the ring.

    Christian: *smiles* I know you will, but if I'm lucky it won't come to that. *hugs Edge* I am still irked about you setting up that poll without asking.

    Edge: *laughs as he hugs back* I know, I know...

    AJ: *smiles* Who won that poll anyway? Or is it still running?

    Christian: *pulls back from the hug* The poll is over and Justin won... *sighs* I tried to call him and talk about it the other day... He didn't answer his phone and it went straight to voice mail. I asked Carter about it and we decided that unless Justin didn't want to do it that we should go through with it... So many fans voted and it would be wrong not to give then something that was almost basically promised, it would almost be a slap in the face... Or at least that’s how I feel about it. I don't think he wants to do it though and if he wants I will pull the plug on the whole thing, I just need him to call back and tell me.

    AJ: Well we will just have to wait and see... At least things are going alright with you, I saw Petey the other day and he looked bad...

    Edge: I heard what happened... Really sad that something like that happened to him and Angel...

    Christian nods and look down to his shirt, the room if quiet for a moment before the sound of a doorbell is heard.

    Edge: That must be Daniels and Kaz.

    Christian: *chuckles* Oh really? I never would of guessed that...

    AJ: *laughs* Yeah I don't think Carter would ring his own doorbell Adam.

    Christian laughs as he; Edge and AJ go to answer the door, the camera slowly fading out on the empty room.

    (the shirt Christian has to wear)
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    Post  CM Punk on Sat Oct 06, 2012 11:34 am

    The camera fades in on the Ring of Honor wrestling ring, where two wrestlers are seen fighting each other, one dark haired with a ponytail and a tattoo of a bird with spread wings on his upper back; the other male with sandy blonde hair. The presence of a trainer outside the ring makes it obvious it’s only a training match. As the camera pans across the hall the ring is set up in, a single person is seen sitting in a chair at ringside, the man easily recognisable as CM Punk, his tattooed arms bare besides where his t-shirt sleeves cover his shoulders. As the camera zooms in on him, it appears Punk is watching the match, but the look in the CWA champion’s eyes shows his mind is elsewhere.

    Punk: *glances up at the camera before turning his gaze back to the ring* I figured the ROH was a good place to come considering my opponent this week and the…‘history’ we have here. Why does Alex try to put the blame on Colt and I for what Austin did to him exactly? How’s it our fault he ‘didn’t know what the hell he was doing?’ Or that Austin ‘wasn’t supposed to treat him like shit’! What kind of idiot thinks that it’s normal or even okay for someone to hit their partner?! Those are pathetic excuses why you didn’t just leave the ass as soon as he started getting abusive Alex, almost as pathetic as trying to blame us for your mistake.

    He pauses as the sound of one of the wrestlers in the ring connects loudly with the ring mat after a hard suplex, the camera focusing on the blonde male who pins the other to win their practice match. Punk smiles as he watches before speaking again.

    Punk: I remember when that was me training in the hopes that one day a big wrestling company would pick me up, back when Colt and I loved pissing everyone off…well we still do, but we’re a little more mature now and we have other things on our minds. Colt has Dia and I…I have the CWA title…and obviously my friends. *he sighs quietly, pausing for a minute before continuing* What I don’t get is why Alex can’t admit his own faults and blames us instead, it’s his problem, not ours. Besides, I never actually saw Austin hit him, though that time Alex thinks Colt and I stood and watched, I guess we turned up right after he’d been hit and assumed we’d watched because he saw us there once Austin walked off. If I had seen something like that, I would never just stand around and watch, I’d have probably would have kicked the guy’s ass! I… *he hesitates slightly before continuing* I know how much being abused sucks, so there’s no way I’d ever just stand and watch. Hell, if he’d actually come and asked me for help, I probably would have done so, even though I barely knew Alex at the time.

    He sighs, running a hand through his hair.

    Punk: Anyway, about the actual match, he better not be in that mind Austin gave him, with that lack of confidence he seems to get whenever someone talks about Austin or says the slightest bad thing about him, I assume because of how Austin treated him... it’s disappointing to see and I’m sure it’s one of the reasons he’s still more or less in the same spot within the CWA that he was in when he started here. I don’t want to fight someone so disheartened by such a small insult…most people here don’t give a shit about someone mentioning their win/loss record, yet Alex takes it to heart and suddenly loses his confidence about the match. No offense ‘Lexie’, but it wouldn’t hurt for you to toughen up a bit. In case you forgot, you aren’t with Austin anymore, he can’t hurt you anymore and can’t possibly be worried that someone like Casey will ever start treating you like Austin did. If you want to even have a chance of winning this match, you need to learn to move on. You aren’t the only one here with a shitty past, but you’re probably the only one who actually seems to let it get to them so badly…you should just be thankful Alex that it was only Austin that hurt you and…not a family member that sits around drinking all day. Point is you really need to start acting more ‘like a man’ as they put it. If you have to be reassured by your little blonde who’s probably even shyer than any of the Vixxens ever have been, then you really need to rethink your outlook on things. You need to start enjoying what you have more instead of focusing on the past like you do so often.

    He shrugs his shoulders, yawning and stretching as he gets up, going over to the ring, climbing in to speak to the two men who are still there, standing around discussing their match they just had.

    Punk: *looking at the dark haired man* You, what’s your name?

    Man: Uh, Raven…Raven Wyatt.

    Punk: *nods* Is that your real name? *he smiles a little when Raven nods* Okay, well Raven… you did good, you’re pretty fast on your feet, but you don’t seem to have complete confidence in your own abilities, which caused you to let your guard down too much and left you open to moves like the one you were beaten with… which is exactly the kind of mistake my opponent this week seems to make a lot.

    Raven: *frowns but nods* Oh, right….um thanks. *he brushes a bit of hair off his face that has come loose from his ponytail* Who are you fighting this week by the way?

    Punk: Alex Shelley. You watch the show?

    Raven: Sometimes…my sister’s friends with Vitani.

    Blonde man: Whoa, wait…Alex Shelley? He’s dating a guy called Casey, right?

    Punk: Uh…yeah. Who are you by the way?

    Blonde man: My name’s Seth and…unfortunately… Casey is my cousin.

    Punk: Really? Sorry to hear that. You clearly aren’t as wimpy as he is.

    Seth: Definitely not. *he looks disgusted* There’s no way I’d ever want to be like him. I’d much rather work my way to the top of a wrestling company and be a champ like you than sit around being content with a job as an interviewer like he is. I can’t stand being around losers like him.

    Punk: *chuckles* Alright then… How about you have another practice match, but with me this time?

    Seth: *grins* Sure.

    Punk: Let’s just hope you can put up more of a fight then your cousin’s boyfriend will if he’s in one of his little ‘moods’…

    Seth: Oh don’t worry, *he smirks* I don’t plan on letting anyone take me down easily.

    Punk: *grins* Good.

    As Raven slides out of the ring, the two get in position, waiting for a call from the trainer to start their match, the two fighting each other as the camera fades out.

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    Post  Guest on Sun Oct 07, 2012 4:08 pm

    The camera opens up on Mariana's bedroom and pans over to a full length standing mirror where Mariana is standing. She has her back to the camera, facing the mirror. She's wearing a beautiful form fitting floor-length gown with a small train. It has a V-neck with intricate white scrolling over a tan base, long sheer sleeves with the white scrolling, and a tan ribbon belt around her waist. Her hair is done in a beautiful low side bun with a thick strand of hair on a side part hanging down to frame the right side of her face. She is putting in gold earring when she spots the camera.

    Mariana: "Now's not a very good time. We have an event to get to and if we don't hurry we'll be late. But I don't suppose I have a choice. There isn't any other time I can do it before my flight."

    She sighs as she puts in her second earring. Jensen approaches from behind her. He is wearing a tux and looking extremely dapper.

    Jensen: "Let me zip you up." He puts his hand on her shoulder and zips up the dress. "You look beautiful." He tells her, kissing her shoulder.

    Mariana: "Thank you for coming with me. I know how much you hate this kind of thing."

    Jensen: "I've let you do these things by yourself for too long."

    Mariana: "I wasn't by myself. Danny always went with me." She tells him, shaking her head.

    Jensen: "Having your best friend be your date isn't the same thing as having your longtime lover go with you. Danny is a great guy and he's been very supportive through all of this, but now it's my turn to do some supporting."

    Mariana: "Have I told you today that I love you?" She turns to look at him.

    Jensen: He pauses to think for a moment. "No, no, I don't think you have." He is smiling a playful smile.

    Mariana: "Well, in that case, I love you. Now go check on Lillie-Jane please." She says, giving him a kiss.

    Jensen: "Yes ma'am." He replies, sketching her a salute before leaving the room.

    Mariana smiles and shakes her head as she watches him leave. It is obvious that she enjoys the banter between the two of them.

    Mariana: "We have been invited by a friend of mine to attend an event tonight, a special premiere of his new film. It should be fun, for me at least. I hate to subject Jensen to the cameras and the lights, but he chose to come." She pauses and sighs. "I suppose some of you may not know how a wrestler would have made such a friend. Well an explanation is coming."

    She walks into the bathroom and the camera follows. She leans in towards the mirror to check her makeup in the better light. It is subtle but beautiful. The browns and gold's on her eyelids compliment her hair and skin tone and the black eyeliner makes her hazel eyes pop. She tops it off with a simple lip, only a little gloss to make them shine. There isn't much to it, but she looks stunning. She turns from the mirror and leans against the counter, her hands between her and the counter to keep the dress from touching.

    Mariana: "When I worked at the WWE, I had the privilege of starring in one of their films. It was called "Jack". It was about a woman in Victorian London who discovers that her husband is none other than Jack the Ripper. She gathers what evidence she can and takes it to Scotland Yard to an Inspector working the case. Together they try to catch her husband. Once her husband found out his wife, Katherine, knew his secret, he went into hiding and planned to add her to his list of victims. The inspector teaches Katherine how to use a pistol in case he isn't there to protect her and the whole thing changes Katherine, empowering her and giving her strength."

    The camera zooms in on Mariana's face as she pauses, seeming to contemplate her next words.

    Mariana: "For a long while there, Katherine has no idea what to do. She had been raised her whole life to be nothing but a good wife and a proper woman. Her world had been turned upside down by this revelation. She was in a position she had never been in before and had no idea how to get out of."

    She pauses again, choosing her words carefully. Her eyes are intense with thought though her face shows little sign of the depths of her pondering.

    Mariana: "I feel a bit like Katherine right now, I won't lie. I have never faced someone like Arella before and I'm not quite sure how to defeat her. She is strong, in body, mind, and spirit. She puts everything she has into every match and I believe that is why she is here today with the little training she has. She truly wants it. It is that kind of person, that kind of fire that could take me down. I am well aware of that." She brushes the hair out of her face and takes a deep breath. "I have a great respect for everyone in the CWA, but if I could choose who my first loss would be to, I would rather it be her than anyone else."

    Jensen: (Off Screen) "We need to leave in a minute. The limo is just pulling up."

    Mariana: "Okay. Thanks, Love." She looks from the doorway back to the camera and begins speaking again. "I suppose what I'm trying to say is that I have no plan on how to defeat her and I probably won't until I set foot in that ring and we lock up for the first time. But if Katherine could find a way to overcome the fact that she was married to Jack the Ripper and save herself from that, then surely I can win a wrestling match."

    She shrugs, though you can see it still troubles her. She turns to face the mirror one last time and applies a little more lip gloss, evening it out on her lips with her finger. Suddenly she smiles as if she's thought of something amusing.

    Mariana: "And The Miz says I have style so I suppose I'll have to: Kick Butt, Take Names, And Do It With Style on top of everything else. Thanks Miz. As if this match wasn't going to be hard enough as it is." She laughs lightly, an almost musical sound.
    The camera watches as she grabs a small clutch bag, walks out of the bathroom and bedroom, down the hall, and fades out as Jensen takes her hand while she picks up her skirts and they descend the spiral staircase to the foyer.
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    Post  Drew McIntyre on Sun Oct 07, 2012 11:07 pm

    The camera pans around the room to find Drew hitting a bag as hard as he can, the metal chain creaking and groaning under the weight of the bag. For once he's alone in the gym and his his hair is tied back into a sever pony tail. His face is set into a line of hard determination. This match means nothing to him other than another chance to put Sheamus on his arse. The music in his ear is loud and screams of metal; he sees the camera man but doesn't feel like talking. He's got training to do. If he's ever going to put more than tag team gold around his waist then he's got to do more than run his mouth. He's to show why he should be champion and as he sends the bag rocking again he snarls. He wasn't going to be a door mat anymore.

    The cameras follow him through a few other exercises, each pushing him further and further than before until he's nothing but dripping sweat and determination. As the camera pans out he moves back over to the bag he was working on in the beginning, this time aiming hard kicks to the packed sand bag. He wasn't going to just beat Sheamus he was going to obliterate him

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    Post  Kane on Sun Oct 07, 2012 11:45 pm

    Camera moves around a room before settling on the outline of man behind a curtain. From the height and general outline it's easy to see it's Kane. He's staring out a window, the casing wide open and the curtains billowing around him in the breeze that wasn't there a few seconds ago.

    Kane: We meet again Lucas,it seems as if your employer doesn't vaule your life that well if he keeps sending you up against me. However I will indulge him and once more throw you around the ring a bit. I must say that it is a bit of a therapudic exercise for me. Makes me not want to harm the others around me for the time being. I mean I know you can take a beating, I've watched you, and you're a little twisted in the head as well...I like that too. Sometimes I wonder however if you get off on the pain? Your face twists in pleasure whenever anyone doles out just a bit to you.

    Kane moves away from the window and walk quietly past a candle that ignites instantly before burning out just as quick when he walks away. At his feet tiny scraps of paper curl and smoke, leaving charred wood behind.

    Kane: Perhaps after the match I'll take you aside and we can explore this pain kink you so obviously have and want to delve into.

    Camera fades out on Kane laughing as fire creeps up his boots to his waist and then swallows him whole.

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    Post  Sheamus on Mon Oct 08, 2012 12:16 am

    As the camera fades in on a scene, a song called ‘Which is Why’ by a group named Skyclad is heard playing, a guitar chord played alongside bells playing as the song reaches the opening lyrics.

    You say that it's good reason, "an eye for an eye",
    "A queer bird the fish, sir" must be my reply.
    For fresh meat and lodgings I'll stand by your side.
    If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride.

    As the camera pans across the room, which turns out to be the living room of Sheamus and Nolee’s place, the Irishman is seen cleaning, singing along to the song as he does so.

    Sheamus: When absurdity starts to make more or less sense,
    Embrace all your demons, then banish them hence.
    When clarity flows in the sweet by and by
    And questions are answers, you'll know which is why.

    So, if you seek wisdom, I'll tell you once more,
    But if you want answers, you've got the wrong door.
    Ask me no questions and you'll get no surprise,
    "The truth is a cow sir that skeptics despise"…

    He trails off as the song reaches its chorus; Sheamus trails off, looking up as Keiran enters the room.

    Keiran: Are yeh still listening to that song? Yeh had it on when you brought me over here…

    Sheamus: *stops cleaning and turns to face him* I like the song obviously. Besides…I thought about what Carter said about ‘Loyal to No One’ and I agree, it just doesn’t fit me anymore, especially now that I’m married, so I’ve been lookin’ for a new one.

    Keiran: And you’re thinkin’ this one?

    Sheamus: *nods* I think it fits, even the group’s name sorta fits. The Pagan term ‘skyclad’ is the name of a ritual that’s supposed to symbolize equality, which is what the CWA is supposed to be about; only… *he chuckles, almost nervously* the actual skyclad ritual is supposedly done in the nude, which is one of their ways of showing the equality.

    Keiran: *laughs* Where’d yeh learn that from?

    Sheamus: *jokingly* Believe it or not, some people read Keiran.

    Keiran: *frowns* Hey, I read!

    Sheamus: *smirks* I know yeh do, don’t worry. Anyway, I guess in a way, we do actually do something like that, but not literally. In the CWA we reveal pretty much everything about ourselves to the fans, we use things from our personal lives that often form the backbones of our feuds and our storylines…like the whole thing between Nolee, Drew and I. Or others like Heath and Justin, they don’t have to act like there ain’t nothing between them like they used to have to before the CWA; the fans for once get to really see what we’re all like.

    Keiran: *nods, understanding* True…aren’t yeh fighting Drew again this time?

    Sheamus: Yeah I am which is why I chose to mention us and Nolee in my example, besides the fact that it’s obviously the first thing that comes to mind considering it involves us. My point with the song is though, that as it suggests, there are questions I’ve been tryin’ to find the answers for and demons from my past that need dealing with. I guess in a way, Drew is part of that, so this match has perfect timing. Beating him would be symbolic of overcoming the issues I’ve had with him, but either way I doubt our feud will truly be over after this, we always seem to cross paths again at some point.

    Keiran: Yes yeh do…have you even actually spoken to him recently?

    Sheamus: No. I’d rather not after our most recent feud. Now if yeh don’t mind, I need to finish cleaning.

    Keiran: *sighs* Alright, fine…

    Keiran turns and leaves the room as Sheamus goes back to cleaning; shaking his head before muttering to himself as the camera fades out.

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    Post  Vitani on Mon Oct 08, 2012 1:31 am

    Vitani is seen standing at a mirror, braiding her hair, which is more or less its original brown color again. She’s dressed in her ring gear, a purple top similar to the style of Alicia Fox’s and a darker pair of shorts, no longer denim like her original ones, but an actual pair made for wrestling and knee high boots. She’s also wearing knee and elbow pads and her white ‘V.S’ initialled vest like Cody’s ‘C.R’ one. She has a grin on her face which can be seen in her reflection, Vera sitting on a chair in the background.

    Vera: So you’re excited about this match I take it?

    Vitani: Obviously, I’m excited about all my matches I have. Each one of the Vixxens has her own style, even if a few of us use similar moves, we all pull them off differently; but I haven’t been up against Nolee for a while, so I’m interested to see how this match goes; plus I have my new ring gear.

    Vera: *laughs* And your new necklace…

    Vitani smiles, picking up the Triforce necklace she’d worn in her last match after finishing her hair and puts it on.

    Vitani: Yes, that too. So what ever happened with you and Punk, you talked to him right?

    Vera: Yeah… I did.

    Vitani: And?

    Vera: I told him what I told you, that I couldn’t stay with him because I already have someone, that what happened that night was a mistake… *she looks away, frowning slightly*

    Vitani: *sighs* Right… and does he know what happened?

    Vera: No…unless he watches this show.

    Vitani: Either way you should probably tell him before he finds out another way you know.

    Vera: Yeah, yeah I know… *trying to change the subject* So are you going to win this match against Nolee?

    Vitani: Vera- *she goes to say something about the change of subject, but decides not to* I don’t know, I heard she’s been learning from Sheamus, that could be a problem if she has a chance to use what she’s learned. Either way though I have a speed advantage over her, which will hopefully help.

    Vera: *nods* Right…so is Cody coming out to the ring with you like he used to?

    Vitani: *smiles, blushing a little* I don’t know, I didn’t even think to ask him. You think I should?

    Vera: *shrugs* Maybe? You two were adorable when you used to dance together when you came out.

    Vitani: *laughs* What? No we weren’t!

    Vera: You were too! Just ask him; you never know, he might want to come with you…

    Vitani: Alright, alright. Because I know you won’t stop nagging me about it until I do.

    Vera: Aww… *tries to look innocent* I wouldn’t do that…

    Vitani: *smiles and rolls her eyes before turning to face the camera* Right. Why don’t you come with me then?

    Vera: Alright. *smiles and gets up* I love your ring gear by the way.

    The two laugh and hug, Vera putting an arm around Vitani’s shoulders as they head off to find Cody, the scene fading out.

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