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    8-27-12 Monday Night Carnage Promos


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    8-27-12 Monday Night Carnage Promos Empty 8-27-12 Monday Night Carnage Promos

    Post  Admin on Thu Aug 30, 2012 12:30 am

    Promos due here no later than September 10th. That's three whole weeks folk.

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    Post  Admin on Tue Sep 04, 2012 12:56 pm

    We open up on what appears to be an open marketplace, a nearby sign telling is that this is The Ferra Hippie. Craftmen who work with thing ranging from jewelry to furniture yell out to the crowds about their products. In the crowd we can see Nolee Lacroix, dressed in a floppy yellow sunhat with a yellow sundress and brown sandals, walking alongside her best friend Laurie Pierpont who is dressed in blue jean shorts and a yellow t-shirt with the CWA logo on it.

    Nolee: It's so nice out here!

    Laurie: Still in the prime of weather down here. Not to rainy, not to sunny. Perfect.

    Nolee: Yeah, for his first show as CEO Carter has definitly picked a great spot.

    Laurie: You two speaking again?

    Nolee: He gave me away at my wedding and we decided that we shouldn't hold grudges. He doesn't want to be angry at me any more. We're even going to dinner later.

    Laurie: With your husband of course?

    Nolee: *beams* Yes. There's this quaint little place downtown where they serve traditional spanish dishes at a round table, which means we have to sit close to each other. It's a perfect bonding moment for Carter and Sheamus.

    Laurie: And for you and Christian.

    Nolee: *nods* Exactly.

    The two girls reach a stall selling beautifully beaded jewelry. Nolee smiles as she tries a few of the bracelets on before buying one of them.

    Laurie: Sorry bout the fan ceremony by the way.

    Nolee: So am I! That...that girl Arella had no right to come out there. And to say my wedding was a doomed wrestling wedding was so wrong of her!

    Laurie: I think she meant the ceremony more than the relationship. At least, if she's sane she did. Anyone can see you and Shea belong together. Whats the last name sitch?

    Nolee: Outside of the ring I'm Nolee Farrelly. Inside the ring, I'm Nolee Lacroix. Figured that Nolee Lacroix is what the fans know me as, it'll be easier to keep.

    Laurie: Still can't believe your married. It all seems surreal to me.

    Nolee: It's still surreal to me. *grins* But I'm proud to be married to such a great guy.

    Laurie: *giggles* I'm glad you ended up happy. And the wedding was great. Dolph taught me how to do the tango.

    Nolee: He's /always/ been a talented dancer. He's just way to impatient for me to have learned from him. That entire day went well, even after that freak show reject Arella Rayne ruined the fan ceremony. I mean, I beat Belle which is always a triumph in my book. As much as she and I don't /like/ each other, we respect each others in ring talent.

    Laurie: Last week it was Belle, whose it gonna be this week.

    Nolee: Her best friend, Amy Hennigan.

    Laurie: This is her first match in forever. Think you'll win?

    Nolee: I can't remember the last time Amy had a match. She's barely even here and honestly I can't remember any major wins in her repetoire. I'm not afraid of her, I'm not impressed by her. You know, Arella was partially right. The Vixxens division needs a shake up. So I'm putting everyone on notice, /everyone/. I'm going to go through each and every opponent they set in front of me until I get a shot at the CWA Championship. Amy is my first victim and most certainly not the last.

    Laurie: So whats the game plan with Amy?

    Nolee: Well, I want a win. She's been showing me some tricks of the brawling trade, things he picked up in Dublin. I'm gonna use those to win. Not give Amy any chance to move, you eliminate her chance of winning. I plan on winning. At all cost.

    Laurie: All cost.

    Nolee: *nods, a smirk on her face* You see I have a new policy. Unless I get caught, it's not cheating.

    Laurie: Your opponents better keep an eye out huh?

    Nolee: *grins* Your damn right they better.

    The camera fades to black as Nolee and Laurie continue to walk through the plaza.

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    Post  Admin on Tue Sep 04, 2012 1:12 pm

    The camera fades in on the hotel room of one Dia Banks. There is no sight of Louis, presumably spending time with another roster member after his mothers title win. Laying on one of the beds in the room, wearing an oversized shirt that obviously does not belong to her, is Dia Banks. She groggily rubs at her eyes, checks the time and then lays her head back down on the pillow. She turns to look at who is laying next to her, Colt Cabana who is dressed in a pair of black sleep pants.

    Dia: Colt, we gotta go get Louis from Phil soon.

    Colt groans like a child would when told to get up for school, but opens his eyes too look at her.

    Colt: *yawning* What…?

    Dia: *kisses his cheek* We have to go get Louis from Phil soon.

    Colt: Oh… *smiles and nods* Right. *he sits up and stretches*

    Dia smiles and sits on the edge of the bed to slip on her slippers before walking to make some coffee.

    Dia: Thanks for cuddling with me last night. *frowns* I still hate storms.

    Colt: Uh…you’re welcome? *still half asleep despite him sitting up*

    Dia: *smiles and hands him a cup of coffee, surprisingly cheerful* I still can't believe I won the Vixxens Championship!

    Colt: *thanks her for the coffee, drinking some before responding* Why’s it so hard to believe?

    Dia: I dunno I just...I dreamed of this moment since you started training me. My first solo title run. I...I couldn't have done any of this without you, a man who didn't have to, taking a shot on some kid from the streets.

    Colt: No need to thank me. *he smiles and chuckles* Unlike the people I’ve worked for, I know talent when I see it.

    Dia: *hesitates* About...about you leaning in for a kiss after the match. weren't actually leaning in for a kiss were you?

    Colt: *suddenly quiet* I um…no?

    Dia: *blushes* were going in for a real kiss. Colt...I embarrassed you in front of all those people...

    Colt: *shakes his head* No you didn’t…

    Dia: I should have kissed you...Mari even said...*turns and kisses him* Thank you...for everything.

    Colt: *has a surprised look on his face, not entirely sure how to react* For…for what?

    Dia: Everything. Every since you came and found me and Louis...and way back when we still wrestled together as a team...*looks like she's going to say those three little words a woman in her position should say to Colt but doesn't* I've got a pretty big match at the show.

    Colt: Oh… *after a pause* Against who?

    Dia: The former Five Nations Champion. Ya know, the one our buddy Mari took her title from.

    Colt: *sits there for a minute before figuring it out* Oooh…Christian right?

    Dia: Wow Colt, that was really slow of you. Of course I meant Christian. He's a good competitor and unlike Mari, I've lost matches in the past so I know I'm not unbeatable.

    Colt: Well what do you expect? I haven’t finished my coffee yet. *he pauses to drink more of it* You don’t have to be unbeatable to be able to win though.

    Dia: *smiles* Better drink it or I will. And I know I don't have to be unbeatable but I can't be to far off my mark or I'll lose. Christian's tricky. He switches from brawler to high flyer and back to brawler.

    Colt: *nods* You still won't have much trouble beating him though, you know why? We're best friends with someone who's even trickier and you've beat him before.

    Dia: I only beat Phil by sheer luck and you know it. Christian, he's a living legend in the tag team division. Singles competition not so much. *shrugs* I mean, he's good don't get me wrong. He's fought and beat some of the toughest men in the world. I hope I can add Christian's name to the list of people I've beat.

    Colt: You know what he'd say if you told him it was luck... And i don't think it was just that anyway. I know Christian's good, but even if he knows high flying moves it won't help much if he can't keep up with you once you get going. *he smiles encouragingly*

    Dia: *blushes* You've always been my biggest fan Colt. I'm glad you have such faith in me. I don't care what Phil says though, it was luck that helped me win. And it'll be luck that helps me beat Christian. No, maybe it's not luck for me. Maybe it's kharma. You know, do good things and good things happen.

    Colt: *grins* i know what you mean, but either way, part of it is still talent.

    Dia: *runs a hand through her hair* I just...I dunno...I'm a little worried that when I pick a number one contender, which I'm pretty sure I know who it's gonna be, I'll end up humiliated. I don't wanna be a one month champ. I want longer than that.

    Colt: Why would you think that? You're good enough to last as a proper champ.

    Dia: I just...*hesitant, more so than we've ever seen her* That girl Arella. She says that good workers don't get caught up in the outside drama. That's all there is to me. My son and now you. Am I nothing cuz of that?

    Colt: What? *he shakes his head* No! Your outside life doesn't affect your work like it does for some others.

    Dia: I do everything based off of life outside the ring. *sighs* I just gotta focus on Christian...

    Colt: You still perform perfectly fine though. Others I've noticed, so tend to get distracted at times. You shouldn't have any issues, after you won the title showed in the ring you still focus more on the work...

    Dia glances at the clock and after deeming she has time, she turns to Colt and wraps her arms around his neck before kissing him passionately.

    Dia: And that? What does that say?

    Colt: *takes a second to respond before he kisses her back, staring at her afterwards* uh... *he pauses for a few seconds, knowing his answer isn't a response to the question but says it anyway* I love you...

    Dia looks into his eyes, tears filling her own.

    Dia: I...I love you to Colt. I dunno how foolish I was not to realize before but I love you Colt.

    Colt: *has a goofy looking grin on his face* i know you do...

    Dia smiles and squeezes his hand.

    Dia: You'll be out there when I take on Christian right?

    Colt: of course I will, if you want me there that is...

    Dia: Of course I want you there. *small smile* He's gonna have Adam, I want my manager.

    Colt: *grins* Good point. *jokingly* You don't just want me there in hopes I'll work as a good luck charm do you?

    Dia: *grins playfully* Someone has to keep an eye out for Adam.

    Colt: *chuckles* True... You did say Christian was sneaky and we all know his manager was worse.

    Dia: *grins* He was the ultimate opportunist for a reason. Now c'mon and lets go get our kid.

    Colt: I know he was. *he smiles and nods* Okay.

    Dia smiles and takes Colt's hand, leading him out of the hotel room as the camera fades to black.

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    Post  Admin on Tue Sep 04, 2012 2:00 pm

    The sound of a truck door slamming is head and we open up on the outside of a beautiful home very reminiscent of a southern plantation house. The porch is a white wrap around that matches nicely to the light blue color of the house itself. In the front yard, carrying boxes into the house, are Carter Lacroix and Pete Branaugh. Carter is dressed in a black Tobey Keith Red Solo Cup tour shirt along with a pair of blue jeans and his usual black cowboy boot/hat combo while Pete is wearing a red Fozzy tour shirt with jeans and no shoes. They carry the last of the boxes inside, allowing us to see the large living room of the house. It seems they moved the furniture in earlier that day, or at the very least the house came furnished, because the living room of the house is fully furnished. The walls are a cream color that matches the sofa and Lay-Z-Boy chair that sit next to each other in the center of the room, though divided by an end table, in front of the brick fireplace that sits nestled under the flat screen television. Behind the couch is an area for music that includes Carter’s guitars and even a baby grand piano. The floor is hardwood and a much lighter color than the coffee table and side table.

    Carter: Thanks for helping me move into my own place Petey boy.

    Pete: *sits on the couch* Hey it’s not a problem. You gonna be fine living here by yourself? Nols is married off, Jerry and you don’t see eye to eye. You’re pretty much alone.

    Carter: I’m a 27 year old man who has never lived on his own. It was time for me to leave the nest, I just ended up being pushed out by an over bearing father. Besides, I hope not to live here alone if everything goes according to plan.

    Pete: If what goes according to plan?

    Carter: *hesitates* I’m going to ask Christian to move in with me…

    Pete: *grins* You are? That’s awesome.

    Carter: If he says yes it’s awesome. I know he loves Canada and he loves spending time with Adam. If I asked him to move here in Nashville with me, he’d be at least seven hundred miles away from home. I don’t want him to be homesick all the time. But if he does move in with me…*blushes* I’d be one of the happiest guys in the company.

    [color=darkblue]Pete: You mean besides Sheamus cuz he just got married? *goofy grin*

    Carter: Oh no, I think that little step would be enough to make me even happier than Sheamus. I mean, look at all the great things that have happened to me lately. I won back the tag team championship with Kane. I took over as the new CEO of the company. Everything is going my way right now.

    Pete: Don’t you think it’s a little conceited to be both the new tag team champ and CEO? Shouldn’t someone else get a shot?

    Carter: Technically I didn’t put myself in a return match, that was one of the things that dad did before he was fired. So this title isn’t selfish as much as it is deserved. I’m going to put Kane and I into match ups like every other superstar would get put into match ups. And there are so many contenders for me to pick from, I can even throw people into teams together. Right now, I’m thinking about Wade teaming with my opponent for this week.

    Pete: You’re fighting Belle this week right?

    Carter: Yes I am and I was huge on her return match, even if it was against my sister. I want to make this company into the greatest company ever. I mean, I know that’s a huge goal but it’s my goal and I’m going to live with that. So for starters, I did a lot of hiring and firing of the old staff and hired some new people. Second of all, I want to bring back old stars that I think are essential to a good roster. So far that’s only Belle and Amy. I’ve been in talks with Swagger but he’s busy now with his family, that’s why he left, and he doesn’t want to have to worry about having any real commitment. If he does come back then he’s going to be a jobber, he said he wants to put on good matches if he comes back but he wants to do it so that he can help train more so than be a champion or anything.

    Pete: So it was you who hired that new girl Arella Rayne who ruined your sisters fan wedding?

    Carter: Yes and I didn’t think she’d do that. I hired Arella because I see the spark of wanting to be something great in her. She’s got a lot of spunk and wants to make the Vixxens Division all that it should be. I can’t help but admire that.

    Pete: So this match with Belle, you worried about it?

    Carter: I think for anyone to say they aren’t worried about a match, no matter who the opponent is, is a pretty self-conceited and narcissistic point. Any opponent can beat you on any given day. As an athlete you have to give it your all to make sure that the days don’t come as often as your opponents would like. Now Belle, she’s a good fighter I’ll give her that. I mean, she has the same blood as Shannon Moore already running through her veins and she trained with him and the Hardy’s so you almost can attribute all her success on that. Except you can’t really. The thing about Belle is she goes out in that ring every night, when she’s on the roster that is, and manages to give you a fresh and exciting match. As a competitor, she keeps you on your toes. That’s why I look forward to facing her every time I get in that ring. That being said, I really do believe I can win. I’m not really a fan or friend to John Cena, I’ve never known the guy personally and I’ve heard he’s a lot different than he is on camera, but the other week on Raw he had a point. He basically said that the moment a wrestler stops believing that he is the best in the world than he can get the hell out of the company. To be the best, you don’t have to beat the best. To be the best, you have to believe you’re the best. That’s something that holds true for anyone. However, when you work for a company like this one you have to be willing to prove to the fans and everyone in the back that you honestly believe you are the best. So that’s what I’m going to do when I face Belle. I’m going to step into that ring, head held high, and I’m going to beat her.

    Pete: How do you plan on doing that?

    Carter: I can’t tell you everything like that Pete. Some things have to be left to be seen. However, I will tell you that the ending of this match involves her tapping out to the Cowboy Clutch.

    Pete: Not to sound like a hater, but don’t you have any other finishing moves in your arsenal? I mean, Sheamus has that fireman’s carry drop thing called White Noise and The Brogue Kick, your sister has that thing that looks like Miz’s Reality Check and the Tennessee Tornado though she doesn’t use that one as much anymore. Don’t you have another one you can use?

    Carter: Call me a fundamentalist but the unique thing about a finishing move is that you only have one of them. It’s the last thing an opponent sees or feels before you pin them or make them submit. With the Cowboy Clutch, it’s not only a move that I use to pay tribute to greats like the Iron Sheik and Chris Benoit, but it’s a move that gets the job done. Every time I lock it in, every time, someone taps out. That’s the point. Having two finishers, though in concept is a great idea, is something that I find to be a bit showy. It says that ‘well I didn’t get the job done with this one; maybe I’ll try that one’. I get the job done with the Cowboy Clutch every time.

    Pete: That’s a way to look at it I guess. And the first time someone taps out to the Clutch?

    Carter: *grins* I’ll just have to find a new finisher then won’t I? Now come help me unpack boxes so I can make us some dinner. I don’t have any of my pots and pans out.

    The camera fades out on Carter and Pete walking out of the living room.

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    Post  Christian on Thu Sep 06, 2012 9:42 pm

    The camera slowly fades in on a small hotel lobby, where Christian is standing. He is dressed in a pair of jeans and a black button down shirt, he sighs and leans against the wall as he is waiting for Carter to show up.

    Carter is seen walking down the hall in a black and tan flannel shirt and jeans with cowboy boots and a cowboy hat, a young red head girl in a green ladies suit following him.

    Carter: You got that Miss Richards? I need this information relayed to Cody so we're on the same page.

    Miss Richards: Sure thing Mister Lacroix!

    As the girl bustles off, Carter leans in to give Christian a kiss.

    Carter: Hey babe.

    Christian: *smiles softly and kisses back* Hey, your meeting finally done?

    Carter: Yeah, sorry I was so busy. Nols called and said she and Shea would meet us at the restaurant. You ready to go? Trucks out back. I didn't waste money on a valet.

    Christian: *nods* Yeah I'm ready to go, so what is the name of the restaurant we are going to again?

    He takes Carter's hand as they start walking.

    Carter: *smiles* El Pollo Loco. It's such a great place for food.

    Christian: *smiles* It sounded good when you were telling me about it. *pauses* I never got to give you an answer last night.

    Carter: *a bit self conscious* Y...Yeah...

    Christian: *looks up at him* Yes... I will move in with you.

    Carter: R...really? Ya will?

    Christian: *nods* Yes, if... If you still want me too?

    Carter: Of course I do Jay.

    Christian: *smiles softly* I... I'm glad you asked me.

    Carter: Who else was I gonna ask? *grins*

    Christian: *smiles as they reach Carter's truck* True, but I am still glad you asked me.

    Carter: *smiles and hugs him closely* So who ya facing in your next match?

    Christian: I think I have Dia this time.

    Carter: Dia? Oh hope you can face her and win. She's tough.

    Christian: I do too, she is one of the better Vixxen's in the CWA... It will be a hard match, that's for sure.

    Carter: Ain't gonna take it out on her that her tag partner Mari beat you, are you?

    Christian: *looks a little offended* You know I wouldn't do that Carter! Besides Dia is a friend and I respect her.

    Carter: Sheesh I was joking!

    Christian: *calms down before looking down* Sorry...

    Carter: Its okay babe. So whats your plan?

    Christian: Not sure really, Dia will probably try and trap me in her submission move or she will try and out fly me... Either way I'm going to have to watch her carefully and stay a step ahead, maybe even try and out smart her. I could try and ground her, but then I know she would just try and turn that against me. Same for if I try to out fly her, which means I'm going to have too outsmart her and combine my ground work with my high flying.

    Carter: Her submissions are a tricky hold...

    Christian: Yes they are, but there is always a way out of a move and I just have to be careful not to get caught.

    Carter: Problem is she's fast too.

    Christian: Yes she is, but I am too. She is probably the faster of the two of us, but I am the trickier of us!

    Carter: You forget about her manager and best friend.

    Christian: *smiles* And you forget my manager.

    Carter: I don't forget. Punk and Colt, though, are almost as crafty as Edge.

    Christian: *grins* Maybe, but Adam is a genius at being crafty. I think both Dia and me will want to keep our managers out of the match though, it would just feel wrong to keep the fans from seeing the best me and her can do in the ring.

    Carter: Ask Nols, just because you don't want interference don't mean there won't be none.

    Christian: I know, but I'm ready for it if we do have interference.

    Carter: It's a new era Jay. My era. I don't like cheating.

    Christian: I wouldn't cheat Carter...

    Carter: I know babe, I know.

    Christian: *gives a small smile* I love you.

    Carter: I love you too babe.

    Christian: *smiles and gives him a soft kiss* We should probably get going, Nolee and Sheamus are probably waiting on us.

    Carter: *smiles* Either that or their spending nice time alone.

    Christian: *smiles* Like us?

    Carter: Well...knowing sis it's probably more intimate than ours...

    Christian: *smiles playfully* Ours is better.

    Carter: *chuckles* Right.

    Christian slowly leans up to kiss him again, the camera slowly fading to black.

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    Post  Alex Shelley on Fri Sep 07, 2012 3:09 am

    The camera fades in on a small ring in what looks like to be someone's backyard, inside the ring is Alex Shelley and his best friend Chris Sabin. Alex is moving fast as he hits the ropes and does move after move, he has sweat running down his face and back. It looks like he has been at this for a while, but shows no sign of stopping and Chris whistles to get Alex to stop.

    Chris: Lex you need to rest at least for a few minutes and get some water in you...

    Alex: I'm fine Chris... *sighs* I just have to keep training, I have to keep working at this...

    Chris: Lex what's wrong? You've been pushing yourself too hard the last few days...

    Alex: I have to prove I'm good, I can't keep doing as bad as I've been lately... P-Prove he isn't right about me...

    Chris: Prove who isn't right about you? Your opponent this week? Or has someone like Lucas been talking crap again?

    Alex: *sigh and wipes his brow* No... Austin, after the match at the pay-per-view he cornered me in the locker room...

    Chris: *grits his teeth* What did he say Lex?

    Alex: He said I didn't belong in the CWA... That I was better off just being his boy toy and that sooner or later I would remember my place...

    Chris: That stupid...

    Alex: *cuts Chris off* Then the lowlife had the nerve to threaten Casey... Said he better be careful, things can happen backstage.

    Chris: *sighs and puts his hand on Alex's shoulder* Lex it's going to be okay, you know everything Austin says is a load of crap and you won't let anyone hurt Casey... *squeezes his shoulder lightly and smiles* Casey knows you will do anything to protect him, so just forget that crap Austin said.

    Alex: *nods* I won't let him hurt my Casey.

    Chris: *smiles* That's my Lex, so who are you fighting this week?

    Alex: *rolls his eyes* I got stuck with Wade this week.

    Chris: Great... The guy with the biggest ego in the world, you must have the best luck Lex...

    Alex: *chuckles* Yeah and lucky me he has the size to try and match his ego.

    Chris: What are you going to do Lex? What is your plan for this match?

    Alex: Well it would be stupid of me to try and take him out from the ground, my best bet is to fly around the ring and keep him guessing. Make sure he doesn't know where to turn, or where to hit. Try and take out his legs as well, there are a lot of things that I can do... I just got to make sure I stay one step ahead of him and it is not going to be easy.

    Chris: Do you think you will win if you do this Lex?

    Alex: Maybe, maybe not... All I know is I have to at least try, I know I can do this and hopefully I will.

    Chris: I know you can do this Lex.

    Alex: *smiles softly before sighing* I guess I should get back to work again.

    Chris: Lex I think you've done enough today, let's stop for today... *smiles* Go spend time with Casey, you two deserve some time for just the two of you.

    Alex: *pauses before nodding with a smile* You're right Chris.

    Chris: *grins* Of course I'm right!

    Alex laughs softly before pulling out his cell phone to call his boyfriend as the camera fades out.
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    Post  Arella Rayne on Fri Sep 07, 2012 10:44 am

    As the camera fades in on the same band set up from her introduction promo, Arella Rayne is once again seen singing as her male band members play music. This time though it’s a cover of Avril Lavigne’s ‘Best Damn Thing’ instead of an original song by the band. To match the song, Arella’s wearing a checkered skirt decorated with white and pink, a Heath Ledger Joker tank top, black and white striped gloves that match her knee-high socks. She has black lace up boots on and a pink bow hair clip with a skull on it in her pink hair. As the Vixxen sings, she dances along with the music much like the original singer of the song would.

    Arella: Let me hear you say hey, hey, hey!
    Now let me hear you say hey, hey ho!

    I hate it when a guy doesn't get the door,
    even though I told him yesterday and the day before,
    I hate it when a guy doesn't get the tab
    And I have to pull my money out and that looks bad.

    Where are the hopes, where are the dreams?
    My Cinderella story scene,
    When do you think they'll finally see?

    That you're not, not, not gonna get any better,
    You won't, won't, won't you won't get rid of me never.
    Like it or not, even though she's a lot like me,
    We're not the same.
    And yeah, yeah, yeah I'm a lot to handle,
    You don't know trouble, I'm a hell of a scandal;
    Me, I'm a scene, I'm a drama queen,
    I'm the best damn thing that your eyes have ever seen.

    After the ‘We’re not the same’ line, Arella looks irritated as she continues singing, her voice sounding more aggressive.

    Arella: I hate it when a guy doesn't understand,
    Why a certain time of month I don't wanna hold his hand.
    I hate it when they go out, and we stay in,
    And they come home smelling like their ex-girlfriends!

    I found my hopes, I found my dreams
    My Cinderella story scene
    Now everybody's gonna see…

    Seeing the camera, Arella raises a hand as she stops singing to signal for the others to stop too and she switches off the mic before moving closer to the camera.

    Arella: So you found me huh? I figured you’d be here sooner or later so I had the guys help me put on a show.

    The camera follows Arella as she heads outside, the sunlight making her pink hair seem even brighter.

    Arella: That’s probably the closest you’ll get to seeing anything to do with my personal life in these promos, besides of course if I’m talking to any of my friends when you show up. *she flicks a hand through her hair* So anyway, my first match; it’s against Angel James. The so called ‘Avenging Angel’ of the CWA and so far the longest reigning Vixxens’ Champ, the one no one understands half the time because she speaks Italian in her promos as if she assumes we all understand it. At least Sheamus translates most of the Irish he speaks so people get what he’s saying. Others on the roster who speak languages other than English don’t even show it on camera, probably because they know nobody will understand them.

    She moves to lean against the wall, one foot resting against the bricks instead of on the ground, her arms folded.

    Arella: I don’t think Angel’s even really done much besides her brief time as a Tag Team Champion with Drew McIntyre since losing the Vixxens’ title to one of her closest friends on the show... Like the other Vixxens, she likes to say she’s going to do something, but never does. I’m still waiting to see any of the ‘avenging’ she promised, I’m sure the fans are too. We’d probably have more like paying the ever-busy Robert Downey Jr. to come here and avenge things for us. What I never understood though was what she even planned on avenging; I don’t recall her ever saying, just her being cryptic.

    She grins and stands up properly, bouncing on the balls of her feet.

    Arella: You know, I actually really liked watching Angel’s matches, I admired her fighting spirit she had, even against the guys, even the bigger ones like Lucas and Kane. Problem is, she’s not like that so much anymore; she’s gotten almost…boring compared to how she used to be. Seems like a common theme among the Vixxens, at least they haven’t become Divas though… *she says the word ‘Divas’ with disgust, rolling her eyes* I’d never have really fit in with the Divas, I’m not blonde, nor am I planning on dying my hair blonde…or brunette. They wouldn’t approve of my clothing style either; the closest they have in their current roster is AJ. They got rid of all the girls I looked up to, like Lita and Ashley…and most of all the older Divas they had in the 90’s and early 2000’s.

    The camera follows Arella as she walks, humming the tune to the song she’d been singing earlier before speaking again.

    Arella: Despite Angel being more boring now, I guess I’m still looking forward to this match. For starters, it’s my first match in the CWA and it’s against one of the stronger females I’ve seen in the business. It’s also my first wrestling match on TV, so obviously I’m a little nervous. I’ve only ever had training matches until now. I’m confident in my own skills though, it helps that I learned Ju-Jitsu in the past before wrestling, helps with the ‘brawler’ style I have and the more technical moves. Odds are, a lot of people will try and criticize me because I haven’t been in any other wrestling promotions, not even ROH or FCW or anything before, just a training school. Well you know what? I don’t give a shit if people feel the need to criticize me over it. Why? Because some people have trained in countless promotions and are still only average at best, while some are just naturals and some have trained so much and dedicated everything they have towards getting better and they can still end up horrible.

    She stops walking; folding her arms again as she faces the camera.

    Arella: See what matters is that I believe in myself, that I’m here to entertain the fans and put on a good show and that I have fun doing it. Even the worst wrestlers can still be at the top of the business at times, simply because the fans love them. Some of the best spend their whole careers as jobbers or stuck in the mid cards and are lucky if they ever win a title or even make it into the main events of shows. They don’t complain though, because they love doing what they’re doing, which is what matters. *she smiles, tilting her head slightly to one side* I think a lot of people though have forgotten what the wrestling business is about and simply use it to exploit the looks of females and to promote the same few people that the bosses like instead of those the fans love. I’m glad the CWA hasn’t become something like that like the ‘other company’ has. Hopefully Carter’s able to keep it from ending up that way in the future too; I’d hate to see something so promising go to waste like that. So I say good luck to Carter and everyone else he has to help him run the show, I hope you do well.

    She grins before humming the tune to ‘Best damn thing’ again.

    Arella: Meanwhile, to Angel I’d say you better watch out and don’t make the mistake of underestimating a new opponent, especially not if it’s simply because of their background in the business, or lack of one; or because of how small or how young they are. I look forward to our match, assuming you’re the Angel that’s known for holding the Vixxens’ title so long and not the Angel who’s avenging nothing at all…

    Arella spins around, turning to head back inside to her band, singing quietly to herself as she goes.

    Arella: Yeah, yeah, yeah I'm a lot to handle,
    You don't know trouble, I'm a hell of a scandal;
    Me, I'm a scene, I'm a drama queen,
    I'm the best damn thing that your eyes have ever seen!

    On the last line, Arella spins around to face the camera again, waving at the camera as the scene fades out.
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    The camera fades in on A shot of Angel James walking towards a church, a rosary in her hands. She looks calm but there is an underlying anger in her eyes, she stops when she sees the camera.

    Angel: I suppose you are here for a few words? To see what I think about my opponent?

    Cameraman: Yes ma'am.

    Angel: Of course you are. *sighs quietly* So my opponent is the new rookie, Arella Rayne. *rolls her eyes* Who thinks it is her duty to insult the Vixxen's and to insult me because not being a native English speaker... *smirks* There is a reason I do not translate when I go off into my native language, one it is because I feel it is crude to curse and that it is bad enough I do it in my own language and two I usually only go off in Italian when I am angry or upset! *mutters quietly* But you know something? I do not care what that girl thinks, I am not in the CWA to listen to people's opinion of me. I am here to do what I love and that is wrestle, even if I do not win nothing will change that. And nothing is going to change me, especially a punk who still has to prove herself. I do not care if I win or lose, but I am going to show her there is a reason not to get on my bad side. Non cross me, which translated for my friend means don't cross me.

    Angel looks at the rosary in her hand before starting again towards the church, the camera fading out as she enters.


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    The scent of the calm before the storm lingers through the air but because the scene before you is on the television, you yourself cannot smell it. The landscape is the outside of a warehouse in downtown Manchester, England. Cars driving to their respective places of work and residence can be seen driving down the street. However, there are a group of cars at the warehouse that clue us in to their being people inside. Cameramen Luther Briggs turns the camera on himself to talk to the camera.

    Luther: I've been invited by the man I'm shooting this promo for to witness something not many outsiders get to see. Forewarning, there's gonna be a lot of violence and a lot of blood.

    He turns the camera back around as he walks inside the warehouse where we hear the hooting and hollering of men. A rather large crowd of men are circled around an empty area in the middle but as we get closer we see two men going fist to fist in the center. One has a large gash on his forehead which must be the source of the blood on his face while the other is sporting a nasty bruise on his eye and dried blood on the corner of his mouth. We watch them fight, the pounding of violent punches and kicks showing their undying will to win, before the camera focuses on Wade Barrett who stands amongst the crowd. He looks different then we have seen him in the past. For starters, he's sporting a full goatee on his face, meaning he hasn't cared to shave in a while. Instead of his usual suits and polo shirts, he's wearing no shirt and a pair of torn up jeans.

    Wade: Beautiful isn't it Mr. Briggs? This is the world of bare knuckle boxing: violent aggression. Men have fought and killed each other in this world since before I was born. It's a world fueld by the love of money and the hatred of other human beings. It's the world I was brought up in, a world I know all to well. I do not detest humanity like others here may. I understand the wretchedness of human kind, I understand that if given a chance to better themselves even the closest of friends and lovers will turn their backs on you. I long ago understood that, learned it first hand.

    Luther: With Justin and Heath?

    Wade: *chuckles* No, no. Long before that, back when I was fighting in this world before.

    Wade grows less personable than he was a minute ago as he runs a hand through his shaggy hair.

    Wade: Everyone can see it, the great Wade Barrett has fallen. I've gone from the very first CWA Champion to a complete and utter nobody who opens up the show with his matches. I'm better than that. I'm better than losing to no ones like Christian and CM Punk. I deserve to be a champion of some sort. So I'm given myself a new goal. I no longer long to be the CWA Champion. I want to be the first competitor in the CWA to have held all of the championships they can. I've held the CWA and the CWA Tag Team championship which leaves but one I have yet to capture.

    Luther: Miss Thomas Five Nations Championship?

    Wade: *grins* Precisely. Now, Mariana is extremely talented. Not only is she currently undefeated in the five matches she's had but she's got the fastest time since a debute of a superstar until the time they become champion. That's impressive, very impressive. But as a champion she had one fatal flaw.

    Luther: That is?

    Wade: Mariana is a woman. As much as others may hate me for saying that, it's very true. Other than Angel's Vixxens title reign the women's reigns are significantly shorter than the mens. I'm even talking about my precious Belle. I'm not saying a woman's not capable of it but so far it's fact that they haven't been able to. Take for example the title reign of Vitani Summers compare to that of my arch rival CM Punk. Both won their titles at Champions Ball back in April. That's four months. Vitani lost hers at Annual Affliction while Punk kept the title he had earned. He has kept it for what is now the fifth month. It's only a matter of time before Mariana Thomas loses the title. I can speed that up if she will allow me. *grins*

    Luther: You think you could do what no one else could?

    Wade: Of course I do. I'm one of the most ferocious fighters in the CWA. Miss Ranye may know a bit of jiu-jitsue, CM Punk may be a muy thai kick boxer, but what I'm doing here is made to destroy a human being. I plan on doing just that if Miss Thomas ever has the misfortune of getting into the ring with me. But she's not the opponent I must worry about for this match and she's not the reason I'm here in the belly of the beast.

    Luther: Which one do you want to focus on first?

    Wade: My insignificant opponent while we're on the topic of people I'm going to beat. While I am unsure that Alex Shelley's out of CWA career may be a marvelous thing, his in CWA career is rather pathetic. What has he accomplished? The CWA Tag Team Championship? If not for Christian, he couldn't have won that title. Having a match for the CWA Championship? He was the first person eliminated in that match up. I could go on and on about Alex Shelley's failures, I honestly could. However, I'm here to talk about my successes and why he will fail. You see, men like Shelley step into this warehouse all the time: bright eyed, wanting the best out of life. One by one, I've seen them turn into shallow husks of men, all because they realized nothing was what they thought. If I was Alex, I'd doubt my own talents. I'd take a second look at the moves I was doing and rechoose so that I have something else to work with. Yet what does Alex say he's going to do? Hit me with those high flying moves so that I don't know where the hits are coming from. Rather moronic if I do say so myself.

    Luther: Aren't you here to practice your form?

    Wade: In the CWA, what I do is more being a powerhouse than being a brawler. Yes, I hold aspects of both but I do not use the brawling like I know from here. Alex primarily uses his high flying ability to take big risks that don't always pay off. You can see the pain and anguish that the brawler can cause. Alex Shelley is going to fall. And not just fall, he's going to suffer the wrath of the new Wade Barrett. I've gone back here to the abyss to become that Wade Barrett.

    The two men in the center of the room are finished, one laying barely breathing on the floor as the other raises his arms in victory.

    Wade: And much like here, to stop me you're going to have to damn near kill me.

    He steps into the center of the group, the camera fading out as Wade throws his first punch at the man.
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    8-27-12 Monday Night Carnage Promos Punk-c10

    The camera fades in on a setup similar to the kind you’d see in a press interview, a table is set up with two microphones on it, a Punk/Cabana election style banner hung up behind the table. The camera zooms out as both CM Punk and Colt Cabana walk up to the podiums, showing a few people dressed as reporters, waiting for them amongst cardboard cut outs of paparazzi and extra camera crews. Punk rests one arm on the table after sitting down, adjusting his microphone before glancing at Colt; both of them wearing blue ‘A Pipe bomb for change’ shirts that match the banner behind them. Colt gives Punk one of his goofy grins and a thumbs up before the CWA champ looks back at the cameras and starts speaking.

    Punk: Okay, first of all, I’d like to thank you all for taking time out of your ‘precious’ lives to pay attention to us and our, at times; controversial opinions on things. Obviously, I’m CM Punk: The CWA Champion, also known as ‘The Best in the World’, ‘The Straight Edge Superstar’ and most importantly; ‘The Voice of the Voiceless’ …and this here is my best friend and manager, Colt Cabana. *he gestures to Colt with a smile* We asked you all here today so we could discuss some of the changes that are happening in the CWA and what we’re doing to ‘help’ & also plans for the future. We will also be taking questions… which we will try to answer as honestly as possible.

    Colt: Right. First of all there was the recent pay-per-view, where the company ended up changing hands and is now under new management…

    Before he can continue, Punk cuts in.

    Punk: Yeah, thankfully Carter’s not the kind to waste precious TV time with a long ‘You’re fiiiiiiiiiired’ *he tries to imitate Mr McMahon’s infamous way of saying the words and ends up coughing, muttering to Colt afterwards* How the hell does he even do that…?

    Colt: *shakes his head* No idea. Anyway, it looks to be a positive change for the CWA, especially seeing as we support it.

    Punk: Of course we support it; I mean we’re always for the ‘greater good’ right? There’s nothing wrong with a company beginning a ‘shiny new era’ every now and then…

    He trails off as a reporter raises their hand and steps forwards, the camera switching to focus on them instead, showing the ‘reporter’ to be Daniel Bryan.

    Punk: Yes?

    Bryan: Uh yeah, I have a question for you. Is it true that you’re up against Kane, the man who helped inspire your new boss’ take over in the first place and is also his tag team partner this week?

    Punk: *he sighs and runs a hand through his hair before speaking* Yes, it’s true I am fighting someone who’s technically an ally this week, someone our new boss Carter Lacroix trusts completely, or at least enough to go by his words as a reason to take over the company.

    Bryan: You usually have a bit of a ‘mouth’ when it comes to your opponents, what’s your opinion of this week’s?

    Colt: Uh, I don’t think that’s a really good-

    Punk: *cuts Colt off, speaking over him* It’s okay… *he takes a breath before speaking* Now I know in the past, I haven’t exactly been the most respectful person towards some of my opponents, but this time is different. Like when Carter himself was my opponent, I’m not going to resort to saying anything slanderous towards Kane, because to be honest; he’d probably kick my ass if I did so, like he’s done to others in the past…

    Another ‘reporter’ steps forward, the camera cutting to them to show a former member of CM Punk’s ‘Straight Edge Society’, Serena; her brunette hair tied back in a ponytail.

    Serena: Weren’t you once tag partners with Kane before joining the CWA?

    Punk: Uh…briefly, yes, back in ECW. It uh…it didn’t last long. Not to say that we were horrible as a team, we weren’t; I guess management just had other plans for us at the time. That and some people felt the need to ridicule us… *he rolls his eyes, frowning* As a result of that brief time though, I don’t fear Kane as some do, I just simply respect him; although there are some points that he has been a little creepy… I have no issues with Kane though, only respect; he is a veteran when it comes to the business after all, I’d be stupid not to respect him.

    Serena: Colt, as Punk’s manager, do you think he can beat Kane?

    Colt: *laughs* What? Are you serious? Of course I think he can, he’s the CWA champion and the ‘Best in the World’ after all.

    Serena: And what about you Punk, do you think you can claim a victory against Kane?

    Punk: Well… I wouldn’t say for sure that I could, it is Kane after all, but I’m fairly confident that I can, or at least put up a hell of a fight trying. I’d say against an opponent as powerful as this…as much as I hate to admit such odds, I probably only have about a 50/50 chance of winning; both of us have our own strengths and weaknesses and know a decent amount of each other’s strategies to try and gain an advantage over.

    Serena goes to ask another question, but a third ‘reporter’, Chavo Guerrero, steps forwards to speak instead.

    Chavo: Hey amigo, is it true you had a one night stand with a friend of the former Vixxens’ champion? If so, do you see the relationship going any further in the future?

    Punk suddenly frowns, looking irritated, no longer playing along.

    Punk: I’m not here to answer questions about that; it’s not anyone else’s business.

    Chavo: But you said you’d answer all the questions as honest-

    Punk: *speaking over him like he did to Colt* I said I’m not answering that; we’re done here okay? I’ve had enough.

    He quickly gets up from the table and storms off camera, Colt calling out, looking concerned as he gets up to follow, the scene fading out.


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    What you gonna do? Time's caught up with you
    Now you wait your turn, you know there's no return
    Take your written rules, you join the other fools
    Turn to something new, now it's killing you

    We hear this before we open on a large bar room where a band is playing near the door. Men and women are seen to be drinking near the bar and at tables and it's at one of these tables that we see Lucas Turner sitting with his little sister and their new friend Antonio Jacinto. Lucas is dressed in a black Led Zepplin shirt with a silver bullet belt and a pair of jeans with black combat boots. Jessie is wearing what can hardly be considered a top, more like a baby blue belly shirt which shows off her belly button piercing and blue jean shorts. Antonio is in a gold shirt that has the CWA logo across the front and black basketball shorts. We hear the next lyric of the song, Hand of Doom by Black Sabbath.

    First it was the bomb, Vietnam napalm
    Disillusioning, you push the needle in
    From life you escape, reality's that way
    Colours in your mind, satisfy in time

    Antonio: This is a nice place! All you Americans come here to drink?

    Lucas: Only the ones who don't mind rock music. Most of the time, they go to little clubs that play that techno shit.

    Jessie: It's not called techno anymore, they call it dubstep. And you're right, it is shit.

    Lucas smirks as a waitress brings him a beer, Jessie and Antonio because of their ages being forced to drink soda. Lucas leans back in his chair as he watches the waitress walk away before looking back at Antonio and Jessie.

    Lucas: So why did you invite me here?

    Antonio: Well, sir, I was hoping that-

    Jessie: Antonio and I want you to train him.

    Lucas: *laughs* What? You're joking right?

    Jessie: Not at all. We all know you're going to think about retiring from the ring because Carter Lacroix took charge. You don't want to work for such an asshole. If you teach Antonio, you'll have someone who believes in the things that you believe but at the same time doesn't have the history that you have with Carter.

    Lucas: Oh no. You see, now I have a personal vendetta. Before with Carter it was just because of Jay. I wanted to win something from him that, I suppose that now looking back on it, I can admit was unattainable. But now? Now I have someone entirely new to win against and a new reason to do it.

    Antonio: Who would that be?

    Lucas: CM Punk.

    Jessie: That's right, you got totally screwed at the pay-per-view. You were winning but because you didn't notice the count out situation, it came to a no contest and he retained. You should have had him beat.

    Lucas: You're right, I should have. And now I'm not going to rest until I actually do have him beat. It's not like he's my opponent for this week, though my opponent for this week should prove as a new stomping ground for how far I've come as a CWA wrestler.

    Antonio: That's right, you and Sheamus have a very...uh...torrid past don't you?

    Lucas: We hate each other with all our hearts. I was in love with Nolee for a brief period of time. Now that I can see the woman for what she is, she's a seductive little bitch. Before that I was hellbent on taking her away from him and we created a hatred for each other. It's a shame really. A man like him could be as powerful and fierce as I can be, we could have been better tag team partners than enemies if I only got the chance. But for the time being, until he sees his wife for what she really is like most men do, he's one of my greatest enemies.

    Antonio: Not all women are out to hurt men. Some of them are genuinely in love...*glances over to Jessie who gives him a cute smile*

    Lucas: I assume you're talking about the relationship between yourself and my little sister. She's broken her fair share of hearts in the past, as have you. But this promo isn't about a woman, it's about Sheamus. Lately, as even the fans can tell, he's become a shell of his former self. No longer fierce and willing to take out anyone with that brutish Brogue Kick, he's now Nolee's puppet. Sheamus, do yourself a favor and start actually striving for something in this company. You're a former CWA Champion for God sakes. Grow some balls and go out to that ring and start proving to people that you're worth something. Because if you don't bring your A game to the ring this week your going to be nothing but a bloodied mess laying in that ring.

    There is a silence between the group, Antonio and Jessie sipping on their drinks as the band continues to play.

    Oh you, you know you must be blind
    To do something like this,
    To take the sleep that you don't know
    You're giving Death a kiss
    Oh little fool now

    Your mind is full of pleasure, your body's looking I'll
    To you it's shallow leisure, so drop the acid pill
    Don't stop to think now

    Finally the silence is broken by Antonio.

    Antonio: That's some strong feelings. I guess that like most of the companies stars who sided with Jerry in the CWA war, you're picking someone to take out now to prove that you're worth keeping to Carter.

    Lucas: Carter knows I'm worth keeping, PWI named me one of their top wrestlers after all. But just to make sure that nothing else happens to make me look weak in the face of this new and ever changing company, I'm declaring a personal war on everyone until Punk decides he's not a coward and he wants a rematch. My first victim will be Sheamus Farrelly but he certainly won't be my last.

    The band continues to play as the camera starts fading out.

    You're having a good time baby, but that won't last
    Your mind's all full of things, you're living too fast
    Go out enjoy yourself, don't bottle it in
    You need someone to help you stick the needle in, yeah

    Now you know the scene, your skin starts turning green
    Your eyes no longer see, life's reality
    Push the needle in, face death's sickly grin
    Holes are in your skin, caused by deadly pin

    Head starts spinning round, you fall down to the ground
    Feel your body heave, Death's hands starts to weave
    It's too late to turn, you don't want to learn
    Price of life too high, now you're gonn
    a die!
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    Camera opens on a pacing and snarling Drew McIntyre while Johnny watches him

    Johnny: Calm down love, everyone loses a title every once in a while, you and Angel will get another chance. You two made a very good team. *he flips a page in the wedding magazine he'd been reading and jots something down on the pad in his lap*

    Drew: No! It's not fair, it's all because Carter and his little tag fag is taking charge, that's the only reason they got the belts.

    Johnny: Drewbie you lost those belts on your own, it sucks baby but you have to get over it. You have a match against the 5 nations champion. And she's undefeated. You should be focusing on that instead.

    Drew: *he takes a deep breath as he takes a seat on the end of the couch, picking up the notebook and reading Johnny's notes* She is undefeated...I don't know how to get past her defense. She's got a move for move someone throws at her.

    Johnny: *he puts the magazine down and looks at Drew, reaching out to touch his cheek* Listen love, you can beat her, I know you can. For every move she can throw at you all you have to do is counter it. You just have to not fear her.

    Drew: *he sighs* I don't know, she's been champion for a while now..

    Johnny: All the better reason for you to take it from her. You're a champion baby, you deserve singles gold around your waist. You just have to be my big Scottish Savage and take what you want.

    Drew: *he smirks as he tugs on Johnny's hair lightly* You certainly know how to take my mind off of things Love. However I don't think me showing up in the ring in my kilt all wild looking is going to make her run's a thought though. I've not come to the ring that way in a long time.

    Johnny: *he fully abandons his magazine and climbs into Drew's lap, kissing his nose* You will drive everyone wild love, they'll all want to touch you and rub against you. Playing the sexy card is going to help.

    Drew: Mari is tough, me just coming down looking like a sex god isn't going to win me the title. *he kisses Johnny gently on the lips* You go back to planning our wedding my love and I'm going to go work out in the gym.

    Johnny: *he pouts before moving out of Drew's lap and goes back to reading and jotting things down* You're mine later Drewbie.

    Drew: *he leans over and kisses Johnny passionately before standing* I'm always yours love. *he grabs a towel and his water bottle before heading out into the hallway*

    Camera fades out on Johnny watching Drew leave, a smile on his face as he goes back to planning the most lavish affair he can

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    Kane is sitting in his hotel room, looking at the belt on the bed in an odd sort of reverence. A smile spreads across his face as laughs

    Kane: CM Punk...the CWA Champion....I've had my hands on you before in other federations, and you've pushed me to my limits. However now, in this time we are champions..the cream of our divisions. I harbor no ill will towards you Punk, I harbor none to towards anyone really other than Jerry Lawler. So don't think it's personal when I take that title from you. *he gets up and moves around the room, his movements are restless; they're calculated; like a tiger waiting to spring.* And I will take it Punk, soon all the titles here will be mine. Not because they're handed to me, but because I've earned them.

    Kane moves over to the bed and drags his fingers over the gleaming gold slowly in an almost loving manner as if he's transfixed by the gold. His voice is far away when he speaks and his eyes never lose contact with the belt.

    Kane: Savor your championship Punk, because soon it'll be around my waist; where it belongs.

    Kane falls silent as he picks the belt up and moves over to the small table in the room and starts to polish it, humming lowly to himself.

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    The camera opens up on a child’s bedroom. It obviously belongs to a little girl because of the abundance of Disney Princess décor. Sitting on a flower shaped rug in the center of the room, surrounded by Barbie’s and baby dolls, Mariana waits patiently as little Lillie-Jane flits about brushing her mother’s hair and putting clips and ribbons all over her head.

    Lillie-Jane: “Done!” The little girl looks proud of her handiwork, stepping back to admire it with her hands on her hips.

    Mariana: “Can I see it, baby?” The child nods and hands her mother a small mirror. “Oh, Lillie-Jane! It’s beautiful!” The sweet girl smiles broadly. “Is this how mommy is going to wear her hair when she marries daddy?” Mariana asks her daughter with a smile.

    Lillie-Jane: “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!” The little girl jumped up and down and giggled happily.

    Mariana: “Okay, now you play with your toys while mommy sends daddy a picture of your beautiful work. Okay?” Lillie-Jane nodded and Mariana kissed her daughter’s forehead.

    She stood up and turned to leave, acknowledging the camera with a wink and waving for them to follow her. The camera trailed behind her down the hall and into the master bedroom. The camera looks around at the elegant and sophisticated design of the room with its color pallet of deep reds, golds, and black. Then the camera trained back on Mariana who stood in the bathroom with her cell phone out and her back to the mirror. There’s a click and Mariana turns to face the mirror, taking another picture of her daughter’s work, before turning her attention to the keypad and leaning against the bathroom doorframe.

    Mariana: “Sorry about that. I know this will make Jensen smile, so I had to send it. He’s going back for a second interview with the New York Police Department today and I know he’s a bit apprehensive. It’s his dream job and it’s right here close to home so he can stay home with Lillie-Jane while I’m away for extended periods of time.” Her cell phone vibrated loudly in her hand. She looked down at it and smiled before slipping it into her pocket. “Follow me.” She waves for the camera to follow her back out of the room. “It’s nice to have the old Jensen back, the playful one. He’s not quite back to his old self yet, and he may never be after what the accident took from us, but it’s nice to see him coming back.”

    As she’s speaking the camera follows her back down the hall, passed Lillie-Jane’s room, and down a spiral staircase. At the foot of the stairs is the front hall. To the right is the living room and to the left is a doorway leading into a separate room. It’s into this separate room that Mariana heads, the camera close behind.

    Upon entering the room, the camera zooms out and pans around to take in what could only be called The Library. With floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall bookshelves crammed with books of all varieties. From the leather-bound tomes appearing to be centuries old, to first edition Shakespeare and Poe, to modern hits like Stephen King, James Patterson, John Grisham, Dean Koontz, Philippa Gregory, and Janet Evanovich, it was clear this was a well read family. Judging by the furnishings of the room, the rest of the house was as poshly decorated as the master bedroom.

    Mariana sat down on a plush loveseat and pulled her high heeled feet up after her. She smiled as she reached up and began to take out all the clips, bows, and attempted braids from her hair. Her fingers worked quickly, apparently this was something she let Lillie-Jane do frequently, and soon her hair was free.

    Mariana: “I didn’t think you’d be able to take me too seriously if I left my hair like that.” She leaned forward and placed a handful of hair accessories on the mahogany coffee table between her and the camera. As she sat back, she began to run her fingers absentmindedly through her thick, dark locks. “I fight Drew this week. The so called ‘Chosen One’ or whatever he’s going by these days. Trust me when I say the whole ‘Sex God’ approach won’t work at all. I’m getting married to my own ‘Sex God’.” She waves her left hand at the camera, allowing for it to get a good look at her stunningly beautiful and diamond crested engagement ring. "Anyway, I'm a fighter. I don't swoon and faint like other girls might. I do, however, respect the fact that he respects me and my abilities. He is quite talented himself."

    She pauses and thinks for a moments, her fingers beginning to braid her hair loosely. Her hazel eyes catch the light of an antique lamp with a stained glass shade, reflecting it like small precious gems shining in her eyes. She looks back at the camera and the effect is gone.

    Mariana: "I believe Drew and I will have a very entertaining match. I will just have to make sure he doesn't keep me grounded or I won't b able to land some of my more powerful moves. It will be a challenge, I'm sure. He's quite a bit taller than me, considering I am only 5'7'' tall, but I'm sure that won't matter to him." She ties a ponytail holder around the end of her hair before continuing. "I believe we will both do very well. As for who will win, that I'm not so sure of."

    She rises to her feet and moves toward the bookshelf behind her.

    Mariana: "In many of these books, the end is unknown until the last few pages, just like my theory about life. I believe that the beginning and middle of our lives are written for us, but it is left up to us to decide how we would like it to end." She stops running her fingers along the spines of the books as she walks by and turns to face the camera. "The same can be said of this match. The beginning and middle have been written for us, we have been told who to fight and where, but it will be up to us on Monday night to write the end. In that ring, we will decide who is to conquer and who is to fall, and we will decide who deserves to remain standing when the battle is over and the story is done."
    Mariana turns back to the bookshelf and gives it her full attention, her hands on her hips as she considers the books in front of her, and the camera fades out.

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    Sheamus is seen sitting backstage alone, muttering quietly to himself, leaning forwards with his head in his hands, not looking happy despite now being married. He’s dressed in his ring gear and his CWA shirt and glances up at the camera, sighing before speaking quietly.

    Sheamus: Ní dhéanfaidh aon ní chomh héasca mar is cosúil, gach rud a thógann níos faide ná gur mhaith leat a bheith ag súil agus más féidir rud ar bith go mícheart, beidh sé... In English, the words translate to ‘Nothing is as easy as it seems, everything takes longer than you'd expect and if anything can go wrong, it will...’ There are many stories about the original version and where exactly it came from, but that is the version of Murphy’s Law I was taught; my grandfather had it on a little stone plaque thing that sat on the kitchen windowsill. I’m not sure if he still has it though, I haven’t been to visit him in a while…I probably should though. *he lifts his head, resting his hands on his legs* Anyway, the point of me mentioning Murphy’s Law is because of what happened at the pay-per-view, I should have been ready fer something like what happened, I should have expected something bad to happen because it was one of those times where we really didn’t need it and that’s when things normally go wrong and just to add to that first thing that went wrong, I lost to Wade as well.

    He frowns and shakes his head before continuing.

    Sheamus: I don’t know what that Arella girl’s problem is, neither Nolee nor I have ever even met her, so we could hardly have done anything to personally annoy her, but she seems to have a personal vendetta against every other Vixxen here, especially Nolee… I should have just Brogue kicked her like I would have in the past, but I didn’t. I know people are probably wondering why, even my opponent seems to think I’ve gone soft… but the answer is simple, I didn’t want to mess up the day any more than it had been and I was trying to save my energy for my match, knowing I’d need every last bit of it; which apparently still wasn’t enough to win. *he suddenly looks angry* And this week my opponent has the nerve to insult my wife. What makes yeh think you even have a right to say anything about her Lucas? You, who has no respect for anyone but yourself, you’re even an ass to one of your own family members and torments other people who work here. Yes, I know I’ve Brogue kicked a few innocent people before, but I was angry at the time, you seem to do it more for fun. I doubt I’d ever want to team with you…not while you actually enjoy harming others outside of the ring.

    He gets up and stretches, running a hand through his hair afterwards.

    Sheamus: I’ve beat you before Lucas and I’ll gladly do it again, you’re one person I do enjoy hurting, because you deserved the Brogue kicks I’ve hit you with in the past and you’ll deserve the one you’ll get this week, when I beat you once again. Yes I admit I’ve gone a bit soft compared to what I used to be, but that’s about to change; I’m tired of people saying I’m not what I used to be, tired of them criticizing Nolee and myself, when most of the people who do aren’t even in any better situations than we are and are probably just taking their own frustrations out on us; like that silly Arella girl, singing about being cheated on and waging her own personal war against Nolee and the other Vixxens. Everyone wants the ‘old’ Sheamus back and has nothing better to do than criticize us for bein’ happy? Well fine; the ‘old’ Sheamus who doesn’t have time fer other people’s shit will come back, just don’t any of yeh start complaining if you’re one of the people who ends up with a Brogue kick to the face.

    He smirks before he continues, picking up his Celtic Cross necklace from where it had been sitting and puts it on.

    Sheamus: It’s time fer the Celtic Warrior to return and stand up for what he believes in and to defend his family and friends like he used to, not carin’ if he broke any rules or got disqualified, as long as he got the job he set out to do done. *he grins* Now, if yeh don’t mind me, I’m going to see my wife…

    He adjusts his cross, smiling when he’s satisfied it’s sitting how he likes it before turning and heading off screen.

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