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    7-30-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area


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    7-30-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area Empty 7-30-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area

    Post  Admin on Tue Jul 31, 2012 2:08 am

    Promos due here no later than Sunday August 12 at midnight.

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    Post  Admin on Fri Aug 03, 2012 12:21 pm

    The camera opens up on a small bedroom, clothes piled up on the bed. The camera pans to Dia whose standing in front of a mirror. Her hair is its usual black but hot pink streaks are the new secondary color. She's wearing a silver skull necklace, a black tank top with a rhinestone skull on it, black fingerless gloves, blue jeans, and a pair of black combat boots. She's applying firetruck red lipstick but other than that she's got no makeup on. She hears the door open but soon the person steps into the reflection of the mirror: Colt Cabana. He's wearing a red shirt with the words Creative Has Nothing For You on it in gold, blue jeans, and black Nike shocks. He wraps his arms around Dia's waist, smiling as he lays his chin on her shoulder and starts singing.

    Colt: These broken days won't last forever
    You know I'll put us back together
    I owe you a love song so much I could say
    I owe you a love song words that I can't say

    Dia: *chuckles* Listening to Shiny Toy Guns again?

    Colt: *soft smile* Just trying to get ready for the concert.

    Dia: Thanks again for getting us these tickets. It's been a while since we've had time alone.

    Colt: *softly* Last time we had time alone was the night Louis was concieved.

    Dia turns, putting a hand on his cheek as they share a tender moment. She moves her hand awkwardly and moves to start putting some of the clothes on the bed away.

    Dia: Well this time is differend. I won't be drinking tonight.

    Colt: Right, right. you got a pretty boss match at Carnage this week.

    Dia: Yeah, I face Lexie Shelley. It should be a good match up. Alex is small, I hope he takes no offense in me saying that, so he's a lot faster and more agile than I am. To quote his shirt, it's what makes all his 'flippy high flying stuff' so bad ass. He reminds me of one of my idols growing up, Jimmy Snuka.

    Colt: How the hell does Alex remind you of Superfly?

    Dia: Both are underdogs, beloved by the fans, and excellent high flyers. One day if the CWA or TNA have a hall of fame, I would vote for Alex to be on the opening ballot. *hesitates* I don't know if he remembers me, probably not, but we worked for TNA at the same time. I was a lowly ring tech and one day I got in a fight, a real fight, with Mark LoMonaco.

    Colt: You mean Bubba Ray Dudley was gonna kick your ass?

    Dia: Bubba Ray, Bully Ray, Mark LoMonaco. Whatever you wanna call him, we got in an argument and he was gonna kick my ass. Alex and Chris happened to be passing by and saved me, though they probably don't remember. Anyways, the main thing I want to get across is that even though I'm grateful for Alex having once saved me, that was the past. The present, well more like the future, is going to go one of two ways. Either Alex is going to hit that insiguri or I'm going to hit the Diamond Cutter.

    Colt: *smiles* Which one do you hope happens?

    Dia: I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to win. I want to be takend seriously as a competitor for championships.

    Colt: Not bitter Punk didn't pick you, are you?

    Dia: Oh no! I understand what Phil did by randomly using a number generator. It makes everything less biased.

    The couple make their way downstairs to see Louis playing Mortal Kombat with CM Punk. Louis is in his blue truck footie pajamas while Punk has on a shirt that looks like the top of the 90's cartoon Wolverine costume and blue jeans. Dia walks over and gives Punk a hug.

    Dia: Thanks again for this?

    Punk: It's fine, you know I'm happy to help.

    Dia: Now remember, he has to go to bed at 8. There are cookies on the counter, milk in the fridge. No scary movies.

    Louis: But momma!

    Dia: No buts pumpkin.

    Punk: *jokingly* Aww and here I was planning for a scary movie night.

    Dia: *rolls her eyes* Alright boys, I have to go.

    Louis: *gets up and runs over to hug her* Bye momma.

    Dia: *hugs him back* You be good now.

    Colt: *smiles and wraps an arm around Dia* Pepsi's in the fridge Phil.

    The two walk out but it's only a few seconds before Colt walks back in.

    Colt: *sheepishly* Forgot the keys...

    He leaves awkwardly before the camera fades out.


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    Post  Admin on Tue Aug 07, 2012 3:46 am

    The camera opens up on a shot of the animated Justice League in their signature pose, a poster on the wall of a bedroom. Other posters in the room show tastes in other things: a poster of country music icon Toby Kieth to show the persons love of country music, a poster of the Tennessee Titans logo to show the persons love of football. The door opens and in walks Carter Lacroix. He's dressed in a black cowboy hat, a red and black flannel button up shirt, and blue jeans. He throws his hat on the bed and sits on the edge.

    Carter: Last week, after the attack at the hands of Jerry and Lucas, I took Jay out for our anniversary. We went to dinner and then went to see the new Batman movie. I won't ruin it, but everyone whose a comic book fan needs to see this movie.

    He looks at the Justice League poster on the wall as a crooked smile falls across his lips. His eyes scan the poster before he starts speaking again.

    Carter: You know, I may not be as into them as Punk or Cody but I've always loved comic books. Marvel is okay but I am a bigger fan of them *he gestures to the poster* the Justice League, Earth's mightiest heroes, in the DC Universe of course. You know, I see a lot of similarities in them compared to my own team of misfits.

    He gets up and walks over to the poster, pointing out first Hawkgirl, the Thangarian warrior from the team of animated warriors of Justice.

    Carter: First off, Shayera Hall, Hawkgirl as she is more commonly called. Out of the three female supporters I have, Angel is definitly Hawkgirl. First off, just like Hawkgirl, Angel is a dedicated fighter. She's beautiful to look at but she's got a hell of an aresenal of moves. She's got a very serious side but at the same time she's very kind.

    Carter's hand moves from Hawkgirl, the Angel James of the Justice League, to the Green Lantern. He looks a bit contemplativr before continuing.

    Carter: Green Lanter, John Stewart, is a bit harder to place. He's studied architecture, been a former Marine, and his power is based off of his imagination. I'll says he's my Blue Jay. Jay is so creative, so passionate. Also, just like GL, he can adapt his fighting style to take on all enemies. *his hand moves to Martian Manhunter but he wastes no time speaking* Cody is Martian Manhunter. He's a good friend of mine but at the same time, I'm not sure where he stands after he helps me take over. I trust him fully, I'm just wary of him.

    He takes a deep breath before he looks at the last four members: The Flash, Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman. He looks contemplative and chews on his lower lip.

    Carter: The Flash is easy to place because of his personality. Wally West is hyper, fun loving, and of course quick. Not to mention he and Hawkgirl always had a brother/sister relationship. Alex Shelley fits the bill to a T. He and Angie even have that brother/sister relationship. *his hand moves to Wonder Woman and he chuckles* There are two girls left on my team, Dia and Mari. But I find Mari to fit a bit more. She's always loved the culture of Ancient Greece on top of the fact that she's a fantastic fighter who stands up for everything feminin. Besides, she's my greatest advisor, or will be when the tides of the comapny have turned.

    He takes a look at the two remaining members of the Justice League: Batman and Superman. He crosses his arms over his chest and nods.

    Carter: The final two, the big two. Any DC fan you talk to will say that Superman and Batman are the biggest heroes of the fandom. Fittingly enough, my opponent this week and I fit the bill of these men. Punk is Batman, the dark and brooding hero who somehow has two comedic compantions. He fights for the people but he does it on his own terms. He doesn't see any other superstar, other than Colt whose like his Robin and Dia whose like his Batgirl, as a friend but only a potential ally. And just like Batman, he probably thinks I'm a sell-out. Me being his Superman of course. I want to uphold the right thing, to make this company worth working for. I play by the rules, he doesn't. He even sent me an apology for kickin Heath and Justin's ass. He has good in him, he fights for good. He does all of this his own way.

    Carter sits back down on the bed, running a hand over his face. He takes a deep breath and calms himself before he continues speaking.

    Carter: Dad set up this match to screw me royally. If I hurt Punk to bad, there's a possibility that he won't be able to defend his championship. The star of my team will be gone. If I get hurt to bad, my chances of getting the title back from Angie and Drew. In turn this could get Kane furious at me and cost me an ally. All I know for certain is that Phil and I will put on a hell of a fight. He's got a fighting style I'm not sure I can combat. He's agile, he's fierce, he's determined. But he's prone to underestimating his opponents. I should never br underestimated. I may not look it but I can be surprisingly quick, not to mention I'm strong. This battle will be as much a meeting of the minds as it is a physical altercation. *he smiles* Just like Superman and Batman.

    The camera starts to fade out as Carter gets up and leaves the room.


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    Post  Admin on Tue Aug 07, 2012 10:34 am

    We open up on a small dance studio, a giant mirror the length of the wall is along the back while the floor is covered in oak hardwood. In the corner of the room, doing leg stretches, is Nolee Lacroix. Her blonde hair is pulled into a messy bun while she's dressed in a pair of gray sweatpants and a pink shirt with the words Hillbilly Queen on it in black. She looks up as the door opens and Wade Barrett enters. His hair is not slicked back, instead it lays in a curled mess around his head. He's wearing a pair of black slacks and a black muscle shirt which shows off his arms.

    Nolee: Nice to see you make it.

    Wade: I thought I said we were meeting at noon.

    Nolee: I've only been here for a few minutes. Thought you were bringing your fiancé.

    Wade: Thought you were bringing yours.

    Nolee: I told him he needed to go tux shopping since Drew took me dress shopping last night.

    Wade nods and removes his I-Pod, linking it up to the nearby studio system. The sound of a waltz is heard.

    Wade: First we'll start with the waltz. Take my hand and put one hand on my hip.

    Nolee does as she's told and Wade puts a hand on the small of her back. It takes a while for Nolee to get the hang of the steps but before long she's waltzing with Wade. After a few moments, the two step apart and Wade pauses the music.

    Nolee: I really got the hang of it, huh?

    Wade: It's getting there. But there was another reason I invited you to the dance studio Nolee.

    Nolee: Our tag team match?

    Wade: *nods* Our tag team match.

    Nolee: What about it? You and I may never have worked together before but if we look at this like a one-on-one every-

    Wade: That's foolish! You can't forget that this is a tag match and you can't act like its not. The moment you start to forget is the moment our opponents will take advantage of us. I tried to talk Jerry into replacing you with Justin but he wouldn't have it. So now I'm stuck with you as a partner.

    Nolee: Gee, thanks Wade. *rolls her eyes*

    Wade: You can't beat Angel, you haven't fought her and won yet. That's why I want you to focus on Drew.

    Nolee: You do remember that I dated Drew right?

    Wade: Yes and because of that you know his weaknesses. You can use your closeness to your advantage. Thats why I'm focusing on Angel. We spent time together in Foreign Legion, I know how to take her out.

    Nolee: Problem is your still bitter with Angel, I'm not bitter with Drew anymore. We're friends now.

    Wade: Let me get this straight, he left you for some prostitute and your not bitter? If Belle left me for a woman I'd be livid. Then again, I wasn't sleeping with Belle and another w-

    Nolee: *glares at Wade* Lets not talk about my love left. Lets just focus on this match, okay?

    Wade: Fine, fine. *rolls his eyes* We've got out strategy right? I fight against Angel and you go against Drew.

    Nolee: Well yes but what if we can't get a tag in when the opposite person is in the ring?

    Wade: *a wicked gleam in his eyes* You let me worry about that.

    Nolee: *worried* Your not planning on cheating are you?

    Wade: *grins* Oh Lacroix, its only cheating if you manage to get caught. Now come along, breaks over. I'm teaching you the tango next.

    The camera fades out as Wade turns on the music and Nolee stands to dance.

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    Post  Christian on Wed Aug 08, 2012 2:43 am

    The camera fades in slowly on the hotel room of Christian, the Five Nation's champ is sitting on his bed shirtless. As the camera moves in closer a bandage can be seen on his shoulder, showing that he is once again hurt thanks to the attack from Lucas and Jerry. Christian looks up at the camera with a small smile.

    Christian: You know despite my shoulder getting hurt again this has been a great week for me.... Carter and I got to spend time together and he just called to make plans for tonight.....

    He pauses before rubbing his shoulder lightly.

    Christian: I talked to the doctor too, he said my shoulder should be okay for the match... I am lucky it was no where near as bad as it was last time, looks like Jerry and Lucas didn't try hard enough....

    He pauses again before giving a small grin.

    Christian: Their mistake though... If they had been smart they would of either done it right and really tried to have hurt Carter or me, or not done it at all because now they have put us on our guard.... And that just makes all of us want to fight enough harder, a very bad mistake on Jerry's part especially since he knows his team cannot beat Carter's....

    Christian reaches for the shirt that is next to him.

    Christian: I am happy though, this week I get to fight one of the best Vixxen's in the CWA. Vi is a great wrestler and an even greater person, she is always fun to be around and makes each match fun. I love it when we get to go one on one in the ring, I bet win or lose me and her will have the best match of the night hands down.

    He slowly pulls his shirt on.

    Christian: Vi I cannot wait for our match, I hope you are excited about it too. I hope you know I will try my hardest to win, but win or lose I think this will be a good week. I hope I win though.

    Christian gives a playful smiles as he stands up and the camera slowly fades out.

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    Post  CM Punk on Sat Aug 11, 2012 11:28 pm

    The camera fades in on CM Punk, who’s sitting in a chair facing the camera in a shoot interview style set up. He’s wearing a ‘The inmates run the Asylum’ Batman shirt and a pair of jeans; the expression on his face somewhere between annoyed and amused.

    Punk: I bet Jerry thinks he’s so smart, putting carter up against me; probably hoping someone will end up hurt right before the big showdown, or that the match will make us turn on each other once one of us loses. Oh! Or maybe he’s planned to do what he did during the Carter and Christian match last time?

    He laughs, shaking his head.

    Punk: Nice try Jerry, but here’s some news for you: we aren’t stupid. Maybe you realised that Carter has more support than you, so you’re trying to eliminate those you feel are the biggest threats on Carter’s team? That’s pretty cowardly Jerry, especially if you go after Carter’s more advisory partners, like Mariana. Would you really ambush a Vixxen? Even if they can hold their own in a match, bringing Lucas along with you to help attack Carter’s teammates during matches is just cowardly.

    He reaches a hand up, running it over his slicked back hair.

    Punk: Enough harassing Jerry though, he’s not my main priority. Carter is. Not in the ‘I’m gonna beat him senseless’ way I was towards Wade though; definitely not. That would be idiotic. I aim to win this match if I can, of course, but not to hurt Carter, I want a proper match. To be safe, I’ll be bringing some ringside assistance to make sure Carter and I are not attacked during our match. After seeing what happened in Carter’s last match, I’m not taking any chances.

    He shifts in his chair, sighing.

    Punk: Now I know I can be selfish, or even an asshole at times, but now isn’t the time for either of those. I know how much this means to Carter and the people he plans to help with the change in management, so until this is over, I’m putting my scheming to good use. I’m going to make sure Carter’s team is safe until the end of the pay-per-view, so I guess this is a warning to anyone on team Jerry who thinks it will be smart of them to try and even the odds. *he pauses for a minute* I suppose you’re all wondering why I’m suddenly so willing to defend Carter’s team huh…?

    A sudden change comes over Punk, who suddenly grows cold, a look of hatred in his eyes; fiercer than the hatred he reserves for Wade.

    Punk: Jerry reminds me of someone else I know who takes what they want from the wrestling business and puts his own selfish interests before those that benefit others. *the tone of his voice turns more bitter* Jerry reminds me of my good for nothing brother –a term I use very lightly- I haven’t spoken to him since I found out he was a thief, stealing money from a place we used to wrestle at… *he trails off to prevent himself getting angrier*

    He looks down at his hands, which have clenched into fists in his lap. He stays quiet for a minute or so as he calms down.

    Punk: *his voice is quiet, sounding like he’s busy concentrating on distracting himself from his family issues* I guess in a way, the CWA is kind of like Arkham Asylum, everyone but Jerry being the inmates, all seeming to do everything but listen to the ‘warden’, except for a few people. We’re all here for our own reasons, to reach our own goals, yet when there’s a common threat towards something we believe in, we’ll gladly join forces to defeat the threat.

    A small smile crosses his face as he leans back in the chair.

    Punk: That reminds me, the help I’ll be bringing won’t just be Colt this time, or Dia. I’m not going to say exactly who it is, but I’ll say that there’s a ‘dragon’ who owes me a favour…

    He trails off, grinning as the scene fades out.
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    Post  Angel James on Sun Aug 12, 2012 2:33 am

    The camera slowly fades in as Godsmack's Serenity is heard playing, one half of the CWA Tag Team Champions Angel James is slowly belly dancing to the music. She is wearing a red cut off top that shows her toned stomach and a pair of black pants with a red scarf across the front. As she dances Angel sings softly with the music, she soon notices Pete is in the room with her.

    Angel: *stops and turns off the music* Pete my friend!

    Pete is staring at her, sort of drooling.

    Pete: Angel that was...

    Angel: *blushes* This is part of my workout....

    Pete: Well your good at it. I never would have thought you belly dance.

    Angel: I learned about five years ago, I thought it would help me be more graceful.

    Pete: Well you got that right. But your not the only one who can dance apparently.

    Angel: I suppose you mean mine and Drew opponents? *grabs a water bottle*

    Pete: Yup, Nolee and Wade. Apparently he's teaching her how to ballroom dance. What do you think about that?

    Angel: *shrugges* I really do not care one way or another, I suppose it is for her wedding as she said in the promo...

    Pete: You don't sound to thrilled about the wedding.

    Angel: Because of the fact she is rushing Sheamus.... And for something as stupid as the first to get married on a show.

    Pete: You think she's doing it for that reason?

    Angel: Frankly yes....

    Pete: Ouch. You two really hate each other. Did you hear their strategy for the match?

    Angel: I do not hate her, she seems to hate me for some unknown reason.... And yes I did.*takes a drink of water*

    Pete: What are you and Drew planning to combat it?

    Angel: *smiles* We have a plan but we prefer to keep it quiet for now.

    Pete: Not even a simple sneak peek?

    Angel: *playfully grins* Well we are planning to win.

    Pete: I think every team plans on that.

    Angel: True.

    Pete: I think you guys can win. The pay-per-view, however, is a different story.

    Angel: I see your money is on Kane and Carter.

    Pete: Carter's my best friend, if I didn't cheer for him I'd be in a lot of trouble.

    Angel: *smiles* Of course... *looks at the clock* I have to finish my workout so I can go meet some friends.

    Pete: Of course Angie! Have a nice time!

    Angel smiles and waves before restarting the music and slowly moving in time with it as the camera fades out.

    *Angel's outfit*

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    Post  Kane on Sun Aug 12, 2012 3:04 am

    The camera opens up in a place we've never seen before, a dark underground cavern where strewn around the floor are the dried and brittle bones of small animals. Off in the corner a light flickers and the fire casts a dancing shadow along the ground. From the darkness comes Kane's voice though we can't see him yet.

    Kane: Lucas Turner. Ex convict and all around bad boy. *he snorts* I guess to others that would frieghtening or intimidating but to me you're nothing more than a scared little boy trying to make it in a grown up's world. I'd tell you to go home to your mother but I'm sure she'd want nothing to do with you either.

    Kane comes out of the darkness, his hair in his face and fire giving him a demonic appearance as he moves across the floor, bones snaing loudly in the quiet.

    Kane: You and I Lucas are a lot a like really, hardheaded, violent, merciless. It'll be a shame that I'm going to break as many bones in your body as I can before our match is through. Mores the pity that it's not even because you've done me wrong. See I want my tag titles back and I want the weaklings that have them to know that I will not go easy on them because they are a pretty boy scot and a woman. Their bones will break just as easy and give me just as much satisfaction.

    Kane starts pacing, his shadow a large bear like creature mimicking him on the walls.

    Kane: Of course it's not lost me that the only reason that the titles were taken away from Carter and I were to keep us busy, to take our minds off what we've set out to ruin Jerry Lawler. Jerry knows that once a man gets a taste of gold they will do nothing short of murder to get them back and he's hoping that the distraction of us chasing our belts will make us forget about him...but it won't. The belts are only a stop on the way.

    Kane stops pacing and instead growls at the camera, the flames dying down and turning everything to shadows

    Kane: I would apologise for the beating you're to recieve, but we bad boys don't apologise for nothing.

    The fire dies away leaving everything dark with only the sounds of bones snapping under Kane's feet as he paces.
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    Post  Drew McIntyre on Sun Aug 12, 2012 3:42 am

    Camera opens up with Drew and Johnny lying in bed with a sheet ulled up around their bodies with Drew dragging his fingers slowly through Johnny's hair.

    Johnny: So you're going up against Nolee and your old tag team partner from across the pond.

    Drew: *he tilts his head and shifts under the covers* Yeah, and?

    Johnny: You're not worried about it? Not at all?

    Drew: Nope, not all. Nolee is a good fighter, a warrior in her own right but her preoccupation with her wedding is going to be her downfall. Wade..Wade is far from a pushover and it willbe a great match up between us, we always bring out the best in one another.

    Johnny: *huffs* I still can't believe you are her man of honor. If someone had done me as wrong she did you I would waiting for the day they'd died so I could tap dance on their grave..

    Drew: *he laughs as he kisses the top of Johnny's head* Yes, my blood thirst little Angel, I can see that happening. However with as happy as I am with you I do not see the point in begrudging Nolee her happiness. Besides if it weren't for her wouldn't be together.

    Johnny: *grumbles* I guess you're right. *leans up and kisses Drew's jawline* Though if you accidentally ste on her train as she's walking and make her face plant into the floor I don't think anyone would too heart broken about it.

    Drew: *rolls his eyes* No, I'm not going to do that, and that doesn't mean you can either...though I can see the comedic value it might bring. *he taps the ring on Johnny's finger* Besides you have your own wedding to plan there pretty boy.

    Johnny: Please, it's more than half done, all we really need is to set a date and time. *he waves his hand as he rolls over onto Drew and stares at him* What are you and Angel going to do, you need some sort of strategy or else you're going to lose.

    Drew: *he smiles cryptically as he kisses Johnny's nose* That love is for me to know and you to find out come match day.

    Johnny: You're going to give me a hint? Not even a tiny one? *pouts as he draws circles on Drew's naked chest*

    Drew: Only that we're going to win Love.

    The camera pans out on Johnny giving Drew a duck face before smacking him with a pillow and starting a tussle on the bed that ends with them kissing slowly*

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    Post  Guest on Sun Aug 12, 2012 10:56 pm

    The camera opens up on a bridal shop and standing on a podium in front of a full sized, three sided mirror is Mariana. She’s wearing a ball gown style wedding dress.

    Mariana: “What do you think?” She asks the two people on the couch behind her, swiveling slightly and looking over her shoulder so she can see the back of the dress.

    "I think you look beautiful.” The first voice says. It is a deep, husky, male voice.

    “Of course you do. You little suck up. ‘Hi, I’m Shawn Michaels and me and my receding hairline are going to suck up to Mari so she’ll let us walk her down the aisle alone instead of sharing her with our incredibly handsome friend Hunter Hearst-Helmsley.’” Hunter imitated Shawn’s voice, making it distinctly higher and more girlish.

    Shawn: “Well, if you walk her down the aisle, your big fat nose will get there first!” Shawn shoots back, and folds his arms across his chest.

    Mariana: “Settle down, boys.” She says, trying not to laugh. “I don’t know how many times I have to tell you, but you’re both walking me down the aisle. Got it? Good. Now, behave yourselves.” She adds shaking her head. Behind her back, Shawn sticks his tongue out at Hunter. “What do you think, Hunter?”

    Hunter: “I think you need to dial down the poof if you expect to make it down the aisle without getting stuck. I mean, have you seen the size of me? We’ll be lucky to get the three of us down the aisle as it is.” He gestured at himself when he referred to his size.

    Mariana: She cocked her head to the side in a thoughtful way, watching him in the mirror, her hands on her hips. “You’re right. It’s pretty but it’s not the one.” She sighs and sits down on the podium, the dress flaring out around her, her toes in her peep toe heels are barely visible beneath the voluminous layers of fabric.

    Shawn: “Mari, what’s bugging you? You’ve never had trouble finding a dress for a formal event before.” He’s leaning forward, his elbows on his knees.

    Mariana: “This isn’t just any other event, Shawn.” She looks up at him and rests her chin in her hand.

    Hunter: “Yeah, numbskull! She’s getting married!” He shoves Shawn, knocking him over, his tone of voice implying that he thinks Shawn is an idiot.

    Shawn: “Hey!!! Asshat! Excuse his bad behavior, go on.” He ignored Hunter rolling his eyes as he said this.

    Mariana: “I want to get this right. I want to look perfect for Jensen. We only get one chance to do this.”

    Hunter: *Cough*“If you’re lucky.” *Cough* He pretends to cough in to his hand and then smiles as she gives him a look of exasperation. “What?” He asks, feigning innocence.

    Shawn: “Idiot.” His voice is quiet, but loud enough for the other two to hear.

    Mariana: “You know what, Hunter. What happened to behaving?” She starts rubbing her eyes with the heels of her hands.

    Hunter: “Sorry. I’ll behave.” Hunter says, his shoulders slumping. “You know, Jensen would think you look perfect in anything. You could show up in a potato sack, covered in dirt, and he’d still say you looked beautiful. Don’t worry about being perfect. Nobody’s perfect, you taught me that.”

    Mariana: “Thanks, Hunter.” She looks up at him and smiles a soft smile.

    Shawn: “Sooo, who are you fighting this week?” Shawn saw the signs of tears in her eyes and wanted to change the subject before she started crying and made him all emotional.

    Mariana: “Justin Gabriel. I’m actually looking forward to this match.” She sniffs a little before speaking.

    Hunter: “Why? You’ve have bigger opponents, what about him makes you like the idea of facing him?” Hunter suddenly looks deeply interested.

    Mariana: “We’re both highflyers. He has some great moves that I would love to pit against my own. It should be a good, entertaining match.” She smiles slyly. “Oh, and did I mention the possibility of a title shot?” She adds this on casually, watching for their faces for a reaction.

    Shawn: “I don’t think you said tha… wait, did you say ‘title shot’?!” It takes a moment for it to register but when it does, Shawn is all smiles.

    Hunter: “That’s my girl. I knew taking you on would pay off eventually, after all, you did have to be taught from the basics up.” He laughs.

    Shawn: “Yeah, we had to teach you how to punch. You put your thumb inside your hand like a girl! You remember that, Hunter!” He starts laughing and wraps his arm around his stomach because it hurts from laughing.

    Mariana: “Thanks guys. Thanks a lot.” She’s shaking her head and trying not to smile, much less laugh and let them know she finds them funny. “I guess my achievements previous to this don’t count then?”

    Hunter: “They count, but you’ve come in and whipped the floor with these guys, winning every match, and after just a month or two you’re up for a title shot!” Hunter is shaking his head in near disbelief.

    Shawn: “High five man, we’ve earned it.” Shawn held up his hand and Hunter slapped it, as they smiled at each other.

    Hunter: “Nice work, dude.” Hunter pats Shawn on the back.

    Mariana: *Clears her throat* “If you two are done congratulating each other, can we get back to my match?” The two men quiet down and wait for her to say something. “I’m looking forward to this match and I’m confident that I can win, I have years of experience on him, but I could use some advice. What do you say?” She watches as the two stand up to pace and think.

    Hunter: “I know you’re banking on your highflyer styles for entertainment value, and you’re right about that, but if you want to win keep him grounded. We know that most highflyers aren’t too much of a threat if they can’t use their highflying moves.” Hunter was serious and thoughtful, the playful demeanor he’d had a few moments before had put on the back burner. He may be a playful person, but there isn’t anything he won’t do for Mariana.

    Shawn: “He’s right, keep him grounded and when you get the chance go high or land the ‘Sweet Chin Music’. If he has the chance to land his ‘450 Splash’ it could be over. I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of that, that’s for sure. A ‘Flying Elbow’ wouldn’t hurt either. Now that I think of it, a submission move or two wouldn’t be a bad idea too.”

    Mariana: “You know, I have done this before, Shawn. I learned from two of the best in the business.” She rolls her eyes at his over enthusiastic response.

    Shawn: “I know you’re talking about me, but who’s the other guy?” He pretends to be clueless, like he does so well. Hunter shoves Shawn and he tumbles out of frame. Off screen a clatter is heard as well as a small yelp that is distinctly Shawn’s. Moments later, he reappears, the arm of one of the floor display mannequins in his hand. “I’m okay!” He says, reassuringly. He suddenly realizes what he is holding and hides it behind his back, smiling a smile that says ‘What? I don’t know what you’re talking about! There’s nothing behind my back!’

    Hunter: “You may be okay,” Hunter tries to get the arm from Shawn but Shawn keeps moving away. After a brief chase, Hunter manages to pluck the arm from Shawn’s grasp. “But I think she’s going to need some help.” He finishes, smiling a small smile and turning the plastic limb over in his hands.

    Mariana: “Speaking of help, I could use some help getting up and then we can get out of here.” She looks up at them expectantly.

    Hunter: “Okay.” He throws the arm over his shoulder and he and Shawn each take one of Mariana’s hands, pulling her to her feet. “God, Mari! You need to lay off the cookies and ice cream. You’re getting heavy!” At first Mariana was taken aback by his statement until she saw the playful glint in his eyes.

    Shawn: “Dude! Not cool!” He smacks Hunter in the chest as he says this.

    Hunter: “Dude! I was kidding!” Hunter smacks Shawn in the chest back, knocking the breath out of him.

    Shawn: “Okay.” He says in a hoarse voice, rubbing his chest and giving Hunter a thumbs up.

    Mariana: “I can’t take you two anywhere, can I?” She smiles.

    Shawn and Hunter in Unison: “Nope!”

    Mariana: “Ugh!” She shakes her head, gathers up her skirts, and heads back to the dressing room to change.

    Shawn: “I still think she looks great in that dress.” As he watches her go, his arms folded across his chest.

    Hunter: “Dude, she’s not even here to hear you, you can stop sucking up.” Hunter looks down at his friend, his hands on his hips, a smile playing on his lips.

    Shawn: “Shut up." He laughs.

    The camera fades out on the two of them laughing and watching for Mariana to reappear.

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    The sound of a baseball cracking against a bat is heard as the camera opens up on the backyard of the Turner house. Emily, dressed in a black baseball cap with the Washington Nationals team logo on it, a purple top with Perry The Platypus from Phineas and Ferb on it, and blue jean shorts stands holding a baseball bat. Across from her is her father, Lucas Turner. He's dressed in a Washington Nationals jersey and blue jeans. On the swingset in the large backyard swings Alyssa Turner in a white sundress decorated with kitten designs.

    Lucas: Nice hit Em!

    He chases down the ball and tosses it into his glove a few times before tossing it back at Emily who completely misses it.

    Lucas: Good try!

    Emily: *pouts* I'll never be like Bryce Harper!

    Alyssa: *knows her sister is upset and jumps off the swing, throwing her arms around her sister* You better than Bryce Howard cuz your my sissy!

    Emily: *grins and hugs her sister back* And your better than Polina Semronova when you dance cuz you my sissy!

    Lucas: *grins* You girls wanna come in for ice cream?

    The two sisters grin and run off inside, Lucas following. He fixes all three a chocolate sundae though his does not have a cherry on top.

    Lyssa: Did you have a hero daddy?

    Lucas: *grins* Art Jimmerson, he was a UFC fighter, one of the first. I wanted to fight just like he did.

    Lyssa: Was he good?

    Lucas: Very. He was one of the best.

    Emily: *smiles* Your better daddy! I mean your a number one contender!

    Lyssa: *wide eyed* He is?

    Emily: Uh-huh! He gets to fight for the CWA title at the pay-per-view.

    Lucas: Well girls, I have to get through this match first.

    Emily: Who do you fight?

    Lucas: *simply* Kane.

    Lyssa: *gasps* He's scary.

    Lucas: Not scary, just misunderstood girls. Sometimes people who look big and scary are often the most kind while some people who look kind are monsters. Take Carter Lacroix for example.

    Lyssa: *giggles* Mister Carter not a bad person! He give me and Emmy chocolate!

    Emily: He wants to hurt daddy!

    Lucas: It's okay Emily. Now why don't you run off and play in your room?

    The two girls run off and Lucas turns to the camera.

    Lucas: So Jerry put me up against Carter's monster. He knows I can handle you Kane. Your demented brain is to focused on Drew and Angel. I'll use your blatent rage against you. After all, there's only room for one monster in the CWA. That monster is me. If you haven't noticed, the changing of the guard isn't gonna happen. We're here to stay. You have to realize that.

    The camera fades out on the deranged smile of Lucas, the almost dark sound of Emily and Lyssa laughing can be heard.

    Justin Gabriel
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    Justin is seen training in a ring, practicing his less used high flying moves, with the help of Heath Slater, both in their wrestling gear. The two eventually start a practice match against each other, although Heath suddenly stops; panicking after his counter causes Justin to fall, landing outside the ring. Heath quickly slides out of the ring and drops to his knees, quickly pulling Justin into a tight hug.

    Heath: Oh god, I-I’m so sorry, are you alright?

    Instead of smiling at the concern, Justin frowns, pulling away from Heath.

    Justin: Of course I’m fine; all I did was fall out of the ring Heath, everyone does it at some point.

    Heath: *mumbles* Right…sorry.

    Justin: *sighs* It’s fine. You just need to stop being so over-protective, it’s-

    Heath: Annoying…?

    Justin: *narrows his eyes at Heath, irritated* Maddening actually... *he looks down, fixing one of his kneepads* Look, I know you mean well, but you don’t need to panic over every little thing. If I was screaming in pain or whatever, fine, feel free to panic then; but otherwise you need to relax, okay?

    Heath: *slowly nodding* Okay… I’m sorry.

    He reaches a hand out to brush one of the longer parts of Justin’s hair off his face, the high flyer having left it loose instead of spiking it into it’s usual style; Justin giving a small smile as Heath does so.

    Justin: *softly* I know.

    Heath: *as he helps Justin up* Do you think you’re ready for your match?

    Justin: I hope so. It’s the first since I was hurt backstage and it’s for a match against the Five Nations champion… I just hope I’m going to be good enough to win. My record in matches against Vixxens isn’t exactly favourable after all. *he frowns slightly*

    Heath: I’m sure you’ll do fine Justin, you were doing pretty well in the ring, until I screwed up.

    Justin: You didn’t screw up, you just panicked. Like I said, you just need to relax; I can’t have you at ringside if you’re going to keep panicking at the smallest things.

    Heath: Right, *he nods* sorry.

    Justin: *chuckles* And stop saying sorry for everything. If you didn’t do it so often and over every little thing, I’d say the protectiveness was cute. *he kisses Heath’s cheek* It does show you care after all.
    Heath: Of course I care, ‘cause I love ya, naw mean?

    Justin: *grins* Of course I know what you mean. *he hugs him*

    Heath: *as he hugs him back* So your match was against that Mariana Vixxen, yeah?

    Justin: *nods, looking up at him* Yeah, it is. I’ve never fought her, let alone seen her wrestle. I’ve barely kept up with the show while I’ve been away; besides what Wade’s told me about it and the few times we’ve appeared with him. I’m sure she’s tough though, all the Vixxens are and I know not to ever underestimate them. I just have to hope I’m better than I was before I was injured, because I wasn’t doing so well at the time…

    Heath: Don’t worry; I’m sure you’ll do fine. Even if you don’t end up winning, at least the fans will get a good match to watch right?

    Justin: *smiles* Definitely, I’ll always try to give 100% in my matches, as I’ve said before. I don’t just do it for myself or just for the fans after all…

    Heath smiles softly, running a hand through Justin’s hair as the South African’s gaze turns to a window, a sorrowful look in his eyes for a minute before he looks back up at Heath with a small smile.

    Justin: Shall we get back to training then?

    Heath: *nods* Sure, then afterwards we can go get something to eat, okay?

    Justin grins and nods, playfully shoving Heath away from him before springing up and into the ring, Heath laughing as he follows, climbing in after going up the steel stairs; the two practicing again as the scene fades out.

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    The inside of a club is shown, the dance-pop song ‘We found love’ playing as people laugh, talk, drink and dance. As the camera zooms in on a certain area of the dance floor, Vitani is seen dressed in an outfit a little more revealing than the outfits she’s usually seen in, dancing with her friend Kara. They both look to be having fun, though Kara looks to be enjoying herself a little more than Vitani is. Once the song is finished, they go over to sit down at the bar, both ordering drinks.

    Kara: So Vi, do you have a match this week?

    Vitani: *nods* Against Christian. I can’t wait for it.

    Kara: Is he still Five Nations champion?

    Vitani: He is, for now anyway; who knows after the pay-per-view; though he’s strong enough to defend it. I always enjoy fighting people like him; people who wrestle more because they love it than to win titles.

    Kara: So…like yourself?

    Vitani: I guess so. Obviously I enjoy being a champion, but I’m not going to do nothing but chase after one if I don’t have one. The only thing I really chase after in the business is equality for the females *she frowns* …though recently I haven’t really done that.

    Kara: What do you mean, how haven’t you?

    Vitani: If I was truly chasing after my beliefs, I’d have joined Carter’s team; he genuinely seems to want to make the place better, though I joined Jerry’s out of spite towards Cody. *she hangs her head* I failed at being a role model for those who look up to me…

    Kara: *frowns* No… No Vi, you didn’t.

    Vitani: *looks angry when she looks back up at her friend, annoyed with herself* I did! What kind of a message is it to send to kids to turn on what you believe in, just because someone you’re annoyed with believes in it too?

    Kara: *puts a hand over Vitani’s, which is resting on the bar* You were angry when you made the choice Vi, I’m sure they’ll forgive you for making a mistake. *she pauses for a minute* …didn’t one of the other Vixxens do something similar?

    Vitani: *nods slowly* Yeah… Nolee did. She chose Jerry’s side as well, while she was upset and talking to Angel. There was an interview she did with Casey where she said she would more likely have chosen Carter’s side if she’d actually thought about it before saying anything.

    She runs her fingers through her hair, braiding part of it absent-mindedly.

    Vitani: I’d prefer to be on Carter’s side, but I’m not just going to abandon the one I’m on. I just hope Carter isn’t harsh on those who weren’t on his side if he wins.

    Kara: Do you think he’ll win?

    Vitani: *shrugs* I don’t know, I guess either side could win; just like either Christian or myself could win this match, we’ll just have to wait and see who wins.

    Kara: I think you’ll win. *she grins*

    Vitani: Why’s that?

    Kara: He was still sore wasn’t he? Plus you’re you…

    Vitani: Yeah he is… *laughs* What’s being me got to do with it though?

    Kara: Nothing… *hesitates* …want to go dance again?

    Vitani: Sure, *she smiles* but after that we’ll have to start heading back, I need to rest before my match after all.

    Kara nods and grabs Vitani’s hand, leading her back over to the dance floor as the scene fades out.

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