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    7-16-12 Monday Night Carnage Results


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    7-16-12 Monday Night Carnage Results Empty 7-16-12 Monday Night Carnage Results

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    The camera runs a montage of different moments from Summer Heat while the song Wipeout by the Sufari’s plays, ending on Punk walking out of the cage and waving at Wade. The lights go off before the opening pyrotechnics play and we pan over the crowd before resting on the announcers table. On the left sits Terry Funk, on the right sits Val Venis, and in between the two men we see a new man dressed in a suit.

    Terry: I’m Terry Funk.

    Val: I’m Val Venis.

    Other man: And I’m newest CWA Announcer James Chapel and welcome to Monday Night Carnage!

    Terry: At the pay-per-view, we managed to see a lot of amazing matches and perhaps none more amazing than the ending of that steel cage match between Wade Barrett and CM Punk! But tonight we will be told who Punk has announced for his new number one contender!

    James: Not only that Terry, we received word moments ago that next week Justin Gabriel will go one on one with undefeated Vixxen Mariana Thomas in a number one contenders match for the Five Nations Championship!

    Val: But speaking of Vixxens, let’s get ready for our first match up!

    The lights go to purple hues as Hell on Heels by the Pistol Annies begins to play. Nolee, dressed in her rebel flag bikini, walks out with Gail by her side. The two girls smile before they get up and into the ring, conversing as Dancing With Myself begins to play. Dia runs out first and plays air guitar for a moment before turning to look at the entrance ramp and gesturing for Mariana to walk out. Dia is dressed in a red bikini with the straight edge X on the top while Mariana is dressed in a black two piece top and skirt with a white line across the bottoms. They look at each other before running to the ring and looking at their first set of opponents before I’m Not Afraid by Lacuna Coil begins. Vitani, dressed in a jade colored bikini with the bottom half covered by a sarong that is tied around her waist, and Angel, dressed in a black bikini decorated with white and blue floral designs, walk to the ring and get in. Vitani and Angel shake both the hands of Dia and Mariana but Nolee and Gail both refuse to shake anyone’s hand before referee Hanna Beckford signals for the bell to ring.

    Vixxens Champion Vitani Summers and ½ CWA Tag Team Champions Angel James vs Dia Banks and Mariana Thomas vs Nolee Lacroix and Gail Kim

    As soon as the bell rings, Nolee charges Mariana with the intent to pay her back for the match at Summer Heat. Gail goes after Angel and Dia and Vitani tie up. The camera pans out enough so that it can show the girls fighting. It isn’t to long before Dia and Vitani and Nolee and Mariana are the only ones fighting inside the ring, Angel and Gail fighting outside of it. Mariana has the upper hand on Nolee, sending vicious chops to her chest as she’s standing in the corner closest to the announcers table. Dia has Vitani down on the mat in an arm bar. Vitani manages to reach for the ropes and get out of the hold while Nolee gets out of the corner and Irish whips Nolee out of the ring. Dia and Vitani look at their team mates, each nodding before realizing that it’s come down between them. Dia goes for a drop kick to one of Vitani’s legs but Vitani, being the much faster fighter manages to move out of the way. This time, it’s her turn to work on Dia to try and get her weakened. Vitani stomps on one of her arms, making sure that she can’t get any of her submission style moves in. Dia rolls out of the way of one of the stomps and gets up, using the ropes to pull herself up. She turns to face Vitani who attempts the insiguri but Dia keeps a tight hold of the ropes, keeping herself away from the move. She again is on the offensive and as Vitani comes towards her she manages the Diamond Cutter and then the pin.

    Winners: Dia Banks and Mariana Thomas via pinfall

    Dia looks surprised that she actually managed to win and as she gets out of the ring, she grabs Mariana’s arm and pulls her out of the right with Nolee and up the ramp, all of the other girls looking a little peeved. The camera switches to a view of Christian’s locker room. Christian is sitting on the couch in his room when the door opens. Carter Lacroix, dressed in his ring gear, enters the room. He has a soft expression on his face and looks as if he has been doing some serious thinking.

    Carter: I’m sorry I missed our anniversary.

    Christian: *looks up* Carter! I….I wasn’t expecting you…

    Carter: I know and I’m sorry. This match and this war have just gotten me so out of it. I mean, dad put me up against you to make me doubt myself and boy is it working.

    Christian: *gets up and walks over*

    Carter: I just want you to know, this match, it’s just a match. After the show, me and you and Adam will go get drinks and hang out for the rest of the night. Or if you want I can make our anniversary up to you and we can go out for a nice dinner.

    Christian: *nods before giving a relaxed smile* I know it’s just a match. *leans up to kiss Carter’s cheek* And I would like that…to spend some time alone together…

    Carter: *grins* So it’s settled. We’ll go get food after the show. Why don’t I stay in here for the Sheamus/McIntyre match. We can watch it together and then get ready to go out for our match?

    Christian: Sounds great.

    Carter grins and wraps his arm around Christian as the camera fades out to the first commercial break of the night.


    The camera opens up as we get back from commercial, Nolee and Sheamus sitting on a crate together in the guerilla.

    Nolee: I kind of like the white lilacs for the wedding boquet, don’t you?

    Sheamus: *smiles and nods* They’re nice.

    Nolee: *smiles* And the cake? Which one did you like more?

    Sheamus: I like the second one we looked at.

    Nolee: The marble cake? I was thinking about doing the red velvet cupcakes but if you like the three tier marble cake we can do that.

    Sheamus: We could always do both, not everyone likes the same type of cake…

    Nolee: That’s true. *nods and looks at the clock* You have a match to get out to. Meet you after the show for dinner?

    Sheamus: *frowns slightly* I still have a few minutes, but yes, we can.

    Nolee: *smiles and kisses his cheek* Good. I saw this nice little place right outside of the arena.

    Sheamus: *smiles* Oh really?

    Nolee: *nods* Now get on out to that ring. You’ve got a match to win.

    Loyal To No One starts playing and Sheamus, surprisingly, gets more boos than he does cheers. He doesn’t look very moved by the fact that since proposing to his girlfriend he’s become a heel. He walks to the ring and slaps his chest with a fist a few times before screaming Brogue. He turns to the entrance as Broken Dreams by Shamans Harvest plays and Drew McIntyre heads out to the ring.

    Sheamus vs ½ CWA Tag Team Champion Drew McIntyre

    The bell rings and they lock up, Drew tossing Sheamus into the corner. He runs at Sheamus to attempt a kick to the stomach but Sheamus moves at the last second, causing Drew to hit his knee on the turnbuckle. Drew turns around and Sheamus meets him with a vicious clothesline that sends Drew head over heels. He runs a hand through his hair and looks at him before going back to attack him with a few sharp kicks to the legs. Drew rolls to the apron and Sheamus picks him up, hitting him with vicious clublike hands in the chest ten times before letting go. Drew rolls back into the ring and Sheamus backs up into the opposite turnbuckle. When Drew gets up and turns around to face where Sheamus is, Sheamus lands a vicious Brogue Kick before rolling him up for a pin.

    Winner: Sheamus via pinfall

    The camera fades from the celebrating Sheamus to Colt and Dia sitting in a locker room. Louis is playing on the floor with action figures while Dia sits close to Colt on the bench.

    Colt: So he really said that?

    Dia: He said he’s announcing it today. And he said it could be more than one.

    Louis: *turns to Dia* Who say what?

    Dia: Nothing Louis, keep playing.

    Colt: Yeah bud, you’re momma is just talking bout nothing important.

    Louis: *grins* She always talks bout nothing important.

    Colt tries not to laugh but Dia doesn’t look very enthused.

    Colt: Aw c’mon that was funny!

    Dia: It was not. He’s my son, he’s not supposed to say things like that. He wouldn’t of before you came along!

    Colt: *puppy dog eyes* You blame me?

    Dia: *kisses his cheek* Not in the least bit.

    Louis looks over at the two and runs over, throwing his arms around Dia as the camera fades out to a shot of the ring. “Take Over” by Dale Oliver begins to play and Christian, Edge by his side and the Five Nations Championship around his waist, walks out to the ring. He looks to be dreading this match and when he gets in the ring, he smiles and does a five second pose for the fans. “That’s How Country Boys Roll” by Billy Currington begins and we hear the familiar truck starting in the background. Carter drives out in a cherry red pick up truck, a bull head painted on the side and next to it the words Carter for CEO. He gets out of the truck but decides not to two step to the ring. He gets in the ring and holds out a hand to Christian, the Canadian pulling him in for a hug instead before referee Hank Mitchell signals for the bell to ring.

    Carter Lacroix vs Five Nations Champion Christian w/Edge

    Carter and Christian nod, tying up before Christian gets the upper hand. He lands a series of small and swift kicks to Carter’s knees . Carter falls to the mat and Christian locks him in a headlock. Carter powers out of it, turning and delivering sharp punches to the gut. Christian pushes away from him and runs at him for a clothesline but Christian ducks and Carter goes straight into the ring ropes. He manages to stop himself but when he turns, Carter is met by a dropkick to the chest. It dazes him and he stumbles backwards and when Christian gets up, he grabs Carter by the arm and tosses him into the turnbuckle. Carter hits face first and Christian rolls up behind him to try for the pin. It’s unsuccessful and Christian is shocked until he hears boos. Christian turns just in time to be met by Lucas’ left hook. Lucas, along with Jerry Lawler begin an attack of Carter and Christian.

    Winner: No contest

    Lucas and Jerry continue the beat down of Carter and Christian until both are fully satisfied, the camera fading out to a commercial break.


    The sound of static is heard across the arena before the guitar riffs signalling the opening of Living Colour’s ‘Cult of Personality’ is heard playing, the song infamous due to its association with the CWA champion, CM Punk; who walks out wearing a Wolverine t-shirt over his ring gear. He has his title over one shoulder and a smug look on his face as he heads to the ring, where he signals for a microphone and waits for quiet before he speaks.

    Punk: Alright, before you all start guessing… No I’m not here to challenge Wade again, although it is fun to kick his ass. I’m here to announce who I’ll be defending my title against next.

    He smiles and looks at his title, looking smug before he looks back out at the audience.

    Punk: Now originally, I’d put a lot of thought into this, but being the Best in the World, I couldn’t think of anyone who’d be good enough without being biased and picking a friend… *He pauses as some members of the audience boo* Okay fine, that’s a lie, there are people I think are worthy of fighting for my title, which is why I had a hard time choosing; because there was actually a few people I had in mind. I thought about it for a while, but still couldn’t pick out of those I thought deserve a shot at my title…

    He pauses, running his free hand through his hair as he paces.

    Punk: Eventually I decided to ask my friend Colt about how I should make a choice and...being the lovable idiot he is, Colt suggested I just ‘pick names out of a hat or something’. Now there was no way I was using one of my caps to sort out something like this; if I was going to use any of my hats to sort out something, it would be something much more amusing…like somehow saving the boss’ life with it. Instead, I decided to use my computer for something other than harassing fans and friends online when they bug me and found an alternative way to solve my dilemma and used a random number generator to help me decide.

    He stops pacing and leans against the ropes closest to the ramp.

    Punk: I bet right now a bunch of you are all thinking ‘Oh, that’s a stupid way to choose an important match’, but really it’s not. In fact, I think it’s a smart way to do it because it means no one can complain I was biased at all because I picked based on how many times it generated a number from a bunch assigned to a certain person; like one person had numbers 1-10, the next had 11-20 and so on… Anyway, the result was that I ended up picking not one person; but three as they all ended up with more results than the others I’d considered. Those three people were Drew McIntyre, Alex Shelley and Lucas Turner; all tough in their own ways and they all fight with different styles to each other… so apparently fate currently hates me, maybe it’s a Wade Barrett fan who’s pissed over the Summer Heat results? *he chuckles, but rolls his eyes* But seriously though, those are the people I’ll be defending my title against next, meaning Colt is going to have to buy me another lunch, or three…

    He tosses his microphone aside and holds up his title as his music starts playing again, handing the title belt to the ref before the match gets underway.

    CWA Champion CM Punk w/Colt Cabana vs Lucas Turner

    Lucas looks fierce, fresh off of his beat down of Christian and Carter and tries to land a very early left hook. CM Punk shakes his head with a grin on his face and heads toward him, Lucas once again trying to land the left hook. This time, Punk doesn’t look very thrilled at all. Punk growls and lands a swift kick to the back of Lucas’ head. The big man goes down and we can hear Colt cheer all the way from the outside. Punk smirks and locks Lucas in the Anaconda Vice who promptly taps out again.

    Winner: CWA Champion CM Punk via submission

    CM Punk gets out of the ring and walks backstage with Colt, the camera cutting out on Jerry yelling at Lucas in the ring.

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