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    7-16-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area


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    7-16-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area Empty 7-16-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area

    Post  Admin on Thu Jul 19, 2012 4:27 am

    All promos due here on July 29th at midnight!

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    Post  Admin on Fri Jul 20, 2012 5:27 pm

    We open up on the inside of a clothing store, back in the bathing suit section. Nolee Lacroix sits in a plush chair as she looks at Gail looking through the swimsuits. Nolee has a bag on her jean clad lap and is wearing a Jerry Lawler t-shirt. Gail is wearing a black mini-suit and baby blue tank top.

    Gail: I dunno which one to pick...

    Nolee: *rolsl her eyes* Just pick one!

    Gail: Sheesh whats your problem Nolee?

    Nolee: What's my problem? Gee, lets start with the obvious. I lost to Mariana and got stripped of my title all on the same night. To make matters worse, it was my fiance's fault I lost. And to top it all off, I'm now against a former set of tag team champions as well as two of the greatest rising stars of the CWA with you as my partner!

    Gail: Hold up, you think I like having you as a partner any better? You were stripped of that title because you lost so much! I may be a jobber but I'd still like to win you know!

    Nolee: And you think I don't want to show both Angel and Mari's teams how much better than them I am?

    Gail: Look, lets just strategize okay?

    Gail goes back to looking through swimsuits before she finds a cute black bikini with tropical floral designs on it. She checks the size before smiling at Nolee.

    Gail: Found my suit!

    Nolee: *completely ignores that fact* So who do you think we'd be best suited to face on our opposing teams?

    Gail: Well I'm not letting you in the ring with Mari after your loss. I won't have you getting us the loss. *flips her hair snobbishly*

    Nolee: *rolls her eyes* Don't forget you lost to her in her debute. She's three and zero, undefeated. If we can manage to knock off her and Dia, we'll manage a lot fairer against Angel and Vitani.

    Gail: You think we can beat them?

    Nolee: *smiles* I think we've got a pretty good shot. I mean, Dia and Mariana have never worked together and other than the fact that their both mothers, they have no common ground. Dia's a rebel, Mari has always been straight laced and by the book. To many in team problems could stop a win on their own. Vitani and *rolls her eyes* Angel are getting duller and duller. Where's the big shake up of the Vixxen's Division we all need? Since Belle left, we've all slacked in keeping up with the boys.

    She stands and gives a small smile to Gail, the two walking to the cash register so Gail can pay. The camera fades out before fading in on a river. A cherry red pickup truck and a black dodge charger are pulled underneath the trees near a dock where a pontoon boat sits. Gail, dressed in her swimsuit is loading a cooler with soda and a few beers. The camera zooms in on the boat where we see Nolee for the first time in her swimsuit. It's skimpier than anything we've ever seen her wear in the past, a red two piece bikini decorated with the rebel flag.

    Nolee: Ready to go Gail? We gotta pick up the boys at the other dock. They drove down earlier and barbecued.

    Gail finishes putting the drinks in the cooler before wheeling it onto the boat and nodding.

    Gail: All set!

    Nolee starts the boat and they cruise on the river. Nolee turns on the radio and smiles when she finds the local country station.

    Summer nights everybody are you with me?
    Let that Igloo cooler mark your piece of paradise
    Summer nights everybody feelin sexy
    Holler if you're ready for some summer nights

    Gail: Nols, we never discussed how we plan on winning.

    Nolee: Well I probably shouldn't go for Mariana or Angel like you said. Dia's submissionist style won't bother me, I can power out of her moves. The submissionist style was easy for me to learn to fight after training with Carter as I grew up.

    Gail: And Vi?

    Nolee: I beat Vi and I'll prove I was the one who deserved to keep her championship. I'm focusing on Dia and Vitani with the emphasis on Vitani.

    Gail: Can...can I ask a question?

    Nolee: Sure.

    Gail: Did you reall mean it when you told Angel you hoped Jerry kept the company?

    Nolee: *hesitates* For so long I tried not to pick a side, to remain neutral. At the pay-per-view my answer just sort of slipped out. I was so angry. I had lost to Mariana because of Sheamus, I had been stripped of my title. Add that to arguing with Angel and *she sighs* I can't go back now though.

    Gail: *pats Nolee on the back* You'll be okay hun. *points at the nearby dock* Look it's the boys!

    Nolee looks where she's pointing at the dock where Sheamus, dressed in a black t-shirt with the CWA logo on it with black board shorts with green tribal designs, and Gail's husban celebrity chef Robert Irvine, dressed in a pair of blue swim trunks and black flip flops, stand. The camera fades out on the smile Nolee's face holds as she pulls the boat up to the dock.

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    Post  Admin on Tue Jul 24, 2012 7:05 pm

    The camera opens up as we hear the slam of a car door. The scene folds out before us: Dia Banks, dressed in a black Green Day tour shirt with ripped up jeans and black combat boots, is walking with Louis, dressed in a blue Adventure Time With Finn And Jake shirt and jeans with white light up shoes, to a very nice home. She obviously feels out of place as she keeps glancing around before knocking on the door which soon opens to reveal Mariana Thomas.

    Mariana: Dia *smiles a soft smile* come on in.

    Dia enters the house with Louis and looks around, the house far nicer than anything she was use to. She turns to Mari and flashes a vibrant smile.

    Dia: Thanks for inviting Louis and me over. It's been a lot harder to make friends than I thought it would be.

    Louis: *shy* Thank you Mari.

    Mariana: You're welcome, both of you. *she leans down and taps Louis on the top of his nose* Lillie Jane and Laylah are out back. Follow me.

    Louis giggles before they follow her, Dia still in awe over the house.

    Dia: It's a really nice place you got here Mari. Really nice.

    Mariana: Thanks. We had a much smaller place but when we found out about Lillie Jane we needed to expand. *leads them through the kitchen and reaches for the handle to the glass backdoor* Besides Layla was eleven and needing more space.

    Louis: *gasps when he sees the backyard* It's ginowmous! We don't got no backyard!

    Dia: *chuckles softly* Louis we also live in an apartment in Chicago.

    Mariana: I've always loved Chicago. Having all this yard and house isn't all it's cracked up to be thought. It's a lot of work.

    Dia: I lived in Detroit when I was 19 and I moved on down to Chicago to work for Ring of Honor. I liked it so much I decided I wouldn't stop calling it home.

    Louis: *tugs on the hem of Mariana's shirt* Miss Mawi can I go pway on the swingset?

    Mariana: Of course. Play on whatever you want. *smiles at Louis* So Dia what do you think about this swimsuit/bikini mach?

    Dia: *watches Louis run off before answering* I think matches like this are the exact reason I chose not to go to the WWE. I promised myself I wouldn't be objectified. Your thoughts?

    Mariana: I agree. I know it's not an ideal situation, especially for moms like us. But what are can you do?

    Dia: *grins* For starters we could win. Did you hear what Gail and Nolee said about us?

    Mariana: No. What did they say? *sighs, rolls her eyes, and folds her arms across her chest*

    Dia: Well Nolee doesn't want to face you and she seems to think my submission style is weak.

    Mariana: That's ridiculous. Your submission style is anything but weak. As for Nolee wanting to face me that's insane. My fight with her is over. The only thing I want is to win like everybody else does.

    Dia: I hear that. It's mostly Vitani Summers I'm worried about. I've fought her and can positivly say she's the Vixxens Champion for a reason. And Angel? She's one half of the tag team champions which means she's got talent. To top it all off, Vitani and Angel use to be the tag team champions. There a cohesive unit.

    Mariana: Well cohesive or not, I think we have a good choice. If we combine our talents we can do some damage.

    Dia: Oh trust me I know we can. With my submissionist styles and your highflying ability we should be a hell of a combination.

    Mariana: I doubt that they'll expect it either. We've never worked together before and I've never had a tag match here at the CWA. I think we'll blow them out of the water.

    Dia: We're just different enought that no one would suspect us to be good as a team. But Colt taught me the most different of teams can be the best.

    Mariana: Speaking of...*she smiles and arches an eyebrow* Whats the deal with you two?

    Dia: *caught off guard by the question* E...excuse me?

    Mariana: I've seen the way you two act around each other. Does he know about Louis? *pauses* I'm not intruding am I?

    Dia: You're not intruding *shy which is not something we've seen from her* He knows...but...I don't like being kept in one place for to long...I get restless...

    Mariana: Ah. You're not the type to be tied down. I understand.

    Dia: I mean, I never had a man and dad around to show me how it's supposed to be done. Sure, I love Colt. *puts a hand over her mouth like she can't believe she said that*

    Mariana: It's okay. You can love someone without being with them in an official sense. Look at me and Jensen. We've known we wanted to be together forever from the beginning practically. We put it off after the miscarriage, we needed to grieve individually as well as together. Then Lillie Jane was born and we needed to focus on being parents. Now, after nearly five years, we're finally taking that step. You don't need to be tied down to be in love.

    Dia: *smiles* Well...I guess we should focus on the kiddos huh?

    Mariana: Yeah. The last thing I need is for Lillie Jane to have another SANDwhich. *smiles and laughs a small, quiet laugh*

    The camera fades out on the two women conversing about their children.

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    Post  Admin on Tue Jul 24, 2012 9:02 pm

    The camera opens up on a beer bottle from Pabst Blue Ribbon sitting on a dark oak table. It's cold, evident from teh droplets of condensation that are on the bottle.

    Voice: 208 days.

    The camera pans out to show the inside of a hotel room, Carter sitting on the edge of the bed and staring at the beer bottle on the table as if he's about to interogate it. He's dressed in a pair of jeans with holes in the knees and a red and black flannel shirt. His black cowboy hat sits on the blue bedspread next to him. He runs a hand through his cropped brown hair and lets out a troubled sigh.

    Carter: It's been 208 days since I've had any alcohol. A lot has changed for me. I've matured, stopped a lot of my childish ways. I've stopped being so naive. I've even falled in love with someone I know I'll never leave and hopefully he'll never leave me.

    Carter stands and paces the length of the room, occasionally shooting glances at the bottle of beer.

    Carter: And yet it's that love of my life that has me in my room on the verge of breaking every vow I made to myself and urging me to drink this bottle of beer like it's the last essence on Earth.

    He crosses to sit down at the table, looking intently at the bottle. He puts a hand on it and then almost immediately lets go as if it's made of fire. He puts his head in his hands and continues.

    Carter: It's not really Jay's fault. he's so caring and sweet and funny. I love him more than I've ever loved anyone or anything. And for that reason, Jerry put me in a match against him. *sounds bitter* It's not like Jerry knows how much I detest fighting the people that I love or anything.

    He looks up from his hands, propping his head up on the heel of his palms. His eyes are locked tight on the bottle but he seems to be focusing on something else entirely.

    Carter: So that leads me to the big question. Can I really go in there and fight against the love of my life when I'm in such a seemingly dark place. Surprisingly the answer is yes. *he hesitates before continuing, a soft look on his face* Some of the best matches I've seen in the wrestling business are between people who really care for each other other. Shawn Micheals vs Triple H, Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio, hell even Edge vs Christian. Do you know how they were able to put on such violent matches and still care about each other at the end of the day? It's because all wrestlers, and yes all of them, have a switch that they can turn on and off at the end of a day. We know this is work, be it scripted or not. Letting a feud start because someone beat you in the ring and ignorning a friendship outside of it get ruined is stupid.

    He looks at the beer, tilting his head to the side.

    Carter: A feud outside of the ring transfering into in ring violence is okay. A friendship outside of the ring transfering into in ring violence is pathetic. I'm not afraid to say that I love Jay Reso. I would do anything for him. But at the same time, this job is all I really know how to do. I was raised to be a wrestler, though I spent a lot of my time setting up rings and the ringside equipment. So, even though I love my Jay Jay, I'm going to fight him in our match. I'm going to give him my all, 100%.

    Carter picks up the beer and sniffs the opening of the bottle, as if he's remembering the tastes of his old life. A grin crosses his face and he tosses is against the wall.

    Carter: I will face him without having drank. I will face him and do all that I can to pick up the win. And then Jerry? *chuckles* Then it's your turn and you better watch out because I will take any opportunity that I can to end you. Do you feel the winds of change coming Jerry? That's because in one months time, I will be coming for your job. But it won't be just me. I'm bringin' Punk and a whole lotta others with me. And you? You're gonna have to do a lot better than Lucas to be able to beat us.

    The camera fades out on Carter, looking cheerier than he did the entire promo and sitting at the table with a proud look on his face.

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    We hear the grunts and punches that can only be made by men working with punching bags as the camera opens up. We notice we're inside of a gym and the man working on the bag is none other than CWA Warrior Wade Barrett. He's wearing a pair of black gym shorts and a black muscle shirt, his hands wrapped up in tape. He sends one final punch to the bag before stopping it and turning to face the camera.

    Wade: The bloody hell are you doing here?

    Pete: The same thing can be asked of you?

    Wade rolls his eyes and goes over to the water cooler, grabbing a plastic dixie cup and filling it with water before taking a drink and looking at Pete.

    Wade: What am I doing here? Do you not know that I was a bareknuckle boxer before I was a professional wrestler? Sometimes when I'm in a bad mood I go to a gym and let go of all of my steam. I'm surprised your here because the gym we're at is in London and not in Omaha where the show is.

    Pete: And I'm surprised you're here in London and not in Omaha. Why are you here in London?

    Wade: For starters, a friend of mine asked me to be here for some training. Not to mention I just needed to get some time out of the states.

    Pete: A friend?

    Voice: Barruh? Is tha' you?

    Pete switches the camera to show a young man dressed in a white wife beater and black gym shorts, looking as if he's just showered.

    Wade: *grins* Luke! It's good to see you mate!

    The two men hug before Wade's friend, Luke, looks at Pete.

    Luke: Who tha bloody 'ell is that?

    Wade: Luke, let me introduce you to cameraman Pete Branaugh. Pete, this is Olympic Boxer Luke Campbell.

    Pete: *smiles* Nice to meet you.

    Luke: *shakes his hand* Nice to meetcha too. *looks at Wade* For your still working for tha' bloody wrestling business? The WWE?

    Wade: Oh no Luke I haven't fought in the WWE for at least a few years now. No, I work for the Championship Wrestling Alliance.

    Luke: 'aven't 'eard of that company. They treat ya righ'?

    Wade: Oh yeah, they treat me just fine Luke. *smiles at Pete* I know you must be thinking how I know Mr. Campbell. We were good friends in school and he even did some bareknuckle boxing to get in shape for professional boxing.

    Luke: 'ey watch it Barruh! You may get me in trouble with my higher ups. Now who did you want me to train you to fight?

    Wade: Kane.

    Luke: Kane? Big bloke who looks like something out of a horror movie?

    Pete: *chuckles* That would be him.

    Luke: *looks at Pete and nods before looking back at Wade* Whats your plan for taking him on?

    Wade: It's quite simple really. I want to learn how to hit and hit hard.

    Luke: It's not all about hitting hard. Part of it's about speed which is something you're born with. You should know that.

    Pete: *mumbles* Yeah, especially after your last loss.

    Wade: *turns to Pete* That was not about speed and you know it. It was about his friends holding my feet so that I couldn't touch the floor. I should have bloody won that match. We all know it.

    Luke: You lost a match because people 'eld you up? I though' you won by pinning each other.

    Wade: In a cage match you can escape via climbing it and your feet touching the floor. My opponent had two flunkies who stopped that from happening. *waves his hand in dismisal* But that was in the past. Right now I have to focus on Kane. The man is a monster. He knows that I have a 'glass jaw' as we call it in our profession. If, somehow, I can manage to find a weakness of his then I can win.

    Luke: He's a big man right?

    Wade: Yes. Why?

    Luke: Work on 'is knees. 'e's got to 'ave 'is center of gravity in 'is knees so work on them mate.

    Wade: *nods* I can understand that. So work on low blows. Kicks if I can manage it?

    Luke: Aye. Now, wha' else do you want to work on?

    Wade: *narrows his eyes* There's this bloody American who keeps gettin' in my way.

    Luke: *smirks* I'll train you to take him out more.

    Pete looks like he's having a hard time but he decides to shut the cameras off.
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    Post  Drew McIntyre on Thu Jul 26, 2012 12:26 am

    We see Drew sitting on a chair in the locker room, his tag team belt sitting on a table in the corner. There's a grin to his lips as he tapes his wrists, finally a taste of gold and it wasn't going to be the last. As he stands Johnny enters and wraps his arms around Drew, nuzzling his chest.

    Johnny: Are you sure you're going to be able to do this Drew? This is Sheamus we're talking about, the man that has your ex wrapped around his cock like a snake.

    Drew: *he chuckles as he kisses Johnny's temple* Don't worry love, I can handle this, Sheamus is...he's a brute, no doubt about that, but the thing with me, Nolee and him is in the past. That's a non issue at this point. However, he is still dangerous and if one thing our matches in the past have taught me it's not to turn my back on him.

    Johnny: *he nods his head as he rubs his hands over Drew's stomach* You can take him though...*he smirks up at Drew* After all you're not one half of the tag team champs for nothing. if anyone can take the large pale ginger out it's going to be you.

    Drew: *he laughs as he runs his fingers through Johnny's hair* I'm glad you have so much confidence in me love. *he kisses Johnny softly on the lips* After all I wouldn't be here if it weren't for your confidence.

    Johnny: *he preens* That's right, I make champions. *smirks as he plays with Drew's nipple* So what are you doing now Mr. Tag Team Champ?

    Drew: *he sucks in a breath before cupping Johnny's ass and groping shamelessly* I'm going to go get some practice in before my match. Sheamus has a good handle on most of my moves, I have to keep the rust off of me if I want to beat him.

    Johnny: *he rolls his eyes as he pats Drew's chest* When you beat him love, not if...when. I know you can take him down, just concentrate on his weaknesses and you'll do fine.

    Drew: *he snorts as he kisses Johnny's cheek before heading out the room to the gym*

    Johnny: *he smirks as he strips and puts the tag team belt around his waist and lays on the couch in the room, waiting for Drew to return*

    The camera fades on the image of Johnny on the couch with his arms stretched over his head as he waits, a smile on his lips

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    Post  Kane on Thu Jul 26, 2012 1:23 am

    Shatters bits of table and chairs litter a lockeroom and as the camera comes into focus, an unsecured locker goes flying, slamming against the wall and then falling down to the floor with a metal clang. Kane is standing on the other side, his nostrils flared and his eyes burning as he looks into the camera.

    Kane: I feel sorry for you Wade Barrett, you've been hand fed to the sharks. I had thought that maybe Jerry had learned his lesson about putting people into the ring to me after a loss, however it seems like you're not too high on his list of likeable people.

    Another piece of furniture goes flying and lands shattered in a million tiny bits on the floor and Kane growls as he reaches up and yanks on his hair, pulling hard enough to take a nice sized handful out.

    Kane: It's not personal Wade Barrett, not in the least, you're just the first roadblock on my way to getting my tag team titles back, and after those are back where they should be then it's the five nations title around my waist, and after that the heavyweight belt. I'm a champion Wade Barrett and you are nothing but fodder to feed my fire.

    Kane stalks across the room, the bits of broken wood snapping under his feet as he makes a circuit around the room. There is no doubt that losing the belts to Drew and Angel have snapped his mind a bit. After all he and Carter were too cohesive a team to be taken down that easily and he was pretty sure that Jerry was behind it somehow.

    Kane: Watch your backs McIntyre and James, I don't know what you did to Jerry to have him work it so that we lost them, but you won't have them much longer. Carter and I have a rematch clause in our contracts, and it's only a matter of time before we come to collect. Until them I'm going to wipe the ring with what ever pathetic talent that Jerry wants to throw my way. All I can say is that they all better have good health insurance.

    The camera fades out as Kane continues to stalk the room, snapping wood and curses still being heard.
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    Post  CM Punk on Thu Jul 26, 2012 2:41 am

    The camera fades in on a hotel room, where Living Colour’s ‘Cult of Personality’ is heard playing and someone can be heard singing along to the song. As the camera slowly pans across the room, Colt Cabana is seen stretched out on the couch, reading a magazine as he sings.

    Colt: *singing, changing some of the wrods* I sell the things you need to be
    I'm the smiling face on your TV
    I'm the Colt of personality
    I annoy you, still you love me
    I tell you one and one makes three
    I'm the Colt of personality
    Like Joseph Stalin and Gandhi
    I'm the Colt of personality
    The Colt of personality
    The Colt of personality…

    He frowns when the music is turned down so it can only be heard in the background, looking up from his magazine as CM Punk comes over to the couch.

    Punk: Making yourself at home in my room I see…

    Colt: *jokingly* Figured you were lonely in your room, so I decided to come say hi.

    Punk: *looking down at the empty Pepsi cans on the coffee table* And drink all my Pepsi…

    Colt: Not all of it! There’s still some in there!

    Punk: Right. *rolls his eyes*

    Colt: So who are you fighting this week? Not Wade again?

    Punk: *laughs* No. Lucas Turner.

    Colt: He's Jerry’s guy right?

    Punk: *nods* Yeah, his ‘right hand man’. He’ll probably just screw Lucas over if he doesn’t end up keeping his job running the company.

    Colt: *chuckles* Probably… You gonna kick his ass?

    Punk: Well I’ll gladly beat him, but kicking his ass might just piss him off, which isn’t a good idea.

    Colt: *rolls his eyes but smiles* True. Especially with someone like Lucas, can’t let your guard down around him.

    Punk: Nope, not unless I want to be hit with his massive fist. It’ll be a good match though, he’s a good fighter. I saw some of his fights from his previous career, which helps, I hope…

    Colt: *raises an eyebrow* Is that nervousness you’re trying to hide?

    Punk: Me nervous? *he laughs* Hardly. Lucas just seems stronger than Wade; I can’t afford to make any mistakes with him if I want to win, seeing as I lost to Wade before…

    Colt: *smirks* You are nervous, aren’t you? *He cuts Punk off as he’s about to respond angrily* Maybe you need a ‘Mr. Hughes’ to make sure nothing bad happens?

    Punk: *chuckles* Is that your way of saying ‘I’ll be your manager’?

    Colt: …no? *he grins anyway*

    Punk: Right. *he smiles* But don’t you have your own matches elsewhere?

    Colt: *shrugs* Creative’s got nothing for me.

    Punk: *laughs* You’re not trying to advertise are you?

    Colt: Why would I do that? …anyway, I’m hungry. I came over here so you could buy me some lunch. *after Punk raises an eyebrow* You know I’m kidding, I can pay for my own.

    Punk: You drank most of my Pepsi…

    Colt: *rolls his eyes* Alright, fine; yours too.

    Punk: Well get up then if you’re so hungry and let’s go.

    Punk turns and walks off screen as Colt gets up off the couch, singing along to the song again, which has been playing on repeat.

    Colt: Look in my eyes, what do you see? The Colt of personality…

    He grins and keeps singing as he follows Punk, the camera fading out.

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    Post  Angel James on Thu Jul 26, 2012 11:08 am

    The camera fades in on Vitani Summers sitting at a table doing a signing, her red hair only reaching her chin thanks to the wavy style it’s in. She’s wearing a white, sleeveless hoodie over a t-shirt, the design on the hoodie similar to ‘Undashing’ Cody’s black one he wore; only her own initials ‘V’ and ‘S’ replace Cody’s. She smiles as she greets a girl with brightly colored hair, talking as she signs a picture for her.

    Vitani: I like your outfit; it’s not something you see every day.

    Girl: *smiles* I made it myself; I like going by advice people like you say; to just be ourselves.

    Vitani: Really? *grins* That’s good to hear, just don’t give up okay?

    The girl nods and thanks Vitani as she’s handed her signed picture before walking off. Vitani turns to look at the table beside her, the camera zooming out to show Angel sitting there.

    Vitani: I always love meeting the fans who tell you they follow your advice and idolise you; don’t you Angel?

    Angel smiles and nods as she fixes her tank top, before turning her head to look at Vitani.

    Angel: Yes I do, it is still so hard to believe that all these fans look up to us.

    Vitani: *nods* I know, I’m still getting used to it...

    Angel: Who would have ever thought that two girls would be on top of the wrestling world someday?

    Vitani: Well I’m sure most of us all dream of it at some point; it would be nice though to get a bit more respect from some of the men in the business.

    Angel: Yes it would... Though I would also like to get respect from a certain former Diva…

    Vitani: You mean Nolee, right?

    Angel: *nods and mutters in Italian* Yes Nolee...

    Vitani: You know we have to fight her again right?

    Angel: Yes I do.... And I’m ready to take her on.

    Vitani: *smiles and nods* What about the others?

    Angel: You know me, ready to take anyone on. *smiles*

    Vitani: *smiles* True, but we haven’t seen how Dia and Mariana work together.

    Angel: *smiles* True as well my friend, but I think we can beat them.... After all we know each other better then the other teams.

    Vitani: Good point, Nolee’s with Gail and Dia and Mariana barely know each other. We’ve been tag team champions together before though, so I guess we have an advantage.

    Angel: *gives a playful grin* Besides, we are the only two that can really be called friends.

    Vitani: *grins* Very true; I don’t mean to sound rude, but I don’t think I’ve ever truly seen Nolee get along with anyone here besides her family; she even has issues with Sheamus at times.

    Angel: *nods* I have noticed that too, she seems to blame him when things go wrong... And I do not think she knows how to get along with another woman...

    Vitani: Probably not… She’s too busy worrying about herself I suppose… *frowns, not looking proud of having said that*

    Angel: *touches her friend's hand* I am sorry my friend, I did not mean to make you give such a catty remark.

    Vitani: *sighs* It’s fine, I’ve just had other things on my mind... *she glances down at the hoodie she’s wearing*

    Angel: *sighs softly and nods, rubbing her friend's back* Have you two talked at all?

    Vitani: *nods, hesitating before speaking* He…called me last night.

    Angel: Did it.... *pauses* …go okay?

    Vitani: *shrugs* It depends what you’d call okay. It was…short.

    Angel: You two fought again?

    Vitani shakes her head, signing an autograph before answering.

    Vitani: No, it was just…awkward I guess.

    Angel takes a quick picture with a fan before turning back to her friend.

    Angel: Well you are ex's now...

    Vitani: *sighs and frowns* Yeah I know. *after a pause* Have you seen what they made this match?

    Angel: *sighs and nods* Yes..... Wonder which genius thought it up?

    Vitani: *shakes her head* I really don’t want to know… I didn’t mind the Halloween one we did, it was fun; but a bikini match… *she frowns*

    Angel: *shakes her head, angry* We are not stupid little Diva's, we are the Vixxens.... We are the best and we should not have to go though something like this!

    Vitani: I know; it’s exactly why I never went to the WWE. I’m not acting all ‘cute’ like those Divas do though. I’m still going to be as tough as always and show that being forced to wear a bikini in the ring doesn’t mean I’m going to stop showing everyone that female wrestlers aren’t just here to look good; that we’re just as capable of kicking people’s asses as the men are. *she grins*

    Angel: *nods with a grin* We will show them why we were the first female tag team champions.

    Vitani: *nods* And why you were the longest reigning Vixxens’ champion.

    Angel: *smiles* And how awesome we are.

    Vitani: *chuckles* That too. …how’s your tag team by the way? I forgot to congratulate your win…

    Angel: Good, Drew is excited like I am about the win.

    Vitani: That’s good. *she smiles*

    Angel smiles before taking a picture with a little girl who is excited, Vitani talking to another fan as the scene fades out.


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    7-16-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area Empty Re: 7-16-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area

    Post  Christian on Sun Jul 29, 2012 2:10 am

    The camera fades in on a quiet beach, Five Nations Champion Christian is sitting with his best friend Edge talking about something. He has his two dogs Rusty and Blue with him, Christian has a sad look on his face and the camera moves closer to hear.

    Edge: *sighs* Jay-Jay you don't know that.....

    Christian: Addy.... *sighs* It has been almost a week since he has even called me..... *pets Rusty*

    Edge: And there could be a good reason why. *puts Blue on his lap and pets her*

    Christian: And the most likely one is he hates me or wants to leave me..... *hangs his head sadly*

    Edge: He could just be busy.... *wraps his arm around Christian*

    Christian: Text... Email.... Lots of ways he could of told me that.... He didn't even come and see me after my match.... One of the stagehands said he left before my match.... With Kane...

    Edge: He was probably upset... And didn't want to take it out on you by accident...

    Christian: I know.... And then Jerry had to go and put us in this match....

    Edge: *mutters* Stupid son of a.... *shakes his head* I am sorry Jay-Jay.... What are you going to do?

    Christian: Well... I guess I should say that I am going to put my all into this match, like I would for any other... And really that is what I should do, it is what the fans deserve. But... But I don't want to fight him... I don't want to have this match..... *getting upset*

    Rusty senses his master is upset and puts his head on Christian's lap, Blue senses it too and climbs over to Christian. Christian pets both dogs with a soft smile as he calms down again.

    Edge: *wraps his arm tighter* It is going to be ok Jay-Jay. Did you get to see Carter's promo?

    Christian: *shakes his head* I was too nervous too.... Did you Addy?

    Edge: *shakes his head* No, thought you should watch it first....

    Christian: Wonder what he said....

    Edge: Don't know.... Jay please at least promise you will put up a fight in your match....

    Christian: You know I will Addy.... I always have, no matter who I was fighting... I own it to the fans and myself, to do anything less is not who I am... I think it is going to be hard though Addy.... *rubs one of Blue's ears* But I have to do it... For myself and the fans.

    Edge: *smiles* That's my Jay-Jay, I am glad to have him back... And I am glad I get to go out to ringside with you this week too.

    Christian: *gives a smile* Me too Addy... It is always better when you are out there with me.

    Edge: *grins* Of course it is!

    Christian laughs softly at his friend, looking more relaxed.

    Edge: *smiles softly with a quiet sigh* So what did you do will all that stuff you had set up for your eight month anniversary?

    Christian: *gives a slight sigh but doesn't look as heartbroken as earlier* I gave the food to Angel and Petey and put everything else up, Angel said it was really good.

    Edge: Well at least it did not go to waste.
    Christian: Yeah... *carefully puts blue down and stands up* Let's go for another run.

    Edge: *smiles and stands* Okay.

    Christian starts to run, Edge and the dogs following as the camera fades to black.


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    7-16-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area Empty Re: 7-16-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area

    Post  Sheamus on Sun Jul 29, 2012 10:05 pm

    Sheamus is seen getting ready for his match, doing stretches in an area backstage, already in his ring gear; wearing a CWA shirt that’s decorated with the usual Celtic style he has on his ring gear. He glances at the camera before going back to his stretches.

    Sheamus: Haven’t seen you for a while Luther, how are yeh?

    Luther: *from behind the camera* Pretty good I guess, how about you after the last show?

    Sheamus: Yeh mean the pay-per-view? I’m fine. Yes, I made a mistake and I regret doing it, but I apologized and now I have another match to worry about; regardless of whether or not Nolee’s still mad.

    Luther: You’re up McIntyre again, right?

    Sheamus: *bitterly* Yes. *he stops stretching and stands up properly to look at the camera* Actually, to be honest, I’m looking forward to this match. This time it’ll just be a regular fight to add to our rivalry, without any other issues in the way to distract us now that the Nolee problem is sorted out.

    Luther: Right, so you still aren’t on friendly terms then?

    Sheamus: *laughs* You’re kiddin’ right? I haven’t even spoken to him since he left Nolee. But we can go for years without speaking and just pick up our rivalry from right where we left it…and now I have a score to settle, seeing as he’s beat me more than I beat him while he’s been here. I owe him a good Brogue kick to the face. *he smirks*

    Luther: *chuckles* I see, so you plan on winning obviously.

    Sheamus: Of course I do, why wouldn’t I? Doesn’t necessarily mean I will though, as he’s proven before. I’m not going to say I will win, but yes, I plan on doing so. The important thing is though that every time Drew and I step in the ring against each other, the fans are guaranteed a great match to watch. We may not be friends, but we work well in the ring against each other and because we know each other’s wrestling styles and moves so well, we have to constantly try to do something the other won’t expect and at the same time be wary of the other trying something unexpected.

    Luther: That sounds confusing…

    Sheamus: *nods* It does get confusing, which is how people end up making mistakes and more than likely losing. I just hope that this time I’m the one who gets the upper hand… Anyway, I need to finish getting ready for this match…

    Luther: Right. I’ll leave you to it then, good luck.

    Sheamus: *nods* Thanks.

    Sheamus smiles at the camera before going back to his stretching as the scene fades out.

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    7-16-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area Empty Re: 7-16-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area

    Post  Admin on Sun Jul 29, 2012 11:01 pm

    The camera opens up on the inside of an artists studio. The floor is covered by a canvas to catch any stray paint that may fall onto it. Near the window, two familiar faces are placed. CWA Warrior Lucas Turner sits on a stool in front of a black backdrop. He's dressed more classy than we've seen him before: a red button up shirt, black slacks, and black dress shoes with a black beret on his head and a gold Rollex on his wrist. In front of a canvas, with a paintbrush in one hand and a pallet in his other, is his brother Kevin Turner. He's dressed in a black sleeveless shirt with dirty and ratty jeans and no shoes. A red paint smudge stains his cheek and when we get closer we can tell he's painted his brother.

    Lucas: How much longer do I have to sit here?

    Kevin: I told you before you're almost done. Just gotta sit there for a few more moments.

    Kevin heads back to work and after a few moments, he smiles and nods.

    Kevin: Alright, you can look now.

    Lucas gets up and crosses around the other side of the canvas. Judging by the rare smile that crosses his lips, he's happy with the work that his brother has done.

    Lucas: Good job Kev. Then again I can't remember the last time you did a bad job on any of your artwork.

    Kevin: What can I say? I take my job as seriously as you do yours. *smiles and puts his hands on his hips* Speaking of yours, well sort of speaking of yours, I have a show opening in Omaha.

    Lucas: You do? Congrats man! What got you this show?

    Kevin: My landscapes. Mostly my cityscapes. It's a wonder what they will call art now. I was always more content with my portraits. *smiles* So who do you got in your next bout?

    Lucas: CM Punk actually.

    Kevin: He's got some great artwork on his arms. You think you can take him on? I mean in your last bout, he made you tap out to the Anaconda Vice.

    Lucas: The last time we fought each other we were in a match with several other people. This? This is different. I'm going to make sure to avoid that move and hit the left hook right off the bat. The longer I go in that match, the easier he can kick my ass.

    Kevin: Aren't you worried about his manager and his best friend?

    Lucas: You mean Colt and Dia? First off Colt's a jobber. He can't beat me. Second off, Dia's a woman. She can't beat me either. So no, no I'm not worried. Punk, if you're watching this, I'm going to win this match. You're a good athelete but everyone knows the only reason you kept the CWA Championship is because you cheated. I want that title. Maybe beating you will prove that I'm in shape to go on and take that championship.

    The camera fades out as the two men talk, looking at some of Kevin's other artwork.

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