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    6-19-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area


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    6-19-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area Empty 6-19-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area

    Post  Admin on Tue Jun 19, 2012 6:58 am

    Promos are due in two weeks. So not this coming up Sunday but the Sunday after that.

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    Post  Guest on Tue Jun 19, 2012 6:44 pm

    The camera comes in on a large house. It comes closer and rounds the corner of the house, entering the back yard. There's a play set and a little girl, no older than two, slides down the slide and into Mariana's arms. Jensen takes the girl and twirls her in the air, her pigtails shaking as she laughs. For the first time, the cameras capture Jensen smiling. Then he sees the camera and nods toward it, his smile disappearing. Mariana looks over her shoulder, sees the camera, gives the little girl a kiss, and approaches.

    Mariana: "I suppose a part of me should thank Nolee for what she did. If she hadn't put me behind a desk we may not have Lillie Jane today. She's our sunshine, the only good thing to come out of a tragedy. She's also the only thing that makes Jensen smile..."

    *She looks over her shoulder, her arms crossed over her chest.*

    Mariana: "I came back for her. I came back for him. Maybe if I get the chance to... I don't know, right that wrong somehow, things will be the way they were before between him and I."

    *She shakes her head and looks at the camera sheepishly.*

    Mariana: "But that's not why you're here, is it? You're here because of my match with Sheamus. You want to know if I'm intimidated. You want to know what I think."

    *She shakes her head, more playfully this time, and gives a small laugh.*

    Mariana: "I'll tell you what I think. I think it's pretty cowardly of Nolee to make me face her boyfriend instead of giving me the fair fight I deserve. Nevertheless, it should be a good fight. Sheamus is strong, mean, and brutal. But I am fast, agile, I think on my feet, but most importantly I'm unpredictable. Being trained by Shawn AND Hunter allowed me to learned two styles at once; Highflyer and Brawler, and combine them into my own unique blend. Most wrestlers only recieve training in one style and dable a little in another. Not me."

    *The camera focuses on her face as the sunlight plays across her smooth skin and dances in her hazel eyes. She smiles a small smile.*

    Mariana: "I know what I'm up against, but I also know the arsenal I bring to the fight. If nothing else, I think it will be a good, well matched fight. However, if it goes the way I want it to, I'm one step closer to my fight with Nolee."

    * She stands up a little straighter, determination burning in her eyes as she looks directly into the camera.*

    Mariana: "Patience is a virtue, Nolee. One that I pride myself on. I've waited three years for the chance to face you, what's a little bit longer?"

    *She turns away and walks back to Jensen and Lillie Jane. Jensen kisses her as he hands their daughter over. The camera fades out as Mariana helps the little girl climb the slide.*

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    Post  Admin on Fri Jun 22, 2012 5:09 pm

    We open up on the lobby of the Polozzo Hotel, the gold of the walls glistening in the light. The sounds of the large marble fountain, surounded by palm trees, can be heard over the noise of the crowd and casino. The doors to the hotel open again and in walks Wade Barrett, dressed stylishly. His black tuxedo jacket is buttoned up but with the top button undone with a black belt holding his tuxedo pants up and black dress shoes shining. His hair is slicked back and sunglasses cover his eyes.

    Wade: Where are they? They were supposed to be waiting in the lobby for me as soon as I got here.

    After a minute, Justin and Heath come up to Wade, holding hands and both laughing at something. Justin is dressed in a button up orange shirt and slacks and Heath has obviously missed the memo about needing to dress up because he's wearing a black Sammy Hagar tour shirt and blue jeans with a hole in the right knee.

    Heath: Hey Wade.

    Justin: *grins* Hey!

    Wade: *grins* Hey guys. This is a nice hotel. Belle flew in last night. How did you two manage to afford this?

    Heath: What you think we can't? It's not that bad when two people are paying for the room...

    Wade: It's bad enough for me I didn't knwo if you...*chuckles* anyways, how was South Africa?

    Justin: It was great. *grins again*

    Heath: *rolls his eyes* It was okay...

    Wade laughs and walks with them into the casino and up to the blackjack table, obviously interested in watching the other players before getting into the game themselves.

    Wade: Why the different claims?

    Heath: He tried to make me go bungee jumping with him...

    Wade; *laughs* That was a smart idea Justin. Bring the man who can barely walk up a ladder go bungee jumping. *smiles as he sits down* So you boys won't be joining me for my bouts anymore will you?

    Heath: I can so go up a ladder...

    Justin: *teasingly* A step-ladder maybe.

    Heath: *rolls his eyes before turning to Wade* Well, not for a while...

    Wade: *sighs and nods* Of course, just when I'm up against Christian. I've never beaten him on my own you know.

    Heath: I don't want Justin getting hurt again.

    Justin: Punk's gotten Carter and the Rhodes' to keep us away, why can't the same be done for Punk?

    Wade: Whats that supposed to mean Justin? *cuts a look at Heath* I can protect him.

    Justin: Well he's had us banned from ringside before so we couldn't help you. You could always have him kept away from the match...

    Heath: Like that week he was attacked while I was on the other side of the world? *raises an eyebrow*

    Justin: Heath! It wasn't Wade's fault.

    Wade: *glares at Heath* If you have a problem with me then leave right bloody now. *looks at Justin* I'm not worried about Punk interfering. I'm worried I can't beat Christian.

    Heath: Fine. *gets up*

    Justin: Heath... *frowns, looking up at him*

    Heath: I'll see you back at the room later, okay?

    Before Justin can protest, Heath kisses his head, then walks off. Justin sighs as he turns back to Wade.

    Justin: Sorry about that... *after a pause* I can help with Christian.

    Wade glares as Heath walks off, shaking his head.

    Wade: It's not help I want with Christian. I want to know why the bloody hell he's the one person I've never been able to beat in that ring! I try and I try and I try but I fail!

    Justin: I don't know... But he's injured at the moment.

    Wade: Dammit! *is angry* I should be able to beat him injury or not Justin. *runs a hand through his hair* I'll focus on that arm. It's my only chance to win.

    Justin: Didn't Edge help him cheat though in one of your matches you've had? You probably could beat him if his manager didn't interfere.

    Wade: If you can keep an eye on Edge, I can probably handle Christian. *chuckles*

    Justin: *nods* I guess I'll have to replace our actual manager... *he sighs*

    Wade: *frowns* Tell him I'm sorry. I...I never meant to insult him. *shakes his head* I'll make it up to him at dinner. You will be going to dinner with Belle and I won't you?

    Justin: It's fine, he's just been over protective lately, of course we'll be there. *smiles*

    Wade: *smiles* Good. Well, I have to get upstairs. Belle's waiting for me.

    Justin: *nods* I should probably go talk to Heath anyway.

    Wade nods and heads upstairs, talking to himself as he gets on the elevator to ride up to his and Belle's room.

    Wade: Christian. You think that someone so tiny compared to someone like me would be easy to beat. But he's just not. He seems to outdo me at every step of the way. He seems to know exactly how talented he is without being cocky enough to show it. But I can beat him. I know somewhere deep down I can beat him.

    Wade smiles as he exits the elevator and walks down the hall, his smile growing even wider when he opens up the hotel room door.

    Wade: You can't stay up here all vacation Belle.

    Belle: *smiles from looking out of the window and turns to Wade* I very well could but I don't want to.

    Wade: *sitting across from her* Heath and Justin want us at dinner later. *grins* And I have my match to worry about.

    Belle: *nods thoughtfully and sets down her drink* You can tell them that we would love to join them though I'm sure you have already. *smiles* Who are you against love?

    Wade: *giving her a tender look* I didn't tell them. I told you, from now on I focus more on you. *smiles rougishly* I face Christian.

    Belle: *looks sweetly* I know and I thank you for that. Tell them we will be happy to join them. And technically he isn't work, he is him.

    Wade: *grins* I'll dispatch of Christian, I've been watching his tapes. He's merely a stepping stone to Punk. *suddenly looks cold and bitter* Punk, who thinks I'm pathetic.

    Belle: Punk thinks everyone is pathetic. If you aren't straight edge you might as well be locked up as far as he's concerned.

    Wade: It's a wonder he has any friends. *leans in and kisses her* How about we shut these cameras off and enjoy a night on the town before supper?

    Belle: It really is. *smiles and kisses back* I think that would be really amazing.

    Wade takes her hand and signals for the camera to be shut off, fading out on Wade's at peace look.


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    Post  Admin on Fri Jun 22, 2012 5:25 pm

    We open up on the infamous UFC octagon being set up at the Revel casino, tech men making sure everything is being set up right. We zoom to the view of the inside of one of the top boxes where Lucas Turner, dressed in a gray button up shirt and black slacks, sits with Jerry Lawler, who is dressed in a black t-shirt and blue jeans, on one side and UFC CEO Dana White, dressed in a black hoodie and blue jeans, on his other side. The three men are sipping beer and watching the octagon being set up.

    Lucas: Thanks for inviting Jerry and I to be your person guests here today, Dana.

    Dana: It's no problem Lucas. It's always funt to see an old friend, sorry about not visiting you when you were in prison. I had a billion dollar empire to run. *he smiles* You know all about that Mr. Lawler.

    Jerry: *laughs* The Championship Wrestling Alliance isn't quite a million dollar company just yet so we're far off from being a billion dollar one.

    Lucas: *sips his beer* Whose fighting in the main event tonight Dana?

    Dana: Does it matter? You're here, relax and take a load off. You ain't gotta worry about anything tonight.

    Lucas: Oh contrair. I'm here picking up ways to beat my opponent on Monday.

    Dana: Wait, so your matches aren't fixed?

    Jerry: No more than yours are Mr. White.

    Dana signals for his assitant to bring them son food and then turns his head to look at Lucas.

    Dana: So who do you fight in your next bout?

    Lucas: *laughs* Drew McIntyre.

    Dana: McIntyre, I've heard of him. Wasn't he McMahon's chosen one in the WWE?

    Lucas: *snorts* For all of a few months then they turned him into a jobber. Truth be told, he's not as weak and pathetic as he looks. He can hit a hard punch, he can land a fierce kick. Problem is, he's not as strong as me. He can hit hard, I can hit harder. He can land a fierce kick, I can land an even fiercer one. Every single move he makes, I'll make a stronger one.

    Dana: You were always a force to be reckoned with: strong but not necessarily fast.

    Lucas: You don't have to be fast to win. In fact, the faster you are the more lively you are to end up making a mistake. If you take it slow, you can move methodically. You use less energy with unneeded movement. As long as I counter moves, a few strong strikes here and there and ultimately land the left hook, I'll win.

    Jerry: That's why you were my pick for team Jerry. Ain't no one as strong as you in this company.

    Lucas: Of course not. *stands* Now if you gentleman will excuse me, I'm going to use the restroom.

    The camera fades out on the box as Lucas leaves.

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    Post  Admin on Sun Jun 24, 2012 7:51 pm

    The sign outside says Carnevino and it's one of the best steakhouses in Las Vegas. The inside matches it's reputation:the walls are a deep yellow with soft lighting around the room. At one of the white tableclothed tables, sitting in the red chair, is Carter Lacroix. He's dressed in a gray suit with a red tie. Across from him sits Pete Branaugh, wearing a purple zoot suit.

    Pete: This place is pretty suave Carter. Why are we here?

    Carter: I told you, I have a business meeting with Piper. We promised to meet up here. You're here because I need a third party witness. *adjusts his tie* When we get out of here, we'll go play mini-golf.

    Pete: *chuckles* Your so not comfortable in that suit and tie.

    Carter: Hell no, the sooner Piper gets here the sooner we can leave and use Vegas what it's meant for.

    Pete: And what is that?

    Carter: Embarrasing stories we'll never reveal to another soul.

    Pete: *laughs* Riiight. *takes a sip of his beer* Who we got this week champ?

    Carter: *grumbles* Vitani. Dad thinks I'm gonna give up if I get put in matches I don't want to be in.

    Pete: I know how you don't like fighting Vixxens.

    Carter: Yeah well so does Jerry. He gets the fact that I doubt myself in that ring whenever I have to face a Vixxen. *sips his water* Hell, he even pulled an opponent and played the Santana footage again. He's trying to keep me weak against him.

    Pete: Yeah and your letting him get to you. Don't. If he senses weakness, he'll keep going after it.

    Carter: It's hard to do in a situ-

    Pete: You don't drink anymore. There is virtually no chance of you flying into your little dose of Hulk rage again.

    Carter: *runs a hand through his short hair* I guess you're right.

    Pete: So whats your strategy for Vi?

    Carter: One word: strikes.

    Pete: Strikes?

    Carter: Yeah, strikes. *grabs his knife and spoon* It's like I'm the knife and Vi is the spoon. *he moves the knife closer to Pete's hand to show the longer reach* Like the knife, I can reach longer. I have a longer armspan. *he moves the spoon closer to Pete's hand* The spoon has to really get in there to do damage. That's Vi. I can hit her from further away, her devestating moves need to be done up close.

    Pete: What about her insiguiri? I mean, you have to be up close to lock in the Cowboy Clutch.

    Carter: What's one move compared to an entire arsenal of moves?

    Pete: C'mon Carter you of all people should know that one move can upset the flow of a match. She hits that insiguri and you'll drop like a sack of potatoes.

    Carter: *scowls playfully* Thank you for the confidence Pete.

    Pete: *grins* Your welcome.

    Carter: Anyways, me and Vi will put on a good show. I know it. I mean, she always does such a good show. And I like to think that I make the fans happy.

    Pete: Of course you do man.

    The two men grow quiet as Roddy sits at the table with them.

    Carter: *nods* Piper.

    Roddy: *nods back* Lacroix.

    Carter: Your fifteen minutes late.

    Roddy: Your father wouldn't complain.

    Carter: As you can very well tell, I'm not my father. Now, I think we need to discuss your role in this company when my team wins against Jerry's team.

    Roddy: I don't want a part of this company if you're in charge.

    Carter: *smirks* It seems we've come to an understanding. I don't want you to be general manager when I win. I've decided I want someone more...dashing to be my general manager.

    Roddy: *strict faced* You're kidding me right?

    Carter: Not at all.

    The camera fades out as the two men talk, Pete sitting their quietly.

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    Post  Christian on Mon Jun 25, 2012 7:18 pm

    The camera fades in on a hotel room door as Pete; the camera man knocks on the door and waits. A few minutes later Christian answers the door looking flushed and shirtless.

    Christian: *blinks* Pete..... *tries to fix his dishevelled hair* Why are you here?

    Pete: We have your promo to tape Jay..... Did you forget man?

    Christian: Crap.... I completely forgot we were going to do that today.....

    Carter walks out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist.

    Carter: Who’s at the door babe? Room service bring up our food?

    Christian: *looks back, giving a small smile* No its Pete.... I have to do my promo today.

    Carter: You didn't tell me that babe.

    Carter heads back into the bedroom and changes into shorts.

    Christian: *rubs the back of his head with a blush* I forgot...... Especially after we started.....

    Carter: *chuckles* Right, right I forgot too. *smirks and heads to the bar*

    Pete: *laughs and steps in with a smile* So you two are finally taken it to the next level?

    Carter: *chuckles and pours Pete a beer before getting himself a soda* I'm sure Christian doesn't wanna talk about this with you.

    Christian: *flushes* Yes let's move onto a new subject.....

    Carter: *smirks* Like Jay's match?

    Pete: So who are you facing this week Jay?

    Christian: *sighs* I am facing Wade this week........

    Carter: Like it's any surprise. Dad recruited the Brit to help him after I recruited Punk.

    Christian: *sigh and holds his shoulder* And he is going to use him to hurt me further.......

    Pete: But Jay, you have beat him lots of times!

    Carter: I don't think Wade will purposefully hurt you. He seems like he's out of that aspect of his life. And Pete's right, you beat him practically every time you get in the ring with him.

    Christian: I still cannot win this match..... My shoulder is still messed up..... Doctor said because I was never allowed to rest it, it would take another week to heal....

    Carter: *shrugs* I'll come to the ring with you.

    Christian: *smiles softly before poking Carter playfully* I am not cheating.....

    Carter: What? I would never ever suggest cheating ever. *playful grin*

    Christian: *smiles* Right.....

    Pete: What would you suggest to Jay-Jay Carter?

    Carter: Well, Wade has a spot *points to right under his left ear near his jaw line* that if you hit it, he drops like a rock.

    Christian: *nods* Yeah. But I could only use that once I got close enough.... And that would be dangerous, I move fast.... But I do not know if I could get that close early in the match.

    Carter: Then wear him down. A brawler like him, hell, like me takes time to work on.

    Christian: *sticks his tongue out* I know that.

    Carter: *smiles* Is that all you're worried about?

    Christian: *smiles* I am not really worried about Wade, well besides my shoulder..... I have beat Wade a lot of times, just like Pete said. I know what to do and how to attack, I know what he likes to do to try and ground me. He thinks that by making it so I cannot high-fly will make it easier to beat me..... He thinks he knows everything he needs to, thinks he has it all figured out and that I will be a walk in the park for him. *chuckles softly* He thinks Punk is the only thing he should be focusing on..... But he is wrong you know, he thinks by watching my tapes that he knows what I am thinking or what I am going to do. But I am not someone like John Cena that only has his five moves of doom that he does, I change up what I do. No two match tapes are the same for me, I always do something different. I know that is a big part of staying on top, to keep your opponents guessing and wondering what you are going to pull out next.... *pauses*

    Pete: Then what are you worried about Jay?

    Carter: He's worried about Adam and what Justin said.

    Jay: I am worried that I will not be able to stay ahead of him, that he will be able to manhandle me thanks to this stupid shoulder..... *bites his lip* Or that he is going to have his minon Justin go after Adam just to distract me..... Or worse Jerry decides to have his new favorite minon hurt me again or try to hurt Adam this time.... *sighs* Wade I can handle normally.... It is other things that I have worry about.... Not that I will let that make me an easy target for Wade, I am not some weak jobber that he can roll over.... I am stronger then that, even if I do not win this match..... I am still stronger then him.... But so many other things worry me....

    Pete: Jay you’re better then Wade, you are not as big..... But you are better; Wade does not have half your heart or drive.... Or even your love of the fans.

    Carter: Well he does love his fans. You can see it in his eyes when he looks at someone.

    Christian: The fans are what helped kept me going these last few weeks, well that, Carter and my love of this business... *smiles softly*

    Carter: *smiles* You're one of a kind babe.

    Christian smiles shyly and goes over to Carter.

    Pete: *smiles* Well I think I should be going guys.

    Carter: *smiles* See ya later Pete.

    Pete smiles as Christian waves before backing up slowly, watching as Carter pulls Christian into a sweet kiss before fading to black.


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    Post  Admin on Tue Jun 26, 2012 10:19 pm

    We open up on the infamous 26 foot chocolate fountain in front of the Jean Phillipe Patisserie. The handmade chocolates glimmer in the light of the window. Standing in front of the fountain, admiring it's beauty, are Laurie Pierpont and Nolee Lacroix. Nolee is wearing a baby blue tank top with a Celtic Cross on the front and blue jean shorts with her black cowboy boots. Laurie is wearing an orange tank top that says Everyone's Favorite Camera Man on the front with Pete's picture on the back and black gym shorts with black sandals.

    Laurie: *in awe* Nolee...did I find heaven?

    Nolee: *as in awe as Laurie* Uh-huh.

    Laurie takes a look inside the nearby window where two men are handmaking chocolate. She and Nolee walk to the window and press their hands and faces against the glass like overly grown children.

    Laurie: It looks soooo good.

    Nolee: *nods, licking her lip* I'm gonna break my diet.

    Laurie: Noleee! You can't!

    Nolee: I have to! The temptation is waay to much!

    The two girls enter the shop and Nole gets a box of chocolates for her and Sheamus to share later while Laurie gets her and Nolee two eclairs. They sits at a nearby table and Nolee takes a bite.

    Laurie: So how does temptation taste?

    Nolee: *smiles with a dreamy look in her eyes* Like a million little angels simultaneously kissed me on the tongue.

    Laurie: *takes a bite and her look matches Nolee's* So good. So what have you and Sheamus been doing since you've been here?

    Nolee: Last night he took me to dinner at Ri Ra at the Mandalay Bay resort. He said a lot of the things were artifacts from Wicklow, Ireland. He had the corned beef brisket and I had a beef and Guiness stew.

    Laurie: Oh I bet he loved that.

    Nolee: He did, it's the happiest I've seen him in a while. After that he took me to see Penn and Teller.

    Laurie: Sounds fun. Heard your man wants to Brogue Kick Punk.

    Nolee: Yep, all because he was mean to me. I mean, yeah, I may have instigated it but if Punk wasn't such a dick it wouldn't have blown up into what it was. *grins* But Sheamus has bigger fish to fry than some 'lame edge' superstar.

    Laurie: Mari?

    Nolee: Mari. I hope Sheamus Brogue Kicks her face in. She thinks I'll be so easy to take care of? She's dead wrong. I'm not scared of her. I'm not intimidated by her or her boy toy bodyguard. Our past is just that, the past. My future is this title and Sheamus.

    Laurie: And your up coming match.

    Nolee: *rolls her eyes* If you could even call it a match.

    Laurie: Oh? What is it to you?

    Nolee: A cake walk. It's Alex Shelley. I've beaten him before I'm pretty sure. All you have to do for his matches it tire him out. That high flying energy fades and your left with someone who can't hit 90% of his moves. Me? I don't waste time in that ring.

    Laurie: He may not be a brawler but he's dangerous Nols.

    Nolee: A highflyer is only dangerous if you don't know how to counter. I was trained to be able to take out any move in any arsenal. I've also been taught how to stomp out anyone I see as a threat. I see him as a way to deliver a message.

    Laurie: A message?

    Nolee: Oh yeah. See, when I win, I'll decimate him. It'll send a message to Mari about what I'll do to her at Summer Heat.

    Laurie: And that is?

    Nolee: Pin her for the 1. 2. 3.

    The camera fades out on Nolee's reflection in the window, a smirk on her face.

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    Post  Admin on Tue Jun 26, 2012 11:32 pm

    We open up on a small living room with the sound of a train nearby. The walls are a dark brown with a gray sofa against one wall across from an average size television which is playing some old Bugs Bunny cartoon. Louis Banks sits in his racecar pajamas on the floor, playing with his Hot Wheels. Dia stands nearby cleaning up dishes from earlier that day and going to the sink in the adjoined kitchen. She's dressed in a yellow tank top with the words Diamond In The Rough in black writing on them and a pair of blue pajama pants. She glances at the clock on the wall and stops tidying up the kitchen for a moment.

    Dia: Little man you brush your teeth yet?

    Louis: *looks at his mother with a grin on his face* Yes!

    Dia: *puts her hands on her hips* You fibbin to momma?

    Louis: *giggles and nods* Yes!

    The duo walk into the bathroom at the end of a short hall and Dia pulls his Spiderman toothbrush off of the rack, puts a dab of toothpaste on it, and sits down on the toilet seat while Louis brushes his teeth. After a few minutes she hears a knock on the door.

    Dia: *kisses Louis' head* Go to your room and clean up okay?

    Louis: Otay momma!

    Dia walks to the door in the living room and opens it a crack. There, standing on the other side of the door dressed in a CM Punk Best In The World shirt and blue jeans, is Colt Cabana. Dia opens the door fully but doesn't invite Colt in.

    Dia: Colt...Scott...what are you doing here?

    Colt: *chuckles at the use of his real name* I...Phil called me and told me to come see you. Can I come in?

    Dia nods and moves so he can walk in, taking a deep breath as his hand brushes against hers. She goes into the kitchen, looking over her shoulder as she does.

    Dia: Coke or Pepsi?

    Colt: Pepsi if you have it.

    Dia gets a Coca-Cola for herself and Pepsi for Colt. She hands it to him and the two sit down at the table, an awkward silence passing between them.

    Colt:'s been a while...

    Dia: Four years...hows work?

    Colt: *chuckles* It's work. Singles circuts harder than the tag circut. How have you been?

    Dia: *shrugs* Okay I guess...*hesitates* I've missed you...

    Colt: *smiles softly* I missed you to. No one's been a mediator between Phil and I. We get into sooo much trouble. Why'd you just stop coming around?

    Dia: *tenses up* Well life goes on. I had a kid Scottie. A little boy named Louis.

    Colt: That's right, I heard about that. The dad must have been a real bastard for leaving you to deal with the kid all alone.

    Dia: I left him Scottie. I didn't get left.

    Colt: Oh...

    There is another awkward silence as the two sit, staring at each other. Dia shyly looks down at her hand that rests on the table.

    Colt: So this Championship Wrestling Alliance seems fun. Phil speaks highly of it.

    Dia: It's a good place to work. The higher ups don't really get involved and it's not kayfabe. It's real.

    Colt: Sounds like a great place to work. Who's your next opponent?

    Dia: You mean Phil didn't tell you? It's him.

    Colt: Ouch. My two best friends are gonna steal the show by beating the shit out of each other.

    Dia: Well, we'll steal the show. You know Phil and I won't let this go any further than work. His punches and chops are counterable. You taught me that when we would train. Hell, he taught me that when we would train. Problem is he knows how to counter my moves.

    Colt: *nods* That does seem like a problem.

    Dia: It is. This bout is all about who will make a mistake first. As soon as one of us does, the other will be there to capitalize on it. If I fail to counter one of his moves I'll get the GTS or, if he's foolish, the Anaconda Vice.

    Colt: If he's foolish?

    Dia: I don't tap. Not back when I was with you as a tag team partner and not now in the CWA.

    Colt: *smiles as he tries to recall a time she tapped out* You really haven't, have you?

    Dia: Never. *sips her Coke* On the other hand, Phil has tapped. He's tapped to Daniel Bryan. He's tapped to John Cena. Cena's not even a submissionist. Every major move I can do, besides the Diamond Cutter, is designed to make a person tap.

    Colt: But like you said before it's all a matter of countering.

    Dia: *playfully shoves his shoulder* Oh shush!

    Colt: *laughs* You know you love me!

    The pitter patter of little feet is heard and Louis runs into the kitchen and climbs up on his mother's lap. He giggles and looks at Colt before gasping.

    Louis: Your Cowt Canbanana! I has youw atcion figuwe!

    Colt: *chuckles* You must be little Louis. I've heard a lot about you.

    Louis: Uh-huh!

    Colt stares at Louis for a moment, paying close attention to the oh so familiar eyes, before getting wide eyed and looking at Dia in disbelief.

    Colt: We have to talk don't we?

    Dia bites her lower lip as she looks at Louis, the camera fading to black on that look.
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    6-19-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area Empty Re: 6-19-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area

    Post  Alex Shelley on Wed Jun 27, 2012 9:25 am

    The camera fades in on a small, clean living room. Alex Shelley and his best friend Chris Sabin sit in front of a large TV with a small pile of snacks and drinks in-between them. Alex pauses the game they are playing and picks up a small bag of chips.

    Alex: I have been so pissed off this today Chris.... *shakes his head* I am sick of people.....

    Chris: What about Lex? You have had a chip on your shoulder all night.....

    Alex: I saw my opponent’s promo for this.... *grits teeth* Another person decided to insult me in their promo just to puff themselves up....

    Chris: *nods* Who is your opponent this week? I don't think you ever told me.

    Alex: *snorts* The self proclaimed royal highness herself, Nolee Lacroix....

    Chris: *picks up a soda* Oh that girl that was leading on those two guys right? The one that Angel keeps beating?

    Alex: *chuckles and nods* Yep that's her.

    Chris: What did she say that got you so pissed?

    Alex: Let's see there was, "If you could even call it a match. It's a cake walk. It's Alex Shelley." and "I see him as a way to deliver a message" and let's not forget "I'll decimate him. It'll send a message to Mari..." I am so sick of every stupid person in that company thinking I am a weakling, or worse a jobber that they can just walk all over!

    Chris: *shakes his head* It can't be everyone that thinks that Lex.....

    Alex: Fine most everyone.... *sighs* And the two worst are the pig Lucas and the princess.....

    Chris: *nods* Lucas.... I don't think anyone can like him.....

    Alex: No one I know does.... Save Jerry, but I think he's just using him.....

    Chris: What are you going to do for your match?

    Alex: *gives a grin* What else, but show her that she is all wrong about me. I am not just a high flier, I have a combo of ground attack, high flying, technical and other stuff mixed in. She thinks getting me tired will give her an easy win! *laughs* And I thought she was smarter then that.... So what if she thinks she knows how to block high flying moves, I can ground attack her or show her my technical skills. I am so tired of the so called 'Princess Nolee' and her so called knowledge of everything.... She is just a rookie that only claim to fame is that she held the Vixxens title and that she was leading two guys around for months....

    Chris: Ouch man.... A little harsh..... But I can really see where you are coming from.... *shakes his head* She is always in some kind of trouble or feud, I don't think I can count how many times she has pissed someone off or acted like a child..... And the latest problems she has.....

    Alex: *shakes his head* Yeah....

    Chris: So do you know what is behind the newest bad blood that Nolee has with the new girl?

    Alex: *smirks* Oh maybe.... Maybe not... I am not going to tell Nolee if I do or don't.... Let her sweat it out.... Let her wonder if someone else knows the wrong she has done.... *laughs*

    Chris: *chuckles* Wow she really got on your bad side didn't she.

    Alex: *nods* Yes she did, you think she would of learned from when I kicked my ex boyfriend Austin Aries ass that it is not smart to piss me off..... Guess she is in for a hard lesson....

    Chris: *nods* Yes she is.... So you are really on Carter's side for this whole thing with his dad?

    Alex: Yeah I am..... Jerry went out of his way to hurt Jay.... All because he wouldn't do what he wanted him to do.... I refuse to stand by a man that would do that... *shakes his head* No way in hell....

    Chris: *smiles* Just be careful Lex.

    Alex: *smiles* You know I will be Chris....

    Chris grins and waits for Alex to grab another chip before quickly unpausing the game. Alex drops his chip and quickly grabs his controller, the camera slowly fading out on the two friends as they joke and laugh


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    6-19-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area Empty Re: 6-19-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area

    Post  Vitani on Fri Jun 29, 2012 8:20 am

    The camera opens on Vitani, who is pacing in a hotel room while her friend Vera is seen sitting at a dresser, her back to the camera as she looks in the mirror, brushing her hair. Vera appears to be getting ready to go out, while Vitani is dressed in a simple tank top and leggings, her hair in a loose bun.

    Vera: Vi are you getting ready or are you just pacing still?

    Vitani: *honestly* Pacing.

    Vera: What’s bothering you this time?

    Vitani: I have to fight Carter again this week…

    Vera: The one who’s trying to take over his dad’s job?

    Vitani: *sarcastically* No, the other Carter in the CWA. *she rolls her eyes* Yes him.

    Vera: I take it you don’t want to fight him? Why not?

    Vitani: Because he’s a nice man. I have nothing against him, I appreciate what he’s doing to help the others and I understand why he wants to remove Jerry from his job; even if I don’t agree with it.

    Vera: Fair enough. You can beat him right?

    Vitani: Yes, I suppose so; but I have to be careful. It helps though that I’ve faced him before, it means I know more about how he fights against me and each match we have gives me a chance to learn more to help win the next time.

    Vera: True… Could you help me with this?

    Vitani nods and goes over, helping Vera tie her hair back with a bow.

    Vera: So are we still going out or are you going to pace some more? And is Ted coming?

    Vitani: We can go, don’t worry. It won’t take me long to get ready... No he's staying in his room.

    Vera: Sure...

    The camera fades out and back in on Vera, dressed in a blue and navy striped strapless dress with a bow on it. Vitani is also wearing a strapless dress, which is pink with white polka dots.

    Vera: I’m surprised.

    Vitani: At what?

    Vera: At you. You actually own something pink…

    Vitani: *laughs* Yes, it’s shocking isn’t it? I do actually own pink Vera, I just prefer other colors.

    Vera: *nods* Have you 'talked' to Ted in private again since last time? *she smirks*

    Vitani: Yes, we've talked but it’s not like that, I told you already! I was just hoping he’d help me get Cody to go back the way he used to be.

    Vera: So you really are just trying to help Cody? *curious*

    Vitani: Yes, I am. *she frowns slightly as her phone rings inside a small bag she has hung over one shoulder* Excuse me…

    Vera nods and goes to get a drink while Vitani answers her phone.

    Vitani: Hello? *she pauses to listen, looking confused* Of course I’m fine…why? *after listening again, she looks annoyed* Carter said what in his promo…?! Hold on… let me go talk to Vera first and I’ll come talk then.

    She hangs up her phone, looking angry as she goes over to Vera.

    Vera: There’s a problem?

    Vitani: Maybe? I have to go, but you can stay down here if you like.

    Vera nods and the two exchange a few quiet words before Vitani heads back up to her room. She opens the door and heads into the room, where Ted can be seen waiting, pacing like she had been earlier, before Vitani closes the door on the camera crew, leaving them outside so the two can talk in private.
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    6-19-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area Empty Re: 6-19-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area

    Post  Angel James on Sun Jul 01, 2012 11:16 pm

    The camera fades in on a small dark room, where a single candle is lit. In front of the candle sits the woman, who is revealed to be Angel James. The avanging Angel has a dark smile on her lips as she speaks.

    Angel: The irony of my match for the week, The demon vs, the angel..... *laughs softly* Almost a battle of good and evil.... But that is not the case, strange as it may seem Kane is not the evil one..... True he is not good, but there is a greater evil in the CWA and he is one of the many warriors righting against it.... Who knows which side will win, but the avenging angel will be here to protect those who need it.

    As Angel finishes speaking the candle goes out leaving the room pitch black.


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    Post  Kane on Sun Jul 01, 2012 11:29 pm

    the scene opens in a rustic log cabin. In the fire place a fire roars and on the counter sits a half empty fifth of Jack Daniels. Kane is sitting on a deerskin rug watching the flickering fire as if in a trance. His voice when it speaks is monotone and he never looks away from the fire.

    Kane: Angel James, the avenging Angel of the CWA. I could point out the numerous ironies of she and I taking each other on. But one fact remains; we are both champions. Granted Angel is an ex-champion, but a champion non the less and one that should not be taken lightly.

    Kane looks away from the fire, his eyes are closed and his hair is pulled back into a bun at the nape of his neck and the from the proximity of the fire there is a light sheen of sweat on his face. He opens his mouth again and once more his dreamy, monotone voice fills the room.

    Kane: There is a war coming, and Angel James...she's is the cooling balm after the burn. A warrioress in spandex and it will be a pleasure to take her on in then squared circle. Perhaps after we are done she can accompany me back here and we can indulge in a talk of angels and demons and who she believes will be victorious in the end.

    Kane falls silent and he tips his half empty tumbler of whiskey to his lips before throwing it into the fire and making the flames explode as he laughs; the camera fading out on the eerie sound.
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    6-19-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area Empty Re: 6-19-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area

    Post  Drew McIntyre on Sun Jul 01, 2012 11:45 pm

    We're in the interior of a fancy restaurant, Drew and Johnny are sitting across from one another as they talk; Drew's face unworried as he takes a sip of wine while Johnny's shows a bit of strain.

    Johnny: Drew, he's an ex-con! Who knows what sort of dirty tricks he's going to pull on you in the ring. Or do to you before the match even starts. Con's don't think like us, they are always plotting!

    Drew: *he reaches over and pats Johnny's hand* Don't worry about it, Lucas is a lot of things, devious, demented and a host of other things I'm sure, but you're forgetting one thing. I'm the chosen one..

    Johnny: Maybe in Vince McMahon's WWE but not here, you're nothing but midcard here Drew. Look, I love you, and I know you're good but you have to start taking people seriously or else you're going to be found in a locker room with a concussion and shelved for months on end.

    Drew: *he sits his fork down and looks at Johnny, his eyes narrowed just a bit* I am taking everyone seriously, but right now people are talking more about the war between the Lacroix's And I'm going to take advantage of that. Lucas is just a stepping stone on my way to a championship; followed by everyone else on the roster. I have a plan Johnny, just watch.

    Johnny: *he downs half his goblet of wine as he looks at his food* I hope so for your sake Drew. I hope so.

    The camera fades as both Drew and Johnny focus on their plates, each one lost in a world of thought and the untouched food growing cold.
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    Post  CM Punk on Mon Jul 02, 2012 1:27 am

    C.M Punk is seen sitting on a bench in his locker room backstage as the camera fade in on the scene. He has his head down and the hood of his jacket covering his head, shadowing his face. The sound of a door is heard opening and closing and his friend Colt Cabana walks on screen.

    Colt: Here you go.

    He holds out an icepack to Punk, who slowly reaches a hand up to take it, watching as Punk slowly presses it to his jaw, still keeping his head down.

    Punk: *mumbles* Thanks.

    Colt: Are you alright…?

    Punk lifts his head, moving the ice away to show his jaw is starting to bruise.

    Punk: *annoyed* Do I look alright to you? I came here to have my match against Dia and I got kicked in the face by that idiot Irishman!

    Colt: Well I’m sorry I was concerned… *says sarcastically, rolling his eyes*

    Punk sighs, looking back down at the floor, holding the ice to his jaw again.

    Punk: No I’m sorry; I shouldn’t be taking it out on my friends.

    Colt: *jokingly* Yeah you don’t want to lose one of your two friends.

    Phil: Oh shut up, you know I have more than just two friends; they just aren’t here at all, because they mostly all have proper jobs, unlike you. *he lifts his head to smirk at Colt, joking along with him*

    Colt: I do so have a proper job! I’m just too good for someone as big as the WWE to sign me up.

    Punk: Right, so good they don’t even know what they’d do with you if they did. That and they’re probably scared you’ll have an attitude like mine…

    Colt: You mean with that whole ‘Sign my awesome friend I said hi to while doing a ‘pipe bomb’ thing?

    Punk: *chuckles* Yes, that’s exactly what I meant. They didn’t really know how to deal with me on my own, so how would they have ever dealt with us both?

    Colt: No idea. *laughs* So what are you doing about your match with Dia?

    Punk: Not taking my anger on the Brit and the idiot Irishman out on her, that’s what…

    He pulls a face and goes quiet, pressing the ice back against his injury.

    Colt: Are you gonna be okay for this match?

    Punk: *after a minute* Of course I am, why wouldn’t I be? The ice is to make sure I am. *he pauses as Colt nods* Despite what that idiot did, Dia and I will still put on a hell of a match for the fans to watch. We both know she’s tough and isn’t going to go down easy, so I can’t afford to not perform at my best in the ring with her. I know she can beat me if I give her even the smallest of chances to do so; so my best option is to not give her that chance. I won’t go over the top and be unnecessarily violent towards her though, she’s done nothing to deserve it.

    Colt: *smiles and nods* No she doesn’t, so that’s always good to hear.

    Punk: You of all people should know I’m not going to go beat up my friends… *he smirks* Well, maybe you… if you annoy me enough.

    Colt: *laughs and steps back as Punk jokingly aims a kick at his legs* I doubt you would, not seriously anyway.

    Punk: Probably not. So how was your talk with Dia anyway?

    Colt: Uh… it was long.

    Punk: Isn’t every conversation with you? *he chuckles*

    Colt: Not all of them! *he pauses to think about it* …okay maybe most of them at least.

    Punk laughs and shakes his head, holding the ice to his jaw as Colt sits beside him, the two talking as the scene fades out.

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    Post  Sheamus on Mon Jul 02, 2012 8:30 am

    The camera fades in on an airport, where Sheamus is seen pulling a suitcase with wheels along behind him, talking on his phone with his other hand, the camera following as he walks. He’s speaking in Irish and glances at the camera, showing he knows they’re filming. After a few minutes he hangs up and puts his phone in his pocket.

    Sheamus: So yeh heard I’m back from Ireland again huh? I’m not even going to ask how, I never publicly said when I’d be back, but oh well; you’re here now so we might as well get this over with. I know you’ll all want to know, because yeh all seem to want to know about my private life that doesn’t concern you… My family’s still fighting and my brother is getting sick of being stuck with my parents, meaning my cousin Kaelin is now involved as well.

    He pauses to pick up his bag, heading outside to a cab before turning back to the camera once they’re in.

    Sheamus: Obviously, I’m not amused about this match against Mariana, but I’ll do it anyway. I know Nolee hurt her and I know that even though she doesn’t admit it, it was wrong, she should have listened. But I also know that she didn’t mean what she did, she’d never do something like that on purpose. I get why there’s animosity between them both, but I’d rather not be left to clean up the mess resulting from it. I love Nolee obviously, but I’d rather not be thrown in the middle of this, though I understand both sides of the problem… I just have too many other things to worry about…

    He pauses for a minute, staring out the window.

    Sheamus: Mariana seems to think that being trained by Shawn Michaels and Hunter gives her a way to overcome a fella who’s ‘strong, mean and brutal’, yet after his feud with me, Hunter’s barely stepped in the ring to fight since and hasn’t fought on a regular schedule ever since I injured him. In a way, I ended Hunter’s wrestling career. He was a good man too, he took me under his wing…well figuratively anyway, even if he actually had wings, I’m too tall to fit under it. *he chuckles* He helped me get where I did in the WWE, he gave me advice and helped me get on good terms with Mr. McMahon, yet I showed jus’ how brutal I can be in the ring and injured him anyway. He was my friend, a mentor, like he was to Mariana; so imagine what I can do to someone I don’t have any emotional attachments at all too, a stranger. Even against Wade who I’d been very close to beforehand I was brutal; although at the time we weren’t exactly on the best of terms. So to take me lightly is never a good idea and once I get to the show, I plan on doing just that. *he smirks* I owe someone something after some comments they made…

    He chuckles and gets out of the cab as it arrives at a hotel, grabbing his suitcase, the camera following.

    Sheamus: Now, if yeh don’t mind me, there’s someone I need to go and see after being gone for so long.

    He waves and walks off, hinting that he doesn’t want to talk anymore, the scene cutting out.

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