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    21-05-12 Monday Night Carnage promo area


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    21-05-12 Monday Night Carnage promo area Empty 21-05-12 Monday Night Carnage promo area

    Post  Admin on Mon May 21, 2012 10:30 am

    Promos are due Sunday at midnight!
    Drew McIntyre
    Drew McIntyre

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    Post  Drew McIntyre on Wed May 23, 2012 12:42 pm

    The camera opens up to show Drew pulling into the arena parkinglot and parking near the door. He gets out and goes around to the back of the rental and gets his bag before going around to the passenger side and opening the door and offering a hand to the silhouette that is shown in the passenger seat. There's a smile on his face as he helps his companion out of the car and soon the mystery person is shown to be Johnny Morrison. The two embrace and share a lingering kiss before Drew wraps his arm around Johnny's waist and they start towards the arena.

    Johnny: *he looks around before turning to look at Drew from the corner of his eye* Are you sure you want me here?

    Drew: *he nods as he opens the door for Johnny* Why wouldn't I want you here? You said you've never seen an event up close before and I can't think of a better way for you to do so than to come with me.

    Johnny: I just don't want...I don't want your ex to cause any trouble and I don't want you to have to hear the whisperings behind your back that you're dating a prostitute. *he leans his head on Drew's shoulder as they walk, his eyes tracking everything they pass and making note of the way they went in case he has to make a hasty retreat*

    Drew: *he chuckles as he squeezes Johnny's waist reassuringly* Love, Nolee is not going to make a scene, she might be mad at me and hurt that I left her but she still has Sheamus so she'll be in his arms getting comforted. Although with him facing Kane I don't know if she's going to get much comfort today. And as for what the others say, I could care less. If I want to date you then I will date you and that's final.

    Johnny: If you're sure then that's all the matters. *he shudders a bit* Kane? Is that the large masked man you were telling me about that is rather creepy and scary?

    Drew: *he nods* Yea. Kane's alot of things but he's also a pitbull when he gets a hold of you, if he wants to hurt you he will and he won't care what state he leaves you in. *they turn down a hallway and on the right is a door with Drew's name on it. With a smile he pulls away and opens the door* After you.

    Johnny: *he stops long enough to kiss Drew's cheek before entering the room. It wasn't large but it wasn't too small either and in the one corner was a shower stall and on the low table in the room a variety of fresh fruits, bottled water and other little finger foods.* This is what you get normally? *he turns and sits on the arm of the couch, watching as Drew drops his bag and shuts the door*

    ]Drew: *he laughs a bit* No. I normally get shuffled into the regular locker room and have to fight with others for food at catering. But I called ahead and made a request to have my own locker room and have some food because I was having a guest that wasn't comfortable around large crowds. *he starts to strip down, wrapping a towel around his waist and stopping to press a kiss to Johnny's lips before heading to the shower* I think I might get used to this, I might have to request this all the time.

    Johnny: *he watches before smiling and heading over to pick at the fruit* You spoil me....but I have to say I like it. So what about your match tonight. You're going against Angel James...why would they put you against a girl? I thought men and women weren't allowed to wrestling one another.

    Drew; *he heads into the shower and starts the water, waiting for it to hit the right temperature before jumping in* CWA is different. Men and women are aloud to fight, there are no gender discriminations here that you might see in other companies and it makes our women twice as deadly as the 'Divas' or the 'Knockouts' because they can hold their own with us men and we don't pull our punches. Angel James is...she's tough. She's got a good move set and she knows how to get it done in the ring. It's going to be a good match; she's not going to pull her punches with me nor I here. Look for some good in ring work.

    Johnny: *he takes a bottle of water and a plate of fruit and sits down on the couch to wait* So you're going to beat up a girl?

    Drew: *he chuckles lightly* Johnny, if she heard you call her a girl she'd beat you up too. Angel is an ex champion. Just watch, it's going to be a good match.

    Johnny: If you say so. But don't come crying to me when she beats you because you are too nice to be rough on a pretty girl like here. *he smirks a bit as he stands and starts to strip down, making his way quietly into the shower room; watching Drew's shadow through the curtain.* Although I can baby your bruises afterwards..*he pulls the curtain open and climbs in behind Drew running his hands over his lover's slick body*

    Drew: If that pretty girl beats me it's because she was having a good night. I'm going to bring my A-game tonight and I will win. *he startles when he feels hands on him but soon he leaning back and turning his head to kiss Johnny under the warm water. After a few moments he turns and presses his lover against the wall and grins as he kisses him again, deeply this time* You know how to relax a person..

    Johnny: *his grin is nothing short of naughty as he leans in to nip at Drew's ear* Darlin, you have no idea...

    The camera fades to black as they wrap around one another and kiss each other passionately under the cascading warm water.

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    Post  Kane on Wed May 23, 2012 1:23 pm

    It's a different version of Kane than we're used to seeing. He's more relaxed, he's sitting in catering in blue jeans and muscle shirt with his hair pulled back in a tight ponytail with a few of the errant curls escaping and curling around his face as he picks a sandwich.

    Camera Man: Kane, you're going up against Sheamus. What are you going to do? He's pretty tough.

    Kane: *he laughs as he puts his sandwich down and takes a drink from his water bottle* Sheamus maybe tough but right now he's distracted by his girlfriends drama with her ex. It'll be easy to get past his defenses and rock his ground work. But I'm still looking for a fight from him, in fact I'd be disappointed if he didn't bring him his best in the right.

    Camera Man: *he licks his lips nervously before speaking again* This is a different look for you, you seem more..more..

    Kane: More what? Human? More like the rest of the pathetic bunch of talentless hacks that run around this back stage?

    Camera Man: *you can hear the audible gulp before he says anything* I would go with human. It seems like teaming with LaCroix has changed you a bit.

    Kane: I wouldn't say that, perhaps I am the one changing Carter LaCroix. *he smirks darkly before getting up* I'd be treading lightly around here, change is coming and it's coming fast. Things that are happening now won't be happening anymore and a new management will be put in place.

    Camera Man: *he follows as Kane leaves catering, heading towards his locker room* Care to elaborate on that Kane? You seem to know more about what is going on inside of Carter LaCroix's head.

    Kane: *he laughs as he turns and pins the Camera Man with a glare* I don't seem to know what's going on inside of Carter LaCroix's mind, I know what's going on and no, I won't give you any insight into what's going on. Just suffice to say that when what happens happens, you better pick the right side because the wrong side will find you buried so far down even cadaver dogs won't find you. *he goes into his locker room and slams the door*

    The camera fades on the confused looking expression of the camera man as he heads back to catering.


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    Post  Admin on Fri May 25, 2012 1:43 am

    A traditional Chinese market full of vendors selling their wares is seen. Lucas, dressed in a white Affliction t-shirt with blue jeans and black boots, is seen looking around the market. The camera gets close enough to him that he can talk to the operator and he does so with a grin.

    Lucas: Mr. Briggs, pleasure to see you. It's been a while.

    Luther: *fake smile plastered on his face* It's been to long. What are we doing here?

    Lucas: China has some of the most bizarre foods in the world and there was something I wanted to try.

    Luther: Oh?

    Lucas: Seahorse.

    Luther: Seahorse?

    Lucas: It's a delicacy here. I've never had it but they sell it in markets here.

    Luther: I'll keep an eye out on it for you. So what do you think of your next opponent?

    Lucas: *holds up a hand* First off, I want to find seahorse. Forget about Shelley for a moment.

    The duo looks around and finally a smile crosses Lucas' face. He walks over to a stall and orders two sticks with seahorses on them.

    Lucas: Here, I thought you'd like to try it as well.

    Luther: Sure, why not?

    Lucas hands him a seahorse and they both take a bite. Lucas looks delighted but Luther spits it out and takes a quick drink of the bottle of water that a passer by hands to him.

    Luther: My god Lucas that was just plain awful!

    Lucas: It's cruncy. Now that I've eaten I can talk about Alex Shelley. He's fast, he's strong, and much like the seahorse I just ate, he's small. He's much, much smaller than I am. Plus, lately his mind has been in other places. Something tells me he's worried about what I did to Jay. Poor, sweet, innocent, naive Jay. He should have thought about joining Jerry. Carter is a wimp. He thinks that just because Jerry lied to him about one thing he can turn his back on that. He's wrong.

    Luther: But this isn't about that.

    Lucas: Oh this has everything to do with that! Alex is on the same list, the list of people Jerry personally wants me to take down. He's promised me title shots, the top of the line for the company. When I use my fists to create the same crunch sound that seahorse made when I bit into it on Alex's tiny bones, the fans and the other stars backstage will see what this means to me. Alex, when you step into that ring with me you'll be seeing just how dedicated I am to this cause.

    Luther: *makes a face but quickly hides it* Oh yeah...anything else you want to say about this match?

    Lucas: No, that's it. Now c'mon, we're gonna go try puffer fish.

    Luther: *wide eyed* Isn't that deadly?

    Lucas: Only if not cooked right.

    The camera fades off on Lucas as he continues to walk through the throng of people.

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    Post  Christian on Fri May 25, 2012 3:38 am

    The camera fades in on the medical room were Five Nations champion Christian is trying to see if he is cleared to wrestle. Edge is pacing as he waits for Bastien to finish looking over Christian's shoulder. Bastien sighs and shakes his head as he finishes.

    Bastien: I am sorry.... I cannot clear you to wrestle this week Jay....

    Edge: *sighs and nods* How bad is it man?

    Christian: *sighs and hold his arm close to his body* How long will I be out?

    Bastien: A few of the tendon's in his shoulder are swollen really bad, that is why he is in a lot of pain when he tries to lift his arm. He needs at least a week of rest for his shoulder to be back at 100%....

    Voice from the doorway: I can't have my top superstars taking time off.

    Jerry is seen in the doorway, arms crossed over his chest.

    Edge grits his teeth as Christian looks down.

    Bastien: *turns to him* Sir he can barely lift his arm up, he needs to rest it....

    Jerry: And I can't have one of my champion's not working.

    Bastien: *shakes his head* I cannot clear him to wrestle!

    Jerry: Then have Doctor Ronan clear him!

    Edge: *growls* Why are you pushing this Jerry? A blind man could see that he is in pain!

    Jerry: *sneers* Because I don't give my athletes time off unless they honestly need it. Jay here doesn't need it.

    Edge: *mutters* Oh and when did you become a doctor? *glares at Jerry*

    Christian: *continues looking down* A-Addy.... Calm down....

    Jerry: Adam, if you don't calm down I'm going to fire you.

    Edge grits his teeth again and turns his back to Jerry as Christian tugs on his arm lightly.

    Jerry: Is there anything else I can help you boys with?

    Christian: *quietly* No sir....

    Jerry: *grins* Good.

    Christian bits his lip as Jerry leaves; Bastien sighs and shakes his head.

    Bastien: I am so sorry guys..... I wish I could help in someway....

    Christian: It is not your fault.... Thank you for trying though...

    Bastien: Who are you fighting this week?

    Christian: Belle....

    Bastien: It should at least not be as bad of a match as last week’s right?

    Christian: Hopefully she will not be as brutal, but it will be a trying match all the same.... *sighs* Especially with my shoulder.... Belle is not to be taken lightly, but I do not think she will try and hurt me just for the fun of it.... I just wish I could be 100% for this match, I feel bad because I will probably will not be able to give my all.... Thanks to my shoulder, I hope Belle will forgive me for less then my best...

    Edge: *growls* This is just uncalled for, he has no right to put you at risk by forcing you to do this match!

    Christian: *sadly* He is just doing this because I will not hurt Carter for him.....

    Edge: *hugs him carefully* I promise I will protect you Jay-Jay.

    Christian: *hugs him back* I know Addy. *sighs* W-Why did he have to drag me into this...

    Edge: Because he is just like McMahon.... To think we all came here because we thought we would all have a fair shot.... *sighs and shakes his head* We will get through this Jay.... We did it before in the other place and we will do it here... I promise Jay-Jay, no matter what. *hugs Jay again before looking at Bastien* Do you have anything that will help him get through this match?

    Bastien: I have pain pills for after the match... But nothing that he could take before the match.... *sighs* Sorry Adam...

    Edge: *sighs and nods* Thank you anyway man. *turns to Jay* So what now Jay-Jay?

    Christian: *sighs* I have to get some training in....

    Edge: *nods slowly* Ok.... But we are not doing a lot; you have to be careful you do not hurt yourself more.

    Christian nods before slowly getting up, again holding his arm close to his body as they leave and the camera fades out on the room.


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    Post  Admin on Fri May 25, 2012 9:37 pm

    The camera fades in on a typical Buddhist temple, the time being mid-day. The sound of a brook running through the outside courtyard area mingles with the sounds of birds and the wind rustling in the trees. The camera shows one sandal and as it pans up, we see Carter Lacroix. He is dressed in a pair of black shorts and a black t-shirt as he looks around the courtyard.

    Carter: Peaceful isn't it?

    Pete: Why are you here? Aren't you a Christian?

    Carter: You can be catholic and still believe in Buddhism. It's a philosophy, not a religion. So many people think wrong that it's become easy to have to explain it to them. I've always sort of held the Buddist beliefs close to me. I believe what goes around comes around, which is the concept known as kharma. I believe in most of the main ethics: no murder, no theft, no sensual misconduct, no lying.

    Pete: Those sound like beliefs that are just good to have in life.

    Carter: They are. Most people are quick to judge other cultures. I am not. I learned about Buddhism through school and it became a part of my life. Meditation is something that I try to do every day. I find it makes me feel better about myself. *soft smile* I don't do yoga though.

    Pete: No yoga huh? Wouldn't that make you better in the ring?

    Carter: It might, I just am not that flexible. Anyways, you came here to talk about my next opponent and not my philisophical and religious beliefs.

    Pete: Who are you fighting?

    Carter: Vitani.

    Pete: You think she agrees with what you say about your Buddist beliefs?

    Carter: Any decent human being would! She's a good girl with good values.

    Pete: Even if she doesn't believe in what your bringing up against Jerry?

    Carter: She doesn't know the truth, I've yet to tell anyone why I think the way I do...

    Pete: Wait, you haven't told anyone? Even Jay? Then how the hell does Kane know?

    Carter: Because Kane told me.

    Pete: You actually believe something that Kane said?

    Carter: Yeah. He knows because part of it is something that he lived. He knows from personal experience. And no...I haven't told Jay why yet. But this isn't about me or Kane or Jay. This is about Vitani. I don't think she trusts me because of the fact that Dusty and Cody are on my side. She has had a bad time with Cody so she think's I'm going to take him down the same way.

    Pete: Isn't that what you pl...sorry...

    Carter: No it's not what I plan on doing but the fact is, Vitani thinks I am going to. Yet we're going to face each other, we're going to make the fans very happy. And that is alright with me. She can pick Jerry, I don't mind it. Hell, there won't be repercutions if she does. She's a good person. We'll have a good match. Now if you excuse me I was going to meditate. You're not supposed to follow me with that, just turn it off okay?

    Pete: Alright man.

    The camera is turned off so that the two men can go meditate.

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    Post  Admin on Mon May 28, 2012 3:04 pm

    The camera opens up on a basement decorated in mostly wrestling memoribilia. A gray couch sits against the back wall with blue pillows on it, pictures hanging on that wall of various wrestlers. Across from the couch sits a large screen television and an entertainment system. There are shelves with multiple title belts near a bookcase lined with different wrestling related books and movies on it. An old WWE arcade game sits near a shelf with wrestling action figures/other collectibles on it. The light flips on and a noise is heard as Nolee Lacroix, dressed in a pink tank top that says Princess Of The Ring and blue jeans with her normal black cowboy boots, walks downstairs with Jerry Lawler, dressed in a black shirt that says King Of The Ring and blue jeans with white tennis shoes, follows close behind.

    Nolee: Daddy, I told you I'm not sure about it. Either way I go I'm going to be betraying someone! If I join with Carter then I betray you. If I join you then I betray Carter. Can't you two just agree to disagree?

    Jerry: I'm sorry baby I wish that was the case. Carter, however, won't listen to reason. He's to concerned with doing what Kane has led him to believe is right. Has he told you why he chose to listen to Kane?

    Nolee: *shakes her head* No but-

    Jerry: Then how do you know that it's for a good reason?

    Nolee: I...I don't...

    Jerry: *wraps an arm around her shoulders* See baby girl, your old man has never steered you wrong before. I'm not going to start now. Think about it if you join me, you can be as successful as I was.

    He gestures with his other hand to the shelf where all the title belts are, it now being obvious that they are from his days as a wrestler in different divisions. Nolee looks at them as Jerry heads back upstairs. A childlike sense of wonder crosses her facce as she softly starts speaking.

    Nolee: All my life I grew up in this room. I looked at these title. My first video game was that machine over there. It was here I decided I wanted to a wrestler just like my father. But lately everything has just been confusing. I finally get what it means to be an adult and make my own decisions.

    She runs a hand over the plaque on one of the title belts and she takes a deep breath.

    Nolee: If I choose daddy then I betray Carter and everything he stands for. if I join forces with Carter than I betray daddy. I can't pick one over the other. But you have, haven't you Phil? You're good at picking sides, usually against authority figures. Suprisingly, you've joined with my brother. He's working to be an authority figure. You really don't think he'll be that pushy?

    Nolee sits down on the couch, running a hand over her face. She turns lightly and we can see one of the pictures on the wall is her standing with Jerry and Carter when she was just eight years old.

    Nolee: Maybe you don't understand the bond between a father and his child. After all yours was never much of a father. He was a heavy drinker, a drunk even. He never had time to put up with you. I'm sorry for that but you've turned into a good man. Your mother would be proud. You grew up to be able to make something of your family name. I commend you for that. It's what Carter set out to do for the Lacroix family name.

    She looks at the camera, a sly smile crosses her lips.

    Nolee: I don't want you to think you can intimidate me with your words. Yes, your mic skills are very impressive. I've seen only a few people more talented. But I'm a woman of action. Your words mean nothing if you can't back them up. I find them interesting, sure, but not hurtful. If you can get in that ring and hurt me, I'll be very impressed. I don't care if you've beat some of the greats like Chris Jericho and Tommy Dreamer. You've never fought a woman scorned. And lately you're opponents leave something to be desired. Barrett? He's turned into a pushover since teaming with Gabriel and Slater. Gabriel? He's not angry enough to really do you physical harm. Consider this match a test to see if your really ready for the good competition here in the CWA.

    She looks over at the titles, that childish look in her blue eyes as she stares at them.

    Nolee: After all, no better way to prove my mettle than beating the current champion huh?

    The camera fades to black on her reflection in the title belt.
    Angel James
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    Post  Angel James on Tue May 29, 2012 3:51 am

    The scene slowly fades in on a dark room with a lone figure in a long black trench coat, a hood pulled up to hide the face. Music starts to play and lyrics are heard as clips of the figure walking through a forest are mixed in with different gothic and darkish images.

    Let the fire enter you
    Let the anger start to brew
    Let your instincts break the rules
    Let it rise and rise in you

    Let the fire enter you
    Let the anger start to brew
    Let your instincts break the rules
    Let it rise and consume
    Give into yourself

    The forest clips slowly change into clips of the figure walking through an old abandoned subway tunnel, plants starting to over grow the place.

    Let the fire enter you
    Fire enter you
    Fire enter you

    Let the fire enter you
    Let the anger start to brew
    Let your instincts break the rules
    Let it rise and consume you
    Let the fire enter you
    Let the anger start to brew
    Let it rise and consume
    Everything you do
    Give into yourself

    The music ends as the figure stops in front of a old church before turning around. The hood still hiding the face, but the figure is shown to be a woman. The eerie silence is then broken by the voice of the hooded woman.

    Hooded Woman: Tonight a change is being brought to the CWA and one that you think you know will show a new side. A storm of anger and fear is on the raise and battles are being prepared to fight. The lines of war have been drawn and two kings wait to see who will stand with whom. And while they focus on their war, the evil souls of the CWA will seek to prey on those they deem as weak...But a warning too all I shall give... Pain is what awaits all who think to cross The Avenging Angel...

    As the last words are said the camera zooms in and almost shows the woman's face before fading to black.

    CM Punk
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    Post  CM Punk on Fri Jun 01, 2012 10:11 am

    CM Punk is shown sitting on the floor in a hotel room, leaning against the wall with various comics scattered around him. As the camera zooms in on him, most of the comics are shown to be Avengers or Black Widow comics and Punk is wearing a blue ‘Colt of personality’ shirt. He glances up at the camera, looking annoyed for a second before shrugging his shoulders.

    Punk: Happy now? You all finally get to see my ‘nerd’ side. Normally I’d be annoyed about being bothered, but these particular comics reminded me of a promo my opponent for this week did recently. I believe it was at the pay per view, where I won the CWA title…and also where she half won the Vixxens’ title. *he smirks* So Nolee, how does it feel to have come so close to getting what you want, only to have it just out of reach? You might have actually won the title properly if you weren’t always worrying so much about your personal life.

    He shakes his head before looking down at one of the Black Widow comics.

    Punk: It’s actually ironic that you chose to dress up as the Black Widow when you saw the Avengers you know Nolee… You have something in common with the character. Natasha Romanoff lost her parents when she was young, they died in a fire. She also had a lot of failed relationships, like with Daredevil who broke up with her. When they met again she still wanted to be with Daredevil, but he was already with someone else. While not exactly the same, you can’t deny the similarities.

    He shrugs his shoulders, glancing back down at the comics before continuing.

    Punk: Seriously though, I’m surprised that ghost of yours has stayed with you as long as he has, considering what you’ve put him through. Drew did the smart thing I suppose. Remember when Sheamus laughed and joked, happily Brogue kicking anyone who bothered him? No? Me either.

    He raises an eyebrow as if to ask ‘whose fault is that?’

    Punk: You’re always worrying about something to do with a relationship, meaning you’re rarely 100% focused in the ring. In other words, you really have no hope of beating me in a fair fight because even at your best, I’m still better. You have no real training besides from Jerry, I’ve been learning to fight for years. I’m always focused, given the exception of people interfering; you’re always worrying about something else. My GTS can be used in more situations than your finisher can, plus I have the Anaconda Vice, which I managed to get your former bodyguard to tap out to. Lucas is one of the toughest we have and I beat him, with two others in the match as well, so what hope do you have Nolee? You’re a good wrestler, don’t get me wrong; I know you’re skilled, I’m just better. I’m not trying to be mean, I’m just pointing out what’s true.

    He smiles, the cold look he’d had in his eyes during his other promos not there.

    Punk: See there’s another thing you have in common with the Black Widow; you’re both strong and determined. If you focused a little less on your personal life while you’re at work Nolee, you’d probably even be able to give Angel a run for her money. When that happens, we can have a proper match, until then; have fun losing Lacroix.

    He waves goodbye before going back to reading his comics, the camera fading out.

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    Post  Sheamus on Sat Jun 02, 2012 1:20 pm

    The camera fades in on Sheamus, who’s sitting with his brother Keiran, both looking tired; Sheamus’ hair not even spiked up like it usually is. They’re sitting in a bar, yet neither of them have a drink in front of them for once, Sheamus leaning his head against the wall behind him.

    Sheamus: So they really aren’t any better?

    Keiran: *sighs* Nope, no different than before yeh went back to work. …how’s that going by the way?

    Sheamus: Well I’m up against Kane, but it’s still bound to be better than trying to deal with them.

    Keiran: *smiles a little* Probably. I had to convince dad to stay at my place just so they’d stop fighting so much.

    Sheamus: *rolls his eyes* If they’re going to divorce they should just hurry up and do it already. I love them both obviously, but this is just getting ridiculous. Anyway, my match against Kane… he’s right, I have been distracted by Nolee’s issues with Drew, but not as much as he thinks; it’s the family issues we’ve been dealing with that have distracted me most. …I mean I even took two weeks off to deal with it, though I purposely avoided letting any of my opponents know about it. Only Nolee and obviously our bosses knew. The time I was away helped me figure out how to deal with the family issues without them distracting me too much from what I’m doing in the ring, so that I can still put 100% into my matches.

    Keiran: *nods* Don’t they have that ‘war’ starting up that Kane’s helping in?

    Sheamus: Yeah I guess they do. I’d rather stay out of it to be honest, I don’t want to take sides against everyone else, I want to just come to work and do my job; entertain the fans. I’m all for everyone getting treated fairly like we were promised we would be when the CWA first started, but I don’t want to take a side that allows the Rhodes’ to bribe the champ into helping them. I don’t want to help Jerry either after seeing him threaten Christian, that’s just not right. If Jerry didn’t want to have to fight Carter for control, he should have just been honest from the start.

    Keiran: So one’s working with people who bribe others…and Kane…and the other’s a liar?

    Sheamus: That’s pretty much it, yeah. Which is exactly why I don’t want to take sides; regardless of whether or not one of them is after something I agree with.

    Keiran: I wouldn’t want to either, it would be pretty much the same as picking a side between our parents… Obviously you respect both Carter and Jerry, but yeh don’t want to be part of any of the bad things they do or are involved with.

    Sheamus: *chuckles* So you actually are smart when yeh aren’t drinking? *says jokingly*

    Keiran: *gently shoves him* Yes! I’m always smart.

    Sheamus: *raises an eyebrow* Always?

    Keiran: Fine…most of the time… *pauses for a few seconds* …sometimes.

    Sheamus: *laughs* That sounds more accurate. If yeh drank less, you’d be fine.

    Keiran: Too bad. I’m Irish.

    Sheamus: So am I…

    Keiran: …I’m single.

    Sheamus: *sighs* So stop being so anti-social and actually go talk to people besides family for once.

    Keiran: *shrugs* I’m fine. I really don’t mind it that much.

    Sheamus: Not at all? I’m sure yeh do, at least a little. *he checks the time using the pocket watch Nolee gave him* I should get going; I kind of need to make my flight if I want to get to the show on time.

    Keiran: Right, *nods* I’ll talk to yeh later then?

    Sheamus: *smiles and nods* Of course.

    The two stand and briefly hug before the camera starts fading out, Sheamus walking away.

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