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    4/2/12 Promo Area


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    Post  Christian on Fri Apr 06, 2012 1:52 am

    Ok promos are due the Sunday after Easter

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    Post  Admin on Tue Apr 10, 2012 6:19 pm

    We see footage of The Nexus attacking John Cena, the escalating battles with Cena, and the cumulation of Cena causing 23 chairs to come crashing down on Wade. We see never before seen footage of Wade being whisked to the hospital, Justin and Heath beng the only two Nexus members by his side.

    Voice: When friendship is real, it's irreplacable. People will do anything for their friends.

    Footage is shown of Wade, Justin, and Heath in the Corre. Moments like wne they helped Wade win the intercontinental championship and Wade helping them win the tag team championships. The footage ends on Wade standing with his arms around Justin and Heath. The camera fades to black, coming up on a dark locker room where Wade sits in his ring gear, hands on his knees as he gives a harsh look to the camera.

    Wade: *holds up one hand* Pain *holds up the other* and pleasure. *gestures with the first hand* Strength *gestures with the second* and wisdom. You can't have one without the other. You can't be at ease with yourself, let alone your friends, if you don't accept that every man has both sides. I can't accept my friendship with Heath and Justin because I don't accept it about myself. I can't accept it if I swear I am a changed man. If I accept it, I accept a monster still lurks beneath my new attitude. I admit I can hurt those close to me.

    Wade lowers his hands back to his knees, eyes glancing at the floor. He takes a deep breath and lets it out softly.

    Wade: I...I can't admit what I've been feeling. I'm not angry at Belle but...but I'm angry. I'm furious. I've been bumped to the midcard. I'm better than most of my competition and yet because of Cody and Dusty, he's knocked me to midcard. I'm angry at them and a part of me...a part of me is angry at Justin. He and Heath didn't have to listen, they could have ignored my suggestions. And they listened, they blame me. They don't have to say it, I know it's how I feel.

    Wade takes a deep breath again, looking up at the camera. His eyes are dark and he looks like the old Wade. A smirk crosses his lips and he lets out a deep chuckle.

    Wade: Justin, my friend, I hope your prepared for thid match. You and I will put on a good show for the fans. But I am not opposed to doing whatever it takes to win. I need a win. I've got no other choice but a win.

    The camera goes black as we hear the same voice from before.

    Voice: Friends. They stick by you no matter what.


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    Post  Christian on Wed Apr 11, 2012 10:12 pm

    The camera fades in on the hotel room of CWA Five Nations and Tag Team Champion Christian, the Canadian star is lying down on the couch in the room asleep. He jumps awake when he hears the door open and someone walk in.

    Lucas smiles when he sees Christian lying on the couch, a kitten in his arms.

    Lucas: Hey angel.

    Christian: *sits up and rubs his eyes as he yawns* Hey.... *looks around for a clock* How long was I out?

    Lucas: Two hours.*smiles and hands him the kitten* I got her for you. You deserve it after winning the Five Nations.

    Christian: *smiles softly at the kitten* Thank you... Hello little one. *pets the kitten, smiling as she purrs*

    Lucas: *wraps an arm around his shoulders* She's cute isn't she?

    Christian: *nods as the kitten meows softly* Adorable. *shifts slightly, still a little sore from the ladder match*

    Lucas: *rubs his shoulders* How about a nice night in?

    Christian: *nods* Sounds good.... *stomach growls*

    Lucas: Did you eat today?

    Christian: Lunch...

    Lucas: Nothing else?

    Christian: No, it was a long drive in and I was tired..... I wanted to sleep and rest up for my match tomorrow.

    Lucas: You think it's going to be an easy match?

    Christian: Probably not, especially since I am still a little banged up.... *smiles slightly* Besides I am facing one of the Vixxens, they always give a great match.

    Lucas: Please, all the Vixxens are weak and pathetic.

    Christian: *smile fades* I think they are good..... *sighs quietly* So... I am fighting Amy this week.

    Lucas: Amy? Where has she even been?

    Christian: *shrugs* I do not know..... She is nice but we do not talk a lot....

    Lucas: I can't remember the last time she had a match...

    Christian: Probably a few weeks ago....

    Lucas: Yeah I guess so.

    Christian: Still should be a good match... She is really good in the ring.

    Lucas: For a girl I guess she is.

    Christian: The Vixxens are not that weak.... A lot of them have beaten guys.

    Lucas: A girls place is cooking and cleaning and looking after the kids. Not in the ring with men.

    Christian: *sighs quietly and tries to joke* I guess in Canada we see things differently....

    Lucas: You’re in America now, not that backwards country.

    Christian: *bits the inside of his cheek, looking upset* I guess.....

    Lucas: You'll beat her no problem. Pick a number one contender for the five nations yet?

    Christian: No not yet..... I haven’t even really thought about it yet....

    Lucas: You should think about it. *smirks*

    Christian: *nods slowly, knowing what Lucas is hinting at* Yes... *pets the kitten*

    Lucas: *grins* As long as you think about it...[/color]

    A knock is then heard on the door and Frankie Kazarian enters the room.

    Kazarian: *smiles* Jay!

    Christian: *smiles* Frankie! How are you?

    Lucas looks at Kazarian before wrapping an arm around Jay protectively.

    Lucas: Christian you didn't tell me we'd have a guest...

    Kazarian: I thought I would surprise Jay with a quick hello, I was here visiting my wife Traci.

    Lucas: Well Jay and I are awfully busy here...

    Kazarian: Yeah sure.... Jay let's try to have lunch some time soon you, me and Traci.

    Christian: *nods with a small smile* Sounds good....

    Lucas: *a bit angrier* Jay and I already have plans.

    Christian swallows softly at the tone.

    Kazarian: Oh well maybe some other time...... Jay it was great to see you again, call me sometime and we will catch up.....

    Christian: Later Frankie.... It was good to see you again....

    Kazarian: *smiles at Christian* Yeah, see you later.... *looks at Lucas* Mr. Turner.... *leaves the room*

    Lucas: Your friends with that bozo?

    Christian: Yeah..... Frankie is a good guy....

    Lucas: Did you see the way he looked at you?

    Christian: Frankie is just a friend and he is happily married....

    Lucas: Married men and women cheat all the time. Take it from someone who got cheated on.

    Christian: *bits his lip softly* I know..... But he....

    Lucas: He what?

    Christian: He wouldn’t cheat on Traci.... He loves her a lot and besides I would not....

    Lucas: Like hell you I heard about you going to see Carter. What, am I not good enough for you?

    Edge: *appears in the doorway* Maybe if you weren’t abusing him....

    Lucas: *growls* Wondered when you were going to show up Captain Canada. Can't you see you're not wanted here?

    Edge: *growls* I think I am wanted after all, my best friend is here.

    Lucas: I don't see a best friend for you here. Jay wants nothing to do with you. Remember he kicked you out a few days ago.

    Edge: I remember you forcing him....

    Lucas: I never forced him to do anything.

    Edge: You threaten to attack the people he cares about. That is blackmail which in turn is you forcing him....

    Christian bites his lip nervously, knowing Lucas might try and hurt his best friend.

    Lucas stands and walks over close to Edge.

    Lucas: I would watch what you say to me, pretty boy.

    Edge: *grins* This pretty boy could kick your ass.

    Lucas: Yes, because it was my ass getting kicked the other week when I speared you.

    Edge: *chuckles* Yeah but I seem to remember my spear hurt you worse.

    Lucas: You didn't hurt me. That worthless camera boy Pete did.

    Edge: He is not worthless and I.....

    Christian: *goes over to Edge* Addy.... *sighs* I am fine right now.... Please do not start a fight....

    Lucas: *glares at him* That's right Edge, get out.

    Edge: *sighs* Okay Jay-Jay.... *gets right in Lucas's face* Hurt him and I will kill you. *leaves the room*

    Lucas: I would never hurt my angel.

    He watches Edge leave and wraps his arm around Jay.

    Lucas: Let’s go train for your match angel.

    Christian: *nods and puts the kitten on his jacket on the couch* Okay.

    Christian follows Lucas from the room after grabbing his boots, the camera zooms in on the kitten as she settles and slowly fades out.

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    Post  Alex Shelley on Sun Apr 15, 2012 2:02 pm

    The camera fades in on the hotel room of Alex Shelley, who is sitting on one of the beds. He looks at the camera and smiles.

    Alex: Well I guess this has been a pretty good week for me, I won the tag titles with Christian and my best friend is finally back. Plus I got to spend the day with my sweet Casey, all in all a great week. And this week might be good as well, Chris is going to be coming out to the ring with me and I get to face a great Vixxen in the ring. *grins* And hopefully beat a great Vixxen in the ring, but something tells no matter what this is going to be an amazing match. *pauses as he gets a text* I got to go, Casey and the others want to go out for a bit.

    Alex smiles and gets up to leave as the camera fades out.

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    Post  Drew McIntyre on Sun Apr 15, 2012 3:04 pm

    The camera opens up on a shot of two very feminine long legs and the camera trails up to show Nolee Lacroix; dressed in a pair of shorts and a baby blue tank top. She sits in front of a vanity, brushing her long blonde hair to the side before starting to braid her hair. There's a knock at the door and the camera cuts away to show Drew standing at the door in worn jeans with a deep blue collared shirt and a bouquet of roses in his hands, his hair loose around his shoulders.

    Nolee: *giggles and takes the roses from him, kissing his cheek as she does* What are these for? We're just going to dinner.

    Drew: Does there have to be an occasion to give you flowers Nols? *he grins as he kisses her lips lightly*

    Nolee: *smiles* No, there doesn't have to be an occasion. It's just a nice surprise is all. *she takes his hand and leads him into the room* Sit, I still have to put makeup on...

    Drew: *he follows Nolee in and takes a seat on the chair, watching her* You don't need it, you're pretty enough without it. *smiles cheesily even as he looks down* Nols what do you have planned for our match between Sheamus and his partner?

    Nolee: *blushes when he says she’s pretty enough to go without makeup but picks up the red lipstick anyways* Always such a charmer Drew. *when he mentions the tag match, she pales and looks at him from the mirror* Drew...I honestly don't have one....

    Drew: *he looks down at his hands* I don't either and I'm afraid that when I get in that ring with him again I'm going to hurt him again and I don't want you to see that. *he runs his fingers through his hair before looking up and giving Nolee a half grin* Perhaps I'll just tag you in and let you showcase your talent against his partner the entire match and he and I just stand across from one another and shout..

    Nolee: *turns to look at him* Angel's the one who beat me for the title when I had it. She can beat me. And here in the CWA, men and women can face each other in a tag match. If Angel tags in Shea, I'd have to fight him. Either way, Drew, I'm not strong enough to face him. *looks at her lap* I need to stick to jobbers...I can't face real opponents...

    Drew: *he gets up and pulls her close, tilting her head up to kiss her lips and murmur lowly* You are too. So she beat you, everyone can beat everyone on a good day. I know you can beat Angel, and if she tags in Sheamus, then you come get me and I'll get in and make his chest as red as his hair.

    Nolee: *lingers on the kiss and smiles softly* You know...I love that sense of humor. I love how you think the world of me when I can't see myself as a good person or competitor.

    Drew: *he grins* Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean that others can't. You're good Nols, you push yourself to be the best and that's what's going to get you far.

    Nolee: I'm a former Vixxens champion and I will be one again. Drew, I'm pretty but I'm fierce. I enjoy breaking people down in that ring. I enjoy the look in their eyes when they know they are going to lose. I think I can break down Angel. I think I can win.

    Drew: There's no thinking Nols, it's knowing. I know you can and I know you will. It's only a matter of when.

    Nolee: *smiles up at him* You'll be CWA champion too. Prove it...*hesitates* I want to see the Drew McIntyre that I saw every time I watched you get into the ring.

    Drew: *he grins* Don't worry Nols, once I get my footing and have scouted out everyone in CWA I'm going to take them down. I'm not going to spend my time just lunging without a plan. That's where other's fail I want a good game plan for my wins.

    Nolee: *smiles* I want to be able to say that I am part of a power couple. That I am dating the CWA champion. I said that with Sheamus but...but I want to say it with you.

    Drew: *he nuzzles her throat* Doan worry Nols, you'll be able to say it. I give my word on that.

    Nolee: Who knows, we may crush Angel and Shea and move on to a tag title run. *hopes he's caught on that she may be closer to making her decision* You know, I'm tired of being walked on because I'm the good girl.

    Drew: *he grins* There's a plan, we rule the tag division and then the titles for our places, ruling the company. *he kisses her passionately* Sounds like a good idea. *he mind is so full of plans that he doesn't catch the meanings behind her words*

    Nolee: *grins and kisses him again* We'll be the McMahon-Helmsley era of the CWA, the Lacroix-McIntyre era.

    Drew: *he grins* I like the sound of that. *he rubs his stomach as it makes noise* I think it's time for us to get food before my stomach eats itself*

    Nolee: *giggles and wraps an arm around his waist* You make reservations or are we going to that greasy little burger place I saw down the road?

    Drew: *grins* Depends, you want reservations or do you want the greasy little burger place?

    Nolee: *blushes* Greasy burger place. It's the cowgirl in me I guess. Rather have simple than extravagant.

    Drew: *he grins and pulls out his phone and cancels the reservations* Greasy burgers sound great right about now. *he offers her his elbow as he opens the door* Mi'Lady?

    Nolee: If you had reservations you didn't have to cancel. *takes his arms and grins up at him* My treat though.

    Drew: It's always the lady's choice of dinner. I don't mind. *he kisses her hand gently before leading her down the hall to the elevator.*

    Nolee smiles and walks to the elevator with him, the camera fading out as the elevator closes.

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    Post  Kane on Sun Apr 15, 2012 3:29 pm

    The camera fades in to show an empty field. If one pays attention there are the charred remains of the house where Kane had set Bearer on fire and left him to burn. Weeds have grown up around the area and Kane walks through them, the heads of the green plants as high as his waist. There is no noise in the field, as if even the animals can sense his turmoiled and repressed anger.

    Kane: A Champion. They have me against a Champion. A good choice, even if the Champion is a female. However for her to hold the belt...any belt other than the Vixxen's title says a lot about her. Strong, beautiful, fierce. The values any man would want in a woman.

    He turns, his hair pulled back in a server pony tail showing off the ghost like scars that fan across his face from a fire years ago that helped twist him into the hateful man he is today.

    Kane: It's a shame I have to face her in the ring. Perhaps afterwards I'll offer her some comfort. After all, a strong, vicious woman needs a strong vicious man. And there's no one more vicious on this roster than me. We could rule the roster with an iron fist, beating all into submission.

    Kane laughs as he turns back around, his gears temporarily switched as his voice takes on a triumphant sound when he begins moving.

    Kane: Jerry, Jerry, Jerry. How's it feel to be on the being turned on? Shut out? Shunned? I've heard that your own son has turned his back on you and is looking to take over the company. I can only hope it's true, so true that I would even offer my services to him if he wanted someone to arrange an 'accident' for you. It's a pity I think that your boy is too honorable to do so sadly....but Carter, if you decide you want to have the old man....'detained' I can most certainly help you there.

    The camera zooms in on Kane's face as he smiles, the wind blowing one stray lock of hair across his face and giving him a wild, rugged, cold beauty; the scars adding to his looks rather than taking away from them.

    Kane: And to you Belle, it'll be a pleasure to meet a woman such as yourself in the ring. And thing seriously on my offer, I think the two of us could do great things in this business if we combined our talent and strength...

    The camera fades slowly, showing Kane turning back around and raising his face towards the sun, his eyes closed as the wind whips around him, sending the weeds and tall grass swaying and the stray hair dancing.
    Justin Gabriel
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    Post  Justin Gabriel on Mon Apr 16, 2012 12:19 am

    Justin Gabriel is seen sitting on a chair outside in the sun, in an outdoor area that is part of the hotel he’s staying at. Though he’d usually be enjoying the sunny weather, he doesn’t look happy; his usual grin replaced by a scowl as he stares out at a garden area.

    Pete: *from behind the camera* Justin? Are you alright?

    Justin: *looks up at the camera* Well…I was stupid enough to listen to Wade, even after I saw shades of his old self that lost him most of his friends, we were stripped of the tag titles because of it…no thanks to the asshole Rhodes’…and I was banned from the ring for a week as well after the attack on the new tag champs. But you know…I’m totally fine, nothing bothering me at all. *says sarcastically*

    Pete: Right…sorry. But you’re back this week at least…they could have banned you longer.

    Justin: *snaps* It was the Rhodes’ who came and told me I was banned; they shouldn’t even be able to do that, let alone strip us of titles! Yeah I know people are pissed off after Jerry told the truth about the Kane thing, but they shouldn’t be giving the Rhode’s more power, they’re mad…both for power and just generally mad.

    He shrugs his shoulders and sighs.

    Justin: They aren’t my concern for this week though, but that doesn’t mean I’ll just forget… *he trails off and smirks before continuing* Wade is who I have to focus on this week. I knew I shouldn’t have listened to him when he suggested we attack Christian and Alex, but I did anyway…he is one of my best friends after all and it worked for us in the Nexus and the Corre, but apparently it doesn’t here. Yeah I’m pissed off with him for suggesting we attack Christian and Alex and for getting us disqualified, but I’m angrier at myself for letting him and agreeing to help with it. This match is probably for the best…it’ll help let out whatever anger we have which would otherwise get in the way of us working as a team.

    He shifts slightly in his chair, a small smile on his face.

    Justin: I’ve beat Wade a few times here in the CWA, so I’m sure I can do it again. Either way though it will be a good match as it always is, seeing as the match has two of the best in it. *a smug look crosses his face* I’m starting to think I should just give up on being nice when it comes to being in the ring, it hasn’t really gotten me anywhere in the CWA…I know Wade will do whatever he has to in order to win, so if I plan on winning, which I do; I have to be willing to do the same. I have to again use that anger the darker side of Wade kept trying to get me to use, the anger that helped us get stripped of our titles…well now it’s going to help me beat Wade…and get revenge on the Rhodes’…

    He smirks with a darkness about him, like he had in the Nexus; chuckling as the camera fades out.

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    Post  Vitani on Mon Apr 16, 2012 1:00 am

    The camera fades in on Vitani Summers sitting on a bed, wearing a simple, dull coloured tank top and tracksuit pants instead of her usual brightly coloured clothing. In front of her on the bed is her Vixxens’ title belt, which she is staring down at. After a minute or so, she sighs and looks up at the camera.

    Vitani: I know I should be all happy and excited about winning this title…but I’m not. Well… I am, obviously, but there are other things stopping me from really enjoying it like I should be. Like the fact that on the same night as I won it, Cody went along with another of his father’s evil ideas and stripped the tag champions of their titles. *she frowns* I…I know what they did was wrong…but the way Cody went about it was…unnecessary. He could have spoken to them and stripped the titles in private instead of humiliating them, though it really should have been Dusty…or more likely Piper or Jerry that did it, but Cody did it…

    She sighs sadly, hanging her head, her red hair falling in her face.

    Vitani: *speaks in an upset tone* We argued about it back at the hotel…he didn’t deny like he usually would that his father’s corrupting him and manipulating him to do his dirty work, he actually admitted it; saying he liked having power over the other people on the roster because it meant they had to take him seriously…*she pauses, reaching a hand up to wipe her eyes, having started crying* we…we kept arguing and just…

    She accidentally lets out a sob before slowly looking up at the camera, tears falling down her face.

    Vitani: Well… l-let’s just say he won’t be appearing in my promos anymore… *she sobs again before taking a deep breath to try and calm down* A-Alex… I know we have a match this week…and I’m still going to put my best effort into it…but...please forgive me if I’m still not at my best…

    She goes to continue, but ends up breaking down and sobbing, putting her head in her hands.

    Vitani: I…I’m sorry…I can’t do this…not right now…

    She keeps sobbing, lying down on the bed as the camera cuts off.

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